2024 Astrological Report

Your 2024-2025 Astrology Report is based on your Sun Sign and solar chart, but also your birth chart (natal chart). It begins on Lunar New Year, February 10th 2024 and runs until January 29th 2025; the Report should be read in conjunction with your Natural House Birth Chart that you can purchase on our website here if you don’t already have one.

Carefully select the Sun Sign of the reader to purchase the correct version of this report. 

The 2024-2025 Astrology Report is available to download using the link under Download in the order confirmation email; and in the order details in My Orders under My Account.

You will  be issued the report that corresponds to the sun sign selected.

The guide covers the period of the current Lunar Year starting from Lunar New Year 2024 to Lunar New Year 2025 (10 February 2024 – 29 January 2025).

The guide will feature insights into your patterns of your natal chart using using the Natural House system.

What’s In the Report?

Important dates in your chart, continuing from December 2023 and running through January and February 2024. A detailed explanation of how these dates affect you, as you enter the year 2024.

A long prediction about every month of 2024 and also January 2025, using handpicked inspiration from 2020 Vision (Viking/Penguin) and Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins) as well as Jessica’s next book, Your Birthday (Hachette) and her other bestsellers.

A full list of the most important aspects of 2024 covering not only the planets but also the asteroids and other heavenly bodies and points.

New For 2024 – Astrology Delivery

This is a proven way of getting some or all of what you want, by using booking windows for your sign, to write down your requests.

Astrology Delivery has been successfully tested in October-December 2023 with Jessica’s readers reporting rewards including large lump sumps of money; overseas holidays and even an engagement. A house that had not been sold in years, was snapped up.

If you want to see the testimonials please search Astrology Delivery on Jessica’s website.

The only place you will see all the Astrology Delivery booking dates for 2024-2025 is in your report. You will be given all the key days to use, to get some or all of what you want.

Throughout the year Jessica will post features on Astrology Delivery as different booking dates come around, so you can ask questions and give your feedback – and see how others are doing too.

Your success with Astrology Delivery depends on you – following the method, using Pink Noise to enhance your psychic ability and your results with the Tarot. It’s a unique and exciting way to prove to yourself what you can do, when you use the world’s oldest timing system – astrology.

The Meaning of the Heavenly Bodies and Points

Your report has a quick reminder list of the meaning of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and so on, so you can refresh your memory. As a Premium Member you can always use your online library and the many private access features to find out more.

A Note From Jessica –

This is the biggest and best report yet, including the new system of Astrology Delivery. I hope you like it. The report will remind you of what you are leaving behind from December 2023 and January 2024 and it will take you right through to January 2025.

It’s based on your solar (Sun Sign) chart in combination with your birth (natal) chart using the Natural House System. To get the very best results you will also need your own horoscope, based on your time, place and date of birth, which will be free to you as a Premium Member (or you can order from my website). This allows you to check if specific dates are directly affecting you during the year.

I hope you like these reports. They have been beautifully designed by Anita Turner using images from vintage editions of Harper’s Bazaar, one of the many magazines I have written for over the years.



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  • 2024 Astrology Report


  • This 95+ page report is a PDF delivered by email and available in the order details in My Orders under My Account.
  • Your horoscope covers Lunar New Year 2024 to Lunar New Year 2025 (10 February 2024 – 29 January 2025).
  • This astrology guide covers your solar chart or Sun Sign using the Solar House system and includes the most important dates over 13 months.
  • It is  based on your personal birth chart or natal chart patterns in your life, using the Natural House system.


Your purchase does not include access to the online forum at jessicaadams.com.



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