Asteroid Astrology Radio Podcast

New! Asteroid Astrology Radio Podcast. How do asteroids affect your chart?

Are you interested in hearing me speak about the way asteroids complete your personal horoscope? I’m talking to well-known American astrologers and broadcasters Janey C. McCarthy and Mary Jo Wevers on their radio show Astrology: The Theory of Everything across the U.S. in this special podcast. You can also download this from iTunes, as well as listen online. Pick up the show here.

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Join Janey and Mary Jo for astrology on the radio.

If you know which house of the horoscope Chiron is in, then why not Apollo, who in mythology was taught by him? Astrology is an ever-changing belief system which has regularly updated itself since 1781 (the discovery of Uranus), 1846 (the discovery of Neptune) and 1930 (the discovery of Pluto).

By far the most important shift was 2006, though, when astronomers ‘killed’ Pluto so that he was no longer a planet and part of the Solar System. In the same year, they promoted Ceres from asteroid to dwarf planet. Thus, modern astrology is different. In fact, it’s so different, that if you’re not completing the family tree of asteroids and planets, your chart is only showing you an old, 20th century version of yourself! What house is your Cupido in? He shows what you fall in love with, and how you stir up passion in others. He’s the son of Venus. If you work with her, work with him! That’s what I’m talking about in this episode of Astrology : The Theory of Everything. I’d love to hear what you think on Twitter. You can also find Janey and Mary Jo there too, to continue our discussion.

If you are a Premium Member of this website you’ll see a whole list of asteroids in your personal chart data. To listen to explanations about why these matter – and what they mean – do tune in to our conversation now.

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If you know which house Chiron is in, why not the asteroids too?


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