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March 2019

Repair, Recovery and Rebirth
Virgo, you have been living with Chiron in your opposite sign of Pisces for many years. If you are curious about this horoscope symbol, please read the feature I wrote on Chiron, which clears up some of the myths (he was not ‘The Wounded Healer’ that you might read about). In fact, Chiron was a teacher. You have been taught unforgettable lessons about enemies, opponents and rivals for such a long time, that you are now well overdue for repair, recovery and rebirth. Classically, this may have involved a former partner, or perhaps the third person in a love triangle. The issue may have been your current wife’s former husband, a member of her family or just a jealous opponent. Perhaps you have an ex-husband who turned out to be against you. Perhaps your own wife became your strongest critic in the Chiron years, or you attracted other opposition in your career, no matter if you were stabbed in the back or suffered your Ides of March in quite another way. Rather than bore you with the long list of possibilities that Chiron in your opposite sign delivered, in this very new century, let’s look at the necessary restoration of your mind, body, spirit, heart and soul. It’s coming in March. We have Aquarius weather in your Sixth House, which rules sleep, meditation, dreams and rebalancing. It’s called recharging, in the sense that your batteries may be flat or dead. It is very clear from your horoscope that the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune may be far back in the past. Chiron has been in Pisces for a long time, and some things are history. Some feuds, attacks, criticisms or slings are dusty old museum pieces. Yet, they are part of who you are. You now need to move on from the person you were, and have been, towards the future. The future looks fascinating, because it clearly shows a symbolic parent-child relationship between you and another. It’s dazzling!

Parents and Children – Old and Young
Virgo, you currently have Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn, in your Fifth House. This describes the relationship between parents and children, but also grandparents and grandchildren – even great-grandchildren. This zone of your chart is also about people who have no children in their lives and never will, but decide to teach, mentor or guide a younger generation. The Fifth House is also about miscarriage, termination, adoption, fertility and related issues like I.V.F. It is also very much about your godchildren, for whom you may one day become a substitute parent, and the generation gap that can be found in the Harry Potter series. Saturn is the planet that rules waiting games, patience and the miracle of time passed. When the time is right, for a brilliant, spiritual, colourful new connection with the young to be made – it will be made. Not before! Part of the renewal of this aspect of your life is connected with your own renewal. You have to rise again. I also mentioned Pluto. Pluto is about empowerment. This is potentially a powerful new part of your life. You also read that the South Node was in this same house of your chart, the Fifth House. The South Node describes karma from this and other lifetimes. There may be karma here, Virgo, from the year 2000 or 1981, when the South Node was last here. It may actually go back into previous lives, and it is not impossible that a younger face, in relation to you, was once your parent, or even a partner. Such things happen in astrology. If you are prepared to allow yourself to be born again and to reach for what could become real – life starts to look special again.

New Beginnings – Jupiter in Capricorn in 2020
You could easily have another child (or a first child) in the year 2020 and if so, the process would begin in December when Jupiter changes signs. You could also develop a special new relationship with an existing son or daughter, godchild, young group or grandchild – which takes things to the next level. Jupiter is a symbol of growth, hope, optimism, fulfilment, expansion and healing. From December 2019, when Jupiter moves into your Fifth House, everything looks brighter, more colourful and a sense that ‘God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world’ is usually the result. To get to December successfully, you need to heal in March. Your own personal birth chart will reveal how next year manifests, in terms of its fantastic potential with you and younger people. You may take a voluntary role as a teacher’s aide, for example, or be given a godchild by a good friend. Perhaps you have in mind paid work involving children or Millennials. First, though – recovery, repair and rebirth. This is even more important if being a parent has been part of the battle, the feud or the sustained attack which you have put up with in the Chiron in Pisces years. If you have fallen out with your child, or if a child has been at the heart of a custody battle, or a thwarted pregnancy was part of the reason for a split – you can see why you are well and truly a candidate for healing! In March we see your ruler Mercury retrograde in your opposite sign of Pisces, along with the Sun, Neptune, Proserpina and Vesta. This all takes place in your Seventh House, where we find your former, current and potential partners – but also your enemies, rivals and opponents. No wonder you have so much to recall, to review and to come to terms with during the next 4 weeks. It’s a sustained flashback. This high-potential time for healing comes from transits in Aquarius (the Aquarius weather) which you will feel most deeply near March 2nd, 11th, 14th, 21st and 22nd. Are you a Premium Member? If you have Pisces factors in your personal birth chart, they are all triggered in March, and you may be in line for therapy or a therapeutic experience.

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