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Finances, Property, Charity, Business in July

Gemini, you are in the unusual position of being brought to a crossroads of decision-making in July, yet also made to wait, or switch direction, by August. This is about your investments, property, company, taxes, loans, house, apartment, business, charity, legacy, family inheritance and so on.

The path of your ruler Mercury is retrograde, or apparently stuck and reversing. As Mercury describes your way with words and ideas, as well as the paperwork involved in any paper trail, not to mention the internet as a whole – you can expect delays. Beyond that you can also bank on what is ‘written’ being unwritten and then rewritten. This may happen more than once by August.

A classic example would be fluctuating property prices or mortgage interest rates. If you are going to make substantial decisions in July be aware of this astrological cycle, which begins earlier and ends later than Google tells you. In fact, history tells us that the real chaos begins on Mercury Retrograde Shadow, the period just before and after, the actual retrograde. If you are curious about this cycle, please hit Mercury Retrograde on Search on this website and not only read previous features, but also the hundreds of comments from my readers on outcomes. That is a real treasure trove of real-person, real-world, real-time research on this cycle. Read and learn. Most of all, unless you know exactly what you are doing (you may be a financial astrologer, for example) don’t mess with the markets on Mercury Retrograde. In the sign of Cancer, which is associated with the Fourth House of property, this looks like a global chain of chaos involving house prices and land values. There may also be earth changes which affect city or country-wide prices.

What can you do successfully in July? Treat it as a dress rehearsal. See it as a first or second attempt, sketching out rough details or hypothetical numbers, before you proceed to something definite.

This is really the first of two moments of truth for your funding, debts, past accounts and so on. The second is in January 2020, and it is possible that you are looking at a six-month contract here, or a six-month future review – for whatever reason. A classic example would be decisions about your salary, redundancy, retirement, bonus, pay rise and the rest, which chime with July but would not become real until the start of next year.

In general, with two eclipses also here in July (and you are ruled by the Moon) you need to be aware of blind spots and cover-ups. The 2nd and 16th of July find the Sun and Moon, which normally light your path, making a strange sequence of patterns with each other, which blot out the light. It will be like flying blind or walking blindfolded, if you prefer, as history tells us eclipses are never fully understood until years later.

I am sure my esteemed colleagues at Sun Sign School will all be telling you what I am about to share: avoid major decisions or assumptions on an eclipse. You could allow the day before, and the day after, for the world to catch up with itself.

A classic example would be putting your house on the market on an eclipse, blind to the fact that the council has plans for your street which will later affect its value. It really depends on your personal birth chart, which you will have as a Premium Member. If you have both Cancer and Capricorn factors, for example, you should be very wary of those eclipses.

Another example might be paying a lot of money for an apartment and borrowing heavily on fixed interest rate repayments, only to see the price of it plunge during Global Financial Crisis II, which I and other astrologers like Joanne Madeline Moore have been predicting for some time. This is more likely if your personal birth chart has a run of factors in Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn.

In all cases, if you have any questions about finances, property, charity or business in July, remember astrology is a general weather report in a column like this, and for specifics, you need to go to a trusted, tried and tested accountant or money professional. This is just one tool in the tool kit of life, not the whole box.

You do need to look at the issue of power, Gemini. Look specifically at the balance of power, or the lack of balance, in an arrangement which likely involves your former, current or potential partner. Maybe a family member. Possibly the bank (although it feels like a relationship).

You have been dealing with Pluto in this zone of your chart since the year 2008 and along the way, intricate and complicated power-based relationships have evolved. A classic example would be your will, or a legacy owing to you. Another might be the aftermath of child custody and divorce. I am sure you have your own story.

Not only Pluto, but also Saturn and the South Node of karma are also there, and you will experience peak intensity in July, as the wheel of time spins around, and you must try to seek closure for the years 2000 and 1981 in particular, or deal with others (perhaps the universe as a whole) asking you to make spiritual amends, if it is you who owes others, rather than others who owe you.

This is the famous South Node cycle, which goes backwards in time by 19 years. It is known as the Rahu and Ketu cycle in India. In that culture, and also modern astrology culture in the West, every time a Node makes strong aspects, which it does in July 2019, you must answer to the past.

This may be a literal repetition involving the same agreements or people. It is far more likely to be symbolic, or a repetition of familiar themes. Gemini, the Nodes do not just stop at 1981 in their backward cycle. They reach back to the 1960’s and also to the 1940’s and then on and on, through the Millennia.

That is why this cycle, felt most in July 2019, is associated with past lives. The issue itself may not involve a vast amount of money, or a particularly big deal – yet the emotions which surface, and the energy it absorbs, may be profound. Why? Karma. You and a certain someone, or even a large organisation, like a government body, are going through some very old stuff here, and amends must be made, and dues must be paid, in either direction.

Right around the world in July, we will see chaos in the property market, particularly with American mortgage lenders, but in a general chain reaction across all major cities, as the value of apartments and houses, and the interest rates demanded by the banks, go into flux. This may have a domino effect on your own situation, Gemini, or that of someone close. The patterns in July are rare. Not only the eclipses, which are unusual, but also Mercury Retrograde – when nothing goes according to plan or sticks.

Now, some Gemini people will profit from this. No doubt about it. But you have to know what you are doing. Some financial astrologers like my colleagues in the business Olga Morales and Kate Silas spent a huge amount of time studying and researching these patterns. It’s not for the beginner.

In general, as far as you are concerned, know that whatever comes up for you now is about power, empowerment and disempowerment. That’s what the price or cost of the matter is. You also need to have patience. It will not be until December 2020 that you can say, once and for all, the obstacle race is over. This is long-haul stuff and you also need to keep your eye on January 2020 for reasons I have already mentioned.

A new arrangement will come out of all of this, in the end. A new deal. A healthier agreement where you, he, she or they agree to disagree on certain matters, but in general, share brand new territory. They call Pluto the planet of transformation and this is why. The landscape is altering, financially, in 2019, 2020 and the outcome will see far more compromise over who holds the reins, or who runs the show. That compromise will be helped a great deal if you can remember some basic astrology rules.

Never sign or buy on Mercury Retrograde unless you know exactly what you are doing (this is paraphrasing the late, great Debbie Kempton-Smith, my colleague from New York). Never act or judge on an eclipse, either, as history tells us that we are always flying blind at such times, and have no idea what we are actually doing, or what is actually going on. It is only years later that we find out what was really taking place, behind the scenes, or behind closed doors. So – July is tricky. No doubt about it. However, you will navigate it successfully, and come closer to what will be a very different sort of set-up in future, when those who felt powerless or without any influence, will find they have it. At the same time, any person or organisation which has been taking over, or just taking, will be utterly reduced in every way.

This is particularly true of anyone or anything with long roots in the year 2000 or 1981, in terms of deals done, or arrangements made. I am sure you know better than anyone (if this is the case) just what power is being wielded here. Yet I can reassure you that astrology and history, since 1930, have shown us – every single time a person or organisation power-trips others – there is a downfall.

It may be you that holds all the cards in a game, as you are owed money by others. This is a very common scenario too. Being sharply aware of that, handling it delicately and sensitively, and most of all – taking advice from those who know – will get you through. Yet, observe the Mercury Retrograde rules too. July is a good month to talk, and talk. To have a dress rehearsal or first attempt. The final cut should come later. Or the final division. That’s what history and astrology tell us.

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