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October 2019

Travel, Transport, World Wide Web, Multimedia, Connections

What we have in October is a series of bridges to cross, involving your ruling planet Mercury. I am sure you know Mercury was shown in art and sculpture as the winged messenger – he has wings on his helmet and shoes. Today that translates into short-haul flights (say, from London to Paris) but also trains, like The Flying Scotsman. The internet logo of an envelope with wings, signaling a sent e-mail, is another modern update.

So what happens when Mercury Retrograde begins his weird transit in Scorpio, the sign which also rules your projects, speeches, books, websites, plans, media commitments and the like? Essentially you get this odd mixture of forwards/backwards/forwards/backwards right from the start, and that for you is Friday October 11th. As everyone is affected at the same time there is a very high chance of cancellations, delays, strikes, technical problems, computer issues, power outages and the rest.

It’s a good month for a dress rehearsal. Astrologers in the know, use Mercury Retrograde quite deliberately to start a project they know will go through 2-3 drafts and aim to finish it at the end of the cycle, which this year will be December 7th.

Product recall, product returns and refunds are associated with Mercury Retrograde. In fact, the ‘re’ prefix goes in front of most things in October, if they directly concern the internet, your telephone, any project with a microphone and naturally, the world of education, academia and publishing. We might also bring in your car, yacht, motorbike, bicycle and other modes of transport, like riding – even – as my readers lead interesting lives!

While you have this transit in your Third House of short journeys and communication, you are also experiencing Uranus (a tremendous symbol of radical change, upheaval and revolution) in your Ninth House of overseas commitments, foreign cultures, the bigger picture of teaching and study, the book world and the more demanding and thoughtful spaces on the internet.

As you are ruled by Mercury and so wired/connected (you do tend to live in your head, if you are typical of your sign) September will test you and stretch you at every point. Specifically, near October 7th when Mercury opposes Uranus. This reverberates throughout the month, with this central idea about quite radical change, affecting the way you travel (or travel in the mind) uppermost.

It may be that you have to redraw your map of the world, but also reboot the way you think about cultures, belief systems, languages and viewpoint which seem utterly foreign to you in every way. The challenge is keeping everything in chronological order, as Mercury’s peculiar retrograde motion typically gives you a stop-start process. In fact, if you are on a journey now, it may be interrupted, held up, rerouted or rescheduled. Much the same could be said of a course, workshop, book, thesis, or relocation.

The standard advice applies. Have Plan A and also Plan B and don’t assume that October will give you the same experience you had at other times this year/last year. This is not that itinerary or schedule. The temptation can be to try and resist change, keeping your feet firmly on the ground – as you are an earth sign. However, that is not the way with Uranus in Taurus. In fact, the New Moon on 28th October coupled with a striking Uranus-Sun opposition suggests you need to surf the waves of change. It may feel like riding a lightning bolt in an electrical storm, but it’s the only thing that’s going to work for you.

Uranus was discovered in 1781 by two outsiders. They shocked themselves and the world. This idea of everything that is marginal, on the outside, on the fringe, set apart – is very strong in your chart in October. This is who/what will call you, probably from a different country, race or nationality. No matter how inexperienced or unprepared you feel, it’s a smart idea to answer that call.

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