Aries Eclipse Astrology April 2024

The Aries eclipse of April 8th, the Aries Mercury Retrograde and Mars in Aries all need careful handling in your astrology chart.

The Aries Eclipse of April 8th 2024

Depending on your time zone, this eclipse will kick in on April 8th or April 9th 2024, but it’s not like other cover-ups or blind spots, because it’s surrounded by some pretty shaky astrological weather. Let’s take a closer look to see how you can avoid some of the pitfalls in this Aries Season. And – how the world is affected.

There will be a fresh start or new beginning near April 8th, as this is a New Moon Eclipse in Aries. Yet, later on, you will realise just how misled you were. Which is why you don’t go along with the green light. Pause. Wait for the Aries Moon to pass into Taurus.

Expect Cover-Ups on the Aries Eclipse

If you want to know the depth of the cover-ups on this forthcoming total solar eclipse in Aries (the Great North American Eclipse) you only have to look at the last dramatic eclipse in the US.

This took place on August 21st 2017 with the Sun and Moon lining up in Leo, the royal sign. The lion has long been associated with monarchy. You often see diversion tactics or a pretty shameless ‘truth in plain sight’ scenario with an eclipse. If we go all the way back to August 21st 2017 we find Prince Philip retiring on August 2nd that month. On August 7th Meghan appeared on a Hello magazine cover as Harry’s ‘birthday girl.’

What the Leo Eclipse Did – Prince Harry, Prince Philip, Prince Andrew

On November 20th 2017 Prince Harry became engaged to Meghan Markle. One of Markle’s previous roles had been as an FBI agent in the drama, Fringe. On August 10th 2019, Prince Andrew’s friend Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in a New York jail. And of course, Prince Philip, gone off the public stage. Screen Shot 2024 03 26 at 12.59.45 pm 199x300 - Aries Eclipse Astrology April 2024That’s three princes, firmly circled by a cover-up Leo eclipse. Leo has long been associated with the monarchy in astrology.

What To Expect From An Aries eclipse?

Aries in general rules self-promotion. So we would expect a cover-up affecting Facebook (Aries rules the face), Instagram, Tik-Tok but particularly Twitter, as it is so heavily Aries. It will take months for this to show itself. In fact it may not be until Mercury passes the eclipse point at 19 Aries on Sunday 5th May and/or Mars passes 19 Aries on Sunday 26th May, that we actually realise how much we were not told or shown.

Aries and Lone Gunmen/Shooters

Unfortunately Aries is also associated with the person inside the Facebook page – particularly if leans towards guns or extreme views. We need to be realists about the risks of this cycle, which I will discuss below. That long-standing message ‘If you see something, say something’ to people using a bus or train network holds, right through March-June 2024. On a wider scale, Aries rules the attack, or threat of attack, of nuclear weapons. You would expect a cover-up there too, no matter if it’s North Korean propaganda or the Kremlin.

Why Aries Weather in March-June 2024 Needs Caution

This is not a straightforward spell of Aries weather. Mercury Retrograde (stalled, stuck, backwards communication and transportation) rules, March 19th to May 14th. The April 8th eclipse is an outright cover-up, personally and globally. We also have the North Node of karma in Aries throughout, so there is karma to sort out from the past – perhaps for you, certainly for the world. And there is also Chiron in Aries too, which tends to push situations far and hard. If you add Mars also in Aries, from May 1st to June 9th, you can see why the Aries sector of your chart needs a watchful eye.

The Triple Chiron, Sun and Moon Eclipse Pattern in New York

This is the chart for 2.04pm in Buffalo, New York, which NASA identifies as the start of the eclipse. Using AstroGold software it’s possible to see the triple line-up with Chiron at 19 Aries. Jupiter is also at 19 Taurus.

Taking this apart, it’s a black spot, blind spot, cover-up and it’s tied to Wall Street. It’s in the nature of these things that we don’t see what’s in store until another planet goes over that same point to clarify. This is likely to be Mercury at 19 Aries near Sunday 5th May. We then have Mars going over 19 Aries near Sunday 26th May.

The Signal and the Noise in the April 2024 Eclipse

This is a Mayday signal and it’s certainly about the US economy, but it’s muffled before we actually get to the noise. It’s typical of astrology that the eclipse should be exact and visible at Buffalo, which is of course linked to Taurus the bull.

The eclipse in New York also falls on the day of an exact Panacea-Uranus conjunction, again in the Wall Street sign, Taurus, at 21 degrees. We have another conjunction as well. Aesculapia at 15 Aries with the North Node at 15 Aries.

That is an awful lot of Aries and Taurus in New York wrapped around one day. By June 2024 at the latest we will realise that this was all about the charging bull of Wall Street; perhaps gold bullion; certainly bull markets. Something’s up.


ECLIPSE APRIL 8 NYC - Aries Eclipse Astrology April 2024

Your Natal Chart and Aries Factors

If you have factors at 19 Aries then the eclipse falls across the First House of your chart. Your title, name, appearance (in YouTube clips or in photographs), reputation and general shop window, is in the dark on the eclipse. You cannot see and will not know what is going on. So don’t go there in the first place. Don’t have cosmetic surgery on the eclipse and don’t make that the day the camera crew turns up to film you. Don’t get your eyes tested for contact lenses on the eclipse, and so on. This is just basic astrological logic.

Do You Have Astrology Factors at 19 Degrees?

If you have factors at 19 degrees of any zodiac sign at all, suspend judgement and action on Monday 8th April. You may also want to include 7th and 9th of April as people’s sleep and work cycles are ahead or behind each other. The ‘what’ of the story will depend on what you have at 19 degrees. So if you had Mercury (communication) at 19 Gemini (the web) then a temporary shadow would fall across that on eclipse day. You would not launch a website that day. You would not buy a computer or book a short trip.

That 19 degree placement needs a close watch. If you are a 19 degree chart person, then you also have Mercury Retrograde going over Aries 19 near March 21st, 22nd – then again near April 12th-14th and finally May 8th, 9th. So whatever you have at 19, is prone to flux (caused by other people, organisations or situations). It’s prone to a big blind spot, courtesy of the eclipse. Thus, you would not dramatically act or judge, in relation to the affairs of that sign/house in your chart, on April 7th, 8th, 9th.

Chiron at 19 Aries – the Eclipse Horoscope

Another important point about this horoscope pattern, is Chiron at 19 Aries, as we go into the second quarter of 2024. So this is a sequence of factors, quite muddled and quite concealed, around this point in billions of charts. We associate Chiron with people and organisations which get away with the so-called impossible, outrageous or unacceptable.

He is the punk rock icon of astrology and was found in 1977.

If you work for the police or in intelligence, you would want to have April and May squarely on your radar because we are going to see people carrying a lot of heat as Chiron lands on their Aries factors. Maybe, also packing heat in the Texan sense of the term. I’m unhappy about this Aries weather because I’ve seen far too many astrological charts where an enemy government has set up an inside job shooting. The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five says it all. “Don’t push me, cause I’m close to the edge.”

Common Sense and Astrology on an Eclipse

Astrology is about negotiating with destiny, to quote The Company of Astrologers. It’s just common sense. If you have anything at 19 degrees, assume that situations/organisations/people which are unreliable, fluctuating and perhaps even downright deceitful are around – in relation to whatever it is, you have at 19 degrees. If you are a Premium Member you can check your 19 degree placement, by sign, house and symbol – in the flipbooks in your library. Think of it like driving down a dark highway with one light broken on your car and no working Sat Nav. You’d stop. When in doubt on these dates, just pause. (Eclipse illustration: Picryl) 

solar lunar eclipses bd9348 300x262 - Aries Eclipse Astrology April 2024

The Big Eclipse Cover-Up Worldwide: Twitter/X

Twitter was born on 21st March 2006 in San Francisco with the first post appearing at 8.50pm, which gives Twitter the Sun at 0 Aries, North Node at 4 Aries, MC (Midheaven) at 10 Aries and Diana at 21 Aries. This organisation is strongly Aries so it’s right in the zone.

The Eclipse That Circles Twitter

The Aries eclipse circles that Twitter First House of branding and logo, but also the individual profiles of its members. There is a huge cover-up involving Twitter (which Elon Musk has tried to rebrand as X) coming. In general there may be technical problems, mixed messages with Musk, media misfires and blackouts or standstills with Twitter through this entire problematic Mercury Retrograde Aries cycle in April and May.

More seriously it will be months before we realise how much was concealed on April 8th. Watch for announcements, retractions and general chaos, likely involving the X/Twitter name; the logo; the actual online presence. The fact that the eclipse also hooks up to Taurus, the Wall Street charging bull sign, suggests the world’s richest man would definitely be pulled into this eclipse cover-up.

Elon Musk and Venus at 19 Gemini

Elon Musk was born with Venus at 19 Gemini, which chimes exactly with the 19 Aries eclipse in New York. Gemini does in fact rule the worldwide web. Do not expect to hear or see anything; it’s in the nature of eclipses that you’ll be quite unaware of what Musk is up to. But he’s up to something and it will show up later, possibly in May or June 2024.

Eclipses Conceal In Plain Sight

The Daily Mail is the best royal coverage newspaper in the world. I’ve contributed to it in the past and always go there for insightful stories. This is from the Daily Mail and clearly shows Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles (circled) wearing all white, at the genuinely white wedding of the virginal Lady Diana Spencer.

We watched the fairytale wedding of the beautiful lady and the handsome prince and the truth was hidden in plain sight. Look at the eyelines. Charles was looking straight at his mistress, who would eventually replace Diana as his second wife. Nobody had a clue.

There is a lot of baloney written online about eclipses and what the astrology means. It means just what you would expect from centuries of horoscope knowledge (as shown in those ancient illustrations above). The spotlight (the Sun) is not where it should actually be. It’s in the wrong place, at the wrong time, on the wrong person. Camilla was hidden in plain sight. Even Prince Charles’ hat casts his face in shadow. Eclipsed.

Daily Mail Eclipsed - Aries Eclipse Astrology April 2024

When Do Eclipse Cover-Ups Become Known?

The transit of a slow-moving horoscope factor over the same zodiac sign and degree, where the eclipse originally fell, shows you your blind spot.

Billions were hoodwinked by the Charles and Diana wedding, not realising that adultery was already on the agenda and an ambitious future Queen was watching.

The truth about that came out on 16th June 1992 with the publication of Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton, her biographer.

E6rhklpXsAA  9e 212x300 - Aries Eclipse Astrology April 2024Diana Her True Story and the Leo Eclipse

Chiron stood at 7 Leo, the sign of royalty, exactly where it had been on 31st July 1981 when the ‘happy couple’ set off on honeymoon. They had married on 29th July 1981.

Eclipses can take years to show up. In fact, it took 11 years for the world to realise that the wedding had been a sham.

Charles and Diana began their honeymoon from Gibraltar on 31st July 1981 on the royal yacht Britannia. The eclipse hit at 7 Leo and Morton (and Diana) would tell us the truth when Chiron also went to 7 Leo.

Be extremely careful about judging what appears to be the case on an eclipse, because even if it’s over a decade later, the truth will out.

Eclipse Impact By Sun Sign

Remember – you won’t see it, whatever the issue is. It will be hidden in plain sight. And that’s why you don’t judge or act on an eclipse. This is how your Sun Sign and solar chart is affected as the Sun at 19 Aries lines up with the Moon at 19 Aries.

As well as the actual eclipse (when not to act or judge) you have to remember that communication, information and transportation are also set to reverse, stall or even be cancelled from March 19th to May 14th, in connection with the area of your life, below.

Mercury Retrograde is with you. So just be wise and don’t make eclipse time, the moment you decide to make drastic changes in your life.

Your Solar Chart and the Aries Eclipse

Aries: Image, brand, profile, portrait, photograph, media appearances, name, title, reputation, body height and shape, face, hair, logo, wardrobe, accessories, head.

Taurus: Religion, therapy, counselling, self-help, Tarot, mediumship, psychics, dreams, God, the rejection of God in science, psychiatry, psychology, the spirit world.

Gemini: Friends, groups, clubs, teams, societies, associations, social media, charities, bands, political parties, your social life, networks, the Freemasons.

Cancer: Role, goal, position, mission, ambition. Vocation or career. Paid work or unpaid work. Academic career. Rank and success. Peak achievements. The system.

Leo: Foreigners and foreign countries. The worldwide web and publishing. Academia. Multiculturalism. Travel. Emigration. Migrants. Foreign languages and passports.

Virgo: Finance, banking, shares, cryptocurrency, houses, apartments, land, business, charity, investment, insurance, superannuation/pension, inheritance.

Libra: Partners, divorce, separation, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, duets, duels, conflicts, lawsuits, double acts, the scales of justice, two sides.

Scorpio: Health, wellbeing, lifestyle, workload, daily routine, duty, service, mental health, housework, paid work, unpaid work, academic career.

Sagittarius: Pregnancy, adoption, fostering, IVF, abortion, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, courtship, the bedroom, the younger generation.

Capricorn: Parents, siblings, extended family, house, apartment, land, town, country, ancestors, in-laws, renovations, redecoration, property investments.

Aquarius: Brothers, sisters, cousins, short journeys, commuting, the internet, the media, communication, writing, speech, public transport, cars.

Pisces: Business, bank account, taxation, house, apartment, charity, valuables, savings, debts, credit cards, cryptocurrency, currency exchange rates, loans.

American Cities Affected By the Eclipse

NASA has these US cities on the eclipse path: the AstroGold chart shows the start of the eclipse from 2.04pm in Buffalo, New York, going to totality starting at 3.18pm, with maximum totality at 3.20pm and finally the end of the partial eclipse at 4.32pm. Remember, this is an Aries eclipse, so the issue will be a profile; a reputation; a public face – Americans will be in the dark – and yet it will affect the whole country, with evidence showing up later when big questions arise.

The eclipse exits in Canada at Newfoundland at 5.16pm NDT. Because of their place on the eclipse path, we would expect these cities to be at the heart of a major cover-up ahead of the US election.

Dallas, Idabel, Little Rock, Poplar Bluff, Paducah, Carbondale, Evansville, Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo, Burlington, Lancaster, Caribou.

Sidney Hall   Uranias Mirror   Aries and Musca Borealis - Aries Eclipse Astrology April 2024What Aries Means in Astrology

Aries rules the First House in astrology and is ruled by Mars the god of war. The First House in turn rules reputation, title, appearance. Roman soldiers are a good way to think about Aries. Stamina and armour suggest the body and how it is clothed and decorated. Appearances are everything with Aries. Today we don’t have weapons (although in America, guns are carried, of course) and our ‘armour’ is our wardrobe. The shield or helmet of Ancient Rome is today’s handbag and hat. The baseball cap and Doc Marten boots.

The Look, the Name, the Title

In Rome, where modern astrology comes from, the army boasted ‘forward hastati’ (forward spears) and the forward principes (the forward principal line) so we say, Aries is upfront, front-and-centre and – never backwards about coming forwards.

In football today a centre-forward is reminiscent of this. In the Roman army, which worshipped Mars, their god of war, the legion’s standard-bearer was an aquilifer who carried the eagle (the aquila) aloft. This is typical of Aries. It’s about the logo, brand, image, badge, symbol. The ancient association of the Aries zone of the chart, the First House, with image – comes partly from the Roman role of imaginifer who carried a pike with the imago, or image, of the Emperor. The Romans used battering rams in war. Aries the ram is the right symbol. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The Risk of Violence: Aries Weather

Unfortunately Aries, ruled by Mars the god of war,  is associated with the lone gunman and also the bomber. It is linked to terrorism and other acts of violence. We wish that it was different, but this entire period of Aries weather is risky. Not only Mercury Retrograde but also an Eclipse on April 8th both in Aries – are a red flag. What appears to be the case, will not be the case. Look twice at the so-called facts of any matter.

The Mars in Aries Transit of May and June 2024

Even more of a red flag, straight after this, is the transit of Mars in Aries from May 1st to June 9th, which is the old Roman god of war in his own zodiac sign. It is possible that there will be concealment regarding a future attack near the April 8th eclipse though it is actually triggered May 1st to June 9th. Some particularly difficult times astrologically include the conjunction of Mars to the North Node in Aries on Sunday 19th, Monday 20th May and also the Mars conjunction with Chiron, near Thursday 30th May.

CAPRICORN KATE MIDDLETON 221x300 - Aries Eclipse Astrology April 2024Karma From 2005 Comes Back in Astrology

The North Node is retracing its steps at 11-16 Aries across this time-frame in 2024, so going back over karmic debts and credits for you, or the world, from July to December 2005. All in all, this is not a period to be casual or over-relaxed about the Aries-ruled areas of your life, as you can see.

If you have the luxury of picking another time to act, you may want to do that. There is an awful lot of ducking and diving involved here. If you are a Leo for example and this Aries weather falls in your solar Ninth House of foreigners, you would pick another time to emigrate. If you are a Libra and this Aries weather falls in your solar Seventh House of partnership, you would pick another time to get married – or at least do a lot more research about your fiancee. If you are a Sagittarius and this Aries weather falls in your solar Fifth House of children, you’d choose another day to adopt.

To recap, if you actually have Aries 19 factors in your chart, you would pick quite another time to go on camera, as Aries in your chart rules your First House of appearances.

Catherine (Kate) Princess of Wales in Astrology

I posted a column on Substack about the Princess, as her astrological chart does pick up 19 Aries, some months ago. I did so on January 29th, many weeks before the princess told us she had cancer and I suggested April would be a cover-up. This is actually the month when Catherine, affectionally known as Kate, has said she will return to public life. If it’s on or near that eclipse on Monday 8th April we should realise we will be watching with blinkers on.

Negotiating With Destiny on an Eclipse

The Company of Astrologers got it so right, when it talked about the horoscope as a way of negotiating with destiny. So that’s all you have to do. No need to be too concerned in your own life, but just avoid drawing conclusions or swinging into action on that eclipse and remember, this entire area of your chart is also under Mercury Retrograde, then Mars to follow – so box clever.


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  1. Donald Trump is shining back to power it seems. You were critical of him wrote him off. You still think he wont be in power ?

  2. I have a lot of factors at 19 degrees _ Moon, Uranus, Bacchus and Cupido, as well as factors at 18 and 20 degrees. Dear Jessica, should I just stay in bed?

    1. ‘Stay in bed’ is an old joke (maybe decades old) about horoscopes, but you just don’t act or judge dramatically. You don’t take a fork in the road or choose a new destination. To continue the traffic analogy, even though I don’t drive, you do not choose eclipse day (or days, plural, as Australia is affected one day later, along with New Zealand, after the US hit) – to navigate. Go earlier or later with that chart, please.

  3. Hi Jessica, thanks for posting. I’m in the US and I’ve been getting the same messages since June of last year. I was beginning to get doubtful of my own insights but when I saw you say what I already knew, it was clear to me that I was on point as I’ve followed you for some time and saw your accuracy. Continue to give your time tested insights. Thanks as always.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Amazing writeup as always. I’m curious to know if some of Donald Trump’s recent courtroom luck will be reversed, given this shaky astro weather in combination with the eclipse. A lot of voters are incensed by his seemingly endless trickery and ability to evade accountability for decades now, but I feel like a lot of it will be short-lived (like the bond discount he was granted in NY). Wall Street is valuing Truth Social at an astounding 14 billion, but that seems like it’s going to crash and burn also. I’m curious to know your thoughts on what the next month or so holds for him. Thanks for all you do for this community!

    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you to say. There will be a massive cover-up near that April 6th fundraiser for Trump because it is so close to the eclipse on the 8th. I have said and written many times (since 2020 actually) that the man is in Decline and Fall, to quote Waugh, as is his wife, who is very much his controller. The pair of them will meet their karma eventually. But yes, there will be all kinds of deceit and double-dealing regarding Donald in April and May.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another interesting article.

    Is the]is eclipse helpful for someone who is unemployed and desperate for work with MC in Leo at 19 degree)? I’ve read elsewhere that an eclipse conjunct MC can be a positive step forward.

    Thank you,

    1. Chris, the eclipse does what it says on the packet; it conceals, it never reveals. It’s not helpful for job applications because it’s about your profile on Linked In, your online name and face, your job title and so on. Best avoided. Jupiter at 27 Capricorn trine Minerva at 27 Virgo in your chart is a superb pattern for employment, success, status, professional life, academic career and work in all its forms, from part-time to full-time; from job-sharing to self-employment. It will always help and protect you and you are in the zone for that as transiting Jupiter goes to 27 Taurus in May 2024. You’d still be looking at good solutions as late as June, when Mercury passes 27 Taurus. As Sooty said, “Izzy, wizzy, let’s get busy.”

  6. Hi Jessica, definitely taking heed of your article. Always a fascinating read. Looked at mine and my husbands birth charts. Both of us have 19 degrees in our 2nd house. His Saturn in Gemini, mine sun in Pisces. Apart from being cautious so you have any other advice

    1. You use a different house system to me. If your husband has Saturn at 19 Gemini it is in his Third House of siblings and cousins. He should skip acting or judging regarding them on the eclipse. You have your Sun at 19 Pisces in the Twelfth House of religion, Tarot, psychologists, psychics and psychiatrists. Again, avoid judging or acting regarding the same – on the eclipse. The visibility is far too low.

  7. Hi Jessica, I’m intrigued by the impact on those factors at 19 degrees.
    My teen son has Mars in Leo and Venus in Sagittarius, both at 19 degrees. What areas will be prone to flux as a result? Many thanks for any guidance

    1. Your teenage son should skip the 8th, 9th of April for judgements about romantic relationships; admirers; foreign people and places; travel. He won’t know and won’t see, what is required.

  8. Thanks Jessica, very interesting and I will be sure to take note especially since I have 19 degrees in 3 signs. Any advice welcome.
    19° virgo
    19° cancer
    19° taurus

    1. This is about your home and your money (Cancer and Taurus) so skip judging or acting, regarding the same, on the eclipse. Virgo rules work and health, and of course work and money go together – so again, if it’s about your salary – judge or act later. Health insurance would be another obvious one, as that’s Virgo-Taurus. Act earlier or later if you can, when you can see more and know more.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Thankyou so much for helping me navigate through these times. Your articles have been most helpful. I have a few things at 19 degrees, Cupido 19 Taurus, Minerva in Taurus and NN 19 Scorpio, SN 19 Taurus. So much going on in my life mostly good things but a few challenges. Eg, My partner has Parkinsons and seems to be getting much worse. I’ve had to give up my work as carer so that I can care for him. The plus is that we have bought a dream home on acreage in the hills, with gardens my passion although a lot of work with my partner unable to help much. I’m hanging in there.
    Can you shed some light as to how this will affect me.


    1. Thank you. I am glad astrology and Tarot helps. The eclipse will aspect your finance and property zones, which involves your partner, so just avoid judging or acting regarding money, or the home or acreage (and related issues like business) on the 8th, 9th April. It’s rather like looking at a bank statement in the dark with a torch which keeps flickering on and off. Marie, as your main concern is your partner with Parkinson’s Disease, you need to know that you have a strong Libra and Seventh House pattern, which is all about him. And you are going through the South Node in Libra transit, which brings karma from 18-19 years ago, regarding him (or another man). You are owed, or you owe, spiritually. So that’s why you find yourself in this position now. The karma ends on January 11th 2025 and you will find closure by then.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I always read your blog first time,especially eclipse season. This time I have three planets e.g. Chiron Aries 19, mercury gemini 19, urunas libra 19. It looks like critical for me. Indeed my career job may change a lot which is uncontrollable because of outside environment. More importantly, my father health, body and mental, became worse unexpectedly. Now I become a prayer. I am taurus moon and rising gemini sun, and from march to may it is a long period, could you please give me some advice or suggestion. I really need your support. Thanks!

    Best regards

    1. The eclipse is not critical, Yun, it is just a warning not to judge or act on eclipse days; April 8th and 9th. It’s only a day or two and it’s easy enough to put things off until later. It would be about not seeing/not knowing regarding your face, title, name. Your brother, sister, cousin. Short journeys. The internet (which brings in your face, title, name). And your partners, be they sexual or professional. It’s also about any adversary. Just decide earlier or later, about those things. Then you’ll know what’s going on.

  11. HI Jessica,

    As always, brilliant write up, my Aquarius Moon is the only thing i have at 19 degrees. My Venus in Aries very close at 18.
    I know Eclipses are meant to be approached with caution, but for some strange reason i feel almost excited by what’s to come from it.
    Happy for any of your wisdom!

    Also the lone gunman thing… I keep feeling this in the US on a very public stage!

    1. The New Moon Eclipse at 19 Aries will be in a sextile to your natal Aquarius Moon, also at 19 degrees, in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. One friendship or one community of people will be in shadow on the 8th, 9th so judge or act regarding them another time. The US chart shows Panacea at 19 Virgo. Literally a ‘panacea’ in the sign of public health. The cover-up will be about the pandemic; other viruses; health insurance; big pharmaceutical industries. But yes – we also have classic Aries ‘lone gunman’ issues too.

  12. Thank you so much for this, Jessica. As always, your guidance is very helpful. I am revisiting themes of the fall eclipses of 2023 and thinking specifically re: the cover up aspect. So much that’s not yet known. I don’t have a specific question about the Aries eclipse but given the current fraught state of my nervous system, any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Astrology is not meant to pressure your nervous system, it is meant to help you avoid issues. For example, I am writing this in Australia where a Digital ID bill is being rushed through by the government. Normally I wouldn’t notice or care much, but as it is happening on this turbulent Aries weather I have signed a petition against it. I do not trust what is happening. So, what you experience is really going to be quite broad (it may be social media in your case, which involves your face, ruled by Aries) or personal. You have nothing at 19 Aries and nothing at 19 at all so it’s not really a concern for you. You do have an Aries stellium, though, so in general you’d want to choose another time for a big change to your appearance (say) or your title (for example) or your name. It’s on that level – you’d want to avoid the delays or standstills regarding the same.

  13. Thank you for the valuable information Jessica! I have an Aries stellium but the only thing I have at 19 degrees is in Ops in Capricorn. I was planning to travel NY to London May 14/15, London to Paris May 19, Paris to NY May 24th. Sounds like it could be turbulent times then though. My trip isn’t fully organized yet (a few things need to fall into place first for me to be able to go) and I’m wondering if maybe I should skip…(at this point financial loss to cancel would be minimal if at all.). Other transits / weather seem to indicate this would be a good time to travel and I haven’t been on a big trip since 2019 and was looking forward to going if I can make happen…I asked the tarot and drew the King then Queen of Pentacles. Thanks!

    1. The Tarot is chatting to you about a money man, then a money woman. It’s not showing you The Fool, or The Tower or Death or anything else which would put you off travelling. You will in fact see travel delays, standstills and cancellations worldwide on Mercury Retrograde, until 14th May, but your own card reading is showing you that it won’t affect you. Ops in Capricorn is probably your Queen of Coins; she is Jupiter’s wife. In Capricorn she has status, position and ambition. The eclipse will square Ops so you may want to avoid judging or acting regarding this rich woman, on the 8th, 9th of April.

  14. Hi Jessica, very useful information, as usual. Thank you. I have ascendant at 20 Scorpio (assuming my mum remembers correctly my birth time) and moon at 20 Gemini. I want to negotiate an employment contract before signing it (deadline is end of the week). Cannot help but think that timing is not right with Eclipse and
    Mercury retro, but then again what does one do when there are deadlines? Thank you

    1. If your birth time is unsure don’t use the Ascendant, Descendant, IC (Immum Coeli) or MC (Midheaven) as they may be wrong. You need to sign a contract on Mercury Retrograde in Aries, which will be about your title – likely your business card, official role and so on. You may find the process stalls or reverses. It could be as basic as the wrong spelling of your name on a card, or your title being one thing in April but quite another in June. The actual eclipse should be avoided if at all possible; it’s the 8th, 9th of April depending on where you are in the world.

  15. Hi Jessica: Thank you for another informative article. I learn so much from each. I have Minerva at 19 Gemini, ASC at 19 Cancer, Desc at 19 Capricorn and several others at 18 & 20 degrees. Would you mind having a look at my chart and let me know what I need to watch out for. Thank you.

    1. The internet, basically, along with the media, the post office or mail – and publishing. Skip those two eclipse days; America is affected on the 8th; Australia and New Zealand on the 9th.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    My ASC is 19 degrees of Aries any advice you have would be greatly appreciated for this Aries eclipse.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. If your birth time is correct, the eclipse will be in a conjunction with your Ascendant, which is how people see you, broadly, all your life. You will be judged in terms of how you look; how you front up to the world; how you attack your goals; how you dress; what kind of body height/shape/type you have and so on. The eclipse will prevent you from seeing or knowing what is required, regarding this. So avoid it.

  17. Good morning Jessica and thank you so much for this post…This Aries eclipse is making me nervous on a few counts…I am a Sun Aries with an Aries stellium too…My husband, daughter, cousin and myself will be driving back on the 8th from NOLA to Atlanta, returning from a short trip which was booked some time ago because my brother is landing at NOLA on the 6th from India…also, my wonderful micromanaging, strategizing supervisor (whose strategy management exercises benefit no one except herself), has just handed me a new job description to approve by tomorrow, many new job functions have been added, I manage more people now, most of the details are vague with job functions which are open to interpretation which will enable her to add more dimensions to the job in the days to come…I started studying in December 2023 for a new degree (was doing my 9th house delivery then) which I was hoping would help open up new job vistas for me as I get older but I am having difficulties in managing my workload and studies during the week and the weekends seem to fly by with me doing housework and studying, leaving me with little time to rest or for entertainment. Do you think I made a mistake by starting the degree which only seems to add to my workload for now? The degree will not end till May 2025 if I am able to remain on track. Any insight will help, thanks for EVERYTHING you do. Your site is the only site which is constantly open on my work laptop as I scan for new posts etc. every single day. <3

    1. Your new job description (so, your title) is subject to change and may even be cancelled by 14th May as you are strongly Aries, have a busy First House of profile and labelling and you’ll see the discussions or paperwork go backwards and forwards for weeks. Meanwhile you are overloaded with academia as well as your career. This sounds like a Virgo or Capricorn issue. Maybe Sagittarius. Jupiter at 6 Sagittarius and Pluto at 27 Virgo are your whole answer, there. You were born to study or teach; will always be helped and protected in academia; are quite naturally a world citizen who is here to exchange knowledge with more than one language and culture. In 2028 Pluto at 6 Aquarius will sextile Jupiter at 6 Sagittarius and so in about four years from now, you will find you are empowered by the most influential and potent people and organisations, as an academic, a student or a teacher yourself. So the commitment is worth it. If you have to prolong the degree I am sure you could do that. That would give you more time with the rest of your life. Pluto at 27 Virgo in your Sixth House of health, mental health, workload, housework, lifestyle, daily routine suggests you need total control there. You don’t have it because Neptune at 27 Pisces in March, April and again in October-December, and January 2025, is blocking that. You have transiting Neptune in opposition to natal Pluto in other words. 2025 will be far, far easier than 2024 but in the meantime you have to transform (Pluto) the details (Virgo) of your daily life (Sixth House) and that means self-care (Virgo) as well as workload (Sixth House). This may mean constant maintenance but it will help you deal with the obstacle course.

  18. Thank you Jessica for this detailed article. I’m still learning about my birth chart and how to read it. It doesn’t appear that I have any Aries 19 factors in my chart but I do have an Aries stellium.

    I was recently laid off and my last day of employment was on 3/22, I’m wondering how this eclipse season and my Aries stellium factors in to my employment outlook in the next few months. I have been applying since I received the layoff news weeks ago and now I am just getting rejection after rejection with one or two prospects.

    Hoping to learn more about birth charts in my downtime. But any insight would be helpful. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have Jupiter in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and he is the great protector, problem-solver and helper of astrology. So it won’t be long before you get a terrific new replacement job. Jupiter is aligned in a sextile Panacea 11 Scorpio. So the professional opportunities, or perhaps the opportunities linked to a good marriage or a prestigious relationship, work well with all sorts of remedies in terms of your money, house, business, charity, apartment or valuables. There is flow there, quite naturally. What you are waiting for is a slow-moving cycle at 11 degrees which picks this up. The next big one is the North Node at 11 Aries and South Node at 11 Libra and that’s the second half of June, first half of July. Keep applying and chatting, but it looks like the timing is later.

  19. Hi Jessica, I have Jupipter at 19 degrees in the first house. I was planning on traveling to see the eclipse in totality. Should I now not go?

    1. You have Jupiter at 19 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners, foreign countries, publishing, academia and the worldwide web. The Total Eclipse will leave you in the dark, about the same. So it’s up to you (I am not sure why you think Jupiter is in your First House, please check your chart again).

  20. hi Jessica,
    I have Mars at 19 degree of Scorpio and Moon at 19 degree of Gemini. What does this highlight? any concerning aspects I need to look out for?
    thank you

    1. Yes, you will be in the dark about finance, property, business, charity, valuables. You will be in the dark about brothers, sisters, cousins. So skip the eclipse to judge or act, regarding the same.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for these amazing articles. They’re so helpful. I just have to wonder what to expect from this eclipse as I have a lot of 19 factors. I’m in the midst of a long divorce and my husband recently started proposing settlements right before the Libra eclipse. The settlement involves my home or a new home. While I’d be grateful to settle, I’m worried I’m missing something because of these eclipses. Any ideas on how I should approach this upcoming eclipse would be really appreciated. Thank you as always!

    1. Thank you. Your MC and IC as well as your nodes are at 19 degrees, so skip the eclipse. You will not see, and will not know, all that is required – about your house or apartment, the family and particularly your career. Later on, in May, you will realise why you were right to neither judge ‘finally’ nor act, as you were in the dark.

  22. Hello Jessica , I want to understand during the eclipse season and the mercury retrograde around should one not start at all any new venture until it all settles ? I am currently looking for my next role I got informed just a day after the lunar eclipse they can’t extend my contract and my last day is now on the day of solar eclipse . Should I delay any new venture until May or sign on any new contracts only after the mercury retrograde . can you please advise me and guide me . Much appreciate your inputs . thanks in advance 🙂

    1. No, as I’ve written and broadcast on The Astrology Show, several times, the eclipse is only about Aries factors in your chart, as is the Mercury Retrograde. You are a Gemini so this is about friends and groups. Don’t join a group on April 8th or leave one. Don’t judge a friend on April 8th or allow your social life and social circles to put you on a new path. Why not? You can’t see and won’t know, what is necessary. Mercury is in the same place in your Gemini chart until 14th May. Have Plan B and C because groups like Meetups, Substack or real-world friendships will be subject to rescheduling or cancellation. When we look at your natal chart you only have one Aries factor and it’s not affected by these transits. So this will be quite a public story, not a private one, and it will be about a friend and a group. Make your choices later if you can after May 14th.

  23. Hi Jessica, could you take a look at my chart and help me interpret the eclipse? I am strongly Capricorn and have a 19th degree aspect between my moon and natal Uranus in Sag and Jupiter in 19th is Aquarius! What to hope for? Thanks Namaste

    1. Jupiter at 19 Aquarius and Uranus at 19 Sagittarius are indeed in the dark on April 8th. This is about a group and/or a friendship. It is also about foreigners and foreign countries. So this may be an online space like Substack and your friend is Asian. Do not judge or act regarding your social life, groups, social media, friends, foreign places and people when you cannot see – and do not know. It will be clearer later.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I was waiting for this article. The April 8th total solar eclipse hits my natal Sun directly at 19° Aries; the next day, April 9th, it will be my birthday. How will this astrological event affect me? In my natal chart there’s also Juno at 19° Pisces.
    Thank you in advance for your kindness and availability.
    A virtual hug. Mary 🙂

    1. Mary, the Total Solar Eclipse of 8th April will blind you to new realities about your name, title, face, shape, reputation, appearance, image, profile. So don’t decide or judge about those matters. It also pulls in your path with God, the rejection of God (some science), therapy, hypnosis, Tarot, dreams, counselling and spirituality. Again, do not judge or act regarding that, because you won’t see – and won’t know.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    As always thank you. I can’t wait for the day when I can email you with good news.
    All the best,

  26. Thank you for the interesting information as always. I have Venus Gemini 19, Pluto Leo 19 & Neptune Libra 19. Any advice would be helpful please. Thank you Jessica

    1. So the eclipse is like the lights going out with various aspects of life in the dark, all of a sudden. In Gemini that’s your brother, sister or cousin. So don’t navigate through/with/around them on the eclipse. In Leo, that’s courtship, the bedroom, and babies or children in your world. Again, skip the eclipse. Libra is partnerships or duels. Again, skip the eclipse. You don’t say where you live, but allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself so skip choices and judgements about these areas of your existence on the 7th, 8th, 9th of April.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    I’m moving house but hold off as I read your weekly horoscope that says do not decide on anything just yet. But as we are going into Eclipse weather/ also Mercury Retro, when can I move? I urgently need to move as I am staying only with relatives. I previously wrote to you about a tax issue in a new country and you said I might relocate back home or to another country if it can’t be resolved. There’s still no solution to my tax issue (even after getting a job offer, that I am not able to take). Thing is I like it here and really want to make a life for myself here.

    Thanks for always giving your insights and guidance.

    1. You are an Aquarius and so Mercury Retrograde is in your Third House of neighbouring towns, regions or countries. Are you moving there? If you are, then have Plan B and C because you will hit delays, reversals and standstills. If you are not, then that’s different. If the location is not ‘neighbouring’ then it’s not an issue. You sound confused about paying your taxes and may want to use the Tarot, the Astrology Oracle and also The Garden Oracle in a complete reading to show you your choices.

  28. Hi Jessica, I was eagerly waiting for your post on this eclipse. Great read. I have Pluto at 19 degrees Libra and bunch of other 19 degree placements. How do I interpret this? Is this some thing hidden about transformation related to relationships? A month back my boyfriend and I broke up. He has Pluto in Libra at 5 degrees(where the Lunar eclipse was) and mine is at 19 degrees. I pulled the tarot on your website and drew the lovers card. Well, love is what is missing in my life. So a cunning joke by the tarot 🙂 Would love to hear your interpretation. Thank you !

    1. Thank you. You were born with Pluto (the need for total control) at 19 Libra (two-way relationships) in your Seventh House of partnership but also conflict. There is a semi-sextile to Uranus (regular revolutions) in Scorpio (sexual and financial relationships) in the Eighth House of banking and property. This is a lifetime pattern, but it is triggered by transits. You only recently had transiting Uranus himself at 19 Taurus in the first half of March 2024, which is when you broke up with your boyfriend. Jupiter will go to 19 Taurus in the first half of April. Saturn will go to 19 Pisces in June. This is obviously about your boyfriend, his new girlfriend (if he gets one) or a new man in your life. You may want to defer decisions, as The Lovers card shows you and he, hesitating before deciding to get back together or be apart for good. Or this may be you and a new man. The Lovers shows an awful lot is hidden in the background. These two can only see each other and not the conditions around them. This matches the eclipse at 19 Aries on the 8th of April. Your choices are in shadow. So don’t choose. You may want to wait until Saturn has done his full transit at 19 Pisces in June, July to really get the measure of what is at stake. It may be money, a house, an apartment, a pregnancy. There may be a third person in the mix. Take your time with this.

    1. The eclipse at 19 Aries is opposite Mars so avoid anything concerning your husband, boyfriend, former partner, adversary, rival, opponent. Any duet or duel situation. Don’t go on a first date then and don’t start divorce proceedings then. Mars can be combative and in Libra and the Seventh House it is about your other half, or the other side. Your other half can be a man you share a house with – he is your tenant and friend. The other side can be your former boyfriend’s new girlfriend. So it’s on that level. Skip the 8th, 9th.

  29. Thank you Jessica for this great article and all your answers, it is very helpful to try to anticipate. I have Fortuna at 19 Pisces and a few planets around 20. I’m a premium member so maybe you can see my chart. Beginning of 2024 hasn’t been easy for me, a lot of false start and disappointment and some sudden unexpected bullying from a neighbor. I might have to move very soon. Any advice please? Thank you, Merci beaucoup!

    1. Thank you. Neighbours have nothing to do with the Aries weather unless you are an Aquarius Sun. You are a Leo Sun. The neighbour issue is karma from 18-19 years ago, if you can remember your neighbours then. You owe, or are owed, spiritually and there has to be settlement on a soul level, which is why you are in this situation. Closure will come by January 2025 at the absolute latest. If you were good to your neighbours 18-19 years ago and were neighbourly, that will be returned to you. If you started a bad property development, like a tourist park, in your neighbours’ backyard, so to speak, you may now find the tables turn. So that’s the story there. If you are only asking about the eclipse itself, just skip choices and actions about religion, Tarot, psychics, psychiatrists, dreams, mediums, psychologists, Buddhism, the rejection of God, self-help, therapy – on the eclipse.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for advance warning about the eclipse. The picture really drives home the point about hidden in plain sight. I will always keep this in mind when it comes to eclipses.

    I have stelliums in Aries and Taurus. Could you please have a look at my chart and tell me how the eclipse might affect me? And would be able to comment on how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction might play out for me?


    1. Thank you. Don’t get your hair cut, change your name, open a Facebook account (as if you would anyway), hire a PR person or attend to other First House matters on the eclipse. You will be hoodwinked. You will be given the rare opportunity to cut an incredible bargain in the second half of April, or take the solution that fixes so much. It will raise the question of your values. Your ethics, morals and principles. On that basis you will say yes or no.

  31. Hi Jessica

    Re your mention Kate will be back in world stage/ public life in April. This announcement was prior; in her most recent video where she informs she has cancer she had been clear she will only resume public duties once she is well – timing for return back to work is now not definite.

    Do you think Harry could perhaps become regent or king? What about Meghan – I shudder to think of the further damage she could do if she returns to the UK. I do think she is hired by the Russian or Chinese to create this drama – do u think Harry is aware ,?

    Just an FYI.

    1. The BBC reported on March 24th, “Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis started their school Easter holiday on Friday. They do not return to school until 17 April and we do not expect to see or hear from the family during the break.” According to Harper’s Bazaar, “While the palace has never specified what the surgery was for, it did note that her recuperation period meant we would likely not see Kate again until after Easter, which falls this year on March 31.” My original prediction about the Princess of Wales, our Kate (Catherine) was published on Substack way back on January 29th and the Princess did not reveal her cancer diagnosis until 23rd March . What I wrote on Substack was, “THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE OF 9TH APRIL 2024 falls with the Sun at 19 Aries, Moon at 19 Aries, Chiron at 19 Aries and Jupiter at 19 Taurus. Eclipses are always cover-ups in the royal family. Charles married Diana near two of them. Diana was unlawfully killed near two of them. This eclipse falls exactly on the birth chart of Catherine the Princess of Wales (known affectionately as Kate).” I published that knowing she had been admitted for abdominal surgery on 18th January, so about ten days later; it struck me that there would be a cover-up on or close to April 8th, on the eclipse. It would now appear that this is the cancer – or something else. Personally I would suggest ‘something else’ as this eclipse in Kate’s chart is so rare. Whatever is being concealed is big. Some of this is her, hiding her own truths, but there is also a second cover-up going on, affecting her. Could Prince Harry become Prince Regent or King? Yes. The Princess of Wales could arguably be out of public life, with the children and her own self-care the priority, for months – or years. Prince William’s place would understandably be by her side. Charles III has cancer and duties must be onpassed. Prince Harry, the ‘Spare’ of his autobiography, is the obvious choice – if he were to return to public service in the United Kingdom. The problem there is Meghan. It’s all very Tudor isn’t it? We are back in the Pluto in Aquarius Tudor cycle of King Henry VIII, Bloody Mary and Elizabeth I. One thing is certain. We, the subjects of the United Kingdom or Commonwealth, are not being told the truth. And that’s been the case for years, actually.

  32. Hello Jessica. I work for a big social media company, I live in Houston and we are having an team meeting in NY on April 9th. Should I attend this meeting in person? should I be aware of anything specific? Anything would help

    1. You have Ceres at 18 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of teams and the eclipse at 19 Aries will be close to a sextile. Your ongoing compromise agreements with people on the team will be screened to you on the 8th, likely extending to the 9th. So you will not know and cannot see what is going on. For that reason you may want to defer judgement or action until you get some insight into what was being covered up (or not seen by you) when Mercury goes to 18, 19 Aries on May 3rd-5th and Mars goes to 18, 19 Aries on May 25th, 26th.

  33. Hello Jessica, thanks for in-depth insights into the Aries Eclipse season. You mentioned about the charging Bull in Wall Street by Taurus / June season, can you please elaborate does that signify strong rally or upward move across the Global Equity Markets or will be limited to Wall Street? How do you interpret these impressions in layman terms? Thanking you for your kind consideration.

    1. I explained the parallels with 1941 and Lend Lease, but also the Hess-Hitler offer to Churchill, in the Zoom event. If you missed it, there will be a recording available shortly. Wall Street will be hit very suddenly by the last thing anybody expected, on April 18th-26th. It will have a huge impact on the markets. It’s rather like the actor currently playing Vladimir Putin flying to Washington to offer President Biden an end to the war on Ukraine in exchange for some other land grab. Whatever happens, the Wall Street bull will shake.

  34. Hi Jessica, can you please look at my chart and see how the eclipse affect me? The only 19 degree factor I have in my chart is Vesta in Taurus, however, I am Aries Sun as you can see. Really appreciate your insights!! Best regards!!

    1. Thank you. Vesta at 19 Taurus in your Second House of personal finance and property, possessions and budget, suggests a lifetime of dealing with one male/two+ female situations. You sometimes have this if you are a small girl and born into a family of sisters with your father doling out the pocket money. You do not say if you are a man or woman and I cannot tell from your name. If you are a man, you may find yourself in sexual and financial relationships where you must attend to your ex-girlfriend but also your new wife. Avoid the eclipse with all sexual politics that also surrounds, say, a sale, purchase, deal or investment.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I think I hit the jackpot here with asc 19 Leo, dsc 19 Aquarius, aesculapia 19 Pisces, Pluto 19 Virgo and sun 19 Leo. Plus some more at 18 degrees and 21 degrees. What should I be looking out for especially with the dsc, asc and aesculapia? I am concerned about my health and would like to know more about Pluto 19 Virgo. Thank you for this article.

    1. Well, with Pluto at 19 Virgo in the Sixth House, you would skip the eclipse for choices or actions, regarding work or your wellbeing. If you were told you had to accept digital ID in order to get health care, for example, you would delay the decision. To be born with Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House, is to need total control of your food, drink, exercise, doctors, alternative health and so on. You would have been powerfully affected by Covid and still have strong opinions on, say, vaccines. You have a large Virgo stellium and as you have seen, Pluto makes aspects to several other points in your chart. You are slowly proceeding towards a rethink of your daily routine, lifestyle, self-care, wellbeing, unpaid work, paid work or academic work. Saturn is going to 19 Pisces (Saturn opposition Pluto) in June and Ceres is at 19 Capricorn in June. That’s why avoiding the eclipse matters; you don’t want to set up a future situation where you realise you had no idea what was going on back on April 8th, 9th. The pass of Mercury at 19 Aries and Mars at 19 Aries, both in May, suggest things gather speed, but it really is June, July which ‘challenge you to change’. It may be going on a carnivore diet. It may be considering investing in a different way of working for 2025.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another indepth articulate article! I have my Ascendant 18° Sagittarius – Descendant 18° Gemini – Salacia 18° Aquarius. My little step daughter is an Aries Sun with Uranus 19° Aries – Mercury 16° Aries and Aesculapia 18° Sagittarius. My Husband is a Libra Sun (13°) with Aesculapia 20° Gemini – Saturn 18° Cancer – Diana 20° Sagittarius and Mars 15° Libra. As we have a number of degrees active within the eclipse and retrograde, I would love some insight please. Thank you once again, I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend x

    1. Of all these, your step daughter is the most important as she was born with Uranus at 19 Aries, presumably around 2015, so is now a schoolgirl. Issues that come up near the eclipse regarding her identity, name, photograph, social media profile and so on (Aries/First House matters) should be skipped. They will come up again when Mercury goes to 19 Aries near the 5th of May and again when Mars goes to 19 Aries near the 26th of May. There may be questions about her surname, for example, or how she appears in terms of your husband’s first wife, or other family, online. There may be a question about her school uniform, or wearing glasses. In any case skip the eclipse and leave time and space for her, and. yourselves, on the pass of Mercury and Mars on Uranus in her chart. This does affect your husband’s family life, with both of you, but perhaps the other family, as his Saturn at 18 Cancer is just one degree away.

  37. Hi Jessica
    Huge thanks for all your fascinating blogs which are always so helpful. I have finally begun using the Tarot cards which I have to say are remarkably insightful and are helping me a lot through a difficult time. As an Aries with my Sun at 19 degrees, I would be very grateful for your thoughts on my chart as I am due to have surgery on my uterus on my birthday and the aspects do not look good. I think there’s a Moon Void of Course – not good for surgery, plus as you’ve highlighted Mercury retrograde, Moon in Aries and an eclipse which is in my sixth house ruling health, although I know you use a different house system. I think I need to change the date but really need some treatment. I’m terrified as I am so physical and very worried that I may end up having to have major surgery, depending on results, that will bring my active lifestyle to an end. I have been trying to figure out why I may have manifested this health issue so I can address the real problem and heal. If you have time I would be immensely grateful for your wise insights.
    Thank you so much

    1. Thanks Julie. I am glad the Tarot is helping you steer. Please don’t be scared, but do use astrology as well as the cards to help you navigate. You have surgery on your uterus on your birthday and you were born with the Sun at 19 Aries. The eclipse is a New Moon at 19 Aries next to the Sun at 19 Aries, so you will not see, and will not know about, an issue affecting your appearance then. It may be a scar, for example. If you are able to reschedule your surgery you may want to do that. Your Sun at 19 Aries is in a conjunction with Juno at 18 Aries. So you are well-known (the Sun) and often in the spotlight (the Sun) for your commitment (Juno) to your own self-promotion, appearance, sense of self. You shine when you are front and centre; centre-forward; in the front line. This applies to sport (you say you have an active lifestyle) but also to work, business and non-profit. This normally helps you with foreigners and foreign countries (Sagittarius), the worldwide web, publishing and academia (all Sagittarius too). It sets up a useful inner conflict about your career, unpaid vocation or academic career (Capricorn) which is actually quite enjoyable (Bacchus). 2024 is a timing challenge because you not only have the eclipse on April 8th, 9th on your Sun and Juno (so you have no insight) you also have two slow-moving transits at 19, ranging from Ceres Retrograde at 19 Capricorn in April, June, November to Saturn at 19 Pisces Retrograde, in June, July and again in February 2025. When you say you are ‘so physical’ I completely understand. In 2024 you need to find alternatives and rethink image, labels, your identity, your profile. This is temporary. I expect you will find your surgery or a similar solution happens rapidly when Mars goes to 19 Aries near Sunday 26th May. By then, the stop-start and rescheduling of Mercury Retrograde will be over (he resumes normal motion in Aries on May 14th). This feels like it’s going to happen, later on – and will temporarily challenge you. I suppose you may be going into summer (bikini weather) and perhaps that is part of it. As I said, it’s not forever and once you are past the final pass of Saturn at 19 Pisces in February 2025, there is nothing else going on. The ‘why I have manifested uterus surgery’ is answered by your Sun-Juno conjunction in Aries. Juno was Jupiter’s wife and the marriage involved her being second to him; her tolerance of his wandering eye; her acceptance of being a bird in a gilded cage. This is up to you to explore, Julie, but there is a big question there about being a mother; not being a mother; sexual relationships or marriage in the context of patriarchy. It’s all bound up with your position, mission and ambition as there is that square to Bacchus in Capricorn. You have produced a reason to not have babies – and also to rethink your Aries alpha female identity. So why is that?

  38. Hi Jessica,
    I strongly resonate with Aries energy, on other article of yours you mentioned about acquiring through an ancestor. Mi dear paternal grandmother was an Aries, I always felt deeply attached to her; and I have two placements under her sign:
    MC 02° aries Aries 06′ 16″
    Bacchus 29° Aries 49′ 26″

    Did she pass them on to me?
    And how does this 2024 Eclipse affect those with similar placements?

    thank you as always for your helpful insights and educational articles!

    1. Thank you. Your grandmother is actually a matter for the IC (Immum Coeli) which rules ancestors. You have that at 2 Libra in opposition to the MC (Midheaven) at 2 Aries but also Fortuna at 2 Aries. So yes, you have inherited her marriage in your view of your own partnerships. The Libra IC (Immum Coeli) suggests the legacy is actually about your grandfather and grandmother together, or perhaps your grandmother’s professional partnership, if she ever had one. In your own personality and destiny, getting to grips with the difference between yourself, and yourself plus a partner, is a lifelong mission. Aries is about your own identity, name, image – Libra is about you and a husband or boyfriend, for example. The Eclipse doesn’t touch you. Mercury Retrograde does. Until 14th May expect flux with your title, ID, photograph and so on.

  39. Thank you for all of the guidance and information you provide to us all!

    My husband (Pisces Sun) has mars 19 in Libra (7th house). I have Saturn (almost 19) in Leo (11th). Any guidance on what this eclipse might entail for us? Thank you!

    1. You use a different house system to me. Your husband has Mars at 19 Libra in the Seventh House, ruling his marriage to you, and any other partnerships. Also – any conflicts. You have Aesculapia at 19 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners, foreign countries, the worldwide web, publishing and academia. You should both avoid judging and acting regarding these matters on the eclipse. So he would not book a trip for both of you overseas and you would not book accommodation overseas. It’s on that level.

  40. Hi Jessica, thank you for this incredible article, it was quite a read. I have an Aries stellium and 19 degree factors in Capricorn and Aquarius, and so much of what I planned to do now looks very complicated.
    – I have a contact lens appointment on 4th April, and as this is not in the 7th-9th April window I guess it should be OK. I wanted to sign up to dating sites and put up a profile and pictures later in April, which I guess should be OK as its post the eclipse itself.
    – I have booked an introduction to shooting and archery morning on 7th April (!) as a belated birthday present. This looks like the worst timing and I should cancel.
    – I am searching for a new home (I am Sun Pisces and note the eclipse shadows home and savings). I’m guessing that the Mars transit might help the search process but I should not be making offers or signing anything until after the Mars transit.
    – Same with trying to organise my savings and make investments (and related to the new home), maybe I need to wait until after June 2024.
    – I have a complicated situation with selling my current home. In 2021 I applied to the freeholder for consent to make certain changes, including rerouting certain pipework. Around August 2021 the freeholder consented. In September/October (after I had signed contracts with the builders and paid the deposit) a (power mad and bullying) new surveyor at the freeholder suddenly withdrew the original consent, saying that the rerouting could be done but only by their own contractor. Their contractor ignored my calls and e-mails so I gave up. Unluckily the builders turned out to be from hell and 3/4 weeks of works turned into 6 months from January to June 2022, during which there was much confusion and a change of personnel and they rerouted the pipework anyway. The surveyor inspected the property but didn’t notice the change to the pipework (hidden in plain sight, there may have been eclipses in my pertinent houses throughout this period). The rerouting may be a breach of the lease which I would like to rectify before selling the property. I would like to therefore disclose to the freeholder and ask them what they want to do to rectify. However, from past experience the freeholder is unpredictable, unreasonable and bullying which makes this tricky.
    I would much appreciate any comments you have. Many thanks as ever

    1. Thank you. Your contact lens and dating profile dates are okay, but you will still have Mercury (communication, information, transportation) going backwards in your First House of face and photograph. Your timing with a shooting morning on 7th April is 24 hours out from the eclipse, which in Aries, rules guns. It’s your call, but I would not do that, with the timing. Your home search will take off from May 26th 2024 with Jupiter (opportunity and reward) moving into your property zone; you may get what you want on the New Moon in the same chart zone, on June 6th. This would also apply to the home you are trying to sell. So, buy or sell, as a Sun Pisces, your chances are higher after May 26th. What you are watching is Jupiter and other factors in Gemini, which rules your solar Fourth House of renovations, builders, real estate. In your natal chart, you have Proserpina at 16 Cancer in your Fourth House of property. Your problem has been a T-Square to that from the nodes at 16 Aries and Libra in March 2024. That is now out of the way. Don’t do anything new with real estate when Ceres goes to 16 Capricorn in opposition, October 24th-27th. Apart from that, in both your charts, the old home and new home seem set to flow for you in June, July 2024.

  41. Hi Jessica!
    Very interesting article on the upcoming Aries Eclipse!!
    I have Vulcano at 19 Aries 45. The only other aspects I see are Pluto 20 Virgo 30 and Mercury 18 Scorpio 39.
    Normally I would work up in Washington, DC on Tuesdays, which would be April 9th, but I might push it to Wednesday or Thursday that week. I think I will lay low for a few days just to play it safe! Lol
    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Thank you. Pluto is at 20 Virgo in your Sixth House of work and health, so quite close to natal Vulcano at 19 Aries in your First House of title and appearance. The two go together, and as you say, Mercury at 18 Scorpio is quite close in your Eighth House of salary, finance, banking. You don’t need to alter plans particularly; just be aware of Virgo/Aries/Scorpio issues arising and fast-forward any choice or action. The 19 Aries Eclipse will absolutely keep you in the dark about your name, identity – perhaps your photograph online. It is possible this is part of a larger US issue; an enforced Digital ID card. Be aware of that.

  42. Jessica, hi. Apparently, my message got lost, I decided to send it again;) Thank you very much for the forecast you made for me in the fall – everything turned out just like that! This really supported me then. Unfortunately, I cannot technically pay for premium access, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to sometimes ask questions in the comments. Do I understand correctly that now, until September 2024, there is a “teaser” for the next 20 years? Could you see what I need to focus on in the near future? I am very concerned about the issue of finance and business – I am not working now, and I don’t know what I will do. And relationships. I would be grateful for any advice! Thank you for your answers and time – it’s priceless! Date: 06/14/1984

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Gemini with Pluto now in Aquarius in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, for around the next 20 years – yes. So your empowerment will come from emigrating; working with foreign people; having a partnership or marriage with somebody from another country and culture. It happens slowly and yet surely, and there would have been clues about this in 2023, with another big step forward in January-February 2024. This part of the world/this other culture may touch your life through publishing, academia or just the worldwide web.

  43. Hi Jessica
    This was such an interesting read. My sun is 18 degrees Sagittarius, moon in Leo 23 degrees and Jupiter is 19 degrees Aries. Would this eclipse affect my career in any way? I’ve been clashing with leadership at work recently and really making it difficult for me to stay at my current place of work. I’m also in New York but have work travel plans overseas towards end of April around the 18th through the 23rd. Would this also affect my travels?

    Thank you for all you do!

    1. Thank you. Jupiter at 19 Aries is in your First House of title, reputation, appearance, image and profile. The April 8th, 9th Total Eclipse falls right on Jupiter so skip those days for any judgements or decisions about your external self, your identity and so on. Later on you will realise (in May) what you did not see, and could not know, at the time. If you are travelling, bear in mind you are doing so on Mercury Retrograde so have Plan B, C and maybe D up your sleeve. You are going to see the usual transportation and communication stop-start around the world until 14th May. You want a new job because you have been clashing with others. You were born with the South Node at 28 Virgo and so your last past life involved serving others – possibly the person giving you trouble now. You were in domestic service; the armed forces; the industrial working class. In this lifetime you have incarnated to gain closure on that. This is being triggered by Neptune at 28 Pisces, right opposite (transiting Neptune opposition natal South Node) for the first time in your life, in April, May, September, October, then February 2025, March 2025. You also have the transiting North Node at 28 Pisces and South Node at 28 Virgo around the same time; January and February 2025. Basically, this is big. Your last incarnation involved major questions about your duty and service to others, but also your duty and service to your own physical and mental health. In this lifetime you are seeking closure and it will be quite a long process. Even if you leave this job you will still be dealing with the same central issues about needing to respect your employers, clients or customers in order to perform the tasks, meticulously and on a day in/day out basis. You really have to believe in the people who run Downton Abbey to work downstairs at Downton Abbey. If you don’t, you may find your mind, body and spirit has a way of producing issues that require time off, or time out. Once Uranus goes to 28 Taurus and you experience transiting Uranus at 28 Taurus trine your South Node at 28 Virgo and sextile your North Node at 28 Pisces, you can expect a complete change; it will be liberating, exhilarating, unprecedented and quite revolutionary and is set to begin in June 2025. You really are burning off a lot of karma. Please make your health the number one priority.

  44. Thank you so much Jessica for this fascinating and generous blog. I have been trying to understand my chart – as a sun libra in a long partnership with an aries – and see that I have a 19 in scorpio. Would love any insights as I am a new member!

    1. Yes, you have Venus at 19 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, but also family-based property relationships. You find yourself in quite complicated connections, not only with your Aries partner, but also others (throughout your life) where there are many, many layers and always quite a serious issue about the house, business, apartment, shares and so on. We associate the Eighth House with inheritance (to you) and your legacy (to others). So you’d bypass April 8th, 9th for decisions or actions, regarding the same. Later on when Mercury goes to 19 Aries near 5th May and Mars goes to 19 Aries near 26th May you’ll have an ‘Oh’ moment when you realise that a month before you could not see and did not know what was in front of you. I think the Jupiter 19 Taurus opposition to your natal Venus on April 9th-13th is the explanation. There is a real moment of truth then about your partnership with your Aries, but perhaps others who are intimately connected with your money, shares, business, charity, valuables, property. There is such a gap then between your life budget and his/hers/theirs and yet there is still a benefit there for you; there is still an opportunity.

  45. Hello Jessica, thank you for your insight and being generous sharing with us. If I am correct, this eclipse falls on my lunar nodes axis. I am a bit worried about it, since my 2005 to 2006 is horrible and have left me bad memories until today. I was bullied and isolated by my classmates until I graduated from high school in the summer of 2006. I would like to avoid anything that could trigger those memories.

    I am looking for a job. Pluto left capricon with my evil boss retired. I stayed at home since then and recovered from the mental damage he caused. I am waiting for news about a professor’s grant so that I can join his group. Any advice on my job looking?

    1. Thank you. It’s a pleasure. I am sorry you had a rotten time in 2005-2005. The North Node was in Aries and the South Node was in Libra then, with the North Node in your First House of name, appearance, profile, reputation and image and the South Node in your Seventh House of partnerships and also open enemies. You were born with the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra, so one person in particular was a past life connection (likely the bully who seemed most familiar to you) and you both incarnated to deal with the situation one more time. You achieved closure when you left High School. This time around, you are owed. The Universe owes you, so to compensate for what you went through in 2005-2006, you will now find yourself with a double act, duo, partnership or duet that works harmoniously and symmetrically, enhancing your image and reputation. Perhaps you already found that in 2023; if not you will be offered it by January 2025. You may even find the bully in question apologises, or makes it up to you, or makes good on some level. That can happen. You need a job and are a Sun Cancer person who has Mercury Retrograde (stuck, stalled information, communication and transportation) in your career zone until May 14th. You can apply, but be prepared for delays or reversals in the process until 14th May. After that you are in for a far easier time. (You would also skip that eclipse, please, on April 8th and 9th). From mid-May you have new patterns in your chart; Jupiter with all his opportunities, solutions and open doors will be moving through Gemini, sextile Aries and your career sector. When we go to your birth chart we find a Gemini stellium at 17-29 which is terrific news for your ambitions in academia; online; with two languages (or more); with the media. You have a flair for connecting with people and you will have a chain of terrific options to do just that, likely with a new project or role, as Jupiter starts at 17 Gemini from August 17th 2024 and is still completing the cycle as late as June 9th 2025. You could clinch a placement before August 17th of course but the really rewarding plans and outcomes will be August-June.

  46. Thank you Jessica for this fascinating blog. I have factors at 20 Sagittarius and Gemini – will the Eclipse affect me? I have a major IT project which I have been trying to deliver for 4 years and under pressure to roll it out asap but was hoping to launch in June, but unsure whether to push ahead or try to play for more time to iron out a few wrinkles – any advice most gratefully received!

    1. Yes, the Total Solar Eclipse will catch your IT project, any foreigners and foreign places on your radar, the internet itself, computers and so on. The Sun in Aries is obscured. In your natal chart you have nothing in Aries, so this isn’t an identity or name issue (I suspect this profile question is related to digital ID worldwide and a cover-up about that). However, given you also have Mercury Retrograde as well as this blacked-out, blotted-out light shining across the Third House/Ninth House you’d skip the 8th, 9th for major moves or judgement calls. Mercury Retrograde is with you until mid-May so if you can use this time to rehearse and beta test, so much the better.

  47. Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. As always your insights are incredibly helpful. Julie

  48. Hi Jessica, I enjoyed your blog on the eclipse thank you for all your work and information! So I am currently in France and my flight to the us is on April 8th how do you think this will affect me? I have a non refundable flight and I am very concerned after reading your blog! Can you tell me should I try not to fly on this day?

    1. You are a Leo flying from France to America on the eclipse in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign places. You also have Mercury Retrograde in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign places. So have plan B and C and of course you will be testing yourself for Covid at both ends and wearing an N95 mask in arrival and destination airports and on boarding and landing on the plane, when the engines are off and the HEPA filters are off too.

  49. Thanks Jessica, it’s a cracking read.

    I love all the questions and comments as you learn so much, especially when members have similar aspects.

    I was listening to the Behaviour Panel (YouTube ) on their take on Princess Catherine’s video. Mark Bowden said that Princess Diana gave Harry her engagement ring and he then gave it to William to give to Catherine. Interesting.

    When looking at the King’s succession chart and Princess Diana’s natal chart, that 6 degree shows up. Harry has Apollo 6 Leo (leadership, royalty). Prince William has no aspects at 6. It’s in the astrology.

    Happy Easter.

    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Julie. I’ll catch up with that YouTube program next, after Easter. Prince Harry is absolutely in line for a new role, performing his duty and bowing to service. That’s his basic solar chart – he is a Sun Virgo – with Pluto now in Aquarius. On May 26th, Jupiter with all its expansion, growth and optimism moves into his solar Tenth House of success. So purely on a solar chart level as well, the man is going to be parachuted into an impressive new calling, if he wishes it, between May and June. Were William to step back because of his wife’s illness and his children’s great need for support, Harry is the obvious choice. And what a fork in the road for him. Goodness, if I didn’t know better, I’d say the whole thing had been dreamed up by MI6.

  50. Hello from Lithuania! Do you see a war possibility in case Russia might dare to attack any of NATO countries? Lithuania? Much appreciated for your insight!

    1. The Kremlin is pretty boring and predictable with its tactics, using an outdated Second World War playbook. They went after Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, because they knew our Royal Family were at the core of British and Allies morale last time. They are addicted to propaganda and took to the internet like a duck to water, because it was cheap. Will they attack a NATO country? No. Will they play games regarding the threat of that? Yes. The thing about the Kremlin is that it is white, pale, male and stale. And that’s over. Pluto is out of Capricorn and is now in Aquarius. Women are powerful in this transit and any government which shuns women in power, falls over. That’s not Putin; he went a long time ago. And Russia is not the Kremlin; many Russians loathe this leadership.

  51. Jessica, I have placements at 19 degrees (Pluto, ASC, DESC), plus several at 18 degrees (Moon, Neptune, Apollo), and one at 20 degrees (Proserpina). Can you see if there’s anything in particular I should be focusing on during this Eclipse period? There’s a big construction project in my building that’s affecting me (it’s water-related, which I presume is Neptune, AND it won’t finish up for another month), but I’d be grateful to know if you see anything else that would need my particular attention or care. Thank you very much!

    1. Pluto at 19 Leo in your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, babies, infants, children, teenagers and a younger generation is the focus here. The Total Eclipse will trine this. You have a lifetime pattern of wanting control and mastery – of your sexual relationships, any children, pregnancy itself, and younger relatives, godchildren and Millennials full stop. You need the reins. You don’t always get them. What happens on the Total Eclipse leaves you in the dark about all these matters. So steer clear of decisions or actions on the 8th, 9th April.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    Great article again. I have Aries Rising at 19 degrees and Natal sun 19 degrees of Sagittarius. I suspect more to be hidden from me on a personal level. But will it be best to wait until May to act or see any results?

    1. Your Ascendant or Rising Sign depends on a strictly accurate birth time and is actually the least important part of the chart. It’s rather like saying your shoes or haircut is all of you. Your Sun at 19 Sagittarius is far more important. Don’t judge or act regarding foreigners, foreign countries, publishing, the web and/or academia on the Total Eclipse.

  53. Hi Jessica
    I have Mc at 19 Aries and two more 19 degree placements in libra could you kindly interpret this for me.
    Very best wishes Selina

    1. Your MC or Midheaven depends on a strictly accurate birth time and you would be amazed how often people get it wrong. However, if you do in fact have your MC at 19 Aries and IC at 19 Libra, the eclipse is about partners and enemies. It’s about your reputation and appearance. It’s about your title and exterior. You also have Juno at 19 Libra in the Seventh House of duets and duels. She is a symbol of commitment; who or what you wed yourself to, or once did. Again, this blind spot and cover-up on the eclipse is about your other half, the other side or those against you. Avoid, avoid.

  54. Hello Jessica, I’m elated to be a member of your website, all that you offer is not only interesting but thought provoking! For me, my moon is at 18 degrees Aries and Venus at 15 degrees Aries. My husband and I plan to travel to the total eclipse to take part in various festivities in Austin, TX. Since there will not be another like this for another 20 years in America, so just to witness the phenomena! But from an astrological perspective, although I don’t have anything on 19 degrees, I do, as mentioned above have my moon and Venus near the 19 degree mark. My husband’s ASC is 3 degree Aries. We plan to meet with a business client on the 9th of April while on this trip. Any insights? Also, if you don’t mind could you answer this perplexing question: what does it mean to have natal planets in conjunctions, does it alter the effects of the planet? In my case, my Saturn and Jupiter are at 25 Capricorn (where transiting Pluto had hovered, it seems forever), My Sun is 0 degree Pisces, with Chiron 1 degree Pisces, and my ASC is 21 Leo with Uranus 23 Leo. Additionally, my husband’s Moon and Mercury are both at 24 Leo. Do planets change form when so aligned? Thank You!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. You are actually watching the eclipse with an 18 degree Moon in Aries in the First House of title, reputation, appearance, profile. It’s very close to 19 degrees and would be advised to skip matters regarding your exterior on the 8th, 9th. If you are meeting a business client on 9th April I really have to question why – but each to his own. You also have a question about conjunctions. Your husband’s Moon-Mercury conjunction at 24 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, babies, children, teenagers and younger people reveals his need to be needed – almost like a mother – even though he is a man. This is where he uses his voice, across all mediums and media. It’s often the sign of a natural teacher. Your Uranus at 23 Leo is very close, so your regular upheavals involving pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers and younger people are inevitably tied to your husband. Every time the world turns upside-down for you in this department (and we include courtship and the bedroom) you find freedom and independence.

  55. Jessica- thank you for your website, It is so interesting, particularly all the questions and comments in the blogs. I have chiron at 19 degrees capricorn in the 10th house. I am in my 70s, still working and enjoying what I do. Please, how will this 19 degrees affect me. Thank you, Cecilia

    1. Thank you Cecilia. You have a lifetime pattern of seeing what you can get away with, professionally, academically or with matters of rank and status. You are the rule-bender and breaker and usually succeed. This time you need to be very cautious with what you think you know, or assume to be true – it probably isn’t. Skip the 8th, 9th for these matters.

    1. He will be in the dark about his appearance, reputation, image. A classic case would be clandestine photography or hidden CCTV cameras. There may also be moves afoot about his title, that he knows nothing about. Best to skip that Aries eclipse. Digital ID may also be afoot and he would be unaware.

  56. Hello Jessica, thank you for this insightful post. I’m a Virgo woman with Ops at 20 Libra and when I asked the cards how I might be affected by the eclipse, I got the 5 of swords. I’m in a tough relationship with a Leo man, he has Venus at 19 Leo. hoping you can please shed some light on how this will affect us?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Very good idea to ask the Tarot how the eclipse affects you. You drew the Five of Swords. A peacemaker intervenes in a conflict between two, where one has been hurt. This is Ops at 20 Libra, yes. Libra is duels. Libra is also the sign of the scales – what is fair or just must be done – so your card shows this. Ops is the fix-it woman or can-do helper. Perhaps this is about the Leo man in your life whose courtship, sex life, babies, children, teenagers or professional connection to younger people is showing up. Perhaps not. But in any case you’ll know exactly what this situation is – and exactly why you should avoid the 8th, 9th April to decide or act.

  57. I always learn something new when you post, Jessica. Thank you. Can I ask if my NN at 21 Aries and Asc at 18 Aries are close enough to 19 degrees to be affected? Sounds like I should bunker down and take no action on April 8/9?

    Virgo Sun
    Aries, Leo, Sagittarrius and Libra stellia in my chart.

    Kind regards

    1. Thank you. Well, if your birth time was accurate (when the umbilical cord was cut, to the minute) then your Ascendant (ASC) at 18 Aries in the First House of image, appearance, reputation, title – is in the Total Eclipse zone. So you’d bypass the 8th, 9th of April for choices about the same. A name change, an interview, a new wardrobe (or car) and anything else pertinent to your profile. In general, if your birth time is accurate, the whole period through 14th May is beset by delay, standstill, change, flux – regarding your exterior.

  58. Jessica – as fascinating and insightful as ever. I have

    Uranus – 19 degrees Libra
    Ops – 19 degrees Gemini
    Chiron – 20 degrees Aries
    Mars – 20 degrees Aries
    Sun – Leo

    I will also be visiting a number or countries for work in April and early / mid May.

    Any advice?

  59. Wow, definitely – you hit the nail on the head. It’s a difficult for me to ‘respect’ leadership if one thing is off or if I don’t believe in the same goals as them. Hoping things turn better in the near future!

  60. As fascinating and insightful as ever Jessica. I have the following factors:

    Uranus at 19 degrees Libra, Ops at 19 degrees Gemini, Chiron at 20 degrees Aries, Mars at 20 degrees Aries.

    I will be travelling during April and early to mid May for work purposes.

    What should I be looking out for?

    1. Thank you. You have a lifelong tendency to attract upheaval with partners, duets and double-acts of all kinds, which began in your teenage years, likely through a date or a best friend. By now you should realise that every time the world turns upside-down with the other side, or your other half, the gift of total freedom and independence is the result. It happens with adversaries, open enemies and opponents as well. When you find yourself competing, or battling, or even feuding – the last thing anyone expected happens and the gift of autonomy and space is the result. This always seems to tie into situations involving brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbours. Or it works the other way. You have a lifelong tendency to draw quite challenging scenarios with siblings, the people next door or cousins. Every time this happens you have a campaign on your hands, and it does always seem to pull in your partner or other half – and sometimes your enemy. All of this is in the frame on the Total Eclipse. Don’t judge or act, regarding the same. The placements at 20 are close, and in your First House of reputation, title, name, appearance so will either be involved, or a separate issue, but once again – you don’t judge or act.

    1. You have a lifelong pattern of feeling hidebound when it comes to your name, image, reputation, title, height and weight, wardrobe and all the externals. You either find it near impossible to escape on one level – on another you find it hard to get into, or access, situations where your appearance and profile are everything. Facebook would be very hard work for you, if you are even on there at all. A matter pertaining to yourself (as in ‘Me, me, me’) on a purely superficial level will be there for weeks. On April 8th and 9th skip the decision or action plan.

  61. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the blog. I have the MC in Scorpio and Vesta is Capricorn over those degrees. Could you please tell me more about the effect of the eclipse and the following months on these two?

    Many thanks!

    1. Your MC (Midheaven) and Immum Coeli (IC) depend on a minute-accurate birth time and you say you were born on a round quarter-past, which is always a risk. They may be quite wide of this eclipse if the cutting of the umbilical cord was earlier or later. Vesta would not change. It is one degree off the eclipse and shows a situation tied to your status, ambition, success, role, goal and position – dominated by one male and two or more females, including yourself. Avoid judging that or acting upon it, on April 8th, 9th.

  62. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your response on Kate & the royal family. If Harry is to become king or prince regent, let’s prayer Meghan won’t be by his side – I agree with your analysis – since the leo eclipse in 2016/2017 something is off with the BRF.

    May I request you to please respond on my query re this eclipse – I have my IC-MC at 18 degree, my Cupido at 20 degrees & my fortuna at 20 degree Pisces. How does things all translate – confused. A cover up with my home /career impacting my love life in leo (?) impacting my 12th house of religion etc.

    My own analysis sadly is not making much sense. Your guidance would be appreciated. The weekend of the eclipse if my alumni meet & lots of key clients/important people around. Your guidance would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance!

    1. It’s the most dramatic period in history for this family since George III and Henry VIII and this is the first 12 months. We have 19 years to go. Meghan is loathed, isn’t she? The Kremlin love stoking the faux war between black Americans and white British as it fractures the US-UK Special Relationship. It’s also very cheap to do; those spotty students in St. Petersburg cost very little. Your IC (Immum Coeli) and MC (Midheaven) depend on a strictly accurate birth time. If you have it, then skip the eclipse for decisions about work and home. It’s as simple as that. And 20 degrees is too wide, for impact.

  63. Hi Jessica. I was hoping for smooth sailing until May, but alas not so much, apparently. I hope you can help with my question. It looks like I’ll finally will get a new contract, most likely in the coming week. It has been a long time coming, we started submitting mid november 2022! Could you tell me what I can expect if I sign a contract in the astro climate we have now? You said earlier at some point that for me as Virgo, things would look up in May. I don’t think I can tell them to hold on til then, nor would I want to. I’ve waited so long. I did the Tarot and pulled The World, if that helps. Thank you so much.

    1. That’s great that you pulled The World. You will be spoilt for choice between places in Europe, the Americas, Australasia and only have to focus and choose, to be successful. Mercury Retrograde means Plan B and C; contracts in particular may need a microscope and a few alternatives; often they are just rewritten. As a Virgo you are in the most fortunate cycle for foreigners and foreign countries in 12 years, with wow-factor surprises in late April, so nothing should stop you. Just skip the eclipse on the 8th and 9th as it has business and financial implications. It’s not too hard to fast-forward these things.

  64. Hi Jessica, I’m very worried about my husband (Aries 30/03/1955). He is about to close on a land sale and planning permission for our forever home on a piece of land we’ve retained. He has Vulcano 19 degrees Aquarius and Cupido 19 degrees Leo. Even though he’s astute I’m really scared this is all going to wrong for him (us). Can we steer through this? Thankyou!

    1. The Aquarius-Leo placements at 19 degrees have nothing to do with your husband’s land sale unless it involves a group (Aquarius) or your children (Leo) or you (Leo). If yes, ask him to skip the 8th (the 9th in Australia). If no, it won’t be about his property, but he will have a huge blind spot that day, about a group, a friend, your children or young relatives.

  65. I wrote earlier about two Mercury and Venus conjunctions this week, and 12th house and third house connections to the eclipse. I was hoping that the conjunctions meant good news, but in fact, I received several items of bad news this week, including a rejection for a position that would have been lifechanging, and, more importantly, news of the death of my uncle which came from my cousin (third house). I’m wondering if the Judgement card I wrote about is connected to my uncle’s death as well. Now that transiting Mars is opposing my Pluto and North Node this weekend, I think I’ll stay at home and hope no one knocks on the door.

    1. Yes, the Judgement card you drew was about your Uncle’s passing as the figures rising in the coffins in the card are his family (and your family) also rising to meet him. I am not sure why you think the Mercury-Venus conjunctions would mean a successful job interview; Mercury is retrograde. I am sorry you have lost your uncle but know that his people are with him.

  66. Thanks Jessica again !!
    I have Fortuna 17 in Capricorn 19 and Proserpina in Taurus 19

    Any advise for me


    1. Skip the 8th, 9th, for judgements or decisions about money, property, buying, selling, charity or business. You are usually a go-between who bridges the gap with such matters (you would be a good agent or middle person) but you will have no vision or awareness on the eclipse.

  67. Hi Jessica, this post was great, thank you for providing us this amazing and informative reading.

    It’s been a while since I don’t ask you – “what do you see”? But I feel I should ask you now. So, what do you see for me?

    I have been using the astrology bookings, and it’s been amazing! My first quarters bookings were about finance, businesses, property, etc. I’m in a period of building a software solution for industry (it’s been 4 years) and in Jan I got my first big customer (big Company – reasonable pay for now). Since I’m bootstrapped, I’m using my own resources to build the software, so I’ve asked for enough money to implement new features based on customer’s feedbacks and I got a good amount of money in tax breaks that I’ve never got before, the tarot cards told me to consult some experts, I did it and the result was great. So the bookings, pink noise, and the tarot are working really well, I can’t thank you enough for that! It’s been a great help for guidance in my adventures.

    My current most important things in life is balancing my 9-5 job with my Company and the development of the software, which is hard, but I really feel good about what I’m doing with the software, not my in my 9-5 job lol). I also have 2 kids (boys) and the third one arriving soon in June (girl). So family is being a beautiful part of my life, but hard work with increased home tasks (wife is getting big fast) are also being a struggle to manage. It’s just being too much, but I’m feeling happy and motivated, although dealing with a lot.
    It would be great to hear from you if you see anything important that should be said.

    Thank you and I wish a lot of blessings for you Jessica

    1. Thank you. I am glad Astrology Delivery is working for you. A guest at the Zoom event, The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction told Alicia and I she had won her lawsuit (though she doubted she ever would) using delivery. You have had some excellent financial outcomes, which is good to hear. You are a Capricorn with Chiron at 4 Gemini and will have your biggest and best opportunities with the internet, information, communication, software – in 12 years – starting with an open door in late May with a completely new path possible by July. You will be able to get away with the so-called impossible, outrageous and unthinkable.

  68. Hi Jessica, I’m Libra and two days after the eclipse I learned something unsettling about my partner. With Mercury Retrograde, affecting partnerships for Librans, am I best to avoid taking action, or reading into things too heavily because of the eclipse, until 15 May? Thank you.

    1. I am sorry you learned something about your partner that unsettled you. You are correct; Mercury Retrograde is in your Seventh House of partnerships until 14th May so if you can wait until after then to get answers, you may want to do that.

  69. Hi Jessica , love this blog and your other posts about Musk and Dorsey was also fascinating. Would welcome your further insights about the viability of X given significant regulations from the EU! I have a vested interest as I work there and have been a bit concerned. How would my 19 degrees mars in libra and 19 degrees sag Minerva impact me during this eclipse? Another astrologer cautioned me about the impact of the eclipse on my health or work which made me worried. Welcome any insights you may have.

    1. Thank you. Don’t worry about the eclipse, just skip the 8th, 9th for decisions about partners or adversaries (Libra) and foreigners and foreign countries (Sagittarius). Simple stuff. The viability of X-Twitter isn’t in question, but it will go through huge changes in 2024, which I am sure you know about, given workplace conversation. Elon Musk will benefit from a fantastic line-up in the final two weeks of April and may then make the changes.

  70. Hello Jessica, thank you for this great article.
    I’m currently working very (too) hard to earn… Not enough money.
    Considering my chart, could you please help me earn more money without feeling drained in the evening and the weekend?
    Should I start “scratching lottery games”? I won 10 euros on Thursday, I was happy!
    Also I need money to make a trip to my birth country which is very far away… I feel that it will never be possible and I’ll never be able to see and talk to my “mother of heart” before she dies..
    I have 19° placements in my chart and my Mercury is “aligned” with my Saturn and Ceres.
    At the moment, I have no patience at all and I can’t stand hypocrisy and people trying to dominate or manipulate. I ‘m on fire (!) And of course I wasn’t able to post this comment connected…
    Thanks for your help.
    Kind regards

    19°Sun Taurus
    19°Vesta Sagittarius

    23°Mercury Aries
    23°Saturn Leo
    23°Ceres Capricorn

    1. First up, skip decisions about money, property, valuables, charity, business, foreigners and foreign countries on the 8th and 9th of April. Should you play the lottery? Do it after the third week of May 2024 and do it until June 2025, when Jupiter with all his basic luck is in Gemini, in your Second House of finance. Of course there are more reliable ways to make or save a lot of money and you will be shown one, in the final week of May and first three weeks of June. The rest is up to you.

  71. Hi,

    I have really hard to see Harry as king after all he and M has done.
    I truly wish in case William is not the one, somebody else than Harry will be. Anne, Edward.
    Wish Kate all the best on her recovery.


    1. Jaan, I filed a prediction on the Princess Anne astrology chart a few weeks ago, as April and May seemed like big vocational triggers for her. Of course astrology can’t make anyone do anything! Yet – the stage is set. It is also set for Harry. From memory the charts suggested a dream team rather than one leader. Anne being an Olympian, she knows all about teams.

  72. Hi Jessica,

    I have Mars at 19 Aquarius that, I think, is based in the 11th house. Where do I stand on 8th/9th April? Also, I have been applying for jobs after a few years out of work as I have been supporting my son who is an Aries born on 19th April (I’m just mentioning Aries and number 19 re your article – hope that’s ok). What will be the best astro weather this year to bring the good news for me from the job front.
    Best wishes for Easter,

    1. Happy Easter Alex. Skip the 8th, 9th for decisions about friends and groups – or actions regarding the same. You will be completely hoodwinked by the situation then. You’d like a new job. You are a Sagittarian with Pluto at 27 Virgo and in luck; snap up all the offers and opportunities between now and the third week of May, as not only do you have Jupiter with all his big answers in your Sixth House of work, in your solar chart, you also have Jupiter trine Pluto in your Sixth House of work in your natal chart, as May rolls on.

  73. Hello Jessica, I have Saturn in Capricorn and Psyche in Gemini at 19 degrees and Moon in Aquarius at 18-19. Not quite sure how to interpret this, will be a blind spot on something related with my career? Asking this as I have started a new project that involves guiding a group of people and I have some objectives very hard to achieve until the end of the year. Thank you for the wonderful article.

    1. Thank you. Saturn at 19 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, academia and unpaid work is the one to watch, with his exact aspect to Psyche at 19 Gemini in your Third House of internet, media, communication, transportation and information. Your project will be on track this year and next year, as Jupiter goes to 19 Gemini in your favour. Just avoid the eclipse on the 8th and 9th as you will be completely in the dark about work, as you suspect.

  74. Hi, looking for thoughts as I have Jupiter at 19 in Scorpio in the sun Sign house is the 8th. Natally, Jupiter squares Uranus and Mars.

    How does the Aries eclipse impact this?

    For the eclipse, I thought I would travel two hours to the path of totality to a family members home.

    Love learning from you.

    1. Thank you. Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House indicates a lifetime of protection and good fortune with family finance; sexual and financial relationships; houses, land and apartments tied to relatives or partners. Skip the 8th, 9th for choices about this though. You cannot see what you are doing then.

  75. Good evening Jessica another detailed and informative article. I have my north and south nodes at 19 in Leo and Aquarius respectively and an Aries stellium. Any words of wisdom would be gratefully received. Thank you and have a wonderful long and restful weekend.

    1. Thank you. The lunar nodes in Aquarius-Leo show your last incarnation involved you heavily with a group, band, club, society, trade union, charity, political party or other network. You saw both sides of being in the circle, with a leader – and being the leader – surrounded by a circle. Rather like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Of course, the period in history where this happened may have been much later (or far earlier) but as Pluto is now in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of allies, friends and communities – deep change is here. For that reason alone you may want to skip the 8th, 9th for decisions and judgements, not only about those people and groups, but also about the personal impact of them.

  76. Dear Jessica, I am job hunting and seem to have lost track at the moment and am just too brain foggy (usually I can get a good grip and regain control, but somehow at the moment I am insecure due to my job loss). I am not really affected with the Eclilpse, as it seems. And checking jobs and hoping for a new employment in April/ May. Now I received an invite from the German job center to meet temporary work companies with job offers. That is what I exactly do not want and am trying to find a proper job with a company direct employed, very important financially. Being 60 now, it is not a good option in Germany going to temporary work. (I am having back problems – better to chose a job myself.) Now after the invite came, I looked in Tarot, as the invite is for the 9th April. I will have to go, but if I understand the Eclipse effect on me correct, it means not to decide or judge, but go there. So I can go, but keep quiet.The tarot card I drew for the Eclipse was the knight of wands, seems for me to fit in my current feeling. Is is right that it is about being focussed and proceeding with my plan? But I have to prepare for the meeting with the employment agency?

    1. The Knight of Wands in the Tarot shows you classic ‘eclipse blindness’ as when you examine the eyes of the knight, you will see they are unfocussed and milky. He cannot see where he is going. So you are being told to avoid the 8th, 9th to judge or act. He’s on a journey. So are you, with your C.V. in your hand, but you are doing this at the wrong time. Wait for the 10th and later to ‘see’ and be aware, as I’ve said before, Mercury Retrograde is with you until May 14th so have Plan B and C.

  77. Hi Jessica , thank you for your wonderful explanations and insights. I feel something big is on the horizon.I am 19sun taurus and a few factors at 18 degrees. Could you possibly give me guidance of how this will effect me ?

    1. Thank you. You shine at your brilliant best when you raise funds for charity; excel with house, land or apartment deals; find bargains; collect items that increase enormously in value. When you can’t do that, it really shows. When you receive the spotlight for your financial or philanthropic acumen, you almost glow in the dark. Pay attention to this side of your character and avoid April 8th, 9th for judgements or decisions about the same. Don’t switch banks, for example.

  78. Hi Jessica
    I’ll try again. I have a multitude of factors that I’m feeling quite concerned about, and would appreciate your insight please.
    Uranus 19° Virgo
    Aesculapia 19° Sag
    Pluto 18° Virgo
    Chiron 18° Pisces
    ASC 20°Libra
    DESC 20° Aries

    Thank you. S

    1. I’m sorry, there are now 20,289 questions in the queue this morning. This Total Eclipse is about work and health, foreigners and foreign countries for you. Skip judgements and actions regarding the same on April 8th, 9th. You would not see a doctor then and you would not book a trip to Europe then for example.

  79. Hi Jessica, thanks for another interesting article. I have an Aries stellium, my MC is at 19 Gemini, IC at 19 Sagittarius and Aesculapia at 19 Pisces. Do you have any words of wisdom? My partner and I are looking for our forever home at the moment. Currently, the New Zealand economy is in recession and literally hundreds of people are losing jobs in the city we live in (luckily our jobs are secure for now). Should we hold off for a better time to buy a house? Many thanks.

    1. Skip the 8th, 9th (in New Zealand it is a day later) for real estate and property as there will be millions of people caught in a national blind spot then. Your chances go up in the second half of April and you will save or make quite a lot of money then into the third week of May, if you reshuffle your options with a house, land, apartment or even an alternative residence or unusual property choice. There may also be other ways, quite separate from real estate, that you can strike a deal or make money – perhaps just save a small fortune.

  80. Hello Jessica

    I have Pancea at 19 libra! I am still single but dating. Have recently started a new job and sadly I am launching something new next week not perfect timing but out of my hands.

    What can I expect from all of this?



    1. Just don’t act on sexual relationships, dating, partnerships, former partners on April 8th and 9th, Kane. You will have the eclipse in opposition to Panacea in Libra in your Seventh House of marriage, divorce, de facto relationships.

  81. Hi Jessica, I wrote to you several times for insights but I guess destiny rules so I didn’t get a response. So I am working with my own feelings and conclusions and have decided that my relationship with him is over. That’s fine. It’s only about people after all. My focus now will be on how to work the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction to make my life work as I seem to have a big opening up ahead. Sun and Minerva 23 Taurus and both Jupiter and Uranus at 24 Cancer.

    1. My apologies, I have 20,295 questions in the queue this morning. You are in a fantastic position with finance and property in the second half of April. The opportunity will come out of the blue. It’s up to you to say yea or nay, but it will compensate for a relationship disappointment.

  82. Hi Jessica!
    Happy Easter!
    I started a new job back in April 2005 and I’m still there. Will I except to receive some sort of karma return around the eclipse. I have 19degrees in Aries on my MC if that’s relevant.

    1. Aries and Libra node cycles have nothing to do with jobs, so no there won’t be any karma with your career. If your birth time is strictly accurate then your MC at 19 Aries will be triggered on the 8th, 9th of April so avoid judging or acting about your vocation, aims, goals, position, mission and ambition on those dates.

  83. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for detailed post.
    I have an Aries stellium and my birthday is on the 8th. I have a potential job interview next week that happened out of nowhere but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to try for this role however I understand with mercury retrograde this is not the best time. What else should I be cautious about? Thank you for your time. I hope to see a response from you.

    1. Mercury Retrograde is just Plan B, C and D. It will concern your title, name, identity, reputation, appearance and may in fact be about your C.V. or a potential new business card. The Total Eclipse is on your Sun so skip the 8th, 9th regarding ‘Me’ issues. You can of course follow the job interview path but be aware of communication issues (for example, an email going to your spam filter) or the fact that what you are told, verbally, may be different to what is on paper later.

  84. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article and the weeklies. After reading the weekly for this week and I have 2 factors in Aries 0 one is 20 at Ops and the other is 16 at Aescalapia, can you please let me know how this eclipse affects my chart. Family and career/job and how it affects my chart. Thank you so much for your insights.

    1. Nothing to do with family, career but everything to do with your title, exterior, appearance, public face, reputation. Just bypass the 8th, 9th for decisions and actions about the same. You wouldn’t launch your YouTube channel on those days.

  85. Greetings Jessica!
    Thank you for a very informative article on the April eclipse. My IC is 27 Aries and would like to ask how the upcoming weather could develop in my chart? I’m feeling stronger and optimistic, while also regrouping and pausing a bit.
    Best to you,

    1. Vikki, thank you. Your IC depends on a strictly accurate birth time, but if you have it, then your ancestor was in the Army, Navy or Air Force or had a ‘military’ personality be she a woman or be he a man. That is where you come from and have inherited some of those traits. When you push forward, use your title, have an official ID, a particular ‘uniform’ and so on you are picking up your ancestry. Do not judge or act on that on April 8th, 9th as you will be completely in the dark.

  86. Hi Jessica, as always, I really appreciate your insights – and the care you extend to this community. My heart sank a little as I read about the eclipse. I’m feeling weary after a period of hard work, building my brand, developing products and business, growing the team, recovering from a recent surgery. Life has been a lot. Progress is happening, slowly, as the result of great hard work but I keep hoping that we’ll see a break through that will help to reward the exhaustion from the hustle. For me, my family and the amazing small but mighty team of humans that we’ve assembled. So, I’m wondering how to interpret the eclipse in light of all that – is it a setback? A betrayal? Could it be something else? I used the tarot with this question in mind – and received the King of Wands. Would greatly appreciate any consideration you can provide here – with gratitude for all you are and do –

    1. You have Juno at 19 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships, but also family and property. Skip the 8th and 9th of April for big decisions regarding the same; an inheritance, for example, or your partner wanting a new arrangement with you over an apartment. The King of Wands is a man with a plan; probably your husband given what you say. The man with the plan cannot see and does not know what is going on, on April 8th and 9th and should not proceed.

  87. Hello Jessica, Thank you for an amazing article. I have Minerva, Panacea and Fortuna at 19degrees. Would you be kind enough to let me know how I will be affected by this eclipse? Thank you in advance.

    1. Placements at 19 Gemini (the internet) and 19 Virgo (work, study, unpaid work) tell you exactly what the issue will be on April 8th and 9th, so that’s not a time to buy a computer, start a website, sign up to new social media website, sign a job contract and so on. You will not see or know what is going on. Thank you.

  88. Hi Jessica I have looked at my chart and there is an Aries stellium and both my ASC and DSC are near the 19 degrees you talk about here although I do not know my exact birth time. How do you see this impacting my work life? Thank you!

    1. Ignore the Ascendant and Descendant, if you don’t have a correct birth time. Having an Aries stellium in your First House of name, title, identity, appearance, reputation and ‘the exterior’ is the issue in April and May, with the usual need to sidestep decisions and action plans regarding the same on April 8th, 9th. Allow for delays, standstills and reversals with those matters until the middle of May. A business card may spell your name wrong, for example, or you may find the UK government makes inroads into your online identity with proposed new laws. You wouldn’t book cosmetic surgery without having a back-up plan in case the surgeon becomes infected with Covid and so on.

  89. Hi Jessica, I have my south node @ 3 Aries. Hygeia @19 Leo. Vesta @ 19 Leo.
    I am unsure about the value of the long distant intermittent relationship I have been in for over 10 years.
    It seems there is no reason to go on and no reason to give up. Will the eclipse help? I feel like the whole relationship is an eclipse.

    1. I am sorry you are in an unfulfilling long-distance relationship M. Skip the Total Eclipse as it aspects Hygiea at 19 Leo, in a conjunction with Uranus at 20 Leo, in your Fifth House of courtship and the bedroom. It also aspects Vesta at 19 Libra in the Seventh House of partnerships, but also open battles. You will not know, and cannot see, what is going on – April 8th, 9th. Neither act nor judge on those days. You’re flying blind. When we go to the actual chart pattern, it is quite unusual to have Hygiea in conjunction with Uranus in your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, babies, children, young people. Every time you try to protect the future, you run into upheaval that you never expected. It’s a common aspect in the charts of women who had abortions when younger and now take a very particular approach to sex, sometimes setting up relationships where there is no chance whatsoever of a) being pregnant or b) having to be a stepmother. We also have Hygiea, whose name lends herself to hygiene, being ‘on guard’ because of HIV-AIDS, other sexually transmitted issues (Covid is one of them) and so on. And yet every time you pursue prevention not cure (Hygiea is all about that) you also find the world turns upside-down. All this comes with Vesta in Libra, so you also find that one male/two+ female scenarios are part of the territory. All this eclipse is going to do is put all that in the dark for you for a day or two, so you just won’t make that the time you make any changes. When the lunar nodes go to 19 Aries-Libra in July and August 2025, that’s a real moment of truth for you with your on-off lover. That’s a crossroads that can only happen every two decades or so. There may even be another potential date in those two months, which takes you to the crossroads. Have a look at what it means to be born with Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House and Vesta in Libra in the Seventh House. I see a lot of pain with Vesta, carried by women, and it is usually because they have walked into a relationship (or even the pursuit of a relationship) where one male courts two or more females, including them. It can be a man with an ex-wife and two daughters, plus a couple of girlfriends. It can be an unfaithful husband who sleeps with female flight attendants (he’s the pilot). If any of this is ringing bells, go right into your Vesta placement in the Seventh House. The solution is always to reject the game and side with the other woman/the other women at his expense. Never seen it fail yet.

  90. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve looked through all the comments and not found anything specific to the orb of this eclipse. I’m therefore wondering how many degrees either side of 19 Aries is relevant. I have a heap of planets at 17 degrees throughout my chart (have always wondered what, if anything, is the significance of this), for example Vesta/Saturn in Capricorn; Uranus in Leo; Minerva/Fortuna in Gemini; Diana in Cancer. I also have asc/dsc at 20 degrees Cap/Can; Bacchus/Ops in Cancer, and Cupido in Pisces. Plus, Moon 21 Taurus. Nothing at all at 19 degrees and only a happily feisty Mars in Aries at 9 degrees.
    Your advice re names and identity is also of interest; I’m currently applying for an overseas scholarship, yet I have two names: the name I’ve been known by for several decades and which I also use in a professional capacity, and my ‘official’ name as it appears on all official documents. (Classic Gemini, I know!) I’ve done a stat dec to address this and which I’ll include in the application documents but thinking this could be my undoing in a system not geared towards such duality. Thoughts?
    P.s. was so wonderful to meet you in person in Melbourne the other week. I really enjoyed the afternoon and getting to spend some time chatting with you.

    1. Thanks for coming along to the Melbourne event, I must apologise again for the problems with both the laptop computers and the screen projector, as well as the failed Zoom connection for people trying to attend from overseas. Then of course I was locked out of the building twice…anyway, Justin is editing a brand new talk on the same subject which will appear shortly. You obviously know your astrology. The orb in modern astrology is only 0-1 for a natal chart and in a solar chart, absolute exactitude. So there’s nothing at 19 for you to be concerned with. I’m sure you wouldn’t take a fork in the road on April 8th, 9th anyway. Only silly billies think an eclipse is a clap-your-hands gift. As for academia, you have the classic Gemini-Sagittarius opposition of a lifelong student or teacher. Mercury at 11 Gemini is in opposition to Vulcano at 12 Sagittarius. They are both in aspect to Proserpina at 11 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, household, home town, homeland, house and apartment. This works for you all your life, however you play it. I should have thought that you would get a terrific offer, about this scholarship, or quite another opportunity, when Jupiter goes to 11, 12 Gemini in July 2024 and/or January, February, March 2025.

  91. Hi Jessica
    I have Mars 19 degrees Aries 45:59
    Could you help me with understand what this is for me ?
    Thank you very much

    1. To be born with Mars in Aries in the First House is to be at the forefront of any conflict or competition; you would be a good centre-forward in football and a very Roman soldier, or army officer on the front line. Mars in Aries in the First House is about all the heat and energy, all the drive to be first, to win – being poured into your reputation, title, appearance, image. Yet you would skip these matters on April 8th, 9th because you have no idea what is actually going on. Hang back.

  92. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your insights. Hoping Harry will Never be king!!
    I am wondering about my finances and career in the upcoming eclipse. Hopefully a change in the better from both, more stability!

    Thank you!


    1. I have to say, we have gone the full Tudor on this Pluto in Aquarius transit, also see when Henry VIII gave way to Bloody Mary and Elizabeth I and people feel just as emotional about it. An eclipse does nothing useful. It hides and conceals, what should be seen and known. So just skip it. If you want more money and a better job, K, the first thing to say is that the money you save or make in 2024 is an exact reflection of what you did 18-19 years before. So if you gave a lot of money to charity or did the right thing in terms of not selling out – you gain now. Your fellow Pisces Pattie Boyd just made millions on a sale of her possessions, including memorabilia from George Harrison. She obviously had good karma from that 18-19 year financial cycle and perhaps you have it too; you will know by January 2025. In career terms, you’d be seeking a new job in July, August 2024 when there are some useful transits in your solar Sixth House of work.

  93. Dear Jessica, as an Arian I found this article a great read and full of information that aligns and makes sense. Astrology is amazing especially when looking back on when things happened and what alignments were out there at the time. While on the topic of 19 degrees – I have it in my Moon, Ops and Venus. Recently stepped back from a voluntary situation which left me feeling mentally and physically spent as I knew I couldn’t have done anymore than I did. Not looking to embark on new initiatives for some time and from your words the 8th April is definitely out for me to make any serious decisions.

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, please do avoid that eclipse on April 8th, 9th for decisions. Libra, Taurus and Aquarius matters are best sidestepped. So that’s money, property, professional or sexual partnerships, conflicts, friendships and groups. That’s a lot of your life. Later on, when you have Mercury and Mars landing at 19 degrees in May, you will realise why you were so blind to what was actually going on, around April 8th. Because you have these factors all at 19 degrees in Libra, Taurus, Aquarius you do have a lifelong pattern of the money, the house, the apartment, the business, the valuables and/or the charity (Taurus) being tied to partners (Libra) or even opponents (Libra) but also friends and groups (Aquarius). It can work for you or against you depending on the astrological weather. I rather like transiting Jupiter at 19 Gemini as it will form a grand trine with your Aquarius and Libra factors, in April 2025. That is a special month when so much will skyrocket for you with circles, teams, communities, clubs – but also a dynamic duo. Robin to your Batman.

  94. Hello dear Jessica, I’m an Aries born on April 10th, with factors at 20 and 21 degrees… Will this eclipse affect me? I’m Gemini ascendant with Saturn in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer, Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Aries. Uranus in Libra. I’m a bit worried since eclipses near birthday seem dangerous… it’s 19 degrees so am I able to skip problems having no factors at 19?

    1. There’s no chart here so I can’t comment, except to say, we do allow a one-degree orb in modern astrology. You don’t say what you have at 19 degrees. Just skip life-changing paths on April 8th and 9th. The new Princess of Wales began her honeymoon with Prince Charles on the exact day of an eclipse. It took her on a voyage she never asked for. She had no idea what the agenda was, because she could not see and did not know. Later on, she did. And she got herself two very fine astrologers to help her; Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank.

  95. Hi Jessica, thanks for this article. I have Sun 19 Leo , Pluto 19 Virgo and Aesculapia 19 Pisces. Would you be able to explain what this eclipse means for me please? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. You shine at your brilliant best in courtship; in the bedroom; with babies, infants, children, young adults – a younger generation. This is lifelong. When you get it right you attract admiration and huge interest, as the spotlight turns on all you achieve. When you get it wrong you vow to try harder next time. Every single time you enter into this world of courting, sexual relationships, parenthood, or a guiding role with younger people – you also bring in major questions about how much control you have. This question about control and also (let’s face it) power is very much about your daily routine; your daily life; paid work; unpaid work; academia. It also triggers something far more mysterious, which is your spirituality, your belief in God or rejection of God, your path through the Tarot, self-help, counselling or hypnosis. Most of the time this is dormant, though lifelong, as I’ve said. When it is triggered by slow-moving transits at 19 degrees, though, it all comes to life and you have major choices to make. Uranus was just at 19 Taurus in the first half of March. So you had transiting Uranus square natal Sun and trine natal Pluto, sextile natal Aesculapia. Avoid the Total Eclipse at 19 Aries on April 8th, 9th as it will catch this pattern in your chart, the way a dark shadow catches us on a sunny day, and you will not have a clue about what is going on. Leave it. You’ll realise in May why you were right not to judge or act.

  96. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this excellent article.

    I’m really overwhelmed with non stop not fun stuff happening. Health has forced me to hermit (went into adrenal fatigue 2 months ago on the back of several years of mental, physical and emotional stress ) so I’m pretty bummed out reading about this eclipse! It all feels so horribly intense already. I live alone with physical disabilites and its a lot of mental gymnastics just dealing with life.

    I’ve got a stellium in Libra that has been the bane of my life. Mars at 19 Libra, Saturn at 21 Libra, Pluto at 26 Libra. ALL 3 are retrograde, and all three square Venus at 26 Capricorn. I found my “astrological twin” on a separate astrological website, and his chart was described as having a level of deadly difficulty in trying to find mental, emotional and physical balance. Reading that analysis felt like reading about my own life. That person ended his life a long time ago. Sometimes I think he had the right idea – I’m hanging on somehow because I promised myself I would do everything to heal myself before I take such a step, I am very tired though. It’s been a very harsh – and I know I’m not the only person to feel this way.

    Please can you help me understand how I should navigate the coming eclipse, other than suspending judgement and knowing I will be in the dark (Chiron opp Mars is exact on 4th April yikes. Jupiter conjunct Chiron on the 5th – more yikes!)

    I’m already under pressure with transit Chiron opposing my natal Mars and squaring North Node since last year, and it’s due to start opposing Saturn soon. I’ve been hammered in the last decade by Uranus, Saturn and Pluto walloping that stellium with hard transits, and Saturn going over my Venus, Moon and Sun. My body has struggled to heal from chronic health issues and I’ve been living in an emotional war zone for a long time. I’ve worked SO HARD to heal my traumas but I feel at the end of my rope – would really appreciate some hope.

    I’m an amateur astrologer, finances a bit tight since Saturn conjuncted my Venus, then Moon and Sun over the last 3-4 years. I feel depressed looking at upcoming transits, and this scary eclipse while confined to the house (the adrenal fatigue has limited my activities, I am meditating, eating VERY healthy and doing all I can to wholistically heal but my soul feels very weary, will the struggle ever end it asks!), and hoping I can be well enough to earn money to pay the bills!

    Thank you for your kindness in responding to people like me and for reading my long post. I’m Indian and also enjoy your articles on India very much!

    1. Okay, so there is no chart here, but from the start, I can talk to you about depression. You are allowed to feel depressed; you are living alone and you also have a disability. The Libra stellium is not your issue. I grant you, that it makes partnerships hard work, but it is not your core problem. I would guess it’s one or more Virgo factors in your Sixth House of mental and physical health, which also describes how you feel about work – paid work, housework, unpaid work, academic work. You need to do your chart properly. What you are talking about is Libra placements in the Seventh House of professional and sexual partnership, and sometimes open conflict. That has nothing to do with your adrenal fatigue. You are also cherrypicking transits and making yourself feel worse by interpreting them out of context. Go back to your Virgo placements, look at the Sixth House, do your chart with modern astrology, not old-fashioned 20th century astrology and see your options. I also strongly recommend you go to The Black Dog online. You have an illness called depression; you are not alone; there is help. You can also use the Tarot free on this website. Follow the steps. Find a path through this. This is the Black Dog website.

  97. Hi Jessica,

    I have Stelliums in Aries ( of which 1 is at 19 degrees Aries), Scorpio, Gemini & Aquarius. Your article talks about title/reputation/profile.
    I’ve been facing heat at work for past 1.5 years. Been at receiving end for politics/ micromanager boss/ NO bonus. Desperate for job change & i have even interviewed but no result yet. Any chance of successful job change ? I am feeling the heat even without the eclipse, i am very scared of being in this rut forever with no light.

    1. Skip the eclipse on April 8th, 9th for matters affecting your work title; your reputation (those phone calls employers make to previous employers) and the digital trail of the web, which of course shows you up on Facebook, Substack, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and the like. You have a rotten career situation, so we look to Virgo and/or Capricorn in your chart. Virgo rules your service and duty to bosses, clients, customers. Capricorn rules your ambition to get to the top of your field and stay there. Fortuna 13 Virgo and the IC at 13 Capricorn are in an exact trine. You have an ancestor who you have inherited career issues from. This relative in your family tree also faced challenges about success. He or she had to choose between moving (to do well in life) or staying nearer to family and home (but never making it). On another occasion they were doing well, in terms of status and success, in a distant city or country – but had to go back to where they came from. This is what you have inherited, as the IC or Immum Coeli and the MC or Midheaven, opposite, always show your roots and your astrological DNA. Fortuna in Virgo shows that you have no idea – how you affect bosses, colleagues, clients, staff – as you are blind to the impact you have. So that’s quite a hefty aspect in your chart and you have been going through transiting Uranus at 13 Taurus, triggering it. Now you have Saturn at 13 Pisces, also triggering it. The lunar nodes in Aries and Libra go to 13 degrees from June 4th to 11th so try again. You are in a completely different situation in June and would do extremely well with two languages; a heavily internet-based role (or roles, plural); a return to education to improve your net worth in the marketplace; a career which involves you far more with communication. Not only are the nodes triggering your chart, you also have Jupiter with all his good fortune and big solutions in Gemini, in your Third House, for the first time in 12 years. You are strongly Gemini and were born to connect people, places and ideas. So hop to it.

  98. Hello Jessica

    My NN / SN is 19 degrees in Aquarius / Leo…not sure what other factors I have at 19 off hand, but those I’m certain of. I’ve been dealing with a very messy estate situation for 3+ years due to a relative’s passing away. Had a positive glimmer materialize in court on March 5th, after a long exhaustive process to remove a derelict executor from the estate, which has recently been met with antagonizing obstruction antics from the losing side. Was thinking of listing the property from the estate for sale during May and traveling for my birthday in the first week of May. Any suggestions would be appreciated… thank you Jessica ✨

    1. The Aries 19 Total Eclipse will aspect your lunar nodes on April 8th, 9th so avoid judging or acting on – friends, groups, courtship, the bedroom, babies, children and young adults. It passes soon enough. I am more concerned about you taking the wrong road with friendship or particular circles of people as it can take years for a Total Eclipse to gradually release its secrets and you simply do not know (or cannot see) what is going on – you also have Pluto in Aquarius for around the next 20 years. If any of this is relevant to your inheritance then of course you would not make choices or take action at all, on April 8th and 9th. The Eighth House is tenanted by Aesculapia at 23 Scorpio in opposition to Saturn at 24 Taurus in the Second House. That is your entire problem. You are waiting for two things here. Jupiter to go to 23, 24 Taurus and Uranus to go to 23, 24 Taurus. It will end the obstruction. It will not be easy. You will gain from it. The dates for Jupiter to transit 23, 24 Taurus are April 27th until May 4th. The dates for Uranus to do the same are later, but close – May 12th until June 16th. There is an enormous inner conflict here between your values (your life budget) and that of family members and partners. When you hit transits at 23, 24 Taurus and/or Scorpio you find external conflict too. And that is exactly what has been happening to you. Yet, April 27th to June 16th will sort it out for you, if you accept the answer being offered. Do not let ‘perfect’ stop ‘good’ in your life. Seriously consider this option.

  99. Dear Jessica, As always it was an extremely interesting read. I do admie your vast knowledge and ability to interpret so many astrological aspects together with wordly events. Yet I would like to ask about some private matters: Could you please look closer at my chart as I have a lot in Aries? I would be also very grateful if you can say how the Aries weather and the eclipse affect my Mom who is a Sun Gemini 19 degrees as she has had a very responsible job for 2 years that means a lot of health issues and a difficult relationship with her sister and mother for many a year. And one more global thing: do you see any chances to stop the cruel war in Ukraine and prevent the ”global disaster” related to Russia, North Korea or any other nuclear power country? All the best as it is still Easter – Adari

    1. Thank you Adari and Happy Easter. You have Diana at Aries one degree off the eclipse, in your First House of reputation, title, appearances and image. Diana shows your need to be completely at liberty here; you dislike being told how to dress or what to do with your branding. You are a free spirit, wholly independent and want to be ‘Me’ without compromise. That eclipse will land on Diana in your chart so please skip April 8th and 9th for (say) a new profile on Substack or YouTube; an oil painting of yourself; a matter relating to your profile on Linked In and so on. Particularly, your identity and any attempt by corporations like Apple or the government where you live, to take over. Don’t judge or act on eclipse days; do it later. As a whole, Mercury Retrograde in Aries until May 14th, but also Mars in Aries and the North Node in Aries, Chiron too – through May, June – suggest you need to put a lot of time and energy into your title, look and reputation. Far more than usual. Allow for delays, stop-start and cancellations regarding the same until the 14th and do your homework even if making decisions after that. Regarding your mother, she should skip April 8th, 9th for choices or actions about friends and groups. Her relationship with her sister will improve from May 26th 2024 and if she accepts the solutions be totally resolved by June 2025. Finally, Ukraine – the answer always was, always will be, NATO and the United Nations as well as the EU and quite frankly, the Kremlin does not stand a chance. We’ll see why once and for all at the end of 2024, but please remember, the Kremlin actually lost that war on Ukraine, just as Biden said, a long time ago. They’re just refusing to up sticks.

  100. Hello Jessica
    You have certainly given us all much to think about recently, both globally and personally, regarding the Aries Eclipse, Mercury retrograde in Aries, then the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus later in April. Thank You. I personally have an 18 degree pattern – Sun and Hygeia at 18 Cancer, Diana at 18 Taurus and Aesculapia at 18 Virgo. I also have aspects in Aries – Fortuna at 1 degree, Panacea at 9 degrees and South Node at 7 degrees. I guess these degrees will not be hit by Mercury retrograde until May. Hopefully you can see my full chart as I am logged in as a premium member. My story is that I want to purchase a different home. I’ve been in a position to do this since 2018 but ‘various things’ have been ‘getting in the way’. My financial position has become a bit more comfortable over these years. Incidentally/actually, a loved one who I first met in August 1996, played a part in this. He came back to me in April 2019 after a couple of years of not hearing from him. I understand that 2019 was my Jupiter return year and he was a larger than life Sagittarian sun sign – Jupiter himself! Also, we both have South Node Aries/North Node Libra. There was something karmic about it with a feeling of knowing him in a former life. We never lived together but remained in communication from 2019. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer and died six months later. This more or less coincided with last years eclipses – 7th April (Full moon Libra eclipse) he informed me he had cancer, 25th September he died ( a few days before Full moon Aries eclipse at 6 degrees, where my nodes are). Incredibly, I got to know he had died somewhat later on 15th October (UK) another eclipse (after he’d been buried). Astrology!!??!!
    Regarding the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus, I have Jupiter at 22 degrees Scorpio! and (if my mum remembered correctly as I think this is timing specific) IC at 23 degrees Cancer and MC at 23 degrees Capricorn. My situation is not just about wanting to move house, it’s about meeting change with change which you wrote about several years ago and juggling those things in the two money houses for the better. I would very much appreciate your interpretation of my chart over the next couple of months. thanking you in advance. M

    1. Thank you M. The Cancer, Virgo, Taurus line-up in your chart at 18 degrees is about houses, apartments, lifestyle and money. So skip that on the Total Eclipse dates of April 8th and 9th please. It is at 19 Aries, close enough to leave you in the dark – so don’t judge or act on those matters, on those days. You have been through a lot and are ready to write a new book, never mind a new chapter. When is a good time to do this? Well, Jupiter with all his expansion, hope, growth, opportunity and solutions will line up with Uranus with all his freedom, independence, space, exhilaration and autonomy at that rare 21, 22 sequence as April closes. Jupiter at 22 Scorpio in your Eighth House will be opposed by transiting Jupiter and Uranus, so this will be about finance, property, charity, business, valuables – in the context of a family member, new partner, former partner or someone/something so intensely personal it’s on a similar level. I won’t use the angles as you have a round-minute birth time which indicates guessing and mothers are often slightly out (or midwives and fathers, the same). The Jupiter opposition is enough. This same ‘more money/bigger money/more savings/more gains’ message comes through your solar chart as a Cancerian. For the first time in 248 years you have Pluto with all his empowerment in your Eighth House. Same thing. Usually sexual and financial relationships or family-based property agreements. Transiting Jupiter in opposition to natal Jupiter can only help you in life, yet there will be an inner conflict, or perhaps polar opposites. Your values may not agree with other people’s values on a matter, even though you stand to save or gain. Transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Jupiter is the wow-factor shock that challenges you to go back to all that helps you financially in life, be it the value of some shares or a legacy which you had no idea named you. Oppositions are just like the opposition in football. Yours is within you and also outside you, so there will be a tussle as April ends. Yet, you may say yes to what/who is on offer then. Rare, rare opportunity.

  101. Hi Jessica !! thanks for the great insights
    I have OPS 19 in Sagittarius and Libra Stellium
    can you please share how this eclipse impacts me


    1. Thank you. You were born with Ops at 19 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners, foreign countries, the worldwide web, academia and publishing. Ops represents that part of your personality which is practical, pragmatic, optimistic (she is Jupiter’s mother), can-do and patient. You attract issues to resolve, all your life, and resolve them this way. So, for example, problems with people from other cultures, countries, foreign religions – language barriers – is one example. Another is the worldwide web itself. Because the eclipse will trine Ops from 19 Aries avoid all the matters mentioned above, on April 8th and 9th. You will be hoodwinked if you take a particular path and it can lead you astray for years. Remember, Princess Diana went on her honeymoon with Prince Charles on the day of a Leo eclipse. It would be years before she realised just how ambitious Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles was, for the crown. She took a cruise and ended up miles away from port.

  102. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your insight.
    It’s true, all you have said and for some reason I haven’t cared that much. I can drop the relationship like a stone. It was just a distraction really, I know that there is no real value in it. It’s all been a game and I’ve been playing my part. Sometimes it takes a while for the proof to be known.

  103. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for keeping us informed about the current astrological weather and for leaving no stone unturned when talking about the details of this critical month. I’ll definitely be reading your article more than once!

    I recently became aware that the 2017 and 2024 total solar eclipses criss cross over an area of the US called the New Madrid Fault Line, which was named, after a series of earthquakes struck this area from December 1811 to February 1812. Some of the cities near this crossing are Saint Louis, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; and Nashville, Tennessee. More interesting is that these earthquakes occurred between two total eclipses. The first was a total solar in Aries in March 1811. The other was a total lunar in Virgo in February 1812. I hope for the sake of people living in that part of the country, that history doesn’t repeat itself, but the upcoming total eclipse crossing over that fault line in Aries again is hard to ignore.

    Is this something we should be concerned about in the US?

    Thank you,

    1. Cristina, no stone unturned is absolutely right. I don’t often spend an awful lot of time on an eclipse but this one has long-term implications reaching into the years ahead, as Saturn also goes into Aries. I’ll talk more about that in The Astrology Show out this weekend. You’re picking up on earthquakes on eclipses and the expert here on lunar cycles and earth tremors is Richard Nolle, who has appeared in The Washington Post among other media. He coined the phrase Supermoon. I would not link an earthquake in America to the Total Eclipse at 19 Aries, but I would definitely watch out for a major diversion or distraction from a digital ID, face recognition or self-ID matter, on those days. Don’t be hoodwinked, remember how ID cards were used in the last war. America is absolutely vulnerable to that as this Total Eclipse picks up the work/health sector of the national chart. Any kind of digital profiling or ID capture should be questioned hard.

  104. Hi Jessica
    I have Fortuna at 19 Aries and I am almost scared to ask what that means. Any insight would be appreciated.
    Kind regards

    1. Too funny. Julie it’s about your name, identity, profile, image, appearance. So let April 8th, 9th pass you by. No decisions or actions. And watch out for your government or a corporation like Facebook trying to distract you from what they are really up to with your ID online.

  105. Hi Jessica,

    I have my moon in 9 degrees Aries and Panacea in 10 degrees Aries. I have 19 degrees in North Node Capricorn and 19 degrees in South Node Cancer. My usual worries are always around my career and my job. As you had successfully predicted for me a month or two back that my bad manager has nothing on me and she is “seen” the way she is (because she really had it out for me to a point where she put me on a performance improvement program with vengeance), she has now resigned and leaving the company which helps me a lot. However, in all this process, I am in the process of interviewing in another company and tomorrow is the final round of the interview before the negotiations begin. You had also mentioned in the previous reading that aside from looking for internal moves i should also look for other companies externally which I am doing, and successfully landed interview for a slightly bigger role.

    My request/question would be if the interview goes successful and the negotiations begin – how will the factors in my birth chart affect me? Also, is this role/job/career going to be successful for me and bring me good career progression? Is there anything else in my chart that shows I need to be wary of or be concerned?

    Thank you.

    1. I am pleased to hear the astrology was correct for you and that your bad manager resigned. You are now looking for another job in a different company; you are also interviewing for a bigger role in your existing firm. Skip the eclipse on April 8th and 9th for any judgements or actions about your career. Let it go. It’s the same with decisions about your apartment, house, family, town, country. Let the eclipse pass you by. From that point on, life becomes easier. My original prediction for you holds.

  106. Thanks so much Jessica for the clarity on Bulls charging the Wall Street. Really appreciate your time. Look forward to the week of April 18th – April 26th, 2024.

  107. Hi Jessica, thank you very much for this article and all the thorough detail. I’m a Leo sun with aries factors in my first house. I have some big decisions ahead (planning for an Adriatic cruise, moving to Texas with my family – the Dallas area, directly in the eclipse path) and I was wondering how I might be affected with the eclipse during the retrograde?

    1. You don’t say when you intend to cruise or move to the Dallas area. If it is before May 14th then allow for cancellations, delays, rescheduling. Often a Covid outbreak will stop a cruise. If you are travelling or moving after May 14th then Mercury Retrograde in your Ninth House of foreign places and people is over. The communication, information and transportation issues stop. You don’t say if you are in the US or not. If you are in the US then Dallas, Texas isn’t foreign (quite obviously) so not a concern, assuming you are not actually choosing April 8th and 9th to move there (in the total eclipse). If you are outside the US then again, you would allow for cancellation, delay or rescheduling if you were emigrating to Texas.

  108. Hi Jessica! Thank you for another fantastic article. I am curious to know how this eclipse will affect me. I have my sun at 20 degrees Aries and mars 18 degrees Virgo? I have a lot going in right now with work/career and dating. Would appreciate any thoughts! Xx

    1. Thank you. You have Mars at 18 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, daily routine, lifestyle, health, fitness, mental health, service, duty, unpaid work, housework and study. You have a lifelong pattern of pushing hard here; competing to win; fighting back if there is conflict; moving faster than others. Mars in Virgo in the Sixth House suits marathon sprinters, for example, or fiercely determined staff members who want to hit their targets at great speed and outdo the competition. All of this general tendency is in the frame on April 8th and 9th. Health on all levels is a particular issue with this eclipse. Reserve judgement until the 10th and following on, say, career issues or what your doctor might say – or what a new diet suggests. If you can choose to make life-changing work or wellbeing choices at any time at all you would put it off until after May 14th when Mercury (which rules Virgo and thus your Sixth House) is no longer retrograde.

  109. Hi, Jessica! Thank you for your incredible insights. I have the following 19 degree placements:
    Saturn 19 Aries (1st House)
    Fortuna 19 Libra (7th House)
    Diana 19 Virgo (6th House)
    I also have my Moon very close at 20 Sagittarius
    MC @ 21 Capricorn & IC @ 21 Cancer
    I would be grateful for your thoughts and insights as I’ve been healing from a betrayal/traumatic experience since July 2022, and I’m hoping that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks so much in advance for your time!

    1. Yes, you have an opposition from Saturn at 19 Aries (your name, reputation, appearance is hard work) to Fortuna at 19 Libra (partnerships always find you spinning the wheel of fate and fortune for your partner, without any idea about what you are doing). Skip ‘me’ choices and partnership choices on that eclipse. Diana is also pulled in, through your Sixth House of workload and health. So you wouldn’t have a check-up that day, for example – or apply for a new job.

  110. Thanks so much for this article, Jessica. Would love your thoughts on how this may affect me. I have my descendant in Aries at 19, plus sun (cancer) and ascendant (libra). Hope this is a jump start for career although I won’t make any decisions or commitments over the eclipse period! thank you xx

    1. Your Ascendant and Descendant depend upon a strictly accurate birth time. If you have it, they reveal your opposite number (Aries Descendant) and your public profile (Libra Ascendant). Assuming the angles are correct, you would avoid judging or acting on same, on Eclipse day. Your Sun at 19 Cancer is about the family; your town; country; household; property. So avoid those choices, that day.

  111. Hello Jessica!.. My moon (Taurus), my asc. (Scorpio), Dsc (Tau), my North node (sag), and South Node (Gem)are all 19°. That’s a lot of different areas of my chart, and I plan on laying low. If you have any advice , I would very much appreciate it.

    1. You don’t even have to lie low. The Total Eclipse will put you in the dark, about money, property, business and charity. About foreigners and foreign countries. About the internet. About brothers, sisters, cousins. So skip judging a situation then or acting upon it. Eclipses are really common-sense. You just don’t assume anything, about the area of life affected. To go back to the most notorious eclipse of the Eighties, Princess Diana and Prince Charles had it (in Leo) in their zone of courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. So as they set sail on honeymoon, on the exact day of that Leo eclipse, they were both in the dark about Harry, yet to come.

  112. Hi Jessica! Again a very interesting article! Would love your insight in chiron at 19 degrees in Aquarius in my chart.
    I have an x-ray appointment of my osteoarthritis hands that day (8. of April). (And at I have chiron in my 6. house)
    Will they not see anything on the x-rays or will I have to do it again? I also have appointment to ergonomy the same day. What to expect?

    And my son has his moon in Aries at 18 degrees, should he dont act on his feelings that day? Thank you

    1. This is quite important as you have an X-Ray on the Total Eclipse. You have Juno at 18 Gemini in your chart in the Third House of writing, computers, typing, communication. This is using the Natural House System that I have trusted for, I suppose, about 20 years. Your hands are of course a Third House matter. In fact, Gemini, which rules the Third House, rules the hands. Go ahead but realise you will not see, the real story. The most important, hidden factor will be completely missing even though it is very much present. Your son’s chart isn’t relevant, but yours is. You have the Moon at 12 Virgo; do me a favour and make your health your main focus this year, next year. Saturn has opposed your Moon recently from 12 Pisces. It’s just sensible to have thorough check-ups and to cross-check things. You are also having an appointment for ergonomics on the Total Eclipse. Something is ringing big bells here; if you have to start all over again by mid-May that’s absolutely fine. And do make this a priority. You’ll have greater accuracy and more information with your health later.

  113. Dear Jessica, I have to ask one more question: I have Hygeia in Aries, and I am going for an appointment on the 11. og April to do something necessary for surgery in the summer/fall. Since saturn will be in Aries until 2025 will it be wise to wait?

    1. The only real issue here is the Aries Total Eclipse on the 8th, 9th and that’s it. Avoid those days please. You will likely see rescheduling or rewriting of the original plan for surgery until mid-May. That’s something you can deal with, of course. After that life becomes a lot more simple. My main concern as an astrologer is that people are walking right into a Digital ID/Facial Recognition trap on April 8th and 9th and it will be very, very hard to deal with in the long years ahead.

  114. Hi Jessica … i like many of your readers am wondering how i can avoid any detrimental impact from this eclipse. More so that i got married on a total solar eclipse on july 10th 2010 19 degrees cancer! With my sun at 17 capricorn and MC at 18 capricorn and venus at 19 aquarius the astrology clicked in.. I was divorced three years later after the marriage has turned my whole life upsidedown.

    I will definitely be lying low and avoiding making any decisions, commitments on this one!

    1. No need to worry. Just skip new paths on that New Moon eclipse. You know exactly what I am talking about, because you got married on a total Solar Eclipse. It was right on your Sun, MC and Venus and unfortunately you could not see/did not know – all you needed to. Now you are divorced. I can understand why you would be concerned about the April 8th, 9th eclipse. Forewarned is forearmed, though and this time you will not get married on it. Or move on it. Or sign a contract and so on. It falls in your solar Fourth House of family, property, town and country, household and home. In your natal Fourth House you have the IC (Immum Coeli) at 18 Cancer and of course the Total Eclipse at 19 Aries will form a square to this. Please don’t judge or act about these matters, then. You will see why twice in May. Astrology is just navigation…

  115. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you and Tess are well. My beautiful dog walked over the rainbow bridge two weeks ago. He was the absolute best dog but got cancer and I decided it was time . He was ten years , he had a wonderful life and was so loved and I made a promise that i would never let him suffer so I let him go before the cancer made him to sick. I do miss him and grieve him with all my heart. The first days I could feel him still being around in spirit . I know i did the right thing but letting go is hard. He was my souldog. A stubborn taurus just like me , I thank him everyday for being a part of my life.
    I always read your blog and also follow you on substack and twitter , but it has been awhile since I left a comment on your blog . I am a psychic as well and I am often given clues or information about what to come. I was looking through my notes but the only thing I could find that might be a hint about the birdflu coming from Texas was that in january I saw airplanes standing on the ground , and then on the 29/3 I got the following- what no one thought could happen.
    I am not sure if my guides are pointing to a new pandemic so I tuned in and asked the Tarot on your website what we can’t see and what is hidden from us regarding the birdflu- and the answer was eight of cups. My feeling when looking at the card is that they are trying to control the virus by putting down animals. Big companies and farmers are trying their best to downplay and control the virus but while I am writing this I also get a strong sense of dread that the virus is actually two different viruses . It is two seperate things happening at once. I am not getting any answers if we are heading towards a new global pandemic or if it will be controlled.
    My guides have their focus on a big bomb that is coming that will change the world political scene. Also they been saying for a while that Charles will step down but not because of cancer, it is actually his heart disease that is his biggest health concern.
    Can I ask you how my Uranus in scorpio on 19 degrees will be affected on the eclipse? I also have mars at 18 degrees Aries.
    Best wishes/ Anna

    1. Thank you Anna. Tess is very well and on her dog holidays, which she has every month with her human friend Susan. I am so sorry you have had to let your own animal friend go. Well done on forgiving him the suffering. A long time ago, when another dog I knew went to spirit, I was told by my guides, that they know their passing opens up a place for a stray or homeless dog, to go to a new home. So they pass the baton. When I went for a walk on the day this particular dog was put to sleep, all the local dogs barked and barked, behind their gates. It was the strangest thing. They were passing on a message from him, or issuing a tribute to him. I am glad you are also a psychic. Thank you for the message about planes on the ground. This fits for me, and is from now through May 14th in Texas. I believe you are right about two different viruses. We have the one that very, very smart medical experts like Dr. Ding are warning us about on Twitter. Then there is a second. This is the classic cover up we expect to see on April 8th and 9th. All eyes on Bird Flu, nobody is looking at what is being quite hidden. And so to Charles…he will step down, because of heart disease, you think? You also need to know about Uranus at 19 Scorpio in your Eighth House on the Total Eclipse. Anna, your guides will tell you this, but avoid judging or acting about money, shares, insurance, a house or apartment, charity, business, valuables. You just won’t see who or what you need to see!

  116. Hi Jessica, what can I expect from this eclipse, I have Venus in Aries 19, and Mercury’s in Gemini 19 degrees. Feeling nervous!

    1. You can expect an issue to arise which concerns your digital ID, any identity cards or papers, your face, name, title, profile (on Facebook if you are even on there) and your exterior. On April 8th and 9th do not act on the issue, or draw any conclusions. You will be distracted by the wrong thing and not see the real truth of the matter. In May, you will realise why that was the right decision.

  117. Hi Jessica

    I have both Fortuna and Bacchus in Capricorn at 19 degrees and Volcano in Aries at 20 degrees, would be any impact from this eclipse on my chart please? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much!


    1. Skip April 8th and 9th for judgements or action plans about your career, unpaid work or academic career, specifically in relation to your job title, qualifications, profile, reputation, appearance. You will not know and will not see, what the truth actually is, Lauren, so you’re better off sidestepping that eclipse.

  118. 21 August 2017 employment terminated.

    Jupiter 19 degrees Cancer at birth.

    Neptune 19 degrees Scorpio at birth.

    Can I expect something next week out of the blue also?

    thank you…

    1. Skip the Aries 19 Eclipse on April 8th, 9th as it will leave you in the dark about real estate, the family, the household, your home town and homeland (Cancer) and finance (Scorpio). This is a totally different chart transit to 2017. If you want to know what a Total Eclipse does, you always look beyond the dazzling distraction and diversion, and go to what/who is being overshadowed. You then accept that behind this shadow, there is … nothing you can see. And yet what is invisible, is the real story, and the months and years will reveal that. And that’s why you never, ever judge or act on a Total Eclipse. Just think – Diana. Charles. Camilla. Then you will remember.

  119. Dear Jessica, this article and the comments are fascinating, do you really see Harry doing anything altruistic for his country and family? That would be something!

    I realise I have a stellium in Aries and am planning to hunker down and avoid major decisions during the time. However, since last year, I have been in deep study of theology and I am on the way to conversion (after religious instruction is completed a few months down the line).

    This would definitely impact my image (which Aries rules) as an academically inclined, slightly introverted person . Already, I sense people close to me’s disapproval especially towards the Catholic Church. It doesn’t bother me but I’m curious as to what in my chart (if anything) triggered this. Because the desire came from literally out of the blue and since then, I’ve put in 100’s of hours of study.

    The other strange thing is that early this year, I’d signed up for a 2 week long women-only trip overseas which starts this month on the 12th. The last time I was on holiday was 12 years ago and definitely was not overseas!

    Will be taking all Covid precautions but would be grateful for any inputs as to why I’m following such a different path according to my chart. Any insights would be welcome!! Thank you.

    1. Prince Harry is part of a much bigger issue affecting the Special Relationship between America and Britain, which the Kremlin seeks to destroy. Only once that is fixed (both his Canadian and American homes came from rich Russians) can anything really shift. Meanwhile you want to convert to Roman Catholicism, which Harry’s mother Diana was drawn to as well. Chiron at 29 Pisces is your whole answer. Chiron is a symbol of what you can get away with; how you can stretch yourself; how you can achieve what others say you should not, could not and must not – and yet you do. Pisces the fishes represent Christianity. You are going over towards a branch of Christianity which others disapprove of; that’s classic Chiron. The trigger for your situation is Pluto at 29 Capricorn; transiting Pluto sextile natal Chiron for the first time in 248 years. I’m glad you are taking all Covid precautions on your trip.

  120. Hi Jessica:

    I am hoping you see this – I know you get so many comments and many eagerly and appreciative of a responsive – I will try again….I do so enjoy reading your articles either way.

    I do have factors at 19 degrees. Will this Aries and Eclipse affect me in any way?

    ASC 19 Sagittarius
    Jupiter 19 Scorpio
    Juno 19 Taurus
    DESC 19 Gemini

    What does this mean for me?

    I have so much going on and so many decisions with my life to make but most especially right night the decision on where to move to, when and how. At my age, divorced, I have lived feeling very displaced and so very much to want to belong and own a home. I fear of running out of money, and I am scared to put the money down on purchasing a home, and yet, feel like I am throwing money away renting a home. I am struggling as to what direction to work towards. I work really hard, and very long hours, and have no support or help. I have always leaned on my father, who I can no longer for advise, as he has Alzheimers, so its been a real mental challenge. I made an offer on a property, but the Seller was being unreasonable, and I pulled away. Maybe I was glad because I was scared to go to the next step. But I felt like he was not disclosing all information. So, again, I am in limbo. Any advise in this area of home would also be helpful ….. will I find something soon. I have to make a decision this month and my Landlord wants me to move out (or another catch, buy the house I am renting from him!!)

    1. Thank you, I am just sitting down at my desk with a cup of tea on Sunday morning, and your comment is at the top of the screen. You will be affected by the Total Eclipse and it will be very much about money, property, charity, valuables or business. Leave that well alone on April 8th, 9th please. You are renting a home and want to buy; your dad also has Alzheimer’s Disease. Your landlord wants you to buy the property in April or move out. These decisions can’t be rushed and yet your landlord is trying to do that. Jupiter at 19 Scorpio and Juno at 19 Taurus are in opposition in your chart in the Eighth House of inheritance, mortgage, partnership finance and family assets or debts – to the Second House of your own income and bank account. All this is down to Jupiter going across 19 Taurus and Uranus going across 19 Taurus; it’s triggered the offer and the ultimatum. Now we have the eclipse going to 19 Aries, for good measure. So leave Monday and Tuesday alone, even if others want you to discuss or read. The good news is, you will always be protected and sometimes generously blessed, financially, with your natal Jupiter in Scorpio in the Eighth House. This entire question of home and family will deliver for you when transiting Jupiter goes into Cancer and your Fourth House of real estate and clan, from June 2025 into 2026. So long-term this doesn’t matter. You don’t mention your mum; I assume she has passed. Have a word with her in spirit, or other family, and clearly state what you need help with. You would obviously include your father in that request as he is part of the story for you. Watch for obvious signs (give a time-frame too). The astrology shows that the two big obstacles have passed; the eviction notice and your rejection of a possible purchase. You would also benefit from going online and reading forums in your local area, but also your country, and learning from the hive mind of others who are renting and dealing with the property market. Sometimes you need to see what is actually going on out there – that can help answer questions your dad can no longer help with.

  121. Hi Jessica! I have a stellium in Aries, include Chiron. Can you please let me know how this eclipse affects me? Thanks so much!

    1. The classic Total Eclipse cover-up consists of someone/something shining brightly in the spotlight (all eyes there). Behind this person/situation/organisation/place is a shadow. What or whom is hidden in the shadows is the real story. Yet, behind even this, there is a completely missing picture. And that, in the months and years ahead, turns out to be the truth that was never seen. The actual sign of the eclipse tells you what it’s about. In Aries, it is about identity; facial recognition technology; Facebook; digital profiling. With your stellium in Aries you are absolutely in the zone for a cover-up regarding that so be sharply aware of it on April 8th and 9th.

  122. Hi Jessica, I always follow your comments, and your insight helps me try to tune in to what is going on around me. I have been doing my best with the upcoming eclipse to lie low, but certainly volatility has been finding me! Vulcano at 19 Pisces is the one 19 degree in my chart. Two days back, late at night we were confronted with a police helicopter overhead and multiple squard cars, as the police traced an escapee criminal to our yard, they believed he was hiding on our property (wasnt found though). Yesterday I withdrew from a group lunch with my good Pisces friend, to avoid tension brewing between other lunch goers. Thought I would wait for better times. And then last night, my 19 year old Capricorn son was driving my car when he was hit by someone who was clearly driving aggressively. Anyway, I kept cool and have now diverted the drama to the insurers (still, it may or may not be expensive for us, regardless of fault). Incidentally, that morning I drew the Wheel of Fortune tarot, and felt the Devil jumping out at me. I like your last comment on your post about Somethings Up. Simplistically, as far as financial markets, with gold and silver skyrocketing, something is around the corner. Do you see a period of astrological society calm returning in the years ahead?

    1. The Total Eclipse is not yet here, so your issues with the escaped criminal and the car accident involving your son are down to other things. In any case, the Total Eclipse truth will be completely invisible to us until we begin to realise what we were not seeing, in May. What you have been going through is a T-Square to Vesta at 15 Cancer in your Fourth House of family and home. So, your property and your boy. The North Node at 15 Aries, South Node at 15 Libra, form the ‘T’ in the square at the moment, which is quite rare. I don’t know what your Tarot question was that day, so can’t comment on that. The financial markets? Well, we are up for the deal of the decade in the final two weeks of April as the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus takes hold. It will be a shock bargain that would completely alter the world economy. I am beginning to wonder if this is the Kremlin, but Uranus has a way of confounding all predictions.

  123. Hi Jessica, thanks for all your insight.
    I have Chiron at Aries 19. I’m baffled with the eclipse. Can you advise please

    1. In astrology, a Total Solar Eclipse is when there are three factors in a situation. One brilliant, bright, lit up and dazzling. That’s the Moon. It conceals the real story which is the Sun. (The Moon actually covers the face of the Sun.) There is a third factor – the Earth. That’s who and what is beyond awareness. No need to be baffled by a Total Solar Eclipse. History has been telling us what they are all about for centuries. The most famous example is the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on 31st July 1981. The honeymoon of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Diana was the Moon. Charles was the Sun. Camilla was the Earth. We all saw Diana. We didn’t look at Charles. Nobody even realised Camilla was there. The sign of a Total Solar Eclipse tells you where the cover-up is – what the cover-up is all about – who and what is being concealed – what the impact will be, if you make the mistake of beginning anything that day. Charles and Diana chose to conceive the future king, William, on a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, on the first night of their honeymoon. Leo always has been, always will be, the sign of kings. So you see…Just knowing you have Chiron in Aries, the sign of image, name, reputation, appearance, identity (and I’ll say it again – digital identity, Facebook, facial recognition technology) should be enough to make you consciously avoid decisions regarding the same on 8th April.

  124. Thankyou Jessica for the information. For interest, I just looked up Jakes birth chart on, his Natal Moon is at 15 Libra.(4/1/2005 8.23 am). And, was surprised, but not surprised, he is a strong believer in Justice (hence distraught over the accident), and studying Law. Libra. Astrology works.

  125. Hi Jessica. What impact this eclipse has on someone with 0 degrees in Aries as a Libra Sun? I am aware of eclipse’s “blind spot” and am planning just to stay inside and not to make any big decisions around this eclipse. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You didn’t have to stay inside, but that Total Eclipse was definitely a signal not to make big decisions, or even just take a fork in the road. We now know the Bondi killer invited strangers to meet him on the beach on that eclipse. That is a good example of what I am talking about. You just swerve to avoid- that’s astrology. You may have had something far less risky, but avoidance is wise on an eclipse, no matter if it’s accepting a job, or inspecting a home for purchase and so on.

  126. Thanks for this Jessica. Sitting tight today – manage to push back a job interview until Wednesday the 10th.
    Meantime would love your thoughts on being born with multiple planets/asteroids retrograde. I think I have 10? Does this mean I am a late bloomer or what? 🙂

    1. Thank you. Being born with retrogrades means, every so often, a planet comes along at the same zodiac sign and degree (by transit) and you go backwards and forwards. You are rather like a person who paces back and forth, or stops, stands still, then reverses. It’s not there all the time, but with your three Retrograde Gemini factors in the Third House, for example, you will habitually stall with the internet, the media, your car or public transport, short trips. This will happen again when Jupiter goes into Gemini May 2024 to June 2025.

  127. Hi Jessica

    With just Fortuna at 19 Aries, in its most simple terms is this about not seeing and not knowing how I affect someone else’s life path?

    Thank you

    1. I am just catching up with comments. You were quite correct. I assume you did not take a fork in the road on the Total Eclipse. It may be only now that you realise why that was sensible – or it may be obvious in May.

  128. Hi Jessica,
    You are the only astrologer for me whose predictions have been on point so far, so thank you for being you.
    Today, I learned about my ex-father-in-law’s passing away. He lived in New York and was only 74 …had a very healthy lifestyle (was a doctor himself). The incident took place an hour after the earthquake in NY.

    May I please get your guidance on how this eclipse will impact me? As I understand eclipse impact goes on for 6 months?

    Thank you in advance

    1. I am sorry that your former father-in-law has passed away; this shows in your chart through your Libra stellium, which rules your former partner. The South Node of karma is going through there and triggering what you owe, or what is owed to you, spiritually. Eclipses affect you for years, not six months. By now this eclipse will have passed, and you will have bypassed acting or judging on important matters. This particular eclipse, which I predicted would be about Facebook and digital ID (listen to The Astrology Show, recorded last week) has in fact shown up with both Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

  129. Hi Jessica. It is April 8 in Brisbane, just hours from the total Eclipse. I can feel the energy right now. It does feel foggy. I have Jupiter in Aries 19 degrees, so I think I will stay home tomorrow. This 19 degree in Aries Eclipse also happened in 2005 when Prince Charles married Camilla on April 8 in London. I wonder how this Aries 19 degree Eclipse will affect their anniversary. Fascinating!

    1. Yes, Charles seems to choose eclipses (unwisely) for his weddings and also his apparent coronation. I say ‘apparent’ because of course the wedding to Camilla, the day after a total eclipse, on 9th April 2005, was illegal. That’s why the papers on the same have been sealed until Charles is dead. Here we are again with the 19 Aries Total Eclipse crossing the original position of the Sun at 19 Aries back on 9th April 2005, at 12.30pm in Windsor. I expect this particular cover-up will be about her name. She is still Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles in the eyes of the Vatican; the Roman Catholic church have never annulled the first marriage to Andrew Parker-Bowles. (Or if they have, it’s never been released to the public). If not her name, it will be about her title: ‘The Queen.’ Thank you for reminding me of this very important cover-up now. The plotting and planning is positively Tudor.

  130. Good evening Jessica,

    I have Fortuna 19° Scorpio and Minerva 19° Sagittarius, I am still trying to figure out which areas of my life this eclipse will affect within my chart but cannot make sense of it? I looked this up as much as I could via your site but am still not sure. Thank you for all you do and your wisdom in helping others understand astrology and how it works.

    Kind regards

    1. Karina, the Total Eclipse has now passed, but as Scorpio rules finance and Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries, that is where your blind spot was. So presumably you didn’t judge or act too dramatically. In general, the Total Eclipse in Aries was about our online identity and privacy and Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg both played it out. In your own life, it will not be until May that you realise why you were right not to push ahead with choices with finance, property, business, charity (Scorpio) and foreigners, foreign countries, the web, publishing, academia (Sagittarius) back in April.

  131. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you are well.
    I just wanted to “testify” about the pre-effects of the total solar eclipse on me… I woke up terrified this morning (April 8th) at about 4.30 a.m seeing “a circle of fire” covered by a black spot; feeling threatened to death by two very instrusive young women, preventing me from studying or concentrating despite me trying to negotiate with them. Hating me without any reason (jealousy? I’m not even sure) and displaying devilish black graffs and death rats in pale pink stuff and boxes (this type of colour reminds me of my passed friend (guide) who wore a pale-pink shirt the last time I saw her (she was killed the next day).
    I was absolutely terrified and started to pray grabbing my Lourdes medal superstitiously in my hand…
    The context is: my landlord has (legally) raised up my rent despite my sensible arguments … He also said (through my real state agency) that he will not give me notice to leave (my three year contract ends on April 1st 2025), but considering the eclipse I’m not sure he will not change his opinion (and he will also raise the rent every year…). My new neighbours are still unexpectedly noisy at times – but I have the support of other neighbours and I had an otitis on my left ear due to imposed placement at work (despite my negociations), I have since then stopped that temp mission for health reason (no regrets but it was unfortunately well-paid). I have also been asked to reimburse an amount by the administration whereas I’m sure this is a mistake…
    The truth is, I used to make terrifying nightmares and even became physically sick which somehow foreshadowed terrible events (terrorist attacks in Paris in Nov 2015, Oct 7th in Israël and more personal (my dog death when I was 8 and my friend’s death except that I saw myself dying in her home instead)… I also wanted to pursue a writing project which is blocked due to lack of money and time (which she had always encouraged me to do…)
    Sorry for sharing this, I know it’s pretty heavy stuff and I know I’m going through (another) existential crisis where nothing makes sense and I have to reconsider my mental health, my work, my projects etc…. Is this due to my 19° Sun Taurus, Uranus at 20°, the previous eclipse in Libra (my 6th house) and the fact that I’m transiting my 12th house? I’m supposed to have Jupiter in my Sun Sign but it doesn’t seem much positive! I would very much appreciate some advice if you will. You don’t have to.
    Thank you very much.
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you. The first thing to say is that you need to close down your chakras and protect your aura. You are wide open, particularly with your crown, third eye and throat chakra and nightmares and ear issues are a sure sign of overload above the neck. So follow tried, tested and trusted techniques to do this. YouTube is a good source. I work with many experts like Paul Fenton-Smith who have these kinds of methods. The other thing to say is that the eclipse has now passed and presumably you avoided acting or judging – good. You obviously want to move. You are lucky to have a stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of apartments and houses, including lucky Jupiter, which protects. This will come to life during the Cancer weather of June, July 2024 so you don’t have long to wait for a solution.

  132. Hi Jessica

    Love the 3 factors in a situation to explain the Total Solar Eclipse, e.g. the public spectacle/royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Camilla in plain sight and no one seeing her.

    My boyfriend’s grandmother knew at the time that Charles had a lover (Camilla) just before he married Diana. I dismissed what she said because I wanted to believe in the fairytale. Like most of us did. If only I knew astrology then.

    Have you seen Magenta Pixie’s YouTube video ‘The quest of Katarina, Princess of Dolphins’? Princess Dinara is involved and it sums up where we are now.

    I have an accurate birth time. So MC (highest achievement) 19 Aries (identity/title), IC (roots/people pleasing) 19 Libra (partners/duels) and Salacia (two work worlds) 19 Capricorn (goals/status). Right now, I read this as striving for two work worlds is square MC and stuck/can’t be fixed if you like because holding on to safety or roots or background. There are parts of me that have shifted for the better. It’s a win when acknowledging this. I think this week’s Podcast picked this up. Amazing.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards


    1. Thanks Julie. The Rule of Three is a good one, when checking any eclipse. (Sun, Moon and Earth). That’s amazing that your boyfriend’s grandmother knew Charles was already in love with Camilla when he wed Diana. And no, I’ve not seen the video; I’ll have a look. Your chart is ‘never rains but it pours’ with the line-up at 19 degrees. That’s a T-Square. A Cardinal T-Square, in fact. The classic solution for a T-Square is to add people who break it up. So, those who also have 19 degree placements in different signs will help turn your T-Square into a lot of trines and sextiles for example. This is Sacred Geometry. The link to the feature is here; it’s so old that Asporea are updating some of the visuals, but the information is there.

  133. Morning Jessica, a news item this morning April 8 is about a person’s data privacy and an attempt to form national standards in the USA! Idea is to Limit data collection and that consumers would be able to access this (what was once was secret) stored data and edit it or delete it. Americans could sue big companies if bill passes……Just on the spot, Jessica, as you wrote and spoke of this in the last week around this eclipse. Thank you! Best, Cecelia

    1. This is great, thanks Cecelia, for being on the case. The American Privacy Rights Act is indeed this Total Eclipse in Aries. And…what do you know, Facebook appears in the reportage. I’ll post this on Twitter. That’s where the other story is, of course – Elon Musk and Brazil. Something is very much up with our reputations, names, identities and profiles on the internet.

  134. Hi Jessica,
    A total solar eclipse would seem to be a portent for something BIG. But this one seems bigger – it being in Aries. Isn’t Aries the beginning of the astrological year? The saying that the darkest hour is the one before the dawn is relevant here. What can you tell us for the global situation?
    I have several factors in Aries – Venus, MC and Psyche as well as the looming influence of a Jupiter/Uranus conjunct in Taurus (I am a natal Taurus with both Jupiter and Uranus at 24 Cancer). What’s up ahead? Thank you. Emma x

    1. The Total Eclipse in Aries rules our faces, identity and online profiling. There is always a three-way pattern on eclipses. The main event or star of the show. The real star of the show, which is ‘eclipsed’ or blacked out/blotted out/obscured. Finally, the shadow. And in the shadow, all you can ever see is…nothing at all…yet it will be the truth of the matter. Emma, this is Elon Musk. He called for the resignation of Justice Alexandre de Moraes who ordered Twitter to block far-right users. Something in the shadows here may well be Musk’s “Twitter Files”, where journalists are being given access to the social network’s internal records. Also in the shadows may be Facebook. Elon Musk is the Sun, he is eclipsing Justice de Moraes but the real story is the other social network. Perhaps. By now you will have avoided judging or acting on matters of image, identity, profile, reputation and appearance. When you do not know and cannot see, it’s best to avoid making a move. Later on you will realise…’Oh. That’s why!’

  135. Hello Jessica,

    Hope this note finds you well. I’ve been trying to hear your thoughts on how this eclipse might impact me. I have Juno at 19 Libra and Bacchus at 19 Sagittarius so I’d assume I’ll be directly affected.

    I’ve been traveling internationally since last June, waiting for my immigration case to finalize so I can move back home to the States. I’ve been traveling while waiting and also been continuing my studies online.

    Do you foresee any possible changes in personal or professional life? I can’t wait to apply for jobs when I go back to the states after many years of studying. I’m also single and have no kids.

    Please let me know if anything. I greatly appreciate your time and insights.


    1. The Total Eclipse is now overhead Heesoo so I assume that you’ve just delayed acting or judging on matters of partnership or conflict (Libra) and foreigners and foreign countries (Sagittarius). You would not have focussed on your immigration case, for example. You want to go home to America and find a new career. You will be offered amazing opportunities professionally or academically in May and June and from that, can decide where to live – and how to live.

  136. Hi, Thank you for always sharing and taking your time to respond to each of us.
    A few weeks ago my dog died. He was such a loving companion, but now, out of that sadness, it has triggered me to do extensive clearing out and paring down of my house and property.
    My chart is lit up right now with the eclipse highlighting several planets in all the Cardinal signs. Plus, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is exactly conjunct my sun and activating other planets at 20, 21, and 22 degrees. Would you please offer some insights as to how to use all of this energy and how it might affect me?
    Thank you.

    1. I am sorry you lost your animal friend. So, the Total Eclipse is now moving across the sky and you will be avoiding judgement or action regarding your online identity, in particular. Elon Musk is in charge of that for a large section of the world and of course, he not only viewed that eclipse in Austin, he has a court order from Brazil – just in. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is more important. Vulcano at 22 Taurus in opposition to Minerva at 23 Scorpio in your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance, will be triggered. That’s the main story. It’s about a beneficial (Jupiter) radical change (Uranus) to your bank account (Taurus) but also the house and property (Scorpio) which will likely involve your legacy to others (Scorpio) but also your own life budget (Taurus). It will come out of the blue. It will be a tug of war between your values and his/her/their values – but it can work for you. You may not take the opportunity. That can happen too.

  137. Thank you Jessica. This was such a tremendous help for the eclipse. I decided to stay inside and work with the tarot on your site to ask the question you suggested in a previous post: “What characteristics and traits should I cultivate to be happiest in this lifetime?” I drew the Five of Wands, which has me a little puzzled. (Should I cultivated skills of diplomacy/mediation? Or should I walk away from dysfunctional groups?). So I asked for clarity in the second card and got The Lovers. I take this to mean that my happiness will be found in a partnership instead of a group. Am I on the right track? Thank you kindly Jessica! I hope you had a good start to your week.

    1. Thank you. The Five of Wands has you squarely with groups, all your life, which do not unite – but could do. You’d suspect Aquarius factors in your Eleventh House of teams, clubs, societies, associations, communities – the South Node at 20 Aquarius is in exact aspect to Neptune at 20 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries – and both are in aspect to the North Node at 20 Leo. Your Tarot has been true to you and told you what your chart suggests; your happiness will always come from making a collective work, even if there are huge differences in the personalities and approaches of those within the circle. You asked for clarity and drew The Lovers. Both cards agree – you asked what would clear up your confusion about the first card. The second card told you; within one or more groups over your lifetime you will find proper, old-fashioned, intensely romantic love on offer. One thinks of The Beatles; a creative extended group with Yoko Ono, Linda McCartney, Brian Epstein, George Martin around the circle. Yet within this circle two very famous marriages were formed.

  138. Good Afternoon Jessica, I’m glad the eclipse is over and look forward to finding out what has been hidden in plain sight.
    Just a query about my weekly horoscope – it says that I have a large lump sum of money available to me. Could you share some insight of where this would come from? Should I buy a lotto ticket? Money is very tight at the moment, and we have been borrowing a car for a year while we try and save for a new (second hand) one – not to mention other living expenses. So to read my horoscope this week gave me great hope!

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Capricorn you have Pluto and Psyche in Aquarius now in your Second House of finance, business, charity and bargains (savings). That’s not happened for 248 years, so it’s potentially quite big for you. The trine from Minerva at 1 Gemini to Pluto at 1 Aquarius is setting up a situation where you don’t have to actually make things happen – so no lottery ticket – but you do need to accept a really tempting option. Strangely not everybody does. But it sounds as if you will reach for this. Keep your eyes open.

  139. Hi Jessica ,first of all thanks for all the work you do, and thanks for responding to a question I asked a few months back.

    Today is the day after the Eclipse and this is what has happened. For anyone reading’s benefit I am a capricorn sun, scorpio moon, aries rising.

    Despite my best intentions, I have played the part of the “toxic ex” this month, recently attempting in vain to re-open a relationship (or situationship) with little long term prospects for my ex and myself (she says she doesn’t want kids in future, while I do, meanwhile I have always been ‘too close to my family / not independent enough’ for her liking). During the time we were together, I was working for my family and living at home. I now have an independent job but still live at home, as I want to save quicker. We were together for about 9 months, and I was the one that originally broke things up because I felt those irreconcilable differences would mean more pain for us down the track. She is quite a stubborn person and doesn’t compromise much whereas I have been the opposite. We continued as close friends for about 2 years until last week when she let on she had just started seeing someone. She also recently moved to Wollongong, 3 hours away, which was putting nails in the coffin. In response to learning of this, I uncharacteristically poured my heart out to her via text last Friday. Her response was basically this was too much too late, and says she needs ‘time to process this’ with no contact since. At the moment, I feel all kinds of mixed up about it, but clearly she has moved on and I am expecting she will soon come back to suggest we cut contact. While I agree it’s better we both move on this way, still, it feels awful. I am a scorpio moon so I feel things well enough but have trouble outwardly express at best of time. Last night (Eclipse night) I dreamt I had a festering rotten tooth in my mouth, and I was trying to save it, but ultimately, it fell out. This morning, although it sounds stupid, I suddenly realised in the 2 years past hadn’t allowed myself to move on, date a single other person because I was still so invested in this connection (which bizarrely, I was the one that put the original distance on). If we were to get back together, I doubt things would be much different, unless she did a 180 about the kids thing and accepted my situation. Ah, such is life.

    I felt quite hard on myself about this whole ex situation. In the past I see I have been far too kind and giving away my power, and I have let people take advantage of my good nature, so perhaps the dream is reminding me that continually doing this feeds resentment and anger that only hurts me (like a festering tooth). I resolve that, after this full moon I want to work on becoming a more assertive person, fighting for my own wellbeing foremost, and stop giving in to what others want. i.e. stop punish myself by limiting myself to unhealthy, unfulfulling relationships.

    To cap off the eclipse mayhem this afternoon, when I’m finding it hard enough to stay focussed given the emotional drama, my boss at work zooms us and announces he does not want to continue to employ me as a consultant (paid quite handsomely by the hour) and wants me to move to a permanent part time position instead. We have not discussed money yet, but I am certain his offer will be a reduction in the amount I get paid with no change to the hours. As it is I am often stretched near breaking point by the demands of the job (construction project management), but to me it has been bearable since I benefit by earning more money the more I work. I feel inclined to tell him to take a hike, before taking one myself, but given the eclipse, do you think it might be wise to try and put off the negotiation until after the month has passed, to see the situation clearer? Or should I start looking for new jobs now. As far as I can tell, my immediate boss is happy with my work, it is just the bigger boss is occasionally a pain in the ass / looking to cut costs.

    Jessica, I understand if you don’t have time to respond, there are many questions asked and mine is a very long read, and anyway it is mostly for my own benefit, as a cathartic release on this eventful past month. Thanks and take care.

    1. I am glad the astrology helped before; it is here to help again. Basically you are having a solar chart transit of Uranus in the Fifth House (transiting Uranus in the Fifth House) and it is about a long revolution concerning fatherhood. You want children and your former partner does not. This is quite a long cycle and it started in 2018; it won’t end until 2026. It may help to realise that you have plenty of time to find a path towards parenthood. One of the quite common things about this cycle is that you can be liberated from ever having to be a father, by falling in love with a woman who has no intention of becoming a mother. So you don’t have to make that decision about babies; somebody else’s refusal to do that, gives you independence as a man. It will help to really examine your deepest, truest feelings about having children in the light of this. Would there be another partner who grants you children, if you are convinced you want them? Yes. She may have a child from a previous relationship or want pregnancy. That is actually what this whole cycle is all about. It is also possible that the last thing you expected will happen and your ex will change her mind. If this were to happen, then it would happen by the time Jupiter leaves your Fifth House (he is there alongside Uranus) in May. In general, this cycle is about situations you never expected, with courtship, the bedroom and offspring, so ‘never say never’ is not a bad approach; stay open to situations which give you freedom, space and independence in matters of the heart. Be careful even with a one-night-stand with someone new, though; she may become pregnant. That can happen on this cycle! The pay situation at work has arrived on Mercury Retrograde so it may not be until May 14th that you’ve finished going back and forth with negotiations. You have it in Aries in your solar chart Fourth House of property and you work in construction; treat this like a tennis match and keep the ball going back and forth. You will ultimately end up with real financial power long-term, but for now you have to accept classic Mercury Retrograde outcomes, with stop-start, standstill and reversal in the discussions with him/them. The issue for them is a similar state of flux with their suppliers, billers and so on.

  140. Thank you very much Jessica for your quick answer and very good advice. I feel understood. Gratitude for everything you do. Take care.

  141. Hi Jessica, have you seen the news? King Charles and our new bank notes with his face on them, images released today, this ties in with eclipse astrology doesn’t it? It seems to fit the pattern…
    While I’m here, can you tell me anything about the current transits in relation to my birthchart? Thanks so much, JND X

    1. I still don’t call Charles III, King, because history will prove that the Camilla Parker-Bowles marriage was not legal nor constitutional according to the laws of old England. That is why the papers PM Tony Blair oversaw, were sealed until Charles’s death. Freedom of Information has not secured them either. So the notes are quite consciously crown-free. While you are here, Pluto and the Moon in Virgo in your Sixth House of lifestyle, wellbeing, workload, duty, service and work ethic are primed for a trine from Jupiter, so do all you can by the end of May, to take the opportunities and solutions. It may be a new job. It may be a walking group starting near you.

  142. Hi Jessica reposting here in case I’m lucky. Ive trying to understand the Aries (and Libra) factors in my chart. In terms of career duets I will be ending a longterm professional relationship soon (one that aligns almost exactly with 19 years ago) but on a personal level i cant make much sense of it. No duels or duets in sight and 19 years ago I was just coming out of a bad breakup. Any light you can shed is very much appreciated! Thank you for all you do.

    1. I’ve just sat down at my desk on Monday morning and your question is the last on the screen for today. You are in fact living your chart. You are ending a long-term professional relationship. That was your duet. This is the Aries-Libra node cycle. You had karma left over from 19 years ago and through this new ending are finding closure, even with those very old issues.

  143. Hi Jessica,

    Please may I have guidance on my birth chart please as I have ASV 22 Aquarius 19’ 22”
    DESC 22 Leo 19’ 22” and Psych 17 Scorpio 17’ 19” and I’m unsure what that means for me regarding eclipse and retrograde please thank you kindly

    1. Well, the Total Eclipse has gone now, and I am hoping you didn’t do anything new, or judge a situation with new eyes, as you would have been put on a different path in your life with zero visibility or awareness.

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