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Ambition, Position and Mission – Crossroads Decision!

You have two eclipses (always a blind spot or cover-up) and a stop-start situation, affecting your mission, ambition and position in July. Libra, if you can treat the whole month as a dress rehearsal or work in progress, so much the better. This applies to your career, unpaid role, place in high society or university/college life.

There are a couple of reasons for hits. First of all, the eclipses (avoid these periods for big judgements or decisions) fall on July 2nd and 16th. Allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself. You just won’t see or won’t know – not for some years. If you can sign, judge or decide any time, try and do it in the second half of August or later. Astrologically speaking, as so many of my colleagues in the Sun Sign School are also saying, July is complicated and requires a fair amount of caution.

Mercury, the planet of communication, negotiation, paperwork, contracts, handshake agreements, media announcements, publishing, printing, the internet and mass media as a whole, is not on form. He is going backwards and forwards, and also pausing. This also puts your discussions, paper trail or digital trail on a really strange zig-zag path until the middle of August. Allowing for the pre and post shadow, which is extremely important (despite what Google might tell you about Mercury Retrograde) this has been building since June and does not stop until you are into the second half of next month. Treat July as a first attempt or first take. The final edit comes later.

If you absolutely must go ahead, allow for changes, reversals, delays or even a complete scrapping of plans. This applies more strongly if you have Capricorn factors in your personal birth chart, which you can check now on your screen if you are a Premium Member.

There is a fair amount of karma here, Libra. We are talking the year 2000 and 1981. You owe, or are owed, in terms of your ambitions, position or mission. Everything goes around and comes around in July, quite obviously to your eye – once you know that you are looking for old karmic obligation. We may even be talking past lives here. It’s possible.

You are going for closure, until 2020, according to your horoscope. Or, you should be! This means closing the loop of time, going back into life as it was for you around 19 years ago, and 19 years before that, and so on. Closure means settling up, in terms of your old career, university or college life, the period you spent between jobs, or your stake on the social ladder.

If other people seem to keep saying and doing the same things, without any progress or movement, take it as a sign that you need to shift your attitude on the inside. When you cannot alter what goes on around you, you can at least develop your best qualities. This is the making of you, in terms of your soul or spirit. Years from now, long after you have forgotten the dithering and plan-ditching of July 2019, you will remember what it made of you, and who it made you – that’s really success – and will last all your life, actually.

Family, House, Apartment, Hometown, Homeland

Libra, you deserve a large glass of Pol Roger for passing the halfway mark of the most demanding cycle in over 240 years, in terms of your family members, house, household, hometown, homeland or apartment. This has been building since 2008, as every other year you seem to be dealing with major questions about people politics, the balance of power, those in control and your own levels of control or empowerment!

You have been thrown any number of situations to deal with, ranging from your partner, to in-laws, to children, to landlords. Flatmates, builders and landladies. The local council or your government. The direction of your kitchen or the direction of your nation. July is a very good month to look back and remember. You also need to learn from your mistakes as well as reflect on what has always worked for you.

You may want to avoid the eclipse period around 16th July, which is a Full Moon, so it’s a big stretch anyway. It is also a moment of not seeing, not knowing, not even guessing – regarding home and family, your people or your place. An eclipse does what you would expect, in astrology. It leaves you in the dark. It may take years, actually, before you realise what was likely taking place in the middle of July 2019.

Take it slowly. Give yourself more rest, time, space and peace. Even if you are on holiday or ski vacation now, or on a beach somewhere, you won’t be able to get away from the basic home or family questions. Maybe they are even building in intensity, as you could all be glamping together in a tent or just letting out your home, welcoming family to stay with you and so on.

Libra, you are all about the scales of justice, equality, balance and fairness. Particularly so with your former, current or potential partners. Love or work! You are here to settle the balance, all the time, and thus you have to refer to this person, even in your own memory, when you are also figuring out what to do next about the household, the home, the property investment, your home town, the relatives, the country and so on. Chiron in this zone of your chart suggests you are here to learn in 2019, regarding the scales and how to balance them – and it is likely to be a lesson in what you can get away with, or what others can get away with too.

The South Node in Capricorn, Saturn there too – and Pluto – suggests you are in this for the long game. It will not be until January 2020 that there is a peak moment of decision-making and a crossroads. This may be a post-Christmas or early New Year choice about who to live with, how to deal with the family tree, where to live, how to live and so on. Throughout, you learn about your priorities.

I mentioned issues about people politics or power going back years. This remains. You know not what to do. Allowing too much emotion into what should essentially be a practical arrangement that suits everyone is smart. Leave strong feelings – yours, his, hers or theirs – at the door. This can and will work out, but it is going to take time. Maybe longer than you would like, as Saturn is about the slow passage of time – the waiting game and test of endurance – the obstacle course. Yet, Libra, you come out of this entire cycle at Christmas 2020 with an utterly transformed family landscape, sense of home, investment in your place in the world – your patch of turf – your connection to the past. Your heritage and culture. Your parents’ and grandparents’ hometown or homeland. This goes beyond a solid feeling about bricks and mortar, which you will ultimately have. It goes into how your soul feels about having won, long and hard, the quest to fit within the family jigsaw puzzle with your own piece. It is a developing picture of who belongs to you, to whom you belong, where you belong and why.

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