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May 2019

Money, Property, Business, Charity, Valuables
This may be about the mortgage, the legacy or inheritance – or just ‘filthy lucre’ – as it has been called. Aries, you have such a chain of decisions to make, all month long, that it may help to realise the background cycle runs for around 7 years. During this time, you will repeatedly put a price on your own independence. We associate May 2019 with ‘freedom from’ (you fill in the space) or ‘freedom through’ (again, fill in the space!) Yet this is just a taste of what is to come, as slowly but surely the new Uranus in Taurus transit, which rocks the entire world economy, will play its part. There may be a direct link with three buzzing stories now: money laundering (particularly by human-rights abusing people, governments or corporations), the arrival of Blockchain in the banking world and even the rise of the electric car. In other cases, you feel the ripple effect from a very big stone on the Full Moon, 18th May. I will leave it up to you do the life sums. To do the arithmetic. The fact is, all bets are off, compared to who/what you placed the highest price on, before 2018. You are waking up in a different world and it will be a world which has turned upside-down, very close to May 8th and 18th. I don’t think you’ve really tasted this kind of sweet freedom with your finances, property, charity or business in your adult life. You may have sampled it a little this time last year, or even at the end of April, but it’s only May 2019 that will show you what space and oxygen costs in pounds, dollars or euros. Saying ‘No’ and hearing ‘No’ will be the one thing that sets you free.

Travel, Emigration, Study, Teaching, Publishing, Internet
Keep the faith. You have a deal to make. You may be travelling, moving, emigrating, studying, teaching, publishing books or consumed by worldwide web plans in May. People from other cultures or nationalities will very likely be involved. There is the most stunning outcome possible for you by November, but even before then, you will hit one peak after another, if you nurture, protect and care for special plans best described as ‘budding.’ I mentioned a deal. You are going to be compromising quite fiercely, dividing up the control and sharing the power, of which there is a great deal. To say that your plans in 2019 are potent is a bit of an understatement, Aries. You just don’t have chances like this for another 12 years so please keep your eyes on the prize (the prizes, plural, perhaps) and aim your focus straight and true to the end of the year. Do not let anything or anybody put you off the bigger picture or higher goal. Sure, there will be communication issues, transport or travel questions, language differences – perhaps. None of this is going to be a walk in the park, but if you don’t mind a bit of an obstacle course near the 5th, 25th and 28th the sky’s the limit. Better still, what you pull off with your move, trip, course, book, website or foreign connection between now and the end of the year will reward you for years to come. The closing days of May reveal a deal. The power or control is substantial, if you can both/all agree to differ and make it work. The results will show spectacularly with a trip, relocation, book or course!

The Internet, Multimedia, Communication, Commuting and Short Trips
On May 4th, 5th or 6th (depending on your Twitter time zone) you may want to slow down and cool down online, with multimedia, or telephone text messages. These words are hard to erase once they appear and as your ruler Mars is involved it would be so easy for you to push too hard or too fast. Then it is so much more difficult to take your words back afterwards, Aries. In fact, the whole month is really about figuring out how best to be heard, read and understood. I expect the car, train, plan, bus, tram or boat will be part of that, as a pilgrimage is either about to take place or be planned. Maybe commuting is your daily pilgrimage! None of this is half as important as the bigger goals (see above) but it will play its part and it’s not a bad idea to set aside more time for it all.

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