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Friends and Groups – Willpower is Power

Here we have not only Pluto, but also Saturn, the South Node and ultimately, a peak moment of choice in January 2020 – ahead of you. Friends and groups show you that to be empowered you have to use your willpower. To feel in control, you have to use your self-control. Unless you grit your teeth, set your jaw, gird your loins and roll up your sleeves, Pisces, you may well feel pushed and pulled by something or someone!

There is karma here going back to 1981, 2000, the 1960’s or even the 1940’s depending on your age (schooldays during the war perhaps?) It goes back into past lives too. You may well have all/both gone through a spiritual issue before. It’s one for the soul.

You will get final closure by 2020 but July is really about working through these issues about who or what is in charge, and the need for a compromise. A new order. Sharing! It will take time and be har work because Saturn is in there too. Work through it. You will all/both be in such a different space by Christmas 2020, but for now, you need to pace yourself about what is required. If you feel the need to read around the issues, or ask an expert, then go for it. Avoid the eclipses for decisions/judgements about or involving these people. It may be a rock band or football team. Twitter or Mumsnet. These eclipses fall July 2nd and 16th – allow a day either side. Eclipses conceal they never reveal!

Sexual Relationships, Babies, Children, Millennials, Generation Y

With all of the above, Pisces, the eclipse rules also apply. Avoid judging or acting on July 2nd and 16th and allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself. The light of the Sun and Moon which usually shows you the way or blazes a trail, is obscured then. You or others will be in the dark. If you have Cancer factors in your personal birth chart (check to see, if you are a Premium Member) this will likely be about your children, godchildren, grandchildren or young relatives, or a sexual relationship which may end up in co-parenting eventually).

Whatever your chart looks like, the Cancer weather now is pretty inconclusive! Mercury Retrograde is in Cancer so anything from the plans for a Christening, to contraception prescriptions, to your son’s education may be affected. Mercury is about communication, information, transportation and negotiation and when he stalls, goes backwards or even eradicates his own original messages to you, or plans for you – life is not normal.

Allow all of July and the first half of August to send you off track. I think it’s likely schools, colleges or universities will be affected by extreme weather, strike action and so on. This may also touch your life. Sexual relationships with parenthood potential are also unlikely to make much sense, stick, or remain as planned! Be aware of that. It’s not the most useful time of the year to join a dating website.

If you are around children, Millennials or Generation Y for professional or unpaid work reasons there may also be rescheduling. I am sure you know to put ‘re’ in front of every word on this cycle. So, you rethink, review, rewrite and so forth.

It’s a good month for rehearsal. For first attempts or rough drafts. For vague plans to firm up later on in August or September. Not so great for ‘absolutes’ involving your daughters, for example, or nieces and nephews. Great time to research and ponder your choices. Not so hot…in the extreme hot weather, climate emergency conditions we would expect to see in Europe and America, in July. The astrology is pretty clear about that.

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