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The only issue with Jupiter, the planet of ‘more, more, more’ and ‘never enough’ is that you can spread yourself too thinly across two parts of town, two regions or even two countries. You now need to sort that out, if possible, as the potential is fantastic for you in 2019, but as we just had a very long Mercury Retrograde alongside Jupiter, you may be a little off balance or disorganised. You actually need to be as focussed, centred and grounded as possible (even if you keep the two places on the map connected). The reason for this is differences in opinion between yourself and others. This is just a communication issue. The irony is you all have remarkably similar ideas or views anyway. Together you could do so much! You’ll see this group situation unfold from January 21st and from the 25th you do all need to start talking. Given the vast number of Tweets or emails that could be involved, maybe you want to do this face-to-face? Just a thought. With any luck you can sort this out by the New Moon on February 4th.

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