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March 2019

Uranus in Taurus and the Art of Change
Uranus is the planet we associate with two kinds of lightning – sheet and forked. This comes from a myth laid down in Latin over 2000 years ago. The story was picked up in 1781 when Uranus was discovered and named, in the same year that an Italian scientist called Luigi Galvani discovered what he called animal electricity. Lightning illuminates the night sky so that you often see ‘day for night’ when you peer through the bedroom window. Now, you have the planet which represents all this, moving into a new zodiac sign – Taurus – for the first time in your adult life, unless you are extremely old.

I am sure you know how much storms change everything. They come from nowhere, and even a weather forecaster cannot tell you how and when lightning will appear. There is always relief and release, eventually, as things settle down and you realise that change was necessary. In fact, storms, thunder and rain are part of the natural world and without them, there is no growth. The time has come to look at the structure of your life. What you might call your achievement, and your ambition. Along with Uranus and his entry into Taurus, the sign which rules your very soul and spirit – we also have quite a lot of astrological weather in the Tenth House of your astrological chart, which is where you have always aimed high. March is very likely to be about your career, your status, your position, your course, your paid work or unpaid role.

The Pisces Weather in Your Achievement Zone
The dates that I am seeing for both these patterns – Uranus, the electrical storm and lightning – in Taurus – and also the Pisces weather – are very close. We can bring it down to March 7th and 17th, actually. You can allow 24 hours either side of that, for the world to catch up with itself. Some of you are reading this in Auckland, and some of you are reading it in Los Angeles. There is one big reason why questions about position, and status, are really important. Chiron just left this zone of your chart. That’s a big event in astrology. Chiron was the person or organisation that taught you what it was possible to get away with. Chiron, for many years, educated you in the so-called impossible, unthinkable or outrageous. This has basically been about what you would call your mountain top of ambition, or your climb through society, or up the ranks of the class system, or (most likely) the different levels of your chosen field. Your profession, industry, business or other calling. Now, Chiron has gone. I mentioned ‘the Art of Change’ at the beginning of your forecast and there is indeed an art to it. You can either go back and reconstruct or rebuild what you had, or you can walk away and start again. Now, let’s look at the group around you.

Chiron in Aries and the Exit of Uranus From Aries
Chiron the teacher, having spent years in your success and ambition zone, is now in your house of groups. This may be your former, current or potential band. Your political party. The cast of your film. Your branch of Alcoholics Anonymous. Your charity. Another ‘course in life’ is beginning, but this time it will be about the hive mind. The group mentality. The psychology of people in a circle or community. At the same time, the departure of Uranus from this same area of your chart, on 7th March, suggests a completely different set of circumstances and atmosphere for the group. To say everything is up in the air in March is the understatement of the year. This is, again, the art of change. When everything settles, how will you all regroup, or will there be a splinter group or even no real group left at all? This brings us to the question of your secrets and your very soul. You’d have to expect that March 22nd and 24th, when the Sun conjuncts Chiron in Aries in your Eleventh House, then the Sun conjuncts Salacia – also in your Eleventh House – are dates to watch. This community or circle of people could go in any direction then. Among them are old and new friends. It will be an education for you and also for them.

Uranus in Taurus, Your Secrets and Your Soul
Taurus is the sign which rules the Twelfth House of your solar chart. The Twelfth House describes what is hidden behind the scenes or deeply below the surface. It is the attic or the cellar of any home. It is the darkened windows of a car, or the drawn curtains in front of a window. We associate the cycle you are in, from March 7th, with a thorough flushing-out of these concealed places, both in your life, and also in yourself. Dreams and Tarot readings often reveal all. So, does counselling. There is also the more dramatic prospect of ‘no more secrets’ and that really depends on your personal birth chart. If you have factors at Pisces 13, 16, 19, 21 and 24 then the transits this month will trigger that. Most Gemini people are unlikely to have too much in Pisces in their natal horoscopes, so perhaps the issue in March is not so much the flushing out of what was covered up, or hidden – as the need to have a conversation with your own soul. This is a really powerful time for you. Digging deeply into all the nooks and crannies, no matter if you do it with a priest in confession, or with a quiet night and a candle, can be potent. Uranus has never been in this region of your astrological chart in your adult life, as I’ve said – unless you are very old indeed. Thus, everything will be new, unprecedented and quite unexpected. That can be invigorating. It can be challenging, but it can also be galvanising. Once you know who you are, where you are, and why you are – from the very core of your being – you can set about making decisions for 2019. Are you going to return to renovate and improve the old set-up or system? The old structure of your life? Or, Gemini, are you going to walk away without a backward glance towards a brand-new day?

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