Ace Cards in Tarot

If you use the Tarot alongside astrology, you will soon realise that every time a planet, asteroid or Node enters a new zodiac sign, an Ace card will turn up.

The Aces in the Tarot represent new beginnings and open doors to the future. If you use the Tarot alongside astrology, you will soon realise that every time a planet, asteroid or Node enters a new zodiac sign, an Ace card will turn up. For example, in March 2019 we saw Uranus switch from Aries to Taurus.

Are You Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini? How the Ace of Pentacles Talks in 2019

Tarot Deck Ace of Pentacles 600x400 - Ace Cards in TarotIf you were born under the signs of Aries, Libra, Sagittarius or Gemini (your Sun is there) then the headlines of your life in March or December will reveal an Ace of Coins moment. A big new beginning for your finances, your house or apartment, your charity or business. This is because if you are Aries or Libra, Uranus (the revolution) is moving into one of your two finance zones, for the first time in your adult life. And if you are Gemini or Sagittarius, Jupiter (the solution) is moving into one of your two finance zones, from December 2019, to be with you throughout 2020.

The Ace of Pentacles, sometimes called coins, is the Tarot card which shows a large sum of money, represented by the gold coin appearing from a cloud. You have to reach for it and make it real. This strongly applies to Gemini or Sagittarius, from December 2019. You have been going through the most difficult cycle in 29 years, and the most powerful cycle in over 240 years, in slow stages – with your house, charity, apartment, business, shares, bank account and so on. You have also been going through a karmic period not known for 19 years. So – you are looking for answers. They will come with an Ace of Coins moment in December.

Are You Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus? How the Ace of Wands Talks in 2019

Tarot Deck Ace of Wands 600x400 - Ace Cards in TarotWands represent the world of ideas, books, multimedia, concepts and big brainwaves. Until you plant the wand (ground the theory) nothing can grow – yet if you are Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio or Taurus, there is huge potential for a new beginning in 2019. This comes from Uranus entering Taurus in March, which is a green light for Pisces and Virgo. Jupiter then enters Capricorn in December, a green light for Taurus and Scorpio.

The other thing to watch in this astrology-Tarot crossover is the month when the Sun also enters a new sign – Taurus in the final week of April and Capricorn in the final week of December 2019. This will echo the larger, longer cycles of Uranus and Jupiter so again, if you were born under these signs, you’ll have a ‘chapter one’ feeling.

Are You Cancer, Libra, Capricorn? How the Ace of Cups Talks in 2019

Tarot Deck Ace of Cups 600x400 - Ace Cards in TarotThe Cups in Tarot represent feelings and emotions. These may be present at a Christening, when a new baby is named, for example. The Cup can represent strong passions within a group, or ‘my cup runneth over’ in a relationship. If you are born under the signs of Cancer, Libra or Capricorn then 2019 is about a fresh start in this department. Uranus going into Taurus means a ‘day one/chapter one’ feeling for Capricorn in connection with the world of existing or potential stepchildren, godchildren, sons, daughters, or young relatives acquired through marriage. For Cancer, the arrival of Jupiter in Capricorn in December is a new beginning with a former, current or potential partner. For Libra, Chiron going into your opposite sign of Aries in the first quarter of 2019, echoed by the Sun entering Aries in the final week of March, signals a fresh start – also with a former, current or potential partner. Turning over a new leaf!

Are You Leo or Aquarius? How the Ace of Swords Talks in 2019

Tarot Deck Ace of Swords 600x400 - Ace Cards in TarotFor Leo, the Ace of Swords brings new beginnings with career, unpaid work or university (Uranus in Taurus, from March 2019) and at the end of the year, with Jupiter in Capricorn, from the start of December. You can see the crown on top of the sword in this card – that is a crowning achievement for you, or someone hugely influential in your chosen field, industry or business. That kind of crowning moment of victory alters everything!

For Aquarians, the Ace of Swords is really about home, family, the hierarchy or pecking order between your relatives, or within your shared household. I am sure you can see the crown as a symbol of the King or Queen in your ‘royal’ family. The sword tells you that change is coming – the old structure of your family or home is going to shift. This occurs from March with Uranus in Taurus and is then repeated, or echoed, when the Sun goes into Taurus from the final week of April 2019. Play your Ace.

Ace Cards and Ingresses

In astrology, an ingress is when a planet, asteroid or Node enters a new zodiac sign. You can track this any time on my website, day to day. It’s amazing how often you will draw an Ace in Tarot and find that this is the precise hour that a heavenly body has just entered a new sign. The Tarot you see here was, of course, created by Pamela Colman Smith with Arthur Waite, who trained within The Golden Dawn, where astrology was on the curriculum. Astrology symbols and ideas are right through this deck.

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12 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica – I’m loving your move into Tarot and the Colman-Waite deck. I’ve been teaching myself the tarot and doing my own spreads for the last couple years, enjoying the feeling of expansion in my own psychic abilities. When I do your online one card readings I absolutely love your interpretations of the cards. Your take on them is often very fresh and different from other online sources and helps me look at the cards differently. I would like to ask if you’d consider putting your interpretations into your search function? I would love that resource when I’m doing my own spreads at home. At the moment I can only access your interpretations when I do each single card reading. That’s my little request of the day and thank you again for your amazing website and insights – it’s unparalleled.

    1. Thank you. That’s an interesting idea and I’ll chat to James and Justin about it. I think what you’d really like is a Tarot guidebook to download onto your computer, so you can check at a glance (if you have your own deck). I’ll look at that next!

  2. Hi Jess
    I know this isn’t relevant to the blog but when I moved to Spain in 2013 (when I met my husband) what would have been happening in my chart to show the move overseas? Would it be Jupiter or a combination of things? I lived there for 5 years and am obviously back in the UK now but I would love to live abroad again someday preferably within the next 20 years. Would this opportunity come around again? Is there anything I can look out for in particular when reading my own chart? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nikki x

    1. It’s past life Nikki and you were in Spain before – many times before, very likely. The North Node of karma was in your solar Ninth House of emigration in 2013. You will go back again when the Node swings around again – 2032 could be forever.

  3. Hi Jessica, the timing of this post is really uncanny for me. A tarot reading I had with Sue Farebrother, revealed the Ace of Wands card when I asked about how I would recognize my soulmate when I meet him. I did not know the name of the card until I heard it (paid attention) in the recording a week ago. I only recognized the imagery of that deck and remembered what looked like a sun shining with rays across really bright. And I literally decided to Google it only yesterday to see if I find that particular version and see if I still see ‘sunshine’.
    In ref to astrology, you talk of Ace of Cups for Cancer / Libra. I am a Sun Cancer with triple conjunction in Libra (I felt Uranus in Aries), have Apollo at 14 Leo (mentioned in your monthly horoscope), and have my MC at 0 Leo.
    Does any of that bring a visual to you? Always thankful.

    1. Sue Farebrother is our special guest on The Barge in 2019 so that’s another uncanny detail! The Ace of Wands/Staves usually arrives with a brand new project, plan or concept. Sometimes a course. It would seem likely to me that this is about meeting someone new through a bright idea or really engaging course. A meeting of minds. This would be most likely with a transit of your Third House or Ninth House. You have Jupiter at 2 Sagittarius in your Ninth House so any aspect to that would help a new relationship to take off. Don’t hang around waiting for it – but know that it will come.

  4. Hi Jessica

    How does one relate this to our birth charts, which shows not just the sun sign.

    For example, Libra is my sun sign, so the pentacles and cups could be relevant – but what is my connection to these if I’m to consider my full birth chart?


    1. Neptune at 1 Capricorn in your chart is a good example of an Ace card situation. Jupiter will pass 1 Capricorn for the first time in 12 years at Christmas – just as December 2019 begins. You will begin an amazing new chapter in your career, with your unpaid work or studies. That would be shown by an Ace of Staves/Wands/Rods depending on which deck you use.

  5. Hi Jessica, a lot of triggers have occurred for me due to my recent reporting of my childhood sexual trauma. I’m finding my body is aching and stuff, my skin is breaking out and I have incredible fatigue. I’m exploring not just the link between stress and the body, but trauma and the body and this has prompted me to explore some more somatic types of exercise including Feldenkrais and belly dancing at home! I’m only just playing around with the concepts and decided to do a tarot reading asking “What sort of outcome I could expect, if I decide to learn belly dancing?” Given I’m not such a spring chicken I thought this would be a fun question to ask! Turns out I drew the Chariot and I was reading your description of it and the linkage to Egypt. Well funny enough, aside from the obvious connection between belly dance and Egypt, part of my ancestral lineage is Egyptian! I’m just wondering if you were able to run it through an astrological/psychic filter about what else this could mean for me? I tend to be quite flighty and have a lot of trouble sticking with things, but then again I need to find something that gets me out of my head and toned my body with regards to the trauma stored there. Any insights you may have would be genuinely appreciated. Many thanks xx

    1. I am sorry are experiencing the fatigue and skin problems after reporting your childhood sexual trauma. I hope you are in touch with your doctor and also a support group for survivors. The Chariot card and your belly-dancing question makes perfect sense to me. It’s exactly what you just read for yourself. The card shows two Egyptian sphinxes and you have Egyptian heritage. The outcome of taking the course would be to ‘transport’ you (move you mentally and spiritually) but also to put you strongly in touch with the people in your family tree who come from that culture. The Chariot often hints at travel or moving, though, so it may be that you ultimately decide to take an important vacation in Egypt, or perhaps find someone in your class/course is the catalyst for you taking a huge holiday, or even relocating one day. If you just want to ‘travel in the mind’ though, the Chariot will do that for you. On a more esoteric note, the sacral chakra (and in fact all chakras from the navel down) are about being connected to the earth, grounding and nourishing yourself and belly-dancing will activate those chakras. See the belt on the charioteer’s tunic? That’s your other clue. Belly-dancing is all about that belted area. This may change your life, but I think you want that, after all you have been through.

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