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Relationships, Children, Millennials

Virgo, you are now on the downhill slope with long-running issues (for the last dozen years) about sexual relationships with parenthood potential; pregnancies; babies; infants; schoolchildren; Millennials. Also, your own grown-up adult children if you are the right age. Virgo, the Capricorn weather will bring all this in, with four moments of truth in August during the Capricorn weather.

You are now on the right road to solutions, which will come in November, with most of what weighs down so heavily, gone in December.

The key dates for the Capricorn weather (Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn oppositions) are August 1st, 3rd, 25th, 30th. Allow a day either side. The Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn takes place between November 8th and 13th.

This is such an important downhill slope of relief and release, coming in slow stages, that I will quote from my books (2020 Vision, Handbag Horoscopes, Astrolove: Penguin) to give you the details.

As discussed, this long cycle which began in 2008, affects the world of children. This means your own son or daughter, as well as any godchildren, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews in your life. A looser connection to children (through your job, for example, or through friends’ sons and daughters – or your hobbies, roles, goals, and interests involving much younger people) may also be on the agenda. You may also be concerned (or have been concerned) with issues like pregnancy, infertility, adoption, postnatal depression, miscarriage, and abortion at this time too.

What we see in August is four bridges to cross, to the other side of a nice downhill slope. So, walk your talk and talk your walk. This can and does end up in a sweeping solution, in November.

Don’t hide your head in the sand. Get real. What are the worst-case scenarios now? What’s going on out there? Where do you stand? What’s the truth of your situation? Once you know, build a life which can ‘take’ all those realities, and accommodate your most basic concerns. Virgo is an earth sign. Practical. So, August means rolling up your sleeves.

At the same time, there is no point in tightly constructing such an impossibly safe, disciplined, and rigid little world for yourself, that you lose the connection to life altogether. Don’t block your own flow. Don’t make your fear your whole life. Children do push our buttons. But keep this thing in perspective now.

The fact that sex can and does end in parenthood, may be one of your concerns, Virgo. Aries Playboy founder Hugh Hefner had this cycle on 13th October 2006 when he told UK tabloid newspaper The Sun that his sex life had declined to the point where he preferred to play dominoes with his girlfriends.

For all his past machismo, I think his issue was probably fear of paternity. That can be part of this cycle; it really depends on your personal chart.

You can be a grandparent or even a great-grandparent on this cycle and have issues with that role, and the realities of those younger faces. Once again, it depends on your birth chart, which you’ll have, if you are a Premium Member.

The most you need to know is that your ruler Mercury in opposition to Pluto, makes it clear that August is time to face facts. From there it becomes easier and quite honestly, November is a massive resolution and December is the end of a cycle that won’t be back for 29 years. Now, let’s look at your psyche, soul, spirit, psychology and inner life.

black card

Your Hidden Self in August

Leo weather brings a big focus on your psyche, soul, spirit, psychology, psychic ability, astral body, chakras, aura and inner life. Your hidden self. Your relationship with your God, or the Universe. So – astrology or Tarot in some cases – in others, counsellors and therapists, diaries or journals.

The key dates for the Leo weather are the Full Moon on Monday the 3rd of August, the Sun-Mercury conjunction on Monday the 17th of August and the New Moon on Wednesday the 19th of August.

You had a chain of eclipses in this zone of your chart 2017, 2018 and 2019 so life has been really mysterious. You have not seen, or not known about, the greater truths of your own inner self. Religion is ruled by this cycle. So there may be a mystery about your local church, or even the Vatican (if you are a Roman Catholic) which comes up in August.

The Leo weather is so personal because you may not be religious at all (of course). Yet, what we are seeing here about your inner life, inner world, secrets, spirit, soul – is an awakening. You will be shown what you missed in 2017, 2018, 2019 either because others were trying to keep it from you, it went on behind your back, or you just missed it (even though something or someone was in plain sight). From there you get to make decisions to go forward and that is what August is all about.

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