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Rivals, Enemies, Opponents – Former, Current, Future Partners

Capricorn, the other person (so central to everything in July) holds up a mirror to you. The person you see reflected there shows you the internet version of yourself, or the ‘first impressions’ version of who you are. This is the hologram, the title, the face, the shape, the style, the reputation and so on.

The other person is your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps your enemy, opponent or rival. Every Jared has an Ivanka. Every Kate Moss has her former lovers! It may be about professional interests, not personal, so the other person here is not really about your sexual or romantic past, present or potential future at all. It may be just work. Just business.

Some practical pointers (and you are a practical sign!) Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn, your own sign, tell you that the way you are perceived, seen, received – is a powerful, powerful issue for you. It has been that way since 2008. In July you will also be sent back to the years 2000 and 1981 for reckoning up, karmically. What goes down in July, started then, in a symbolic or thematic way.

An example might be your first-class photograph in 2000, or your wedding video. Maybe your big website launch. Back in 1981 maybe you had your first baby photos. You’ll have your own story.

Karma rolls on in July and you will get closure by 2020 but you have to take it slowly. The ‘Me’ in Social Me-Me-Me-Media is a really central part of what unfolds. It’s personal because it’s about you but try to remember – this is not you. It is a version of you.

Best way through? Allow for people politics or even real issues about who/what is ‘the boss of me’ to unfold. Maybe you don’t want the Facebook corporation controlling how you are perceived! There may be people telling you what to wear or how much to weigh. There could be questions here about your reputation. Your title (whatever that is). Be aware that you have had over 10 years to learn from mistakes and also remember what you got right. Also be aware this is a long-haul lesson about the real world. It goes on through next year, but it gets easier, progressively. Skip the eclipses for ‘Me’ decisions or judgement calls as you won’t see clearly then. We’re talking July 2nd and 16th – allow a day either side.

The Other Person or The Other Side

Eclipses in Cancer, your opposite sign, and Mercury Retrograde there, tells you to bypass July as decision month about/for your enemy, rival or opponent. You cannot see and will not know. You will be held up, see your plans change or come to nothing. It will involve words that do not stick, computer or telephone issues, or even the post going in the wrong direction.

This is really not some kind of Chicken Little ‘sky fall’ moment with Capricorns squawking and flapping their wings, heading for the hills. It’s just a common sense necessity – using astrology – you can pick things before they develop.

Do not trust anyone with a forked tongue especially near the eclipses. Mercury Retrograde can appear as ‘bent’ news or news-carriers and gatherers, like that fake person on Facebook.

Be really hip to anyone who is against you, or likely to be against you, Capricorn. As I write this for you I can hear Stevie Wonder singing ‘very superstitious’ and although nobody really wants astrology to be at the level of a superstition, we have to say that when you see eclipses and Mercury Retrograde, plus the North Node of karma in your opposite sign – the opposite side or the opposite person against you – will not be a walk in the park!

A little common sense goes a long way. This is really not the month to launch into some epic battle that involves a lot of paperwork unless you actually like using a magnifying glass and pair of tweezers. And also – spinning your wheels.

Your Seventh House, ruled by Cancer, your opposite sign, is about opposite sides in any situation. Given the astrological weather at that Full Moon eclipse in particular, on July 16th, think twice before you just wander into any situation with a certain someone. Or a whole bunch of them.

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