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Your Former, Current or Potential Partner
Your former, current or potential partner is in sharp focus near Friday 7th December and again near Saturday 29th December. Boundaries is the magic word, as usual. You may be crossing the line or find that he/she is unclear about where things should stop. It can be very confusing when this happens and although the situation is confined to December, you may want to think longer-term about this. From around February 20th to April 17th the discussions, plans or paperwork between you could easily stall, reverse or become complicated. The more you can do now to keep life simple, clear and understood – the better. At this time of year there is more alcohol around than usual – and other substances too – and this is unlikely to help. When it all works between you, it is a holiday from the real world. A genuine escape. However, like any holiday, you need to have a few boring rules to make sure it all goes smoothly. Neptune is a symbol of ‘everybody, everywhere, all over the place, all the time’ and something about the chemistry you two share, produces just this effect! Being aware is half the battle. I don’t need to mention that there is an attack or defence mechanism being triggered either. You probably feel that, even as you are reading this. At the Mars-Chiron conjunction on Saturday 29th December, try to remove any heat or urgency from the situation affecting you both. It’s fine to see where the line just moved to, and what is possible or acceptable these days. It’s unhelpful to have any hint of conflict between you, or a third party. As I said, this washes up from late February to April next year so bear that in mind when you put anything in writing that might affect that period.

Virgo, sometimes the focus on this transit is not your former, current or potential partner – but an enemy. A rival, opponent or foe. This is because you pour your energy into the feud, not so much a partnership. If this sounds more like you, then be extremely careful with the other side, as you need strong walls, barriers, defences and checks. Do not let anything or anybody drift past or get under the gate. You also need to develop a strategy after Christmas. Use your time off, to come up with a plan. Be utterly practical about what you can get away with – or should get away with – these days. The old rules may no longer apply.

Pregnancy, Children, Young People, Youth, Lovers
The Full Moon on Saturday 22nd December reminds you to slow down and give yourself more time and space, Virgo. The heart of the matter is a pregnancy, adoption, stepchild, godchild, youth plan (for example, a university class or children’s charity), son, daughter, young relative or lover. The latter would be a gateway to big questions about step-parenting, fertility or contraception. This Full Moon is more important than most of them, because you are also dealing with a triple line-up of Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in this same area of your chart. You cannot rush this. There are no quick and easy answers. In fact, Virgo, it will not be until Christmas 2020 that you slowly ease out of this phase, which involves a tremendous amount of learning. The Getting of Wisdom, you might say. The South Node suggests you have been here before, with a similar story or theme, around 19 years ago. This may even stretch back into past lives. Pluto tells you that you need to figure out a new balance of power either with this younger face, or another person who is very much involved. This is why time and space are so essential around 22nd December, because it may not be until January that you can say you’ve finally got this sorted out for now. You’ll welcome a bigger solution, this time next year and realise that everything now, had its part to play.

Your New Home, Family, Property or Household Waits
Everything takes time when we have Mercury Retrograde around. The final shadow does not fall until Christmas Eve and then you are in the clear, regarding the details of your home improvements, relocation, relative, flatmate, live-in partner, town or country. Even though we have a New Moon on Friday 7th December and with it – a new beginning – and even though your hopes are raised enormously near the 21st – you’re still not quite there yet. Anything from computer issues, to telephone obstacles, delayed mail, misunderstandings, changed minds to extreme weather could get in the way. Don’t be put off, though. You are right to have skyrocketing hopes for a bigger, better 2019 a few days before Christmas. From Christmas Eve you are on your way and by Boxing Day, the year ahead looks loaded with astonishing potential. No matter what you have to overcome (if there are problems) or how high you are aiming (if you just want more) the door is well and truly open, and the welcome mat is out, from 24th December. Around 27th December when Jupiter forms a perfect semi-sextile to Saturn, you can think about making things permanent, with a really astonishing handshake agreement around 22nd January. You want, need and deserve a family life or household that feels like a sanctuary. You also want and need the very best from your home town or homeland. Slowly but surely, Virgo, that is just where you are headed.

Projects, Plans, Books, Websites, Multimedia, Courses
Hang in there. This is all taking a ridiculously long time to come together, as you have been dealing with people who do not reply to emails; second and third attempts; muddled multimedia; telephone issues – and more. Do go back and check with someone if you haven’t heard more about your project, plan, book, website, blog, television or radio concern, newspaper, magazine, degree or workshop by the time you read this. There is every chance they’ve been calling the wrong number. The good news is, you are now seeing wheels turn again, after a long period (September, October, November) when the wheels went backwards and forwards. You have been waiting for Venus and Mercury to both move out of the loop and this takes place in two stages – from December 12th, and a little later, from December 18th. This will help you so much with the task at hand, which is an important compromise. You, he, she and/or they must agree to differ, perhaps, over your very different needs and wants. Yet, there is every chance of a decent new arrangement which allows you all, or both, to carve up the control. This would be in place, once and for all, by January 25th, 2019. Treat this as a longer game than you probably thought, Virgo, but do bear in mind that every single solution you seized, or opportunity you took, in 2018 will now stand you in good stead. You were laying great foundations, you see, and despite the to-and-fro nature of discussions, plans, scheduling or agreement, if you did all you could possibly do prior to November 8th then this final compromise by January 25th is that much easier.

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