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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Jessica Adams has prepared your weekly astrological forecast for 11-17 February 2019. Discover what the stars have in store for you this week
Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from jessicaadams.com

Scorpio Week: 11-17 February 2019

Sometimes the only way to be set free from the daily grind of work, paid work, housework, voluntary work, study – and the rest – is to allow your body to come up with a good reason to have time off. Maybe a little time off, maybe a lot. This, in a nutshell, explains what has been going on since 2010, when a radical cycle of change began in your horoscope. It’s cast in sharp relief midweek, Scorpio. Being highly conscious of the way your physical self can sometimes intervene and take over – forcing you to question your duty to other people, and your service to an organisation – is crucial. Why? Because if you’re not aware, then your body may go on producing circumstances which you could arguably get another way. That is an extreme thing to say, I know, but it is in line with astrological thinking about the Sixth House of your chart, which doubles up on meaning. One meaning is – all that you do for others, on a daily basis, from morning to night. The second meaning is all that you do for yourself, in terms of your food, doctors, drink, healers, drugs, fitness, sleep, mental health, surgeons, naturopaths and so on. If ever there was a time to really assess what has been going on since 2010, this week is it. In fact, the Uranus-Mars conjunction midweek suggests a moment of truth. Allow the electrical storm to illuminate the dark, so you can see night as day. The whole point of this cycle is to liberate you from who/what restricts you, binds you and ties you down – and holds you back. It takes searing insight and tremendous awareness to stand back and see it but see it – you must. This is almost the end of the cycle, which closes on March 7th. In its place will come an education like no other, about the way your body, mind and spirit collude with each other. This will arrive, with Chiron, within days. That education continues until 2026. Scorpio, you will be stunned at what you get away with, from this point forward. You’ll believe an elephant can fly. In the meantime, just a note – be mindful of your words and actions, particularly with your employer, colleague, client, staff, lecturer, classmates. Be mindful of your words and actions with medical, health or fitness professionals. Given that this cycle extends for around 20 years, you don’t really want to cast the first stone, or throw one back – those ripples can stretch rather a long way into the future.

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