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Foreign and Regional Connections and Commuting

Scorpio, have Plan B and C for all your plans to travel and commute in July. This also includes your accommodation of travelers, all global and distant digital communication, and everything from airlines to yachts. The fact is, you have a zig-zag pattern right across your zones of ‘A to B’ which is why ‘Plan B and C’ is a really good idea. Actually, a lot of my colleagues at Sun Sign School would tell you it’s essential.

Check weather conditions, strikes, rapid developments (Twitter is great for that) and just be more aware than usual of the Mercury Retrograde cycle in your zone of foreign people and places, regional differences and the worldwide web. Tied into this is any course, workshop or degree – seminars and casual learning – but also publishing, in terms of books and eBooks too.

There is a lot to say about the eclipses too. In general, steer clear of major assumptions, action plans or decisions on July 2nd and 16th. Allow a day either side of those dates for time zone gaps. I have readers in Auckland and also Los Angeles, so I need to cover for all of you, as these mighty eclipses pass across the planet.

They are what you would suspect. A lack of light shed! An unusual, peculiar blackout of information. A lack of knowing or seeing. I don’t know if you have ever seen a total eclipse – I witnessed one at Glastonbury years ago – and it was peculiar to see the British skies turn so dark, so early in the morning.

These eclipses are not quite so attention-grabbing in terms of news headlines, but they will grip the astrologers and astrology readers out there. You’ll see a lot of wrong information about them. Please trust history! History and astrology tell us, eclipses coincide with everlasting mysteries, and ‘case never closed’ outcomes. Often, we never ever know what really happened or not. Given all this is affecting you with your transport, travel, holidays, vacations, foreign and regional connections, education, publishing, the worldwide web, multimedia and so on – be aware that you are unaware.

Debbie Kempton-Smith, lately of New York, wrote one of my favourite astrology books of all time. In it, she penned a long piece about eclipses. In fact, she refused to meet me in Manhattan one time, because of an eclipse. I learned from her. Things are way off course, off track, off beam at such times.

An example of how you might go off track, would be a new development in Europe or Asia, near these days or on them. Rather than assume or guess, just assume you’re not seeing the full picture. Is there another day to decide?

Scorpio, we also have to look at the loaded subject of communication in general. Your emails. Your feelings about the giants – Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter. Fox (of course) and also the household names that affect how you are heard, read and understood. It is really no exaggeration to say July is a crossroads. We’re also talking your actual speech and hearing here – your eyesight and comprehension – your literacy – the fundamentals!

This goes beyond how you feel about the way these corporations control how you are understood and understand. It goes into core basics and quite a few Scorpios will know what I am talking about.

No matter how you are affected, though, know that people politics surrounding a specific course, idea, website, blog, social media channel, ideas, project – is here to stay until 2023.

You are right across this, being ruled by Pluto, a planet we associate with enforced compromise, the loss and gain of power, the feeling of disempowerment or empowerment, willpower and power, self-control and control – and it’s really all about communication for you. Pluto has been in this zone of your chart since 2008.

In July 2019, he is joined by Mercury Retrograde right opposite, so we have classic mistakes, missteps, delays, reversals, technical failure, human error, reshaped plans and the rest to get through. I would expect extreme weather (flooding, storms or extremely hot climate emergency) to affect you so please double check insurance or just daily scheduling.

This kind of thing does affect how things are with your general ideas, projects and plans. On the plus side it buys you time to think, deeply, about who and what matters most. If you are launching anything now – a book, website, blog, magazine, course – allow for this to be a dress rehearsal and for the actual final outcome to unfold only from the middle of August and onwards.

That is how long it takes for Mercury Retrograde to complete, from shadow to shadow. July is a superb time to rehearse, Scorpio. It’s an excellent time for a first take, a second take. Maybe a storyboard, a rough sketch in a journal, a long beta testing period.

We would not normally care so much about yet another Mercury Retrograde as you tend to have three a year. Yet this time we also have a loaded horoscope, with eclipses too – and the South Node of karma, Pluto and Saturn in your zone of communication.

It may be that what went down in 2000 or 1981 affects you in July. If so, try to accept that you are being paid your dues, or paying dues, and it would be about just these matters – foreign and regional differences, multimedia, the internet, writing, public speaking, travel, vacations, holidays, commuting and so on.

This does end, Scorpio. It ends with a big finish in December 2020 when you will look back at the years since 2008 and congratulate yourself on learning the mother of all lessons about being heard and read effectively. Namely, that willpower gives you power. And patience is a glory.

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