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House, Apartment, Family, Household

Gemini, you’ll have a Full Moon and Sun-Neptune opposition to get over, on Wednesday the 2nd and Friday the 11th of September. It’s not a huge deal and you’ve gone through it for years, actually – around this time of year.

What the oppositions do is show you who or what you cannot reconcile. It may be your sister. It may be your flatmate. We live in pressured times in this pandemic. Maybe your concern is actually the real estate – it may be your region or country.

You cross two bridges to reach the new path, which appears in front of you on Thursday the 17th of September on the New Moon.

The Reward

This is an insanely good New Moon in Virgo, which will see Luna being trined by Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – and also Uranus. These slow-moving outer planets prop up the new beginning, no matter if you are selling property; renovating your garden; moving to a new place; rethinking the household; switching direction with the family.

The exact New Moon is the 17th September but the days either side could be significant. So, your reward for doing the hard yards earlier on in the month is well-supported fresh start, later on. In fact, October as a whole is an extended reward.

Household, Apartment, Person

Ambition, Position, Mission, Success

You are now in Pisces weather and although you have been here since 2011, it can still be disorienting. Here is an extract from my book 2020 Vision (Penguin) which addresses that in more detail for you.

Neptune in the Tenth House encourages you to use your position, your role, or your career, to bring about your most ‘impossible’ fantasies, dreams and ideals. Can it cause problems? Of course it can. It can even confuse the boundaries in your world. But let’s start with what’s good about this cycle!

You will not want a normal, ordinary or average life in these years. Particularly in relation to your job, your role, your mission, or your ambitions. Neptune will make you long for a life which is inspiring – like a real-life fairy story, or a glorious poem. The world needs people like you now. Without your vision, we would lack the miracles, magic and mythical aspects of existence which elevate us beyond the boring and the corporate. The institutional and the dull. With care, you can take us all higher.

When it comes to your achievements in this cycle, the potential for something rather special, and completely out of the ordinary, is definitely there. However, you need to be aware of the risk of distortion. Neptune rules altered vision.

It’s the kind of glazed vision that so successfully blots out the real world, you don’t even know you’ve got issues. So, as a safety measure, in these years, it’s vital that you ask objective outsiders for their opinion. And do listen to your critics.

Despite the fact that some of what you hear will not fit the marvellous jigsaw you are creating, these sharp little reality checks are sent to help get you on track.

Look at your employers, staff, clients, colleagues, professors, fellow students or volunteers. If you work at home, it’s about the family (housework and child care being your job).

Together, you could cause chaos, transgressing all sorts of boundaries and slipping into all kinds of places you were never meant to go. So…at the point at which you can feel yourself turning into a poodle or leading somebody else on a long piece of leather, do ask your most objective and sensible friend to rate the effects. Are we all going to be inspired, elevated and uplifted by the magical sweetness of your ambitions, or are you just taking yourself (and us) into confusion?

Your ambitions must bear some relationship to the real world, and your real self, if you are going to see your impossibly high ideals come to pass – or if you are going to make it in that fairy-story career. Listen to other people, even your critics, and look at what you’re doing.

The Reward

I really like the look of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile in your chart in October, when the planet of expansion, growth, hope and problem-solving is perfectly aligned with Neptune, in your zone of ambition and achievement. This also has a financial pay-off for you, Gemini. It may be cash, or ‘cash in kind’ that rewards you.

Doing the work on the Pisces (career, university, unpaid work) side of your life across those tough oppositions has a reward later on when conditions are easier and you finally get to see what a bubble feels like.

Neptune at his best is another world, nicely protected and enclosed against the rest of the world, and this is where you are headed professionally or academically. Specifically, the Jupiter-Neptune sextile of October 3rd-14th.

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