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The Other Side of the Scales

Cancer, we have a lot of Capricorn weather this month, which puts the focus on your other half, opponent, opposition or opposite number. Capricorn opposes you in the zodiac and so we are looking at the other side, your other 50% of the equation, the person/people against you – or even legal issues.

As a general rule avoid the eclipses now at the very start and middle of July, as you are ruled by the Moon. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal. ‘Don’t mess with eclipses’ as Debbie Kempton-Smith wrote in her classic book, Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook. Just as July begins, and as you get towards the middle of the month, be aware that you cannot see – and do not know.

This applies to your husband, wife, former lover, potential date. It applies to your boyfriend, girlfriend or your affair. It applies to your professional partner in a duet or double act.

Cancer, it is also about the other half of the scales of justice, so this may be a legal question about your ex, for example. This cycle ends in December 2020!

Just knowing the intensity does not last will help you, so think about taking a deep breath and going in for the long haul. Pace yourself. Saturn, the South Node and Pluto will not be completely out of your life until Christmas 2020 following a peak decision in January that year. So, you do need to measure your steps here.

Be aware of the karma. That is karma going back to the years 2000 and 1981, but also the karma you have gathered in the last year or two. Maybe you need to settle a score. Maybe a score needs to be settled with you, spiritually. The Node is about your soul!

Image, Profile, Reputation, Name, Photograph, Brand

Cancer, you are defined by your wife, former wife, your opponents and so on, this month. I mentioned the other side of the scales. Well, picture that as a reflective mirror that bounces your face, name, profile back to you. You are judged by this person, this month. If it’s a duel or battle, then your reputation may be seen in the light of this man or woman. If it is a marriage, similarly, you can’t really get away from ‘Me’ when you think about ‘We.’

This does not last! In fact, it’s just a 19-year cycle coming around again with a fade-out next year. In July, though, take yourself seriously. As in – the hologram version of you, online. Think about what others say about you or how you are seen, particularly on Twitter or Google search. The other person is your mirror, and this is your best chance all year to take stock and figure out what needs to change. Likely, changes will be required, on this cycle.

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