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March 2019

Working Hard and Making Steady Money
In March you will be working hard and making steady money. You may be on the production line at E.M.I. or making your own ceramic bowls, but there is a big emphasis on success, achievement, ambition and what it means. You experience a Full Moon in Libra on March 21st, in your Tenth House of career, study and unpaid roles and titles. This brings things to a head for you. This is particularly true if you were born on the first or second day of your sign, Capricorn, as the Full Moon will create what is known as a T-Square in your birth chart, with your natal Sun. No matter when you were born, very close to 21st March you need to look at why you work, how you work, when you work, and for whom you work. As Joe Strummer once suggested, ‘Who gives you work and why should you do it?’ There is another reason for this question. About two weeks before, Juno at 12 Gemini in your Sixth House of duty, service and daily routine is opposed by Ceres – on 13th March. Juno is an important part of the astrological family tree, as she is Jupiter’s wife and she symbolises commitment. Ceres is Pluto’s mother-in-law, so equally important. These two in an opposition, or tug-of-war, suggest that right at the end of the first fortnight of March, you need to look at how wedded you are to your job. It may even be full-time housework. How much of a promise have you made yourself and others? Money talks, too. Even if your full-time role does not involve a pay packet as such, there may be an allowance for duty done.

Money Talks in March 2019
Venus in Aquarius transits your Second House of values, valuable possessions, finance, houses, apartments, property investments and rent in March. Apollo, Jupiter’s son, is at the other end of your chart, in the Eighth House of loans, credit cards, mortgages, debts and big-picture banking. Money really talks this month, but as you are not a machine, it is also a good time to look at what you are actually achieving or accumulating, in return for all your effort and energy. Does it add up? This brings us to the question of property, accommodation and related issues like holiday homes, business premises and so on.

Your House, Apartment, Property Investment or Holiday Home Beyond 2019
On March 7th, the potential future of your own home or property investment starts to matter more. On that day, you end the long cycle of Uranus, the planet of constant change, in your Fourth House of real estate, houses, land and apartments. The years of unpredictable living are over. This has also affected the status quo with your household, landlord or landlady, immediate family, extended family and so on. This is a big shift and in place of Uranus, you now have Chiron, the teacher. There is an awful lot to learn about bricks and mortar over the next few years and March is really the turning point. There are so many different ways this could go for you now, but as you know – in a typically down-to-earth, practical, plodding, Capricorn way – nothing can really begin without the money, and money does not grow on trees. You make it.

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