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The Capricorn Weather – Lifestyle, Workload, Wellbeing, Duty, Service, Body, Routine
The reality of your situation hits home near 3rd February, Leo, when you realise that a project, task, role or goal is a forever statement. It will outlive you, actually, and so you need as much time and space as possible to give this the serious attention it deserves – it’s a weighty matter. Close to this time you will also need to deal with a complicated relationship which affects your daily routine, lifestyle and workload, no matter if you study, are in full-time employment or engaged in unpaid work. If all this feels familiar, it is! In fact, you are spinning your wheels all the way back to May 2000. You’ve been here before, or at least your karma has. Near February 26th you will feel the full karmic load as Venus conjuncts the South Node. There is a change in the balance of power taking place at work, university/college or home and it will take time. It may be official (promotions, departures, mergers) or unofficial (a psychological shift in how you deal with your boss, staff, lecturer, classmates, clients or colleagues). Leo, if your body goes to the top of your list in February, it is time to look at the whole picture. How your body, mind and spirit are in secret collaboration with each other. Clearly the relationship you have with your healer, doctor, dentist, surgeon, trainer, diet advisor and so on is at the heart of the matter. It’s time to see yourself holistically.

The Pisces Weather – Business, Charity, Property, Finance, Taxation, Possessions
Between around February 20th and April 17th you will hit delays and changes with the discussions or paperwork surrounding your finances, house, apartment, charity or business. This is the Mercury Retrograde cycle which always begins and ends with Mercury Retroshadow. Try to finalise everything before the 20th, Leo, or at least have Plan B, C and D up your sleeve. Read the fine print to see what would happen if there was rescheduling or a reversal – say – with the bank. Around February 13th you need to look at the communication issue with (likely) a partner or family member. What’s being said or put in writing – are you all/both on the same page? Someone will be a go-between or middle person at that time. Close to February 19th you are reminded of a lesson you have been made to learn since 2011, so over the last eight years. That lesson is about boundaries. Clear, crisp, contained and controlled agreements. Watertight arrangements. Unless you are right across that document or discussion on that day and get everything in writing as quickly as you can, you will hit the usual confused and confusing outcomes by April 17th. Watch out for potential line-crossing with others!

The Aries Weather – Travel, Study, Teaching, Publishing, Worldwide Web, Foreign and Regional Differences
Leo, you are in a long-term cycle of massive, ongoing changes with your travel, education, academic commitments, book career, website, blog and particularly your understanding of people from quite different countries, cultures or religious backgrounds. It started all the way back in 2010, so you’ve had about nine years of adjustment and it does not stop until 2027 – so, another eight years! Some months deliver peak experiences which are part of the story. Important chapters. This is one of them. Something (or someone) you had assumed was virtually over in your life will return near February 10th. Near February 13th life moves rapidly, the emotional temperature rises, and revolution is in the air. Independence Day. Try to cool down and slow down near that date and do not be rushed, nor pushed. You need a strategy. This is also true near February 27th when Uranus conjuncts Diana in the fierce, frank and fearless sign of Aries. Space is the final frontier. It’s also what you and others need. A new approach!

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