Dr. Who Astrology! The New Horoscope

Dr. Who, like all television series, has a birth chart or natal horoscope. Babies are born, and dramas begin - and so it is with the Doctor.

Dr. Who, like all television series, has a birth chart or natal horoscope. Babies are born, and dramas begin – and so it is with the Doctor, born back in the Sixties, when the Sun was in the sign of the traveller and explorer – Sagittarius – and the Time Lord in the Tardis landed on the BBC.

Did you know Dr. Who actor David Tennant is anti-astrology? Strange, when you see how accurate the doctor’s birth chart is. Still, that’s Aries for you. Always trying to start a fight (Tennant was born with the Sun in Aries, like that other famous astrology hater, Professor Richard Dawkins). The current Dr. Who, Peter Capaldi, is another Sun in Aries actor.

Tennant in The Mirror, when he was 36 years old and rising to fame, said –

“There are get-out clauses everywhere you go. If nothing comes of the predictions, you conveniently forget about it.

“And the one day of the year you do meet a tall dark stranger you say, ‘You see, Mystic Meg was right’. It’s absolute nonsense.”

When you look at the way Dr. Who tends to be ‘born’ in particular zodiac signs and avoid the rest though (never Taurus, never Libra) – it would seem that despite Tennant’s widely broadcast views, the horoscopes ring true.



Tennant (who rose to fame, then died in the role, below) was not the only Sun Aries on the show. Patrick Troughton and Peter Davison were also born with that zodiac sign. Peter Capaldi is the latest Aries doctor, and in fact, the current series was also ‘born’ in Aries. So…to quote the Radio Times, as the finale begins, Who’s Next? As this particular series (and new doctor) will reincarnate on Sunday 16th July 2017, one thing we do know is – this is a caring, emotional, patriotic, family-conscious, Cancerian replacement. And oh, how that Tardis will feature. (The Tardis being the new Cancerian doctor’s natural home). Or are we about to be sent hurtling back towards Gallifrey, the homeland?

Capaldi Who 450x600 - Dr. Who Astrology! The New Horoscope



As we’ve seen, the new 2017 doctor will be ‘born’ on Sunday 16th July 2017 in the afternoon, London time. We’re told ‘after Wimbledon’. In any case, this makes the new incarnation a Sun Cancerian. But not only that – the full chart is heavily Cancerian.

This brings us to a key point about Doctors, Who (plural). The actors have their own particular astrological birth charts and Sun Signs. When each is ‘born’ into the part, though, there is also an incarnation sign. Some of them work very well and we see those actors achieving cult status in the part. Jon Pertwee. Tom Baker. Matt Smith. Others? Not so well. It all comes down to that strange combination of the actor’s Sun sign and the ‘sign’ the new doctor incarnates under.

This time round, with that Cancerian incarnation so we are looking at a mothering, nurturing, caring, patriotic type. Will the new Dr. Who be a woman? It would fit the astrological weather of Sunday 16th July 2017 very well. This new doctor will arrive with the Sun, Mars and Ceres in Cancer. If this is a man, then he’ll owe more to the Jon Pertwee incarnation than any other doctor. Why? Mr. Pertwee was the only Cancerian doctor in the history of the show. Cancer is a female sign, though, so perhaps this is a mother. Maybe a grandmother? Cancer is the sign associated with Mum/Mom above all other symbols. You couldn’t get much further away from former incarnations like Mr. Tennant (below).


tennant dies  - Dr. Who Astrology! The New Horoscope
David Tennant is anti-astrology



Each series has a sign or theme – this particular 2017 series is Aries. It launched on the BBC with the Sun in the zodiac sign of Aries with a Sun Aries actor, Peter Capaldi.  It’s all about action, speed, conflict, violence, heat and loud bangs. Tennant (above) who ‘died’ in the role was a Sun Aries too, as we’ve seen. So were Patrick Troughton and Peter Davison. So, there’s some Aries DNA with the Doctor.

Here’s the BBC series trailer: Peter Capaldi, is following in that particularly tense, wired, hard-man, action-packed Dr. Who tradition. Yet, the vastly different doctors (and series) tell us about another theme. A theme about to be revived – in the presence of Jon Pertwee, who was a Sun Cancerian actor whose spirit is about to be triggered by the new Sun Cancerian doctor.




Astrologers are rightly fascinated by Dr. Who because it is all about alternative time – which happens to be our particular branch of the multiverse. Astrology Research looked at the Dr. Who charts a while ago, if you are curious. He wrote –

The New Doctor Who – Astrology of a Time Lord

It’s difficult to know how to write an astrology article about someone who doesn’t exist in time. The question of when to write it is equally tricky, but now seems like the right time, particularly as every 8 year old boy in the country is in a state of heightened excitement in anticipation of the next series with the new incarnation of the Doctor.

It makes interesting reading, with hindsight!



The series itself has incorporated astrology into storylines in the past.

Mr Smith once revealed to Luke Smith that many planets, like Draconia, had a kind of astrology. (TVSecrets of the Stars) The source of Mr Smith’s information may not have been accurate, however, as the Draconian, Salamanca, once told his human captain, Gillian Sherwin, “Draconia has no astrology.” (PROSEThe Dark Path)



Five years ago, The Oxford Astrologer  on her website, defined the doctor as an astrological story of ‘loneliness and wonder’ which is very interesting.

She wrote, “I vowed a long time ago not to watch Doctor Who until he regenerated as a woman. So far, the Doctor has had 11 incarnations, each with his own take on the character but none with a different gender…”

Watch this space!



Everyone agrees that they have their favourites (or otherwise) in the long history of the show. It would seem there are good doctors, bad doctors and the rest. A lot of this is purely subjective as Dr. Who locks into our childhoods and teenage years. It’s a personal thing. Yet, even though Aries David Tennant (below) disagrees with his fellow Who co-star Catherine Tate about astrology (she is a fan) – the fact is, the series shows definite trends in favour of some zodiac signs and away from others. The Dr. Who actors tend to be born with the Sun in some signs, and not others. The incarnated doctors are ‘born’ with a big spike in the graph, in favour of particular zodiac signs and when each series gives birth to a new version of the old doctor that reincarnation also favours some zodiac signs and not others.



Here is a quick rundown of the incarnated (reborn) Doctors Who and their zodiac signs. We have 12 doctors, so by the law of averages, every doctor should be born with the Sun in a different sign – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

In fact, the doctors skew wildly in favour of  Scorpio and Capricorn.



We have two Scorpio, three Capricorn, three Gemini, two Aries, one Pisces and one Virgo doctor on our list. This is well against the statistical averages we might expect to see, in this very tiny sample. The fact is, no Dr. Who has ever been reborn under Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius. The absence of Sagittarius as a whole, is is very strange when you consider the series, overall, is Sagittarian. |

Hartnell Incarnation Scorpio
Troughton incarnation Scorpio
Pertwee incarnation Capricorn
Baker incarnation Gemini
Davison incarnation Aries
Baker incarnation Pisces
McCoy incarnation Virgo
McGann incarnation Gemini
Eccleston incarnation Aries
Tennant incarnation Gemini
Smith incarnation Capricorn
Capaldi incarnation Capricorn



The July 16th 2017 incarnation of a new Dr. Who to replace Peter Capaldi is unusual. This is the first Cancer incarnation of a doctor in the history of the series. Every doctor we see is a combination of the Sun sign of the actor and the actual ‘rebirth’ of the doctor, so we end up with some interesting combinations – yet the zodiac sign of Cancer hardly ever features. Matt Smith (below) was a hugely popular doctor – born with the Sun in Scorpio, but he was ‘born’ on the show with the Sun in Capricorn. This pulls in the television DNA of the very first doctor (William Hartnell) who also had the Scorpio-Capricorn combination. This time round we are looking at an absolute first. A complete one-off.

It’s about a female, or a female who needs to be released. Liberated. Is this our new Doctor Who, or yet another version of a very familiar story in the show – about a woman in need of saving? Cancer has always been the sign to associate with deep questions about femininity, the female condition, a woman’s lot and the rest. This seems likely to be played out in the plot for the 17th July show, but also on a more complex level, through the reincarnation ahead. It’s all a bit like the Suffragettes at the turn of last century, or Women’s Liberation in the early 1970’s. Not typical of the show at all. In fact, the new ‘Cancerian’ Doctor Who will be much more about family, country, home, belonging – and less about Daleks.



Dr who Matt Smith - Dr. Who Astrology! The New Horoscope



If you’re a complete Whovian, and you also know your astrology, you will see how the dual signs of each doctor measure up. Note that Peter Davison is both an Aries Sun and was an Aries incarnated Doctor. Colin Baker was a Gemini, playing a Gemini-style Doctor. Read the two signs together and you’ll see just why those actors gave those performances, at those times.

William Hartnell Capricorn/Dr. Who incarnation Scorpio
Tom Baker Capricorn/ Dr. Who incarnation Gemini
Christopher Eccleston  Aquarius/Dr. Who incarnation Aries
Patrick Troughton Aries/ Dr. Who incarnation Scorpio
Peter Davison Aries/ Dr. Who incarnation Aries
David Tennant Aries. Dr. Who incarnation Gemini
Colin Baker Gemini/ Dr. Who incarnation Gemini
Jon Pertwee Cancerian/Dr. Who incarnation Capricorn
McCoy Leo/ Dr. Who incarnation Virgo
Matt Smith Scorpio/Dr. Who incarnation Capricorn
Paul McGann Scorpio/ Dr. Who incarnation Gemini



When you look at the doctors who lasted longest, or attracted the most obsessive fandom, it’s interesting to see that it’s often a matter of chance. Actors with zodiac signs that are most compatible with their ‘doctor’ sign, when they take the part, tend to do better overall. Paul McGann, though we love him in Withnail and I, is a brooding, complex, dark, passionate Sun Scorpio actor type, but they launched him as a Gemini doctor. Now, that was never going to last long…for whatever reason!

The new Dr. Who of July 2017 is strongly Cancerian with a chart heavily loaded with that sign – and the only time we have ever seen this particular sign feature so heavily in the show is with Jon Pertwee, who was born with the Sun in the sign of Cancer the crab (patriotic, protective) and into a Dr. Who incarnation that was Capricorn (cautious, careful).

If this new Doctor is a woman, as many Who fans are betting (or even a heavily feminine man), he/she will have family lineage with another doctor – right away. There will be a bloodline, as Cancer is always deeply concerned with her/his relatives! And if this is a man? Expect just a hint of Jon Pertwee in the spirit of the new series – and our much-awaited new doctor. The show that has been with us for over fifty years gives astrologers wonderful research material. Now, set your remote.


Dr Who Paul McGann - Dr. Who Astrology! The New Horoscope





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  2. Wow I loved this article, thanks Jessica.

    Having been riveted to Dr Who – gosh B&W TV back then – I loved JP and sorely missed him for years. I did switch off for a long time and jumped back in only 8 or so years ago.

    Anyway, as a lover of Cancerian men in general it seems (ex husband, best friend and way too many clingy lovers 🙂 i would LOVE to see a Sagittarian (las I am)…and a woman for sure will add much scope to this new era.

    Here’s to an exciting new chapter!

  3. Hi Jessica

    I love your take on all these fascinating subjects !

    I maybe wrong but I have not seen many sports persons in the mix, would you consider at some point in the future doing a chart for Rafael Nadal and his contemporaries. I am the biggest fan girl and have been since I was 14.

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    1. Thank you. The only sport I have any interest in is football, and I did so many predictions about FIFA that I have taken a break from sport astrology to concentrate on … Doctor Who! Cheers, for the compliment.

  4. Well done Jessica! Just been announced and sure enough the next dr who is a woman!
    Amazing accuracy as always!

  5. So excited to hear Jodie Whittaker is the new Dr Who, Capricorn with Aries. Spot on Jessica.

    1. The first Cancer incarnation in the history of the series. I just find this so interesting. I wonder when we’ll discover her secret daughter/son – or perhaps she’ll become pregnant. Am I reading the scriptwriters’ minds here? It’s just astrology…

  6. So a woman it is – Jodie Whittaker- but another Gemini. Is it something to do with a Gemini / Sagittarian opposition?

    1. It looks as though we don’t have verified data for Jodie Whittaker, but just seeing the chart for the new doctor’s ‘birth’ on the show (which we can time to the minute_ we know for sure that a major storyline will revolve around family – mothers/grandmothers in particular. I love the close-up of the key in her hand. That’s a Cancerian doctor coming home! So typical of the sign.

  7. Correction: her Wikipedia page says 3 June 1982. At least 2 other astrology sites list her as 3 January 1982. This is confusing.

    1. Thank you. I think the Astrological Association and/or Frank Clifford, the data collector, will be on the case immediately. At least we know she is an ‘incarnate’ Cancerian. It’s hugely exciting.

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