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May 2019

Your Spirit and Soul in May 2019
You will need (or be given) more time and space to yourself with the heavy Taurus weather in May 2019. It sweeps through the horoscope zone where you find your faith in God (perhaps) or something else entirely. This area of your astrology chart has been associated with inner demons, angels, the Universe, your spirit and your soul – for centuries. Now, we find radical changes. In fact, if there is anything about your inner world that has trapped you, or confined you, then there may be an electrifying moment for you near the 8th and 18th. This is why you will need to give yourself as much peace and quiet as possible – as much time alone – so that you can deal with what is within, rather than having to constantly deal with people in the outside world. Freedom is calling you. What kind of freedom, and on what basis, really depends on your own…spirit and soul. Religion may be part of it, but astrology also qualifies. This is really about what you make of ‘heaven’ however you define it, Gemini – and how you can best find your way to Independence Day, symbolised by the Uranus in Taurus weather in your Twelfth House in May.

Former, Current and Potential Partners – Enemies, Rivals and Opponents
The partnership may be intensely personal or professional. A marriage or a work duet. The feud or conflict may also be quite personal (a former lover, perhaps) or strictly business – someone who is your natural opponent or rival. Gemini, the face on the other end of the scales, or the name on the other end of the see-saw, is worth all the time and thought you can devote, near May 5th, 25th and 28th. You are in a strong position here if you need to sort out a concern – fix an issue – or just pursue the biggest and best. Jupiter is a symbol of opportunity, solutions, problem-solving, resolution, win-win outcomes, the big picture and all that benefits you and others. Sometimes Jupiter will appear when matters must rise to the surface to be flushed away so new growth can begin. That is entirely possible now depending on where you are at with him (or her). If you are much further along with your relationship, or even with a battle, then May will stretch you – no doubt about that – but it is the kind of stretch which helps you grow. If you two are willing to see what is possible then by November 2019 you could be reaching for the stars. Gemini, if there is a conflict or ongoing duel in your life, then slow down and cool down near the Mars-Jupiter opposition on May 5th please. Mars turns up the heat and speed and it is not always useful. Yet – fate is on your side. There is an answer here. It is an answer that will resolve a great many obstacles holding you back. The final week puts Ceres in the frame. Largely ignored by Gen Y astrologers she is hugely important as a symbol of division, carve-up, power sharing and ‘the controls.’ You two are going to have to figure this one out. You may be in a duet. You may be in a duel. Yet, if you want the solution or opportunity that 2019 presents, you’ll negotiate and decide.

Image, Brand, Name, Reputation, Profile, Appearance
May is also about how you are seen and appear to the world, Gemini. The Sun in your sign from the final week will illuminate and highlight your name, reputation, face, title, personal appearance and internet ‘hologram’ version of yourself. Long-term this is less of a story than that developing around a crucial man or woman (see above) but it is there all the same. Time to see yourself reflected in the mirror held up by other people. Time to look at the portrait painted of you online.

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