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This is a podcast of the four special Astrology and Tarot events held around Australia in Summer 2020, exclusively for you as a Premium Member. It gives you examples, diary dates and all the information you need to read your own past, present and potential future.

Astrology and Tarot at Home – Workshop Podcast

Your Astrology and Tarot Home Workshop for 2020-2021 offers you a 20-minute podcast and all the information, examples and diary dates you need to create your own reading for the months or years ahead. It is based on four booked-out exclusive events for Premium Members and guests, in Sydney and Melbourne, in January 2020.

This podcast from me, Jessica Adams, is  shows you how to use astrology, together with your Smith-Waite Tarot deck, to get advice on your decisions in life in 2020 and 2021. What you are about to hear has been tested around the world from Sydney to Brighton. You will need a set of the Smith-Waite Tarot cards, to begin.

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Welcome to Your Tried, Tested and Trusted Tarot

Your home audio workshop is based on four booked-out sessions with Jessica Adams at The Thomas Keneally Centre in Sydney and The Bishop’s Parlour in Melbourne in 2020, and workshops on the water on The Barge, Sussex in 2019. With nearly 800 people on board, what you are about to discover has been tried, tested and trusted. You’re going to use astrology and Tarot together. We’ve been working with first-time beginners as well as seasoned professionals with the methods you are about to discover here.


What Do You Need For This Home Workshop?

 Please have your 2020-2021 Astrology Journal, by your side, and a pen. If you have not already collected this, you can download it on 100% recycled paper and add your own cover, to personalise it.

Setting Intentions

Set the intentions for your home workshop before you do anything else. This  home workshop is for your highest good, and the highest good of all. Very simple. The approach, if you are reading for others is ‘Do unto others, as ye would unto yourself.’ This is The Golden Rule of so many religions and belief systems. The creators of the Smith-Waite Tarot, Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite, were both Catholics. So, remembering the Golden Rule is appropriate for using these cards.

What you’re looking for is guidance that will help you ‘do unto others’ and follow The Golden Rule. In fact, Pamela and Arthur trained with The Golden Dawn. In a moment I’ll get you to meditate on golden light.

The Beach Meditation

As you can hear from my accent I am half Australian and spend half the year here, running astrology and tarot classes, and half the year in Britain. In fact, a lot of what you are about to discover was prepared at my beach house in Tasmania. 

That’s why I’d like you to try a simple beach meditation now, to expand your crown and throat chakras, and to surround your aura with protection. This meditation will also ground you.

We are going to work with pure gold, white and blue light. A beautiful combination.

Sand, Sea, Sky, Clouds, Sun

If you like, you can listen to a beach or ocean YouTube soundtrack while you do this meditation. It can be short, so around five minutes, or long – an hour. It is designed to get you into the right space to give yourself a tarot reading.

It’s very simple. Focus on sand, sea, sky, clouds sun. White sand. Blue sea. Blue Sky. White Clouds. Gold Sun. Breathe in the colours and picture yourself on this beach. Ground yourself by feeling the Earth hold you, under the sand. Sit or lie down to do this and close your eyes. When you feel ready, open your eyes and come back into the room. 

In our workshops we found that self-guided meditation like this was the best way. You have your own colour field, within your aura, and your own chakra balance. What we are doing here with white sand, blue sea, white clouds, blue sky, golden sun is focussing on your gold and white crown chakra, which connects you to knowledge across time and space – and your blue throat chakra, which help you take in the knowledge of astrology and tarot – and turn it into useful notes and findings in your journal.

These relaxing sounds of waves on this Tropical Beach clip on YouTube are great.

Past, Present and Potential Future 

Shuffle the cards and find your card for the present. This is a test to see how tuned in you are. The picture should clearly show where you are at, now. Almost if Pamela Colman Smith’s illustration was the cover of a weekly journal, about your life. And this was the front cover story!

When you are satisfied, pick a card for the past, which shows events leading up to the present. Then pick a card for your potential future.

The Mirror Technique

Hold the three cards against a mirror if you want inspiration to get used to the idea of seeing time backwards and forwards.

Extra Tips and Tricks – Rubber Bands 

The rubber band technique involves taking three cards, and sliding them around together under a rubber band, so that you end up with one new image. 

This is best suited for a Past, Present, Potential reading. Choose one card for each and combine them. Swap them around so that all three cards go in the top, middle and bottom position. 

How Tarot Works With Block Time

This also shows you the true nature of time, which does not go in a straight line, but in blocks. In the Block Universe model of time, the past is no different than the future or the present. Everything is relative: what is past to you, will be future to someone else.

Associate Professor Kristie Miller is the joint director for the Centre for Time at the University of Sydney and explains it here.

How Astrology Works With Block Time

When you read an Ephemeris, like those created by programmer Neil F. Michelsen and Rique Pottenger, you are reading block time. You can flick the pages backwards from 2050, all the way back to the year 2000.

You’ll see repeated patterns throughout. Astrology is about that repetition. Past, present and potential future are just relative, to you, the reader. 

The pages are like blocks of planet, zodiac sign and position tables. 

It’s the same with Tarot cards. Lay them out as Past, Present and Potential Future and use a rubber band to bind them together and slide them up and down against each other. It’s Block Time.

Example: Rubber Band Reading

Pull the first card from the Tarot. All cards should be the right way up and face down. Shuffle and choose just one, to show the ‘headlines of my life’ at the moment. A snapshot in time, drawn by Pamela Colman Smith, of the main story. Your front page!

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex on 26th January 2020

Reading for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, on 26th January 2020, we find the Present card is the VIII of Swords. A woman with long dark hair (Meghan) is blindfolded, tied up and surrounded by swords. This is exactly right. 

In fact on 9th January 2020, The Times and The Daily Telegraph in London both reported that Meghan quit the Palace – the Firm – showing an image of her in a rust and brown outfit. Just like the trapped lady in the card!

Meghan 600x382 - Home Astrology and Tarot Workshop PodcastTarot Deck Eight of Swords 600x400 - Home Astrology and Tarot Workshop Podcast

Meghan’s Past Card

What led Meghan to this ‘present’ in January 2020? The Star card shows a blonde woman pouring water from two jugs into a pond and onto the surrounding grass. A bird watches from a tree. A circle of stars in the background has one large yellow star at the centre. 

This is a symbol for Aquarius – community, equality and diversity. It is often a symbol of charities and good causes, because Aquarius the water-bearer helps people pool resources. I’m sure you know the Aquarius imagery, below. It’s been with us for centuries, as this illustration from Public Domain Pictures, shows.


Aquarius Public Domain Pictures 600x421 - Home Astrology and Tarot Workshop Podcast


Astrology and Tarot Timing – Looking for Clues

I am sure you can see the repetition here in The Star and also the old Aquarius drawing. A water-carrier against a background of constellations. Perhaps the stars in the background describe the European Union or E.U. flag – Britain is leaving the E.U. in January 2020 which makes a new life in Canada easier for Prince Harry and Meghan.

Who is the blonde? Only Meghan knows. Is it blonde Sussex Royal Charity trustee Kirsty Young?

I am giving you this example so you can start making your own connections between the cards you choose in this home workshop and the actual astrological timing in the real world.

The Potential Future Card

The potential future for Meghan is about children. Here we see two children in the VI Cups card. The boy is Archie. He is with a little girl. Is this his sister (next to arrive) or a little cousin or friend? 


Meghan Past Present Potential Flow 450x600 - Home Astrology and Tarot Workshop Podcast

Making a Three-Card Picture

By moving the Past, Present and Potential cards around with a rubber band, you can make a new picture. Try to match or line up the same parts of the picture.

In Meghan’s example, I’ve created a new picture about her life, which could so easily happen. The water flows from The Star into the puddles at her feet in the VIII of Swords and you can see a man removing a staff, in the VI of Cups. 

What flows from this blonde woman involved with good causes or charity, goes into the puddles at Meghan’s feet in the second card. With enough ‘flow’ those swords would dislodge and fall over. The dark-haired man in the final card can finish the job of removing the swords with his staff. Then Meghan is no longer surrounded, or under attack, and can take off her blindfold and break free. 

Meghan Past Present Potential 450x600 - Home Astrology and Tarot Workshop Podcast

Active Imagination and Pamela’s Tarot

Using active imagination like this and playing with time is a great way to master questions about your day, week, month, year or however far you want to look into the future. Ask yourself how the past, the present and your potential ‘tomorrow’ can work together.

This is in keeping with science. In fact, Pamela’s great mentor at The Golden Dawn, W. B. Yeats, lived just a few doors down from the great ‘reality’ explorer, physicist Erwin Schrodinger.

Try it for yourself and see. We had some great results at our four workshops in Sydney and Melbourne.

Looking for Astrology Timing in the Tarot

Pamela was trained in astrology and placed horoscope signs, symbols and themes into her cards. 

As we’ve just seen, The Star is a picture of Aquarius the Water-Bearer. With a naked, blonde woman – not an old, bearded man. Yet the message is there. 

So, you’re looking for Aquarius weather with this card. We have it in 2020, as the New Moon in January 2020 is followed by Ceres, Saturn, Mars and then Jupiter in December that year. 

Just by hitting ‘Search’ for Aquarius Weather on my website you can see the dates. In fact his ‘Search’ for any zodiac sign weather you spot, and you’ll get timings. Or – read your Premium Member Extended Forecast every week, which always has details.

Water in Pamela’s Tarot – More Clues

We’re seeing a water theme here. Now, this might be Neptune or Pisces the Fishes. It might also be water signs – Pisces (again) but also Cancer and Scorpio. This gives us more possible timings. Again, use Search on my website to look for dates with cycles in those signs, or involving that planet. Or – look at your Extended Reading every week as a Premium Member, when I list dates.

Mars in Pamela’s Tarot – Action!

The final clue here is Mars, the planet of action. Mars does in fact rule swords, and also attack and defence. It rules men. Here we have both swords, in the VIII Swords card and a man with a lance, in the VI Cups card.  So the final clue for timing, if this was Meghan’s reading – would be the cycles of the planet Mars.

Choose Simple or Complex Readings

How specific you want to get with dates is up to you. You can use astrology, reading Pamela’s cards in this way, to look back at the past and also into the future. It does take work, though, and you may want to keep it simple.

If you are happy with a broad picture of time, perhaps just look at something very basic, like an Aquarius message, or a Leo message, and look for the times of year when the Sun is in Aquarius or Leo. 

Now, I’m going to take you into another specialised reading. Again, this uses astrology and Tarot, but there is nothing to look up.

The Beginning of the End

History and astrology tell us, that whenever Jupiter moves into exactly the same zodiac sign as Pluto, it is the beginning of the end – of something that has taken over you and your life.

This works for the world as well as for you. For example, during the war, we saw Jupiter move into Leo, the same sign as Pluto, and it was the beginning of the end of Hitler, Mussolini – but also the war itself. 

We saw this pattern again in the 1990s when Nelson Mandela rose to lead his country and it was the beginning of the end of racist apartheid. 

We don’t see this cycle very often, but when we do, everything transforms. Jupiter is the beginning, Pluto is the end, and put them together – and you see ‘the beginning of the end of’ something or someone which has dominated. Why dominated? Because that’s what Pluto does.

The Dates of the Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions

The two planets, Jupiter and Pluto, meet in Capricorn (the sign of the mountain goat who climbs to the top of politics or business) on five occasions:  March, April, June, July and November 2020. 

This gives you five chances to pursue ‘the beginning of the end’ of something or someone you have felt unfairly controlled by, or taken over by, or dominated by.

Now, ask the Tarot which issue is most important for you in 2020, in terms of that. Which card tells you the story?

Which part of yourself and/or your life will benefit most from ‘the beginning of the end of…’ across these dates? Remember it’s a long-term process that will take you through March, April, June, July and November to complete.

P.S. If you think this tallies with the American Election of 2020 you are absolutely right. Remember, these trends are about the whole planet as well as your own life.


March 29th to 31st

Jupiter at 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto at 24 Capricorn

April 1st to 6th

Jupiter at 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto at 24 Capricorn

June 23rd to 30th

Jupiter at 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn

July 1st and July 5th to 9th

Jupiter at 23 and 24 Capricorn

November 8th to 13th

Jupiter at 22 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 22 Capricorn

What Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn Did

You will see the ‘beginning of the end of…’ the heavy, dominating, slow, hard, weather of November 7th 2018 to May 5th 2020, in stages, throughout the whole year.

During that time you were dealing with a cycle not seen in your lifetime. It will never come again. The South Node shows karma going back into past lives, so your story, and in fact the world story, was down to many prior incarnations. At least, according to this kind of astrology.

No wonder 2019 felt very hard to change, with one area of your life. Yet, in 2020, it is time to start to close the chapter and ultimately, to finish the book. It’s going to be over by November.

Your card will show you the what, how, why and who!

November 7th 2018 to May 5th 2020

Pluto, Saturn and South Node in Capricorn

Working With Just One Card

This card, about ‘the beginning of the end of’ in 2020, will show you a snapshot of the present, and indicate what brought you here. It will also show possibilities for the future. Every card is like a mirror. It shows you the background, the foreground (now) and the space stretching out in front of you.

You can try this at home if you like. I’ve mentioned the Mirror Technique. Well – hold a mirror against the Tarot card you have chosen and see how it shows past, present and potential future. A magnifying mirror can reveal details of Pamela’s illustration you might otherwise miss.

Her cards are different every time and different for every person who uses them. They are astonishing in that way. Often, Pamela’s psychic art has the tiniest details which make the biggest difference. People see all kinds of things in them. What can you see now?

The Tarot Card as a Stage Set

In this card you have chosen, you can see the challenge and the solution for the heavy Capricorn weather of 2018-2020. Pamela Colman Smith designed stage sets for companies like The Abbey Theatre in Dublin, alongside her mentor, the Nobel prize-winning writer, poet, playwright, astrologer and Tarot reader W. B. Yeats.

The Abbey Theatre was run by their colleague in The Golden Dawn, Annie Horniman. Yeats wrote the plays and Pamela created the stage settings.

Her cards are best used as a play in motion. Ask yourself about the first act. If this is the middle act, what can you do with it? How might the third act play out? 

Bring on props and people. Use your journal or a notebook to really ‘work’ the card with your imagination. If you spot a mountain in the card pay attention. 

Pamela Colman Smith trained in astrology at The Golden Dawn and her cards are full of obvious and more symbolic horoscope images. Capricorn the Mountain Goat is obviously shown by mountains, but you might also see the goat itself in some cards.

There are other associations with Capricorn Weather you’ll see in your card, once you focus. Perhaps you drew the King of Coins. Well, he runs a bank. Or he runs your. Household finances. 

Maybe you drew The Tower. Well, that’s a mountain coming down. Maybe it’s the mountain of your local council. 

Capricorn Symbols and Images

Social climbers 



Prime Ministers




The Establishment

The House of Windsor

High Society


The System



Peaks and Pinnacles

High-Rise Apartments

The Penthouse Suite

The Class System


The Problem and Solution in One Card

It can help to have another person look at your card from the outside. Two people are even better. In our Sydney workshops, we exchanged our journals or notebooks twice, so that we wrote our interpretation of the card for the person on our right (or behind us), but also had a prediction made for us. We then repeated this, so that we gave two readings and received two readings.

One Card For You! What Ends in 2020?

During the dates I’ve mentioned, you will see ‘the beginning of the end of’ something or someone that controlled you, or ruled parts of your life. He, she, they, or ‘it’ took over and also took. 

Now, given that you are in for ‘the beginning of the end of’ this, during the Capricorn weather dates – what or who is it?

Pull one card.

Example: The Duchess of Sussex and the VI of Swords

Here we have the VI of Swords. Notice how the swords have repeated in Meghan’s reading. It shows a man, woman and child (herself, Prince Harry and Archie) crossing the water to go to a new place. They are moving, on vacation or emigrating.

It is the beginning of the end of their past life, and the start of a different existence, outside the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

With my hand on my heart, this is a genuinely ‘random’ selection from the Tarot deck. Not staged. 

We might say this is the beginning of the end of an unhappy life in Britain. Or is the beginning of the end, of constantly travelling across water, trying to find happiness? Only Meghan knows.

Now, given that this is happening in Capricorn weather, can you see any Capricorn signs or clues in the card? If you have your Smith Waite Tarot close to hand, look at the VI of Swords. I can see the mountains of Capricorn the goat in the distance. You may see more clues.


Tarot Deck Six of Swords 600x400 - Home Astrology and Tarot Workshop Podcast


How the Aquarius Weather of 2020 is the Beginning

The New Age of Aquarius begins with the New Moon in Aquarius which most people in the world will experience by the weekend of Saturday January 24th, 2020. 

This is the first sign of a brand new line-up in Aquarius to come, which will transform your whole life from 2023, when Pluto also goes into Aquarius. We will use the Tarot and astrology again, to see what’s new in 2020, that comes to pass in 2021, and changes your life two years after that.

Ceres, a dwarf planet like Pluto, is moving into the zodiac sign of Aquarius on Saturday 1st February, 2020. She stays there until Thursday 23rd April. That’s new, on top of the New Moon.

We also have Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, at various points between January 17th 2020 and May 13th, that year.

Saturn moves in and out of Aquarius, starting Monday 23rd March.  Things start to move and shift in one area of your life. I hope you can see how the first half of 2020 is a real game-changer.

Just as you are experiencing ‘the beginning of the end of’ in 2020, so too are you going through ‘the beginning of the beginning.’

The real date to watch is the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, which takes place as follows:

Jupiter at 0 Aquarius conjunct Saturn at 0 Aquarius

December 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2020

Pluto in Aquarius

When Pluto finally moves into Aquarius on March 24th 2023, we are going to see The New Age of Aquarius deepen and intensify. Now, Pamela Colman Smith who created this Tarot was actually an Aquarian. She puts lots of secrets and clues about the sign in her cards. Look for water in wavy lines. Water-bearers. Groups. Friends. They are all ruled by Aquarius. Look for the logo, too. It’s usually two or three zig-zag lines in a row.

Aquarius Associations

Swimming pools 











Trade Unions

Friendly Societies

Water Supply

Aquarius Images in Pamela’s Deck

Pamela Colman Smith was a Sun Aquarius who spent her life in groups, or helping them. The Golden Dawn. The Suffragettes. She never married or had children. Her friends were everything to her. Friendship is ruled by Aquarius.

The Aquarius logo of wavy water – usually three wavy lines – looks a little like WWW. The Worldwide Web. You can see this in many cards. You can also see friends together, groups or even people pouring water – water-bearers. This will help you interpret your card.

Other images are less obvious but suggest Aquarius themes. Before you go to your one-card reading about The New Age of Aquarius, though, repeat your meditation.

The Single Tarot Card as a Stage Set

In this card you can see the opportunities and solutions of Jupiter and the new challenges of Saturn in Aquarius, for you. You will also see the potential for transformation with Pluto in Aquarius from 2023 and beyond.  

Remember, Pamela Colman Smith designed stage sets. Her mentor W.B. Yeats lived in Merrion Square, Dublin, not far from Ernest Schrodinger, one of the pioneers of quantum physics. The Tarot is proof of this, showing the many parallel universes you have to work with.

Example: One Card for the New Age of Aquarius Weather

It doesn’t matter if you are trying this home workshop because you want to look at 2020, 2021, 2022 or 2023 and beyond. All things are possible. Just think: potential future.

Yet, the Aquarius dates (above) will give you timing. They will show when this story moves on in your life, and the ideal times to take this scene from the film of your existence and direct it, cast it, design it, and shape it – just as you wish.

The Ace of Coins

Again, using Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, as an example – we draw the Ace of Pentacles (Ace of Coins) as the single card which tells the story of ’the beginning’ in her life.

You’ll remember how we were looking at three cards as a whole, to see her Past, Present and Potential?

And we drew a card to see ‘The beginning of the end of’ for her?

Using Meghan as an example, this is also how you can create a Tarot reading based around exact astrology timing. 

This is a card about money. A huge lump sum of money. It is the beginning of enormous wealth. It all comes from Aquarius weather. So – is this a big charity achievement, or Meghan’s personal income or both?

Look for Aquarius signs, hints and clues in this card if you have the deck close by. What can you see in the Ace of Pentacles?

Is this a group with five people? See the five-pointed star? That’s very Aquarian. Maybe it’s just a circle with a star in the centre. That might be a circle of Meghan’s friends in a particular cause, be it animal or human – she is the star at the centre. 

Putting Your Reading Together

A journal is the place to put the readings together. You are looking at the biggest picture of Past, Present and Potential Future.

Then you are zooming in on the Capricorn weather. The beginning of the end of something, or someone. Then, the Aquarius weather. That’s just the beginning. And that will be big.

Keep going back to your journal and adding notes, pictures from magazines or newspapers, and anything else you want to stick in, or write about. Make it yours. It’s your life and you are directing the action, and creating the stage sets, just as Pamela Colman Smith once dreamed up theatre backdrops, over a century ago.

Would you like to learn Astrology and Tarot?

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Once complete, you can go on to learn Astrology and Tarot with Jessica Adams by private email tuition.

Astrology and Tarot at Home – Workshop Podcast

Your Astrology and Tarot Home Workshop for 2020-2021 offers you a 20-minute podcast and all the information, examples and diary dates you need to create your own reading for the months or years ahead.

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