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May 2019

Travel and Travel in the Mind
The Taurus weather sweeping through your horoscope in May suggests a trip or head trip. Travel or travel in the mind. A real journey or a symbolic, intellectual journey. A major relocation or perhaps the relocation of your old ideas, beliefs or faiths. The catalyst for all this is a culture or nationality so different to your own. In fact, you are likely to find this quite liberating, if you can see through the sudden lightning bolts near May 8th and 18th, to get to the truth. What is the truth? Well, they say it sets you free. We may be talking about education, academia or informal learning here, or the casual knowledge exchange of the worldwide web. Perhaps this is more formal, wrapped up inside a particular book, publisher or author. Uranus in Taurus has not occurred in your adult lifetime and it may seem all rather new and different. Confronting and challenging. Exciting but also completely outside your usual experience. This is par for the course so take a deep breath and see where you can find ‘freedom from’ or ‘freedom through’. One or the other is really what May is all about.

Your House, Apartment, Hometown, Homeland, Household or Family
There is fantastic potential for tapping solutions (if you need them) or just tapping into brand new opportunities to have more, do more and enjoy more in 2019. May is a key month as it begins with a Mars-Jupiter opposition which sets the mood. Even if things move swiftly then, and the emotional temperature also rises, your chance is nigh. If you need a breakthrough or a way out/a way through it is on offer. Perhaps you can see no progress or growth until the ground is cleared, Virgo! If you are further along with the process of growth, as you began it last year, then you will likely find that your house, apartment, home town, homeland, family and/or household is at the heart of some wonderful possibilities – but also real-time rewards. Keep on building this dream as it will peak in November. We may be talking renovations here or big family plans. May is a crucial month for it all. The final week brings a trade-off in terms of time sharing, perhaps (child custody?) or likely, issues around the in-laws. In other cases, it’s not a literal translation of the Pluto-Ceres-Proserpina myth (very much about in-laws) but a symbolic carve-up with the family or your flatmates. It is amazing how often specific rooms in a home, a fence line and the rest can become a metaphor for power and control issues among relatives, or with live-in partners or roommates. You are in a fantastic position to get something that works out of this.

Success, Status, Ambition, Achievement, Position and Mission
As the Sun puts your C.V. in the spotlight from the final week, and a flurry of Gemini weather crosses your chart, it is time for your annual inspection and maintenance check. This may be your career, unpaid work, university/college degree or other leading role in life. This kind of illumination is very useful as it allows you to see clearly every detail of where you are, where you need to be, and what kind of mountain you are climbing. Wrong mountain or right mountain? Now is the time to step back from your own position, mission and ambition and figure it out.

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