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March 2019

Cupido (Cupid) and Your Former, Current or Potential Partner
Cupido, better known as Cupid, is the son of Venus in astrology. As you probably know, she is the goddess of complicated relationships. Like mother, like son. In March you must deal with the realities of a situation which affects your heart and challenges you to rethink what is taking place and take practical steps to deal with it. It may help to look at the Cupid myth, as all astrology is based on Roman/Latin storytelling and history. Essentially, his mother Venus, who was beautiful but also vain, was jealous of a stunning woman named Psyche, and forced her famous son, Cupid, to play a trick on her. Cupid was to present Psyche with a hideously ugly man (or monster, in some stories) and shoot her with his arrow. His poisoned dart, which meant anyone wounded, would fall heavily and instantly in love with the person in front of them. Cupid got it wrong, tripped over, and accidentally pierced himself with his own weapon. He fell in love with Psyche and Venus’s jealousy intensified. In the end, Cupid and Psyche won. You can see the sculpture in The Louvre. Thus, we associate Cupido with lovers, with the reality of any relationship between a mother and son, but also about the chemistry between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law too. It’s complicated! Perhaps true passion always is. You can’t really experience the full power of the human heart unless you also experience its more challenging side, too. And in March, that is putting it politely.

The North Node in Cancer
Cupid passes through the Seventh House of your solar chart in March, in the sign of Virgo, which is right opposite you. Normally this would not be such a big deal, but you also have karma to deal with (from the past) and karma to avoid (for the future) with a son, daughter, godchild, niece, nephew or grandchild. Perhaps with stepchildren, or another deep concern with younger people – schoolchildren or Millennials – which somehow affects your love life as well. This is the North Node in Cancer cycle, which always returns you to the past. In fact, Pisces, there may be a flashback to the year 2000 or even 1981, depending on your personal birth chart. What does the North Node in Cancer do? Well, in your Fifth House, it urges you to take the lead. To set an example. This may be an I.V.F. process or a classic child custody battle. It may just be the fact that your former husband has fallen in love with a woman who has a child from a previous marriage. However, March manifests for you, Pisces, it is important to pull out. To realise you are part of the narrative. Without you, things would be different. If you can extract yourself, no matter how perfectly the stage is set for conflict, you will be at least giving one heart, two hearts or perhaps three hearts – a chance to heal. It is very important that you are honest with yourself about the extent to which you are propping up what is going on. There is no rule that says you have to stay engaged, though. Maybe that has two meanings.

On the 18th of March the Sun opposes Cupido which is when it will all be perfectly clear. On 29th March Proserpina will also oppose Cupido at 24 Virgo. Thus, you might say, the second half of the month is a time of reckoning. A situation like this can go on for months. Years. It relies upon the attack and defence mechanisms of all those involved, including you, to sustain it. If just one of you stops playing the game, the game would merely struggle on. You have to ask yourself how invested you are in this. Do you want, need and crave it? Is it good for you?

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