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March 2019

Future Ambitions in 2021, 2022, 2023
I am sure you know the song about climbing every mountain, from The Sound of Music. There are a couple of really towering ambitions waiting from December 2020, when Jupiter and Saturn both enter Aquarius. This situation is previewed in March 2019. We have a spell of Aquarius weather, with Venus and Bacchus both in this sign. In your horoscope, your highest ambitions for status and success are ruled by Aquarius, on the cusp of your Tenth House of achievement. Peak career highs, perhaps, or peak moments with other roles, responsibilities or niches in your life. You have to start somewhere on this long road, Taurus, and you will be in a position to make a start in March. There is a sensual, satisfying feeling to what takes place. Bacchus is a symbol of wine. The high life. The good life. You may be clinking champagne glasses for the future, or detoxing (more on matters of image in a moment) but there is still a lovely, enticing, irresistible invitation here. How could you not want to proceed towards a crowning achievement? Pluto (real power) enters this same Aquarius zone of your chart in time for 2023 and remains there for many years, so it’s not impractical to begin thinking about how you could get to the absolute top in 5 years.

Presentation, Packaging, Image, Appearances
On 21st March we have a Full Moon in Libra in the Sixth House of your chart, which rules your body, mind and spirit. This is a real time of reckoning for you, in terms of your drink, food, prescribed medication, recreational drug use, doctor, healer, fitness, meditation, yoga and so on. It takes place two weeks after Uranus, a symbol of radical change, enters Taurus, and your house of image, appearances, shape, style, presentation and packaging. Many people born under your sign will turn away from alcohol, take up gym memberships or move away from meat this month. A Full Moon is always about trying to reconcile two sides of a situation, or two halves of a whole. The Moon is opposite the Sun at this time. Figuring that out will take time and space. Yet, this is an important Full Moon (look up and you will see it, white and bright in the night sky) as it falls in the same month as quite revolutionary change for your skin, complexion, size and weight becomes possible. That’s Uranus in Taurus, your own sign.

Boundaries with Friends and the Group
You often come up against questions about boundaries with your friends, and the others in your group. This is because Neptune, which dissolves everything and blurs the lines, has been in this area of your chart for many years. In March, as the Sun travels through this house of your horoscope, a huge amount of light will be shed on the chemistry you share with your acquaintances, the brotherhood or sisterhood, or the oldest people within your friendships. Figuring out how to be at one with people – how to merge – without risks, is an art form. This zone of your astrological wheel is really about pooling resources with other people and getting things to a point where you can all co-exist separately and together, without there being any issues. It takes great care, sensitivity, attention, focus, concentration – and a great amount of insight – to pull this off. Taurus, it is possible that you will be helped by something or someone greater than yourself. A typical example would be your involvement with Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace or a similar conservationist group, and what appears to be divine intervention or help from on high! Yet, at all times, remember what has happened in the past with your circle or community and learn from it. You have a dazzling Sun-Proserpina conjunction on March 4th and as Proserpina is the go-between, the broker between two people or two organisations, the piggy-in-the-middle and the human bridge – you can expect assistance. On March 6th Neptune is conjunct Vesta, so those questions about merging, versus being everywhere/all over the place really dominate then. You may well find the issue is one male and two or more females, within the actual circle or social media group. On March 7th, the Sun conjuncts Neptune which repeats the message, in case you didn’t get it the first time! The situation will go backwards and forwards, as Mercury Retrograde is at large. In fact, you would do well not to rely on the emails, texts, paperwork or discussions at all near the Sun-Mercury conjunction of 15th March, because you or others could change position, or you may find that what is in motion, goes backwards, by the middle of April. To say the situation with your group or friends is ‘flowing’ is a polite way of putting it, but actually, it’s just completely uncertain. This could be the England football team, the Labour Party, the Commonwealth of Nations or the cast of your next television series, but this is unformed. Give it time.

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