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March 2019

The Group, Community or Circle of Friends
Uranus, the planet of electricity, unpredictable events and unusual currents, moves into your zone of friends, groups, social media and communities on 7th March. This could go in any direction and take you anywhere. What is ‘this’ exactly? A new and different atmosphere. A much-changed set of circumstances. We associate Uranus with words like ‘buzz’ and terms like ‘high frequency’ and ‘electrifying’. We link this astrological symbol with the idea of feeling wired, among livewires. This is now the background music of your world. You will also read that Uranus is a symbol of eccentrics and bohemians. People who are unconventional or unusual. This comes from 1781, when the planet was discovered in the beautiful British city of Bath. Uranus was found by a German keyboard player who lived with his sister. They were both amateur astronomers and made their own telescopes. The sister, in particular, must have raised eyebrows. Her name was Caroline Herschel and King George III paid her a salary, to supply the telescopes. She was no Elizabeth Bennett. She was far more radical a being than anything Jane Austen ever invented. In the old Latin myths about Uranus, we find out that his children included Cyclopes (one-eyed monsters) and also Venus, the goddess of adultery, who was born by accident from her father’s blood and semen, mixed with seawater. Uranus brings everything and everybody that is unique, strange and frequently very exciting to behold. Venus arrived naked. If your chart suggests one thing in March, it is caution. Don’t dive into this. Put one foot in the water first. You have absolutely no idea who these people really are, or what you are in for. And it could be quite a trip.

The Pisces Experience
You have extreme Pisces weather in March. This zodiac sign rules your life as teacher, mentor and guide. As student, or student of life. It rules your journeys – every place you explore or move to. It is associated with the Worldwide Web for obvious reasons. Pisces, in its rulership of your Ninth House, also covers belief systems like Christianity, Buddhism and old hippie ideas like The Age of Aquarius, which brings in astrology. One thing you can say about March. It’s never going to be boring! Pisces weather does bring a few cautionary notes, though. You, or someone else, will be a fish out of water this month. A fish out of water is not a good thing, unless there is a really good reason to reel that fish in and take it. This brings us back to Uranus in your Eleventh House of community, social media, friendships and groups. You have to ask yourself if you, or another person, is in a natural element in March, or feeling suffocated by the wrong company and environment. That’s a really fair question.

Pooling Resources
There are some fascinating choices for you about pooling resources in March. Do you lose yourself, along with others, in a completely different group environment? It is the kind of departure which necessarily involves shedding all the usual trappings, boundaries, and identity markers. One does not hang on to one’s old self for very long with these people, as it all has to be left behind. There is a sense in March that everybody is in this together, or not at all. There may have to be a decision here about who belongs in the group and who does not. Who is in, and who is out? Pisces is the sign we associate with merging. With everybody being all over the place, everywhere, all the time. There simply are no boundaries with this kind of weather. People can get in over their heads. They can get lost. They can end up feeling confused and being confusing. This month really is about choices, though, and they will have to be made on a deadline, as some situations just cannot go on forever. Don’t just accept the most obvious yes/no binary option staring you in the face, Cancer. Where your friends and groups are concerned, you could afford to think outside the box and come up with some intensely creative, rewarding alternatives. One does not always have to plunge deeply inside the group, in order to travel in the same direction.

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