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Two is the Magic Number

Virgo, two is the magic number when we see first Neptune, and then Jupiter, in your opposite sign of Pisces. You are now slowly taking on the crest of a wave and will surf it to the very top in 2022. A great deal depends on how you master what is there in March 2021, though. You can have the most blissful holiday from reality with this person (or perhaps a second person, part of a pair with you, later on) or you can zig-zag around. Keeping things clear means keeping your head, but you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, so you are more than capable of navigating yourself and him/her.

This may be a marriage (Meghan and Harry), or it may be your relationship with a former partner. It might be a potential date for the future, or perhaps a purely platonic pair.

This is the kind of cycle when old friends move in together. There’s nothing going on, but they are definitely a duet. It’s all about ‘two’ and there is a strong sense of ‘you and me’ about this cycle, Virgo. It also comes around when couples break up and find a different sort of duet together, or when divorced pairs, or broken business partners, figure out a new kind of chemistry. But let’s start at the beginning with some key dates for March.

If your Sun is at 20 Virgo or 21 Virgo, in your personal birth chart, life near these dates will challenge your sense of identity; your sense of self.

For all Virgo people, though, these Neptune aspects will raise questions about the see-saw that you are sitting on, with just one other person, and what is possible on that seesaw in the game of life.

  • March 11th, 2021
  • March 14th, 2021
  • March 30th, 2021

I said you were moving into rare territory and that’s so. You’ve not had Jupiter in the ‘pair’ zone of your chart for around 12 years.

Looking Ahead to 2022

Jupiter moves into Pisces alongside Neptune, on May 13th, 2021. He stays there until July 28th, 2021. He then goes back into Pisces on December 28th, 2021 and stays there until May 10th, 2022. He is back again from October 28th, 2022 until December 20th, ending that year.

You stand to gain on April 12th, 2022 at the historic Jupiter and Neptune conjunction. A lot of astrologer will be talking to you about that, because it’s a highly unusual, huge – holiday from reality. Second honeymoons are possible then, or breakthroughs for you as a couple, like adoption. It is also possible that you will reach agreement with an ex, at that point, and figure out a completely different way to be together/apart.

I’m not going to wear out the computer keys by giving you all the permutations of this cycle, because your personal life is very much your own. You sometimes see doubled opportunities, too. So, you may meet the man who is going to become your partner one day, at the same time that you broker a terrific business venture with a girlfriend. You get ‘two’ both ways.

Solutions and Breakthroughs

Virgo, you recently went through a T-Square (sounds uncomfortable and it was) in January, involving this person – or another. That was when you hit the confused, and confusing side of this cycle. You can now put that behind you. What you are left with is the chance of solutions and breakthroughs for the marriage, for the business partnership, for the two-way serious property friendship, and so on.

Years of Neptune in this zone of your chart may have confused you enormously, or confused others who must be involved with you as one half of a duet.

And sometimes this cycle brings duels. We see that too when Neptune transits the Seventh. Virgo, be you in a duel or a duet, forming a pair, or thinking about doing so – steer clearly.

By that I mean, steer clear of muddled, muddy, messy, boundary-free ‘understandings’ with the other person in March. Yet, steer clear, towards a destination that you trust will be a kind of escape for you. A way out or a way through. It surely will.

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