Tarot for the Month of July 2020

How will July unfold, in your life, and on the world stage? Tarot professionals Katie-Ellen Hazeldine in Great Britain and Kyra Oser in the United States and Canada look at the cards.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) / The Magician

For the month of July 2020, I was drawn to pull two cards: Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) and The Magician from The Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

July seems likely to continue a muddy mixture of slow, sticky, stressful and potentially angry energy during this month, both on the world stage and potentially in domestic life. But the appearance of The Magician, drawn upright, not reversed, means that it is certainly not all bad news as the month goes on.

This card is picking up on an astronomical and astrological event. Funnily enough – although this is typical of Tarot- the full moon on July 5th is in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, first sign of winter, and the energies around the Knight of Pentacles card are likewise earthy, solid and slow, thorough and somewhat detail orientated – a mixture of Capricorn and Virgo qualities.

Knights of Pentacles Reversed - Tarot for the Month of July 2020The elements associated with The Knight of Pentacles are earth but also fire – ‘the fire of earth’- like a slow molten lava flow.

The Knight of Pentacles when drawn upright is a card of steady, solid growth, financial or otherwise. However, drawn reversed here, and regardless of the buoyancy of the Bull market as widely reported, the Knight of Pentacles reflects a downward turn in many economies as a direct consequence of the efforts to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was entirely to be expected, but many people could experience further delays in the arrival or payments of government cheques/checks. The money will arrive, but the system is at full stretch and the card denotes two speeds, slow and dead slow. There could be further demonstrations of civil unrest in early July. There is a lot of fear and with that comes anger. Sometimes anger can be useful. Anger can get good things done. Not so at this time, however. Try and stay on an even keel this month.

At home, anything that is about physically growing or creating or repairing something will help turn this energy right-side up again.

The Knight of Pentacles upright is a beautiful card…green shoots, the growing of all green things, and when it is a living person, they are the salt of the earth –on their better days.

Reversed however, you or a loved one may be spending the first few days in July lounging about in a state of complete de-motivation. Maybe a loved one is giving you the silent treatment or is just generally withdrawn. Capricorn, with a detail-orientated element of Virgo thrown in may be extra fussy right now, bored and grumpy and picking fault, or binging on food, while at the same time neglecting or refusing to eat their greens and putting on weight during this lockdown.

The Knight of Pentacles reversed may caution that there is a need to take extra care against knee strains and other minor lower leg injuries during this time. However, The Magician has also showed up for this reading, and this is generally good news.

The Magician is ruled by Mercury, planet of communications, media, commerce, trade, and travel. Mercury went retrograde on 18 June 2020. You may have noticed any Magician Now 1 - Tarot for the Month of July 2020number of annoyances in connection with this, losing stuff, miscommunications, things breaking down.

But Mercury goes direct again after 12 July 2020, indicating that the lockdown in the UK, and maybe other places, could be further lifted around this time, even if only on an experimental basis, depending on the R rate remaining favourable.

Likewise, The Magician (because it represents the Number 1) may be detecting a wider reduction of the 2 metre social distancing rule, to a 1 metre rule, which would be beneficial to the retail, beauty and hospitality industries.

We are told that governments are exploring ‘travel corridors’ that could enable foreign holiday travel on a restricted basis, and this seems likely to be progressed in time for mid-July.

On a personal level, The Magician is the ultimate card that says ‘a man.’ You may notice that the man in your life seems to be feeling better as the month wears on, or you may notice that you are arguing less, getting on better, or if you are single, you may meet someone new, and this is more likely to happen after July 12 than before.

The Magician is also you, male or female. It is yourself, and the things you can do. It is the card of your personal power of initiative and accomplishment. The Magician has skills. He or she worked hard to develop those skills or know-how. The Magician is agile and adaptable, and will always have something to offer, something to trade.

It’s just a question of searching out those opportunities. The Magician is the Major Arcana card of self- employment facilitated by IT. Many people may find they would prefer to continue working this way even after this public health emergency is over.

In Summary: The second and third weeks of July feel the best in general for communications and possibly longer distance travel, both on the world stage, and for you and me personally. For the rest, it seems to be a case of soft- pedalling, no ‘upping the ante’ on anything, taking things gently for the best outcomes this month.

Take care, take it easy, and stay safe until next time.

 Katie Ellen Hazeldine 150x150 - Tarot for the Month of July 2020

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, BA Hons, is a Tarot and Rune reader/consultant, writer, and historian in the UK, and has been reading professionally since 2006. Website – True Tarot Tales. Twitter: @truetarottales



Kyra Oser – Knight of Wands (Reversed)

Knight of Wands Reversed - Tarot for the Month of July 2020The tarot card I drew for July is the Knight of Wands Reversed. This is a goal-oriented card that provides inspiration for sharing creative ideas or pursuing a hobby that you’re passionate about.

On a global scale, this card can signify travel delays. Furthermore, in climate news, there will be a demand to relinquish previous goals in favor of newer, more expedited plans that fit upcoming changes. Neptune moving retrograde in Pisces means water issues such as flooding, tsunamis, and sea level rise will increasingly appear in news headlines in the coming months. There will be a focus on sea life that supersedes anything we’ve previously experienced. Creative adaptation on a mass scale will result from these occurrences. This concentration on water issues and even water supply will bring current projections of fossil fuel divestments by 2025 or 2030 into question. There will be a growing consensus that necessary changes must be made sooner to avert as much damage as possible. One of the developments will be to hold politicians to account by continually asking the following questions at climate and news conferences: 1) What are you going to do about this issue today?, 2) What actions will you take to amend this climate problem by the end of this week and month?, and 3) When will you attend the next climate or news conference where we can check on which of these actions were taken and therefore hold one another to account? In other words, the notion of international accountability will be on the rise soon.

In your own life, this is a creative month but some of your ideas might need time to progress before being presented in a more public forum. If your plans move forward without interference, you’re being encouraged to proceed with the project. However, if you’ve been colliding with one hindrance after another, consider that this blockage might offer you an opportunity to bring your project to another level. Know that any delays will make sense in hindsight. Consider the possibility that these apparent obstructions are not happening to you, they’re happening for you. While it may be tempting to push your ideas forward in their current form, this card serves as a caution against impulsivity. Knight of Wands Reversed signifies the patience necessary to develop a skill or bring a project to completion. Meanwhile, take the time to think things through, consult with experts, or learn new aspects of your chosen field or hobby.

In relationships, this card encourages tolerance and the cultivation of faith in outcomes. You might ask yourself, “Do I believe life (or nature, the cosmos, a higher power, Great Spirit, etc.) handles the results?” Maybe you do, maybe you don’t…but what might happen if you did? If you’re normally an action-oriented person to the point of wanting to “run the show,” try doing a George Costanza (Seinfeld reference) by taking the opposite tactic: in this case, that would be acting as if you have faith in the future until the feeling comes. Or you can simply let go, get your mind on something else, and take a different path if you want to get a different result.

Overall, this is a humbling card that opens all of us up to an amplification of community efforts, individual projects that transform into group movements, and the opportunity to share ideas and revelations through innovative, unprecedented strategies. The energy needed to fuel your next adventures is approaching. Once July’s delays give way to an inevitable path forward, you’ll be free to share and enjoy an expansion of your personal gifts like never before.

Kyra 150x150 - Tarot for the Month of July 2020



You can read more from Kyra at her website here.



NOTE: Please consult with your financial advisor regarding all financial decisions.

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