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May 2019

Children, Babies, Young Adults, Sexual Relationships
Capricorn, you now come to one of the most important phases of the year, in terms of your relationship with a younger generation. Your son, daughter, young relative or godchild? Perhaps you have paid or unpaid work involving younger faces who stand to inherit from you – your inheritance being financial, perhaps, or just about your personality, guidance and influence. This cycle is also about sexual relationships with parenthood potential. Capricorn, the more restricted you or others have been, the more radical the changes to come. If you have been really out of touch with the ‘ties that bind’ you or others – then it may be that an electrical storm, twice in the month of May, is enough to loosen those ties and shake things up for a new start. If, however, you have been on a more independent path since last year, preferring space, freedom and room to move – for yourself and others – then May will be less dramatic. Call it progress. Call it overdue progress, actually, as despite all the rules, regulations and social norms surrounding children and parents, there is always room for something new. Something better. Something quite different. I dare say the Full Moon on 18th May will have a lot to do with this. Full Moons are never easy but at least they show you who and what matters most.

Your Soul and Your Spirit
Your inner life, soul and spirit are the business of the church, often, but also the Buddha, perhaps Hinduism, astrology, Judaism and so on. It is your very private and personal take on all that is, and what is ‘up there’ above you and also ‘out there’. 2019 is an incredible year of breakthroughs, solutions, repair work, opportunities, growth, hope and a new path – on the inside. Your timing is right in May, as early as the first week, when a decisive Mars-Jupiter clash in your chart suggests one of those moments of truth. Put your soul or spirit first then. Slow down and cool down, though, and allow for others to do the same. Action stations is all very well but if it’s all action and no stations – especially with a work or health related matter for you – then no real headway can be made. The month as a whole is about evolving, growing and progressing within. Nobody can see or even fathom what is going on within your own soul, but it’s an important leap forward. This is an intense process Capricorn. The final week of May suggests deep questions about how powerful you feel, how empowered you are, how much control you have – and where others fit in. Perhaps where God fits in. Or, I should say, ‘your God’. Expect changes.

Body, Mind, Spirit, Work Ethic
Towards the end of May, the Sun changes signs and your body, mind, spirit and work ethic are your priority. Everything is illuminated! You can see clearly, and all that. By the third week of June you will have made some important decisions about your lifestyle as a whole. Housework, paid work and unpaid work. Study, perhaps. Your fitness and health, in terms of what is required of you every day. How you feel about serving others – from the cat and dog at home – to your boss or client. What you need to know and see, will be revealed and shown so you can update and do your annual maintenance check, Capricorn.

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