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Jessica Adams’ free Psychic Astrology forecast for May 2019. See what this month looks like in the stars.

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May 2019

Friends and Groups Spell Change and Freedom
Friendships, group commitments, communities and circles of people you belong to – or are affected by – dominate May 2019. We associate this new cycle with ‘freedom from’ and also ‘freedom through’ so you are likely to face choices about either. Perhaps you need to be liberated from a group or set free from a friendship – on a soul level. You may thus break with the past this month, in order to do that – or find that fate takes a hand. The ‘freedom through’ option is also intriguing as it is through a friendly face in a wider collection of people that you might just find the space, oxygen and sense of room to move that your heart desires. This is the kind of cycle when people join or leave bands! This intense Taurus weather in your horoscope will also highlight and illuminate exactly what a friendship is in your life. Why friendship can matter as much as marriage or family.

Lifestyle, Workload, Daily Routine, Duty and Service
You stand to gain in 2019 as improvements or overdue repair work on your lifestyle, workload and daily routine is on offer. You will certainly see this in May at the Jupiter-Mars opposition near the 5th, so the month opens with a definite offer, opportunity, solution or option. This is likely to involve your body as well as your mind and spirit. In fact, you are in a cycle when any question about your work ethic or sense of duty to others might be answered with another question about your ‘machine’ – your physical condition and state. It is also true that if there is a concern with the body, you really need to look at your workload and how you feel about serving others. Sometimes dogs or cats appear to be our masters on this cycle! More commonly it is about housework, but also paid work, volunteer work or university/college life. You may feel as if you are ducking, dodging and diving in May, but you are also getting somewhere. You are either taking on issues which are well and truly ripe to be resolved or may be grabbing opportunities with both hands and running with them. This is not the stuff of great, glorious achievement. It is about a job well done. And your own physical health and wellbeing, of course. That is likely the most important task of all. In the final week there will be a carve-up at work, university or at home. A classic example of this is a reshuffle. It is really important that this new arrangement can work long-term. It will ultimately turn out to be a great thing for you, directly or indirectly – and your lifestyle.

Angels and Demons
We all have angels on our shoulders or inner demons to deal with. This is sometimes what emerges in dreams through the unconscious mind. It may be felt more powerfully in a church or cathedral. Cancer, you have quite a lot of Gemini weather in May, and Gemini is the sign which is one behind your own. This takes you behind closed doors, or below the surface. You really do need your time and space as the month goes on because these kinds of intensely personal questions about your own soul can’t be tackled in the noise of everyday life or internet distraction. You may believe in God, Buddha, the ‘Universe’ or something else entirely but this is your annual maintenance check.

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