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House, Flat, Family, Hometown, Household, Homeland

The agreement, negotiations, paperwork or ‘firm’ news regarding where you live, or the family circle – perhaps your household – is actually wobbly in July. This goes back to June, and the wheels will turn backwards and forwards until August. Do not make an important move without getting it in writing, and even then, check the fine print for the outcome in case of delays or changes. Mercury Retrograde rules and from shadow to shadow, it always starts earlier and ends later than Google astrology tells you. Take care.

We have a huge number of factors in your home and family zone in July. Along with Mercury Retrograde we also have eclipses (blind spots, cover-ups or blacked-out information) in this same area of your chart, on 2nd and 16th July. Allow a day either side. You are being kept in the dark on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 15th, 16th, 17th July. An eclipse is exactly what you might expect. A total lack of vision and poor visibility about what is actually going on.

You are being taken back to the years 2000 and 1981 in July, in terms of karma with a family member, or ‘soul’ debts and credits regarding a particular house, apartment, town – or even your sense of belonging to your country. The karma goes back all the way to the 1960’s and 1940’s actually and stretches into past lives.

Venus, Panacea, Bacchus and Diana are in Cancer all month, the sign which we associate with the crab who carries her home on her back. There are tremendous questions in July about where you come from, where you belong, and who you are – in relation to your city, your region and your country.

Give yourself a ton of time and space, Aries. You face an obstacle course similar to the famous stretch of hurdles in Chariots of Fire. You will not get through without knocking over the occasional glass of champagne, but remember Nigel Havers, one of the film’s stars, is a trooper and a stayer. You also need to be a trooper and stayer, because you have karma to complete!

You owe or are owed. You need closure. Now, Aries, that is going to take time. It will take you until 2020, actually, to really take back what is rightfully yours, spiritually, but also to settle up, if there is anything that is unresolved. This is particularly true of life as it was for you 19 years ago. Yet, I am not discounting the fact that you have a past life with a family member, flatmate/roommate, tenant, landlord/landlady, council member, politician and so on – which profoundly affects you now.

Work through this. But please be aware of Mercury Retrograde. Property price fluctuation, the unseen fine print on a lease or mortgage, false starts with a holiday home and so on, are all classic outcomes of this cycle. Residency, passports and visas might also be areas where you could hit complication or delay so be aware. As always with this cycle have Plan B and C up your sleeve.

A family reunion or a new flatmate – all are prone to issues with computers, trains, traffic, airlines, telephones – at this time. If you are curious please look up Mercury Retrograde on Search. Over the years, hundreds of my readers have left real-life, real-time comments. It’s an education about what to expect!

Career, Social Position, Success, Ambition and Mission

Congratulations on making it over the halfway mark of the toughest cycle in 29 years. Well done on making it well over the halfway mark of the most intense cycle in 240+ years. And a round of applause for staying the course, with karma. Why karma? Because the South Node is in the serious, steady, ambitious sign of Capricorn and will not leave for some time. It remains there because you are now required to take what you are owed, but also repay what you owe, spiritually. This goes back to the years 2000, 1981 or even further back, into past lives.

When you add in Saturn’s tests and trials, the waiting games, and Pluto’s emphasis on people politics, power and control – you really do have a lot on your plate. In fact, this has been the case in 2018 as well, so you will need time out in July. A genuine break or respite from the intensity, the hard work and the ‘stickiness’ of it all. It is very common to feel stuck or stranded on this cycle. It’s not just you, every Aries person is going through it. This is hard for you because you are at your brilliant best when you race through life, cut and thrust – and even parry. You are famously fast, competitive, confrontational and the action man or action woman of the zodiac.

Yet, here you are in July being forced to trawl through, and crawl through, the heaviest, slowest, most demanding weather of your lifetime, in career terms. This also applies to unpaid work, university or college. So, what can you do?

Know that this has a peak moment of intensity in January 2020. From there, you deal with what you want, where you stand, what is still desirable, in terms of your ambitions, and what no longer matters. In fact, from December 2020, you are in a totally different phase of your life, and from the year 2023, you will look back at the years before 2020 and realise what a massive chunk of your life history that was. For now, you are living through that history.

Please avoid the eclipse on 16th July (include 15th, 17th July for world time zone changes) for major judgements or action plans, like a job interview, a resignation, a high society wedding and so on. Anything that is about your status or success, essentially. Not only is this a Full Moon, which is always a stretch – it is also a blind spot or cover-up. An eclipse conceals it never reveals. Why make up your mind or spring into action when you cannot see and do not know? History proves astrology correct. An eclipse is zero visibility.

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