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Your Former, Current or Potential Partner

Virgo, in love or career, you have a former, current or potential partner – and near June 13th – it is time to slow down. Mars is a horoscope symbol of great haste. It is about rushing and pushing, quite hard. At the same time, we have Neptune in the frame, so the picture is a blur. You and he (or she) seems to  be in quite an odd phase, here, with very little that is clear, or remotely contained or controlled.

Neptune has been with you for many years, so with this person (or quite another, now) you are experiencing the usual lack of firm boundaries or any kind of recognisable lines. In fact, if lines were drawn, they have faded into the sand.

This is interesting for Virgo poets and those of you who love the best kind of rock’n’roll, because it’s full of such stories, set to music or put into prose. Yet, to live this out, in your (very) real life, is hard work. So, reduce the speed and heat near June 13th and be strongly aware of why boundaries are a really good idea.

Success, Ambition, Achievement, Status

You are now dealing with quite a long and complex situation, likely involving a woman, which began in April and has never really found a normal path. It’s been about your career, unpaid work or studies. Venus Retrograde is your answer, and as you are going to continue going back and forth for some time (into July) you may want to bear that in mind. Long pauses, disconnects or just rewrites of the story are pretty common on this cycle.

This may take you from the 25th of June to rethink and reschedule, and ultimately July will decide if you take a deep breath and finally get the whole relationship or association on a permanent forward track, or decide to let something go.

Part of the issue here is karmic. We need to go back to 2001 for this. What you are owed, or what you owe, spiritually, is now coming around again. So, for example, if you failed to pay an employee on time, 19 years ago, it may be you who is now left hanging for months. The North Node in Gemini can be quite literal sometimes.

It can work the other way as well, Virgo. If 19 years ago, the last time you had this cycle, you did a great deal for other people, for nothing, out of the goodness of your heart – well. Don’t be surprised if good people are now doing their best for you, too. This circuit is well known in Indian astrology too where they call the Nodes, Rahu and Ketu.

Needless to say, you’re going for karmic closure and settlement this time round, all the way to January 2022, so whatever you can try to achieve now, to balance the past or create the right setting for the future, it’s worth doing.

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Friends and Groups

Mercury Retrograde is with you. Friendships and groups of all kinds, from clubs to teams, from societies to associations, will now be taking you backwards and forwards. We do have rather a lot of retrogrades at the moment, so June may feel like time-travel.

Make it work for you by setting aside June and July as months of first and second attempts. Creative rehearsal. If you must go ahead, and your plan involves the media or internet, have Plan B and C. There may be technical or transport issues, or people may go back on their word, which happens.

Avoid June 21st (and the days either side) as the New Moon Solar Eclipse is here. You will not see, nor know, the full picture with friends and groups.

Children and Young People

Your best and biggest bet in 2020 is your son or daughter. Your godchildren, or the children you are employed for/with. Teenagers and young people, either in your own circle, or for work reasons. Perhaps – volunteering, too. We are also talking about any generation old enough to be your own children. Sexual relationships which can end up in pregnancy or adoption, are also part of this cycle.

Near June 30th you will be given a rare opportunity to take back control, or even have genuine empowerment for the first time. This is the Pluto cycle in your Fifth House. J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter under it.

You put up with so much in 2019, Virgo. It was really tough. Now, at last, you are seeing progress. In fact, what happens near the 30th of June rings the changes for Christmas. It is through your role as mentor, guide, leader, parent or substitute parent figure – with younger faces – that you will come into your own this year.

If there are any lingering issues from last year about people politics, or power politics, which involves a younger face, or someone connected to that younger face – trust the process. Jupiter is here to win the day for you and the length and breadth of the 2020 solution will be detailed and not before time.


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Now, here are the dates that matter in June 2020. Keep reading to see if your personal birth chart is affected by the astrological weather passing through.

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