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Uranus in Taurus – House, Hometown, Homeland, Apartment, Family, Household

You are ruled by Uranus, a symbol of new discoveries, freedom, independence, and all that is unconventional and unique. Uranus is associated with the cutting-edge of technology and innovation. Invention on all levels. You will experience your ruling planet quite directly, in connection with your home, roots, heritage, culture, relatives, family tree, flatmates, live-in partner, tenants, landlord and the rest – on April 22nd. When change comes, change with the changes. That’s standard advice for this transit. It may be about the mortgage market, home loan interest rates or property value. Perhaps it is about your passport.

Money, Business, Property, Charity, Valuables

What was done, has come undone from February or March. What you assumed would stick has come unstuck. This is textbook Mercury Retrograde. The cycle ends with the final shadow around April 18th depending on where you are in the world. Thus, you replay the rehearsal. That is all the discussion, news or paperwork was. A tax return, perhaps. A business arrangement. You tend to find that people change their minds on Mercury Retrograde. Emails go missing. The more interesting part of this cycle is that it has shown you how muddled things become when there are no boundaries. Next time put them in. You can also look forward to your usual ‘alternative reality’ back again, towards the end of April. This time you will also know to build it and protect it more consciously, perhaps. Rather than just floating along, or drifting along, you can now create a watertight space, sectioning off this part of your spending, your shares and so on. The house or apartment. The charity. The possessions. Just bear in mind the potential for distortion is huge on April 1st, 2nd, 3rd. What is news then, may not be news at all. A lot of pro astrologers will be telling you this. Mercury conjuncts Neptune on April 2nd in Pisces in your Second House of money. Mercury is a symbol of letters, emails, texts, negotiations, news. Neptune is a symbol of altered states, other realities, what is invisible or mysterious, what confuses or muddles people. There is another risk of distortion – things being bent out of shape – on the Venus-Neptune conjunction on April 10th. Allow a day either side for world time zone changes. Venus rules complicated relationships and Neptune is about the total loss of sensible boundaries so talk about the cash in bed some other time. This also applies to mother-son discussion, or daughter-in-law/mother-in-law arrangements about the house, flat and so on. If you want the holiday from reality you need to work at it, and the best time to work at it, is after April 18th when Mercury firms up.

Your Soul and Spirituality

Be you astrologer, Buddhist, Catholic, Jew, Pagan, Anglican or Humanist – you have your own way of interpreting the unseen and invisible world. Your own idea about God and angels. Perhaps gods and goddesses, plural, which are the archetypes behind astrology. You reach a crossroads with your beliefs and ideas on April 3rd, 4th, 5th which is really a question of control. Self-control puts you in control and willpower gives you power. Unless you are the boss of your own spirituality or soul, you can find yourself feeling dominated on this cycle, which has been with you since 2008 and occasionally peaks in intensity. The other crossroads is April 30th. This time it is Saturn who presses the point. Things take time, sometimes. Time is the only thing that will resolve them. This is true of your chart now. The turning point is December and 2020 is the epic solution. This matter is for the confessional box, your diary, the mirror, or your pillow. For a candle, perhaps. It’s intensely personal and quite mysterious to others around you. Only you really know and understand and your April choices, are a matter for you. They may however take you back to the years 2000 or 1981 as this is also a Nodal cycle transit.

The Internet

Aquarius, you will begin an amazing new chapter with (or without) the internet on April 4th, 5th, 6th as the New Moon in Aries brings a new beginning. Your way with words, ideas or images may embrace new technology or the cutting edge of the web. In other cases, you may be exploring spoken word performance, lyric writing and singing, acting, public speaking or podcasting. Less ambitiously you may be drawn towards a different way of approaching social media, email and so on. This is part of an incredible learning experience for you which will take many years. You may acquire a second language, for example. Chiron and Salacia in your Third House of communication suggests an outsider as your professor, tutor, lecturer, trainer or teacher. You may never meet them at all (they may only be a YouTube presenter or author) but on whatever basis you are ready to learn, you will be taught. Salacia suggests a feeling of escapism – this isn’t ‘real’ in the old-fashioned meaning of the word. It is certainly not mundane, ordinary or every day. You will put it all to the test on the Full Moon of April 18th, 19th, 20th and then see what it is possible to get away with. The Third House is very much about books, lectures, ‘the word’ (whatever that means to you) and also networking – getting things out there – around the web or in the local region. Chiron here will be with you for some years, but this passing traffic in your chart suggests April is the beginning you will always remember.

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