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June 2019

Pregnancy, Babies, Children, Sexual Relationships, Young Adults

Leo, you shine brightest when you play King or Queen to a younger court. These may be your own heirs to the throne (sons, daughters, young relatives, godchildren or stepchildren). They may be ‘heirs’ in a broader sense, rather like the Harry Potter readership of J.K. Rowling or the Millennials who are so influenced by Madonna. Your sign is associated with leadership, guidance, mentorship and setting an example, all of which makes 2019 an unforgettable year, in terms of the younger faces around you.

Sometimes the issue is a lover or partner, with whom you could have children, adopt them, foster them, become a stepparent to them and so on. Thus, the parenthood-potential sexual partnership may be the real story in 2019. Essentially your personal life is packed with choices if you are true to your sign and you will either be the classic maternal Leo – Meghan Markle, the late Princess Margaret, the Queen Mother, Princess Anne all being good royal examples – or you may find a less conventional way to set an example to your heirs. This naturally applies to male Leos as well. You have to find your own path to be ‘King’ to a younger court in 2019.

June is absolutely essential to your progress. This is particularly true near the 10th of June when Jupiter (the planet of opportunity, solutions, expansion, growth and hope) makes three strong patterns in your chart.  Yet, Leo, in June 2019 you are very much going to have to do the work. Key dates for this are near the 12th, 14th and particularly the Full Moon on the 17th June, which you may prefer to skip for date night as it’s a stretch.

Again, near the 20th and 23rd, you are shown why work is involved in ultimate reward. The fact is, along with all the dazzling potential of 2019, you must also compromise, repeatedly, in order to find a fair amount of control and power. A classic example would be negotiating time with your daughter, if she has just married a man who takes her away from you. A broader example might be engaging in serious give-and-take with a young, Millennial apprentice in your hair salon.

Ceres is alongside Jupiter in your Fifth House of parenthood, substitute parenthood, guidance, teaching, mentorship, leadership and also courtship, in 2019. (The kind of courtship that could lead to pregnancy or step-parenting). As much as Jupiter is a fantastic symbol of improvement, progress, big answers and sweeping new outcomes – Ceres is about gritting your teeth and accepting what you cannot change.

Leo, the fact is, nobody can have total and sole control. Not you, he, she or they. There must be a moment of truth in June when all of you, or just both of you, realise that if you are going to sort things out with each other, there will have to be a fresh agreement. A new order. A different world.

Friends and Groups

This is easily the most important month of the year for friendships, groups of all kinds (from teams to clubs) and for people power, within a community. As early as 3rd June on the New Moon, there will be a new beginning. You may join Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, the Wilderness Society or Friends of the Earth, for example. This may be when you join Twitter or Pinterest. Essentially, June is about understanding that old and new friends can be just as important to you as family members, or even partners and lovers. Friendship means a great deal this month.

Daydreams, wishes and far-off goals that seem out of your reach, can become achievable with people power in June. There will be quite a lot of effort and time involved near the 10th, 12th, 14th and particularly the Full Moon on the 17th, with another hurdle near the 23rd June, when Jupiter is opposed by Venus. However, you don’t get a sparkling new public swimming pool in your town, without a huge amount of effort made between all of you, both collectively and as individuals. Using this as an analogy, let’s just say that if you want the dream, then very near those dates I’ve mentioned above, you are all going to have to do the work.

Groups can be the most interesting distraction in the world, now. Yet, you are going to have to remember the usual Leo rules. If you do end up with a leading role, within a trade union, political party, professional organisation, football team, rock band – and so on – then you have to honour that responsibility by following role models who have shown outstanding leadership in the past. How did they do it? How is it done?

Equally, if you are just another face in the crowd, you have to remember to play your part, and take your place alongside everyone else. Thinking with the Hive Mind is the best way to create a buzz, if you are all pursuing publicity or Twitter impressions. Perhaps you just need to achieve something that you could never do alone, nor with a partner. Only a circle or network of people can deliver it in June, which is why you have work ahead. The Full Moon, when your ruler the Sun in Gemini is opposite the Moon in Sagittarius, will bring things to a head and polarise people, or chime with an inner conflict for you. Thus, the 16th, 17th, 18th June might not be the easiest dates in your diary for a dinner party, group launch, friendship reunion and so on. There are easier times.

Yet, Leo, June is still very much a month for true friendship, for people power, for solidarity within a group and for learning how to make a diverse community of people harmonious. You do have a gift for this, as Leo is the sign we associate with the Queen or King at court – like King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Camelot at the White House. As long as you don’t lord it over people (a common Leo failing) you should be drawn into the most fascinating and worthwhile social, friendship and group situations now.

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