Tarot Podcast: Time Mirrors and You

How do you reimagine the past, and play with potential futures? Time mirrors! The old days of Tarot readings locking you into one outcome have gone. Science tells us, reality is there to be made by looking backwards and forwards. This podcast is based on a workshop in Melbourne in November 2019.

Looking Inside the College of Psychic Studies – Tarot and Time

Time mirrors sounds like something from science fiction, perhaps, but the Tarot cards are just that. Reflectors which you can use to rethink the past, shift your angle on the present and come up with many, many potential outcomes.

Tarot is wonderful for problem-solving in this way, and in this podcast and feature, I’ll show you how to do it. My inspiration, which I am now passing on to you, is Britain’s most interesting archive for psychics.

I recently accompanied my friend, Imogen Edwards-Jones, into the College of Psychic Studies to look at one of the very first decks of the Smith-Waite Tarot, launched at the start of last century. Imogen wrote up our visit in The Evening Standard with her usual style:

” I joined the college more than five years ago when I was researching a novel and have never quite managed to leave. It was described to me by a friend of mine, astrologer Jessica Adams, as “Hogwarts for grown-ups”. And she was right. She told me to turn up in the incredible library, packed with shelves of books on the occult, Wicca and spells, and the books that I was looking for would “make themselves known”. Obviously, they did. Obviously, they didn’t fly around the room and land in my hand but, obviously, I found some more alluring than others. And, obviously, I joined the college. Why wouldn’t I? Set up at the end of the 19th century, the college has been at the forefront of all things psychic in the UK for the past 135 years. Initially called the London Spiritualist Alliance, it really took off under the auspices of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the Twenties.”

Strange things happen at the college, just when you need them most, and what looks like a random rubber band, on a scuffed old table, with an even older deck of Pamela’s cards, led me to the podcast you can hear in this feature.

1909 Tarot Cards and Rubber Band 2019 1 450x600 - Tarot Podcast: Time Mirrors and You

If you missed my talk for the Tarot Guild of Australia, you can now download listen to this podcast explaining how to read past, present and future with a variety of different methods.

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