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March 2019

The Money, Business or Property Question
Uranus is a symbol of radical change, release, space and new beginnings. All this is possible now, but you will need to strike a deal. This planet has not been in Taurus, in your Second House of values, in your adult life. Your ruling planet Mars is also in Taurus, so it’s time to get tough with others, and also be tough with yourself. There is incredible potential here for a dramatically reformed way of life. A house, apartment, holiday home or corporate building is in the frame. You have the North Node in your Fourth House of property, and obviously one revolution with the money or business, would clear the way to new possibilities with real estate. It is important to understand why Taurus rules your Second House of values and valuable discussions, though. I am sure you know that this is the bull in the Zodiac of old. Taurus is associated with gold bullion, which holds its value against flaky currency. Taurus is also the bull market on Wall Street, and the famous charging bull downtown. The word ‘cattle’ even has a relationship with the word ‘capital’ and thousands of years ago, when astrologers were using the stars to come up with memory-jogging images of what a particular season meant, they pinned this constellation to cattle, because what we now call April-May was a time for trade, for sale, purchase, negotiation and big deals. Underpinning all this is a discussion about who and what you consider to be most precious in your life. Is it security? Your garden? Your company? Is it something that money cannot buy, like independence, or integrity, or freedom? This last one is important, because Diana is in Taurus as well as Uranus (and she signifies a certain kind of wildness) so let’s look at it all.

Uranus the Planet of Freedom and Diana the Asteroid of Independence
Uranus is a horoscope symbol which has been with us since 1781, when a free-thinking German keyboard player called William Herschel decided to rescue his sister Caroline from their family, and bring her to his house in Bath, to help him in his astronomy work. Caroline worked on the telescopes with him. She had more freedom than any other female in the city. (In fact, King George III would end up giving her a salary as an Astronomer Royal). It takes Uranus several decades to go through your money, property, charity and business zone, and this planet has about 7 years to do his work. It will begin with you paying up, or perhaps haggling or bargaining – that is one possibility. Another is asking for payment or settlement. Both will necessarily involve a big discussion with yourself about how dependent or independent you must now be. You, he, she or they would also gain by looking at how complicated, heavy, entangled, cumbersome and restrictive a situation has become. This may be a business which has been left alone for too long, or perhaps a garden, house or apartment which is in desperate need of review. Uranus was the Roman god who was trapped by his own choices. In turn, he trapped his own children. When Saturn rebelled, they all broke free – and Uranus was himself liberated from parenthood, which he detested. In a very few cases this month, some Aries people will be living out the myth, because they also have the North Node in Cancer, in the Fourth House of family. It has to be said. There may be some karmic decisions ahead, regarding the family home.

I mentioned Diana as well as Uranus. We use the whole family of asteroids in modern astrology and she is Jupiter’s daughter, so is actually the great-granddaughter of Uranus. She is the huntress who begged her father to release her from marriage and motherhood so she could be free to roam. She is also in Taurus, the sign of the bull, gold bullion and the bull market in your horoscope in March. I might mention some other asteroids here, too. Jupiter’s other daughter Fortuna (who spins the Wheel of Fortune) is in Scorpio, the sign which rules your marriage and mortgage, your sex life and your financial security. Aesculapia, another member of Jupiter’s family, is exactly conjunct Uranus at 0 Taurus on 7th March, which is astonishing. Very close to this date, Aries, you are going to realise that something you had written off, considered going, going gone – or a thing of the past – could so easily resurrect or revive. It will have an extreme impact on how you see your money, assets or property. March really is destiny-changing. You also have Panacea in Taurus so a great many members of Jupiter’s family tree are showing up. Thus, the sense of room for progress – space for opportunities – the potential for a vastly improved situation. It just takes ‘yes’. The wisest and cleverest of Jupiter’s daughters, Minerva – always shown with an owl – lines up with Uranus at 0 Taurus on 17th March and if ever there was a moment to bring all your wisdom and insight to the negotiating table, that is it.

Allowing Space for the Unpredictable
This is a very good month to allow space for the unpredictable. Corporate hoarders so often seem like Dickens’ Scrooge – stuck in their ways. Not so, from March 7th. Uranus is a symbol of everything that is sudden, unexpected and sometimes a shock. Perhaps you think you’re set in your ways when it comes to money. Again, not so. You could even raise your own eyebrows this month. This idea about Uranus being a cipher for everything that comes out of the blue, comes partly (again) from the old Roman myth, adapted from the Greek. Uranus had two children. Steropes and Arges. Both were forms of lightning – one sheet, one forked. Lightning is of course at the core of electricity. From this, we get the idea of the zap factor of an electrical storm, but also the well-known phenomenon of electric shock. It is a very smart idea to leave your situation wide open this month as no matter how stuck, settled or certain a situation might seem to be – or a person’s attitude towards money – it may well be that the forces of nature may play their part. Never underestimate the fact that the UKIP symbol shows a pound in electric neon colours. This is, of course, Brexit month. Nigel Farage is an Aries, like you. One way or another, no matter if you live as far away as Australia or America, there are lightning bolts ahead in the world economy, with currency and cryptocurrency, big business and trade, which are going to change your life too. It’s like a series of switches being thrown. You will see why when Mars opposes Fortuna near 25th March.

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