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Jessica Adams’ free Psychic Astrology forecast for May 2019. See what this month looks like in the stars.

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May 2019

Money, Business, Shares, Charity, Possessions, Property
You have until November (likely a peak moment of solutions or rewards) to sort out your money, house, business, apartment, charity, shares, company, valuables and the rest. You are well-known for your values (whatever these are) and with the Sun entering this zone of your chart in the final week of May, it is time to stand up and be counted, but also do some bean-counting yourself. You have quite a crossroads coming with all this on May 4th, 5th or 6th when life will speed up and heat up. As an earth sign, symbolised by the steadfast bull, you prefer to take it slowly and take it easy but there is a very fortunate way out, or way through, at that point and it may require you to move your hooves. You are quite clearly looking at the mother of all deals or compromises in May. The Full Moon near the 18th is a time of reckoning when you will need to look at what/who you are so well-known for, in financial terms – against the backdrop of complex arrangements, perhaps involving your mortgage, legacy or inheritance. Essentially, the numbers translate into power and control in May. There are huge questions here about how to share. How to give and take. You are very lucky to have Jupiter, that symbol of protection, natural good timing, luck and ‘flow’ on your side in 2019, specifically with your former, current or potential partner or perhaps a family member. Sometimes the connection is far more intimate, secret or explicitly sexual. Choices are calling you. Time to remind yourself what your values actually are and what the price tag on life maths is. Put a price on empowerment too. And your share of the control. You are clearly going to be subtracting, adding or dividing quite intensely in the final week as Ceres triggers your chart.

Image, Reputation, Profile, Title, Identity, Brand
If some aspect of your surface self, or superficial internet ID has restricted you or even downright trapped you, then a few cages will shake or chains will snap as Uranus in Taurus times an unusual situation for you near May 8th and 18th. None of this is your true self or real self, but it still matters a great deal and a reasonable percentage of Taurus people are well and truly ready for the revolution. It’s really a situation of finding freedom from/finding freedom through, where your face, shape, style, name or Twitter headshot is concerned. Taurus, it is possible you have been on the freedom road with your relaunch since your birthday last year, in which case these transits are not going to do much more than take you to the next U-turn. That letter of the alphabet (U) is about what is unique, unusual, unexpected (to put it politely), unconventional, unorthodox and so on. The shell you crack in May is your own. Giving birth to yourself will be an exhilarating, electrifying experience. Other people played midwife the first time. This time you are your own midwife!

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