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Money, Property, Business, Charity, Legacies, Taxation

Sagittarius, get everything in writing and read the fine print, in July. This specifically concerns your tax return, shares, investments, house or apartment, dividends, legacy, will, credit card, mortgage, bank, settlement, bonus, rent, income, outgoings, debt and money owed to you (naturally).

We have Mercury Retrograde, so nothing sticks or finishes in the same shape, that it began. Nothing was ever really fixed, firm, finished or final as you went from June to July and it won’t be until the second half of August, that you have the facts and figures in place. Getting there from here involves a major crossroads.

This may be your shareholders, the value of your shares, the rise and fall of property, family or partnership agreements – or at the very basic level, your shared apartment and the shared television rental, or your eBay income. You are just not going to get away with Mercury, the horoscope symbol of paperwork, emails, the mail, contracts, form filling and negotiation – going back and forth – and also getting stuck.

This is enforced mood-measuring and budget-making. You are being made to wait, Sagittarius, so that you can get real about who and what matters most. We are talking real prices here. Real costs or savings, about what is personal to you. Not necessarily what others think is valuable. One can say ‘this London apartment is worth over a million’ but then you do a different kind of sum and realise it’s not worth a hill of beans, if you think about…other values. This is exactly the point of July, Sagittarius. It is about going back in time to the year 2000 and maybe 1981. Past lives may even feature here. You will be made to wait, and rethink facts and figures, talk about the numbers one more time or retrace your steps – so you are forced to ‘juice’ the issues and concentrate them, the better to figure out the figures. This has nothing to do with your old sums and math, and everything to do with what makes the most financial sense in 2020.

On a practical note, don’t sign or buy unless you get everything in writing and checked out. Even then we have two eclipses so there will be a cover-up or blind spot. If you or your family or corporation have been involved in money laundering, for example, you need to be aware that you are unlikely to get away with it in July. This will take time and it won’t be until January 2020 that the Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, to quote Dylan, but fall it will. That’s karma. And you have the Nodes of karma in both your cash zones.

Sagittarius I really don’t think the majority of my readers are involved with anything remotely approaching such nefarious activities. (And I include Gemini, your opposite sign, in that). You are likely an idealist and visionary, if you are true to your sign, and the money, property, charity, tax or business issues in July are likely to be about the trade-offs you have made with yourself and others about saving/making/repaying.

In July, nothing goes according to plan, no matter if it’s a will or a joint bank account with your partner. This makes you look back to the last 10-11 years and get a proper reckoning – an accurate estimate. You of all people know that this whole thing has been about so much more than just pounds, dollars or euros! Learn from the past and get real about the future, financially, that way the future will be far less of a big deal to you, around six months from now when we have the mother of all line-ups in Capricorn, the sign that rules your values, valuables and ‘precious and priceless.’

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