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You want to travel or move, or perhaps both, in January. Quite right too. You have Neptune, which is your escape from the real world, making tempting patterns in your zone of yachts, cruises, flights, road trips and removal vans. There is a very good reason for your longing for a new location (even if it’s just across the bridge and on the other side of town). You have 2-3 really promising ideas or plans which are going nowhere, in your current location. This may be because your work place, professional life, unpaid work environment or university is just not right. Going further, it may be your entire city, region or country that is not exactly helping things grow! Quite rightly, you wonder about other possibilities elsewhere and the fact that others are pioneering that, gives you the motivation. They are prepared to try, so why not you? Cancer, the only thing to say here is that Neptune can make you a little ungrounded, but also somewhat blind to what is actually in hand. The fact is, you may be overlooking a couple of really promising brainwaves or plans, in favour of what is front-and-centre. Try to multi-task. You’re also speculating without actually having the time-frame figured out. You have go-faster stripes but you’re not moving. Try to get your head around the calendar or schedule. Some of these concepts of yours are really time-dependent if they’re going to take off elsewhere. Finally – Cancer, sometimes you have this cycle when you never leave your desk or chair but do it all online. Thus the ‘journeys’ are with your computer mouse! The same message applies. Figure out a realistic time frame for this if you can.

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