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Money, Property, Charity, Business, Possessions

Leo, be aware of the potential for confusing situations or muddled negotiation or understanding, when we deal with a Mars-Neptune conjunction on the 13th of June. You could allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself.

There would be too much rushing or pushing, and not enough time and thought – with this situation. There would be zero boundaries involved, as Neptune dissolves them. So, there may be quite a lot of lines crossed and that’s not useful. Just a date to watch. Neptune in Pisces can be fishy and slippery with it, so if someone like this swims across your radar, near this date, be mindful and be proactive. Astrology is about sidestepping issues.

Lifestyle, Workload, Well-being

Considering what you went through in 2019, Leo, you are now in a really powerful position to make long overdue improvements (that is putting it politely) to your lifestyle, workload, wellbeing and daily routine. This goes into the 24 hours you have every day, involving sleep, exercise, fitness, relaxation – into areas like food, drink, drugs and prescribed drugs.

It reaches into questions about how fit you are, to do the housework, your unpaid work, your paid work, and any study. The tiny things matter more on this cycle, and very close to June 30th, it will be the small things that pack the most epic difference.

Certainly, on the level of work, study or unpaid work, you had way too many people interested in over-controlling everything last year. It was very tight and very tough. Now, you are welcoming the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions of 2020, which fix so many issues but also open so many huge doors to the most incredible opportunities.

Right time, right place? Even in the middle of Rona? Absolutely, Leo. In fact, together with Uranus in Taurus (the career revolution) and this Pluto-Jupiter situation at the end of June, I don’t think any astrologer would be too surprised to hear you are utterly transforming your success in life, as well as your ideas about what being successful means.

More practically, around June 30th, you may experience demotions, promotions, mergers, sideways moves, retirements, redundancies and the rest in your chosen field, which flow onto you and benefit you. Empowerment is coming.

Friends and Groups

The karma with these people goes back to 2001, and then back again another 19 years, depending on your age. It may go into previous lives, so you could have been knights at the same round table, or just women in the same tennis team. Things are circular and stuck. They have been since April when Venus first went retrograde shadow. Women in particular have been on a long circuit with you, as Venus rules the female of the species.

Avoid the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, please, on June 5th. Allow a day either side. When it comes to friends and groups, then, you cannot see and will not know. An eclipse always leaves us in the dark, so just be aware of that. There are easier times. Having said that (and bearing in mind the stop-start progress you are having with a friend or group of people) – there is karma here. In fact, the karma goes back to 2001, and perhaps 19 years before that. Maybe even into past lives, Leo. This would be a central network of people, like a band you toured with, or a political party.

What do I mean by karma? Well, there are debts and credits of a spiritual nature here, and you may be owed by other people, or owe them on some level. It’s usually psychological and emotional in nature but can turn up as a literal replay. So, you owe a friend money from 19 years ago and he is back to collect. Or, a football team owes you its cup success 19 years ago, and now you are going to be repaid.

Religion, Spirituality, Astrology, Psychology

Will you ever be done with this ongoing story in your life? It is likely about religion, astrology, the Tarot, spirituality (Buddhism) or perhaps another belief. It may be about astrology, psychology, psychiatry or just – your soul. Perhaps you believe in science, or maybe you have your own deep, inner convictions. Yet, here we are again, and it’s time for you to go back and forth with it all.

The New Moon solar eclipse on June 21st involves the Sun, your ruler, so it’s not the best time. Allow a day either side. Why is it not the best time, Leo? Really, it’s because you can’t see and won’t know the full and complete picture.


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Now, here are the dates that matter in June 2020. Keep reading to see if your personal birth chart is affected by the astrological weather passing through.

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