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June 2019

Friends, Groups, Clubs, Teams, Unions, Societies, Charities, Bands, Associations, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube

You could reach ‘peak Aquarius’ by November 2019 if you do the work now, with that group of people. This may be purely social, so it’s a yoga class or a book group. It may be about genuine, long-standing friendship (pre-internet) that goes back many years for all of you. Aquarius, you are also the famous ‘feeder’ of good causes or people power, so perhaps June for you will be about a political party, environmental organisation like Sea Shepherd or the Wilderness Society, or a trade union. Better than any other sign of the zodiac you understand what a community can achieve. Shared group goal weight loss? Maybe. How about changing the world? Because you can in 2019.

The Sagittarius weather begins with Diana opposite Jupiter in that sign, on 10th June. Across June 9th, 10th, 11th you will be shown what is possible, how to achieve it, how to keep the door open – and turn the key in the lock. This is a really slow process and I don’t think June will be fast or easy for you. Yet, you have to hold your gaze to the biggest and broadest horizon. Everything is possible.

You go through a relaunch in December 2020 like no other, and the year 2021 will be very different for you, in terms of your name, face, profile, title and the rest. Perhaps what happens in June is a nod to that, if your particular group involvement also depends on your image relaunch.

Even if it’s not about ‘me’ or you, you, you – June is certainly about friendship. Aquarians have a particular gift for that, feeding the community. Supplying the people with what they need, to lift each other up where they belong, is your stock in trade. Germaine Greer still supplies feminists with the right words – the right ideas – when she is not busy shocking them. John Lydon still supplies musicians with inspiration. Oprah Winfrey is a famous ‘group feeder’ and her online community is powerful.

You shine brightest as a friend to everyone. You understand friendship for its own sake. No agendas. No game-playing. You can be a friend, and have friends, in a really remarkable way in June, as Jupiter rotates through his 12-year cycle of improvement, growth, repair work, expansion, hope, healing and ‘higher ground.’ By November you will look back at the work you did with particular friends and groups in June and see what you achieved. For now, believe. Have faith. The transiting South Node goes into Sagittarius, by 2021, and that means good karma collection for you. Do all you can in June 2019 to renew and build precious friendships within the wider circle.

Pregnancy, Babies, Children, Millennials and Generation Y, Sexual Relationships

As early as the New Moon on 3rd June, Aquarius, you could be welcoming a new child in your world. It really depends on your personal birth chart and the factors you have in the zodiac signs Cancer or Leo – yet, much is possible. This may be a friend’s baby who becomes your godchild, or your own adoption process.

The more diluted news on 3rd June will be about an existing son, daughter, young relative, stepchild or godchild – perhaps younger people en masse, like a group of Millennials or a vast General Y audience. Still, it feels like the birth of something new and it is. This new pathway will be tested several times in June as you have to stop over temporary obstacles. Long-term, you will know where everything stands for you as a parent, aunt, uncle, godparent, grandparent (or through your professional involvement with younger faces) on the Full Moon on 17th June.

That will be a time of reckoning, as June is really ’reshape month’ when you get to grips with what matters, and who matters, to you most. As a parent, mentor to younger people, guide to teenagers, life coach figure to children, teacher and the rest – you have your work cut out for you this month. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though. The more you pour into this, the better, as when the North Node goes into this same area of your horoscope (obvious in 2021) karma calls. Every little trace on your Akashic Record is noted down, from June 2019, at that time. So do your best. Give your best and hope for the best.

Sexual relationships with parenthood potential are also a keynote of this cycle. If you do not want pregnancy then be aware of the risk of it, now.

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