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Jessica Adams’ free Psychic Astrology forecast for May 2019. See what this month looks like in the stars.

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May 2019

Money, Property, Charity, Business, Valuables
Scorpio, 2019 offers huge solutions, big opportunities and excellent natural timing for you – with your house, money, apartment, business, company, valuables, charity and so on. The stage has been set since November 2018 and the more you have done during that time, the better. For example, if you needed to clear the way for new growth – perhaps better cash flow, maybe genuine abundance – May 2019 now makes that possible. Even if you just need to roll an obstacle out of the way, the obstacle course you face in May will do that for you. It is rather like jumping hurdles in Chariots of Fire to get to the champagne glass. Do use this cycle to build and create the biggest and best for yourself and others, in terms of receiving, saving and passing on. I suspect the Mars-Jupiter opposition on May 5th will be the real turning point. You will experience open doors either side of that date, or on the day itself. May 21st, 25th, 28th (allow 24 hours either side) are also key moments in your personal financial year. You are in the Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle which allows you to access the deepest of answers (detoxing a situation if necessary) but if you have done the work and prepared the ground, you could see rapid take-off early in May. One of the year’s most important discussions, pieces of news or signatures will take place late in May. You will reach a compromise then with a trade-off in terms of the controls. Make it a good one.

Your Former, Current or Potential Partner. Your Rival, Enemy or Opponent
The person on the other end of the scales from you, is clearly visible in May, when you can examine all the details and inspect the scales too. These are the scales of balance, perhaps of justice (if there are legal issues) and certainly of equality, harmony and fair ‘weighing’ between two very different people. This may be your husband. It may be your ex. It may be a love rival. It may be a professional partner – or a work opponent. The thing is, Scorpio, there is something in the air that smells a lot like freedom. The more urgently you or he/she needs that freedom, space and independence the bigger the events of May. You can be locked into a duel as much as you can be trapped in a marriage, for example! I mentioned ‘doing the work’ in the paragraph above, about your money cycle. Well, it is the same with your other half or opposite number. The more work you have done since May last year when Uranus (a symbol of independence) first moved into your opposite sign of Taurus, the less dramatic May will be. The more natural the evolution will be, because you have already been on the freedom road anyway – or allowed the other person to be. If there is tremendous restriction, confinement or even entrapment between you and he, though (or you and she) it is very likely that the developments of May 8th and 18th in particular (Full Moon) will feel like an electrical storm that comes from nowhere, the better to break up tension, stagnation and a tremendous sense of ‘stuckness’ on your part of his/hers. As always with these aspects, dance in the storm if so and allow others to do that too. Scorpio, given the emphasis on the house, money, apartment and the rest in May, it is hard not to put two and two together, and see you making really big choices involving sex and money, marriage and mortgage, family and property, legacy and inheritance questions and so on. I’m just going to repeat what I say a lot with Uranus (freedom) in the finance sign (Taurus). The time has come to do your life arithmetic and hang a tag on independence, liberation and autonomy for yourself or another. New calculation!

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