Astrology Delivery in 2024

How Astrology Delivery can work for you in 2024.

Astrology Delivery Results – How Can You Get There Too?

astrology delivery 300x212 - Astrology Delivery in 2024You can still buy the recording of this Zoom event on May 12th, 2024 at The Astrology Collective – and find out how to use Astrology Delivery in one area of your life, which could pay big dividends.

Unwrap some or all of what you want. It’s in your hands. The video is in their shop, but in the meantime, here is an overview of Astrology Delivery, how it works, how you can use it, and what to expect.

Join the Zoom Live – Or Pick Up a Recording

Astrology Delivery was trialled from October 2023, to see what would happen if readers used given dates, showing the ingress or entry of different factors into the same sign, to write down a wish list in their journal. This is a booking. They were then asked to use Pink Noise (the best soundtrack for E.S.P.) to pick a Tarot card from my website to show them the gateway to what they wanted, every time they booked, on a new date.  Readers could repeat their original list, amend it or make a completely new one each time.

Find Out More About Astrology Delivery

Astrology Delivery was used in a free trial in 2023 and early 2024 with some fantastic results. It’s not about an astrologer making anything happen. It’s not even about astrology making anything happen! It’s about you catching the right waves at the right time, just like a surfer, and achieving goals.

Instead of the rather random, scattergun results you told me were you were getting from ‘manifesting’, The Secret, The Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering – you were invited to try focussed goal-setting and also wishing.

The most successful people trying Astrology Delivery followed the rules, didn’t cheat and persisted through each wave. They also realised the outcome was in their hands – their psychic ability with the Tarot, for example, which takes practise.

Find out more here.

Testimonials – How Astrology Delivery Works

Real experiences, from readers of this website, show how following the steps literally delivers. Here are some more testimonials to show you what booking can do, from an engagement to an unexpected £60,000. The last testimonial is from a woman who was offered at place at Oxford University.

The following is reader feedback gathered at this website that shows fascinating evidence that this technique, launched at the end of 2023, really does get results.

The next Zoom event about Astrology Delivery will be with the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, commonly known as the C*I*A* in October 2024. Follow @astrologyshow on Twitter to stay updated.

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Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 11.06.00 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 11.03.14 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 11.02.46 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 11.02.28 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.59.56 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.57.43 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.56.34 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.51.37 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.51.08 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.49.36 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.49.14 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.49.00 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.48.35 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.47.16 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.46.50 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024

Screen Shot 2024 04 26 at 10.45.11 pm - Astrology Delivery in 2024


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AD works iii 1024x156 - Astrology Delivery in 2024

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Aurora Borealis - Astrology Delivery in 2024

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91 Responses

  1. Apologies Jessica, different topic, just read that Charles is very unwell and his funeral plans are underway which seemed more sudden than Kate’s situation as she has not been seen around since Dec 23. so curiously asked the tarot if Charles’ passing is very imminent and it threw up the five of pentacles. The two in pic are ill but certainly not poor so don’t know what to make of it other than it seems sort of bleak a situation for them? At this point am not even sure Kate is alive, what with the monarchy doling out one AI pic, video after another to the media. Thank you, Jessica. Best.

    1. Yes, Sky News is reporting on Operation Menai Bridge, the plan for Charles III in the event of his passing. You have asked the Tarot, which you are entitled to do. It shows two people who are both ailing. You are right; neither Charles nor Camilla (if this is them) or Charles and Princess Catherine (if this is her) need money. You may want to ask the Tarot again for clarity.

  2. Hi Jessica, thank you and Alicia for organising this. I look forward to attending. I was wondering if you can help me. I am looking for a job recently without success so far. I have minerva (my favourite goddess) and south node in gemini. Being completely honest, I want a role that financially rewards me at this stage in my life but I also want to be happy! Do you see anything in my chart that stands out at the moment Jessica. Thank you and see you soon online.

    1. Thank you, although this time around Alicia Fulton isn’t hosting – it will be run by The Astrology Collective. I am glad you can come along. You are a Sun Capricorn with Ceres at 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of jobs. At the Zoom you will be in exactly the right time and place, to get some/all of what you want from your career in 2024 and 2025. I’ll show you how and happy to do so. Your current situation is your Ceres Return. She was at 18 Capricorn from April 10th to 15th and goes back there June 14th to 19th with the final pass November 1st-3rd. You will have to negotiate and trade off, deal and compromise this year. Yet you can get some of what you want, if not the entire dream package. “Don’t let perfect stop you from having good.”

  3. hi jessica,
    thank you for everything i learned from you.
    i wonder about jupiter transiting in gemini.
    my sun in virgo 28° and in june 2025 jupiter will square my sun. at the same time, my daughter’s sun in gemini 28° and in june 2025 jupiter conjunct her sun.
    could you explain how it works for me and my daughter?
    thanks again.

    1. This is about success, ambition, position and mission for you. For your daughter it is about an image relaunch. Come along to the Zoom to find out more.

  4. Hi Jessica – where can i find the astrology dates for booking and delivery for May and the upcoming months on your website. Kindly share with me a link if possible for this year’s Astrology Delivery Dates. Thank you.

    1. All the dates for 2024 Astrology Delivery are in the annual reports, on sale this year. The dates for 2024 and 2025 will be released at the Zoom. Thank you.

  5. hello Jessica , I am so pleased to know of astrology delivery this MAY . Have heard so much about it . I have signed up for the same and have made the necessary payment . I am a Sun Gemini and Aquarius moon and I have gemini in Minerva as well . I hope to make the most of the zoom . I wish to know how the Jupiter Uranus in gemini will effect me .

    1. Jupiter is in Gemini (Uranus is not, yet) but from 2026 you will have long-term potential for a radically different look and title. So you may have cosmetic surgery, for example, and take on a prestigious honorary role or title; you may receive honours. In 2024, 2025 the potential is there for a new job, with a flattering new business card and a long overdue update – teeth whitening, perhaps, or hair treatment. It’s on that level. See you at the Zoom.

  6. We will be in qld that weekend visiting my family who are into tarot! I will try and attend the zoom from the Goldcoast! What a treat, will you posting a blog like last years Nov/Dec Delivery with each sign and the focus of what to expect? Asking as a Capricorn- last years was accurate!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Looking forward to learn more at the zoom in May.
    I am concerned as I don’t know exactly when I was born. I have given you my official birth time and date, for my birth chart when I became a member. I was probably born around midnight even if I was declared later for various reasons. How should I understand my chart? MC , North Node and South Node should be put aside ? Other planetes? Please can you give some guidance , I try to understand the impact of the eclipses and conjunctions that are happening.
    Thank you

    1. I look forward to seeing you at the Zoom in May. If your birth time is approximate or unknown, don’t use the angles (MC or Midheaven, AC or Ascendant, IC or Immum Coeli, DC or Descendant). Don’t use Venus, Proserpina or Salacia. The rest of the chart is good to go. You have a Libra stellium so you live in your Seventh House. You live for partnerships and also for battles. So, duets and duels. Professional and sexual partnerships, but also any contest or competition with another. A classic example is a husband and his former wife, or a girlfriend you are having issues with. This comes to life any time there are slow-moving transits in Libra. You have this in 2024. The South Node is transiting Libra. So, life as it was 18-19 years ago is coming back to you, thematically and symbolically, so you can find closure with karma left over from a duet or duel then. You owe, or are owed, spiritually, and that will be finally settled in January 2024.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for taking the time to write these amazing articles. I’ve become immersed in astrology from all the great work you’ve put in. I wanted to ask about my career prospects for this year. I would like to change my job and am wondering when is the best time to do it? I’ve been waiting till after May 14 to start due to Mercury retrograde and just focusing on professional development in the meantime. Do you also see anything else notable happening in my chart for the rest of this year?

    1. Any time from May 14th is best for a new job and it would also mean a new lifestyle too. Your second window is July and August. It’s not the biggest story in your life, though. Something else is. You have a large stellium in Aquarius so you live in a world populated with friends and groups of all kinds. Clubs, teams, societies and so on. You are never immersed in these but operate on the outside. Nevertheless there is mutual reliance there. This all started to change, in mid-2023. From January 2024 it’s become clear life will never be the same again. This cycle can empower you and give you control. Turn your attention to how you are with your allies and pals and what people power in a community or circle can achieve for you. This is tremendously fortunate long-term and will transform you too.

  9. Hi Jessica, Another reader has asked about the British royals here, so thought I’d include my question too…

    When will we all be rid of this royals farce? It’s the year 2024, fgs. It’s unbelievable that we’re still bowing down to other humans simply because of the family they were born in. More so because of the outdated absurdity with which these royals conduct themselves. The following article in the Guardian does a good job highlighting some of it.

    Hope there’s an answer in astrology to my question. And thank you for your time. I always enjoy your horoscopes and blog posts.

    1. Thank you. Monarchy is ruled by Leo and the majority of people born into the House of Windsor have Leo placements. Leo the lion is of course the king of the jungle, but the lion as a symbol is shown in all the heraldry associated with this family. Whenever we have Pluto opposite Leo, in the sign of Aquarius, the rulership or leadership is threatened and sometimes overthrown and replaced. Going back to 60AD, Boudicca nearly did for Nero. In the time of Henry VIII he was replaced by Elizabeth I. Patriarchy was substituted with matriarchy. So this time around, what can we expect? It’s my belief that when Charles III dies and the sealed documents which show the legal advice on the marriage to Camilla must be unsealed, we will discover the public has been hoodwinked. The whole truth about the unlawful killing of Diana will never come out, as she died near an eclipse, but bits and pieces will emerge as those involved speak up. Give Pluto 20 years of opposing Leo in the world horoscope and it is entirely possible a referendum or an act of parliament will remove the power and money – the secrecy – from this ‘firm’ as Elizabeth II called it.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I’m looking forward to attend your workshop. I just booked it. I have been working with Astrology delivery method since November.
    Many things have actually arrived but sometimes not in that way I wished for. I feel a great change in my life. My experience is that I see more opportunities with Astrolgy delivery, but sometimes I have to open the door myself. The univers doesn’t give me everything without an effort. And some topics/wishes are more difficult. But at the end it is really amazing!!! Thank you so much!! best wishes Karin.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    The comments from many happy people who have achieved things on the astrology delivery is amazing. I have just started the astrology delivery in Taurus in my 7th house and will also be doing the Gemini one too which is in my 8th. This is a new thing for me. Please can you tell me how do I pick up a recording of the zoom meeting as I am still learning?

    I have just had the full moon in my sign of Scorpio after having 2 years of eclipses which have been life changing for me. I had a match of 4 degrees in Scorpio and Aquarius the fixed signs and also 4 degrees in Virgo, Sagittarius and Libra. I did the tarot to see what the full moon meant for me and got The World! Freedom, completion, achievement and courage. The completion related to the full moon. The 4 fixed signs are on the card too so I know this was meant for me! The full moon was also at 4 degrees.

    Thank you so much Jessica for all the interesting articles you post on your site!

    1. Thank you. You need to purchase a ticket to the Astrology Collective Zoom and they will send you a recording if you can’t attend. I am glad you drew The World in the Tarot deck. You have a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries which will be triggered in 2024 and 2025.

  12. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your insight on the Jupiter Uranus change for me . Honestly it’s unbelievable for me now at this point in time any change as big as that coming up for me .
    Also I am surprised you picked up on the teeth and the hair update it’s been on my agenda to do once I find the new job . I had a sort of nerve reaction last November when I did a hair appointment and since then not had a hair treatment and the teeth has been pending forever now . I am amazed is an understatement . I feel lost and bit not sure what I been doing till date is it at all anything right for me work wise or should I rethink about how I am looking for a right job . Expecting an honorary title is far from any dream !
    I am looking forward to the zoom meeting . I haven’t received any email for the same from astrology collective or from your team for the link to the zoom for the astrology delivery after the payment done . Can you please guide me to how to connect on the zoom link for tomorrow please I am based in London .

    1. Let me follow up with The Astrology Collective. I am sorry you’ve not had an email. Let me find out what is going on. I look forward to seeing you at the Zoom.

  13. Ok, I did ask the tarot again for clarity and it gave Queen of Coins. The queen is too young to be Camilla with lesser money than she has now, so not sure. I don’t know how to read tarot beyond the pictorial obvious apologies so I guess I’m leaving it here about the monarchy. They ought to become honest with the public soon as they are publically funded with millions of £££. Thank you Jessica. Best.

    1. The Queen of Coins/Pentacles is any woman, of any age, so it may in fact be Camilla. When Charles III passes and/or a Freedom of Information request finally gets through – the legal and constitutional verdict on the marriage to Charles will be seen by us all. The coronation will be invalidated after the fact. I agree, transparency should be part of any publicly funded institution. We wait.

  14. Hi Jessica, I will be moving – across the world – during May so I will not be able to be on the Zoom call. As I have been following Tarot for many years, I have done something really unusual. I created a Tarot reading for myself – three main cards and then clarifying cards based on my question. The result is jaw-dropping. I could not have expected this. But it makes total sense. I asked for clarity as to my personal situation and drew the 2 of Cups, 7 of Pentacles and the Ace of Swords. The clarifying cards brought me to the overall energy that I am about to find a new partner (2 of Cups) who I should vet well (7 of Pentacles) and from whom I should have an exit strategy just in case (Ace of Swords) . The Ace of Swords clarifying card was the Queen of Wands. Success depends of who I co-opt into my team. This is so relevant as I move to the the other side of the world to start a new chapter in my business. What can you tell me about the transits influencing all of this? I am a Sun Taurus 23 degrees with Minerva also at 23 degrees – both in the 2nd house. Jupiter and Uranus in lockstep at 24 Cancer. Pluto 24 Leo. Fortuna 24 Aquarius. Aesculapia at 4 degrees Aquarius. Chiron 5 Aquarius. Mars 21 Gemini. Venus 25 Aries. It’s a tapestry but I know you can unravel it:)
    I need to know how to make the best new moves.
    Warm wishes,

    1. Thank you Emma. Your Tarot has told you about a new partner who needs vetting and an exit strategy too. Business depends on a team. Partners are Leo and Fifth House or Libra and Seventh House. You have Hygiea at 7 Libra in the Seventh House and the South Node will go to 7 Libra for the first time in almost 20 years. The person who turns up will carry a reminder of life as it was 18 or 19 years ago, in partnership terms. You are owed from that time, or you owe, spiritually, and there will be closure. Hygiea is about prevention, protection, screening and shielding of course. Fortuna in Aquarius is square the Sun and Minerva in Taurus in your chart, at 23/24 degrees. So all your life, your business or money depends on the group – and the friends. Your Tarot was absolutely right here, as Jupiter and Uranus as they go to 23, 24 Taurus will trigger the original square. Have a look at Fortuna in art and sculpture to give you a better feel for this side of your character and destiny. I suspect life will be absolutely random.

  15. Such a shame I can’t attend because it will be 1am in Los Angeles- please run again for the American people! I have been doing astrology delivery religiously for several months booking what’s on the list every month but not one thing has been delivered. I have followed the instructions intently so I would love to attend to see what I’m doing wrong.

    1. Thank you. I checked your chart to see what’s happening but it’s actually for a man and your email address is for a woman. In fact, the Zoom will be recorded at The Astrology Collective, so American readers can pick it up afterwards. Thank you.

  16. Hi Jessica I was signed in as my husband when I sent that message about delivery not working for me. I’m now signed in as myself and would be grateful if you can take a look at my chart? I booked for house, lifestyle, visa/greencard and kids over the last few months whenever Leo was told to book. I did it religiously but nothing delivered. Thank you

    1. Thank you for signing in correctly. You are a Sun Leo so your booking window for property, home town, homeland and family was the Scorpio weather of October, November last year. You should have seen some (or all) of what you asked for come to pass, but the results you wanted with your house, children and visa for emigration have not appeared. Even though you drew Tarot cards and used the Pink Noise method to show yourself the gateway and obstacles to overcome, that information did not help you get what you wanted. Checking through my notes, I find other Leo readers had all sorts of results they asked for, in that time-frame, including difficult neighbours leaving the street; the offer of half-price accommodation; a far better relationship with a sister. All of that is Scorpio Weather delivery for a Leo so I am surprised you didn’t see anything on your list deliver by the deadline. You have Jupiter in Cancer in your Fourth House of family, home town, homeland and property which is exceptionally lucky and protective, so I am even more surprised that the trines from Scorpio transits to natal Jupiter did not help you. I do apologise for this not working for you on any level at all and can only suggest you try again with the Gemini booking window for Leo, which is all about friends and groups, and commences shortly. I’ll be chatting more about that at the Zoom event.

  17. Hi Jessica, I’m hoping you can help identify any pattern in my birch chart to explain my difficulty in getting a satisfactory job in the field I’ve studied for many years. I was devastated yesterday to learn that a seemingly great opportunity I’d been offered a week ago was being rescinded for ‘business management’ reasons. You mentioned last year I should be free of Pluto in Capricorn restrictions this year but it feels like I’m still being impacted. Unless the universe is pushing me ‘not’ to work in the alternative health field? Regards

    1. You are free of Pluto in Capricorn (career) challenges in 2024 but Ceres is also in Capricorn all year, so your job will be give and take; compromise; deal-making. Pluto comes back briefly from September-November with a flashback, and then that’s it, for this cycle – for the rest of your life. Ceres also leaves Capricorn at the end of 2024. Ceres is a symbol of ‘Some for you, some for me’ and you can’t have it all your own way with your career when she’s here. Neither can anybody else. Job-sharing is typical. So is having bread and butter income (working in a job you put up with) and cake on the side (alternative health, which you do enjoy). There are variations on this theme. Part-time study for a lucrative new field, for example, and unpaid work for a company which might hire you later. With the Moon, North Node and Pluto all in Virgo in your natal chart, in your Sixth House of health, wellbeing, fitness and healing – you were born to do this. You have done it before. You need to be needed, here. You are also picking up your own promises to yourself from your last incarnation, as the North Node shows past lives. Finally, with Pluto in Virgo, you are powerful as a healer, as you would be as a doctor, dentist, surgeon, psychologist and so on. The current challenges with all this are fleeting. Long-term you will be able to do what you want. The Universe is not stopping you, it is pausing you. In 2024, though, you will find yourself doing the Ceres compromise. You have a whopping stellium in Capricorn from 13 to 29 and Ceres is going back and forth in Capricorn, which is why that opportunity was pulled. Take heart as from next year onwards life is so very much easier. In the meantime explore your Virgo side.

  18. Booked and looking forward to it. Thank you for considering other timezones! Currently, have a good severance package, reconnected with lots of people in Australia after so many years. A visit to Sydney was approached with realistic expectations and we were so welcomed and everything went really well. Biggest hold up is trying to sell our French apartment. Very slow market and with 2 good international agents who seemed to be working hard. A lesson in patience. It makes our French family of friends happy though as we are still here. I feel as if we have reactivated Australia, let go of people and situations that are not healthy but are in a holding pattern until we sell up. Will be interesting to see at the event what comes out.

    1. Thank you. As you are a Sun Taurus I will look at your finances, business, charity and property booking windows in 2024 and way past 2030 as this is set to offer you new independence and freedom. You are trying to sell your apartment on Mercury Retrograde, which is not over. I still see people making basic mistakes with this cycle, which starts and ends with a shadow. Yet from 14th May you will find things start to roll with selling your apartment. Uranus crossing Mercury at 26 Taurus in your Second House of personal income in July, August, October will radically change your ideas and at that point you may hang a price tag on being free and pay it. Transiting Uranus in conjunction with natal Mercury can only happen once in your adult life. The final pass is April, May 2025 when the issues about your finances (the known world versus the unknown world) will vanish. By then you will have found the last thing you expected, is the first thing that happens. Mercury is a symbol of all your paperwork, negotiation and also your banking and accounting. Uranus going over Mercury suggests a series of completely unexpected developments, out of the blue. So life will be unpredictable and it’s wise to dance in the storm and go with the zig-zag flow. Your reward will be astonishing new room to move, as Uranus always sets us completely free.

  19. HI Jessica, I am loving the Astrology delivery (I’m the Paul Weller fan :)) – thank-you. I am not sure if I am able to make it to the Zoom as yet (hope so), but in the mean time I have just noticed that Mars is currently at 1degree in Aries – which is an exact match with my birth chart. Is this significant? Thanks again so much x

    1. Aha. You are the Jam connection. Yes, you are having your Mars Return. Mars in Aries women are like little battering rams as toddlers and in fact your first Mars Return may have been a real case of the Terrible Twos. When older you don’t rush around like that, but as Mars returns to the place he occupied when you were born, there may be what you feel are urgent issues (burning issues) about your appearance, title, reputation, identity, face, name and so on. There is always a big ‘Me’ factor with Mars in Aries and you don’t waste any time.

  20. Thank you as always. We realised it was a case of ‘wishful hoping’ with the apartment! Great to feel that something will start mid-May. More a case of living in limbo and sensing that a wonderful next stage is waiting for both of us.

  21. Hi Jessica – I have been having a to and fro with my ex partner for almost a year. It has been a tumultuous relationship with a lot of despair. We are frankly incompatible and I wanted to know if there is anything in astrology or My chart that can explain why I am still Entangled with them despite this going against everything that makes me happy

    1. I am sorry you are going through it. Bad relationships are usually shown by Leo, Libra and/or Scorpio placements in the Fifth House, Seventh House and/or Eighth House. Leo is pregnancy; abortion; parenthood. Libra is marriage or de facto relationship choices – commitment issues – and also any love rival or a difficult ex. Scorpio is sex and money. There is a fourth sort of relationship which is based on family life, a home and identifying the other person as family, full stop. You fall into the last category as you were born with seven Cancer factors in your Fourth House. Among them we find Diana, who wants to be single and child-free. We also find Cupido who is about passionate, short term, obsessive desire. We also find Ops who had an impossible husband. There’s a lot going on there in your Fourth House. The solution is to look at your own parents and any siblings or others in the home you grew up in (say, cousins or grandparents). The pattern you are acting out with your former partner, is a mirror of a pattern in your family itself. Have a look at Diana and Cupido (Cupid) and Ops too. The difficulty you have had has been down to Pluto at 26 Capricorn right opposite Mercury, Ops and Cupido at 26 Cancer, for the first time in 248 years. You are also going through what they call a T-Square with the transiting nodes in Libra and Aries from 26 through 7 degrees, hitting all your Cancer factors. This ends in 2024. So does the pressure.

  22. Thanks for this week’s podcast, a great reminder about Saturn. Mine is in cancer and I’ve always felt on the outside of my extended family and despite living abroad for 20 years felt tied in to my home country and city and always feel on the outside in the country I’m living in. I never feel like I belong in my family nor in my country of residence. I feel tied to my mum and grandmother leaving 20 years ago felt like tearing my heart out. So interesting to be reminded of Saturn’s impact especially in light of how they will be contributing to my current mental health problems. Thank you for that Jessica, really helpful.

    1. Thank you. Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House is quite challenging because of course family, town, home and country are the basis of who we are. They are supposed to be our foundation and sanctuary but you don’t feel you belong. I am sorry about this. Astrology can help you figure out a way around it if you look at the aspects to Saturn, natally and by transit, but also whatever else is in Cancer. You have Fortuna there so you affect the fate and fortune of family members without realising what you are doing. You are blind to your impact, sending them high or low in the game of life. You promote them and demote them. You also have Apollo there, so you lead your family. You are imitated within the family, admired and seen as a bit of a girl wonder. Juno is there at 27 Cancer. She shows how you ‘marry’ the family and ‘wed’ your relatives but find the commitment very difficult. At 27 Cancer Juno is in exact aspect to the North Node at 27 Scorpio in your Eighth House of legacy, inheritance and property and the South Node at 27 Taurus in your Second House of personal income. So there is past life karma here with your family. You knew them before. The issues are financial. You could go on quite a search with this, but what you will find is that transiting Jupiter in Cancer from the second half of 2025 and the first half of 2026 will clear up so many issues for you with these people, if you try. Your homeland too.

  23. I’d love to know what we can start doing now to prepare for the benefits of the Jupiter PLuto trine on June 2 for our specific sign. I take care of so many people, the more time I have to prepare the easier it would be for me!!


    1. The Jupiter and Pluto trine on 2nd June will be experienced all over the world. Jupiter at 1 Gemini trine Pluto at 1 Aquarius is something I’ll be talking about at the Zoom. We have a ton of Gemini weather rolling for years, starting with the growth, hope, optimism, opportunity, breakthrough and solutions cycle of Jupiter, then bringing in freedom, independence, innovation and invention with Uranus. In between Jupiter and Uranus both cycling through Gemini we also have so many other faster-moving planets; even something as basic as a New Moon in Gemini in June 2024 can kickstart what is possible. It works two ways, in your natal chart (Third House – siblings, cousins, neighbours, media, the web, short journeys) and in your solar chart as you know. You have a stellium in Gemini including your North Node and Jupiter. This is the expansion of your abilities to write, connect, travel, engage in public speaking – which is past life based. You did this before as a teacher, journalist or perhaps a scribe. You may have been a courier or messenger too. You also have Jupiter here, so this is your Jupiter Return. Take full advantage of the cycle to begin a very special project or course. In your solar chart you have the trine going to your Sixth House of work, unpaid work and academia (Sun Capricorn). Put that together and you can see what to do.

  24. Hi Jessica, I’ve just bought my ticket and am so looking forward to the zoom next sunday 🙂
    I’m a sun libra with only one gemini factor in my chart (18 Psyche) so I’m unsure how Jupiter in Gemini will affect me? I have finished my first novel, and currently going through self-edits, then I need to get it professionally edited etc so I can publish, but honestly am struggling with motivation for it. I almost feel like I’m partially blocked. Will Jupiter in Gemini help me get my mojo back for this?
    Thanks again so much x

    1. Thank you so much. Funnily enough I just recorded The Astrology Show (for the week beginning 6th May) talking about women who publish, online or in the real world, and particularly wise female sources of advice. Psyche in Gemini is about what lasts forever online and in the media, so you have the capacity to produce a perennial work (in any medium) in the second half of 2024 and first half of 2025. You are strongly Virgo and the block is usually perfectionism and getting bogged down in too much detail. Motivation can be hard if it feels like you are working, working, working. That can also happen. Don’t let perfect stop good. You are also allowed to chuck it in a drawer (or park it out of sight on your computer) which is a very non-Virgo thing to do but it may be what you need. Think about another project from late May, early June. This could be extremely successful for you and rely far more on fast, shorter messaging to people.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    I’m still living on our property I’ve been trying to sell on and off for 2 years now. I feel at a complete loss why I haven’t sold and want to sell & move. I have followed professional advice (agents, solicitors, accountants)and adjusted price etc but no sale. I’m so flat and despondent. Any insight please to why I haven’t sold or when will I sell?
    I want to downsize, retire and have some spending money to help my children.

    1. Two years is a long time to not sell a home. I am sorry you have been put through it. Let’s have a look at what is going on. Your Sun Sign or solar chart is Queen. You are a Sun Cancer person so you have the South Node in Libra in your Fourth House of property and family, town and country. The South Node moves backwards and so does life, on this transit. It can feel like Groundhog Day. You keep on trying new approaches and you see and hear the same things, every day. The cycle ends in January 2025. This does not mean you cannot sell before that date, but I think the issue may be your children or perhaps the other co-parent. There is likely some karma here going back 18-19 years, to the last South Node in Libra cycle. It may even go back a further 18-19 years before that. These South Node cycles tend to repay you, spiritually, if you are owed – and equally, if you owe, on a soul level, you have to settle up. So that’s your chart as a Cancerian. I have seen another reader with this in her Third House of brothers and sisters; he and his brother have been waiting for well over a year for probate on a family will and their relative’s home has only just gone on the market. The waiting game might show up in your natal chart too. You have a huge stellium in Cancer actually in the Fourth House and at the moment Ceres in Capricorn is opposing that. The lunar nodes (again, the nodes) are also aspecting that. This is rather like a football game when you have to play to your strengths and gather your best tactics. Again, this ends as 2024 ends. Again, this doesn’t mean you won’t sell, but you will have to be pretty strategic. Agents, solicitors and accountants haven’t helped you. I do wonder if you are so strongly Cancerian that others feel this is still your home even if you are selling. It may be very ‘you’ and perhaps you’ve not let go. Vibes do matter when it’s time to inspect a property as you know. This is just a possibility; I don’t know if it’s true or not. I’d say the twin issues here are the fact that your home has been everything to you at various points in your life – and that the children are the other question. Have a look at the Tarot. I would be astonished if this went on into next year. Ask the Tarot why you’ve had two years of this. Who or what is the obstacle? Then ask ‘What do I need to do/who do I need to pursue, to sell my home as soon as possible?’

  26. Hello Jessica, your article on Jupiter Uranus conjunction has disappeared on the website, has it been removed please? Thank you.

    1. Thank goodness it worked when I put it in Trash and pressed Delete. I never know with WordPress, it’s all Greek to me. Anyway, the new rebooted story will reappear shortly.

  27. Hello Jessica, your article on Jupiter Uranus conjunction has disappeared on the website, has it been removed please?. Thank you.

    1. Yes, I have taken it down so that I can update it and find new photographs. Thank you.

  28. I’m a Leo and always see horoscopes pushing taurus times as the best for my career but looking back over my 40 years of work history, any I’ve tried during Taurus have not worked out. Instead, I’ve always gotten my best, most successful and longest enduring jobs when I interview and/or start them in September and August, closer to my Leo birthday or rising degrees (1991, 2003 and 2010). I looked and Jupiter was also in late Leo when I interviewed for these same successful jobs except the 2010 one which I am still at (and which has been extra lucrative this past year with nice bonuses). I’m not currently looking for a new career, but I am going to Europe from May 10-June 1, partly for vacation and partly as scouting toward where in Europe I want to live once my dual German citizenship is approved which should happen within the next 6 months. That of course would lead to a whole new life and potential career, even though I’m getting toward retirement age but not quite there yet. What can you tell me about my potential future life path based on this historical pattern I’ve described.

    1. Interesting. By rights, you should always find professional, unpaid work or academic peaks when Jupiter transits Taurus, not only because this is in your solar Tenth House of success, but also because in your natal chart, Jupiter goes through your Second House of salary and profits. See what happens when you are in Europe as Jupiter is with you a while yet. Even though Jupiter in Leo in your solar First House of title and profile suits new jobs or promotions, you will have to wait three years until that comes around again. Proserpina at 23 Virgo and the MC or Midheaven at 23 Taurus make a perfect trine and as Jupiter did not trigger that at 23 Taurus, your birth time is likely out.

  29. Hi Jessica – huge fan. I’m a scorpio stellium sun rising mercury Pluto all in 1st or 12th hours with my Gemini in Mars Retrograde. I’ve been through a horrific last 18 months, beginning really though November 2021 with a car accident that left me severely injured, just months after losing my father in April 2021. I was engaged at the time to a Libra Sun Cancer Moon Sag Rising. Unbeknownst to me while injured from the car accident and bed ridden, he began an affair with a workplace colleague, kept hidden from me, as his abuse amplified toward the wedding October 8 2022. Within 5 weeks of the wedding he became more and more agitated and aggressive. On October 25 I asked if there was someone else. My intuition led me to his workplace where I discovered them two. By November 15 2022 we had a showdown confrontation where he assaulted me for exposing the affair, then abandoned me (literally fled the province and has been hiding out across the country, he was charged by police due to only my own advocacy, but since the system here in Canada is entirely broken and corrupt, he was able to get his charges withdrawn without ever having to even face me, face what he did, be accountable or apologize, literally radio silence since. I discovered now he the affair was much worse than I realized, as was the abuse, and financial, as he ran up huge debts in my name in addition to skipping out on his side of the wedding owed. Now I’ve heard from his divorce lawyer and we will soon begin a new nightmare. Please tell me justice will be served for him soon. I cannot fathom that he gets away with all of this, without ever being held accountable, or ever admitting to his affair. I never got to speak my truth and I’ve been essentially silenced by the court process which amounted to nothing but actually emboldening him as he got the charges dropped. Your insight is greatly appreciated. I know this cannot end this way. Karma must be due…

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry about your troubles. You lost your father and lost your fiancee and also had a severe car accident. The year 2021 was very tough, going into 2022 and you are still recovering. I’m not surprised. Your fiancee also ran up debts in your name, as well as betraying you with an affair. Okay, so starting with your Sun sign and solar chart, you are a Sun Scorpio, at 0 degrees. This is in your Eighth House of sex, death and money – as they say. So it’s about losing your dad, but also an engagement to the most dreadful creature so is still costing you. Transiting Pluto has been at 0 Aquarius, square your natal Sun for the first time in 248 years. In addition to that, I would expect to see more Scorpio in your chart. In fact you have a whopping stellium, including Pluto at 17 Scorpio. Again, rare cycles – Uranus has been in opposition to that for the first and last time in your adult life. The worst is over. You will not be starting a new nightmare with the divorce. In fact you will make or save an absolute fortune, either because of him (or in spite of him) from the end of May until June 2025. It is very important to understand your Scorpio side. Scorpions can kiss and kill, or even eat each other alive – you no doubt know about the promenade a deux. I am sure he is a completely awful human being and you long for an outcome but use this new Jupiter cycle (it starts in about three weeks) to hang price tags on what money cannot buy. This is what happens when you have Taurus transits opposite Scorpio placements. You have to stack up what you would actually pay to never have to speak to him again; think about him – or whatever you want. Cutting your losses can sometimes be so hard to do, but I can see your chart years into the future and from 2026, well into the 2030s you will be financially independent, with tremendous freedom on a banking, property and business level. In fact the last thing you expected to happen, will happen. At this point I have to say I am being shown garden gnomes on a clairvoyant level. I have no idea why – hopefully you do! Coming back to astrology, the next 20 years may well find you giving up on Canada – that can happen. You say he’s a Libra Sun. He has Saturn in Aries to go through in the next few years when he will learn some very heavy lessons not possible in 19 years, all related to the relationship he is in then – that particular person – or even to his realisation that you are with someone new. That can happen too. I do think it’s important that you don’t keep on swishing your tail. As a Libra Sun it is very, very likely he has Scorpio placements too. An ongoing promenade a deux can waste your time and energy for years. You have Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House. You can and will have a very happy new relationship when you have your Jupiter Return in Leo, so that’s 2026-2027. You may have a child, take on a stepchild or just acquire a whole host of younger in-laws, should you decide to commit. You also have just enough Gemini placements to help you put him in perspective from June 2024 to June 2025, purely by travelling. You will develop a fantastic connection with a neighbouring city, region or adjacent country (it may be the US of course) which benefits you every step of the way. The distance you put between yourself and home, helps you develop a new perspective on him as well. I am being told a woman called Sarah will help you.

      1. I have tears in my eyes, Jessica. You don’t know how much your response means to me. I, admittedly on a whim and emotional unleashed a comment and was feeling almost remorseful after, typical of a Scorpio. I’ve always felt drawn to share my story with you. I’ve been following you for some time actually, since the horrific upheaval, when he fled the province and abandoned me, just 5 weeks after the wedding, I was desperate for answers to questions which I couldn’t possibly fathom. I found you in May 2022. Thank you so kindly for this thoughtful and insightful powerful read that clearly goes beyond just the expected astrological. Your response comes at a time where I feel ever so defeated and despondent and dissociation have become the only two modes I can vacillate within. I hope to return to work, I was a news anchor and reporter for a major network here, perhaps that wasn’t my soul purpose but having lost the career I worked so hard for after that Nov 2021 car accident, everything else just kept falling through the floor, even when I thought I had hit rock bottom, the floor once again gave out. Amid my fathers death I let this Libra Sun prey on me, you are right he has Mercury Mars and Pluto in Scorpio. Oct 8 1993 born in Vancouver BC. The most anguish comes from the fact even after enduring the extraordinary abuse the depths of which I’m still discovering, I still cry over losing someone I genuinely loved and poured everything I had, into, in an effort to keep him and prove worth. Everything did with and for him was so against my usual scorpio nature and letting this court process play out, the broken system that is, where injustices are more common and perpetrators have more rights than victims, allowed him to get away with it, and the entire I’ve felt so disempowered and out of control, and I want to get my revenge and I just keep plotting but my plotting is more like spinning my wheels and I just don’t seem to get anywhere. And now so much time as passed, I fear I missed my opportunity to have him, and that homewrecker who’s entirely complicit willing party, the two were in it to destroy my life. I’m lucky my father divinely intervened to remove him. It was November 15 2022. I believe the eclipses then had something to do with it. October 25 was the first time I asked if he was having an affair, seemingly unprovoked and without reason, and just days later, began to discover what I never, ever, could have expected of someone, who just took vows in a Catholic Church, the same one we had my father’s funeral where I gave the eulogy. The entire situation is so unbelievably tragic, and while I feel I’ve been a victim, I actually hate being a victim, but I also can’t seem to save myself this time around. I’m just so stuck. I very, very much appreciate your empathy and compassion in such detailed response in this unfathomable time. I’ll never forget your kindness. Thank you Jessica.

        1. Thank you. So this person has Mercury, Mars and Pluto in Scorpio in the Eighth House. You did in fact walk into a promenade a deux, which is the famous Scorpio dance – always with an edge of danger as in nature, scorpions can sting each other to death or even cannibalise each other. You have Scorpio in your chart too, as you know. And when you say that you still cry over him, you are expressing the water sign nature of Scorpio and the intensity of its planetary ruler Pluto, who was driven by desire and then had to endure loss. Plotting is very common. It does not make the feelings better. It is also quite common for the Roman Catholic church to be involved. There are echoes of Charles, Camilla and Diana here. Charles is a Sun Scorpio and of course Camilla never had her first marriage annulled by the Vatican. Feeling stuck is also quite common with Scorpio patterns because it is a fixed sign. Use the Tarot to escape. Follow the steps and see what it shows you. You don’t have to do anything to this man, or about him. He’ll get his yet, to quote Sexy Sadie.

  30. I live in Detroit and wont be able to make it to the astrology delivery. If i booked the event – how would i still use the delivery?

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Sorry i am jumping on a random post after seeing your New Moon Email – we are closing in
    on a house (finally!) You did tell me awhile ago we had until May for positive news, having Saturn in my second
    house i am always stressed about money, hoping for reassurance that this is a good move – my partner is also a Pisces!

    1. Congratulations on closing on your house and I am glad the astrology prediction about May came to pass. Your only issue is Mercury Retrograde in Aries but it ends on 14th May and would affect your partner, not you. So it’s his delay, stop-start, loop – and of course it can be with the bank or an accountant, as much as a property transaction.

  32. Hello Jessica , Thank you so much . I have now received an email from Astrology collective for 12th MAY .Looking forward to the session . I want to understand stelliums in my chart and also what Diana Fortuna Bacchus and similar signs mean and how they influence the chart . I didn’t think 0 degree in Capricorn is the reason for the Pluto in Capricorn change in 2018 effected me so much on the work front . I have a twin who is born 16 minutes apart 5:08am and her life is way different then mine though most of the astrologers always tell us charts are the same . she is married has been on long stint in her jobs unlike mine . I have had my own unique journey and experience and a lot to do with past life etc . I am really curious to understand more about how to read the chart and help me in the future . Thank you so much for your insights and guidance always . appreciate a lot your blogs it has definitely got me curious about astrology as a subject to learn.

    1. Thank you. Twins in astrology are good proof for alchemy. The horoscope is not a one-person matter; your horoscope combines with the natal charts of others; the chart of your twin; the charts of your parents, schoolfriends and later on, partners. It also combines with the places you are drawn to, live in or work in – as you grow older you and your twin create different chemistry. To find out how you are changed by your twin and how your twin changes you, look to Gemini factors in the Third House of siblings. Minerva at 5 Gemini in a conjunction with the Sun at 6 Gemini suggests you gain attention, the spotlight, admiration – or are exposed – through your performance at school, particularly with English or languages; your command of words; your verbal and written abilities. That can produce someone who is determined to excel and does so, or someone who feels the spotlight is too harsh and retreats far away from (say) Speech and Drama classes, or particularly tests. So it begins in school with both of you. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, born fully formed from her father Jupiter’s brain, so your father is implied here, for both of you. Her marriage alone will have created a radically different path for her, as her chart has semi-merged with her husband’s.

  33. Hi Jessica , thank you so much for the feedback ! yes her life has taken a radically different path since 2015 after her marriage including she is totally different person more close to her husband persona now . she doesn’t relate to me at all anymore . I was a shy timid kid and she was more liked for the way she speaks and I found my talent of speech and connecting with ppl much later maybe in mid 2004-2005 when my personality changed 360 degree with the new role at my workplace . yes I was drawn to move to London a completely different continent and I cudnt explain the pull to either her or my folks . its been 19 years now in this country and she moved to Singapore in 2016 after getting married . When you say third house or 5th house how do we read this in the natal chart as I don’t see any numbers on the chart . I hope you help with this during your session coming Sunday . Apologies if I have been dumb with this question 🙁 I was never close to my dad( she was very much ) but very much influenced by my maternal grandpapa. we are so different in the way we see things and all of it and its amazing for me as we grew up under the same roof ! its really interesting and I hope to learn a lot from the session 🙂 Much love and best regards x

    1. Thank you for confirming the astrology is correct about your sister. There are no numbers on the chart, but the Third House is always ruled by Gemini. Basically you count the divisions on the circle anti-clockwise, starting at Aries. Aries is First House, Taurus is Second House and so on. I am happy to answer all questions on Sunday, time allowing, and will come back to this feature after the Zoom call with The Astrology Collective to see if there are more. And it’s about Minerva, really, for you – which is why you were both born from your father’s brain, but she ‘went there’ and you did not.

  34. Hi Jessica – thank you for this great article on astrology delivery. I’m hoping following the delivery method will change my business luck. I own a business and it’s been very slow when it should have been a very busy period for sales. I consulted an Indian astrologer who told me that I was going thru a very bad period and nothing would change until November this year. I can’t wait that long for the business to pick up. Are my transits really that bad right now? Banking on astrology delivery! Thank you Jessica!

    1. Astrology Delivery is based on your solar or Sun Sign chart. So are you in a good booking window to make money? You are a Sun Aquarius so your Indian astrologer is half right. You are in fact in a challenging cycle for business but it does not end in November. It ends when Saturn goes out of Pisces and your Second House of cash flow. (Saturn is obstruction). So that is February 2026. Neptune has also been in Pisces and your Second House of finance for many years and goes in January 2026. So that year is enormously important when you may walk away from the business, sell it or find another way to work. At the very least your business will be dramatically reshaped in the first two months of that year. What do you do until then? Work smarter not harder. Neptune describes the insulation from reality that comes when you are in a different space – a separate reality. Financially that can be a property bubble or a large loan from a bank that cushions you against the truth, which is that you just don’t have the cash. Saturn is about the unavoidable and the inescapable. So you can have (say) a house which keeps on escalating in value within a bubble at the same time that you have some laborious contract with another business which you can’t get out of. You can find out more about Saturn and Neptune in your flipbooks. But this does end. So think about 2026 and what you want to do with your life.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    Another amazing entry! I’ve been anticipating this transit for a long time now. Since Jupiter in Gemini is my natal placement, I’m curious to know how it will unfold for me over the next year. My gut and dreams say it’s related to wealth and prosperity. That and both of my hands won’t stop itching…thoughts? Thank you for all you do!

    1. Thank you. Your Jupiter Return in Gemini is not about wealth and prosperity; it is about your brother, sister and/or cousin. It’s a rare opportunity, not possible in twelve years, to benefit from the sibling connection and gain from its expansion. So, for example, what you shared as children is the acorn that can grow into an oak in the second half of 2024 and first half of 2025. Jupiter in Gemini in the Third House is also about short journeys and bicycles, public transport, yachts and inter-city commuting or interstate/two county commuting. This is also where you gain, thanks to new options which appear near the New Moon in June 2024. It may be something as simple as acquiring a new partner who has a new set of wheels and a tent. The Third House is also very much about magazines, podcasts, writing and all mediums and media. Again, this goes back to childhood when you were developing your facility with language, or languages, plural. A very special project, course or plan will evolve from late May 2024 and could bring enormous gains by June 2025. Right time, right place, right people. This may of course make or save you money; you are strongly Taurean and with Uranus in Taurus all kinds of surprises and u-turns are in store.

  36. I am looking forward to today’s Zoom meeting. Although I won’t be able to attend (Mother’s Day dinner), I will undoubtedly watch the recording and may see the first half of it live. Thank you, Jessica.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for a very informative Astrology Delivery Workshop on Sunday. I’m a published author (crime/thrillers – under pseudonym) and a mindfulness teacher (MSc). Whenever I give writing workshops and incorporate mindfulness there are really great results for the participants and myself. I’ve been thinking of doing this more, and wondering about a property to expand this business or a holiday home by the sea that I can use to write, share with other writers, and family, and can double as a retreat location. I am committed to do the delivery on the dates but just wondering if you had any further thoughts or advice. Thank you so much, Marie

    Gemini for me is at 6 DSC Desc, 10 Aesculapia and 5 South Node.

    1. Thank you Marie. As a Pisces a holiday home where you can write, is in your booking zone. A retreat suits what is possible. Perhaps you will sell TV rights to your thriller. You also have just enough Gemini in your chart to double book for (say) a bestseller, or a multiple book contract, or anything else that is about media, publishing, short journeys, the web, siblings and neighbours.

  38. hello Jessica, I am absolutely grateful for the astrology delivery session . to hear you speak and your vibe is so so calming to my soul.Felt like I had a calling to connect with you to understand the subject matter . I am in London and I was the girl who in the practise session with pink music got king of pentacles .I had asked for a gateway for an amazing job with good pay package and mentally stimulating profile and great culture . I know you mentioned on the call King of pentacles man and to not to hold the cash close to heart but spend them but I am confused as to how it answers my question . I am a sun gemini and I have Jupiter in cancer and I have four stelliums in diff signs . So do we keep our list of wishes and then go back every day for answers until the 20th may at 2pm or we make the lis of wishes and then on first entry of gemini 20th may we go back to the tarot after listening to pink .Can you please guide me here . I feel there is changes coming in my life I been conscious of my body and how I look and making efforts towards a good fit healthy body since the engining of the year . I am keenly looking for my next role or job and I hope to find a smashing one too 🙂 please advise me the best way to do it correctly . it was my first astrology booking call so I might have missed out on few stuff done previously.

    1. Thank you for coming along to Astrology Delivery on Zoom. Your booking is for an image relaunch not an amazing job with a good pay package, so you need to start again on the actual date and this time write down specific goals relating to your name, title, profile, appearance, reputation. A new job may be part of that but more money isn’t, necessarily. You also need to remember what you heard about making a new entry in your journal very time, if you wish, or amending the list from the last booking. A fit body is possible. Report back when you have your relaunched look.

  39. Hi Jessica

    I was unable to attend the Zoom event Astrology Delivery on Sunday. I had two molar teeth extracted and a crown done in the past week. I am sure there is some significance to this trauma. I am a Sun Taurus.I have written to you before regarding my late Mom”s modest flatand her second Will drawn up by my eldest sister who is the Executor in 2021 just before Mom passed to spirit. My eldest sister , a Sun Taurus 26th April, two years older than me is living inthe flat with her son (mental health issues) and is separated from her husband. The flat is still under my late Mom’s name and my eldest sister stands firm that the flat will only be sold in 2028 when the flat price will rise another $150,000. Me and my two younger sisters are also beneficiaries of the flatare not living there.
    Every month she has sent an intimidating email addressed to me that I am not to seek legal counsel regarding my late Mom’s flat. The inheritance probate account has not been set up. I am still learning how to read natal charts and she will be having Uranus touching her Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Taurus @ 26 degrees beginning of July 2024 till mid February 2026. This morning I asked what will be the gateway with my eldest sister re Mom’s flat for peace and harmony. I drew Pamelas tarot card from your website and it is the Eight of Swords. I think the lady in the tarot card is my sister. I intuitively feel she is psychologically, emotionally and mentally trapped in the flat by her only son who is not working. I hope my sister can be liberated from her depressing situation soon, and find her happiness in Australia where she has friends. Grateful for your kind insights as to when the inheritance flat issue can be resolved/sold within this year. Thank you very much, Jessica.

    1. Thank you Evelyn. Yes, I remember your complicated family situation. You are a Sun Taurus so can book for money, a house, apartment, business, charity or purchase/sales outcome. Perhaps many different goals regarding that. You should definitely focus on the flat, your mother’s estate and your sister. This sibling of yours sounds like a nightmare – I am sorry you are going through it. However, you need to use Astrology Delivery correctly. You don’t draw a Tarot card until the first booking, and that is days away now. With the entire sibling situation, you are in luck, as in 2025-2026 you are in Cancer weather with Jupiter in Cancer and what you book then regarding all the sisters could easily come your way. For now, focus on the property and money.

  40. Hi Jessica
    I booked for the Zoom meeting for Astrology delivery but was unable to join as the email that was sent to me did not have a link that worked – so disappointing . I understand I can get a recording but cannot find out how to get one . Could you tell me how I may receive one please . Thank you in advance .

    1. I am sorry you could not join the Zoom call. The best thing to do is contact Zane Stein and Lynette Malone at The Astrology Collective where you paid for your ticket and you will be sent the recording. Thank you.

  41. hello Jessica , thank you for your feedback . I think in the past you did advise me to hold my decision on taking a new role until 14th may as the one after end of May will be a good one better than the current one (I then had ) and it will be something of a flattering new business card . I am really anxious about my new job also off late been triggered with few work traumas from the past which I am currently working on but its holding me back to look out for. a new job in my own way and even questioning if I ever did anything right 🙁 please advise and guide me .

    1. Mercury Retrograde is now over so you will find things stick. You are a Sun Gemini so if you want a flattering new job title, start booking. If you want letters after your name, start booking. You are still in quite a challenging career cycle, no doubt about it, but the trick with this transit for Gemini is to understand you can’t exist in a bubble and work is not a holiday from reality. You have to get real about the sort of work you have chosen and what is actually involved. There will always be aspects of it that seem unreal to other people (at least until the mid 2020’s) but that does not mean that you evade, avoid or escape what is required. If you do, then Saturn will come for you with a boxing glove on. Aim for a new job title and start booking – or qualifications that would give you a better business card.

  42. Thank you Jessica, I wasn’t going to bother you again as I know you’re busy guiding other beautiful souls here, but I did follow The Tarot and I had to report back – I got the Emperor!! Ha. You are right about everything; I know that to be so certain. I can’t help but feel still striking a deal with my ex via the divorce is selling myself short— I will not get what I am owed, financially (by a long shot) but even emotionally and spiritually – he has to be held accountable, for everything he did to me, and I feel like that’s only possible in a very public way, if at all, now it’s been 18 months. I’ve suffered so much I can’t imagine I should make this easy for him… or her. It’s not that I don’t want to hear or see him, it’s what I want to hear and see from him, and that’s restitution. I also thought about Charles Camilla Diana, funny thing is, my ex was so in love with me at first, so head-over-heels, this was quite the reversal by the end. I do know the mistress aggressively pursued him despite knowing all about me, my injured condition, the upcoming wedding, and in fact, was waiting for him to return from the honeymoon. I still don’t understand why he did it. She was nothing. He threw away everything for nothing. He thought I’d never find out. The eclipses that year, I think had something to do with it (my birthday is October 24 1990, I believe the first eclipse was in Scorpio on October 25, the first eclipse of that cycle happened near to my car accident as well, actually, which was November 15 2021) I do think there was a time of genuine, real, once-in-a-lifetime love and it was almost like at that precise moment he decided to kill it. He was not the typical guy I’d go for but I saw potential in him and I wanted something different, something safe and secure, which I thought was the case, going for someone out of my usual social realm. Trust me, discovering the depths of his deceit and abuse was a shock I lost my own friends over it because they simply didn’t believe it— and they were my “friends” – I wish I knew the reference to the garden gnomes! I don’t yet. I will let you know if I come across something, same with Sarah. Both my brothers live in the U.S., it’s not too far a reach, and may be my only option if I’m not able to return to work after all, once the car accident tort is settled. I could use a new start but I’m never going to be able to enter a relationship after this, I can’t foresee myself ever being healed enough to do so. Sending all my love from Canada. You are truly a gift to this world. C

    1. A Scorpio Eclipse is a cover-up and always about sex, death and money. I mentioned Camilla, Charles and Diana because something about your chart reminded me of the aggressive mistress. Diana of course called Camilla the Rottweiler. Unfortunately when you buy into a love triangle you end up living a life that energises the adulterers because part of their relationship depends on women fighting women. Awful but true; the astrology chart always shows it with Vesta, which shows up men who need a harem and women who want to be top harem favourite. You can get lost in Scorpio World. Do you want to be there? You have other parts of your chart to explore. The garden gnomes and Sarah, which I received for you as a medium, will make sense later .

  43. Hi Jessica,

    Its my first time doing astrology delivery. Taurus weather – May 8th – The hermit , May 15- Page of wands. My question was towards my Image/Title/the future Role i am trying in HR that I am working towards. I dont know what to do with the information. How do i use this to guide me where i want to be? especially career – I feel nothing is working. Please guide.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus and your final booking for Taurus season (your image, appearance, title) is today; Mercury going into Taurus for the final wave, on Thursday 16th May 2024. So make another entry in your journal, about a job title you want, or qualifications. Follow the usual steps. The interpretation of the Tarot card is always there under the card when you draw it. Find out what the entry point is to the next wave and keep surfing.

  44. No doubt the mistress here is a dog too, didn’t know what I was buying into but man did I get ripped off with a bait and switch of catastrophically devastating proportions. I want to explore but there is so much damage already done, like Winston Churchill, if you’re going through hell, keep going. If I stop now, I will enter another personal hell of self-betrayal for not just allowing myself to be roped into this but allowing those two off the hook. I am a Scorpio through and through as you know… As always Jessica, appreciate your powerful insights so much, and thank you for sharing your gifts with me, especially the messages you received as medium, I feel very lucky to have been the recipient snd so grateful. You are such a gift to this world. I’m not worthy!

    1. Funny how Sir Winston Churchill keeps turning up for me this week (I am chatting to a medium later who brings him through regularly). So yes, if you are going through hell, keep going. And thank you, for your thank yous. Winnie won. Broad, sunlit uplands.

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