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Finance, Business, Charity, Property

You have a lot of financial paperwork to look at, discuss or perhaps sign, in April, Virgo. This may involve a trust fund, shares, government allowance, charity, inheritance, company, bank loan, credit card or insurance.

We have an Aries stellium making a great many aspects, from Saturday April 3rd to Monday April 19th, 2021. Leave some time and space in your diary then, as you will need to get out your calculator and take a couple of meetings; maybe more.

The stellium in Aries involves Venus, Ceres, the Sun, Mercury, Chiron and the New Moon. (The New Moon falls on Monday April 12th). That last date seems likely for a fresh start.

There will be a change in the controls, Virgo. If your family or partner controlled the money before, that will be transformed by the end of the Ceres cycle on May 8th. This cycle is about marriage and mortgage, so there may be a shift in the paperwork with your former, current or potential partner.

This cycle can be about getting a joint bank account or investing in rent or a purchase together, as much as it is about parting company. It really depends on your personal birth chart. If you have quite a few factors in Scorpio, then April 2021 is hugely important. A real crossroads.

What can you get away with? Well, someone is here to show you. More traditional people will be shaking their heads, but the rules are here to be bent or broken around money in April 2021. The pandemic, Brexit and the end of Trump are all having a massive effect on the world economy. Some of those ripples will reach your shore. The new question is – ‘What is the possible, impossible?’ It is a very good month to update yourself on new tax rules, for example, or the ever-changing situation with Robin Hood, Bitcoin and so on. Even if you don’t give a fig for Bitcoin, your finances are most certainly being affected by bigger ripples in the world. Try to update.

April is a reminder that money is power. A house, apartment, possessions – are empowering. What you own, earn or owe can make you feel quite influential, or not so influential! What you figure out with the others in the family, the partnership, and so on – will move the goalposts. Change the parameters. You will have quite a different life budget once you’ve sorted this out, near April 12th, but again in May, as that will be the final stages of the big compromise.

Come along to some April events (see information above in Hello Readers section), where I’ll talk more about this, online and answer questions.

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