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The Capricorn Weather – What Lies Beneath, Below and Behind the Scenes
On February 18th and 26th (allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself) you must attend to what is below the surface. This is best described as another world. You have been here for a long time – ever since Pluto changed signs on January 26th, 2008. This is why you so often read about everything you do behind the scenes, or cover up from other people, in your horoscope. It’s an ongoing issue. To this we might add more mysterious matters, like the Occult (everything from Tarot to mediumship) and also meditation, dream analysis, therapy and counselling. Some Aquarians have been experiencing this cycle by engaging in top-secret, classified matters which will probably need to remain private until 2023 – five more years! In other cases, you may have been spending far more time alone, perhaps moving into a place by yourself or reaching a point where someone else must move out. Your personal horoscope will tell you how you have been living out this cycle, but if you have factors in Pisces and the Twelfth House, as so many Aquarians do, then life since 2008 has been life-changing in terms of your inner life. Your time alone. Your private life. Your role behind the scenes on projects where others are very much the name or face. As I said, on February 18th and 26th you’ll have to update yourself on how it’s all going for you. Venus, Saturn and the South Node suggest it’s rather hard work. That’s okay. You’ve been here before! Do pay attention to any complicated relationship or sexually and emotionally complex person who may be a feature near those dates, though. You need to be right across her (or him) and find out what makes this person tick.

The Pisces Weather – Taxation, Payments, Banks, Houses, Apartments, Loans, Shares, Business, Companies, Values, Charity Projects
You have been living with this cycle since Neptune changed signs on April 4th 2011, so you are well and truly immersed in another world. If you have handled it well, then you have been experiencing a holiday from reality. A vacation from the real world. If you have not contained and controlled what is going on, following common-sense rules and paying attention to the usual warnings and cautions – you will have ended up over your head at regular intervals. Borrowing money is a classic example. It’s not yours, but it feels like yours. It’s not real money! Aquarius try to get all the paperwork, handshake agreements (in writing, please, too) and negotiations out of your life by February 20th at the very latest. If you continue after that date you will meet with delays, reversals, mistakes or rescheduling. In fact, it may still be there as late as April 17th which is when this new Mercury Retroshadow cycle ends. My eyes are on Chiron in Pisces changing signs in March. For years now, in fact, ever since March 2011 (around the time Neptune moved in) you have found out what you can get away with. People or organisations (an accountant for example, or a government department, or a husband!) have shown you just how to move the goalposts around and alter the landscape. Chiron is associated with audacity and chutzpah, two key words given to him by the late Dennis Elwell. Thus, you have been taught by a punk. ‘Forget that old thing, try this instead.’ That stops quite dramatically in March, so this period just before, is really important. To avoid the usual Mercury Retrograde messiness and muddle compounding things, move before 20th February. If you must continue after that date, have Plan A, B and C. You should also be aware that people go back on their word, on this cycle. Be extremely careful if you are buying or purchasing after 20th February.

The Aries Weather – Emails, Media, Publishing and Books, Public Speaking, Social Media, Education
On February 13th and 27th (allow 24 hours for world time zone differences) a cycle which began in 2010, heats up and speeds up. Then, you are staring down a finishing line for some 9 years of chopping and changing, moving and shaking, rejecting others and also being rejected by them. (All that beastly unfriending on Facebook, if you still happen to be on it, or ever joined). The end date of what you may come to see as ‘The Crazy Internet Years’ will be March 7th. In fact, you already had a taste of what it would be like to live a more stable existence from May last year, when the cycle briefly stopped. There is anger in the mix. You’ll notice this most near February 13th. Be careful with that anger as it is very easy to put things online which are hard to remove later. As well as anger, we associate Mars (the planet then joining your ruler Uranus) with soldier instincts. The need to push, rush, fight, challenge, charge and take. This really feels as if a specific project or plan is at the heart of it all, or maybe a course. You will need to weigh up what the rise in the emotional temperature is actually achieving for you. Is it a motivator, when you always needed a kick up the pants? Or do you find it disruptive and unhelpful? Once Chiron replaces Uranus from March, just a few weeks away now, there will no longer be a continual feeling of ‘Don’t know, can’t say, have no idea what’s coming next’ about the world of communication – or media – or education – or publishing. It will still be an experiment, because Chiron wants you to see what you can get away with, between March 2019 and April 2027 (the next eight years or so). That will be astonishing for you, as you will evolve your written and spoken word abilities, and your use of images or multimedia, right along with the new technology ahead. For now, though, just remember: what is the extra heat doing for you? Or not?

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