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If you need to begin 2019 with a much closer relationship with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, the stage is set. If you are interested in someone you kissed on New Year’s Eve or ended up in a haybarn with – the stage is also set. Do you need to heal a rift with your ex and get back together? Are you wondering if this is the time to become engaged, get married, move in together or start a pregnancy? Libra, there is something bigger than you going on this month and it’s called Uranus Direct in Aries. This is your opposite sign and it rules your opposite number. Your (former) opponent, which is often the partner you are doing battle with, or someone who is in your past. It is also your opposite, sexually, in terms of ‘opposites attract.’ This planet turns direct on January 7th and this is his last gasp in this area of your chart. From March, Uranus is gone. The not-knowing vanishes, then. At the moment you are in the not-knowing space, but if you have children, or babies/adoption/step-parenting is the big question here, you’re likely to start talking seriously from January 25th. Libra, if you are ready to leave – to break up or even divorce – this really is now or never. If you did get married, though, there is no way the planets will let you forget your church wedding vows in January.

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