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March 2019

Groups and Friends
The Full Moon in Libra, in your zone of friends and groups, is accompanied by the asteroid Cupido, also in Libra, in March. This may be a professional organisation, a social media group, a charity, band, political party, trade union, community network or similar. The Full Moon falls on 21st March and it’s a moment of truth for all of you. There are no matchy-matchy perfect outcomes at that time, but you will all find a way to respect each other’s differences and diversity, while life rolls on. This assortment of people you find yourself in was never going to be uniform. That is part of its fascination for those who are watching. Cupido is about desire. Generating passion and also being subject to it, as well. It is possible that within this circle you will find a flirtation or relationship. Even if it’s all strictly platonic (apart from anything else, you may all be straight women!) there will still be a great deal of longing and tremendous lust for life taking place. There is also something to share and enjoy, here, which brings us to the South Node, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. I’ll look at that for you in a moment, but let’s also see what Chiron in his new sign of Aries is doing for you.

All for One and One for All
From 7th March you finish with a cycle which has disrupted your group commitments and loyalties for many years. This may have been any kind of circle or community of people at all, but it’s very likely you’ve quit, or made radical changes which have affected those people – and yourself – permanently. The reason for this is the long opposition of Uranus, the planet of the unique, unusual, unexpected and unconventional – right opposite your zone of solidarity, friendship and comradeship. In fact, one a month, for about the last 10 years, you have experienced Uranus in Aries opposite the Moon in Libra, and that has destabilised things on a regular basis. Now, Uranus is going – on March 7th. Chiron replaces him. In future the question between all of you will be ‘All for one? One for all?’ with some meaningful question marks. The constant upheaval or buzz of tension will disappear, to be replaced by quite a different, more thoughtful line of enquiry. How can quite different people, who need to unite, but also have their own way of seeing life – of moving through life – join forces? How can you all make it work? I mentioned the Full Moon on 21st March which will bring things to a head.

Abundance and Rewards
The Capricorn weather now suggests rewards from 2000 and 1981, and even further back – right into past lives. The good life is here if you want to reach for it. This feeling of abundance really comes from all that you did for others, by saving or making the money, a very long time ago. March feels like a harvest for you, either shared with your friends, or collected by you, a result of being in their world. Pluto is also here along with the South Node and that suggests empowerment. When you are abundant, you are also in control to some extent – you have the upper hand.

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