Birth Data Manual Adjustment Fee

If your date of birth is substantially different from the date of birth entered in the profile, you will be required to pay a manual adjustment fee to have your date of birth reset by our support team.  This service will remove current birth chart data and update your Birth Data with the new date of birth.

What is a substantial difference?

A substantial difference is where two or more date aspects require adjustment. A date aspect is either a day, month, or year.

What if the difference is non-substantial?

For a non substantial change, where only one of date, month or year requires a change, please contact support directly – no fees apply for this service


(GST will also be applied to members from Australia)


All prices on this website are quoted in US Dollars (USD). This will be converted to your card provider at their prevailing exchange rate. Australian Government Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10% is levied to all applicable orders at checkout.

  • Manual Adjust of Date of Birth Product

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