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Mars, the planet of action, changes signs on January 2nd so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and sort out the family tree, or your place in the world. Uranus, the planet of new beginnings – and the fine art of chopping and changing – also makes important patterns on January 7th. You are leaving 2018 behind so rapidly and with such force that you probably leave a wind current in your wake. Sometimes, Capricorn, is it another member of the family who wants to break out like this and break through. This is possible too. Yet, rather than let someone else seize the day, you may want to take full advantage of these horoscope shifts and ask yourself who or what needs pruning, cutting, trimming or even axing. If you feel that one branch of the family is all over the joint, for example, that might be a good place to start. I mentioned your place as well as your people. If this is really about what feels like home to you – again, you have a mission to accomplish. A proper quest! As a secondary but related matter, there is also a group, network, circle, team and so on that needs to regroup. The structure has to change, and it will, by the third week.

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