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May 2019

It’s All About You, You, You
The smart use of Social Me, Me, Media is to treat yourself as a brand, the way that Tate & Lyle treat their famous Golden Syrup as a brand. What’s on your packaging? Sagittarius, you are the zodiac sign who has the most to gain from focussing on image, presentation, name, title, appearance and the other superficial aspects of yourself this month. In fact, as early as the Mars-Jupiter opposition on 5th May, you seem likely to dive headfirst into situations designed to have you front-and-centre or thrusting yourself forward, headfirst, especially online. Mars in your opposite sign of Gemini suggests tremendous heat and speed in the atmosphere regarding your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps your enemy, opponent or rival. When in doubt slow down and cool down and do not react in the moment. Nobody said you had to jump to some kind of instant response. Yet, Sagittarius, with Jupiter in your sign all year and particularly so this month, you have wonderful solutions to pursue, fantastic opportunities to snap up and the kind of natural good luck and timing with ‘Me’ that can only happen once in 12 years. You have this weather until November, and it would be churlish to turn away from one open door after another. A very simple and common example might be – the need to compete on Tinder for a person you want – which pushes you into getting fit, getting your teeth bleached and relaunching. There you go. Another less common example might be the politician who hires professionals to sort out her online branding, in the light of a fierce battle with an opponent in the opening week. Long-term this serves her really well/him really well, long after the rather aggressive other side has gone! You also have Ceres in your image zone in late May. You’ll need to reach a compromise over your image and share the controls. This may be with your hairdresser or an opinionated partner!

Focus on Him/Her
From the final week of May through June, a huge amount of light will be shed on the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partner. If you need a fierce spotlight on an arch enemy, rival or foe of any kind – for whatever reason – then every detail will be exposed and illuminated from the last week of May for the first three weeks of June. This gives you the chance to apply really fine-tuned scrutiny to his face, her face, and what is behind that face. Sagittarius if May begins with a love-life ‘kick’ in the first week, then do think long-term and allow until the end of June to really sort this out with he or she who matters so much. There is no need to rush or push or be pushed or rushed. These cycles are valid through end of June.

Workload, Lifestyle, Duty, Service, Body, Mind and Spirit
Uranus in Taurus suggests a moment of truth (twice) in May which will set you free or increase your independence, day-to-day. This is really about your paid work, housework, unpaid work and/or university degree. The less conscious you have been of the need to create more space and oxygen in your daily life, and particularly as regards your health, wellbeing and fitness – the more dramatic the electrical storms of May. These lightning bolts may act for you as they do in nature. They suddenly turn everything around in a very new and different, unexpected direction, where you must ‘change to meet change’ and even welcome the new freedom. Sagittarius if you have been on the freedom road quite consciously since May 2018 then May will not be quite so confronting, in terms of electrical storms and lightning-like enlightenment. Instead, you will just be shown what you have to do, why you have to do it and when. I dare say the Full Moon on the 18th will pull you or others in two different directions, regarding your workload and lifestyle – or your body – yet it is a productive Full Moon because it allows you to sort out pros from cons. A smart decision can be made after that. Make no mistake. 2019 is the year of independence.

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