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Pregnancy, Children, Sexual Relationships, Millennials, Gen Y

July needs more care than usual, Virgo, as you have not only Pluto, but also Saturn, the South Node and a Full Moon in the horoscope zone which rules youth and the young. This pulls in sexual relationships where you could end up co-parenting with someone eventually. Pregnancy-potential sex is on that list, along with more developed marriages or relationships where another baby, an adoption, or step-parenting is a possibility.

Some Virgo people are broadly concerned with young people as a whole, so you may teach children, or coach teenagers at sport, or run a marketing campaign aimed at Gen Y, also working with Gen Y on the team. This cycle will find you, in a very personal way. No two Virgo people are the same, even though this weather is alike for everybody. It is essentially about patience, effort, persistence, realism (not a time for wishful thinking: a time for reality checks), karma from the years 2000 and 1981 – more on that later – and also a deeper understanding of how power works.

Is that enough? It’s more than enough to be going on with, but the first rule of thumb is to avoid the eclipse for decisions or judgement calls. That 15th-17th July landmark is also a Full Moon, so you or others will be stretched anyway. An eclipse is always a cover-up or a blind spot. A missing part of the jigsaw. Often, you are never even aware there is a missing part. Why go in blindly? If you can make choices at any time at all, you may prefer to do it well away from the eclipse.

An example of this would be adopting a baby from Africa, only to discover (years later) that the child is not from the family you assumed. Another example would be starting a sexual relationship with a person who is covering up the truth regarding an ex-lover.

Eclipses are not negative or positive, they just conceal. They always conceal, they never reveal, so why risk it? Find another time to make up your mind. We call all children and young people into this zone of your chart, so we may be referring to your godson or goddaughter, your niece or nephew, your grandchild or stepchild. On a broader level, as discussed, we may be looking at Millennials or Gen Y, in the context of your paid or unpaid work. Eclipses black things out or blot them out from view.

Virgo, I mentioned power and people politics in the context of children or young people, and perhaps lovers. You are familiar with this, having been through so many scenarios since 2008. Now, there is another one. Use your experience. You know what not to do! Aim for compromise. A new world will come out of this. There may be a need to split time, or divide rights, roles and responsibilities. Child custody is an example of this.

Saturn is the hard work part. This cycle is notorious for stretching your patience, asking you to wait (and wait) and tolerate. You learn as you go. So do other people. In fact, 2019 and 2020 are best described as one long learning experience. This is most obvious to you, of course, if you have become a father or mother for the very first time. This new baby will be your teacher.

Saturn also sends you to the experts. When in doubt about children, teenagers, young adults, pregnancy or sexual relationships, head straight for people or organisations counted as tried, tested and trusted. Those over the age of 60 know the most because they have been through two Saturn Returns.

The years 2000 and 1981 may carry karma, which must be repaid. Perhaps your Millennial offspring was born that year. We go back into past lives with this cycle too, through to the 1960s, the 1940s and even down the centuries. Virgo, this may explain why a relatively small issue about a godson, or a one-night stand, has such a massive impact on you emotionally or spiritually. You’ve been here before. Back then, it was a bigger deal. A really major life event. Now it is not, but the karmic ‘clang’ remains.

It is very common on this cycle to feel that no matter what you say or do, to change things or improve them, you are stuck. Others go through the motions and nothing shifts. The purpose of this stickiness is to force you to change on the inside. Alter your approach, angle and attitude and develop a sense of humour, patience, tolerance, compassion, understanding and so on.

This does end. It ends at Christmas 2020. For now, you have to do the hard yards, as we say in Australia. Karma requires that kind of stretch. There are some things you can do to help yourself, though.

One is to avoid that eclipse period, as mentioned. Another is to recognise that you will be empowered once this cycle is over. It is transforming you. Ask any Leo you know what happened to them between 2000-2008 regarding pregnancy, the world of children, fertility and so on. They had this cycle before you and will know.

The empowerment will come as a result of your own willpower in a situation and that is your lasting prize. You will also welcome the relief and release of a very different, far easier phase in your life from December 2020 when Saturn finally quits Capricorn. For now, if life repeats and revolves, remember – change on the inside.

Friends and Groups

The July astrology weather for friends and groups will bring a blind spot or cover-up on the eclipses of July 2nd and 16th, so be aware – that you will not be aware at all! Why act or judge then, if you don’t have to? Choose another time.

July weather for friends, groups, trade unions, guilds, secret societies, rock bands and the rest (Twitter, for example) is also rather stuck and in flux. Mercury Retrograde is with us and you are ruled by Mercury. Allow for people to change their minds about group plans. Allow for storms, floods, extremely hot climate emergency temperatures, strikes and other X factors to get in the way of team plans. Don’t just book and forget. Check!

You may find new friends flit in and out of your life by August. Some will be tricky customers as slippery as Mercury itself. Be really careful around that eclipse. It’s the same with any group which asks you to join up or sign up. Ask yourself where the money is. That’s always a really good way to check the integrity (or not) of a group. As Taurus Barbra Streisand says, ‘Follow the money.’

July sounds rather negative, put like this, but it’s really not. It just requires some clever handling. Friendships and groups which are good sources of energy, strength and support are not really going to alter much, but you do need to be savvy about changes to your original plans, as some will be cancelled, others will be delayed or profoundly altered. That may cost you money so get insured.

An example would be a school reunion over the vacation which runs aground after pilots go on strike, or there is a lightning strike at various airports. You get the picture.

Mercury Retrograde, the North Node of karma and the eclipses all in this zone of your chart suggest a long, slow working-out of spiritual debts and soul credits with your friends, now. Many of these friends will be involved with a group, like a football team’s supporters’ circle or a charity. You go back years with these people, or into past lives. That is why everything is taking so damn long. You need a very, very long period of delays in order to absorb things, emotionally and spiritually. When nothing really changes or shifts, with friends or groups, it is because you are being required to do some inner work. That takes time. You are being ‘bought time’ by enforced circular situations or an unbelievable amount of repetition with people.

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