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May 2019

The Worldwide Web, Multimedia, Publishing and Communication
Well, Pisces, what do we have here? A revolution? It would seem so. A revolution involving the world of books, podcasting, television, radio, public speaking, social media like Twitter, blogs, websites and so on. Even good old-fashioned debating or oratory, of the Hyde Park Corner kind. This cycle (Uranus in your Third House) can only happen once in your adult life. You have never experienced it before. Now, a couple of really potent electrical storms in May will deliver it, well and truly, so that you can ‘meet change with change.’ Pisces, if there is anything about your life online that has trapped you, confined you, or even tightly bound others in some way – that will now have to unwind and unbind. The way that happens is likely to be quite unexpected, unusual or unique. If, however, you have been on the freedom road with online life or multimedia, publishing, communication or education since May last year – expect an easier leap forward. Less lightning bolt, more excitement. Crackling energy in the atmosphere and the prospect of experimenting wildly with new technology or the cutting edge of smartphones or computers, internet or television, is one example. I think the phrase for May is ‘Freedom of speech’ and you have to give it as much as you embrace it. Whatever it takes. Emerging technology will play its part. Just skip the Full Moon on the 18th please. It’s hard work anyway and you really don’t need that for launch or sign-up, purchase or…chapter one. Pisces, if you feel that getting ‘the word’ out there in a new way, using a different medium, or just fresh possibilities – would liberate you – then go ahead. Liberate and be liberated! As I said, you literally only have this cycle once in your adult life.

Success, Ambition, Status, Position, Mission
Keep climbing the mountain, Pisces. If you want a different mountain, then hop off the old one and start with the new one. By November you will have made it to the top. This is a year of promotion, awards, big hits, prestigious new positions and other big leaps forward. High Society? Maybe. A level of social status that has not been possible in 12 years is calling. It all begins with a bang in the first week of May thanks to a Mars-Jupiter opposition. I’m not saying it’s easy, peaceful or relaxing, but it will push you forward. If there is a problem you need to solve with your boss, client, staff and so on – trust a sweeping solution to present itself. If you already cleared the ground for new growth, progress, expansion and world domination (I’m joking) since last November, then expect something bigger and better up ahead. This is your year, or it could be and should be. Slow start, perhaps, but May will show you what is possible by November. If November is your deadline for launch then make like NASA and eyeball that far, far horizon. You could star. We need to talk about Ceres in all this. I see so many Gen Y astrologers on the internet ignoring this planet, but she is a symbol of compromise, deal-making, power-sharing and often time-sharing or job-sharing. She is also right across your success chart in the final week of May. Divide? Yes.

Family, Household, Apartment, House, Home Town, Homeland
All eyes on this from the final week, especially as news, paperwork or important discussion is suggested near May 21st.

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