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May 2019

Your Money, House, Apartment, Business, Valuables or Charity
Nothing like a Full Moon on 18th May to lay it all on the line for you, Libra! This is really about the complicated financial and sexual or emotional relationships that are in your world. Marriage and mortgage are one. A will, inheritance or legacy involving the family is another. You are in a completely new cycle here and may be wondering where the manual is. Actually, you get to invent life as you go along, so be open to what comes and meet change – with change. The month begins with a lightning bolt. It is the kind which leads to breakthroughs, but also, perhaps, a break with the past. I do say this a lot, but you need to put a price tag on freedom. Look at your independence, or that of others (former, current or potential partner – family member) and price it in pounds, euros or dollars. It is this kind of ‘heart and soul’ arithmetic that will make far more sense than other people’s ideas about what makes you rich or poor. A great many Sun Libra people have Scorpio factors. If you do, then May 2019 could be a game-changer. Try to see why freedom, liberty and independence are so precious (to the point of being priceless) to yourself and others. This goes beyond the money, the company, the taxation, the valuables and so on. It’s soul stuff.

Pilgrimages, Lectures and Bibles
If this was 17th century London I would be talking to you about pilgrimages, lectures and bibles in May. The modern equivalent is your car, train, plane, boat, bike or motorbike – and a Google Map. You have some fantastic options in May. An issue can be resolved, if you need it, or you could go to the next level with a really amazing opportunity for you as a commuter or traveller. Thus, the pilgrimage! Lectures and bibles these days translate as the worldwide web, blogs, websites, Twitter, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, public speaking and the rest. Again, if you need a way out or a way through, it is on offer. If you already did quite a lot of work since November last year, you will now be lifted up where you belong. This goes beyond getting your message across. It takes you higher as a writer, a singer, an orator, scriptwriter, poet, student, teacher and so on. The actual project, course, plan or goal will be subject to change in the final week as you need to carve up the control with others – or maybe with the universe – or just the internet! Finding that level of individual empowerment, while also taking them/her/him into account is really important.

Travel and Travel in the Mind
The closing days of May and the month of June suggest foreign people and places, foreign faces and spaces. This can mean cross-cultural knowledge exchange in your own home town, of course. Yet, there may also be a pilgrimage (see above) to an exotic location not too far away from you. This is the Sun in Gemini ushering in all kinds of possibilities, opposite Jupiter in his famous 12-year cycle, opening doors all over the place and throwing repair kits your way, if you need to knuckle down and sort things out. The ‘travel in the mind’ part of the story is really about formal education or academia; informal learning; publishing in both digital or traditional formats; libraries and the web. You could be on the road to something really special in November as a result of choices now.

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