Chemistry Lessons for Women – Part I

The Sun sign women possess is important in partnerships. You need to look at the whole chart, of course, but it’s not a bad way to begin.

What’s the point in faking your personality or losing your identity just so you can be part of a couple? The Sun sign you possess is actually really important in partnerships or marriages. You need to look at the whole chart, of course, but it’s not a bad way to begin.

For a real commitment, think about someone whose planet signs work with your Sun sign – just because compatible factors, asteroids, points or angles will support your identity. Help you to shine. Offer you a spotlight.

In a world of patriarchy where it’s still (even in the Twenties) so hard for women to be the center of attention, to lead, to shine – knowing how partners in particular do/do not support your Sun sign is useful.

Of course, your partner has many different sides/signs to his or her personality. The key to reading chemistry is to look for the stelliums in his or her chart. That’s more than three factors in a single zodiac sign. So, your boyfriend may have a lot of Leo Factors and asteroids (six) and you are an Aquarius Sun. That’s not really going to be easy for you. Or your wife has a huge signature in Virgo in her chart and you’re a Sun Taurus. Great. She will support your charity work.

You can cheat this section and just look up Sun Sign to Sun Sign, but for a multi-faceted reading of both of you together, look for his/her stelliums. In modern astrology, the other person will typically have three or four. These three or four stories between you make up the main chemistry in the relationship in terms of you being supported, backed, encouraged, helped – to shine. To lead. To be at the center. This is really important if you are one of those women who has ever been kept back or undermined by a partner, in the past.

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  • A Partner with Aries Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. And vice versa. You two can lock horns and race to be first. Aries is about the ram (the battering ram, a weapon used centuries ago is associated with this sign) and so we think about thrusting, pushing, leading, competing, striving to win. When you and the other person in your life both have Aries Factors in your First House of self-interest, self- promotion, and ‘Me’ there is quite a debate to be had, about who comes first. And in sex that may be literal. Sorry.
  • A Partner with Gemini Factors – Your Gemini planet partner will fuel a lot of your energy and lust for life just by being around. Things will move quickly with this one, for better or for worse. People will eavesdrop when you are in restaurants together because you have conversations that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood comedy. The Gemini type will come up with clever ways for you to be number one in your life which you are sure to appreciate. The Gemini type is Air – you are Fire, so your partner will fan the flames. It’s like watching a bonfire fed with oxygen.
  • A Partner with Leo Factors – When you rev each other up with enthusiasm you can be quite a dynamic couple. Do expect fights, as both of you are rather self or ego-driven and the other one can’t stand being dominated. The person with the Aries side will inspire the person with the Leo bits to go on to bigger and better things, but it’s a fiery match. You can be dramatic and attention-grabbing together, and really light up a party when you arrive. You’ll create a lot in your life, from projects and plans involving younger people, to (possibly) children. This is pregnant with possibility. You’re Boadicea and he/she is Queen/King of another supportive tribe.
  • A Partner with Sagittarius Factors – Travelling regionally or overseas together will make you. If it makes you, you could be together forever. Between you, you also have a classic Fire-Fire dose of enthusiasm. If you share the same philosophy or world view, and you believe it’s worth fighting for, then the Sagittarius type will be your moral/spiritual/academic/ educational compass point. No matter how long you’ve been together, the energy still crackles. The angle from your partner’s Sagittarius Factors to your Aries Sun is supportive, helpful, encouraging. You can shine.
  • A Partner with Aquarius Factors – A lot of issues in this relationship will revolve around space and freedom, as Aquarius Factors produce someone who is not intimate or close – but it can work well. Friendly! The person with the Aquarian planet/s has what it takes to fan the flames of the Aries type’s enthusiasm and lust for life – without trying. As you are prone to conflict in your life, it’s essential to the Aquarius type that it happens for a good reason. Fighting the good fight. If your contests and campaigns have the Aquarian type’s backing, you’ll be happy. If you both get involved in some kind of cause or campaign, then you can be an unbeatable team. Having similar political or moral views about life is important, or a common cause. This is the campaigner combination. Activism while pooling resources works well.

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  • A Partner with Taurus Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. And vice versa. Sharing values is essential. Are you a philanthropist, generous by nature, not interested in money, as much as fundraising for a good cause? Is the other person a banker who is devoted to capitalism? Well, exactly. What really matters here is a shared life budget. If you are both coming from the same place in terms of taxation, or buying a house or apartment, or investing for the future – this can produce a really down-to-earth, solid, grounded combination. And yes, you could be rich.
  • A Partner with Cancer Factors – You both like to know where you stand, and a break-up with a totally unsuitable, restless type for one of you just makes the current match seem more reassuring. Inevitably, the talk will turn to life’s fundamentals early on, as one person obviously has tabs on real estate, property, in-laws (family) or domestic issues. Babies could come up unnaturally early in the dating game, or there will be a discussion about property ambitions. You could both get what you want too. This is all about homemaking or home building, basically, and it will come naturally to a Taurus- Cancer influenced couple. You could make a mint on real estate.
  • A Partner with Virgo Factors – You two are the sort of couple everyone clings to in a crisis, because there is something solid and sensible about both of you. So much Earth between two people guarantees loads of common- sense solutions and straight-down-the-line plans and ideas. You will both have very fixed ideas about what you put on the shopping list, or in the fridge. You know what to spend your money on or put in your digestive system and you won’t waver! This is a productive combination, with the emphasis on what you can build or buy together – or make and mend. Lots of shed time will be required for one of you. The health issues (mental or physical health) possessed by the other person are something you can shed light on.
  • A Partner with Capricorn Factors – You are both builders by nature, good at putting down roots at work, through your home, or though anything money can buy. There’s steadiness, seriousness and success here. A lot depends on the other signs which are at work between you. Yet, this is a strong link between two people who value security enough to consider overlooking any partnership clashes. If you join forces on a business level, as well as an emotional one, then you truly could be a twenty-first century power couple. Together you can be an immovable force, and heaven help anyone who tries to get in your way. Taurus-Capricorn is solid, long-term, slow-and-steady wins the race. Neither of you budge easily against whatever/ whomever tries to get you to move.
  • A Partner with Pisces Factors – You’ll notice a familiar patter creeping in after a while, but it feels easy and comfortable enough. One of you simply becomes the practical, common-sense anchor – while the other dreams, imagines, fantasizes, theorizes. Despite this, the Taurus and Pisces points in both your charts click together, so there’s a sense of flow. The Piscean type reminds you that there is more to life than money. You’ll help the Pisces type to turn his/her visions into solid reality, be they religious, spiritual, scientific, psychic or artistic. If you both turn your backs on money for personal or spiritual reasons, you could create an inspiring alternative lifestyle. This is really the money (yours) that pays for the spa (the Pisces stellium person’s).

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  • A Partner with Gemini Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. And vice versa. The sibling relationship for one/both of you is really crucial to understanding why you get on…or not. Gemini rules the heavenly twins, Castor and Pollux; brothers who could not occupy the same space at the same time. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who in turns rules language development. Parents leave siblings alone to babysit each other and they teach each other their vocabulary. Thus, the whole communication nerve center of one/both of you here, is heavily affected by the quality of the relationship with a brother, sister (or cousin) growing up. You’ll invent words together.
  • A Partner with Aries Factors – Your Gemini side feeds the other person’s enthusiasm. The more you talk, the ore motivated s/he becomes. This is one of those relationships with lots of feedback, phone calls and private jokes. There’s an awful lot of energy floating around between you, and even the fights are productive. You know you are more about words and the Aries type is more about action – but somehow it seems to work. If the Aries type needs a clever battle strategy at work, or in his/her personal life, you’ll come up with it too. You are basically the messenger for the military leader on his/her campaign. The Aries type is upfront, out front, charging ahead on whatever campaign or quest – you’re running with the rolled-up scroll or yelling the news with a bugle in your hand.
  • A Partner with Leo Factors – Lots of marriages, de facto relationships and business partnerships are built on people with Gemini and Leo Factors on both sides. As a couple you will either be popular entertainers or sought-after guests, because you supply the talk, talk, talk (and the wit) and the Leo type sit in the good armchair and looks suitably proud. Your Gemini side energizes the Leo person, and boosts his/her confidence or lust for life. Don’t be surprised if you end up being the Leo type’s unofficial PR person or messenger girl from time to time. You’re naturally gifted at selling him/her to the world! You are the court jester and court messenger; Leo is the King or Queen. You are the circulating air sign type who distributes the Leo warmth in the room.
  • A Partner with Libra Factors – It’s unlikely you’ll fight at all – if you do, other clashing planet signs are to blame somewhere in both charts. Libra types have a tremendous sense of justice and will only rock the scales if you are unfair, breaking the law, or hammering the fair play between you. You’ll spend an awful lot of time talking about The Relationship though. Your Gemini side is pretty good at articulating things and asking questions. The other person’s Libran side loves all the weighing up of pros and cons between you. The Libran type’s natural sense of justice appeals to your intelligence; you are both good at analyzing people and situations, either in the world or in your personal lives. The Libra type is all about duets and duels, and making them work, in his/her favour. You do the internet research and talk long into the night.
  • A Partner with Aquarius Factors – You two were made for email, but if you’re not hooked up to a computer you’ll just talk long into the small hours. This is an air-air combination, so it’s like two fans (who are fans of each other) blowing the discussion around. Grunty, gritty passion may be hard to find, but the love is real, it seems, as Aquarius and Gemini Factors have an uncanny way of finding each other. A cerebral relationship could be the result, and ideas are the oxygen for your partnership. This is the activism combination. The Gemini type prints the newsletter for the Aquarius type’s campaign. Your shared library will be full of books about the most amazing concepts, theories or philosophies. You’ll never be bored. You’re all head, though. You’ll need other kinds of zodiac sign chemistry to bring this down into the heart and base chakra.

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  • A Partner with Cancer Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. And vice versa. The house or apartment; the garden or land; the holiday home or property investment – it matters. How much does it matter? Well, you two could end up being renovators or gardeners who turn a house into a proper home, with tremendous results. The family situation of one or both of you really follows the relationship around. One or both of you have a great deal to say about your mum/mom and it runs pretty deep. This is an emotional, water-sign match. If you two were together in 2018, 2019 and most of 2020 you did it tough. ‘Let’s Stick Together’ sang Bryan Ferry. Did you?
  • A Partner with Taurus Factors – Favourite home-cooked dishes, or a particular restaurant, becomes a kind of secret couple’s code for both of you. You are big on real estate, gardening, home improvements, children or babies (tick one box, or all of them). The Taurus type sympathizes, because although passion is all very well, what’s the point unless you have a family – or a wonderful home to call your own? As a couple, you often look after other people’s life crises, and make solid, sensible friends. An amazing gift for property renovation or real estate investment is likely. The Taurus-Cancer combination is all about the family or the household, but also a strong sense of place. The Cancer type’s hometown and homeland really matters. Taurus understands, but through the filter of land values or real estate prices. Yet, water feeds earth and makes it fertile, so Cancer really supplies earthy Taurus with what he/she needs. This is a productive pairing. You make things; create things. If the Taurus type is philanthropic there may be tremendous fundraising to save old buildings, the environment or…children.
  • A Partner with Virgo Factors – Food issues – or health concerns for one of you – tend to anchor the relationship in the real world and make it work. This can be mental health or physical health. So, anxiety, depression, allergies, or other concerns about the body, mind and spirit. You’re good at caretaking and feeding the Virgo type’s needs. Your partner has to have his or her life ordered in a particular way (not to mention the kitchen) so you come to the rescue. You care a great deal about your home renovations, up-keep or improvements, which is also where the Virgo type comes in handy, as he/she is here to serve… even on Sunday mornings. Children and babies, if you have them, will revolutionize your life and one of you will be utterly devoted to them. This is the soup combination. Vegetable soup for comfort.
  • A Partner with Scorpio Factors – Music or poetry may be the only way one of you can express everything you really feel, as emotions run deep on one side in particular. There will be times when you feel as if your life is an opera (or a soap opera) but a least it makes you feel alive. The Scorpio type will take you on a fascinating sexual journey and educate you about passion with a capital P, and possibly the reality of ‘Until death do us part’ in the marriage vow, if it goes that far. This is real, raw love – and sexual obsession. Scorpions breed even though there is a risk that they will eat each other or sting each other to death. It’s kiss or kill. That is how far the longing and desire goes! Yet there is always an edge, in this sort of relationship. A little risk. Maybe a lot of risk. That is what makes it so compelling but also so complicated.
  • A Partner with Pisces Factors – This relationship will bring out tremendous kindness, sympathy, softness and compassion in one of you. No boundaries. Tremendously strong feelings about people in the family circle (negative or positive) are part of the deal too. This is a highly emotional match, and logic will come second. There is nothing rational about what you both know for sure, in your hearts. It’s a water sign connection, so tears come with the territory. And maybe blood, sweat and other bodily fluids. You’ll feel inspired by the Piscean type, and amazed at how important the world of books, films, science, theories, the sea, music and the imagination are to them. All the things that take them away from reality. In turn, you make them feel safe and secure. The Piscean type is sensitive and can ‘feel all the feelings.’ You tuck them under your wing and cherish them.

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  • A Partner with Leo Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. The question of pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers and/or young adults follows you around from the moment you get together. You share Factors in the Fifth House, which rules parenthood, but also godchildren, nieces and nephews. It certainly rules the education or entertainment of much younger people. You are King and Queen, King and King or Queen and Queen, depending on your sexuality. You both rule the court from your paired thrones and as long as you treat each other as royal equals, this will work. It’s quite a combination. You’re both here to lead. Here to rule. Typically, to make this really work, you need children or teenagers to guide – to train.
  • A Partner with Aries Factors – You love it when they go into bat for you. In fact, if you become their cause célèbre, it will be enough to sustain the relationship over a lifetime, no matter how many clashes there are. You find the Aries type’s preference for action extremely sexy – and, typically, this partnership will take off rapidly as the Aries type does not hang around. You both become incredibly enthused about life when you are together, and even people sitting five tables away in a restaurant feel the heat. The only real issue is self-interest. Your ego is healthy. The Aries type is a little selfish. That can play out in bed. Aries is quick to become angry and your Leo side will not tolerate traitors. Off with his/her head and all that. This works best if you have the Aries type playing the knight in shining armor, or fierce damsel with sword.
  • A Partner with Gemini Factors – Your Gemini-influenced partner likes travelling or weekend exploration, and you like travelling in style – or at least showing off a stylish set of wheels. Some of your happiest times together will be on luxurious short breaks or life with a Fortnum’s hamper under your arm, and a cashmere throw on the deckchair. Sometimes your conversation will incline towards ‘Enough about me. Anyway – what do you think of me?’ which will irritate the Gemini type who really just wants to gossip about what just happened on Twitter. Vanity and narcissism are famous Leo type pitfalls. There will be moments in the partnership when you have to remind them that gossip – or certain kinds of jokes – are undignified or unfair to one. Nevertheless, the Gemini type gives you the relationship oxygen you need. The result? A warm, lively connection. You rule; Gemini takes the messages.
  • A Partner with Libra Factors – The Libra-influenced partner has brilliant interpersonal skills which make this partnership one of the easiest you’ve ever been in. No amount of ego or posturing from you will get in the way of coupledom, as it’s their mission to create togetherness, and they have the diplomacy, the public relations skills and the tact to make it work. You have always seen the point of romance – there is something noble and dramatic about it – so you are happy to fall in love with love, in their company. If you appreciate their absolute commitment to fairness, equality and justice in the partnership (they work really hard at age, gender, race or class barriers) then, this could run and run. The King or Queen has an opposite here, but opposites attract.
  • A Partner with Sagittarius Factors – Great. You’ve always been very wary of people who are too small, too suburban and too narrow-minded about their ‘little picture’ view. You want the big picture. The grand sweep of the possibilities. Nothing less will do for a Leo type. The Sagittarius type has enough vision and scope to make you justifiably proud of them. You will travel together, or even emigrate, as one of you wants the big picture, and the other wants a life less ordinary. You both believe that almost anything is possible in this world, and seldom tell each other to back off from anything. The Sagittarius type is also about foreign people and places, academia and education, publishing and the worldwide web. If this fits your deep concern with your own or other people’s children (or a younger generation) then this could be a sensational match.

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  • A Partner with Virgo Factors – Part of you is part of your other half. I’m sure you know the Sun in Virgo characteristics. It’s hard for you to work, study or volunteer (unpaid work) without automatically bringing your health, mental health or ‘fitness for duty’ into it. The body rules the mind, or does the mind rule the body? Well, The Smiths wondered that. It’s all mixed up. Your body is fine-tuned to your soul, so what your spirit or core self feels about serving others, or doing your duty, is served by how healthy (or not) the rest of you is. This can lead you into areas like Reiki, meditation, wild swimming, yoga or propel you into really strong choices about the food you eat, alcohol, nutrition, organic or vegan diets and so on. Well, when you find someone else who has a stellium in Virgo, you’ve met your match. The fridge is your temple. Or garden. Or medicine cabinet.
  • A Partner with Taurus Factors – One of you knows the value of a good accountant, and it’s amazing how this will make a difference to things! Spend two years building the foundations of love and it could last forever if other horoscope Factors agree. Other people find a wealth of common sense operating when they look at your partnership. You believe in routine, both for your body and your mind. You only truly find yourself when you end up with meaningful work, either in your profession or at home. The Taurean type respects productivity and happily accepts how crucial your sense of duty and service is to your psychological wellbeing. This Earth connection keeps things real. You two are slow and steady, grounded, down to earth. It is very common in the alternative lifestyle movement. Back to nature. Fridays For Future.
  • A Partner with Cancer Factors – There’s a natural understanding here, and you won’t have to work at it. One of you expresses his or her love in practical ways – around the house, for example. When one person is ill, the whole relationship seems to come into its own. Mind you, that’s not a reason for developing serial flu – just a bonus. The Cancer-Virgo connection frequently appears in partnerships where the health and wellbeing of one partner is an ongoing issue: through food intolerances, for example. This partnership will come alive when you move in together, as your house or flat is something you can both focus on for the rest of your lives. The garden, too, if you have one, will be enormously important as you grow older together. Virgo is so concerned with what is pure. The tiny things make the biggest difference to the human body, mental health and physical health. Cancer cares. Doctor-nurse relationship, here, or gardener-gardener.
  • A Partner with Scorpio Factors – For one person, the quality and duration of the sex will become a bit of a relationship barometer. Just make sure all the other things are weighed up between you too. One person will be noticeably more emotional than the other in this relationship, but there is something sweetly supportive about the blend. One of you is much more sensible; the other is far more madly passionate. This connection between you really works, though: the Virgo type keeps the wheels turning, while the Scorpio type takes the relationship to another level. The Virgo type needs to cut loose occasionally and forget about work or fridge contents. The Scorpio type can show them what love is really about at the deep end. Scorpio is about ‘kiss or kill’ and there is a passionate, earnest, intense, slightly risky quality to the sexual side of the relationship. For the Scorpio stellium type, sex is the language of everything else. Water needs earth to move; the Scorpio type needs the grounded support of a Sun Virgo.
  • A Partner with Capricorn Factors – You both know work is the really important thing. The Virgo type does it from a sense of service and duty, while the Capricorn type does it because climbing higher in life is in their DNA. Together you could easily run a business together, but if not, the home front will be where all the wheels turn, and with two Earth signs like this blending in a partnership, you can expect a big focus on bricks, mortar and soil. You two are wonderful in emergencies, and flakier friends or family may turn to you for backing or support. You’re both experts at living in the real world and you can be each other’s rocks.

Part 2 (here) explores women with sun signs in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces.

Edited extract from The Secret Language of the Stars by Jessica Adams. Available FREE for Premium Members here.

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