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March 2019

The Pisces Weather and Your Mind, Spirit and Body
At this time of year, the Pisces weather sweeps in. This year we find the Sun, Neptune, Proserpina (Pluto’s wife), Vesta (Saturn’s daughter) and Mercury Retrograde all in the sign of the fishes. I am sure you know that in astrology there is no separation between what your mental state does to your physical body, and what you carry physically – does to your mind. There is then the more mysterious matter of your very soul, core being or spirit. This month is the time to seek answers. To find a person who can help, or an organisation which has a solid reputation. You may find what you are looking for, through meditation, yoga, Pilates, Reiki, cognitive therapy, a counsellor or a doctor. In astrology, the zodiac sign Pisces rules the Sixth House of your solar chart, which is where you are given a chance to sort things out. This is important if your sleep is affected in any way at the moment. Libra, the great irony of your situation is that you have worked long and hard to get yourself the kind of bedroom which most people would love to curl up in, yet your horoscope suggests that until you fix your headspace, your actual living space or night-time environment doesn’t have much impact on you at all. You are, in fact, living in your head. Libra, you need to understand just why Pisces is the sign associated with imagination and particularly ‘mere figments’ of the imagination. It is also associated with distorted memories and anticipation of the future which puts you in Never Never Land. A great many things simply never happen. Keep it real this month. In fact, the astrological advice now would be to get real – and keep it real.

Chiron in Aries
Chiron is the teacher of astrology, and also of Roman mythology. He is usually painted or sculpted as the wise centaur, instructing Achilles in the use of the lyre. He also taught some herbal medicine to Aesculapius and was really a mentor and guide to so many heroes, that it’s no wonder you feel you are being taught by life at the moment. What you are being taught is useful, because even though Chiron is at the very beginning of his transit of your Seventh House of opposition, enemies and those against you – he can still show you so much. One of the first things you probably need to learn is that a great deal of what you were put through in the years that Uranus was in Aries, is now just a memory. This cycle dominated your feuds, contests, competitions and battles for many years – for roughly a decade. On March 7th that period in your life is history. Yet, you are no doubt carrying all kinds of mental images of what happened, or dealing with quite strong feelings, either situated around your heart chakra, or carried in your whole body. Don’t underestimate the massive shift now taking place as Chiron moves in and Uranus moves out. The new lesson is – that was then, this is now. Chiron’s first lesson should be about that.

Saturn, Pluto, the South Node and Your Home
It’s really unusual to see Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all in Capricorn, the sign which rules your house or apartment. Your four walls and the roof over your head has much more importance now. In fact, given that you have been slowly learning about willpower and self-control since 2008, purely through your domestic situation, property commitments and living environment, you might say your home is now a container for all sorts of emotions. It has come to represent an aspect of yourself. This may be why the new minimalism promoted by Marie Kondo – a variation on the original home-based energy work pioneered by Denise Linn and Karen Kingston – makes sense to you. Like bedroom, like brain! Like kitchen, like soul. March is a really good time to understand that your home has come to symbolise how in control you feel. How empowered you are. How much you feel you are running yourself and your life. There are ways of doing this even one more time, Libra. They will all involve self-discipline and willpower. They say, ‘you make your bed and you lie in it’ and it is the remaking of your bed, or just some aspect of your living space, perhaps, that is the key to you now.

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