Gift Annual Premium Membership

You can give a 12 month premium membership to family or friend.

The 12-month membership provides full access to premium member content.

The gift of a premium membership to the recipient gives then instant access to exclusive premium content available to members only. Refunds are not possible on the gifted membership as full access is provided on purchase (sign-up) and the membership cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent.

Read on for full explanation of gift membership benefits and how gift membership works.

$60.00 for 1 year

Give family or friend a premium membership to

12-month membership provides full access to premium member content.

Premium membership features:

  • Extended Monthly and Weekly Horoscopes with exclusive Premium Member content
  • A Personal Natural House System Chart with 34 Horoscope factors
  • Exclusive Premium Member Astrology and Tarot posts
  • Year-ahead Birthday Horoscope forecasts in the month of birthday
  • Monthly Asianscopes Forecast, blending eastern and western horoscopes
  • Unlimited Use of the Astrology Oracle, The Garden Oracle, Fortune Cookies and Smith-Waite Tarot Divination tools
  • A monthly Astrology Secrets newsletter
  • Full access to the eBook and Guide Library
  • Exclusive Member Only offers

What you need to know:

  • Membership will activate and start immediately upon payment being processed and accepted.
  • Membership will not renewal against your payment details at the end of the membership. Recipient will need to add their own payment details to renew and/or continue the membership.
  • Username and password for login to the account created for the gift membership; will be sent in a separate email to the recipient of the membership (email address provided in the
  • Recipient will be emailed directly with further information on how to get the most from the membership.
  • Membership cannot be exchanged for cash; Refunds are not issued for unused portions of membership; No refund for change of mind.

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