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The July Crossroads for Travel, Education, Web, Books

July is a crossroads for your plans to travel, move, publish (online or in print), study, teach or deal with foreign people and places in general. This may be about your use of Twitter or your involvement with ‘the great divide’ between America and Britain, for example, or Australia and Asia. Why the crossroads? We have a lot of what Jimi Hendrix called Crosstown Traffic, going right across the Third House and Ninth House of your chart, Taurus. This is classically about communication, connection, global networking – and it may be at the level of academia or simple social media – but you have some roads to navigate here, Taurus. Take care and take your time.

Patience and Wisdom – Travel and Travel in the Mind

You can speak the same language as others, but be divided by culture and history, belief systems (particular religions) and the rest. Taurus, you are well-known for your staying power, fixed outlook and entrenched values, but even you are being seriously tested now. This may be about a particular book, website, course, workshop, trip, export question, faith or multimedia project.

The fact is, you have Saturn, the South Node and Pluto (all heavy-hitters in astrology) lined up in just one zone of your horoscope, which rules travel – and also travel in the mind. You are now well and truly past the halfway mark of this very demanding cycle, which began in a noticeable way back in 2008 and has deepened and intensified in 2018. Now, you have to get real. No other way of saying it. Denial is not a river in Egypt, and all that.

Others have been there before you and there is no fast or easy way out, no trick or tip that will get you in and out of this cycle! Sometimes you just have to bow to experience. Wisdom does not always sound exciting, but there is a reason particular wisdom (about your situation) has been tried, tested and trusted by so many people, over the course of time.

On a more practical note, when it comes to commuting, vacations, holidays, moving or emigration – or the negotiation involved in communication – online or in the real world – there are things you can do. And things you can avoid, too.

Mercury Retrograde is really high on my list. History and astrology tell us that it always begins and ends with a shadow, and so although you’ll read that Mercury (the planet of commuting and communication) starts going retrograde, or backwards, in July, that’s not really the whole story. Much of your July and August situation was set up in June.

Double-check arrangements, bank on strikes or extreme weather, perhaps hacking. Allow for the post or even Google or Twitter to hit a wall on this cycle. I would be particularly careful with anything in a foreign language, which Mercury rules. Trains, cars, planes, boats, bicycles and motorbikes (even horses) come under Mercury, who was the winged messenger of the gods. If it can go backwards or get stuck, it will – on this cycle.

Yet even a delay buys you time to think and ponder, Taurus. At the very core of your July issue is a fundamental question about being human and understanding your fellow human beings. We’re not so different but we use other languages or perhaps unique ways (spiritually) to explain the mysteries of life. Birth, death, the afterlife and the rest. This may have a part to play in your July experiences. Trying to see this as a temporary obstacle course with communication, understanding and comprehension, on the road to something easier, is a smart way to use the astrology.

There is no way you can get through the Cancer-Capricorn clashes of July 2019 without jumping through hoops with particular countries; their locals; your interests with other faces from other places! Saturn, the South Node and Pluto all in the demanding Ninth House of your chart, right opposite all the astrological weather in the Third House (internet, multimedia, publishing, basic communication, education) means hurdles. Taking a look back at where you were at in 2000 or 1981 could help you clear some.

Connection, Communication, Commuting

Have Plan B and Plan C for all kinds of connections, commutes and communications in July. Mercury, the messenger planet, appears to be slowing down, failing to move and even reversing. Even the best-laid plans, particularly those dating from June, or made on the hoof in July, are likely to stall or also reverse.

Fax machines, mobile phones, computers (of course, as discussed), train schedules, airports and the rest are at the heart of this, but although Mercury Retrograde is blamed for all manner of silly things – don’t assume it’s blanket ‘bad’ in July. Not at all. It’s blanket ‘delayed/reshaped’ and yet, as the lines of connection, communication and travel are at the very core of so much in your life, you need to be aware that July will require fancy footwork.

Mercury Retrograde is about the little things that go missing, or go wrong, in the context of much larger questions. We do associate this cycle in your own chart with brothers and sisters, perhaps cousins, and particularly those with whom you spent a lot of time as a child. (Often, you may have been each other’s babysitters while your parents were busy). This is one area where, for example, mid-year family holiday plans may need to be cautiously put together.

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