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We have a total eclipse on 21st January in your zone of extended family and immediate relatives – or your household, if that feels more like your family. This is always a blind spot. What you need to pay attention to is one particular relative or flatmate, as although things feel secure, one face in particular is not all that settled. Attention must be paid, as Arthur Miller said. You begin 2019 in a good place with your groups, teams, clubs, bands, societies, associations, political parties, networks and the rest. Yet again, you may want to look at the people here as individuals and give them what they need, rather than just allowing everyone to function as some kind of backing or background, en masse. All too soon we find Mercury Retroshadow from mid-February and you will be glad you had everything watertight by then, as any loose ends with your friends or others in the group could so easily unravel by March.

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