Using Your 2024-2025 Astrology Report

How to get the most from your 2024-2025 Astrology Forecast Report from Jessica Adams. Use it with your natal chart. Try Astrology Delivery. Your horoscope begins on Lunar New Year, 10th February 2024 and takes you to January 29th 2025.

Getting More From Your 2024-2025 Astrology Report

Thank you for buying a 2024-2025 Astrology Report. Your horoscope begins on Lunar New Year, 10th February 2024 and takes you to 29th January 2025.

It’s based on your Sun Sign and Solar Chart, but is best used with your natal or birth chart from my website. Your Natural House system chart works very well with your Solar Chart so you can see what is happening, privately and publicly.

Screen Shot 2024 01 19 at 3.30.55 am 229x300 - Using Your 2024-2025 Astrology ReportLooking Back to December 2023

The chart begins with a look back to December 2023, as the Capricorn Weather or Capricorn Season which began then, still affects you in January and February 2024. A detailed explanation of how this affects your sign begins your report.

You can also see how the same Capricorn Weather ends the year, in December 2024. So you’ll get a sense of quite a long story in your life, continuing.

What story? Well that depends on your Sun Sign. The Solar Chart is the world’s most trusted, tried and tested prediction method. Everything begins there.

The Aspects

Where I think it matters to your sign, I will include the aspects (patterns or angles) which you can look up in your birth chart, to see if the same story is being told publicly and privately.

Screen Shot 2024 01 19 at 3.30.44 am 254x300 - Using Your 2024-2025 Astrology ReportFor example, if you are a Leo, then you have a major partnership cycle in February, but if you are a Leo who also has natal chart factors at 9 Libra, then the date of 6th September will be important for you. Perhaps you’ll get engaged, for example.

Mercury Retrograde

Your report also gives you clear advance warning of Mercury Retrograde, including the shadows, so that you can avoid those dates for important events, or at least have Plan B and Plan C. Astrology is really about navigating. When to act and when not to act. Old knowledge!


Eclipses are also detailed in your chart, with plenty of time to prepare so that you are not caught out by these blind spots in our lives. I’ve done the calculations by hand, so you don’t have to. Plus, I’ve found the most useful handpicked notes from my files for your report, along with selected extracts from Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins) and 2020 Vision (Penguin/Viking) along with inspiration from the new book, Your Birthday (Hachette).

Natal Chart iStock 300x199 - Using Your 2024-2025 Astrology Report

Full Moons and New Moons

These are listed by degree and sign so you can check your natal or birth chart to see if it’s triggered.

Friends or Partners

This is also useful if you order a second chart for a relative, friend, child or partner. If they also have their natal chart (or you have one, for them) you can see what’s going on, by checking the aspects by degree and sign.

My website has plenty of flipbooks for Premium Members and detailed explanation of how to do this, and what it means.

Being Your Own Astrologer

You’re really being your own astrologer. But it’s pretty simple.

The Full Moon on 23rd May falls with the Sun at 2 Gemini in opposition to the Moon at 2 Sagittarius. Now, does that pick up your natal chart? Or your boyfriend’s? Using my website it’s easy to see how and why you are affected.

Plus, there’s a quick look-up guide at the back of your report.

This extract from the Leo 2024-2025 Astrology Forecast Report shows the month of June. As you can see, it works on a Sun Sign/Solar Chart level, but if you wanted to go further, you’d check your natal or birth chart as well, to see if the aspects are lining up with your own chart patterns. Those dates will be very important.

Screen Shot 2024 01 19 at 3.31.09 am 1024x852 - Using Your 2024-2025 Astrology Report

Astrology Delivery

This is new for 2024-2025. As many of you know, Astrology Delivery is a way of using the world’s oldest timing system (your horoscope) to get some, or all, of what you want.

By using the supplied booking dates for your sign, you can focus on targetted outcomes, with specific delivery times.

Get Some Or All Of What You Want

To increase your chances of getting what you want, you use the Tarot on my website every time you book (or write down) your goals. That shows you the gateway or the obstacle. To increase your chances even more, be sure to play Pink Screen Shot 2024 01 19 at 3.12.20 am 261x300 - Using Your 2024-2025 Astrology ReportNoise on your headphones from YouTube, so that your Extra-Sensory Perception is primed.

This is how you control your own destiny, if you like, and you manage your future. You can be proactive. The results of Astrology Delivery depend on you.

If you want to see testimonials for Astrology Delivery, just search that on my website. There are many, ranging from unexpected large amounts of money to dramatic weight loss.

It’s a really exciting new way of using astrology and personalising it.

I hope you enjoy using your 2024-2025 report. You can get a lot out of it if you want to, using the natal and solar chart together, or you can keep it simple and just use it for Astrology Delivery. Happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon.



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51 Responses

  1. Hellllllooooo Jessica!

    Nice to meet you over the ethers. Quick questions – is it possible to have a personal reading from you and if so, what is your fee, and is there a possibility of buying a gift certificate on your website without having to login?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    All the best,

    1. Thank you Alecia. I only give personal readings for charity auctions and the last one was for the BBC Children In Need fundraiser and went for over £ 2,500 so it’s not for everybody…However a 2024-2025 Astrology Report is affordable and it is what I give to family and friends for Christmas. I also trust and use the report for myself. Gift certificates have to be purchased after log-in, I believe, but it only takes a moment. Thank you.

    1. The Taurus-Scorpio axis of your chart is triggered in November and in fact October-December is ‘Meet change with change’ for you. It’s about your bank account, house, apartment, charity, business, possessions, income. Uranus in Taurus is here to alter your approach in quite a radical way. The revolution will not be televised but it is in your home and likely your place of work too. Try not to be too stuck in the past or fixed in your approach. The more flexible and bendy you are, the better. October, November, December tilt that Scorpio-Taurus axis of your horoscope, both of which are fixed signs, so ‘fixing the unfixed’ is your challenge with finance then.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I have just purchased your astrology report for the year and it’s fabulous!
    One question I have is regarding relationships . Will there be any likely romantic potential for me this year?
    Thank you and happy new year to you and your team! x

    1. Thank you. You want a new boyfriend? Look September-December as you go through the Virgo and Scorpio transits. Those are Fifth House and Seventh House cycles, as you can see in your chart.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Today is the first booking day for Aquarius. I did as you asked and wrote my wishes/goals in a journal. Then I listened to the “pink noise” on YouTube (love that by the way) and then I drew a tarot card, asking the tarot to illuminate any gateway or obstacle that I need to be aware of relating to my goals.
    I drew the World. From what I understand I required to stay grounded and focused and to concentrate on my goals/wishes.
    I then repeat this process for each date in that you have listed in January, and February.
    Do I have the process of “booking my goals” in 2024 correct?
    I am a Cancer so I am booking for Finance, Inheritance, Insurance, Mortgage etc.
    Kind regards

    1. Yes, you draw a Tarot card to show you the gateway or obstacle, until the next booking date. It is a process. As a Sun Cancer woman you are booking for more money and using the Aquarius weather (now) to do that. There are number of dates to follow and every time you make a new list or amend the old one, on a key date, you draw another Tarot card to see what the access point is, or what you must sort out, to get there.

    1. Lisa, you will find your report for sale in the shop – just click on the top of the page. Thank you.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Could I ask a couple of questions please?

    1. I’m a Cap on the first booking date for my second house, and as you might expect my wish list has a definite focus on abundance and income; I also had one regards our home and a rebate on a really poorly constructed home ‘improvement’ which we had paid in full. Anyway, my tarot card for the gateway was the Four of Wands and it specifically mentioned “gateway” a few times. Got quite excited at first, then I wondered if you had updated the write up recently to facilitate our interpretation of the cards when booking? If so, very helpful btw 🙂
    2. Your site no longer allows us to copy the text or print screen. I used to really appreciate being able to print screen or copy so that I could keep relevant output from your site all together in my files, such as horoscope for week / month / year going forward, and now the astrology booking. Is there a particular reason why this has been implemented? On one of your astrology booking blogs you suggest taking a screen print but yet we can’t. Hoping that changes.
    Best regards from a very stormy Uk.

    1. The Four of Wands is good. That is your gateway. I will refine and update Astrology Delivery this year, as this was a pilot, but your gateway until your next booking date is a celebration involving a circle of extended family or friends and a special house or apartment. That’s the key. The website has been updated to stop Artificial Intelligence (AI) theft of our work. You can take screen shots (not screen prints) and that will help you copy what you need to remember. Happy Lunar New Year.

  5. Morning Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the 2024-25 astrology report….it’s incredible! You are a brilliant writer! The report is ridiculously informative and you have made following your natural house system so much more clear and precise to me. Funnily enough, I signed up to Sun Sign School this year (before the 24-25 reports were available) and did the tarot and oracle spread that Mr Fenton suggested. In that I pulled, Venus and the eight house from the astrology oracle, inspiration and perspiration from garden oracle and the 3 of wands from the tarot. Then I received my report and you literally talk about inspiration and perspiration!
    I have read and re-read mine everyday and have marked all the dates you have given in my astrology notebook. Next to any personal conjunctions I have written my own predictions. It will be interesting to see what comes to pass seeing as I have my Astrology bookings going full throttle too!

    I wanted to ask, this week for Libra’s you have written that anything at 19 degrees in a personal chart will be picked up by the karma from 18/19 years before. I don’t have any 19 degrees placements, however, I have two at 18 degrees…..will I see the effect of Uranus in my 3rd and 11th house or is it only direct hits we should pay attention to?

    Thank you so much for all your work Jessica. I have been teaching myself astrology for the last 23 years (I was actually looking through my vast bookshelves the other day and came across your Astro love book! I must have been in my early 20’s when I brought that!) with books and whatever I could find online. Your natural system is on point compared to all the other systems I have tried and tested over the years. You’re truly a gift to humanity.

    1. Thank you very much. You’re too kind, too kind. I’m glad you are using astrology to make your own predictions. See if the transits at 19 degrees produce results. A one degree orb is sometimes tight enough, but in general, just use exact aspects. Happy Lunar New Year and I hope you receive some or all of what you want, using Astrology Delivery. Let me know.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I’m curious about my Uranus at 19 in Libra. What does that mean with the upcoming Uranus at 19 Taurus? Right now, I have a right shoulder problem — frozen and unable to move, drive, comb my hair. Sleeping on a harder bed in the guest bedroom because the master bed is new and too soft for my shoulder. But my most important concern is the shoulder. What do you see?
    Thank you! I was hoping for a better 2024.

    1. I am sorry about your shoulder. This has nothing to do with Uranus at 19 Libra in your chart. Ask yourself who or what you are shouldering. Are you shouldering any blame? Do you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you putting your shoulder to the wheel and nobody is helping? What is happening to you makes it impossible to work normally. How do you really feel about work, deep down? Do you need a different kind of job? Transiting Saturn at 4 Pisces is in opposition to your natal Apollo at 4 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and health. This can only happen once in 28 years. So, don’t rush this. Take your time as you recover. Saturn will go on to oppose other factors you have in Virgo in the Sixth House, along the way, so this year is a test of your staying power and determination to do whatever it takes, over the long-term, to recover. Apollo in Virgo is a symbol of a natural leader at work, and also a leader with health or lifestyle issues, often copied by others. So all that is being blocked by Saturn at the moment. Have a look at Apollo in paintings and sculpture. That may trigger some intuitive answers for you.

  7. Hi Jessica and Happy Lunar NY!
    I have purchased my 2024 Astrology report and am working my way through it. Thank-you, it is so thorough and interesting!
    I have a question for the immediate however – this week’s horoscopes regarding anything at 19 degrees – I have Saturn in Pisces (my Sun Sign), Ceres in Aries and Diana in Capricorn – all at 19 degrees. I am never too sure as to whether I should be looking at Pisces as my 1st or 12th House, Aries my 1st or 2nd…etc. If you look at my chart, what do you see regarding the 19 degree placements?
    Thank-you so much!

    1. Thank you. In your natal chart, Pisces always rules the Twelfth House. Aries always rules the First House. Diana at 19 Capricorn is square Ceres at 19 Aries so you have a lifelong conflict between your need to be a free spirit at work – and the usual issues about your title, reputation and appearance. It’s rather like being a flight attendant who wants to run away as soon as she lands, but has to sort out her uniform. This is triggered now as Uranus goes to 19 Taurus. Freedom is a huge question now. Independence and space. Some unexpected events will bring it all to the surface.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I purchased the astrology report for my sign Gemini. Thank you for preparing such a detailed report and it truly is insightful.

    I am currently in a situation where I feel that I am being targeted at work by my manager and she is trying to either get rid of me by frustrating me so I can resign or by trying to put me on performance improvement (and these are really bad for your employment record). She has a target on my back and i don’t know why. Because of this i dont enjoy my sales role anymore.

    I did apply for another internal sales role and tomorrow I have a 3rd round interview before the final interview. I am not very excited about moving into another sales role but i feel that i cannot risk being unemployed at this point or even thinking of taking a sabbatical.

    I wanted to request for your reading on my career specifically as I don’t want to be out of a job but at the same time i feel my progress has stalled due to the sales role and politics. Is this year going to be a good year for my career and moving upwards with a job/role that will help me succeed? Thank you Jessica..

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about your awful manager. You are in sales. You also have your third round interview for another job, in the same organisation. The issues with this woman have stopped. So you may very well get the job (that is why they have stopped). You are on a clear run now with no more politics. There will be a boomerang or flashback of the situation at the end of the year but it really has gone. You will have a new look, new title and new image from May 2024 with results by June 2025. You’ll love it.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I am doing one course after another. Please I have recently enrolled in another medical course. I am hopeful this is the last one. Any insights at all? Thank you so much. Ms Leo. I am so sorry no tarot card pulled. I am nervous of the cards.

    1. You are not a member, have no chart and don’t give a sign so I’m afraid I can’t help you. The Tarot is the only free resource on this website for questions like this. I wish you well.

  10. Hi Jessica, I’m grateful for securing your Astrology Forecast 2024 with forum. Thank you very much for a comprehensive guide to the year ahead. I love being able to plan the year and use your guidance for key dates. For 2023, you helped guide me, after I consulted last year’s edition, on key dates for business-related launches. You advised on making the most of Jupiter in Taurus, and specially at 8 degrees as that is where I have Chiron in Taurus.

    Looking at 2024, avoiding Mercury retrograde, are key dates to launch business initiatives when Gemini trines my Libra factors? If so, as I have a large stellium in Libra, are there any planets or asteroids to pay attention to? And, of course use astrology delivery, which I’ve been doing since October with some great results.

    Thank you and sending you best wishes, Jessica.

    1. Thank you so much that’s very kind of you. I’m glad Astrology Delivery is delivering great results. Your Libra stellium at 0 through 29 degrees will be trined by Jupiter in Gemini for the first time in 12 years starting in May. Slowly but surely, Pluto will trine from Aquarius, at the other side of your chart. Mercury, the MC and the Sun are 0-3 Libra so that is ideal for launching a partnership (professional or academic, business or non-profit) online with a view to publicity and good communication and connection. May 26th to June 12th is wonderful. Even if your birth time is out and your MC is not at that position, Mercury and the Sun will be. You will either get back into a duet, into a duet, or similar near then, or find the double act you cultivated starts to take off for you.

  11. hello Jessica , I am curious with my next 20 years . my moon is in Aquarius ..sun gemini and taurus rising .. my time from jan 2008 has been crazy professional I took a role at Lehmans 2008 jan and since then been a roller coaster professionally changed 14 jobs since then ! even had to put a official complaint with an employer in 2019 . personally too it was out of this world experience of having to face-off past life enemy or frenemy and also deal with break off with past life lover all of this unfolded back to back in 2019 and I had my awakening .. I don’t know why Pluto in Capricorn had so much intense deep transformative time last 15 years for me and more I moved also continents in 2006 from Asia to Europe .. with the Pluto now in Aquarius and it will effect me now that I know I am moon Aquarius what’s in store personal professional

    1. Amazing; you worked at Lehmans during the G.F.C. and Pluto in Capricorn. Your career has been affected by this enormously. You have factors at 0 and 23 Capricorn in your Tenth House of profession. So right across the whole span of 2008-2024 you have seen departures, promotions, mergers, demotions ongoing. Pluto in Aquarius will end this in 2024 with a brief boomerang at the end of the year – then it’s no more. Your memories of having to put up with one issue after another will fade. You will have become stronger. Next up, a group, team, club, trade union, band or similar will change your life.

  12. Hi Jessica , I just checked something new I have never heard before what are stellium? I have stelliums in Leo ‘(6) Aquarius (4) cancer (4) scorpio (4) what does this signify ?

    1. A stellium is an unusually high number of horoscope factors in just one zodiac sign and house. You are strongly Leo, Aquarius, Cancer and Scorpio. You can find out what that means in your flipbook library or by hitting Search. Thank you.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Further to your reply above. I did finish my 3rd round of interview just 10 mins ago. I feel it went well. Right before I started my interview, my current bad manager setup a performance review meeting with HR for the end of the week. And that threw me off so badly and i started getting anxiety and panic.

    I am really worried she is out to get me and try to mess me up. And this might also force me to resign and not get the job. Do you still me passing through this and getting a better job/role internally and/or externally?

    1. Go back to the other reply I gave you. All will be well. She is over/finished in terms of her power to affect you. How this shows up in your life depends on you, but you now have the controls. I can understand the anxiety. Did you know it is a physical condition that can be managed? Have a look at Dr. Claire Weekes online and her techniques. Did you also know this woman is ‘seen’ as they say: others can see her behaviour. I have no fears for you and your success in 2024, 2025 and beyond. But do find an anxiety management method you like and begin it now.

  14. Thank you Jessica, I truly appreciate your reading and i feel relieved! Thank you for the anxiety management advice too. I will take it up.

    I will keep you posted on the progress 🙂

  15. Hi Jessica , thank you so much for the response . do I need to hunt for the team club trade union or band ? I am in banking and finance have none of this currently , will they come to me ?

  16. Hello Jessica

    Longtime reader, first time member.

    I was wondering where do I find the details on your site regarding the meaning of how certain degree points, ie 19 Aquarius in the 5th house, will be affected in one’s chart ?

    As well, I have been dealing with a difficult, and lengthy estate situation for the last 3 years….plus, really wanting to reboot my creative arts career, but this estate situation has been such a mess, and quite consuming with people I don’t really trust, nor want to have to engage with. Lots of power tripping, shameless displays of zero integrity, it’s been like an ongoing, surreal, dark comedy. I did, as of today, 1/24, officially begin working with a new attorney who seems to be great…fingers crossed she will straighten things out. A court hearing today, 1/24 didn’t quite pan out as I’d hoped, though there were mistakes that were clarified during the hearing which supported my deciding today to fire the previous attorney who ultimately was a waste of money & time…power tripper too. Technically, I should have been granted executorship of the estate today, which then I would have been able to sell a property I inherited that’s been sitting idle, which has been very frustrating. I have another court date on March 5th, fingers crossed. My current housing is shaky at this moment, as are finances. Any suggestions or thoughts on upcoming timing would be greatly appreciated Jessica. Especially for career / finances, and perhaps good days to put a property on the market for sale. Thank you so much. ✨

    1. Thank you. Your Premium Member library contains all that information and you can also hit Search. You are a Sun Taurus with an Aries stellium so born to fight. A three-year fight is not unusual. I am sorry you have been stuck with an estate situation in a mess and power trippers as well. If your March 5th situation does not deliver, you may want to do what an Aries stellium person seldom does, which is ask yourself to put a monetary price tag on your peace of mind and energy. ‘Choose your battles’ is good advice. It’s radical to say so, but you may want to just pay whatever price is going to get rid. You will automatically kick back against that suggestion, I suspect. Yet you need to get real about your Aries stellium which is boxer-level, because you almost have an exact opposition going to Libra, the law. And that’s very hard going. Uranus at 10 Libra is opposite Chiron at 11 Aries. This is lifelong. Any time you have transits at 10, 11 of Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer that is triggered and it’s damn hard work to win any legal situation, or dispute. However and this is a big capital H However, you are also in the most fortunate financial cycle for 12 years, starting in May 2024, as Jupiter goes into Gemini and your solar Second House of money, property, business, valuables and charity. Does that mean a win on March 5th? We hope so. But even if not, you will be given one amazing solution and opportunity after another from May 26th 2024 when Jupiter goes to 0 Gemini and starts the cycle in your solar chart. In your natal chart Saturn at 24 Taurus in your Second House of money is your big obstacle. So we’d want something to fix that. Jupiter at 24 Taurus is your answer, just before this other cycle begins and that happens May 1st through 4th. Give or take a day for time zone differences. You do end up in a good place. We don’t know if it is specifically this legal outcome, but as Jupiter in your solar Second House is with you until June 9th 2025 you have oodles of time to make up for what has happened to you. You have that inherited property to sell, for example. In future remember that tough Aries-Libra opposition and get a ton of second opinions before you embark on legal battles. However your overall future financially looks like a typical Jupiter outcome; sweeping, good for you, good for everybody (actually) and a proper solution. When you use your report for this year, look at the transits in May, June and use Astrology Delivery then too.

  17. Dear Jessica

    I purchased your Leo astrology report but I have just been reading Pluto in Aquarius next 5 years blog. I have had the most full on time over the last few years separating from my ex-husband, who I am right in the middle of sorting out the financial split (he’s 29 Sun Taurus) he’s very controlling and narcissistic in the most charming way (AC 14 Libra) I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last April during the split (luckily small/caught early etc) and have had treatment….I am continuing to heal and absolutely everything you have ‘predicted’ has been spot on …you couldn’t make it up ….firstly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as your astrological guidance has been invaluable in getting me through such a tricky period of my life ….(your astrology delivery has been incredibly insightful too) and secondly, I have a stellium in Gemini, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius and your blog said anyone with these stelliums (and placements 0-8 degrees) have some fabulous times ahead. This has given me such a lift and inspiration (and full moon in Leo tonight might be at play) I feel the fog of the last 15 years is lifting and am getting back to my Leo self? I am right in the interpretation of my chart? Things are on the up? Many, many thanks as always, Alexandra

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad that the astrology has helped you through the end of the marriage but also your breast cancer. Alexandra, you were born with Pluto at 2 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage and partnership, but also disputes and duels. It is the house of duets and duels, actually. When it’s good you are one half of a power couple. (And it will be good again). When it’s not, you end up in power struggles with the other person. What is happening now is the slow arrival of transiting Pluto at 2 Aquarius, trine natal Pluto. That will transform you, empower you, give you more influence and lift you up. In fact it’s not happened for 248 years. You will ultimately find one or more partnerships, of any kind at all (could be professional) which give you what you need. Transiting Jupiter going to 2 Gemini will also trine your natal Pluto so even though it’s been tough with your Taurus ex-husband, 2024, 2025 will take you higher. Do accept new dates and do look for someone new. The financial situation which has dragged on will resolve in March. Your health, as you have seen in your report, is about the long haul but you will also get there too. You have a Gemini stellium in the Third House of siblings, cousins, neighbours, the media, the web and short journeys. Mixed bag, but it all starts to take off for you, hugely, in May 2024 with rapid results by June. You will go on building that happiness through to June 2025 and at the end of it, have an amazing project or course to show for it, but also a trip/trips to remember – and of course a richer relationship with a brother, sister, cousin, neighbour. You will feel your Gemini side very strongly then.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I had promised i will come and give you progress on my situation here. So, we were meant to have the review meeting today and my bad manager didn’t turn up for the meeting. She hadn’t even informed me. I wrote her an email stating that i waited for the meeting but noone turned up including HR. She mentioned that she will reschedule the meeting to the coming week. I later met with HR and spoke with him and he said I need to write an email stating her bad behaviour and bullying so they can take it further up the chain. However, if at all the performance improvement process begins then even the other role that I had applied for internally to move to another team is at risk.

    I am now worried and at crossroads – should I write the email to HR and elaborate the bad behaviour? I know you said she is seen as she is and you are not worried about my success but this is a new development in the situation.

    Thank you and looking forward to your response.

  19. Hi Jessica, in addition to my comment above. I did gather the courage and write the email to HR about the bad behaviour. I now leave the rest to trust your reading and higher realms.

    1. You are a Sun Gemini born with Proserpina at 4 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, duty and service. So you are a go-between who is accustomed to being the bridge between two powerful people, departments or organisations. What is happening is that for the first time in 29 years Saturn is at 5 Pisces, right opposite (having been exactly opposite at 4 degrees) so you have a transiting Saturn-Proserpina opposition. You were being blocked, but temporarily. Saturn is now moving away from opposition. The fact that the bad manager skipped the meeting was a good enough reason for you to object. Human Resources told you to put her bullying in writing and you’ve done that. Now you are concerned about that affecting your being moved to another team. This is actually about self-respect and self-worth which is why you were wise to push back. If you don’t value yourself enough to act in your own best interests in your profession, then you’re not going to be promoted or win a better job elsewhere. You have the North Node at 19 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and Mercury and Mars are both heading for 19 Capricorn so this will be sorted out quite quickly. You may want to look up Proserpina and the Sixth House, but also the North Node and the Tenth House, because that is at the heart of all this. She may even be a past life connection as the North Node shows life in 18-19 year loops, spiralling back in time, even between lives. Have a look at what was going on with work 18-19 years ago too. You had to to this; you have done it; you have made a stand for yourself and possibly also helped others in your organisation who needed someone else to speak up. It will also help to empower yourself by casting your eye around the internet for other roles; other options; other training; other companies. They are not the only game in town. By being assertive and protecting your interests you have upped your own value. So you just changed the universe a little. See what and who else is out there, beyond these people. Even if you do get moved to another team. Long-term you relaunch with a new title anyway and you will enjoy it too.

  20. Hi Jessica
    I feel a little down and frustrated and stuck. Changed job recently as and educator, but i already feel that this workplace is not developing for me. Can you see what i will work with? I have thoughts to retiring in a few years, and i am also waiting for my apartment to sell so I can move back to my hometown and family. Can you please see what opportunities ore obstacles exist for me? I use astrology deliveries and I am not good at interpret the meaning of tarots. But i really want to move forwards now to my future. So please can you give my your advice i will bee so grateful. I am a premium member.
    Best regards

    1. You have Jupiter at 27 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and in April and May 2024, transiting Jupiter moves towards 27 Taurus so you will experience transiting Jupiter trine natal Jupiter. That is a huge opportunity to do extremely well professionally or academically. Focus on your goals and ambitions and see what is possible. Pluto is now off 27 Capricorn so the issues about control and power have gone.

  21. Hello Jessica, do tarots give random answers please? I just got a negative email for an entry professional position, wasn’t keen on it, it’s not my priority or field directly but the firm is known in my niche arts culture industry. Job was part time in another country, I knew that they do not sponsor and stuff yet applied because it came across my timeline. I waiting for academic research funding outcome and so thought I have nothing at hand now so just apply and see. Their email which I didn’t expect at all was sort of confusing in that they seemed to contradict their own stance on the application. Never seen one like this. They may have sent it to all the candidates with a no bcz I was in bcc. I asked the tarot why was the result negative and what does their email mean, got the four of cups three times.
    Isn’t this card about relationships and ppl, not career. Do cards tell some different aspect or focus to the questioner? I am not understanding this card. Thank you for all you do. Best always.

    1. The Four of Cups three times in the Tarot? You asked ‘Why did I get a negative result for a job application?’ The answer is perhaps your approach (which may have been low energy) or your application (which may have seemed low energy). The figure in the card is you. This is a person who is not grounded, but could be. He or she is almost floating, but needs to come back down to earth. So the Tarot gave you an honest answer about the email from this organisation. You were turned down because you were not centred enough. As the person in the card (at the moment anyway) you are not 100%. This is fixed by going back to your family tree on your mother’s side or father’s side. Go back to your relatives – the people or the place – to find a secure sense of belonging and identity. This will help you appreciate the people around you far more and you will feel better. That is the classic Four of Cups message. I am sorry you were rejected but every shut door puts you on the right path, to the right career, later. It’s like a pinball machine that shunts you in a particular direction – so this was not right for you – and you were not right for it. Something else will be, which is great.

  22. Hi Jessica, on Twitter you posted: If you have any astrology chart factors at 6 or 7 degrees of Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo this is a temptation, an invitation and an opportunity. ♉️♍️♑️. I have Virgo in Saturn at 7 degrees. Does that mean anything specifically? Thank you. These insights are very interesting.

    1. The trine picks up Saturn in Virgo in your Sixth House so your ability to structure your working life (or academic career) as well as your lifestyle, incorporating health and wellbeing, is helped here. Jupiter in Taurus is very grounding and complements Saturn quite well; they were father and son in mythology. Saturn is rather like the nest that protects the eggs; it is heavily shielded and reinforced; tightly defended. This is how you are with your paid work, unpaid work, housework, daily routine, food, drink, doctors, alternative health practitioners and so on. This forthcoming Jupiter transit opens an important and rare door.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    The 2024 Astrology Report is great. I’m very glad I ordered it with forum.

    I just read your Substack piece regarding the royal family being impacted by various planets at 19 degrees during the April 2024 solar eclipse.

    I have Apollo at 19 Libra, Ceres at 19 Aquarius, Minerva at 18 Leo, and Panacea at 20 Libra.

    Could you please tell me how I will be impacted by this eclipse? Many thanks.

    1. Okay so the eclipse picks up Apollo at 19 Libra in your Seventh House of professional and romantic partnerships, but also two-way battles. An eclipse is a blind spot and cover-up, so in terms of this, avoid the day (and the day before and after) for judgement calls or action plans which would put you on a particular path. For example going on a first date or starting divorce proceedings. You may end up on a blind alley. Choose another day when the eclipse has gone.

  24. Hi Jessica, I hope you’re great. I’ve started reading the 2024 Astrology Report and just wanted to thank you again. It’s so very beautiful. I just read your Substack piece as well, which I found fascinating. It’ll be interesting to watch how it all plays out with the royal family. Now I’m curious as to how you see this April eclipse affecting me; even though I don’t have anything at 19 degrees, I have Minerva at 18° Libra 48, which is quite close. Will it affect my ascendant at 20° Libra and North Node at 20° Leo, or not, since it’s a degree over? Thank you again so much for all your insights and everything you share.

    1. Minerva in Libra is close enough, yes. You were born with wisdom about partnerships (professional or sexual) and are a wise old owl in those matters. You also have brilliant perception about duels of all kinds – battles. This is clouded by the eclipse. So just avoid judging or acting that day, as regards duets and duels. And allow the day before/day after.

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