The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

The last time we saw a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, the war between Nazi Germany and Britain nearly ended and the world economy could have flipped. What's in store for you, in your horoscope - and the world - in this special video feature?

The Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

If Jupiter is ‘big opportunity’ and Uranus is ‘the world turns upside-down’ – then what can this rare, historic combination in late April 2024 deliver, from the 18th to the 26th, when the two famous planets are in the same zodiac sign, at the same degree?

You can bank on a deal. There will be deals in your own life, of all kinds. People around you will be bargaining. What happens will change everything.

The two big astrology factors both meet in Taurus, the sign of the bull. This rules bull markets on Wall Street and gold bullion.

Do You Have Taurus Factors?

Do you have Taurus factors? It’s about your bank account. It’s also about your values. What you will (or will not) sell out for.

Who or what is so precious to you, that it’s priceless. Taurus (below) is the bull. As April ends, that bull will hit an electric fence. Bang.

In this feature I will look at world trends which will have a trickle-down effect on all of us, not just in April and May 2024, but for years into the future. It is very likely Russia will be involved.

Taurus Johann Bayer 300x225 - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in TaurusSunday, 21st April 2024

On Sunday 21st April 2024 at 2.25am BST in London, Jupiter goes to 21 Taurus 49. Uranus goes to 21 Taurus 49.

The entire period of April 18th to 26th sees the two planets at the same degrees, but this is the exact minute of a precise, perfect conjunction.

That chart is at the bottom of this article if you are curious about comparing it to your own natal chart. This old illustration of Taurus looks like a bull hitting an electric fence. This is exactly what is going to happen as April ends. Wall Street is represented by a bronze bull in downtown New York. That bull shows a bull market. It will shake.

What It Means For You

In this feature I’ll look at what Jupiter in conjunction with Uranus means for your Sun Sign (solar chart). I’ll look at your natal chart as well.

If you watch the video of the Zoom Event on YouTube, you can also see how to use the Tarot on my website to draw one card and ask how this incredible line-up in the heavens will affect you. I strongly recommend you watch the whole video rather than skipping to your own sign. You won’t really understand this historic transit until you see it 12 ways.

History and the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

But first – this is a massive global event in the world horoscope, so what might we see as April draws to a close? And in May as well, because Taurus Season continues?

Are we going to see history repeat itself and the United Kingdom, the European Union, Russia and the US be brought into the most shocking deal-making yet seen? Gaza? Bigger than all of that? 

Russia, Putin and the Kremlin

What happens worldwide, affects the sharemarkets and the global economy. And that affects all of us, no matter where we live, or if we have stocks and shares – or not.

Russia, Putin (or the actors playing Putin) and the Kremlin seem likely to be involved, as they were both times previously.

On May 22nd to 25th 1858, Russia and China cut a land and trade deal, on the Treaty of Aigun. That bargain still affects us today in 2024. In a moment I will also look at 1941 (more on that in the video) when Hitler made an offer to Churchill to end the war if Britain sided with Germany – against Russia.

An Historic Ukraine Cycle Repeats

The Treaty of Aigun gave two million miles of new territory to Russia, from China. In addition to territory, Russia gained more control over trade. Watch Ukraine.

What happens as April ends will probably involve the Kremlin based on previous astrology cycles. It will be a huge shock. It will be the last thing anybody expected.

The first historical Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus that we have today took place on 15th August 1015 at the fall and occupation of Kiev, Ukraine. That is why April 18th to 26th 2024 is so important, for Russia observers.

Screen Shot 2024 04 16 at 10.33.21 am 1024x990 - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus


download - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

What To Expect – What History Shows Us

The last time in recent decades that we had a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus (the sign of the world economy) Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess landed in the United Kingdom to offer the English a peace deal. All they had to do was side with Hitler against Russia.

It was big (Jupiter). It was a shock (Uranus). He landed in a cow field (Taurus).

The financial fall-out from that peace deal between Germany and Britain would have changed the known world.

Churchill allegedly went to see a Marx Brothers comedy instead. Had Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess succeeded with their radical bargain on that Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, the war as people knew it in 1941 would have ended.

The Hess Astrologers and the Taurus Season of 1941

Astrology had a bigger part to play in the shock Hitler offer of 1941 than most people realise.

The top Nazi, Rudolf Hess, acting for Hitler – had a Munich astrologer, Maria Nagengast, who had told him to fly to the U.K. on 10th May.

Nagengast was watching the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on 8th May 1941 as well as the Taurus stellium.

In a letter to his wife in 1942, Hess said a horoscope by another astrologer,  had also persuaded him the 10th May had been right.

Historians claim that the astrologer Ernst Schulte-Strathaus had told Hess there would be six planets in Taurus during the Full Moon of May 11, 1941, a day after Hess’s planned landing. Hess’s star sign was Taurus too.

Of course, Hess also needed the Full Moon for night vision as he flew from Germany to Scotland to broker the big deal. Huge mistake. Never do anything on a Full Moon.

These Were Not Good Astrologers

Rudolf Hess did not have good astrologers. One look at the modern astrology chart for that 1941 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and we can see why.

Astrology devotee Rudolf Hess failed to bargain with the British – and was jailed for life.

Afterwards, on 9th June, Hitler sent astrologers to the concentration camps: “The Fuhrer wishes that the strongest measures be directed against occultists, astrologists (sic), Medical quacks and the like,” ran the telegram.

Wolf Rudiger, the son of Rudolf Hess, believed British intelligence had lured his father to Britain, but how?

Whenever we see Uranus in a transit, we see all that is highly unusual, extremely unconventional, unprecedented and – rather a shock. It’s my belief which I cannot prove here, that the Rudolf Hess crash landing (and the bargain of the decade) was made with a double-cross from British intelligence using astrologers.

What happens as April 2024 closes may be similarly strange. Let’s see.

Churchill, MI5 and Astrology

In the video you can watch here, I’ll show you an original photograph of the well-known astrologer Brigadier Roy Firebrace, co-founder of The Astrological Association of Great Britain, standing next to Winston Churchill at 10 Downing Street.

The shock for the mainstream? Firebrace was also a leading member of The Astrological Lodge of London.

Understanding 2024 Through 1941

We are not going to understand the momentous nature of this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus without really understanding the strange events of 1941.

In the YouTube video, I’ll also show you an original hand-drawn self portrait by Louis de Wohl, the astrologer who worked for MI5, so you can see who Hess and Hitler may have been dealing with.

The Astrologer Who Worked With Churchill

Of course,  official files have been found which eliminate any suggestion that MI5 was ever involved in such a plot. Heaven forbid. Or rather, heavens forbid.

Yet,  Churchill’s face is hidden inside a horoscope clock near St. Paul’s Cathedral to this day (below). I believe it is a private joke or bet, made in 1941 when Hess used astrology to land.

Brigadier Firebrace was Churchill’s right-hand man for Russian translation, as we can see here. Firebrace is hiding in the shadows, ducking behind the Prime Minister. Was he also Churchill’s right-hand man for astrology in the bizarre case of Hess and his massive shock deal?

Churchill 26th May 1942  scaled - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

EaVbXv8UcAEzsB7 scaled - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

Churchill’s Opportunity, Not Taken

When Uranus is in conjunction with Jupiter in Taurus in the final fortnight of April 2024, the world should be watching what history can show us.

I’ve mentioned Russia, in the light not only of 1941 and the Hitler deal to Britain – but also because of the Treaty of Aigun.

The Treaty of Aigun in 1858

The Treaty of Aigun carved up Russia and China in a radical new way, so that the two countries could reshape their trade. It happened on May 22nd-25th 1858 on the prior Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus.

The annoying thing for astrologers is that Uranus is by its very nature, unpredictable. It’s the last thing anybody expected. It changes everything. Yet, as Russia dominated what happened on the last two cycles, we could guess that from April 18th to 26th, the actor we call Putin will be at the heart of quite revolutionary change: a deal, a trade, a bargain.

Taurus Is About Values

Taurus is about values. Churchill’s principles – his ethical and moral values  – made the Hitler and Hess deal (it now seems clear to leading historians that they were in it together) impossible to accept.

Taurus also rules bargaining. It’s really important to remember that Jupiter only opens the door. People do not always go through it. Apply this to your own life and the lives of people around you, from April 18th t0 26th.

Are we going to see the Kremlin turn our known world upside-down in April 2024? China, perhaps? I am updating this original prediction on 16th April and suddenly Israel is news again.

One thing is sure. Life will be literally unpredictable.  That is what Uranus delivers – a shock out of the blue. And it will affect you, as shockwaves from the top, resonate down to your town.

As astrologers we can guess all we like, but it’s a rule with Uranus transits that the last thing you ever expected to see – is the first thing that will happen. It has the potential to shake the sharemarkets – the way the Treaty of Aigun did, and the Hitler and Hess offer did.


Jupiter Uranus 1941 - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus
Jupiter Uranus Conjunction 1941

Watching Your Natal Chart

The thing to remember about Jupiter and Uranus is – they have been in step, in Taurus, since 2023. It’s not just the conjunction that makes things happen.

We have seen classic outcomes with pay rises, a drop in supermarket prices, a drop in property prices (and also a rise in property values) depending on your country and its own chart.

Jupiter is always good news. It benefits us. The old astrologers called it The Greater Benefic.

Uranus is like an electrical storm; the Romans knew the god, to have been the father of lightning.

President Joe Biden drives the US, the world’s most important economy. And that economy has broken records during Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus (below). The pandemic made people pessimistic about the economy. What has actually happened in America has been the last thing people expected.

Selling Out Or Fixed On Price?

This is what you will see globally and in your own life, with friends, partners and family, as April draws to a close.

Taurus is about selling out, selling up, selling your soul. If the price is right then you will do it. You have to weigh things up. If you have anything in Taurus at all, that will really hit home as April ends. It’s the same for people you know who have Taurus factors.

What happens will come out of the blue. Jaws will be on the floor.

Do You Have Taurus and/or Scorpio Factors?

If  you have Taurus factors in your Second House of personal finance and/or Scorpio factors in your Eighth House of his/her/their finance you have been given a chain of opportunities and solutions since 2023 – and there will be more to come in April and May.

If your factors are in Taurus, they’ve been simple choices. If your factors are in Scorpio, they have been complicated – but the open doors have still been there. Scorpio is complex, because Scorpio is about your marriage, your de facto relationship, your family – as well as finance.

As I say in the video using two rare documents from my own files, what happens in late April and May, will be as sudden (with a bang) as Hess landing in a Scottish cow field in 1941. It will come from nowhere. And you might not want it. And yet, with Jupiter it will also be big. As big as the Treaty of Aigun was for Russia, China and the world in 1858.

Below – the last thing anybody expected during a pandemic that nearly broke America. This kind of surprise growth is typical of a Uranus and Jupiter transit in Taurus.

BIDEN - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

The Jupiter and Uranus Dance at 21, 22 Taurus

In astrology a conjunction is the same degree (the minutes are important but not essential). Just look at this 2024 Ephemeris and the blue highlighted dates to see the two planets dance together at 21, 22 Taurus.

If you have anything at 21, 22 Taurus this will change your life, if you wish it – with the money, business, charity, property, valuables.

Factors at 21, 22 Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer?

If you have anything at 21, 22 Scorpio and/or Cancer it’s the same (Cancer rules property and real-estate). Scorpio rules joint finance. So these three signs all talk about similar things.

Even if you just have factors at 21, 22, other people’s financial moves will help you to expand if you want to. Imagine you were watching China and Russia in 1858 open up a new trade agreement. Imagine you were watching the fall-out with Hitler and Churchill in 1941.

Astrology is about being on the money – understand geopolitics can make or save you money.

Watch Friday 19th and Saturday 20th April

Watch Friday 19th and Saturday 20th April if you do have anything in your natal chart at 21 degrees because Mars will be at 21 Pisces then and everything will move rapidly.

You’d also be watching the Full Moon in Scorpio, the other finance sign, after she enters the Eighth House of your chart (joint finance and property) on Wednesday 24th April.

If you missed the Zoom, and the personal advice given towards the end (using your psychic ability to help you navigate) see how to use the Tarot in the video, as if you do have factors at 21, 22 Scorpio, Taurus and/or Cancer the cards can help. (Ephemeris:

EPHEMERIS - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

From McDonalds to Mary Poppins With Jupiter in Taurus

By now you should have planted your Jupiter in Taurus acorn, ready to grow into an oak. It may already be growing. Jupiter rules oak trees, acorns, and ‘From little things, big things come.’ This is the cycle that began McDonalds, Mary Poppins, Apple – and the Worldwide Web.

Back in 1941, the last time we saw Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus so closely together, America launched Lend Lease, helping a long list of nations around the world, including Great Britain, with everything from food to weapons.

If you were an ally of the USA in 1941, the US government played Jupiter. I also talk more about this in the video. Biden has already been generous with Ukraine, echoing 1941. Is there more to come? What happens as April ends is a massive deal. Will the world say yes, or no?

xuqtefzz1ni e1549590660565 267x300 - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus
Jupiter in Taurus

How Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus Delivered 

*13th December 2023 Dow Jones all-time high.
*Australian property prices up 8% in 2023.
*Australian wages highest increase since 2009.
*Australian Woolworths’ supermarket dropped prices on 400+ items.
*US homes increased in value 37% since 2020.
*US hourly earnings gained the most since 2022.
*UK house prices rose at the fastest rate since January 2023.
*Three million UK workers received a 10% wage boost.

Use the Trends of 20th April to 25th May

The Taurus stellium (cluster) is 2oth April to 25th May 2024 when the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus will all spend some time in the sign of the bull, gold bullion and bull markets.

This is four weeks when a lot will happen very quickly so you need to be on the ball to play the game. Jupiter does not hand you the trophy. You have to use the openings on the field and shoot quickly. Understanding that what happens globally will have immediate, shockwave impact is key.

Your Sun Sign Chart and Uranus and Jupiter

In the video, I run through the 12 signs, looking at your solar chart (Sun Sign chart) which always shows the headlines of your life.

If you missed the Zoom, you can also draw a Tarot card from my website which will show you what the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can bring. So, you can repeat what our original Meetup group did, using the video. I also run through Astrology Delivery at the end; something to use.

If you are an Aries or Libra, then this is literally a financial, business, property or charity offer. A deal. And yet, here’s the thing – you might not take it. It depends on your value system. What or whom is so precious to you that it is priceless.

If you know an Aries or Libra, then their choices about finance, property, business, charity, trade, shopping, selling, collecting, insurance, superannuation, inheritance, pensions, mortgages, wills, loans, banks, shares, credit cards, cryptocurrency – may strongly affect you.

Watch the New Moon on Wednesday 8th May

Watch the New Moon at 18 Taurus on Wednesday 8th May (allow a day either side for world time zone differences). Politicians and big business figures will be using that to make dramatic announcements that will affect sharemarkets. This will be a follow-up from the massive deal which comes as April ends, no matter if it is agreed to, or not.

Deal After Deal – May 16th to 25th

This is also a key period for Bitcoin, for the NFT market and for cryptocurrencies. There will be deal after deal (surprise after surprise) as Mercury races through Taurus from Thursday 16th May to Saturday 25th May. What will your bargaining chips be?

During this time we will also see the Taurus message, repeatedly. What will people sell their souls for? What will people refuse to bargain over, on ethical or moral (priceless) grounds? What’s the deal, the trade, the offer? What’s the bargain and will people take it, or reject it? This may touch your own life in quite a personal way.

This is the Second House of old astrology. It was once named for ‘lucre’. Filthy lucre or a solid gold way out? This Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in late April will tip the world into that very question in May. Maybe you too, if you have Taurus and/or Scorpio factors at 21, 22.

Your Astrology Delivery Dates for April and May 2024

You will get some or all of what you want if you write down your wish list in a notebook on these dates, when we have Taurus power points in your horoscope. We have been trialling Astrology Delivery since last year, as you may know. Alicia Fulton at The Astrology Show has been monitoring results and they’ve been strong.

For the best results with Astrology Delivery play Pink Noise on YouTube through headphones for ten minutes which primes your sixth sense, then draw one Tarot card from my website and ask “What is the gateway to what I’m asking for?” Do this on every date below and keep writing or editing in your journal.

The rule is: Ask only about the life area mentioned for your Sun Sign on this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Focus solely on where the potential is for your sign on Taurus weather, in Taurus season. If you want to get married, you can only aim for that, if you are a Scorpio. If you want to get a new job, you can only aim for that, if you are a Leo or Sagittarius.

April 20th: Sun to Taurus
April 30th: Venus to Taurus
May 7th, 8th: Moon to Taurus
May 16th: Mercury to Taurus

What Can You Book For Delivery?

Aries: Money, house, apartment, business, charity, valuables, shares, insurance, inheritance.
Taurus: Image, brand, reputation, profile, portrait, photographs, film clips, name, title.
Gemini: Psychics, psychologists, psychiatrists, religion, Tarot, spirituality, hypnosis, dreams.
Cancer: Friends, groups, clubs, teams, social media, your social life, societies, associations.
Leo: Success, status, career, academic career, vocation, rank, promotion, achievement, ambition.
Virgo: Foreigners, foreign countries, emigration, publishing, academia, the worldwide web.
Libra: Finance, property, inheritance, business, valuables, selling, buying, negotiating, bargains.
Scorpio: Professional partnerships, duets, double acts, marriages, engagements, conflicts, feuds.
Sagittarius: Lifestyle, health, wellbeing, mental health, paid work, unpaid work, academic work.
Capricorn: Courtship, the bedroom, babies, children, teenagers, the younger generation.
Aquarius: House, apartment, land, alternative residence, town, country, family, household.
Pisces: Brothers, sisters, cousins, the media, the worldwide web, short journeys, commuting.

You can share your results here or @jessicacadams and @astrologyshow. Your final delivery date for this particular booking window is 3rd June when Mercury leaves Taurus.

I’m going to end this long feature (for an astrology event with long, long impact) with a chart for the conjunction, set for London, the home of modern astrology. This is the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus on 21st April 2024 at 2.25am in the city.

The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in Taurus – 2024

JUPITER URANUS 2024 - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus


Russia, China and the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction of 1858

The Treaty of Aigun unfolded on the previous Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus on May 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th of the year 1858. The two planets danced together at 29 Taurus.

Let’s see what happens when Jupiter goes to 29 Taurus in May 2024. Now that will be really interesting, in terms of China-Russia relations.

May 22 25 1858 - The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus


Main photo: Fabian Blank/Unsplash.
Astrology software: AstroGold/Esotech.
Ephemeris: Astrodienst.

For further reading on Hess, Hitler and Churchill read: Night Flight to Dungavel: Peter Padfield.

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  1. Thank you again Jessica. Please would you see what might be going on with me. I am involved in inheritance opaqueness. I have Jupiter 21 Gemini, Chiron 21 Pisces and Neptune 22 Scorpio. Thank you so much …

    1. Neptune at 22 Scorpio in your Eighth House of inheritance could be confused and confusing even with an opposition from Jupiter and Uranus; your MC at 22 Cancer is in the Fourth House of family, exactly trine. The good news is, this will be sorted out in April and May. Is a brother, sister and/or cousin involved? If so, there is light at the end of the tunnel with them, or for them, from late May with results in June, to start. If your birth time is accurate, and your MC (Midheaven) really is 22 Cancer, then the sextiles from Jupiter and Uranus as April ends will help sort things out for you.

  2. Thanks so much Jessica for the great zoom event! I have my sun at 21 Aries, Saturn at 21 Taurus, NN 21 Aquarius, SN 21 Leo, MC 21 Pisces, IC 21 Virgo, plus other aspects hitting my chart over the conjunction. I drew the Seven of Cups. I was confused by that so asked for a clarifying card and drew the King of Wands. Looking for any feedback you have as this hits me exactly, but also has that square and sextile. There’s already been lots of change and spiritual growth in my world (as all of us) especially this last year. I also split from my husband during that time, so not sure if that’s what this will be about for me, or if it’s something else. Possibly related to security or financial security? Thanks so much Jessica!

    1. Thank you. I will pass these compliments about the Zoom event, The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction, to Alicia Fulton, the host of The Astrology Show on Twitter and Meetups. The Seven of Cups shows you projecting your fears and desires, none of which are real. That’s how the conjunction will show up for you. You can see Jupiter and Uranus in the pictures of jewellery (valuables) and property (the castle) in the card as well as the victory wreath. Yet all these great things are just a daydream or fantasy and until you become grounded and focussed, nothing will happen. None of the things you fear will happen either (and none of the toxic or poisonous situations, people or organisations will affect you). The King of Wands clarifies what is possible. This is a man with a plan who needs you to make it work. So once you come back to yourself, get to know yourself better (you are the woman in the shadows who can’t see herself or be seen) you will be able to step forward and either negotiate with this man, or help him, so that an idea or concept with stunning potential is planted somewhere it can actually work. This man would be a CEO, boss, influential or important figure. Looking at your chart, Psyche at 22 and Juno at 23 Gemini show your capacity for the internet, the media, education, communication in all its forms and publishing. So you need to look at the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 22 Taurus as semi-sextile that and realise that you are being asked to make a commitment (wed yourself to) a brainwave with incredible possibilities in the second half of April, with delivery of that when Jupiter actually goes to 22, 23 Gemini in May 2025. It would involve this man, the hesitant King of Wands.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the great zoom session yesterday.

    I have North node at 22 Gemini and South node at 22 Sag.

    I am about to launch a global online business – and have Jupiter at 16 Taurus…. should I wait until after mercury retrograde near the end of May? Or do you feel I should still do while Jupiter is in Taurus.

    Thanks again for all your thoughts.

    1. Thank you. Wait until Mercury Retrograde has finished his loop on 14th May for final outcomes with paperwork as you will find yourself or others are on a loop. But yes, with Jupiter at 16 Taurus in your Second House of business, you have your Jupiter Return at 16 Taurus on March 26th to 30th, so should proceed. Just allow for delays and rewrites in the process, as Mercury moves like this, through Aries. He began on March 19th at 15 Aries, then staggers at 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 Aries before turning back on himself on 2nd April and reversing at 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 Aries, standing still on April 25th before retracing his original steps (when the story changes) from April 26th until 14th May. This picks up your nodes at Gemini-Sagittarius by trine and sextile at 22 degrees, which rules the worldwide web, so you will be absolutely affected by widespread issues there, but the Jupiter Return is excellent and not to be wasted.

  4. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this event! I pulled the Sun card. My husband is a Leo with 20 and 23 degree points but I have the 21/22 degree points. My husband got a promising job offer on another state that tics all of the boxes so we are moving April 8. I am hoping this is the one because we have moved and changed things so much in the last 7 years or so. If this goes well if it’s where he wants to be and what he wants to be doing. While it is definitely a place I always wanted to be, I am not sure what I will be doing yet as far as a job but I am looking forward to it even tho it is soooo much work to pack up yet again! Can you please take a look at my chart and let me know your thoughts? Thank you!

    1. You are moving states to suit your husband’s job and have a whopping stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, houses, gardens, land, apartments, home town and homeland. Long-term this works out very well for you, from June 10th 2025 until June 30th 2026, as lucky Jupiter is in Cancer then and meets all your Cancer factors. So you may move and renovate or redecorate next year, or move and have a first dwelling, only to move to a bigger and better property from June 2025. Think long term about this one and have high hopes.

  5. Thank you Jessica. Could you plesae take a look at my Chart? I am currently in the immigration process. I am waiting for a provincial nomination letter. The current processing speed is very slow. Will I receive any news over the next three months? Thank you!

    1. You are a Leo with Mercury Retrograde and eclipses in your Ninth House of immigration. Avoid acting or judging on the eclipse on Monday March 25th (today) and allow for the 26th as well, because I don’t know where you live or where you want to emigrate to, and world time zones differ. Wait until after 14th May to resume the application process when Mercury is no longer retrograde and life will be a lot easier. If you were emigrating to a neighbouring region or country, you would be much, much better off after May 26th and in fact until June 9th 2025. The reason for this is lucky Jupiter in Gemini in your natal Third House of neighbours, you see. You say ‘provincial’ so if in fact this is a neighbouring province in Asia you would find your luck is in, later on.

  6. Hi Jessica

    Thank you ( and the team ) for redoing the Zoom meeting again yesterday. I am about to start investing in Crypto and given my chart can’t help but feel I have chosen an auspicious time. Also I am wondering how an inheritance will play out given the passing of a parent in Feb this year. Unfortunately my Cancerian sister who is executor is stalling on selling the house of my father.
    Your thoughts would be welcomed.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Victorian Astrologers’ Association event was peculiar. Neither laptop would connect to the screen on the stage. I was locked out of the building twice. The Zoom link internationally failed. Alicia Fulton at The Astrology Show on Twitter offered to host a replacement event and I decided to offer this free of charge, so that if people had not been refunded by the V.A.A. they could at least watch the talk as I had originally planned it. By now you will be aware of what Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, together, offers you. Cryptocurrency is a definition of Uranus in Taurus. The radical new invention – new currency. The downside of Uranus is the lack of predictability and certainty. It is by its nature erratic and so is Bitcoin and the rest. Your birth time is a rounded minute time; if it were slightly different your Ascendant and Descendant would be right on 21 or 22 Taurus and Scorpio. If so, we could predict a sudden, unexpected twist in the story with both cryptocurrency and your father’s house – and your sister. Without knowing, it’s impossible to say. You were born with Vulcano at 2 Gemini in the Third House of sisters, and Jupiter with all his solutions, goes to 2 Gemini in June 2024, so you will be offered a rare opportunity to do so much more with the sibling relationship, to your benefit, using your natural self-control and willpower. This does rather suggest that whatever happens in April and May is about the inheritance and house sale, but as I said, it would depend on the umbilical cord being cut at a slightly different time. As for cryptocurrency, be aware that many traders or social media commentators use astrology and they will all be intent on either crashing the value of it on the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (bargains galore) or piling on to rapidly increase its value. So hilariously, just as Rudolf Hess used the conjunction quite deliberately in 1941 to make Churchill the offer of the century, so too will you see the crypto community quite deliberately manufacturing and manipulating a situation. Be right across it.

  7. SNAP! It’s my lucky day, I haven’t seen three comparable planet placements to mine in the comments before (my birth time is from a contemporary birth announcement card, written in my mother’s own hand).

    So, will it the same but different for me?

    Perhaps the Mars activated 21º Moon Aries, will send it wildly off in all directions?

    I have one cousin type thing pending but it’s definitely more of an Aesculapia, miraculous comeback, kind of thing.

    Cheers and thank you Jessica.

    1. Moon at 21 Aries, Jupiter at 21 Gemini are the big factors here in your natal chart. You have a lifelong pattern of being able to use your way with words, ideas and images to your benefit. It was there from boyhood and will be there into advanced old age. Jupiter is expansion, growth, benefits, optimism, hope, solutions and gains. In Gemini, in the Third House, it is very much about the internet, publishing, education, the media. It is also, as you say, about cousins, brothers and sisters. And finally, Gemini is about connecting people, places and ideas over the short haul; locally or regionally, into neighbouring countries and states. What happens as April ends points you to September, October 2024 when Jupiter goes to 21 Gemini. You also have transiting Chiron going to 21 Aries in this time-frame, so May-June 2024 sets up the future – and that is a relaunch of your name, title, profile, reputation. This feels like effortless self-promotion, a rebirth and a very special project, course or plan with large-scale connection.

  8. Hi Jessica. Thanks for your latest article on the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.
    I have no Taurus factors in my birth chart but I do have 3 factors at 21 degrees, including Uranus in Cancer. The others are Neptune in Libra and Vesta in Aquarius.
    I also have 3 factors at 22 degrees – Jupiter in Gemini, Apollo in Virgo and Panacea in Libra.
    Can you tell me how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will affect me, please?
    Also, there’s an inherited property that I own jointly with my sisters and we are thinking of selling it this year. Is that wise or should we wait till next year, please?

    1. Uranus at 21 Cancer is the big one here and you say you own a family property which you share with your sisters and you are all considering selling. Uranus in Cancer in the Fourth House of clan and home, acts as a liberator and disruptor, for your entire life. You are always chopping and changing, both with your family and your houses, apartments, land. Every time this happens you are free but others also seek freedom around you. The Jupiter and Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus will sextile natal Uranus so all we can really say about April is that when the moment comes, it will land with a boom or bang, be an obvious opportunity – and the last thing you expected. You won’t have long to decide and may say no. And you can speculate about what you think might happen (a sudden offer on the property; a bolt from the blue) but it is in the way of Uranus transits to natal Uranus that you can’t possibly imagine what is to come. It’s a good thing, on paper, and it is Independence Day, if you take it. But you may not…

  9. Hello Jessica
    I have a Taurus stellium with Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Libra, some factors at 21, 22. What’s in store for
    me. I’ve been pretty lost in my personal life/separated from my partner. Tbh the whole of 2023 has been super hard and dark. My career was very steady and stable with many avhievements which is fantastic but feel I’m still lacking any real purpose or meaning when it comes to finding a partner, meaningful relationships as I remain stuck in the past relationship.
    I keep waiting for a huge sign it turnaround….is this April/May period going to bring me back to my happy place?

    1. You are a Sun Taurus woman with Jupiter at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. For the first time in 248 years Pluto has come to 0 Aquarius and created a square with your natal Jupiter at 0 Scorpio – and you are separated. The good news is, you will go into another de facto partnership or marry, as opportunities will arise for the rest of your life. Every time you have slow-moving transits at 0 degrees, they will offer you yet another opportunity as you were born to benefit from a boyfriend or husband and his home and/or bank account. After Christmas 2024, Pluto is off 0 Aquarius so you are in a much better position to get married and in fact could do that in June 2025 or meet the right person, as transiting Jupiter at 0 Cancer trines natal Jupiter at 0 Scorpio. As a Taurus woman this also works with your solar chart, as by then the South Node is transiting Virgo, which rules the bedroom, courtship, babies, children and the next generation.

  10. Again, thank you for this insight. I provide AI services to cryptocurrency businesses and am invested in the market. All market signals point to incoming All Time Highs. There’s conflicting advice on whether this will be a short hard run. Or a longer more protracted move up into next year. Can you pls look at my chart to determine whether my focus during this window April 20-May 25 should be on building professional developments or on trading investments at this time. Many thanks

    1. That’s a very modern job to have. Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. You have Saturn at 21 Taurus in the Second House of personal income and property. That’s a lifelong run of situations which you cannot get out of, or cannot get into. It’s quite hard work. Every time you have a transit at 21 Taurus and/or 21 Scorpio you will have to deal with the realities of the barriers and barricades. Oddly enough my dog Tess just barked at me outside the window then. She couldn’t get in. Saturn’s rings are a good analogy for this; the planet itself seems locked out of the rest of the galaxy, or depending on your viewpoint, locked into its own circular walls. This Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21 Taurus on the 17th-21st April will give you a jolt. It will also give you an opportunity. As so many traders use astrology it may well be that they are all using the conjunction at the same time so the markets are quite wild. You will know what your priorities are.

  11. Thank you for your insights Jessica. I am concerned about some investments I have, one in particular. This was an inheritance I had from my mother which I wish to keep safe for my two daughters. Is it possible you can give an overview on this as both daughters are going through troubling, difficult times. My husband also has Mars at 21 taurus. Any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Diana at 27 Scorpio, the North Node at 4 Taurus and South Node at 4 Scorpio are the story here. Your mother’s inheritance to you, and yours to your daughters, is shown by the nodes, which are always about past lives and karma. So you, your mother and daughters have had at least one past life together. Skip the eclipse (now) at 5 Libra-Aries for judgements or actions as it’s close enough to 4 degrees to pick up your nodes in Taurus (your money and property) and Scorpio (his/hers/theirs). There is also a Full Moon at 4 Scorpio opposite the Sun at 4 Taurus on April 23rd to avoid. Apart from that, there are really no issues here. If anything, the Jupiter opposition at 27 Taurus in May is just a passing challenge which benefits you. You are a free spirit, independent and rather commitment-phobic when it comes to finance, property, business, charity, possessions. Diana in Scorpio wants her own space. Jupiter opposing Diana is just what it sounds like. It seems to involve your husband as he will has been given a huge opportunity in the final two weeks of April, and of course Diana wanted to avoid marriage and motherhood at all costs. So it will probably be his situation, which he gains from, as Jupiter and Uranus go past 21 Taurus, and you then find yourself in May having to decide yes or no – in terms of his own position. Yet you would gain if you went with it.

  12. Hello,
    Thanks so much for the obvious hours you put in here. Your site gives me an easier time in understanding astrology and i like the system you use – it makes more sense to me!
    I wonder though if you could tell me whether im looking like i (and my amazing kids) will stop getting the thin end of the wedge any time soon. Long story but its a very longstanding issue dating back many moons involving a national scandal which resulted in some of us getting compensated. There is still a protracted Public Inquiry which will likely prove to be a whitewash, given its very nature.
    It involves major public organisations – i sound paranoid but its been in court so it really is fact (!) and continues to haunt a number of us.
    But its net effect is difficulties with fairly basic facilities – housing, justice, social support – my kids have a genetic disorder recently diagnosed. So i wonder if life will get better – its been hell at times since around 2010 !
    Thanks again – i use your divination tools once a week when i log in for my weekly scope and find them very helpful.
    Love and light

    1. Thank you. I am lucky to have a career I enjoy. You have been caught up in a major legal and political issue, which sounds like Pluto. Your South Node is at 27 Libra and North Node is at 27 Aries. Sure enough transiting Pluto lingered at 27 Capricorn for a long time, creating a T-Square in your chart. The worst is over. You likely know that. Pluto in transit is powerful men, usually, and powerful organisations and institutions that seek to dominate and take over. It never works and they lose. What is new, this year, is Ceres in Capricorn passing over that 27 degree point in November and December, as well as Neptune, crossing 27 Pisces, then again in February, the transiting nodes themselves going over 27 Pisces and Virgo. When you say it haunts you, I can understand that. But the haunting stops as 2025 begins. In the meantime you need good news. You have a huge Libra stellium at 7 through 27 degrees of the sign and Jupiter with all his benefits, opportunities, hope, growth and help will trine that from 7 to 27 Gemini starting in June 2024 and ending by May 2025, so not only will you feel justice has been done in that time-frame, you will also enjoy a partnership (be it professional or sexual) which expands every time you look at it and brings a true feeling of balance, equality and symmetry to your life. Proper harmony in fact, which is what you need, D.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    thanks for another great post.

    I was born with Jupiter conj Uranus at 2-3 Libra in my 5th House so I pay attention to these conjunctions.

    What I’ve noticed is that the previous Jupiter Uranus conjunctions since 1969 have all been in the first decan, between 0 – 8 degrees while the conjunction in April 2024 will be at 21 degrees in the third decan.

    My interpretation is that we’ve been experiencing both planets in Taurus for a longer period in the run up to the conjunction compared to the past. Whereas previously the Jupiter Uranus conjunctions might have been experienced as more of a surprising or unexpected event.

    Anyway, just my musings but I would be curious to hear your thoughts.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you Madco. Transiting Jupiter at 2, 3 Gemini trine your natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Libra in your Seventh House (I don’t use your house system) will deliver for you in June 2024 when you could easily become engaged; marry; create a professional partnership; meet your future romantic or professional partner. It would turn the world upside-down but in a way you admit is great.

  14. Hi, Jessica. I have a number of planets in 20-22 degrees mercury 21deg 17′, Jupiter 21 deg Leo 32′, Juno 21 Cap. 10′, Proserpina 22 Cancer 39′ and Cupido 20 sag, 53′ I wonder if you can tell what this means to me in this Conjunction. thank You.

    1. A lot will happen very quickly in the final fortnight of April and throughout May. Jupiter 21 Leo and Juno 21 Capricorn are the big ones here, as they show you the world of courtship, the bedroom, children and young people (Leo) which also pulls in the world of extended family and home life (Cancer, where Proserpina sits). So there’s a story there and it will happen without warning, but be of great benefit for you. The Capricorn placement is about ambition, position, mission, roles and goals – and it may touch on foreigners or foreign countries, so pulls in Cupido in Sagittarius too. The rule with Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions in transit is to seize the day or let it go forever. And it’s entirely up to you.

  15. Thank you for this, sounds like it an interesting time ahead. I have a Taurus stellium and I’m hoping that things are going to get easier. I have been finding it hard this year on the job front, I was made redundant at the end of last year, I have been interviewing but just don’t seem to be getting anywhere with it. I have been upskilling in data and learning more about AI to see if that will help. I have noticed (like you have said) that I have been also looking more at my professional online profile and making more effort with it. I feel with an election year it is a lot tougher with finding a job – is there any good news on the horizon? I have tried the tarot but it confuses me more! Thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus woman going through Pluto in Aquarius, in your career zone, for the first time in 248 years. Your Taurus stellium is actually about money saved, or money made, and that is not necessarily about your job. If you are upskilling in data and learning AI that is wise; you have a Gemini stellium in the internet, media and communication zone – including Jupiter. Shortly after transiting Jupiter enters Gemini at the end of May, the horizon will look brighter for your path with the worldwide web, perhaps the media – certainly data/AI. You could end up having a powerful new career, actually, as although Pluto in Aquarius can mean ‘the end of this’ (the end of your last job) – it also means ‘the beginning of this instead’ and it is usually far more life-changing and empowering. So stick to what you are doing, and watch for stunning opportunities from May, with perhaps a choice to take in June. Long-term you will transform your direction in life, ambition, position and mission and there is another huge choice showing up in your chart as 2024 opens.

  16. Hi Jessica! Thanks for this post – I had every intention of attending the Zoom events but have been feeling unwell for a few weeks – really since the lunar new year. I was hoping you could provide some insight into what the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has in store for me. At the moment I feel a bit on the sidelines with work, love, life in general. Perhaps this is a rest and timeout before things get shaken up. Anyways, thanks so much for your help 🙂

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius so the opportunity for freedom from a situation (or freedom through it) concerns your family, house, apartment, household, town and/or country. It will happen out of the blue in the final two weeks of April and you will need to choose a fork in the road then. This is in your solar chart. In your natal chart you have the North Node at 11 Cancer in your Fourth House, which is the same life area. That is triggered at the end of June, a couple of months later, so this is showing in both your horoscopes. If you want to try Astrology Delivery, just follow the steps in the feature. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  17. As someone living in the USA I find it crazy that you think Biden has helped the economy here! The statements on the Biden poster are very misleading! For example gas prices only fell sharply because they rose sharply under Biden. I would prefer to read blogs that were politically neutral!

  18. Hi Jessica, I could not attend the Zoom. As I am in need for a Job by June, which seems to develop positive according to tarot, I wondered how and if I will be affected with the conjunction especially due to Taurus. I looked in my chart and have a Stellium in Taurus, Diana 22°, Mars 22°, Moon 22° and Asc. Taurus. To me as a beginner it seems a positive support, although I am more and more aware of the influence of Mars on myself. Now I drew a Tarot card and asked where I should shed light and drew the Death Card and when I wanted to know where the gateway is, the 10 of swords. I don`t quite understand. I lost my lost last jobs in Industry (Assistant, Project Management) due to mobbing and male leadership. I have many planets in the 12th house and often deal with enemies, awful in fact. I learned quite a bit but it just happened again a couple of months ago, the reason for the new search. I nearly had a job offer last week and declined, because I felt so much aggression in the CEO (living in Germany, many managers are quite tense due to economic situation in Germany). I did not want to risk creating once again a situation like the past ones and declined, but I am 60 now and time is running. Can you shed light on the cards for me, because they frighten me and I don`t know if I am interpreting correct. Thank you so much :-).

    1. I am sorry you lost your job due to mobbing and particular men. It will help to know your Twelfth House is not about enemies – please lose that idea as it’s not helping. It’s not true at all. The Twelfth House is about your inner self and inner life. First up, you are a Sun Pisces and your Astrology Delivery date has nothing to do with jobs, unless you work in the media, on the internet, with IT, communication, publishing, education or transport and travel, over the short haul. That would fit, but your field sounds like industry project management. So Astrology Delivery will work, but go back and do it again, just thinking about those areas of life I have mentioned, then draw a Tarot card again. With your actual job hunting, you have Salacia at 21 Capricorn and Psyche at 28 Capricorn so in the final fortnight of April, Jupiter at 21 Taurus and Uranus at 21 Taurus will make a stunning trine to Salacia. In May itself, you will have a number of factors, including Jupiter again, trine Psyche. Capricorn of course rules your career. So you are in a fantastic position to take an opportunity to reshape your career. Salacia describes succeeding in two different fields or areas at the same time, neither of them particularly real. I will leave it up to you, to define what ‘real’ means to you. It is very important that you take the open doorways offered to you in late April and May, though, as the doors will close after that and not open again. The Death card, by the way, is never death. It is the end of an era and I suspect you were being shown the departure of a CEO or employer and that, of course, will change your field of work.

  19. Hi Jessica, I couldn’t be on the Zoom call so I have worked my way through your introduction and the comments here to get a better sense of the likely effects of the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. I am a Sun Taurus (Sun and Minerva both at 23 degrees) with a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 24 Cancer. Right now, I feel like I’m spinning my wheels trying to boost my consulting business – and have been for a long time. It’s getting to be quite serious in financial terms, which is having a negative effect on my relationship with my partner. Too much tension. Do you see a reprieve up ahead? Thanks for all you do for people like me:)
    Emma x

    1. Thank you Emma. That exact Sun-Minerva conjunction at 23 Taurus is sextile Jupiter-Uranus at 24 Cancer in a lifelong, highly rewarding pattern for you. Your issue has been transiting Uranus at 23 Taurus in August, September 2023 which has turned the known world upside-down for you, in terms of business, your budget, your bank account and related issues, like the house, apartment, insurance, shares and so on. This transit can only happen once in your adult life and it is notorious for bringing the last thing you expected and challenging you to change, radically so. You essentially have to start a revolution or join one with your finances when this happens and if you don’t, you tend to find life is really unstable, but without the freedom and independence that should be your reward. It’s worth knowing about Uranus as a planet, an astrological symbol and as a cycle – as it’s quite rare to have it on your Sun and Minerva, but also sextile its own place in your chart. The tension you mention is typical of a Uranus transit when a necessary new world is resisted or rejected. You will gain enormously if you take the opportunity offered to you as transiting Jupiter and Uranus go to 23 Taurus, one after another, with the solution coming first on April 27th-30th and the impetus for freedom arriving in the second half of May. You have the innate wisdom (Minerva) to know what to do as you have a nose for business, which I am sure you know. This will also pick up the situation at home, with property, with your household and/or family and this is really where pure luck will kick in, in the first week of May. Again, life will be quite unpredictable, rather like an electrical storm, but it will break the tension with your partner and you will see a way out and through, very much involving a relative, a property or someone else at home.

    1. I posted a feature on India some time ago, if you want to search that. Essentially Pluto in Capricorn is going, going gone – which means the end of ‘One man to rule them all’ with little in the way of balance with women. Rahul Gandhi intends 50% female representation; that’s sounding like Pluto in Aquarius, which is where the power is next. If not on this election, on a subsequent one.

  20. Hi Jessica – great zoom event. I am contemplating moving countries for a while (I live in the U.K. and am considering a move to either Ireland, South of France or Mallorca). Is it a good time to do this?

    I am a sun Leo with Moon in Taurus, Sagittarius rising. Jupiter is in Aquarius in the 2nd house

    Thank you.

  21. Hi Jessica – great zoom event. I am contemplating moving countries for a while (I live in the U.K. and am considering a move to either Ireland, South of France or Mallorca). Is it a good time to do this?

    I am a sun Leo with Moon in Taurus, Sagittarius rising. Jupiter is in Aquarius in 2nd house.

    1. Thank you. I use a different house system to you, so Jupiter is not in your Second House, but your Eleventh House. You’ll find it easier to emigrate after May 14th 2024. Until then you may be affected by delays, standstills or even reversals with the process. You can proceed, of course, but have Plan B and C. After May 14th things will move rapidly and Mars in Aries until June 9th, particularly with Chiron in the final week of May and first week of June, suggests you will race into your plan. Life as it was 18-19 years ago will have an effect; think about what was happening then with foreign people or places, foreign cultures – that will now result in your being rewarded with closure, or asked to settle up, spiritually. It may even be the same country or nationality.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you are well. Unfortunate I couldn’t attend the zoom but I can see I am about to be very affected through April and May. My husband and I are separating, and planning to auction our house on the 8th May. I believe this period will benefit us but it would be great to hear your feedback, I’m very much still learning about astrology. We are both Taurus, you will see my chart, his birthday is 25/0479. I’m very confused as he is struggling with mental health atm the moment and I don’t know if this seperation is even going to go through. I’m currently living in Indonesia with my daughter (Cancer 29/06/12) and he is recovering in the Uk. I would greatly appreciate any guidance for us, life feels very uncertain, and just trying to navigate as best we can. I also want to quickly mention my career seems to be coming together again with two new main business ventures, you predicted this for me well over a year ago. One is going ti be quite public and I’m a little nervous, but following string charm, and knowing it will be great if I can breakthrough. Greatful already for anything you can share.

    1. You two will both gain financially from May 26th right through June 9th 2025, so are separating at the right time, with your house auction incoming. I am sorry he has mental health problems which must be very difficult for you. You are in Indonesia with your daughter and he is still in the UK having treatment. This Twelfth House transit of Chiron and the North Node affects Taureans differently; for him it is psychiatrists, psychologists, solitude. For you it may be God, the Tarot, counselling, self-help and so on. It’s the inner life/inner self cycle and is most intense until January 11th 2025 when the North Node leaves. It’s exactly the same cut-off date for your daughter in terms of her karma with you two (the family) but also, perhaps, her grandparents and so on. So this looks like 2024 is about tying up loose ends, gaining closure then signing off next year. You have Juno and Hygiea both at 21 Taurus in your Second House of personal income, in your natal chart, so the Taurus (public) chart and private chart are both saying the same thing. There is a sudden twist in the tale, to your advantage, with money, business or property as transiting Jupiter and Uranus go to 21 Taurus in the final fortnight of April. Then there is follow-up in May. This is either the auction or a separate matter which would influence your decision about the auction (and thus your husband). So, it may be your business interests. In any case, this double Jupiter pattern suggests late April through May and into June is a time of peak opportunities for huge solutions and vast breakthroughs with your finances.

  23. Wonderful article, thank you Jessica. I have jupiter uranus conjunction natally, with venus in taurus at 23 degrees second house, uranus in libra at 0 degrees seventh house, jupiter in virgo at 28 degrees sixth house (whole house system or so I believe). Could you advise how I may be affected please? I thank you.

    1. Venus at 23 Taurus in your Second House of money, property, charity, assets, valuables is your key to a complex relationship (it may be sexual and financial, or just family-based and financial) which is lifted to astonishing new heights as Jupiter and Uranus form the conjunction. You’ll be trotting along with your usual assumptions and expectations, and then the equivalent of a wild electrical storm or a stage-coach begin overturned (or a plane landing in a field full of cows) will take place. This jolts you and he, or you and she, into a brand new way of seeing things. And you will have an incredible opportunity. Will you take it? That’s up to you.

  24. Hi Jessica!
    This sounds like an exciting aspect that will hopefully be beneficial. I have Saturn at 21* Taurus opposite Venus at 22* Scorpio, and sextile/trine Mars at 21* Virgo. I have been looking for a job since July 2023, and I also am trying to wrap my retirement accounts with my ex-husband, who did not disclose his pension. There is also my mother’s estate, currently in the hands of my stepfather, and how that will all turn out. I also have a complex sexual relationship that is changing with a Scorpio male.

    1. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will pass over your Saturn-Venus opposition in the banking and bonking zone (the Eighth House) and you will gain. This may be your old husband, but Uranus tends to bring the last thing you or anybody else expected. The world turns upside-down. I am sure that opposition has been very hard to live with but the twist in the tale with Taurus (your own money, saved or made) and Scorpio (his/her/their money or assets) will bring you a way out and a way through. With your stepfather in the mix too and a Scorpio boyfriend, you can be sure that what you assumed, was way out. And you should be very pleased with what is a pretty startling solution, financially. As I said on the Zoom, though, you may not take it. It’s your choice.

  25. Hello Jessica

    thank you and Alicia for the wonderful Zoom session. I have a few 21-23 degree placements in Virgo, Capricorn, Leo and Libra. I would love your insight into how this might play out for me. It looks like it might be career and relationship related, which are very much on my mind now.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you Marls. I will pass that on to Alicia who makes handling these Zoom events look so easy. The Taurus Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is about salary, and Virgo and Capricorn are about work and career, as well as your academic career, if you have one. So the big surprise opportunity goes hand in hand with this – it may mean anything from a new job offer out of the blue, to a sudden pay rise. What we have to remember is that Uranus is unusual, unexpected, unique, unlikely – so the very fact that you can even muse on predictable outcomes like this for work and money, means it will be something quite different again. Leo and Libra are about children and partners. If you have them, then there will be a twist in the tale there too, though there will be a situation with them/for them you find hard to square.

  26. Hi Jessica, hope you are well. Pity I didn’t your Zoom event and missed it. Jessica, I have Jupiter at Taurus 27 but I’m also a Aries and Pisces stellium. Reading this article as well as the ‘Aries Eclipse’ . I wonder how both these weather would affect me? I am hoping to launch my online course again in Apr around this conjunction time to take advantage of it but it is mercury retrograde. Yet, this is a course that I have taught multiple times, so should be ok? In this Jupiter in Taurus period, I’m hoping to have a breakthrough on how I earn a living (focusing on the online business instead of traditional healthcare career) and aim to have a transition but still feel quite stuck. My course did quite well last year Aug/Sep, so I’m hoping I could do better before Jupiter leaves Taurus. Yet, not sure if it is a good timing. Any advice and tips are truly appreciated! Thanks so much for everything you do and share here!

    1. Thank you. Justin is just editing the Zoom feature now so it will be up shortly. Aries rules your brand, face, title, name and profile. If this is part of your online course, you will see rescheduling, a standstill or a reversal by 14th May, but Plan B and Plan C can help. Just skip the eclipse on April 8th and 9th, also in Aries; that is more serious. You are talking about two different things. Aries is ‘Me’ promotion and Taurus is money. You want to use your Jupiter Return to make or save a lot of money, May 14th-17th, which is correct. It’s great timing. However, the actual ‘Me’ part of the equation may stall or be stuck. I am sure you can deal with that…

  27. Hi Jessica, I look forward to watching the Zoom event. I have my Sun (Leo) and Jupiter (Pisces) at 21 degrees along with other placements close to 21 degrees. Could the conjunction shift anything for me, namely in the areas of career and finance? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. Justin is editing this now so I hope the finished video will be available soon. You will gain via courtship, the bedroom, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or young people, if you can find a way to square things in the second half of April. There is no ‘perfect’ here but there is good…very good. It’s the same with your God, your rejection of God, the Tarot, psychologists, psychiatrists, your dreams, your spirituality. You’ll gain. The actual event may involve both areas of life at once (so you begin an affair with a Roman Catholic and you are Jewish) or be separate (so you are offered a project with young adults in Ukraine, and quite independently, you also find you make a breakthrough with your psychiatrist). Nothing to do with career or finance.

  28. Jessica,
    I did not make it to your Zoom event, but very interested in this upcoming Jupiter – Uranus conjunction.
    When I look at my chart’s Taurus / Scorpio factors I see:
    MC 14 Taurus / IC 14 Scorpio
    North Node 16 Taurus / South Node 16 Scorpio
    Mercury 18 Scorpio
    Neptune 22 Scorpio.
    Vulcano 19 Aries 45
    Pluto 20 Virgo 30
    Vesta 21 Libra
    Fortuna and Salacia 22 Capricorn
    Chiron 21 Pisces
    Saturn 22 Pisces
    Asc 22 Leo and Desc 22 Aquarius
    I went ahead and picked a card from the Tarot and I pulled The Chariot card — which totally fits me (Sagittarius – Ninth House) who loves to travel and am torn between Virginia and California. I do know that my “Chariot of choice” is on a big cruise ship when we all come together, as family, to cruise at least once a year. I do find peace and tranquility cruising on water.
    I don’t see myself relocating (or any kind of move at all ) — however in life you never know, from day to day, the changes it can bring….
    Please enlighten me with what you see coming with this Jupiter – Uranus conjunction and the aspects it will make to my own chart.

    1. Thank you. The recording will be available once Justin has edited the original Zoom event. Your natal chart shows triggers with Neptune at 22 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, business, charity, property and valuables. Jupiter and Uranus will be in opposition to that in the second half of April. This also pulls in your career, unpaid work or academic career, as you have Fortuna and Salacia at 22 Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition, position and mission. In that case, Jupiter and Uranus make a trine. Your Tarot card was Chariot. You will be given an opportunity to work or study between two cities, two states or two countries in the second half of April and should you choose to do it, feel all the expansion and exhilaration that this transit brings. So, perhaps, Virginia and California. The Scorpio and Capricorn placements are most important here.

  29. Hi Jessica, I look forward to the replay 🙂 I was wondering if you could give me some guidance on this eclipse and conjunction – the one just gone hit my Asc and Sun in Libra. On 20th April I have the opportunity to go to Costa Rica for an Ayahuasca retreat and I wonder if this is a good time to go for it, or if I should delay one month and focus on work – as work opportunities have been non existent this year. Does the astrology lean towards travel / healing vs pushing for making more money in one way or another? Thanks so much

    1. Thank you. Justin is editing the original Zoom event next week. You are a Sun Libran with Neptune at 28 Sagittarius so will always escape from the real world in foreign countries and with foreigners. Should you travel or make money? Make money. You also have transiting Jupiter (opportunities, solutions, luck, expansion, growth, hope) in Taurus in your solar Eighth House of family money and property, but also sexual and financial relationships. You have a great deal to gain, make or save. The cycle ends in the third week of May and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in late April is the peak moment for offers.

  30. Hi Jessica im learning a lot and just signed up so I could learn more. I wonder if you could see something in my chart about my job search. After many years, I plan to change my longtime career and also relocate back to my home country in July to be closer to family. Ive had a few interviews nothing seems to be panning out, getting rejection letter after letter. I’m feeling both discouraged and anxious about my finances come July.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with Virgo placements at 8-29 degrees in your Sixth House of work. Your finances will be protected and helped by Jupiter in Taurus, as you save money (or make it) in April and most of May. Use the solutions and opportunities which come out of the blue in the second half of April; it may be that a relative offers you free accommodation, for example, but more unlikely answers are also possible. You are trying to get a job on Mercury Retrograde so your timing is harder than it should be; the cycle ends on May 14th.

  31. Hello Jessica,

    May I ask if I have figured out the astrology correctly.
    The eclipse connects with my Uranus in Libra at 19 degrees and then on 21st April the Uranus /Jupiter conjunction trines my north node in Capricorn and sextiles my south node in Cancer.
    I am currently taking legal action against a builder and his faulty work on two roofs, ironic that one roof covers my garage where I work from and the other the family kitchen where I feed my kids, both are represented by Cancer and Capricorn. The legal side is Libra but when should I expect a resolution in my favour? The eclipse conceals, so don’t settle then but will the Uranus /Jupiter bring me the good news I want or just a bigger problem?

    Can you advise on what astrology I should look out for to when I should say yes to resolving my legal dispute.
    Happy Easter and
    many thanks, Nai

    1. Yes, Nai, you have a Total Eclipse in opposition to Uranus in your chart, so you would skip the 8th, 9th for assumptions or plans regarding divorce, partnership, engagement, separation, dating, de facto relationships. Libra and the Seventh House also covers open enemies in lawsuits and you are in a conflict with a bad builder. Obviously skip the 8th, 9th for that. The 21st April looks extremely good for your property, as you have the South Node in Cancer, which rules houses and apartments. Fast forward anything that matters to you with your garage, home, real estate, family, children, kitchen to the second half of April. The only caveat is, Uranus is always the completely unexpected. But it will work in your favour.

  32. Thank you so much for the forecast From my experience over the years news from Jessica Adams is always guaranteed. May I please ask with the Mercury retrograde in April, even with promising alignment – should we move our business trademark application to New Moon in Taurus on 8th May instead? Or should we wait until Mercury moving forward mid may ?
    My daughter DOB 27th July 2006. She’s my business partner.

    Wish you had a beautiful long weekend with family. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you very much. If you can move your business trademark at any time, do it from after 14th May. Your daughter is a Leo and you have the right business partner there, but may want to wait until Mercury is out of his loop. Thank you, I did have a very happy Easter.

  33. Hi Jessica I have North and South node at 21 degress Taurus, Cap Asc 21 degrees and Moon in Virgo 21 degrees

    Just wondering that seems like a lot of 21 degrees for this Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction is my head going to explode?

    1. Jupiter at 21 Taurus and Uranus at 21 Taurus will change your life, if you want it. No other way of saying it. The lunar nodes are at 21 Taurus/Scorpio and your Moon is close at 22 Virgo. So this is about finance and work. Property and unpaid work. Valuables, charity, business, your bank account – and academia, part-time jobs, voluntary roles or even full-time life at home. What happens to you will be sudden, completely unexpected and liberating if you say yes. If you say yes. You may decline. If your birth time is accurate then this would also involve your title, so a professional job title, for example. It will certainly ask you to make a huge choice about your life budget. From around April 18th until 24th you do have one of those crossroads to consider.

  34. HI, Jessica, I wrote some comment. But it says “your comment is awaiting moderation. your comment will be visible after it’s been approved”. Have you received my comment? DO I need to write it again? Thanks Huilin

    1. I am sorry, Word Press can be quite confusing. Basically my website works like this; I have, on average, 20,000+ people wanting an answer to a question. They use Comments to do this. I do not moderate everything because it is physically impossible. So there are 20,304 questions today, most of which I will never seen, as I only attend to one screen at a time. That’s around 10 questions – and that’s only when I have time to do so. Huilin, I may never actually find your first comment/question in the queue, but as your chart has appeared on the screen today, I will show you what I can see for you. You are a Libran with a whopping stellium at 0-19 Libra in the Seventh House of sexual partnership; professional partnership; divorce; separation; duets, duels, double-acts and opponents. Think of a set of scales. Ever since you were small, somebody else has always been on the other end of the scales. Sometimes it’s ‘us two’ and ‘the two of us.’ At other times you have found the scales totally unbalanced and been fighting him/her/them because you feel a situation is so unfair. Occasionally a strongly Libran person like you will end up involved with legal matters; working in the law; working in justice-related areas or volunteering in them. It is also extremely common to be married, but more than married – to be absolutely aligned with the other person, so that the marriage itself takes up a huge amount of energy and time. Now, for the first time in 19 years you have the South Node of karma transiting Libra. It is currently at 15 Libra and goes backwards, right across your chart. There is karma here to unpack from 18-19 years ago. You will do this with another person, who is with you (the two of us) or against you (me versus you). What happened 18-19 years before must see closure. So that is what this year is all about. The full transit ends on January 11th 2025 and you will feel that a circuit has ended, or a loop has finished, on a spiritual level. Across the whole of your life, the highest achievement for you will be a marriage or de facto relationship which is also a partnership on other levels too. It’s not just about the wedding ring and the house or apartment, or even living together – it is about the two of you being a dynamic duo. Changing things.

  35. Thank you so much for your response Jessica. That’s reassuring.
    After 15th May it is .
    I started to see around the affection of Mercury retrograde.

  36. Hi Jessica! Thank you for all this wonderful information. I’ve been focused on improving my career and I would like your advise on how this transit will impact my opportunities. I hope there are good news. Thank you again!

    1. Grab every professional or academic opportunity (prestigious unpaid work too) between now and the third week of May. It’s the most fortunate solar chart cycle in 12 years.

  37. hello Jessica ,Can you please advise me on how the Jupiter Uranus will effect me.currently I am in between jobs from next week which is not what I expected it was a sudden news I received just after last week lunar eclipse .I have 21 Aquarius 20 cancer 20 scorpio 23 Capricorn 24 Leo . I am a Taurus rising is what I understand . I tried to pull the tarot as suggested by you and it came even more confusing with nine of pentacles nine of cups and four of pentacles . Can you please advise me what I need to be prepared for ? Thanks in advance .

    1. I am sorry you are between jobs at the moment. You drew three Tarot cards for some reason; just draw one in future, it is much more simple. Looking at your chart, you are a Sun Gemini going through the most challenging career cycle in 29 years. Saturn is transiting your solar Tenth House of work. It doesn’t last forever and becomes easier as time passes. The good news is, you will have a new job title which is far more prestigious than the old one, at any point after June 2024, when Jupiter goes into Gemini, your own sign, and you also find yourself doing far more online, or on the phone, or even behind a microphone. The new title comes when you accept an obvious opportunity or solution and will look good on a business card.

  38. Hi Jessica , Thank you for your feedback and insights its indeed very helpful for my situation . I was checking online when Jupiter enters Gemini and it shows Jupiter in Gemini | May 25, 2024-June 9, 2025. Should I hold on taking any offers until end of May and keep searching until end of May if the best options will come my way by end of may ? Can you please advise me . Also is there a career switch or a parallel source of income coming up for me ? Can you please advise me on these points please . Much appreciate your help .

    1. Just keep doing what you are doing. But you may prefer not to judge or act on April 8th and 9th. You could end up on a wrong path there. Proceed with Plan B, C, D in mind until the middle of May as the entire world has Mercury Retrograde and everyone is in a pickle. Yet there are still good things there for you, so just say ‘Yes’ to what you want and remember you may have to make changes. From the third week of May, though, Jupiter in Gemini does kick in and you will find incredible opportunities online, also linked to being bilingual and even tri-lingual. It’s there for you until June 2025, so plenty of time.

  39. Hi, Jessica. Thank you again for another insightful post. My MC is at 21 Capricorn, IC at 21 Cancer (and Juno is close at 22 Sagittarius). Will these placements be effected by the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction? Thanks as always for your help and generosity of your time.

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate, you will gain professionally or academically, or through your unpaid vocation (Capricorn) with a stunning trine from Jupiter and Uranus, also picking up your family tree, so what happens as April ends is also gratifying from an ancestor’s point of view.

  40. Hi Jessica I have Juno 21 Leo,Neptune 22 Scorpio Uranus 20 Virgo and sun at 20 Gemini and a few 18 & 19 and Taurus stellium,how is this conjunction going to affect me?Thanks

    1. It’s financial in nature, as you have Neptune at 22 Scorpio and Uranus and Jupiter will be in opposition from 22 Taurus. Both these signs concern real estate, business, charity, valuables and your bank account, as well as any shares. An opposition will pull you in two directions or involve a polar opposite, as your values/his values/her values/their values are so different. And it will feel like a big stretch, as April ends; yet you do stand to gain.

  41. I just listened to this week’s podcast and as a Leo I’m the one on the outside and I have been for some time after being harassed badly a few years ago (I work in a male dominated environment) that has impacted my mental health really badly and left me stuck in a job and company where I no longer feel safe. Forewarned is forearmed though as you said. Hoping for some kind of break through with this Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Always look forward to your words, always helpful and hopeful. Thank you.

    1. I am sorry you are on the outer with a group; this takes healing, time and space. You can actually take your place back within the group if you want to, when the time is right, and it would come about through seeing your ideas are so similar; your opinions are cut from the same cloth. This helps you re-establish yourself with the group. I am assuming that you are talking about a collective community here. However if you no longer feel safe that can only be fixed by proper professional help; I assume you have that too. It’s a serious issue. You can also walk away. You are entirely free to do that. But you need to feel healed and ready.

  42. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for this, I have been following your delivery instructions in the fall, and indeed on the career front and on the dates that you indicated I got the news for an award/distinction I would have never expected! Regarding the April/May delivery dates, my birthday is on April 19, does this make this conjunction even more relevant for me?
    Thank you very much,

    1. That’s great about your Astrology Delivery news C and you never expected the award or distinction, but it arrived. Congratulations. You have Saturn at 22 Taurus so have a lifelong pattern of dealing with challenging finances; that changes in a flash as Jupiter and Uranus go to 22 Taurus; what happens with business, property, valuables, money, charity as April closes could potentially revolutionise your life budget for some time to come. It’s up to you, what you do about that, but it’s big. And it will come out of the blue.

      1. Thank you, Jessica, for your response! I certainly hope that what the 22nd degree will bring is a positive revolution and not another slap in the face – I payed off last November a very big debt that I was obliged to carry for the last 6 years, and this did change my life, I can now breath.
        Thanks again,

  43. Hi Jessica
    You’d mentioned in a substack post that if Capricorn/virgo factors are same as Taurus then it’s a trine and abundance would be through work.

    I have Taurus at 23 and Virgo at 24. Does this apply here despite the 1 degree difference?

    The other factors I have are Taurus at 26 and Virgo and Capricorn several degrees apart. It is visible from my chart.

    Can’t wait for this event so excited.

    Thank you so much

    1. Minerva at 23 Taurus and Cupido at 24 Virgo are trine in your chart. (Minerva trine Cupido). This works nicely for you with money and work, all your life, as you have innate wisdom about finance, business, charity, retail, collecting, real estate that flows with your job (your work may be part of that world) or helps you in a career that is quite unrelated, but serves your life budget very well. Jupiter coming along to 23, 24 Taurus will trigger that for you so you will see a lucrative job offer; a potential pay rise or bonus; a very rewarding new project – it’s on that level. Uranus at 23, 24 Taurus is also with you and so long-term there will be a radical change in the way you handle your budget. You will find it quite liberating and it will help you pursue what you love to do, in the name of work, which others also love too.

  44. Hi Jessica, I have my south node at 21 Taurus, Apollo at 21 Leo, Venus at 23 Libra and then Chiron 24 Aries, with Proserpina and Vulcano at 24 also. The guy I’ve been seeing has his moon at 21 Scorpio and his North Node 19 Aries. The current north node is also almost conjunct my Jupiter at 14 Aries. It feels like this should be a momentous time for me, and possibly with him – though that remains to be seen. I’m certainly in the eclipse dark now. I’m very curious to know what you might make of it all though. My ex-husband unexpectedly walked out on me on the exact day of the April 2014 eclipse which was one degree off my Venus. I then met and rejected the man I’m currently seeing again in the weeks in between the two eclipses in March 2016 which were at 19 Pisces (he’s a sun Pisces). He got back in touch with me right in between the Nov/Dec 2021 eclipses and I’ve since fallen hard for him. The timings all feel quite loaded, just not sure with what! Thank you as ever for your insights, wisdom, and generosity with your time spent answering comments.

    1. Just as a Sun Sagittarius alone, you have the best opportunity in 12 years for a new partnership in May, June as Jupiter goes into your solar Seventh House of de facto relationships and marriage, followed by a slew of factors also in the Seventh House. When we go to your natal chart we find a stellium in Leo in your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, babies, children and a younger generation. Do either of you have children? You don’t say. What is the situation with shared godchildren or nieces and nephews? This is a more important factor than you may think. Pluto will be in opposition to your Fifth House slowly, but surely, over many years. Jupiter will also sextile your Leo stellium. This issue will arise, if not with him, then with another man, later on. Yes, the stage is set for a new duet. However – you must also sort out these Fifth House matters.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    I loved this article and was gutted I could not make the Zoom especially being a member, please could you take a look at my natal chart and let me know your thoughts on what this conjunction could mean in relation to my chart please as I have a few factors around the 21D. I run my own property business so I have guests from all over the world stay in my apartments in London, so is there any relation to this as this keeps coming up and I can’t relate to the foreigners/emigration etc part? I have also been offered an opportunity to invest in Crypto Currency through a good friend do I take this opportunity or decline it based on what you see in my chart? I would appreciate your insights.

    1. Thank you. You can recreate the Zoom event by following the steps at the end and drawing a Tarot card (just one) from my website to show you how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus will unfold for you. The card will very clearly show you Jupiter at large (opportunity, expansion, hope for the future, a bigger world) and/or Uranus (freedom at last, liberation, snapping the ties that bind, having a revolution). Looking at your solar chart first, as the Sun Sign chart is always Queen, I can see you are a Sun Virgo, so this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is in Taurus in your Ninth House of foreigners, foreign countries, publishing, the web and academia. In your natal chart, the Ninth House shows 1, 14, 18, 22 degree placements in Sagittarius. This suggests the same story told twice, as from late May, Jupiter goes to 1 Gemini and a slow opposition begins, as 2024-2025 triggers all involvements you have with your overseas tenants, foreign currency and so on. Chiron at 22 Aries will also be trine your Ninth House, so both charts say identical things; what happens will be an amazing opportunity, it will involve people who speak a different language and have a different culture (even in London). I would not be hugely surprised if you were not offered the chance to work or live abroad by 2025 and yet were divided about it. That would reflect the Jupiter opposition. And yet, we’d have to say, it would enormously expand your horizons.

  46. Jessica, seems you will run another zoom only talk for the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus. I am one of the person who joined the VAA zoom one, which did not go very well. But I did not receive any news from VAA or you.

    Would love to hear any comment from you.

    1. Thank you. I keep apologising for this V.A.A. (Victorian Astrologers’ Association) event, but here we go again. They should have told you that I would record another Zoom, on Astrology and Tarot Meetups, which you could have attended, at no cost. In any case, that’s now past, but it has been edited and uploaded to YouTube where you can see it now. To recreate the session, draw one Tarot card from my website to describe how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will show up for you, in late April. Follow the steps in the video and align the reading with the Jupiter symbolism (growth, hope, expansion, increase, solutions, breakthroughs, remedies, cures) and/or Uranus (liberation, freedom, breaking out, radical change, revolution). If you focus you will find your card shows you one or both, exactly. I am going to look at your natal chart in more detail to compensate for the failure of the Victorian Astrologers’ Association event and follow-up. You were born with Ceres at 22 Taurus, in your Second House of personal finance. Jupiter and Uranus are both going to cross 22 Taurus which will change your life, if you accept an offer or solution, as April draws to a close. I would expect the story to continue in May as other factors also cross 22 Taurus. Basically, Ceres reveals how you compromise in life, but also how you share power. In Taurus, you have a lifetime of negotiating, trying to control, having to ‘deal’ – with money, property, valuables, charity and/or business. You did this before in a previous incarnation as you also have the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. So you may have been a trader, retailer, banker, philanthropist. What happens as Jupiter and Uranus are in conjunction with Ceres is of a magnitude you can’t expect, as Uranus is always a shock. When you watch the video, you will see me talking about Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler, and the shock landing in Scotland, where Germany hoped to make Britain the deal of the decade and end the war. Taurus is always the brokering of a deal. Taurus is also about ethics, morals, values – what cannot be bought or sold (priceless principles) – but also, very real financial costs or gains. What Hess and Hitler were trying to do, was buy Churchill. Had Hess succeeded after his dramatic crash in a cow field, the entire world economy would have shifted. Uranus is shock; the world turning upside-down; potential liberation; unique and totally unprecedented situations; the last thing anybody ever expected. Jupiter is massive, rare opportunity (he can only be in Taurus every 12 years for example). Jupiter is about potential vast gain. And yet…you may say no. Churchill did.

  47. Thank you so much Jessica. I was at the VAA event – it certainly was peculiar. (FYI it now seems the YouTube link in this article is also not working – it says the video has been taken down by the uploader.) I seem to recall I got the Ace of Wands and the Fool on that day. I have been watching this Taurus weather for some time now as it strongly implicates family financial matters. My brother has his south node at 20 Taurus and the Moon in the same sign, and my mother has Sun, Uranus, Moon and south node in Taurus, but there is no birth time so I don’t know what degree the Moon is for her. My father (deceased) has Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus, with Uranus at 24 degrees. He was the breadwinner for the family so it is his legacy at issue here. I don’t have Taurus factors – except for the asteroid Midas at 29 Taurus which also. happens to be opposite my Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio in the Eighth House. (I have a natural chart with a 1 degree Aries Ascendant). The Jupiter Uranus conjunction will make a square to my Mars at 21 Aquarius in my 11th House, and it will be 1 degree away from my asteroid Midas. For the last few years I have been working diligently at breaking away from the family financial legacy and establishing myself independently – this was triggered by an eclipse on my Jupiter in 2022. I am almost at the point now where the work I have done towards this will start to pay off in a real world way. I have a very Uranian natal chart, so my “normal’ is to be the “maverick.” This is what is being turned on its head for me, as it doesn’t feel like I am the one who will be shocked by this energy, as I have been working away behind the scenes and planning for it for some time now. I am all set to ride this wave of Taurean weather and make the most of it to get myself established in the way that I want. I think it’s people around me who are going to be shocked by what it is I am intending to accomplish, because it will break the mould completely of who they believe I am and what I can do – the “black sheep” turning into a “dark horse”. The solar eclipse featured heavily in my chart in my First House – so my Solar 4th – so what I am doing is hidden in plain sight to those around me!

    1. Thank you for coming to the Victorian Astrologers’ Association event. It certainly was peculiar, wasn’t it? I’ve never been locked out of my own talk before. And yes, the YouTube video was the wrong one. Your Tarot cards suggest a brilliant idea which may succeed if you plant it (Ace of Wands) so you need to look at Jupiter in Gemini as I would expect your chart to show Gemini and/or Sagittarius factors. The Fool is similar; Jupiter in Gemini across either Gemini and/or Sagittarius factors. You’re not a member so I can’t see your chart unfortunately. You also use Midas – why? Midas is not part of the Latin/Roman family tree of astrology so it’s just not going to work. You have a strong Taurus pattern in the family so one/some/all of you will be quids in, from late April to late May.

  48. Hi Jessica, appreciate both articles today. I am a Sagittarius Sun looking for a stable partnership, I am a single and sole parent living with my daughter for the last seven years. I also think Uranus-Jupiter will conjunct my Chiron and oppose my Jupiter in the same time, hope this can be helpful. Thank you for your advice.

    1. Thank you. Luck’s in for you, as Jupiter (opportunity) goes into your solar Seventh House at the end of May 2024 and you have until June 2025 to go ahead with a new potential partner; certainly a date or lover. This person would broaden your horizons. When we go beyond your solar, Sagittarius Sun chart to your natal chart, we find Pluto at 28 and Saturn at 29 Libra, so you have Pluto in conjunction with Saturn in your Seventh House of marriage, de facto partnership, separation and divorce. Jupiter at 28, 29 Gemini in the year 2025 will trine that, so there is a chance for healing and help with what is an extremely difficult chart pattern. Your daughter’s father may be at the heart of this next year, or a potential new man may help you sort out the usual Pluto and Saturn issues. These are – the need to control the marriage or partnership totally (and being made to compromise) – but also accepting situations which are hard to get into, and hard to get out of. I would say that the father of your child is the main event here, and it would be September-November 2024 that offers the chance for real change, as Pluto goes back to 29 Capricorn and is square that Libra placement. Transiting Pluto square Saturn. Before you even get to a new man, the legacy of the old man (so to speak) has to be fixed and that is coming up for you. On a clairvoyant level I am being shown a four-leaf Irish clover; a lucky clover.

  49. Hi Jessica. I’ve just watched your video. I think the parallels that you have drawn from 1941 and the info about then men advising Churchill behind the scenes, who knew about astrology, is just fascinating. I know you have thousands of comments but I wanted to tell you this. I find it weird, but you may not. I’ve been checking my chart for the 21 and 22 degree factors. I’ve also been checking my family’s charts. My son is the one with many 20, 21 and 22 degree factors. There are lots and they are all over the place in his chart. His lunar nodes are at 21. He is a sun sign Gemini and not far off 16 years old. He is about to sit his GCSE exams (we are in the UK). He is frantically revising, spending a lot of time alone. It’s tough for him. He has his History exam coming, part of which is about the 2nd World War and Hitler. I currently have a book on our stairs with Hitler’s face on the cover staring back at me every time I walk up them. How odd that the time we are now in seems to be directly related to similar aspects from 1941. My boy’s life is obviously changing and I too am trying to change to make our lives better. I hope these omens are good!

    1. Thank you. We have no evidence that Brigadier Firebrace was advising Churchill on astrology (he was his Russian translator) but I’d place bets. Louis de Wohl was certainly employed by intelligence. It’s synchronicity that your son’s exam is about the war. And there is a book on Hitler staring at you. If he is only 15 he is very young to be looking at Hess, but perhaps the astrology is talking to you, and he. I wonder if the Hess mystery is on their curriculum?

  50. Hi Jessica, as always, I appreciate your insights. If you look at my chart you will see that I have no factors in Taurus, Scorpio or Cancer that you mentioned. I submitted my citizenship application and went for biometrics on 4 March and am concerned that it won’t be a favourable outcome. Was my timing out of sync?

    1. Thank you. The Aries Eclipse was the issue with ID, biometrics, online identity and your face. You were far ahead of this on 4th March, but there was a cover-up about this in April and in May we will all find out what it was.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    I would be grateful if you could look at my chart and see how this might affect me, I have taurus stellium. We are renovating a house and my work life is very full filling and full, yet unstable with self employment. We also have a house full of teenagers all going through exams etc.

    1. Okey dokey, so Hygiea at 26 Taurus in your Second House of personal income and budget, as well as personal property, debts and possessions, is the focus. Jupiter crosses that for the first time in 12 years in May 2024. That is a rare opportunity to organise insurance as Hygiea rules safeguarding. It also helps you gain, make or save, so you can protect the future.

  52. I was wondering if you could tell me what this Jupiter/uranus conjunction has in store for me.. since 2021 we have be hit with huge tax bills & another one this year.. we just can’t seem to get paid off. I took a huge pay cut and new job. My husband who is an Aquarius left his job of 30years and started his own business.. we are barely getting by and owe double of what we make in a year. I have some crypto, which I hope rebounds and is our only chance to pay off these outrageous tax bills.. I keep seeing that money or a great opportunity is coming if I take it.. I just keep feeling like everything is passing us by and we work our butts off!

    1. Your husband started his own business with Saturn in Pisces in his solar Second House of personal income, which is the hardest cycle to choose. Neptune is also in his Second House. I imagine March in particular was a really big stretch as he also had Pisces weather to deal with. It does get better, but I am sorry you are both going through it. Saturn is about situations which are hard to access, but also hard to get out of. So there is no fast or easy shortcut for him here but this transit can and does end, of course. You are a Capricorn with Jupiter at 27 Scorpio in your Eighth House of financial relationships and Saturn in a conjunction with Juno at 15 and 16 Taurus. So, it’s complicated. I am very sorry about the tax bills and of course your pay cut has made it tougher. Basically you are at the very start of a 20-year cycle of total transformation of your attitude towards money, property, taxation – even shopping – and your whole value system will alter. So late April to May is the start of that. Yet, it’s not the whole story, as you will both be reshaping your life budgets in 2024, 2025, 2026 and you personally will take this in hand long-term so that you find the power you lack at the moment. In May, transiting Jupiter at 27 Taurus will oppose your natal Jupiter (Jupiter in opposition to Jupiter) which is a good thing, and a big thing. It is absolutely about the marriage and the money, but perhaps also relatives, as legacies, trust funds or family loans or gifts also belong to this transit.

  53. Hi Jessica, I always look forward to your posts and really enjoy the search function on your site to really research factors. Can you please give me some guidance about the upcoming conjunction as I have several Taurus and Scorpio factors and 20/21s… my work/career is reaching a major crossroads decision time (writer) but I’m so absolutely exhausted and depleted from dealing with conflicts at work from the past 6 months that I feel I barely have energy to take on what I’ve been working so hard to reach. It nearly broke me in December— physically and emotionally. Definitely ceres/pluto type issues. It took a long time to recover from the stress and I’m only now regaining my strength but I still feel delicate. If only it was the custom to go away to a seaside hotel for a month to recover the way they used to long ago! It feels like there is a huge opportunity for income boost with work but at an enormous cost as I know it will be excruciating to work with that team and the stress takes such a physical toll on me.

    I drew the card Four of Pentacles when I asked for guidance on the jupiter/Uranus conjunction but I’m unclear…. definitely I’m anxious about money and hoping all will work out. I’m still getting the hand of using the cards. Sometimes I wonder if the cards reflect our own inner wisdom or do they just pick up on possibilities. I do think time bends and so often I feel the sensation of Deja vu and my dreams lately seem to convey so much. Sometimes during the day I feel the need to sleep just to continue on the dreams for further guidance. Any insight would be most appreciated. Thank you so much Jessica.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry work has been so exhausting. Work and career are Virgo and/or Capricorn in the chart and although you have no Capricorn factors, you have a huge stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House of daily routine, lifestyle, mental and physical health, paid work, unpaid work, academia, service and duty. When the dust has settled have a look at that, and how you serve yourself (or not) as well as serve others. The Four of Pentacles shows you sitting pretty with money, so for whatever reason, you will have more than enough, financially. Psyche at 24 Taurus in your Second House of personal banking, will be crossed by Jupiter with all his solutions, growth, expansion and largesse, and you experience this in Taurus weather which runs into May. Very occasionally this card can show a wealthy person who becomes important, in which case it is time to do a deal with him or her. Psyche shows how you live forever, financially, and what goes on eternally – say, with your legacy to others, or a charitable donation, or bricks and mortar. Sometimes, valuables, like art, which endures and increases in value. So that is what the conjunction is all about. And you stand to gain.

  54. can you please take a look at the things I have at 21 and 22 degrees so I know what to expect. I also have chiron at 18 taurus degree of new moon. thank you.

    1. Vulcano at 21 Scorpio is the big one as it is in your Eighth House of joint finance and property, so the oppositions from Jupiter at 21 Taurus and Uranus at 21 Taurus which pass by, will challenge you to change – in a useful way – and reshape any sexual and financial relationship, but also any family-based property relationship. Your will, or somebody else’s will, is an example of that. Vulcano describes how you use your self-control and willpower with (say) a de facto relationship and the mortgage, or a legacy which names you and your sibling. The opposition will challenge you to rethink how you do that and rapidly, suddenly, figure out what works.

  55. Hi Jessica for the great article !!
    I have Jupiter 12 in Scorpio , Diana in Scorpio and Chiron in Uranus
    Can you please look into my chart and share your thoughts


    1. Thank you, Hitesh. Diana at 23 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, but also family and property relationships, suggests a lifetime of needing to be free. Commitment to (say) marriage and mortgage, or to relatives whose legacy names you (another example) has never been easy. Diana is a symbol of autonomy and independence; the ties that bind are never welcome. So, along comes an opposition from Jupiter and Uranus at 23 Taurus and very suddenly, in late April and May, you will need to rethink your finances, property, charity or business – perhaps your valuables – so that you get what you want and need, even when everything changes around you.

  56. Thank you for this. Your posts provide comfort in addition to being empowering. As a Libra, I’ve been able to do a lot of booking around financial and logistical needs since the fall. Much manifested as a result – but in weird ways. I needed a replacement car desperately and wound up getting one – but because of my marriage almost falling apart. (We reconciled and are still working on it.) Then some needs for our house – received but after an electrical issue that caused a fire. Fortunately best case scenario with my family and the house – we are safe and moving forward. It’s been a challenging six months though. Do you see if my chart suggests it will be easier moving forward?

    1. Thank you. That is an odd astrology delivery, I must say. When you are working in a journal and with the Tarot like this, it is important to be clear and present about what you actually want and need. Without total focus and concentration, other intentions can slip in. A new car shouldn’t come at the expense of your marriage, so what was in your mind about your husband, when you did this? I’m glad it’s all worked out, obviously. You are not logged in, so I can’t see your chart, unfortunately.

  57. Hi Jessica,

    I’m looking forward to doing the Astrology Delivery for Taurus weather and asking for a happy new relationship, as I am a Sun Scorpio. My sun is at 23 degrees, so pretty close to this conjunction. I’m just tired of being single for seven years after a divorce and not having any relationships in that time. I also pulled the Nine of Swords (a bit scary) when I asked about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction for me. Will late April and May finally present some options for me?

    1. Thank you. The divorce is shown on the bed you are lying in, in the Nine of Swords. Look closely and you can see that you have made your bed, and you are lying in it (so to speak). The old battle is shown in the carving on the wood bed base. You will be liberated from this, though. You want a new relationship and the first step will be to understand old memories or current concerns – maybe future worries – are in your head. They are not real. Your bed should be a place for love and sex in future and can be – the classic Uranus in Taurus liberation in your Seventh House of partnerships will come when you release your thought balloons at night and start to see your bedroom in an entirely new way. Seven years is a long time but Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, in your solar chart, can set you free, mentally, which is the first step. Opposite your Sun in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships (in your birth chart) they can very suddenly liberate you from an old pattern which has made new sex very difficult for you.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    Great read as always thank you and I am also loving your podcast on YouTube 🙂

    I’d love to know more on how the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction will affect me as I have some 21/22 degree placements in my chart.
    Sun 21 Cap,
    Minerva 21 Taurus,
    Chiron 22 Taurus,
    Bacchus 21 Sagittarius

    Currently working on relaunching my holistic healing hypnotherapy business with a new website and niche which I have not really figured out as yet. It’s been a weird stuckish energy as I am still working a 9-5 type role but I’d really love to just be my own boss and have more time freedom and being of service to others. will this conjunction help with that? Any advice be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    1. Thank you. Minerva and Chiron are in a conjunction in Taurus in your Second House so you are innately wise about business, charity, money, property valuables. You also get away with what others think is outrageous, or out of the question. This makes you quite a player and you could do anything from push the envelope at property auctions, to negotiate at the markets. Minerva is wisdom. Chiron is daring. The Jupiter and Uranus conjunction at 21, 22 Taurus could change your life if you wish it. What is on offer would liberate you from something that restricts you so much. It would feel like…freedom. It would also potentially save or make you money. Perhaps, just save you money. It depends on how you play it. Will you say yes? That’s up to you.

  59. Hi Jessica,

    I missed the zoom unfortunately as I was travelling. The BIG event is quickly approaching and I would so appreciate some indication of what to expect.
    I have a lot in the balance at the moment. With my business, the prospect of a new home, and FINANCES.
    My sun is Pisces and ASC Gemini.
    I have Saturn at 21 Cancer, Fortuna 21 Aquarius, Diana 20 Aquarius, Ceres 22 Scorpio, Jupiter 18 Libra, and Uranus in Pisces.
    Thank you so much !

    1. You can tag along with the Zoom and use the Tarot at home if you like. It’s on YouTube now. Ceres at 22 Scorpio is the big one here. You have a lifelong pattern of compromises and deal-making with partners or family, in terms of the money, house, business, apartment and so on. It’s always emotional and usually involves a 50-50 split. Uranus at 22 Taurus and Jupiter at 22 Taurus are in opposition to Ceres as April rolls on, and May also brings fleeting oppositions. So the deal that is currently in place at the moment with a sexual partner, relative or other ‘might as well be family’ connection – will be tested. The test will be a useful one as Jupiter is always helpful, but a test it will be. It will come out of the blue and you will need to really look at what’s on paper with him/her/them.

  60. Hi Jessica, I missed the zoom as I was on the road. I am in the process of starting a new company. It’s bigger than I, it came from something outside of me, back in June last year and I have recently begun the preparations for it. It’s rather out of character for me to pursue it actually, it is so big. I have these kind of ideas all of the time, that wake me at three in the morning and I write them down. However, this I appear to be pursuing like my life depends on it
    It requires many connections and much financing. So, there are my questions.
    Venus 19 Cancer, Neptune 23 Scorpio, Pluto 20 Virgo, Jupiter and Uranus at 25 Virgo, ASC 22 Sagittarius, Prosperina 23 Gemini, Minerva 3 Taurus, and Aesculapia 12 Taurus.
    Any advice as to what I should be aware of and clues for an official launch date would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. The Zoom is now edited and on YouTube if you want to try the Tarot at home. You want to start a new company; I can see why, as it would involve you being the go-between or middle person, between two powerful others – perhaps people, perhaps large organisations or departments. Maybe even two countries or cities. This would work well for you in 2025 when Jupiter at 23 Gemini is in a conjunction with Proserpina at 23 Gemini – the internet and/or media expansion for you would be big. Closer to home, Jupiter and Uranus are in opposition to Neptune in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, but also family-based property and money connections, as April ends. This is a challenge to the bubble you’re in, but the challenge could work well for you too. Launching the company? If you can do it any time and it actually does involve media, web, communication, short haul travel, publishing, education – you would choose Jupiter at 23 Gemini picking up Neptune at 23 Scorpio and your DC at 22 Gemini, which you’ve not mentioned. So that’s next year now, if it can wait.

  61. Hi Jessica,
    I am always fascinated by the added details within your articles! Along with a stellium in Taurus, I have Venus 23° Taurus – Aesculapia 23° Pisces. My little step daughter is an Aries Sun with Bacchus 20° Taurus – Vulcano 22° Taurus – Panacea 22° Scorpio and North Node 20° Virgo. My Husband is a Libra Sun, with Vesta 23° Scorpio – Apollo 21° Virgo. I would love some insight please. Thank you once again, enjoy your weekend x

    1. Thank you. Venus at 23 Taurus is your leaning towards quite complicated financial relationships, tying up the money, possessions, house, business and/or apartment. No doubt this pulls in your step-daughter for both your long lives, and your legacy to her, as her Vulcano at 22 Taurus is next to Venus in your chart, and her Panacea (in the family and financial zone of Scorpio) is opposite. Your husband is playing out Vesta as it is always about one male and two or more females. So that’s all of you and he has it at 23 Scorpio, again in the house of family finances. A really huge bolt from the blue is coming for all of you; you will gain from it, if you agree, but it will come down to your own values – and his.

  62. Hello Jessica

    I have Chiron 26 Taurus.

    If my understanding is correct Jupiter would bless this degree towards the end of his journey which means near to 25th May when he moves out of Taurus.

    Would it be possible to know from my chart which particular aspect of abundance Jupiter would be providing for Chiron 26 Taurus?

    Many Thanks in advance

    1. Minerva at 23 Taurus is far more important as both Uranus and Jupiter hover so closely to that in your chart. You were born wise about money, charity, business, property and people seek your expertise on the same. This works to your total advantage in late April as the last thing you or anybody else expected comes to land; there is an offer; an opportunity; a way out – or a way through. It will be big. You may say no. It’s your call.

  63. It sounds as thpugh I missed a really good Zoom event! i have the South Node at 22 Taurus and the North Node at 22 Scorpio. I am hoping that this means money will come into my life. I am still unemployed, but slowly building up my presence online as a content creator. Could you please tell me if I have anything to look forward to with this conjunction? many thanks as always xxx

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Zoom was interesting because very few people realised that the 1941 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction was really about Hess brokering a deal (he hoped) with Churchill on behalf of Hitler. You won’t really understand the jaw-dropping things to come in late April without understanding that. Okay, so your past lives have been both rich and poor. This time around you have incarnated to experience money and currency online, as the internet has revolutionised how we earn and trade. Your financial and sexual partner (the main one) will be a past life connection as you two have agreed to find closure over debts and credits from the last incarnation. All of this is centre stage in late April when sudden and unpredictable opportunities land with a wallop. A lot of things will happen at once; a friend or group will be involved as you also have Diana at 22 Aquarius. You can say yes or no. Does this bolt from the blue accord with your values? Only you can answer that.

  64. Hi Jessica , i am struggling to understand how the conjunction will affect me . Is it possible for you to pint to anything significant in my chart ?

    1. Uranus, Ceres and Bacchus all at 23 Taurus-Scorpio in your birth chart suggest a lifetime of push-pull with property, finance, charity, business. Your values and those of sexual partners and family members are opposite. This results in the occasional shake-up and here comes another one, but this benefits you. You stand to make or save a lot of money as April ends; the question is, will you take the offer or reject it? Life will turn on a dime.

  65. Hi Jessica,

    Im posting a comment again hoping it’s seen 🙂 I truly value your insights and advice.

    I wonder how this conjunction will affect me if any, I’m a Capricorn with a libra moon, my 12th house is in Taurus also Mars is there. I had many changes in Love and career this past year and also early this year mainly endings.
    Is this transit relevant for me or what do you have any advice?

    Thank you so much ❤️

    1. Thank you. Your IC is at 28 Leo in your Fifth House of the bedroom, courtship, babies, children and the next generation. Jupiter will square that in May 2024, which is similar to Jupiter’s transit of your solar Fifth House, in step with Uranus, at the end of April. This is about sexual relationships, the dating game and/or offspring. Stepchildren and children, godchildren and young relatives qualify. By the way your 12th house is not in Taurus using the Natural House system.

  66. Hi Jessica, You wrote about the eclipse and a lone ”gunman”. You were right. I just read about the appalling knife attack in Sydney. Horrific. I cannot believe that a person could do this. My heart goes out to those who died on an ordinary Saturday outing at the mall and for those who are left behind to try to make sense of the madness. Do you have any views on how humanity is doing in all of this? Versus AI? In the context of all the fragmentation, misinformation and disinformation around us? Can you do a broad reach on the astrology to help us navigate this world? I am a writer. I write about AI and humanity and no matter how I try – interviewing scientists, philosophers etc. – I cannot get a precise handle on how the average person can navigate the massive transformation up ahead. I trust astrology. I trust you. And I feel there is an pathway that can be opened to the harmonious convergence of humanity and AI. But we need to move fast.

    1. Thank you. Our Astrology and Tarot Australia group on Meetups regularly gathers at Bondi Beach, so my survival E.S.P. was stronger when I posted the warning article about a lone gunman three weeks ago. (The Aries Eclipse). The killer had in fact been seeking a gun group on Facebook some years before. I obviously warned about Facebook and – particularly – about a cover-up and blind spot on 8th, 9th April which should be avoided. The killer posted an invitation to meet him on the beach, last Monday April 8th. I also repeated the warning about public transport: he caught the train. There may have been another blind spot and cover-up apart from his Bondi Beach invitation, which I guess the police in Sydney will let us know. You are talking about Artificial Intelligence and how it can help us all. I expect it will be through the trawling of Facebook. If Zuckerberg permits it. This is the second time Facebook has been implicated in a tragic mass murder. The last time I got involved – via the media – and it was in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  67. Hi Jessica-
    Thank you so much for all your work and videos on the conjunction, they all have been fascinating.. my chart contains many 21 placements and Jupiter in 20. I have selected the Queen of pentacles and Ten of Cups when asking about April and May. Im reading this as positive and ask for your insight. As a Leo cusp Cap rising i often find my chart complicated.
    Blessings to you ! Hopefully this post is not a duplicate as I’ve had some wacky computer connections.

    1. You are the Queen of Pentacles here with a lump sum to nurse, after the conjunction – or you will be in reach of a rich woman who may negotiate with you, pay you, donate to you, give to you and so on. And by the way you were not born on the cusp. You have the Sun firmly in Leo.

  68. Jessica
    I can’t imagine this will get through the masses to be seen by your eyes, but I wanted to send this out to you somehow – how sorry I am that you are experiencing the tragedy of a mass shooting in a place near and dear to you. I recently went through such a scenario myself and know how shocking and horrible it is to have it happen so near to people you love. To all in Australia- be strong and be resilient in finding a way to keep it from happening again.
    That’s all. My thoughts and prayers are with you In beautiful Australia.

    1. Thank you so much. Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction are small places – the shock and grief is touching most people through six degrees. I am sorry you have also been through violence recently. The only very small comfort for me is that as a psychic and astrologer I was able to warn people not to judge or act on the April 8th and 9th Eclipse. The killer advertised for people to meet him on Bondi Beach on the 8th. I have absolutely no idea if that reached anyone on my website, particularly who are in our Meetups group (we meet at Bondi) but I was specific in namechecking Facebook and lone gunman violence risks. He had in fact been seeking a Facebook gun group some time before.

  69. Hi Jessica, I have tried to post again but it seems my comment is lost 🙁
    I have an earth trine at 21st degree between Vesta in Capricorn, Diana in Virgo and Aesculapia in Taurus! Being a premium member is making it so easy to see other placements at the same degree!
    what should I expect? I am Capricorn
    Thanks so much

    1. Your comment is not lost but there are 20,443 today and I only look at one screen, for obvious reasons. You are very luck to have a Grand Trine in Earth. This is about career, unpaid work and your academic career, where you will habitually be in situations with one male authority and two or more other women. This tends to make you want to be far more independent and autonomous, and every time this happens, you have to look at your salary, or salary sacrifice, or the business end of your choices. Any time you have transits at 21 Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, the pattern is set off. Every time you make your choices it grounds you. People with placements at 21 of the Earth signs will trigger the pattern. Have a look at Diana in art and sculpture; she is you.

  70. Hi Jessica, thank you for getting back to me – it means a lot. I wanted to reply to your comment to my post but it seems not to transfer me to the reply page. I wanted to tell you that exactly as you say in your comment – I found out that I need to reach out to my ex-husband in the next couple of weeks since I need his consent for processing my daughter’s documents – we have not spoken for five years so I guess this is the chance the universe offers to fix the legacy with him and move on. I intend to follow your advice.
    Truely enough the four-leaf clover that you saw – I had a medallion from my grandma – a small four-leaf clover that I gave to my ex-husband to keep safe when we first met. He lost it a couple of weeks later. I guess in a way, under a different form, I will find it again once the legacy is fixed. I am looking forward to Jupiter passing over my Sag stellium in June, will keep you posted.
    I also wanted to share my experience with the astrology booking,
    First house: I wrote down a couple of things – first losing weight, second – being more serene and in peace, third – a different title at work
    I got the weight loss, fighting to keep it up, however, it is there.
    Second house: asked for a raise at work – got the opposite unfortunately, the company is going through a rough time, however, I understand this is a year-long process for the 2nd house so continue with the booking
    Third house: asked for control over thoughts, peace of mind, and restoring faith in the universe
    I found out a couple of exercises online that I am experimenting with, I think what the third house gave me is the sense that I can try.
    Working on the fifth house at the moment – counting on that one. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about the website at the moment; Mercury Retrograde is with us and there are also 20,443 comments, many of them about the Bondi Junction tragedy, as a warning has come to pass. I am glad your grandma was able to come through with the four-leaf clover medallion. I assume it was her, or perhaps another relative in spirit. Do ask your family, friends and guides on that side of life to help you with your ex-husband, who of course lost the medallion. You are right, literally or symbolically, that four-leaf clover will be back. And you also got the weight loss with Astrology Delivery – great. You’ll fully succeed with that.

  71. Hi Jessica, I missed the zoom event due to seeing the blog too late, but I have watched the youtube video via the link to catch up. The card I’ve pulled today about how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will show up for me is the 10 of cups. I have:

    Jupiter 22 Taurus
    Proserpina 23 Taurus
    Fortuna 21 Scorpio
    Aesculapia 21 Sagittarius
    Cupido 20 Aquarius
    MC 23 Sagittarius
    IC 23 Gemini

    Being born with Saturn retrograde in Leo (my opposite sign), I thought I may need to resign myself to a life of stuck/difficult relationships. However, I was hopeful that Jupiter at 22 Taurus at this conjuction might prove lucky for me. What is your opinion, looking at it as a whole? Best wishes

    1. This will be big for you as you have your Jupiter Return at 22 Taurus. It triggers many other areas of your life at the same time, not only financial. Foreigners and foreign countries, for example – that’s an obvious one. You want a better love life, so always look to Leo and the Fifth House and Libra and the Seventh House. A pattern at 10, 12, 13 of Leo and Libra suggests it never rains but it pours; any time you are with someone who has 10, 12, 13 patterns you have major crossroads. Something that may help is to have a really long, honest conversation with yourself about children, babies, adoption, stepchildren. I would expect that when Jupiter goes to 10, 12, 13 Leo from the year 2026 you will have a whopping choice about that. Perhaps, marrying a man with a son from a previous relationship, for example.

  72. Thank you Jessica, this sounds so positive and I will keep open to opportunities . Benefits me this time sounds like a dream and shake up ❤️

  73. Hello Jessica – I have Saturn at 22 Taurus. Would you please share your insight into how that might affect me? Cheers

    1. Thank you. You also have Proserpina at 23 Scorpio in opposition to Saturn at 22 Taurus, so your Second House of personal values and money, is always at odds with your Eighth House of joint financial, property, business or charity arrangements. Say, with a sexual partner, or with your relatives. In fact Proserpina was the go-between who bridged the gap between her mother and her husband. She learned to share and so did they. Saturn is always quite tough. For your entire life you find it hard to get into situations (say, a house purchase) or hard to get out of them (say, a loan). It can feel quite heavy. As Jupiter and Uranus go over 22, 23 Taurus they will absolutely trigger very old patterns and set-ups and offer you a way out and a way through.

  74. Thanks a lot Jessica. I will do it one more time. I think I have done the tarot for this transit twice. (1 in 2024 year start and 1 in VAA event when I knew you are asking audience to pick tarot)

    Unfortunately I did not receive any VAA email to notify me about this another zoom event. I did watch the video in YouTube.

    Let me digest what you said. Currently my life in career or money sector is stable…for sure I want more. However I don’t see any breakthrough but as you say, Jupiter Uranus is something u can’t expect.

    BTW let me update one of my astrology delivery in end Oct 2023. That time I am asking for driving license test whether it suits in first house. (I am Scorpio) unfortunately it was failed. I think one of the reason is that I did not do the booking very frequently. (That time I remember you start to introduce astrology delivery). 2nd reason is I wonder if driving license test belongs to 1st house.

    Short trip belongs to 3rd house. Driving as a practice or daily work belongs to 6th house(but not in my city Hong Kong.) Exam belongs to 9th house. (Please correct me if I am wrong).

    Sometimes I think the one of the difficult work in astrology is to decide which aspect belongs to which house. (However I can’t say that time astrology delivery is not working. I found my powerlifting coach in that transit and she keeps on helping me until now. That’s definitely first house thing.)

    Anyway I will retake the driving license test on 29 May in Jupiter of Gemini. I wish myself good luck.

    1. Thank you for booking for the V.A.A. (Victorian Astrologers’ Association) event. I am very sorry about what happened and I hope you were refunded. You wanted to get your Driver’s License and used Astrology Delivery but didn’t get it – unfortunately you were not using the dates properly. It will take all year. It’s definitely Third House, definitely ruled by Capricorn and absolutely governed by the Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn cycles in 2024. Do persist as it will empower you so much when it happens. Jupiter in Gemini is very good too, as this is obviously in your natal Third House of short journeys and commuting, at the same time that you have Ceres in your solar Third House.

  75. I am a sun Scorpio and have a Pisces Moon at 21 degrees. I am currently waiting for news on my employment, thinking about moving to a smaller flat and my ex is trying to reconcile things between us. When we broke up, I was forced to sell my share of our house to him and was not happy with the way things were handled back then. I do not want to go back to the way things were and I have a feeling he is going to offer me some sort of compensation. I am also a bit torn about my work situation. I am negotiating a contract renewal and a part of me wants to stay with the firm but a part is worried about the team dynamic being unhealthy. I have been pondering if I should just move on from this situation as well. Could you please help?

    1. Okey dokey, the first thing to say is that you are trying to sort out your employment on Mercury Retrograde in your job zone. This is in your solar chart. In your natal chart, it’s similar, so this will take time. You will move to a different home and it will empower you. The work contract will be stop-start and take until 14th May to be absolutely final, or for your second choice (another job) to solidify. Your ex is the good news. Be prepared for a really terrific solution with him. Yet strangely, you might not want it. It’s your choice, in April and May.

  76. Jessica, I have deep admiration to your commitment to answering all your comments. It’s seriously commendable. On a more selfish note, I have Jupiter at exactly 22 degrees. How does that effect things for me?

    1. Ha. You have Jupiter at 22 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, babies, children and a younger generation. This is where you expand and grow, all your life, and where you are always protected and regularly quite lucky. You can do big things here and attract good people, timing, situations and organisations to help you – always. The Uranus square to natal Jupiter and the Jupiter square to natal Jupiter suggest an imperfect, rather uncomfortable, highly beneficial situation – out of the blue. It will be quite unique, unprecedented and wholly unexpected. Will you say yes? It’s up to you.

  77. There is little Taurus in my chart but I do have Mars at 21 Pisces. The themes in my life in recent months have been related to transitioning to a new boss, moving towards retirement decisions and settling an inheritance by selling some property. I drew the Page of Pentacles. Any ideas?

    1. Saturn at 26 Scorpio in your Eighth House of shared finance and joint property, is opposed by Jupiter in May. There are other oppositions too. You will need to negotiate with a younger person who has, perhaps, money to purchase your property. Transiting Jupiter at 26 Taurus in opposition to natal Saturn at 26 Scorpio can only happen once in 12 years. This will benefit you, if you accept. But it’s your choice.

  78. With the world in flames, I’m embarrassed to be asking what you see for me in the next few months. I’m a 20 degree Taurus sun, and the last six months have shaken me on a personal and professional level. I’m hoping for peaceful times ahead, but I have the feeling there are more changes on the way!

    1. Don’t be embarrassed. Macro affects micro, and micro affects macro, in astrology. Uranus in Taurus has come along and shaken your chart in a cycle not possible more than once in your adult life. Here it is. You are a Taurus and fixed. Uranus is about unfixing the fixed. Allow who/what is cleared out of your life, to go. Easy for me to write and hard for you to do, but later on you will realise the stunning opportunities which arrive after May 2024 could not have fully unfolded without there being space. Saying goodbye to situations, people or places personally and professionally, gives you space. A project which uses your way with words, ideas and images will change your life. Your relationship with a neighbour, sibling and/or cousin will be hugely rewarding. You will also find a neighbouring part of the map opens up for you and offers you so much. Long-term what happens in May, June 2024 will be the seed of something really huge that grows and grows, in the most amazing ways, from 2026. Probably online, or behind a microphone.

  79. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well, and I hope we as humans don’t sell our souls for something fishy that might be coming! I’m patiently waiting to see what is going to happen (a lot is happening already).

    I’m writing to ask if you see anything significant on my chart for this transit?

    Thank you very much, god bless you

    1. Thank you. Saturn at 24 Scorpio and the lunar nodes at 26 Scorpio and 26 Taurus show you do have a momentous decision to make in May as Jupiter goes to 24, 25, 26 Taurus and triggers the whole pattern. It will be big. It could be very good. But it depends on your values; as you say, selling your soul may come into it. Only you can choose about this financial, charity, business or property option.

  80. Good morning Jessica!
    I d look att the video Jupiter/Uranus konjunktion and then draw a card. I think i did wrong and so i redid it.
    First short: The lovers
    Second short: The wheels of fortune.
    Appreciate if you can explain the cards I am a Libra and premium members.

    1. Take the first card; The Lovers. You will have an opportunity to go further with your date; to get back together with your ex; to commit to marriage, a child or a home with an existing partner; to part company if you two have had enough. You were born with Fortuna at 24 Libra in the Seventh House of sexual partnerships, separation, divorce, engagement, weddings and reconciliation. Jupiter will be in quincunx with Fortuna at 24 Taurus. Your second card, The Wheel of Fortune, clearly shows Fortuna. You can read more about this card in Pamela’s Tarot, which is your flipbook, in your membership library.

  81. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you’re well.

    Could you please take a look at my chart? I have Juno at 22 degrees in Cancer and I have Uranus at 20 degrees in Scorpio. What does this mean for me?

    Many thanks!

    1. Juno at 22 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, household, apartment, house, town and country is the big one. You will be offered a rare opportunity to make a commitment – to wed yourself to a place, situation, person or organisation. It will come out of the blue. It will be big. You can say yes or no in late April, but it won’t come again.

  82. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for all your work. It’s amazing!
    I feel I’m at a point in my life where I think there is so much more in my life than what I do now. Science, history, nature, astrology (I tried to study it once but it’s quite complicate).I would like to have more selfconvenient. I’m working on that. I have a great job and have the opportunity to make a step forward now. The main thing is not to forget the beautiful life. And I wish a dog again in our life. We had one years ago and she was so deep in my heart. Do you have an advice for me? Thank you and all the best!

    1. I gather English isn’t your first written language, so well done for trying. Dogs are Sixth House and Virgo and people who feel strongly about dogs (love them or loathe them) have Virgo patterns. You have Minerva at 1 Virgo in conjunction with your MC or Midheaven at 0 Virgo. Minerva reveals your wisdom, your intellectual superiority over others, your feminine know-how. Next to the MC or Midheaven, this indicates your highest, peak achievements will indeed involve dogs or cats. Both are ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House, as this is where we find daily routine, housework, service and duty, lifestyle. Walking the dog and feeding the cat are all of that. You could have been a vet actually. You could certainly volunteer at a dog rescue centre and walk them. I expect this will happen over the short term as Jupiter will go to 0,1 Gemini and square your Virgo pattern, then you will ultimately end up with the nodes at Virgo 0, 1 and the second chance will come.

  83. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for the article, it’s fascinating to read about astrology in such a rich context of history and current events.
    I have Jupiter in 22 degrees Taurus, 11th house and Cancer ascendant 21 degrees.
    What impact this Jupiter – Uranus conjunction would potentially have on my chart?
    Thank you!

    1. You have Jupiter at 22 Taurus in your Second House, not your Eleventh House, if you are using this website. So you could be quids in. You will be made a huge offer, or given a massive opportunity, to save or make money. You are free to decline. It depends on your value system.

  84. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for the zoom! I have Vulcano 21 Cancer and Jupiter 22 Aquarius. Other close placements include Ceres 20 Taurus and Proserpina 20 Capricorn. My tarot card was the Hanged Man. Not sure about the opportunities as obstacles keep presenting at work at home this year so far! Any ideas?

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the recording. The Hanged Man is caught between two sides of the family tree. You have Vulcano at 21 Cancer in the Fourth House of family. Jupiter and Uranus will both be in sextile to Vulcano and when the time is right, you will change your ‘please be patient while I am becoming enlightened’ stance and act, to choose. It will involve moving, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, perhaps – literally moving – in a new direction with bags packed.

  85. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I missed news about the VAA zoom event but caught up on your youtube video, where I pulled the 10 of cups in answer to how the Uranus-Jupiter conjuction will show up for me. I have Jupiter 22 Taurus, Fortuna 21 Scorpio, Aesculapia 21 Sagittarius, (plus Proserpina 23 Taurus, Cupido 20 Aquarius, MC 23 Sagittarius, and IC 23 Gemini). However, I have Saturn Retrograde in Leo (my opposite/partnerships sign) in my birth chart, which I’ve always perceived as a negative. I was hoping you might be able to give some clarification on what this means for me as a whole going forward. I would be very grateful get a chance to reply. BW

    1. I’m glad you could use the Tarot as well as the YouTube recording and have it work easily for you. The Ten of Cups is a picture of splendid happiness with a household and a home. You are about to have your Jupiter Return at 22 Taurus in the Second House of property and finance and Jupiter and Uranus will both pass natal Jupiter but also Proserpina, a symbol of connection. Late April offers you just what you saw.

  86. Jessica,

    I’ve seen these aspects have good outcomes for me with work, however I’ve yet to understand or see how it will positively affect my personal life, create a better balance. Could you kindly review my chart and let me know the outcome to be expected?

    Thank you

    1. Love and sex is basically the Fifth House (ruled by Leo) and the Seventh House (ruled by Libra). This Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus will have zero impact on that. You have Pluto in conjunction with the Ascendant at 10 Libra in your Seventh House of dating, mating, relating, separating, marrying and divorcing. When you say ‘create a better balance’ you are unconsciously articulating your chart, as it is unusual to have a conjunction in Libra, the sign of the scales. Read about Pluto in Libra, Pluto in the Seventh House and see how to work it. A very good way through is not to expect total control of your partner or give in to obsessive need for takeover. (That’s Pluto). Pluto in Libra people do best when they time-share their lover. Not adultery, but a life where he or she is free to be in a different space half the time. And particularly with her or his family – not you. This makes the togetherness sweeter and more intense. I would expect the transit of the South Node at 10 Libra to trigger a development with your ex or someone new when you can try this out. And watch your image, branding, appearance – if your birth time is accurate then you have a Libra Ascendant and with Pluto there too can project so much intensity or sexual longing that it can work against you. As I say – if your birth time is accurate.

  87. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you and Alicia for the wonderful zoom call! It was very informative. I am hoping to retire soon and I am not sure if this is a good time to do it. I have saved for it, but the instability economically coupled by the fact that I am on my own, makes me anxious and afraid to take that step. I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia. You have Mercury at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and Pluto will go to 29 Capricorn in September for his final stay at 29 before going into Aquarius, permanently, for 20 years. I expect part of the issue for you is feeling dominated by people or controlled by the organisation – perhaps your entire industry or profession stands over you and pulls the strings. It’s over – September, October, November is the last gasp of this. So you may have retired by then and are watching from afar, or that is your last challenge before signing off at Christmas. Your new life is all about the groups, clubs, teams, societies, associations and so on, and strong friendships. You will have to juggle and compromise with money, with that chart, but it will be a price tag you consider to be worth it. The only issue is success, status and ambition because you need to climb a mountain and be on top of it. I suspect your answer is a post-retirement role with a community of people that allows you to ascend and get to a peak.

  88. Thank you so much for the Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction article. The conjunction is happening on my MC with Mars at 20 Taurus. I resigned from my school teaching job last year to be a full time musician. I have no regrets about resigning but after some medical expenses I am about to exhaust my savings and be living on my weekly earnings. I hope I can make it work

    1. Thank you. You also have Saturn in Taurus in the Second House of personal income. Saturn is very hard work, all your life, and the music industry is notoriously unreliable, financially. So you are now at the end of your savings. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is close to your MC at 21, but your MC depends on a strictly accurate birth time. That’s not always the case, and Mars at 20 Taurus is too wide. You also have the lunar nodes in Virgo and Pisces and are coming up to a Nodal Return, right across your work and health zone. Can you work from home and work part-time? Or work part-time? You are in a good position to do this as Jupiter will trine Pluto in Virgo in your work zone, shortly.

  89. Hi – You helped me get my head in order in 2018 and you were right when you said things would get better career wise in 2020. The persons at work causing so much pain left in 2020. Now money at work is tight again with the bosses looking to find money anywhere they can. With these retrogrades in 2024, will my career still be stable (because I really love my job but maybe not the stress)?

    1. I’m glad the astrology helped. You have Neptune at 23 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, but also family and property agreements. This also extends to the contents of your own will, naming others. Neptune is about cushions for reality (credit cards) and bubbles (loans) as well as ‘the unreal reality’ (Property bubbles). So that is what you have in your natal chart and it helps to be aware of it. There are many Neptune in Scorpio people who downsized to the cheapest property they can find, to get rid of loans. However you handle this, Jupiter and Uranus at 23 Taurus will oppose Neptune, so you will be challenged to change. It will be beneficial, because Jupiter is always beneficial. However it will also be a shock. It will come from nowhere. Late April asks you to do things very, very differently.

  90. Hi Jessica
    I am in a tense place trying to raise money to pay taxes. I will need to sell some stock to cover these expenses. My natal chart second house cusp is at 22 degrees Cancer. Should I try to sell before the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction?

    1. I am sorry you have this tense tax situation. Juno at 24 Scorpio in your Eighth House of taxation is the story here. Juno is a symbol of commitment – who or what you wed yourself to. You have ‘married’ a tax situation, but also a stock agreement – and now you find yourself being tested, as both Jupiter and Uranus move into opposition from 24 Taurus. The house cusp is not important here, but Juno certainly is. Oddly, Jupiter and Juno were husband and wife. I don’t know if your tax and/or stock position is tied to a partner of former partner, but if so, part of the issue is beyond money as it goes into the actual relationship. Transiting Jupiter in opposition to Juno is about the clash between a temporary situation and a permanent commitment to your own security. Oddly, it can benefit you. Only you can decide about the hour and day you want to sell stock, if in fact you do that; the Tarot on this website can help you.

  91. Hi Jessica,
    I have factors at 21° and 22° in Capricorn, Taurus and Aries.
    Does my chart show any big movements?
    Also is there any upcoming romance in my chart? After nearly 4yrs of being single after a bad relationship I am ready to move on and it would be nice to finally meet someone.

    (My narcissist ex has recently started pursuing me, so putting his nose out of joint would be great ha!!)
    Hope you are well, and thank you as always for your time and energy.
    Best wishes.

    1. As a Sun Capricorn woman you will have Jupiter in conjunction with Uranus, in your Fifth House of courtship and the bedroom, so the door is open to the last thing you expected. Which may in fact be your old boyfriend, ahem. However, Uranus transits are notoriously wild and unpredictable, so just about anybody could crash into your life. When we go to your natal chart Fifth House we find the North Node at 10 Leo. That is important, because for the first time in 12 years, Jupiter at 10 Gemini will form a perfect sextile, up ahead. That is an opportunity to pursue courtship or a sexual relationship that is past life based. In other words, you will be offered a chance to be with someone who knew you before. The big, big theme behind all this is motherhood (yes or no) or step-parenthood (yes or no). It will show itself in 2024 but the whole thing will begin with a bang in April-May.

  92. Hi Jessica, thanks for posting the Zoom replay link. I appreciate you get hundreds of comments and am grateful to you for taking the time to leave individual replies.

    I’m a sun Sagittarius with stelliums in Sagittarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Libra; and Neptune at 22 Sagittarius, Bacchus at 21 Sagittarius and Cupido at 21 Pisces. Following your Zoom I pulled the Three of Wands (one which has come up before).

    I’ve been looking to leave the corporate world and work remotely and independently, with an online business, but have been stalled for a number of years – as each time a job offer from someone else comes up I take it and put my own idea to the side. (Very Three of Wands). I’m frustrated with myself for not moving forward and at the same time can’t let go of the desire to do it.

    Do you have any insights or advice on how best to handle this conjunction?

    1. Thank you. You want to leave corporate life, work from home, and for yourself. We go to your solar chart first, as this is always most important. You are a Sun Sagittarius woman in the right place and time – to succeed, doing just that. Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction in Taurus in your Sixth House of lifestyle, workload, daily routine are about to offer you a massive opportunity to radically change your life and find freedom. What happens in late April will roll into May, as the Sun continues through the Sixth House. When we look at your natal Sixth House, your MC (Midheaven) is there in Virgo, but it is dependent on a strictly accurate birth time and when people give a round hour or round half-hour, as you do, I think it’s best not to rely too heavily on that, as it may have been guessed. If I’m wrong, though, and you really did have your umbilical cord cut at 6.30am, then publicly and privately, late April will be about liberating yourself, not only in terms of your work ethic, but also in terms of your health. So this isn’t just about serving others it is about serving your own wellbeing on all levels. You have enough placements at 21, 22, 23 that suggest the second half of April and first three weeks of May will reshape your life if you accept the offer. This may be your own Treaty of Aigun or Hess Deal.

  93. Dear Jessica, your amazingly accurate analysis and recommendations of personal and world situations have been so insightful these past year. I am so grateful to you for your past suggestions. As a Sun Aries, I am looking at karma July – Dec 2005 and into 2006 where this has repeated twice in my life – giving up top position and relocating or changing roles. Now, I have been approached by two individuals who would like to be minor partners in my business this past 8 days just before and after the Total Eclipse. I know them well but I am unsure if it is timely to start the ball rolling with discussions or is this the next journey for me to once again learn to give up something? I don’t have any Aries 19 factor, but Psyche is at 19 Scorpio and Mars at 22 Aquarius.

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. Others want partnership in your business and it happened near the Total Eclipse. Psyche at 19 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance, business, charity and property is the issue here. That Total Eclipse at 19 Aries was in an exact aspect. Can this wait? You may also want to prolong discussions until you are well out of Mercury Retrograde, also in Aries. So that’s May 14th.

  94. Dear Jessica, so sorry, I didn’t finish above post. Thank you so much, and always looking forward to your zoom events and your posts on Twitter and blogs. Cheers, Nancy

  95. Hi Jessica, What if nothing happens? I have a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 24 Cancer in my natal chart and I desperately need opportunities to grow my business and change my life. I have the Sun and Minerva at 23 Taurus in my natal chart. But what if nothing changes? Should I just shrug and move on? I can’t move on without some miracle happening. How can I influence the transit?
    Warm wishes Emma x

    1. Emma, that’s a really good question: what if astrology is wrong and nothing changes? This is like asking, what if a weather forecast is wrong? It does happen. The astrologer can be wrong. However, history is our best friend here. We can check back on every other Jupiter and Uranus conjunction to see hard evidence for opportunity, expansion, growth and solutions (Jupiter) in unison with freedom, revolution, independence and shockwaves (Uranus). It’s always a deal on the table and what happens between countries, has a trickle-down effect on all of us – shopping, earning, banking. So if we go to May 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th in the year 1858 we find Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction in Taurus, with Russia and China cutting a bargain over borders and territory. That bargain changed the world economy and goes on doing so. As you know from this article, in 1941 the mega-deal was Nazi Germany asking the United Kingdom to side with them against Russia (Russia again). The fall-out from that refusal of Churchill to give in, also shifted the world economy – and again we are still seeing the impact today. So in your own business, you will absolutely have a ripple effect reaching your shore from what happens as April draws to a close. I strongly suspect this will be Russia and/or China, or Russia implicated in a deal – based on history. You are very lucky to have those chart placements, Emma, at 23 Taurus and 24 Cancer. That is a sextile in astrology. Taurus is your earnings, savings, bank loans, mortgages, free offers, exchanges, sales, insurance, pension/superannuation, inheritance, taxation and so on. This zodiac sign is lit up by the Sun and benefits from the wisdom of Minerva and is firmly allied to Cancer placements – houses, land, apartments, alternative residences, the family, the household, your town, your country. You ask ‘What if nothing changes?’ Astrology says, it will, globally. From that, all manner of things become possible – brand new choices – and you will see even more as May comes in.

  96. Dear Jessica I hope you are fine. Humble request if you could see my husband chart his dob is 18th May 1964. he will turn 60 this year and has a small contracting business things has been extremely difficult since covid we lost all our savings and contracts and much more and up till now haven’t been able to save for retirement which really is very hard on us. Much appreciation for your dedication and hard work Mina

    1. I am very sorry you have lost all your savings, Mina. Your husband is a Sun Taurus who has been through the rare transit of Uranus in Taurus. He was born with the Sun in Taurus in the Second House of personal finance. When he is at his brilliant best, he shines with money (this was the case even in childhood or his adolescence with pocket money, savings accounts, or lemonade stands!) When he is tested by difficult transits, like Uranus also in his Second House, life becomes unpredictable, extremely challenging and can radically change not only the bank account but the whole value system. Covid has ruined many a business. You are also worried about retirement. The answer for him, is to meet change with change. The small contracting business he knew before 2018 (when Uranus in Taurus entered) is not what it was. He cannot be who he was either. What happens as April ends will really help him pivot – but not just pivot, twist 360 degrees. You cannot put a price on freedom, Mina and he will be offered freedom then with the money, house, business and/or apartment. In your own chart, the South Node at 23 Taurus and North Node at 23 Scorpio suggests you knew your husband in your last life. You both agreed to reincarnate to find closure over money and property, business and/or possessions – as this was the issue facing you last time. Sure enough, we find Jupiter and Uranus going to 23 Taurus, triggering the nodal axis. What happens to you is also out of the blue. Yet it has the capacity to reshape everything long-term, as much as the Treaty of Aigun did for Russia, or Rudolf Hess did for the United Kingdom and United States. Just one thing – you may say no, Mina. But what unfolds over the next few weeks will remind both of you, repeatedly that only you can hang a price tag on liberation.

  97. Hello Jessica, I hope you are well. Just wonder if you could comment on my birth chart possibly? My birthday is on 20’th April, I have stellium in Aries Aquarius Pisces and Taurus. Uranus in Scorpio, fortuna in 22 Taurus and also ceres in 22 Pisces. I feel like my family life has been a a non stop rollercoaster for the past 15 years, which is now affecting my health and wellbeing. Please can you let me know what should I expect in the coming weeks?
    Best wishes

    1. I am sorry your family life has affected your health. Family is always Cancer and the Fourth House in the birth chart. Minerva is at 11 Cancer. Mars is at 10 Aries, Aesculapia is at 10 Aries in your First House of identity and image. They are square each other; you find it hard to square the family with who you are, to the world – even down to your surname, I should imagine. Proserpina is at 12 Capricorn in the Tenth House, again with a one-degree orb to Minerva, so you have what is known as a T-Square. This is a Cardinal T-Square, stretching from the family (Cancer) to your own identity and image (Aries) across to your ambitions, mission and position (Capricorn). I will leave it to you to look up these important asteroids, planets, signs and houses. Some useful details which may chime: Minerva was Jupiter’s daughter and born from his brain, fully formed as an adult. Proserpina was the daughter of Ceres, who was a possessive mother, who found it impossible to let her daughter marry Pluto, who abducted the girl, then seduced her. In the end, Proserpina went between her husband and her mother to keep both sides happy. Sometimes working with mythology and imagery can be a way to break through, mentally and emotionally. I would expect, quite literally or symbolically, these archetypes to resonate in your situation. If you are on a rollercoaster, it is because you are going between Aries/Cancer/Capricorn and repeating yourself. Have a look at the paintings and sculpture of Minerva, Pluto, Ceres, Proserpina and see what comes to you. This should not be making you unwell. Yet, there will be a way through. Sometimes in astrology it is a simple case of not combining one issue with the other two. So, remove the family questions from matters affecting your image, identity, reputation, appearance, success, position, mission, ambition. Transits at 10, 11, 12 degrees make it worse or better, depending on how you react. You have certainly had some very slow-moving transits across 10, 11, 12 in this time-frame, but Jupiter will go to 10, 11, 12 Gemini soon enough, so there is hope. More than hope, actually. There are answers.

  98. Dear Jessica,

    Could you kindly look at my chart? I would like to buy a house this month or May and I’m wondering if my husband gets a higher paying job this year. He has a Capricorn sun, moon and mercury and Scorpio North Node/Taurus South node.

    I would also like to ask about my 83 year old dad. He has natal Jupiter at 20 Taurus and natal Uranus at 24 Taurus. Extraordinarily enough, there is a conjunction from transit Jupiter and Uranus at almost the same time to his natal Jupiter and Uranus. My dad is convinced he will win the lottery, haha! I was wondering how this could potentially manifest for him since he’s retired and unlikely to get a work opportunity or gain an inheritance.

    Thank you so much! I’m a loyal member since 2016!

    1. Thank you for being a member here for such a long time, I do appreciate it. You’d like to buy a house in April or May. Standard advice is to wait until Mercury Retrograde (paperwork, stuck, changed or scrapped) is over and he will not finish his loop until May 14th. You also have the South Node at 22 Taurus and North Node at 22 Scorpio, in your Second House of personal finance and Eighth House of joint finance. Uranus and Jupiter will land at 22 Taurus and this circles your father’s chart as well. Exact timing choices about buying a property should roll after Mercury is back to normal, but it is also quite true that what happens with your father and/or husband and yourself, financially, will change the whole game. Jupiter reassures you it will be beneficial, even though it will polarise you, as you will find yourself caught between your own values, principles, ethics and morals (priceless or precious) and those of others involved. That is what an opposition does between the Second House and Eighth House. Jupiter has been associated with solutions and growth for over 2000 years, though, so you can bank on this being a good thing, on paper. As for the rest of it, it is up to you.

  99. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for all you do here. I have a Taurus stellium and Diana at 22 Capricorn. I was in a position last year where I had to make a hasty real estate purchase – or be homeless – and now I have some regrets. There are pluses and minuses with my current accommodation, but with the weather cooling, I find myself wishing I were somewhere more comfortable and cosy. I’ve been sinking money into making it more comfortable for me and 2 adult kids, with limited success. And now funds are getting tight.
    In the past 2 weeks, visiting tradespeople have felt the need to draw my attention to some of the shadier characters and events that have been part of the street in the recent past, and perhaps currently. Today a tradesperson retrieved some Serbian newspapers from the roof space from 1995. There was also a couple of pages from the local rag at the time (in English!), and to my astonishment my surname (from previous marriage) was in the middle of the biggest headline on the page “The [my surname] crunch”, written by someone who was later to have a connection to my ex. Weird coincidence or is it pointing to a “crunch” coming? I do hope my house investment is going to pay off in some respect or other.

    1. You have bought the wrong home, you think. You and your two adult children are not totally comfortable and the street itself is not great. Now you have found an old newspaper in the roof with your name on it, with the headline ‘Crunch’ and your old husband was strangely tied in. Jupiter at 23 Scorpio will help you with the financial side of things. Jupiter at 23 Taurus will oppose this (transiting Jupiter in opposition to natal Jupiter) and even though there will be quite a big stretch to manage the difference between your values, and the values of him/her/them – you will find it pays off. Uranus will oppose natal Jupiter from 23 Taurus so the world will turn upside-down. And yet, again, you could gain. You just need to close the gaps in life budgets between yourself and others when it happens. It would be too odd if it involved your ex.

  100. Thank you so much for the advice Jessica. I’ll prolong the discussion till after May 14, definitely want to make sure the timing is favorable this time.

  101. Thank you very much Jessica, you are spot on with all points you have raised, also concerning my name. Since childhood I didn’t quite like my first name, now after 15 years of marriage I still don’t fully accept my husband surname. I have now unofficially shortened my first name and also using my husband surname, we leave abroad and that saves me loads of spelling mistakes :). I looked at Ceres, Prosperina, Pluto and Minevra, it’s interesting indeed how I can picture them in my head. My doughter is Capricorn and artist at heart, and my husband Scorpio, I go between them sometimes, as I feel my husband doesn’t understand her, and force his point of view. But as parents we just want the best for our children. With regards to squares in my birth chart, what is the best way to deal with them, I think I have a few difficult positions in my birth chart, but at least it all starts to make sense now. Thank you ever so much for your input
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you. I am glad you have shorted your name – your chart suggested a name change would help. The squares in your chart are best handled by adding new people to your life. Their charts may have placements at the same degrees in different signs, and break up the squares and turn them into dazzling pyramids (say) or other powerful patterns. So find new people. Try them on for size.

  102. Hi Jessica. Could you please kindly look at my chart. I have Taurus at 22 degrees and have few other 22 degrees in my birth chart. As a libra sun I feel like everything is falling apart. Tower tarot this week is describing it very well but I just really am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after so many years of being on my own and feeling stuck. But I must admit, time alone helped me to remove some bad habits, end some dysfunctional connections and focus on small progress in few areas. I drew Tower tarot and The world card when I asked about what this conjunction will bring me couple times since beginning of this year. I also drew 9 of pentacles last year when you mentioned this conjunction on your website. Thank you.

    1. I can’t see your chart so you are not logged in, unfortunately. You are a Libran. You feel things are falling apart. The Tower in the Tarot has turned up. Let’s start with your foundations in life, as a Libra. Your family, or household, or apartment, or house, or town, or country. And it can be a combination of that. This is the last, final year you have to deal with the need for great changes, involving the control you do (or do not) have. It may have been in-laws undermining you. It may have been a situation with your former wife or husband and the children. You say you are on your own; perhaps this has been about your parents, nieces, nephews. Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn in your Fourth House of home base, belonging, sanctuary, household, family tree – have really tested you. I mention this because The Tower shows people being thrown out of a tower – a home – the foundations under The Tower are rocky. This fits the transit. You say ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ – well, Uranus and Jupiter together illuminate and enlighten. Uranus rules lightning and electricity. Whatever comes to pass for you in late April and May 2024 will involve Jupiter and Uranus at 22 Taurus in conjunction with your Sun at 22 Taurus in your Second House of finance, property, security, shares, business, the bank, the house, the apartment, inheritance, wills, mortgages and so on. Stay open and know it when you see it – I would grab it – what is involved is either going back to rebuild, or walking right away and starting again.

  103. Hi Jessica, what a great article! I appreciate all that you share with us. I have a number of placements with those numbers, could you please help me understand what the implication might be for me?

    I’m trying to save money to do up our house, and have been holding onto a few investments which have been a rough ride for the past 10 years! I’m unsure whether to liquidate them

    I’d also love to give my little girl a brother or sister this year and have been working through some autoimmune flare ups, hoping that 2024 is our year!

    Sending love to Sydney at this time, I lived there for 5 years and know how tight knit the community is x

    1. Thank you. You have Ceres at 21 Aquarius, the Moon at 22 Virgo, Mercury at 21 Sagittarius. Of all the things you mention, it is your health that matters most. Jupiter and Uranus go to 21, 22 Taurus and events with others/other organisations/other countries have a ripple effect on you, April 18th onwards. So, it may be a big shift in Russia for example, which weirdly, has a drip, drip , drip impact on your social life, social media, friendships and groups (Ceres) or your health, wellbeing, fitness. Quite possibly on foreigners and foreign countries in your life. The very big affects the very small on this transit. It may be one event out of the blue that brings it all together in one story. So an old friend in a club with you, gives you a pathway to figuring out your autoimmune issues, thanks to new foreign solutions. Or an ally on social media in a community online with you is part of a far bigger story about your wellbeing and your workload, with another country tied in, on a foreign website. Thank you for your good wishes to Sydney. You are right. It’s a small community. What happened is so hideous for everybody including the killer’s parents. That Aries Eclipse was awful, here.

  104. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you are well . Late to the party on this one but with so much going on ( I wrote to you regarding the terrible events in the Bondi Junction blog) . I have just refreshed my memory with this blog as the dates rang a bell. My work contract at the women’s refuge ends this Friday on the 19th after 3 years. The contract cannot be extended and no future role was on offer with the NFP organisation I work/ed for.
    So as a Sun Leo, I am am at a lost how I will achieve ( book) my success, status, promotion, etc as I will be unemployed. Any thoughts or advise you could offer would be greatly appreciated as always. Thank you.

    1. You are in luck as a Sun Leo and should pull out all the stops until the end of May as you could land the biggest and the best in success.

  105. With a fortuna at 23 Taurus I just moved from Nz to AU only to find out I miss my community back home so much! I wonder if this is my upside down transition of Taurus ♉️.

    I would love your feedback Jessica. Thank you

    1. Taurus rules your rent or mortgage; your house or apartment that you own. Fortuna shows how you blindly influence the fate and fortune of others. All your life, without knowing what you are doing, you ‘spin’ life up, down or sideways for other people – financially, with business, with property, with charity, with sales or purchases. Jupiter is actually Fortuna’s father so when Jupiter and Uranus both land at 23 Taurus, let go and go with it. It will be a real coup for you – a total shock – and it will be a right stroke of luck. Beyond that we can never know, because it is in the nature of Uranus to be completely unpredictable.

  106. Hi Jessica
    Help really needed please!!
    My husband and I are nearing completion of our land sale at long last. (You said it would be sorted by May!) Unfortunately there is a younger sibling situation regarding “what’s owed”. Some jealousy/resentment from my husband’s sister (who was never involved in the family farm/business) is marring what should be a happy time. We will be building a house on part of the land we have retained. She will be benefiting considerably financially but it’s clearly not enough. They are both Aries. I have my husband Stephen’s chart from your site – born 30/03/1955 but not his sister’s – born 01/04/1960. Please can you give me a crumb of comfort that this is not going to break the family? She says he always gets more than her so is obviously this is deep seated. Thanks so much.

    1. I am glad the astrology was correct and you are near completion of your land sale, as I said it would be sorted by May. Your sister-in-law is jealous even though she is making money from this. It won’t break the family at all. In fact your husband and his Aries sister will find that with each other, another sibling and/or a cousin, the biggest and best solutions in years, start to show from May 26th and I would expect events around June 6th to be a really welcome fresh start. Aries people are competitive. They can’t help themselves. Yet, there is a terrific problem-solving cycle for these siblings, weeks away now.

  107. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve just pulled a card as part of the Aries astrology booking – my fourth house being Capricorn and my booking requests were all home rennovation related – and it was The Tower. This was a tad shocking in itself! What was really interesting was the reference to both Jupiter and Uranus “Moving away from the literal to the symbolic, the lightning bolt or thunderbolt suggests both Jupiter (who threw thunderbolts and is a symbol of great opportunity) and Uranus, his grandfather, who is linked to electricity and lightning. We have both planets in this card so there is shock, upheaval and quite revolutionary change (Uranus) but also an opportunity to go back and rebuild a bigger, better structure, or walk right away and commence something new and superior.”
    Your card expanation suggests looking at Uranus transits to own chart. Bit mind blowing really with the upcomming Jupiter / Uranus conjunction and my Mars at 21 Taurus. How would you interpret this please Jessica? This has left me feeling a tad concerned so I’m hoping it isn’t as dire as it seems.
    Many thanks in advance.

    1. The Tower can turn up in the Tarot as the gateway to what you want with Astrology Delivery – it’s quite true. The card itself, in the interpretation on this website, references Jupiter and Uranus, and of course the conjunction is unfolding. You want home renovations. The Tower tells you the gateway is a sudden event which affects a house, apartment or other residence, with the need for restructure, or the opportunity to walk away. It also shows people very suddenly out of a home or other space. You have Mars at 21 Taurus in your Second House of finance and Jupiter and Uranus are crossing that as late as April 24th. So the cards were honest with you. For whatever reason that is the gateway. You are always free to rewrite your booking, of course, and pull a substitute card.

  108. Hi Jessica, thank you for your expertise and insight, you are deeply appreciated. My husband has a Taurus stellium with natal Sun at 21 Taurus, Mercury at 21, Vulcano at 22, Moon at 23, and Mars and Chiron both at 27. (I ordered his chart through your website.) He’s being considered for a promotion which would likely require a cross county move for us and our two young children. How does the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Taurus speak to this? Would a promotion come now or more likely at a later time? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. The funny thing about Uranus is – it is always the last thing on your mind – it comes out of the blue. So although we could say your husband will see a huge opportunity and quite a radical change coming, as April ends – financially – it may not be the promotion. In other words, the promotion is predictable. He may be headhunted by quite another firm, for example. Leave the space open for a really sudden twist in his business, banking, property or other financial tale and enjoy what comes by May.

  109. Thanks for taking the time to respond to me Jessica, that sounds like the best news anyone could hope for . I will strive to ” pull out all the stops ” between now and end May as you have suggested. Sounds like lucky Leo time . Enjoy your day.

  110. Hi Jessica! Thanks very much to both you and Alicia for posting the Zoom-Jupiter Uranus Conjunction in Taurus 2024. I’m just getting caught up with your blog and Zoom on this conjunction. I drew the Seven of Cups for my Tarot card, and I’m having trouble understanding how to apply the context and information from the card. Specifically, I’m not clear on how to how to use “measurements”. You say “what you measure with defines what you find”. It’s clear the type of measurements used is quite important. How do I utilize astrology as a measuring device with this card?
    Thank you in advance for your insight!

    1. Thank you I will pass that on to Alicia. Basically, we live in a multiverse. Most scientists agree on that. There are multiple universes; parallel universes. The one you end up in, depends on what you measure. So today’s date, the time on the clock – that is a measurement. It goes on – your age, your house or apartment number – more measurements. The leading proponent of this is Max Tegmark who wrote Our Mathematical Universe. I hated maths at school but I love this book. It explains why astrology works. He’s @tegmark and he thinks reality is a mathematical structure. People who pursue astrology use a lot of numbers; they end up in Astrology Reality when they do that and it works. However, there are billion, billion other universes where it doesn’t. You just have the reality you measure and you do that with numbers; measuring. The Seven of Cups shows this. You are the person in the dark shadows, a silhouette. You don’t know yourself; you are projecting ‘reality’ because you’ve measured things a particular way. You’ve priced a house or apartment, for example (the castle vision) and you’ve counted your assets (the pile of jewels) and you may have used astrology to get the measure of a person who haunts you (the ghost). It’s all come together in your mind’s eye and you’re mistaking ‘reality’ for what is actually in your head. When you asked how the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus would affect you, you were told it would produce dreams and fantasies about shopping (the jewels) and assets (the jewels) and property (the castle). You were born with Cupido at 28 Scorpio and Jupiter will be in opposition to Cupido at 28 Taurus in May. So that makes perfect sense to me. You love abundance and wealth. Jupiter will come along and trigger that. To make it real though you are going to have to know yourself better and actually do something about the fantasy or daydream.

  111. Hello Jessica – thank you for posting the Jupiter Uranus conjunction zoom replay. I was looking forward to viewing it. I especially loved seeing your personality shine through when you were our guinea pig. Hilarious, indeed. I drew the Judgement card. I’m wondering how this will affect my job search and love life. The floodgates have opened with interview requests coming in quickly. Also, some interest from the male species, too. I am in need and want both. Any insight you can share would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Yes, too much fun using the Tarot in real time. The cards never cease to amaze me. Judgement is of course about the afterlife and your people there. It’s an Eighth House/Scorpio/Pluto card and shows a massive change, so we’d expect the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus to aspect whatever you have in Scorpio in the Eighth House. Absolutely nothing to do with a job search, unless obtaining that job would be a spiritual breakthrough or evolutionary step for your departed relatives, ancestors or others who are close. You have factors at 20, 26, 28 Scorpio, which I am not surprised to hear. Jupiter and Uranus will (in turn) oppose those over time, and I expect May is the turning point. I suspect this is much more about inheritance and legacy, already given, and also the emotional, intellectual or spiritual bequest.

  112. Hi Jessica,

    I am anxious to see what change the conjunction might bring for me. I am a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio stellium and have IC at 20 Taurus and Ops at 22 Cancer. I am resigning my job on April 19th and moving to another line of work. Can you look at my chart and let me know if I will be affected personally or professionally by the conjunction? Thanks

    1. There is a trine to Cupido at 26 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career from Jupiter at 26 Taurus in the month of May, with the Sun at 26 Taurus also trine natal Cupido. That’s about it. The conjunction doesn’t touch your chart at all, but you will love the new line of work and it will love you back, while this transit is there in May.

  113. Hi Jessica,

    I would love some advice. Im getting close to leaving my relationship even though it would be financially very difficult (we have 2 teenagers)
    However you warned against making decisions like this for Librans like me (he is Aries, with Venus in 19 Aries)
    I feel very upset about it but just cannot communicate with him still after 15 years. Would you wait any longer or just bite the bullet. We are mid-fifties with saturn return coming up. Thank you xxx

    1. I am sorry you are going through this, but the communication will be easier once Mercury Retrograde in Aries is over, so May 14th. You want to leave the relationship as 15 years of not being heard is too long, even if he is the father of your teenagers. After May 14th a conversation can be resumed or begun without standstills and reversals. In fact, it would be a surprise if you were not ready to reshape a relationship or leave it. In your solar chart, as a Sun Libra, you have a huge number of Aries factors passing through your Seventh House of marriage, de facto relationships, separation and divorce. He is a Sun Aries and so for him the issue is karma. Around 18-19 years ago, with you or another woman, he set up a karmic situation which must now find closure in 2024. He owes, or is owed, from the past. For you, it’s also karmic – again, going back 18-19 years. You are indebted, spiritually, to someone from that time and must now make good – or you are absolutely owed some kind of payback or settlement (again, spiritually). This takes you both up to January 2025. When I look at your natal chart, you have 24-0 Libra factors, in your Seventh House, and the South Node in Libra is currently transiting 24-0, ending up there as the New Year begins for you, in 8 or 9 months. So it’s the same story told twice. The lunar nodes put you in a situation where nothing shifts or moves forward (Groundhog Day) so that in order to manage you have to change on the inside. It’s like a gym for the soul. Put on a circuit, you realise that while you are on ‘repeat’ in life, you must take a more philosophical approach, or find the humour in the situation, or actually use it to become far more knowledgeable. That’s true for him as well, but he is not reading the astrology. This does not have much further to go; January 11th 2025 is the big switch. From 14th May, Mercury is back to normal, and crucially, between now and May you are in the best possible position to organise the financial and property side of your life, as luck is with you. That can be sorted to your advantage in weeks. The actual karmic loop closes in months. Do not let either teenager become involved in control or power issues, either of their own volition, or because you and their father go down that path. If you do, you have 20 year Pluto transit of your solar Fifth House and you just don’t need it. Do all you can to sidestep that; others have been there before you, no matter if you are restarting the relationship or walking away. Learn from others’ experience as parents.

  114. Dear Jessica,

    I hope you are well. I have been following your insightful astrological analyses for some time now and find your guidance greatly valuable.

    I am reaching out to you today with a matter that has been weighing heavily on my mind and I believe your expertise could provide some much-needed clarity. Recently, I have been in the process of purchasing a property and unfortunately, I have encountered unexpected hurdles along the way.

    Specifically, the bank’s mortgage process has faced delays. Despite my best efforts, these delays have impacted the timeline for finalizing the purchase agreement. Moreover, when I requested an extension to accommodate the delays, the seller unexpectedly rejected the request, leaving me in a challenging situation with no clear path forward.
    Given the complexities of the situation, I am seeking your insights to help guide me through this uncertain time. Will I be able to navigate through this and resolve this property purchase issue?

    Additionally, I am curious to know your thoughts on the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and how it might influence my life and circumstances. I am eager to gain a deeper understanding of its potential impact on my life.

    I sincerely appreciate your time and look forward to hearing your insights.

    Best regards.

    1. This has all happened on Mercury Retrograde which is notorious for delaying and changing paperwork and even reversing it. So your mortgage has been affected. The seller won’t hang around. You have Jupiter at 29 Taurus, though, so you have your Jupiter Return in May. This is terrific for saving or making money; it may well be that this delay has a purpose. There will be a rare opportunity to expand and grow financially, or through ‘cash in kind’, so a house or apartment. Mercury Retrograde is over on 14th May, around the same time-frame as your Jupiter Return in Taurus in the Second House. So that’s your timing. You may find the buyer changes his or her mind – or you gain a superior option and are rather pleased the first one passed you by. There may be another option you’ve not even thought of or expected.

  115. Hi Jessica, how do Retrograde chart factors act in this 2024 Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus conjunction? I’m Libra Sun with Aries Ascendant. My Saturn is retrograde 22 degrees Taurus and I have 2 other retrograde Taurus factors: Panacea 17 degrees and Ceres 6 degrees. The last Taurus factor I have is Juno at 25 but not retrograde. Thanks!

    1. Good question. Saturn at 22 Taurus, Retrograde, has been in your chart since you were a baby. So you find finance or property, business or charity, challenging. Situations you find hard to access or impossible to get out of, abound. There are always questions about how protected or defended you are – with money. Quite naturally you come up with all sorts of ways to handle this, but you tend to operate backwards, when you have transits picking up 22 Taurus. You reverse, stand still, move forwards, stand still – and finally do the deed. This may be historically about buying or selling real estate; renting a home; buying or selling shares; starting or finishing a business; dealing with an inheritance; borrowing money; having a credit card. Well, it’s on again, as April closes. But this is terrific. It’s a huge solution. A massive answer for you. It’s going to change everything. Saturn is Jupiter’s father in astrology. Uranus is Saturn’s father. So it’s a family affair.

  116. Interesting! Thanks for your detailed reply Jessica. I’ve just started working with a health coach who is based in Sydney who I found through Instagram and have considered getting back in touch with my magical kinesiologist from my time in Australia, and so I wonder if I’m on the right path for my chart after all x

  117. I just wanted to let you know that after watching your video, as a Sagittarius, I came to do the tarot. I just drew the Nine of Pentacles, which is quite in line with what you said, you mentioned that this time would be about my paid/unpaid work and possibly trading less money for a better lifestyle. I don’t seem to really have any pertinent degrees you mentioned, and have no idea where / where this will come from…but I’m on the lookout!

    1. Yes, the Nine of Pentacles is you, enjoying an abundance of money. Or saving a lot of money, in exchange for a lifestyle which is really about the garden, or land. We see this woman (you) show up as a successful businesswoman enjoying the fruits of her labour, or a woman who has downsized and saved a fortune, to move from city to country. If this is not you, it is a woman you know, who may hire or pay you.

  118. Hi, Jessica.
    I have simulated my birth chart on yourwebsite and i’d be very appreciative if you could offer some insights about how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction might impact me and how can i leverage this phenomenon for career advancement. Thank you. M

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate then your MC or Midheaven is Sagittarius; your highest achievements in life will involve foreigners and foreign countries; possibly publishing, the worldwide web and academia. You are in the right time and place to see useful turning points with that, from now until the end of May.

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