Jupiter in Libra – Grab Those Opportunities!

You can create more equal partnerships now! Jupiter is here for a few more weeks - do use them.

Do you need closure with your former partner so you can shift emotional baggage and move into a better new relationship, next time round? Are you getting in your own way, if you are single, and do you need to remove some obstacles to future love, with a little learning? Do you just need to meet someone? Maybe you want to move in together, get married, or have a child. Perhaps your marriage is on the rocks and you are longing for a solution. Essentially, what we all want is a balanced set of scales. Now, this is possible. Your love life prediction to Tuesday 10th October 2017 is simple. You can create more equal partnerships now! Jupiter is here for a few more weeks – do use them.


Libra close up 600x450 - Jupiter in Libra - Grab Those Opportunities!



Why is this the biggest and best cycle of the decade? Because so many of us were also born with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Libra. Huge sections of the world population are about to resolve their love life issues, or pursue big, happy endings with their partners.

This just makes for a happier planet, full stop. When people are at peace in their love lives, they are at peace elsewhere, too. Even if you have nothing in Libra in your chart, you are going to benefit, at a distance, from this welcome wave of change. This Twitter post by Giles Paley-Phillips went viral, recently. It says it all.

How much progress have you made since this cycle began in late 2016? Remember, Libra is about ‘two’ and it depends on you, how you play it. You can have a platonic partnership now, a great professional double-act, and so on. And of course, this is the cycle where we date, mate and relate at a higher level, fixing issues or going for the big dream.



Jupie Libra year of old couples and odd couples Twitter eliistender10 Giles Paley Phillips  502x600 - Jupiter in Libra - Grab Those Opportunities!
Twitter image by Giles Paley-Phillips



If you have your personal birth chart and you know for a fact you have Libra factors, watch what begins in your love life between 30th August and October 22nd, when the Sun follows Venus through your partnership zone. The relationship with your former, current or potential lover will improve dramatically – or you’ll get closure on the past. Between now and October 10th 2017 when the cycle ends, all you Premium Members who know for a fact you have Libra factors at 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Libra should be squeezing the most from this cycle with a certain man or woman.


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The Jupiter cycle runs for 13 months, from 10th September through 10th October 2017. The path of true love will not always run smooth. Be prepared for that. Jupiter will clash with Uranus and Pluto, too. On the plus side, the rewards will be big, if you are prepared to do the work.

It is common to see separations and divorces on a Jupiter in Libra cycle. Why? This transit gives people the optimism required to walk away from a bad marriage. This puts new lovers in circulation.

Equally, as you might imagine, we are going to see engagements, weddings, second honeymoons and de facto partnerships begin, partly as a result of the ripple effect of all those new singletons.


Jupiter brings about the opportunities, growth, expansion, improvement, hope and healing in our relationships by removing the rubbish, first. The pursuit of love on this cycle is really about pursuing solutions and answers, sometimes to age-old problems. We all acquire baggage through our relationships and marriages and Jupiter in Libra is here to help us change our ways. We usually know what we need to change on this cycle but somehow Jupiter makes it easier.


Jupe Libra 600x280 - Jupiter in Libra - Grab Those Opportunities!
The Pursuit of Love by Sagittarius writer Nancy Mitford


Do You Have Libra 27 Factors?

We have an important clash between Jupiter (growth) and Uranus (revolution) on 28th September. This is a milestone decision for you about your former, current or potential partner. If you know anyone who has factors there, he or she must make a major choice about the man or woman at the centre of their thoughts.

Thursday 28th September 2017
Jupiter 27 Libra opposite Uranus 27 Aries

For all of us, no matter if we have personal horoscope factors triggered (as above) or not, there will be a ripple effect with friends, family and colleagues near September 28th 2017 when people will fall in love, move in together, become engaged, marry, fall pregnant, adopt, and make other milestone decisions – like breaking up or divorcing. Those are big stones being thrown into the world pool and your own life will be affected through six degrees of separation then.



Let’s get into some deeper astrology. Jupiter has been associated with oaks and acorns for 2000+ years. Why? The phrase ‘from little acorns, big oak trees grow’ sums it up. Jupiter is about planting and growing – and the rewards which can come, for decades afterwards.

The classic mythology bible, The Golden Bough, by James Frazer (Simon and Schuster) is our source for Jupiter. He wrote, “In ancient Italy every oak was sacred to Jupiter, the Italian counterpart of Zeus; and on the Capitol at Rome the god was worshipped as the deity not merely of the oak, but of the rain and the thunder. Contrasting the piety of the good old times with the skepticism of an age when nobody thought that heaven was heaven, or cared a fig for Jupiter, a Roman writer tells us that in former days, noble matrons used to go with bare feet, streaming hair and pure minds, up the long Capitoline slope, praying to Jupiter for rain. And straightaway, he goes on, it rained bucketsful, then or never, and everybody returned dripping like drowned rats. “But nowadays,” says he, “we are no longer religious, so the fields lie baking.”

Thunderbolts and Feeling Thunderstruck

Jupiter is about thunderbolts (he is usually shown holding them in sculpture from Ancient Rome) and the relief and release of pouring rain, which fertilizes the soil. From this, acorns grow into oaks, oaks into groves, and groves into the wood which built the ships and homes of the old world. We’re going to see a lot of thunderbolts around that Jupiter-Uranus opposition at the end of September 2017. Watch famous people who may separate, or become engaged, around the 28th of September.

From this ancient association, with thunder and rain, oaks and oak trees, astrologers over 2000 years have come to associate Jupiter with planting and growth. It might come out of endings as well as beginnings, but it always happens.


Jupiter in Libra will help you shift obstacles which are standing in the way of a new relationship, or even someone to date. These obstacles commonly include things like your own issues with your body; inner conflict about commitment; unresolved issues about children – and so on. Jupiter grows acorns into oaks. Therefore – if the ground needs to be cleared before anything new can begin for you in love, it will be.

I sometimes come across people who expect Jupiter to drop a husband through their bedroom ceiling by parachute. Trust me. Jupiter is not Santa Claus (not unless you’ve done the work). If you want to ‘grow’ new love but the soil in which you are planting that, needs to be thoroughly cleaned up from old rubble, dirt and emotional or sexual pollution – it will be! This is why when Jupiter hits the same degree as your Libra stuff, you may also experience a detox and deep cleanse.  Hey, maybe you just needed to lose fat and get fit! Maybe you just needed to drop some old attitudes about dating people from different backgrounds. The mantra for Jupiter in Libra is ‘different but equal.’ The other mantra is political and personal. ‘Stronger together.’


mib2s5z8vjo 600x394 - Jupiter in Libra - Grab Those Opportunities!


That vote on equal marriage in Australia is perfectly timed for Jupiter in Libra! Jupiter in Libra always coincides with ‘bromance’ as straight men in partnerships, duets and double-acts rise to the top. This is down to the symbolism of Libra, the scales, and when Jupiter (success) passes through, New Bromantics do extremely well.

Generation Libra wants to see it happen. Born with outer planets in the sign of equality and balance, these people crave change. There are an awful lot of 1970s-born people with the outer planets in Libra who have bee put on the planet to transform it.


Jupiter in Libra PREMIUM dates to create 600x465 - Jupiter in Libra - Grab Those Opportunities!


We will all be humming the theme song to The Graduate (Mrs Robinson) which became a huge hit on a Jupiter in Libra cycle. Older/younger love will break through in a huge way in 2017 as cougars find their mates. This goes beyond TV entertainment. It’s about demographics. Cougars born with outer planets in Libra will find younger mates born with Jupiter in Libra are ready.



This is going to be a really big trend in film, television, politics, music, fashion and culture right up until Jupiter finally leaves Libra in October 2017. Think of the oddest combination of two people that can possibly exist, and it’s going to take off. People want to see Jupiter in Libra stories in 2017. Black and white. Thin and fat. American and British.



Bonnie and Clyde was a hit on a Jupiter in Libra cycle a few decades ago. What’s so hot in 2017? Partners in crime. Emma Peel and Steed in The Avengers also seduced the world on a Jupiter in Libra cycle. If you want success  then find yourself a partner. It’s a really good time to talk about duets and double acts!




Jupiter in Libra always brings a massive peace movement, no matter if the target is gun violence in the United States or the nuclear threat of Trident in Great Britain. Notice how the peace movement came back in 2016-2017? Part of this come from the threat posed by North Korea. Suddenly, nukes are on our minds again.





Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, has always been associated with flowers. In fact, in astronomy, she creates a rose shape in the sky, as she moves through the heavens. Flower power and flowers are also about Jupiter in Libra. Remember hippies putting flowers in soldiers’ guns? That.  You might say that the election of Trump has actually triggered more passionate support for gun reform than ever before. Jupiter in Libra works in mysterious ways!


Jupe in Libra guns 600x300 - Jupiter in Libra - Grab Those Opportunities!



In 1971 when Pluto and Uranus were in Libra, the sign of equality, Women’s Liberation changed the world. In 2017 as Jupiter went through the exact same sign and degree as the 1971 patterns, the babies born that year (all grown up now) brought us women’s liberation as we’ve never seen it, before. The new Jupiter in Libra buzz, globally? Male feminists. Men who stand up and get counted, on behalf of women. Benedict Cumberbatch. Barack Obama. Again, the popular vote for Hillary Clinton but the victory of Trump, has underscored and deepened feminism.




Why is sexism going, going gone? Why are we going to see the beginning of the end, of all-male panels and male-dominated world leadership? The answer lies in demographics. Generation Libra, born with Uranus or Pluto in Libra, are now the movers and shakers in politics and business. They came into the world in the Seventies and they are here to overturn sexism.  These are all the world leaders from the G20 Summit. Blue tie, blue tie, blue tie, grey tie, blue tie, brown tie. 2017 is Goodbye to Ties.


Jupie LibOh hello G20 leaders 600x385 - Jupiter in Libra - Grab Those Opportunities!
The G20 Leaders. So not Jupiter in Libra.




As I write this on 29th August 2016, Australians churning about the unfairness of gay, lesbian and transgender people having to wait for equal marriage laws. One look at the Australian horoscope and you just know it’s going to happen – sooner and easier than anyone thought. The Australian example is just one. If you are gay, lesbian or transgender this will not be without a fight – but the odds are on your side for the first time in 12 long years.

Jupie Lib Twitter at StylistMagazine 600x450 - Jupiter in Libra - Grab Those Opportunities!
Twitter @stylistmagazine


There is a natural relationship curve in astrology which may affect you, or the people you know. The Seventh House of marriage and commitment is ruled by Libra, as we’ve just recapped. What happens when Jupiter finally exits Libra and moves into Scorpio on October 10th 2017 is exciting, because it follows a natural upward swing, into property and finance – between couples. If you fall in love over the Jupiter in Libra cycle, and you have personal birth chart factors there, then it may mean marriage by 2018, as Jupiter goes through your Eighth House. How can you tell? Scorpio factors as well, will do it for you!

It works the other way too. If you are in a bad marriage or dead relationship and want out, but have not found the right time or place to do it, then Jupiter in Libra will help you with either successful counselling, or an amicable split, by October 10th 2017. After that date, whatever issues you may have had about the house, money, possessions or apartment can be usefully resolved, as Jupiter the problem-solver moves through the Eighth House. And that’s how astrology works!

I’ll talk more about Jupiter in Scorpio in a podcast for Premium Members.



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346 Responses

  1. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT article. As always Jess:))

    I have Fortuna, MC and Cupid in Libra. Cupid is at the 20 mark you’ve mentioned in several articles. My Venus sign is Aries…exactly where Uranus has been plunked down. But I am not sure what it all means. My Cupid is retrograde….what is a retrograde Cupid? I hope this fall and Christmas don’t end up horrible…

    Be well, be safe.


    1. Thanks so much Kymberlee. Fortuna 6, MC 9, Cupido 20 Libra all suggest that your lifetime achievement is partnership. It may be romantic and sexual or it may be purely professional. However, with Cupido in the mix, I suspect it’s love. The only thing you need to watch out for here is that you can put your lovers on a pedestal so they are God Almighty and then pull them down, so that they are at the bottom of the pile! Look at Fortuna in art to see what she does. You never know you are doing it, because you are blind to the pattern. Cupido can also be very short term – romantic madness that lasts as long as an arrow wound from Cupid takes to heal. I am sure I am not telling you anything new about yourself. The trick to the next 13 months is to realise that partnership is equal and it’s quite different to crazy love. It is about two people on balanced, level scales. You will be given a fantastic chance to achieve that.

  2. Hi Jessica ,

    I have a stellium in libra and you did say that once Jupiter is in libra I would have closure with my previous partner , to be honest I really feel like I am so ready to move on , I have been on my own for a very long time , people think it’s because I can’t let go of the past , but its not him I am having trouble letting go , it’s that I want to be with in a relationship where we get each other , I don’t know how else to describe it , I’m not saying I want to be married again but to have someone to travel with , to share things with is I suppose what most people want . Do you think I am being too all or nothing about this ?

    Thank you

    1. Ceres, Juno, Panacea, Bacchus and Vulcano are all in Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex and commitment. That is a very big and complicated story about your former partner, but also about the stories you write for yourself, in general. It will help to look up those five heavenly bodies online and look at the art, too. Sometimes just knowing the myth or seeing the painting can trigger one of those useful ‘Aha!’ moments. This is going to be a hugely healing time for you. Make no mistake. You have 13 months of incredible opportunities to see resolution, happy endings and the rest. Yes, you will have someone new to date. Knowing yourself better will help you even more, so start the search.

  3. Hi Jessica, You are giving me so much hope. In the past one year I have learned so much about astrology (western) thru you. I track Jupiter movement degree by degree. I can write so much about it. The whole of September 2015-2016 till now I am treating my hand due to a work injury. Lots of mindfulness and meditation stuff too – Jup and N node in twelfth house have sponsored a lot of things only the subconscious mind understands – cosmic messages. I have met incredible dr, hand therapist, physios & healers. All of them are Sagittarius – virgo is their tenth house of career. Jup opposite Neptune gave some fantasy ( special effects ) while Saturn kept me grounded. I am ready for Jup in Libra – severe drought for love here. Thank you Jessica you are one of the special people sent by Jup too.

    1. Hope is a good thing. Thank you for your kind words. It sounds as if you are living your astrology day by day. Use your journal too. Once you put things into words and pictures, they crystallise and can be picked up by this mysterious universe of ours.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    I have already picked up the horoscope for Venus in Capricorn at It is great and now I see, you are absolutely right, especially after I’ve read this article, too. As a PremiumMember, may I ask you to throw a glance at my chart? I am so excited, because I already exactly know, who is HE. I know my decision, I am sure, it absolutely will not be easy, but however I am curious about what the predictions for us. Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. I will let Susannah and the team at Get The Gloss know your feedback about the new ebook on Venus in Capricorn – thank you! Your North Node at 9 Libra and Pluto at 16 Libra suggest past life karma with this man, or another, by 2017. The North Node describes relationships which feel utterly familiar in every way. It is highly likely that you were both together, before – or tied through family or work connections. Jupiter moves to 9 Libra in October 2016 and onto Pluto at the end of November and early December. There is a second pass over Pluto at 16 Libra in April 2017 and a third in July and August that year. You are passionate about your lovers and need to find out more about Pluto (here or in the new book 2020 Astrology, free to download). Jupiter will heal, fix and repair some of the issues about wanting to take, and take over – which come with the territory. Nobody could deny you are genuinely and sincerely crazy about the people you fall for, though. It’s figuring that out, that will be your big achievement in 2017.

  5. Thanks as usual Jessica! I went to GtG and purchased the Venus in Pisces reading, which was fun. I am hoping hoping that I can get over an ex AND find new love! From what I read it seems like a possibility. . . .That Fortuna in Libra, however, has me spooked. I’ll stay positive. Do you have any advice on Fortuna in my life or Jupiter mitigating it this year? Thanks in advance.

    1. I am glad you like the new ebook from Get The Gloss. I love working with the Glossy Posse. You are going to have an astonishing and outstanding 13 months of emotional, psychological, spiritual (and if you want them) sexual breakthroughs. You have a huge Libra stellium and never mind Fortuna, you will have your Jupiter Return in your Seventh House of serious relationships and marriage.

  6. hi Jessica, I’ve been working on my marriage. Now I am a little concerned about my Uranus in Libra at exactly 22 degrees. How this is going to affect my relationship next year.



    1. Panacea at 15 Libra is also important along with Uranus at 22 Libra, as both work for you in the Seventh House of marriage. Jupiter is related to both of them in the family tree of astrology, so when he crosses 15 and 22 Libra, some useful opportunities will come your way. Panacea is that part of you which repairs, fixes and heals, so no wonder you have been working on your marriage. You can read more about her in your Asteroid Astrology ebook and also in 2020 Astrology (yours to download). Uranus is that part of you which creates and invents partnerships, in quite a striking and original way. You don’t just ‘have’ a marriage you basically give birth to it. Then – you reject what you create! However, the marriage then takes on a life of its own, and despite your best efforts, it becomes what it is simply going to be. Jupiter first crosses Panacea in November 2016 and 2017 will be taken up with the process of win-win outcomes for you. Please do not be concerned. But you will get to know yourself so much better.

  7. I love these kind of posts, where you explain the historical cycle with correlation and predictions for current times – you really are unique and wonderful!

    For me I only have one planet in Libra – Mars 22º – one I have often wished was placed elsewhere because it feels a little hamstrung here. So I am looking forward to Jupiter, love or not, if it brings some general impetus I’ll be happy!

    1. That is so kind, thank you. Neptune at 23 Scorpio in the Eighth House is semi-sextile your Mars at 22 Libra in the Seventh House so I suspect you will find the money, the sex, the property, the passion and the possessions are all well and truly mixed up, in quite a wonderful way, when Jupiter moves over 22, 23 Libra. This is January 2017, February 2017, March 2017 and again, September that year. This may be about a former, current or potential partner but it is so beneficial to you.

  8. Good Evening Jessica –
    Nice article!! I don’t have Libra in my chart. However I have Capricorn all over. What should I expect having these positions in my chart. Also what do you mean by saying “you have Aries or Capricorn factors, then you are actually a fated connection in other people’s love lives”.
    Thank you

    1. Yes, you are strongly Capricorn. You are ambitious and feel complete when you achieve huge success, preferably climbing as high as possible on the social or professional ladder. It is in your nature to go a very long way away, from the class or family you began with, or perhaps the one your grandparents or great-grandparents were placed in. Success and what it means to you, is the big theme of the 21st century for you – and you will see why in 2019, 2020 in particular. Read more about this in the new book 2020 Astrology (free to download, here). What happens to you with work, unpaid work or university life in 2017 will affect other people’s love lives at a distance. Sometimes it is very simple. You hire two clients, introduce them, and they get married!

  9. WOW! Loved every bit of this! I may have personally missed the boat with my own astrological chart, and the closest position I can see for my husband is his ascendant at Capricorn 18 (don’t know any asteroids in his chart. This is so exciting! This is going to be exhilarating for me like the Fall weather is. This piece is so me…Thank you Jessica.

  10. I have had six years of withdrawal from a relationship that offered nothing in return for the effort i put out. I read your post with much hope for putting the past behind and starting over again. What are my prospects for finding the love and partner of my life with this cycle?

    1. I am sorry you had six years with a stingy lover. First of all, to clear something up – there is no life partner, necessarily. A very few people have strong karmic connections with lovers who have reincarnated to be with them, and these people will always have a soulmate. For many others, though, passing partners are just there to nail particular issues for us – whatever they may be. Jupiter at 11, 28, 29 Libra will help you heal the past and, if you are ready, move onto a new date. He begins to cross those degrees in November 2016. One of your issues is Vesta. Read more about this planet in your chart, please, as I suspect she has played a big part in what went down. You can use astrology to help you manage Vesta in future.

  11. This is super exciting! Thank you!! Can you please give me an example of what you mean by ‘a fated connection in other people’s love lives’…I have 27 in Aries and I was wondering what that meant. xx

    1. Just exactly that. What happens to you, has a six-degree impact on those around you and their relationships or marriages. You will see why as it unfolds.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pluto in Libra, Venus in Aries and also Diana, Aesculapia and my Descendant all in 19 degrees capricorn. In which area of my life is it most likely for me to find love and where should I focus on in 2016/2017 to improve it!

    1. The golden rule with Pluto in Libra is never to be too desperate and never to be too obsessed. Look up Pluto online and in my new book 2020 Astrology to see why. I suspect a great deal in your life will change with your former, current or potential partner as Jupiter moves over 28, 29 Libra as this degree is prominent in your chart. October 2017 is a milestone and you have a terrific choice then. Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House is pulled into the pattern so this is also about travelling, moving, or dealing with a foreigner.

  13. Hi Jessica, l am so excited about this libra love feast!!! I was born July 8, 1965 at 10pm in Melbourne, Australia. I have Venus in Leo 09 14 02, Salacia in Capricorn 22 12 41 R, Aesculpia in Libra 14 00 22, Mars in Libra 04 51 58, Diana in Libra 21 03 43 and Ceres in Aries 01 38 42. I am single and wondering what’s will be awaiting me regarding love????? I have never been in a committed relationship!!!

    1. If you have never been in a committed relationship it’s always worth looking at why – and we find Diana at 21 Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex, marriage and commitment! Diana is the goddess who was the daughter of Jupiter. She begged her father to release her from the entrapment of a wedding and children and so he made her the goddess of the hunt, free to roam. She did have lovers but she was completely without ties or shackles in her personal life. Now – the more you can discover about Diana the better. The art will tell you a lot. When Jupiter crosses Diana you will be given a clear choice to select a very particular kind of love style and life style. I wonder if you will take it? You are looking at post Christmas 2016 and January 2017, the end of August 2017 and early September 2017.

  14. What an awesome article! Thanks a million Jessica – looking forward to Jupiter in Libra. I hve checked my chart and note that I have Mars in Libra at 16 degrees. Would this placement still carry an influence (i.e. does the plus or minus one degree rule apply here?) Is there scope for love?

    1. I am having a few questions like this so I might edit this article to make it clear – all degrees of Libra are affected – the degrees shown, just reveal the conflicts along the way. If you have nothing on those degrees, you won’t have the conflicts. You have both Mars and Cupido in Libra in the Seventh House so you will be given an opportunity to fall in love, or to fall in love all over again. You can find out more about Cupido in the book 2020 Astrology on this website, free to download now.

  15. This is what I’ve been waiting to hear. Please please tell me I’m going to be 1 of the blessed ones.

    Sorry don’t have my chart to hand but I think I have Jupiter in libra

    Thx so much for such an uplifting piece.

    1. We are all the blessed ones on this cycle, no matter if we have Libra placements or not, as the world only gets one Jupiter in Libra cycle every 12 years and this wave of positive change will literally affect the lives of billions, all born with the outer planets in Libra. You are one of them. You were born with Uranus at 5 Libra so you are here to radically change and reinvent what a partnership should be. Other people in your generation have done this with Tinder but also with transgender relationships. When Jupiter moves to 5 Libra in October you will experience the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which can only happen every 12 years. An opportunity to repair old patterns in love and sex, which you feel you need to change, will present itself then. There may also be a relationship opportunity at that point. It really depends on what you are ready for. I suspect you may invent a new way to be with someone, or even a new way to be with your ex. It may feel as if the world is turning upside-down for a few days but go with it, as Jupiter always fixes things for us.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    After the first pass in November, Jupiter stations for over a month round June 2017 at 13 Libra, conjucting my Asc/Pluto conjunction, & square my natal Jupiter.

    What’s the best way to use that line-up? It looks pretty transformative, which my love life could do with.

    1. Yes, the Jupiter station at 13 Libra is important. As your Ascendant degree depends on an exact birth time, I might leave that to one side, as whenever people are told birth times on the half hour or hour, there is a chance they have been rounded up or down. You still have a lot of chart action at 13 degrees anyway. You were born with Jupiter the planet of natural luck, opportunity and good karma at 13 Cancer in your Fourth House, which rules your house, apartment, home town, homeland, family and household. Jupiter is trine Uranus at 12 Scorpio in your Eighth House, which rules sexually intimate arrangements over money or property, like a mortage or shared rented apartment. You often upset your own apple cart here, but it always works out. Pluto at 13 Libra is in your Seventh House, which describes the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partners, and so this planet (which describes your need for control) is tied into the pattern. This is going to be life-changing. As Jupiter transits 12 and 13 Libra he will trigger the whole lot, and this first happens in November 2016. You may want to find out more about Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto separately, and how these manifest in your chart. Transiting Jupiter will aspect himself in your birth chart, which is incredibly helpful, and as he returns to those degrees in May-July 2017, that will be chapter two, progressing things in an amazing way. If you have old patterns which need fixing, the right person will be there to help you fix them – almost like a life mechanic. It’s pretty clear that money, business, possessions or property will be part of the deal.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Libra with a Capricorn ascendent but at none of the degrees you mentioned above. I haven’t been in a relationship in 10 years but have had this on and off dating ‘situation’ with this man for the last two years. It seems we are never at the right place or time, however the universe keeps throwing synchronicity into the mix and he and I always find each other again. I will say that I have been going through a huge transformation (also diagnosed with a disease), so I actually do not think I could have dated anyone in the last few years. However I feel it is time… does my chart look that way as well? As always, thank you so much! I really appreciate this!

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your disease. Let me see what is going on with both your body and your heart. You have a huge stellium in Virgo so begin with that sign, and also the Sixth House (you need to find out as much as you can, about both). You are also having your Nodal Return in Virgo so this is karmic in nature – past life debts and credits are coming back to you, with your health. In actual fact, your soul signed up for this, so you can lay something to rest. When the Nodes leave Virgo/Pisces on 10th May, 2017 the situation will move on, according to all the laws of astrology. You are up for a fantastic 13 months emotionally, as Jupiter crosses your Libra stellium in the Seventh House of love, sex and commitment. Those degrees listed just show the inner conflicts some of us will experience. You have no such conflicts. Whatever stands in the way of an equal partnership can be tackled and rolled away. If it’s just a question of a better connection with this man or even a superior replacement, that will come. Use your journal. I wish you the very best with both your health and your heart!

  18. Hello,

    Just wondering if I have anything significant in my chart? What are my chances of Taurus man, 5 May 67 reconciling with me and what will it be like-plutonic friends working together again, friends not working together or something more than friends? It’s been over 6 years now since we were last on good terms.

    1. Mr. Taurus would be extremely hard work, now through 2017, as Saturn will oppose his Venus. If not hard work for you, then another woman. Saturn is slow, stuck, serious and shifting him is impossible – Venus, of course, is the planet of seduction, sex and passion. With those two on the way to a mighty clash, think very carefully before you get involved. Further ahead, though? Full of potential.

  19. hi Jessica, This is fab! I have my birth chart printed out and have been marking the relevant aspects as noted in your piece! So I have Ops in Libra 24, Salacia in Capricorn 17, and Vesta in Aries 27. My romantic relationships are usually a little flakey and I have been trying to change that by setting boundaries and thinking about exactly what I want…rather than just going along with what my partner wants. Will Jupiter support me in my quest to change? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you. Diana at 19 Scorpio is quincunx Venus at 20 Aries in your horoscope. This explains the flakey relationships. Diana in Scorpio wants total freedom and independence, the moment she is invited to mix money with sex, property with passion and love with the material world. Diana cannot bear to be tied down. At the same time, you identify your ‘brand’ with being the seductress who strides out to get her lover, symbolically in red lingerie (the Aries colour) with all guns blazing. These two parts of yourself don’t really sit together very comfortably so you tend to fall in love with people who let you be both at the same time, but it ends up being flakey. Awareness is all. Yes, you can fix this. It will certainly help your relationships. Dig more deeply into Diana, Scorpio, Venus and Aries to find out what your patterns are. When you say you don’t want to go along with what your partner wants, you are articulating Diana in your chart. Look at the art, too.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    What are the chart factors to look for when Jupiter transits Scorpio? Interested to see if marriage is the cards for me in 2018.

    Thank you!

    1. As I often say, you cannot predict marriage using astrology. Jupiter in Scorpio describes an opportunity to gain from a sexually intimate financial or property arrangement, like a mortgage, but I also see it turning up in the charts of people who are having affairs and are kept as a mistress in a separate apartment! Really, Scorpio is all about the money at the end of the day – it actually has more to do with that, than the heart. You will gain.

  21. Dear Jessica,
    Relationships….the most pleasurable and the most painful for me. I have Pluto in 23deg, IC in 14deg, Jupiter in 5deg and, Saturn in 6deg LIBRA. How will the transit in Libra affect my relationships and friendships


    1. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Libra in your Seventh House will give you work to do, all your life, on the chemistry you share with former, current and potential partners. As Jupiter conjuncts himself in your chart, and also conjuncts Saturn and Pluto, you have a rare chance to snap up opportunities to resolve the issues. In fact, Jupiter healed Saturn in the original myth. It is a nice slow transit so over 13 months expect major developments with your former, current or possible lover which show you how to address your fears and also your need for control. It will be intensely therapeutic.

  22. Hi Jessica
    Another amazing article, thank you!
    I have Mars 27° in Libra, the only Libra factor.
    Hoping this is not war but finally peace for me with former partner, and lift off with potential new partner? We’ve been living in France for 12 years – came for 2, but life took it’s course. We’ve been a really stuck situation with the real-estate and financial aspects of our life, and are eagerly waiting for them to unstuck so we can move back home to London. Jupiter in Libra tells me I should be moving soon. My husband’s chart show that he has Jupiter passing over his 8th house in Libra (6/3:1959) so we may have some more time to bring in the investments.

  23. Welll..I have in Libra: Sun at 17, Moon at 10, Mercury at 02, Venus at 08, Neptune at 17, Juno at 26, Ops at 18. Am just wondering how I shall cope with all this loveliness and blessings?!! Specially as I feel well-loved and well-blessed already….(And to top all this, I have Leo rising)

    1. You will love what happens as Jupiter conjuncts your Libra stellium. You are here to be one half of a partnership, and perhaps to be in several partnerships at the same time. By 2017 one duet is revived, almost as if Elton John and Kiki Dee had made a comeback album. You will also be given the choice of a second double-act in your life. It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it.

  24. Love this article, as an Aries with libra rising I have been looking forward to Jupiter moving into libra! I’ve had over five years of personal and professional partnership issues, with horrific periods of self doubt, but back in May you wrote some scopes explaining that what I was setting up then would be a wonderful situation that would make sense in September. I met a man in May and although it’s been a long distance friendship so far, I’m hopeful that it will turn into something more. I wondered if you see anything in my chart that is triggering any welcome changes in my love/work life with Jupiter’s transit? Thanks Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Your birth time is very specific (odd minutes usually mean someone was really checking the clock) so you really do have the Ascendant at 5 Libra, which means your profile image and reputation is forever linked to what you manage to achieve with professional partners and also love partners. It’s like being Jennifer Saunders in the French and Saunders double act, or Kate Middleton (famous for her marriage, principally) with Prince William. If this is the case then as Jupiter crosses 5 Libra you will have a stunning opportunity to show off this side of yourself and this happens from October 3rd through 7th. Far more important than your Ascendant is Hygiea at 29 Libra conjunct Pluto at 28 Libra. You will find most of your power in this life through partnership, if you can overcome the need to overdo the control freakery. You are tremendously cautious, wise and careful with partnerships and know how to protect yourself against the future. All this adds up to a side of yourself which is rather intense, watchful and so on, when it comes to love. This side of yourself will come alive as Jupiter crosses 28 and 29 Libra from October 2nd through 10th, 2017, and that is your chance to fix any issues with this man or pursue opportunities with another. You may want to read more about all these placements in the new book 2020 Astrology which you can download free now.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    This all sounds very interesting but what happens if you don’t have any factors in Libra? I’m tired of being lonely and meeting men who do the rejecting. I’m with someone now whom I’m open to something happening with, however I get mixed messages. His dob is 28 Nov 1986. I guess I need to know if I’m wasting my time. Our chemistry together is amazing – it’s when we’re apart that I feel lost.

    1. I hear you. More than anyone else on this thread, you need to hit Search and look up Scorpio. You two are in the famous dance of the Scorpions. He was born with Mercury at 15 Scorpio, Venus at 4 Scorpio, Ceres at 20 Scorpio, Pluto at 8 Scorpio. You were born with Mars at 27 Scorpio, Saturn at 15 Scorpio, Pluto at 1 Scorpio, the Descendant (which rules our lovers and our ex lovers) at 20 Scorpio and Panacea at 12 Scorpio. This is what the French call the “Promenade a Deux.” Every time you hit sex, you hit money. Every time you hit the money, house or apartment, you hit sex. Every time you do any of this, you come across the reality that marriage means ‘until death do us part’ and that also means your last will and testament and your legacy. When Jupiter moves into Scorpio from October 10th, 2017 through November 8th, 2018 you will have a stunning, unforgettable period of opportunity, repair work, improvement, hope and healing and it will have a tremendous pay off financially, sexually, and emotionally. If it is this man, that is the time it will come together for you. If it is not, you will be given the chance to be with another, with all the intensity, intimacy and complication that your Scorpio side requires. I have the spirit world with me for this question – someone (friend or family) in spirit wants you to read about Scorpio very carefully and make your mind up about this lover with a great deal of thought and contemplation.

  26. Thank you Jessica this is such a positive article to read – compared with so much doom and gloom in the world it gives me hope that there will a positive shift away from selfishness to togetherness.

    I don’t have any factors in Libra but I do have Diana at 22° Aries and Salacia at 19° Capricorn. I have been comfortably single for about eight years but these degrees and signs worry me that I may be going to have some sort of detrimental effect on the relationships of the people around me. How does it look to you?

    1. Thank you. We are nearly at the end of Uranus in Aries and so the worst excesses of ‘Me, me, me’ are on the way out – along with the crazy anger and violence that can happen when Uranus passes through this sign. You will have no detrimental effect on other people’s love lives, but you will have an impact. You are a free spirit who goes her own way and like Diana, in the myth, you have pursued a comfortable single life instead of a pram in the hall and a ring on your finger. You may want to read more about Diana in my new book 2020 Astrology, which you can download free, now. With Salacia in Capricorn you do not live in the real world with the work you do – paid or unpaid. It’s an alternative to what most people would call ‘real’ and it can even feel like a total departure from the ordinary and everyday. Both these sides of yourself are going to have a distant impact on other people’s marriages and relationships. As a random hypothetical example, you may have a girlfriend who wants to marry a dominating man, but changes her mind when she sees you and realises it’s okay to be single and free. Yet – be aware of those dates – maybe you don’t want to get involved in whatever goes down.

  27. Hi Jessica , I have Pluto 29libra , aesculapia and Diana at 18 Capricorn . How will this affect me ?

    1. Pluto at 29 Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex, marriage, separation, divorce and dating will come alive in your horoscope when Jupiter passes 29 Libra from October 6th to 10th 2017. That is your opportunity to address any issues from the past, which affect the present, in terms of your need to control partnerships. Jupiter always repairs, fixes and opens wonderful new doors if you rise to the occasion. With Diana at 18 Capricorn, you are a free spirit in your profession, unpaid position, full-time parenting role or university life. You are never tied down. Now through 2017 you will be strongly affected by people, organisations or situations which dominate. The key is to draw on your self-control and willpower to be the boss of yourself. That way you become empowered. The Jupiter 17 Libra clash with Pluto at 17 Libra and Jupiter 19 Libra clash with Pluto at 19 Libra next year will affect other people’s love lives and partnerships at a distance – your professional, university or unpaid work choices will impact them. You can read more about Pluto and Diana in your chart in my new book 2020 Vision, free to download now.

  28. Thank you. Yes, you do have a lot of Libra factors. There is no ‘one love’ in astrology, just one of many people you can be with. Obstacles to this will be rolled away if you take the opportunities which are coming. If you are getting in your own way, that can be fixed. If you need to look at alternative kinds of lover, compared to your usual choices, that will also be possible. It may be exactly what you have been looking for.

  29. Can you take a look at my chart, I do have someone in mind and on one of your previous blogs about scorpio factors and lovers you clearly pointed out that the man in question was making up his mind about potential lovers, You also stated I will be able to pursue this man (DOB 1/26/1986) by the end of 2017. He also has saturn in his chart and is facing a crisis situation with respect to profession (not a good time to talk about relationships). I’ve also noticed very prominent things which go true about what you write for love predictions for Sag in daily, weekly and monthly. One of the occasions was so shocking that on your daily horoscopes you wrote something about how that day was a ‘no-turn’ point from what we decide about our relationships, I wasn’t even planning anything special on a Monday, we ended up meeting and something clicked
    You are exceptionally blessed

    Do I stand a chance with this man

    1. I am glad the astrology is so accurate for you and this man. He is strongly Aquarian, actually, so your best bet is to join a group he is involved with and pursue friendship before sex. It is very important to him that his lovers are accepted by his friends – some people don’t care about that, but he certainly does. In general, with him or any other man, the issue is motherhood. You were born with Diana and the South Node in Leo in the Fifth House so your life choices about pregnancy, termination, adoption, step-parenting, marriage (becoming an aunt or uncle), godchildren and the rest are huge. This dictates everything that happens to you with love, sex and commitment and it always will. In fact, you reincarnated to walk this path. Diana is a symbol of freedom, independence, zero commitment, space, adventure and wildness. She is in your Fifth House of motherhood! When is all this going to play its part in your love life? Well, you will have fascinating choices to make when Jupiter moves to 5 Libra and 18 Libra, making a sextile to this part of your chart. That’s the first fortnight of October 2016 and the lead-up to Christmas 2016 and again in April 2017. What will really be life-changing, though, is the True North Node moving into Leo on May 10th, 2017 where it remains until November 6th, 2018. This means the North Node will conjunct your South Node and also your Diana. This is the big one. You have massive choices to make about becoming a stepmother, accepting a new father for your children (if you have them), accepting pregnancy, or marrying and finding that you inherit young in-laws.

      1. Thank you for your elaborate explanation, I am very good friends with him , we worked together for some time and were in the same class. Even though we don’t consider ourselves to be in a ‘relationship’ with each other, most of our mutual friends think we are

        I hope like all your predictions this one turns out true
        Do you ever hold workshops in US or just hold a meet up, I would love to see you in person
        If you don’t please plan one, It will be an exciting time for your followers in the States

        Thank you again

        1. I’m living and working in the United States in 2019 and I will be teaching astrology then, in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. I’m thinking about a one-off event in NYC and will keep you posted on the newsletter. Thank you.

  30. Hi Jessica, somehow my questions are getting lost – must be the mercury retrograde. This seems to be an important time for some major changes in my life. Please tell how this Jupiter in Libra transit is affecting me as well as when?You mentioned in the monthly forecast about property/home etc gains through a partnership.In the past you answered a question for me saying that there is a strong chance of someone coming in my life around Oct 2016, and we would do well in a duet personal /professional. There is someone who keeps coming back in my life(his birthday is 19/05/1965), again and again.Is he going to be a part of my life or someone else ?
    Thanks in advance, appreciate your time and your super accurate predictions.

    1. We’ve just logged over 100 comments to this story – sorry – the queue keeps jumping around. Yes, it will be this person or a superior replacement and your first clue will be September/October 2016 with the next chapter in 2017. If the May man is the right one, you will both know from the final quarter of next year with a serious financial or property commitment in 2018.

      1. Hi

        I am in a long term relationship which has hit very difficult times but there is a new guy on the scene born 29th May 1981 who is very tempting. What impact will the Jupiter libra cycle have on my relationships?


        1. I bet you’re tempted by the new man! You were born with Cupido (Cupid) at 1 Libra and Jupiter will move to 1 Libra for the first time in 12 years from September 15th through 18th, 2016 – so you could be eligible to fall madly in love. We then move onto the rest of the cycle, as Jupiter will conjunct your natal Saturn at 17 Libra, Pluto at 24 Libra and finally Diana at 29 Libra. By October 2017, with this man, or your current partner, you will have been given a rare opportunity to fix every issue you have and address the fascinating conflicts you have, about commitment versus freedom. I think you’d gain from looking at the meaning of Saturn, Pluto, Cupido and Diana in Libra in the Seventh House. Hit Search and read 2020 Astrology now, free. As two dogs just came running into my study, I think that’s synchronicity. Diana rules dogs. Have a look at your need for space, freedom, independence and the rest. See how you go about getting it in your life. There are hard, painful ways to be free and smart, sensible ones!

  31. Hi Jessica,

    It seems that I have a lot of factors in Libra, Capricorn and Aries but not in the exact degrees as mentioned in your article.
    Is the change going to be huge still?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. It’s hard to say without seeing your chart. The degrees don’t matter (they describe the inner conflicts) as Jupiter will have an impact on your Libra factors, no matter what degree they happen to be. Download 2020 Astrology free, to read more about Jupiter.

  32. Hi Jessica, Libra seems to be quite significant in my chart, as it appears quite a few times. Can you clarify what impact the Jupiter in Libra transit will have upon my life?


    1. Saturn, Pluto and Diana are all in Libra in your Seventh House, and that’s quite a lot to work with – and it’s hard work. You had your Saturn Return from 2010-2012 so either with your ex, or the lover you are with now, you went through an extraordinary difficult time. Saturn also conjuncted Pluto and Diana in those years so you really have quite a lot to repair, fix and heal. This will happen without even trying, over the next 12 months. You can take full advantage of big opportunities to sort out anything unresolved emotionally, sexually or psychologically. You can also improve and enhance your dating, mating and relating skills in general. It begins with knowing what it means to be born with Saturn, Pluto and Diana in Libra, so hit Search and download 2020 Astrology, free.

  33. Hi Jessica, your post was so interesting! In light of everything you mentioned, would you provide me insight on what I can expect with my relationships with these two men, 25Jul1965 (41.8061° N, 88.3273° W), and 25Oct1979 (41.7637° N, 72.6851° W)? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much!!

    1. Lucky you, not one man, but two. The July man is hard work if you want children, or have them (or if he has children). The issue would not go away until Christmas 2017. The October man is also hard work (you must be looking for it, unconsciously!) as you two must figure out how to divide the turf between you. If you stick with Mr. October then the second half of 2018, 2019 changes your lives, radically.

  34. Hi…somehow my message from August 30th was lost :(…I’m copying below. Thank you!!!
    Hi Jessica. thank you very much for all this valuable information. I’m a Leo rising/ascendant with not much in Libra BUT Jupiter in Libra. Even though Libra is not my ascendant how will Jupiter will affect me?. How do I know when Jupiter will pass on Libra at the same time as my birth time? thank you :):)

    1. I’m sorry your message was lost. Mercury Retrograde. Okay, so the next 12 months will transform your love life for the better with the most dazzling opportunities to reshape the relationship you have with your former, current and potential partners. You will experience the Jupiter Return in the first week of October 2016 which can only occur every 12 years. You are frequently at odds with yourself when it comes to lovers, as part of you revels in being ‘in love with love’ and adores the self-indulgence of feasting on the banquet. In fact, partnership comes naturally to you. There is another part of you, however, which creates and invents the relationships, only to reject them (or reject the lovers). Then the world turns upside-down as a result. There is a strong ‘freedom’ theme in your chart and the space to do what one wants, when one wants to do it, is a very big deal for you. With Fortuna there too I suspect you spin the wheel of fate and fortune for your lovers, without even knowing what you do! Almost as soon as Jupiter conjuncts your natal Uranus at 1 Libra, September 15th through 18th, you will see the pattern begin. It would help you to know more about these chart factors so hit Search and download 2020 Astrology, free.

  35. Hi Jessica! Everyone is getting such a nice hope and answers about love life for 2017! I am so happy for them and excited to know if any goodies for me that you see in my horoscope chart:-)
    Thank you for your time, very appreciated.

    1. You were born with Apollo at 2 Libra. Apollo describes your ability to lead by example, to multi-task in an impressive way and to discover what makes you heroic and special – to the point where others want to copy you. Apollo is in your Seventh House, which describes the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partners. This house also reveals your enemies, rivals and opponents. You would be a formidable enemy to have as Apollo in mythology could be brutal! In love or even professional partnership you lead the way. This comes alive for you as Jupiter passes 2 Libra, September 19th through 23rd, 2016. Lead on, MacDuff.

  36. Thanks Jessica great article. The last 6 years for me have been serious work long hard hours no interest at all in dating. With Venus 27 and Mercury 28 Minerva 8 and my MC at 7 I am hoping to balance the scale and at least force myself out of the shadows. When I meet people I have no interest in anything other then hello, have a good day I miss the carefree women I was. Any thing in my chart showing this or I will lighten up this cycle

    1. I wonder why you have avoided partnerships? Actually you were meant to be in duets of all kinds – not only sexual or romantic. It’s very unusual to see someone with a stellium in Libra who has lost interest in relationships, yet you can fix things up over the next 12 months. You were born with the MC at 7 Libra (if your birth time is correct), Minerva at 8 Libra, Mercury at 28 Libra and Venus at 27 Libra, all in the Seventh House of partnership. This house is also about your enemies, rivals and opponents. You will be given opportunities to resolve whatever stands in your way with dating as Jupiter crosses 7, 8, 27, 28 Libra and this process actually begins soon – October 12th through 21st, 2016. You are uniquely gifted at balancing the scales with people and have a talent for bridging the gap which divides you from lovers and partners who are equal, but different. Beyond sexual relationships, look at professional partnership.

  37. Hello Jessicia,
    I am a premium member and wanted to ask how Jupiter will affect my chart. I have Jupiter 18 degrees Libra, Mars 26 Libra, Fortuna 22Libra & Psyche 22 Libra. DOB November 2 1957
    Also is there a way to buy the Venus E book with PayPal ?
    Thank You

    1. Thank you. I am not sure about Paypal as a payment method for the new ebook series but Get The Gloss can help you. The next twelve months will change your life. The relationship you have with your former, current or potential lover will be most affected and it may be about two or three people, not just one. You were born with Psyche conjunct Fortuna at 22 Libra in the Seventh House, which describes the chemistry you share with your other half, as well as the difficult chemistry that comes with rivals, enemies or opponents. What you create in your partnerships will last forever. It will outlive you. This is not just about love and sex. It is about work partnerships too. If you think of partnerships which have stood the test of time, from Bogart and Bacall to Fred and Ginger – that is what you are here to achieve. It is hard, though. Why? Because you are blind to the fact that you spin the wheel of fortune for your partners, sending them high (so they are kings of your world) then low (so they are flung to the bottom of the heap). Have a look at that. Find out more about Fortuna. You also have generous, benevolent, easy, joyful Jupiter in Libra, in the same house, so you are born lucky with your partners, despite this tendency to spin them around, high and low, in your life. It’s easy for you to give back to partners. Mars is also there. You can fight them – and how. You can also be quite a fearless warrior when it comes to your enemies. All of this adds up to a whopping story in your life, repeated at intervals, and here it comes again – specifically as Jupiter himself passes by from 18 through 26 Libra and brings it all alive for you. Colourful, memorable, blessed, fortunate, challenging, unforgettable – that’s what it’s going to be. It starts just before Christmas 2016, lasts to Easter 2017 (phase one) then continues, August, September next year.

  38. Hi Jessica
    I asked a question before but it got lost in the ether (or else it was a bit confusingly phrased…). Thank you for another really brilliant article 🙂

    Pluto will be opposing my Sun when it squares Jupiter – I’m really hoping that Jupiter will take the edge off that one a little! Power games really aren’t my gig. Also, I’ve realised that the Sun will be conjuncting my Jupiter Return – seems positive, I wonder if you have any insights into what that will look like?

    1. I am sorry, we are moving through Mercury Retrograde and very few airports in Australia (where I am travelling) have reliable mobile internet. Thank you for the compliment, too. You are quite right to be watchful where Pluto is concerned, because you were born with the Sun at 19 Cancer in your Fourth House, which describes your apartment, family, house, town, country and/or household. This is where you shine, but as Pluto will be opposing this from 19 Capricorn in March, April, May 2017 (when the story begins) and in January, February 2018 (second chapter) with the end of the story in July, August, 2018 and finally November, December – you do have to look at your rent, mortgage, renovations, family relationships and flatmates quite cautiously. Cover yourself for changes and be wise. Jupiter in Libra will conjunct your natal Jupiter at 3 Libra (the famous Jupiter Return) in your Seventh House, which describes the relationship you have with your former, current or potential lover. Jupiter then moves to conjunct your natal Saturn at 4 Libra, also in the Seventh House, before moving onto conjunct Pluto at 21 Libra and Juno at 23. This cycle will utterly change your life. It will transform the chemistry you share with this person. It is healing, hopeful and helpful on a level you have not seen for 12 years. To get the ‘what’ of the story please download 2020 Astrology free.

  39. Hi Jessica, it was so encouraging to read your article on Jupiter in Libra. More equality and connection with less discrimination. I have no planets in Libra. I noticed I have – IC 19° Capricorn 46′ 35″ and Venus at 26° Aries 01′ 43″ . You mentioned watch for 27 Aries. How will this affect my relationship (Taurean partner 27/4/49). Is it good vibes or something to be concerned about? Other areas to be aware of? Thanks ME

    1. Thank you. Every Jupiter in Libra cycle advances the planet from the last one, so we move through stages with equality. The new wave for 2017 is male feminists. It’s going to alter women’s experience of love and sex so much! You were born with Jupiter at 24 Leo and Pluto at 26 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules children, godchildren, stepchildren, pregnancy, nieces, nephews and any lover who can bring the junior branches on their family tree into your life. When Jupiter moves to 23, 24, 25, 26 Libra he forms a stunning sextile to this chart pattern. It is time to claim your younger court and rule them, as they wish to be ruled. There is a hint of this in February 2017 but the real story unfolds September 2017. A classic example would be the birth of a child, but this is not the only one.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    I was wondering when Jupiter is hitting my chart and if he will fix or create an opportunity for me.
    Best wishes

    1. You were born with the Sun at 24 Libra in your Seventh House, which describes the kind of relationship you have with your former, current or potential lovers. This is your ‘outstanding feature’ and you could become quite well-known for your marriage, your professional partnership and so on. When you don’t shine here, it is a very big deal for you. You also have Pluto at 19 Libra in the same house, so this is your need for total control – to take someone, to take them over, and to ‘seize’ love and turn it into ‘mine all mine.’ Of course this never lasts long and there is always a deal done, either with your lover, the universe or the other people who also want this person to themselves! Jupiter passing across 19 through 24 Libra will help you fix the past and when the ground is fertile the acorn can be planted. It really is life gardening. Use the period December 2016, January, February 2017, end of March, start of April 2017, end of August 2017, and particularly September that year.

  41. Hi Jessica, thanks for such an interesting piece. I’m curious to know how this might work for people like me, with a Libra ascendant (17 degrees)? Could it feel more balanced? Or just like a crazy tennis match with the ball going back-and-forth? I’ve also got a 21 Aries moon, plus Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Libra (8, 8 and 23)…

    The other thing I’m curious about is that I am a Sag Sun and have noticed that I tend to take on a bit of whatever sign Jupiter is in (Virgo era = hard dutiful work in a health charity… Leo era = acting classes and platinum hair…). Is that a ‘thing’?

    1. Your Libra Ascendant is only your image, not your true self, and it does depend on an accurate birth time. If you have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Libra then your relationship with your former, current or potential partner will transform by October 2017 and you will be given a stunning opportunity to form not just one, but several duets or double-acts. This is not necessarily always about love or sex.

  42. Hi, Jessica! Apologies if you saw this a few times, but I am sure you are busy answering all of these. LOVE this article! This is it! You probably already know who is going to be all about this, but for sure JUPITER IN LIBRA – can’t wait – it’s happy “new year” to me (and to all, but can I own this one?) And, I am enjoying the Venus e-guide! Will you please help me understand how this will pan out for me specifically with my chart. I know you said I will get closure from things that are blocking me from moving on – I definitely need to! Any more enlightening thoughts would help! Lots of love! Xx

    1. Sometimes you don’t have to try too hard at all. Remove all the noise from your space and tune into your sixth sense through meditation, candle-gazing, prayer or whatever takes you into the zone. Ask what you are doing, that gets in your own way. Ask what you need to alter about yourself and your life to move into a relationship. We are going to see two things happen during Jupiter in Libra. First, men will pursue equality, which makes potential lovers who were a no-go area for women before, suddenly very desirable. Sexism and other difficult attitudes (treating women not as equals, but as an alien species) will be given the boot. The other thing we are going to see is a ton of break-ups and divorces which will mean a new wave of lovers who just did not exist for you before.

  43. Hi Jessica ,
    Thank you for the article ,
    would really like to know on this one ,have a few factors in Libra –
    15° Libra 55′ 44″

    25° Libra 17′ 19″

    14° Libra 19′ 56″ R

    15° Libra 00′ 06″

    25° Libra 01′ 50″

    26° Libra 19′ 43″

    27° Libra 57′ 51″

    21° Libra 05′ 09″

    also have Vesta
    24° Aries 23′ 14″

    02° Virgo 50′ 26″

    Date of birth – 4 .7.1968 ( 12:05am )
    please let me know what you see ahead , your predictions are os accurate , many thanks

    Kind regards

    1. You have a fascinating 13 months of repair work, hope, heart healing and change to look forward to and when you and your soul are both ready for someone new, then someone new will come in (or someone old, recycled). You have incarnated to pioneer a different, new, improved way of handling the age-old themes of love and sex, and will find your own path with this in 2017. Some of the life gardening you have to complete concerns the rocks, rubble and weeds left over from a very difficult time with a lover 2010-2011, or the whole business of finding a date. You have a bit of work to do but you will love the rewards.

  44. I have Libra in Pluto 11 and in Volcano 09
    I have just recently been dating a fellow sun aquarian and its very easy and electric, what does this cycle mean for me? Is this guy not the main story then? and if he is this is perhaps someone serious then? Can i get my hopes up- is this potential?
    If not is there any luck in love soon – lifetime of single and im sick of life alone

    thanks and great read

    1. You have Vulcano at 9 Libra in your Seventh House of past, present and potential lovers and Pluto at 11 Libra, so when Jupiter crosses 8 9, 10, 11, 12 Libra you will have a huge opportunity with this man, or someone better. This happens from the second half of October, first half of November and it’s your call. Look up Pluto and Vulcano to find out more about your patterns in love and sex. Look up Fortuna too. You have her in your Fifth House of pregnancy, motherhood, termination, adoption, step-parenting and fostering. She is at 6 Leo so when Jupiter forms a sextile from 6 Libra in the second week of October 2016, that is also very helpful. It looks like the weeks preceding Halloween are decision times.

      1. Interesting had no dad and my mother hated me at first sight and beat me till i left.
        How Pluto and Vulcano rule my love life i am unsure?? is this to do with releasing my past with my mother? Ive done that. I am a seer so i suppose that is where the Lady Luck Fortuna comes in. So he has potential but i will know more by the dates in Oct?

        1. You have been through hell with your family. I am very sorry. One thing that will help you is to go to Google and look up Google Images. Search Pluto and Vulcano – look at the paintings and sculpture. Art can be very therapeutic, revealing and healing. You are so powerful here, but you also carry a great deal of fiery emotion which is kept down. I think finding out about Pluto and Vulcan in your chart would be really useful. Look up Vesta too and again, look at the paintings.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Loved your article once again!
    It seems that I have a lot factors in Libra but not the degrees you mentioned.
    Will the impact be big in my personal life still?

    You insights are always helpful.

    Thank you.

    1. Sure, if you have a stellium in Libra you will be given the opportunity to heal the past and repair any issues which are stopping you from finding a lover. Once you do the life gardening and weeding, you will have prepared the ground for a new lover, or the reappearance of an old lover, which will be offered to you by October 2017.

  46. Hi Jessica, thank you for this inspiring post. I’m a Sagittarius but have more planets in Libra than Sag. I also have Venus at 18 Capricorn. What will this cycle mean for me?
    Also in the last couple of weeks I have started a writing project (about social justice and people power) with a very dear Scorpio friend and met a new potential romantic partner (Aquarius). Could either or both of these prospects take off during Jupiter in Libra?

    1. Cheers. You have a whopping stellium in Libra. You could easily marry your Aquarian by October 2017 or find a superior lover to replace this person, making a big commitment choice. If you dislike the concept of marriage, you may opt for an alternative legal arrangement together. The story will begin very quickly as Jupiter moves to 4 Libra and conjuncts your Diana in the final two days of September, and first two days of October. Chapters keep arriving until your Jupiter Return at 29 Libra in the first fortnight of October 2017. I hear the phrase ‘Mary Poppins’ for you on a psychic level so I am passing it on. Writing? Your Gemini and Sagittarius chart signature says you were born to publish. This will be a long slog as Saturn pings both the Sagittarius and Gemini ends of the patterns, yet once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from November 2018 until 2019, you should be revelling in the book, ebook or website which emerges.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I am a capricorn married to a Scorpio (30/10/1977). I foresee some tough times due to the decisions we might take whuch depends on my job, moving back to my home country etc. Nothing is decided yet and this is causing some tension between me and my wife. Also, related to my son’s (29/05/2000) education. I am wondering how long will this period of tension last…will we ever feel settled?

    1. Settled? No, there is no such thing as settled with your chart patterns. Free? Yes. Independent? Yes. You two, and your son, are in a major phase of transition which begins with compromises and concessions this year, and in 2017, and then from May 2018, a period of many years when you will deconstruct and reconstruct the kind of relationship you share. Be open to experimenting, innovating, changing – perhaps radically. This is not stable, secure permanence, but it is rewarding if you go in with the right attitude.

  48. Hi Jessica. I am always fascinated to read your take on world affairs. You seem to bring astrology alive and into the modern realm. You are also upbeat about the transitions we are making. Yet: I can see Trump not making it to President but the thought of Hillary, the most conniving anti-democratic puppet of the Corporate Elite taking the reins of the White House to continue their agenda is just too scary. As if Teresa May as PM wasn’t concern enough. Nothing that is being forecast is very reassuring, although the Universe must have its reasons by foisting these two manipulative women upon us. OH, for some really strong ladies with true integrity! What I would really like to know is when will we throw off this outdated Parliamentary system of two or three same old parties vying for office and institute a method by which the people consent to the laws which govern them by popular vote? The Universe seems to be dragging its feet by putting in place more of the same establishment players who control the world to their liking for their financial masters. Without wanting to sound defeatist, nothing of what has happened this year has presented anything all that great. Your kind thoughts much appreciated.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to mention I have the Sun at 27.32 degrees Capricorn, (12th) , Jupiter at 27 deg Scorpio in 9th house and Ceres 16 deg Scorpio (8th)with Aquarius ascendant at 19.06 degrees and Venus and Chiron conjunct Asc, if that is relevant. Thank you.

      1. Sorry, I don’t have a personal birth chart to work with here and none of that is hugely relevant, though I suspect Jupiter in Scorpio after October 2017 will make a great difference, as Jupiter will sextile your Sun, return to his own place (the Jupiter Return) and conjunct Ceres. Hit Search to find out more about how Scorpio works in your chart, then hit Jupiter for specifics.

    2. That’s a lovely compliment, thank you. I only work with astrology, not politics, so I don’t have any particular opinion on Hillary, though I did feel an old-fashioned house system like Placidus, dating from centuries ago, seemed like the right one to use for Mr. Trump given his old-fashioned views on abortion. You want to know if government will change? Yes, dramatically, as we see Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Ceres all in Capricorn by 2020. The old system will come crashing down to be replaced by a new one. Those now in their twenties (Generation Capricorn) will be most affected.

  49. Dear Jessica,

    I submitted below comment but I guess it is lost between the other comments.

    Thank you for this wonderful article Jessica !!

    Just to know more; I am a gemini (02.06.1983, 00:15 am) with rising Aquarius, so Jupiter cycle in Libra would effect me about babies, young generations and lovers or foreign lands, travel and education ?

    In addition, I have 28 Saturn, 27 Pluto, 20 Hygeia in Libra, how would I personally effected from the Jupiter cycle in Libra?

    And lastly any hopes that Jupiter cycle eases the effects of Saturn return that is happening in Gemini?

    Many many thanks !

    1. Thank you. You are using a different house system to me, so I am going to switch your chart back to Natural Houses. You were born with Saturn at 28 Libra, Pluto at 27 Libra (Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra) in the Seventh House, which describes your former, current and potential partners, but also your enemies, rivals and opponents. Hygiea is also in Libra at 20 degrees in the Seventh House. There is some repair work to do here as you went through an extremely difficult time with one person in particular when Saturn passed through Libra and your Seventh House 2009-2012. This healing and hope can begin, as Jupiter crosses 20 Libra near Christmas 2016 – Uranus is also at 20 Aries then so I suspect Christmas this year will be unforgettable in terms of changing the past, either with the same person, or quite a new one. Freedom is the magic word. The really big shift will happen when Jupiter moves to 27, 28 Libra at the end of September 2017 and start of October 2017. Read more about all these symbols in the new book 2020 Astrology, free to download.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    I think my previous comment may have gotten lost too…
    I have (only) Pluto at 10 Libra, but I have a few planets in Scorpio.
    Should I assume this is the year for partnerships of all kinds… as for me they were pretty much nonexistent up until now (except an ex).
    Thank you in advance, will get your Gloss report asap.

    1. Apologies, as we now have over 160 comments logged on this story and I have been in and out of airports all week, unable to get to every question. Okay, so Pluto at 10 Libra is enough for the moment. (Although I note your Scorpio stellium and would tell you to look forward to mixing money with sex, or property and passion, from October 11th 2017 until November 8th, 2018). Back to Pluto in Libra! This is about your former or potential partner. It is also about your need to control relationships, which is actually at odds with what a genuine 50-50 partnership should be. This person, or a related issue (perhaps membership of a dating website) will be at the top of your list when Jupiter crosses 10 Libra from October 27th through 31st, 2016 and perhaps into November, as the Nodes will transit 10 Virgo and Pisces, also aspecting your Pluto. Jupiter is a tremendous problem solver. It’s a good time to look at past patterns of wanting to take, and take over (and having to accept enforced compromises) in the game of love. I suspect you might also want to read widely about Scorpio and what it brings to your chart. It all works nicely for you.

  51. Hi Jessica!! My original comment got lost in the mix so I thought it being mercury in retrograde to try again haha…Being a Venus in Virgo my love life has never been easy but I’m very hopeful for this Jupiter in libra transit. As a premium member I really learn so munch from you. For this transit I have Pluto in Libra 6*, Uranus in Libra 28*, and Jupiter in Aries 23*. My north node is the fated 29* of Scorpio so hopefully this all points to something extraordinary and hopeful. I bought the Venus e-book you wrote at get the gloss!! I’ve also been busy reading it and your ebook 2020 astrology.

    1. Sorry – there are nearly 200 comments for this story now – but I can see your question here. You were born with Pluto at 6 Libra and Uranus at 28 Libra, which I will focus on. Awareness of the past is everything in changing the future so very close to September 29th and October 21st you will be made aware of old patterns with your former or current partner that shed light on what is required to get the most from love, sex and intimacy over the next 12 months. There will also be news or enlightening discussions as Mercury crosses Pluto near October 11th and Uranus near October 24th. Dn’t worry so much about the Nodes. October seems like the month to take a big opportunity to address your need to control partnerships, and perhaps dominate partners (Pluto) as Jupiter crosses Pluto himself across 9th, 10th, 11th and Mercury is obviously there too – so whatever begins this cycle is going to be big. The other key to your year in 2017 is Uranus also moving to 28 Aries at the very end of June, July, August, start of September and then Jupiter also moving to 28 Libra in the first week of October. These patterns are quite extraordinary as you will experience transiting Uranus at 28 Aries opposite natal Uranus at 28 Libra (the revolution) while Jupiter helps, heals and gives you hope. It may be useful for you to download 2020 Astrology (free) and read more about Jupiter and Uranus.

  52. Hi Jessica! You make me so hopeful! I have so much love to give – and planets in Libra! What do you see for me? Lots of love and light xx

    1. Thank you. You were born with the True South Node (karma, repetition) at 9 Libra in your Seventh House, which describes the relationship you share with your former, current and potential partners, over the course of your lifetime. You were also born with Mercury (your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media) in Libra, in the same house – and finally, Venus, the planet of passion, seduction and erotica at 18 Libra. This cycle, which you will first notice near the New Moon on Saturday 1st October as it falls at 8 Libra (very close to your True South Node) will change your love life for the better. Beyond love, sex, equal partnership and harmony, you could also form a very successful professional duet in this period.

  53. Hi Jessica,

    I found that my question was lost. But I understand that you have a lot of questions here so it could happen. So I try write my uqestion once again:

    I am a Virgo, but I feel that Jupiter in Libra could be more significant for me than was JUpiter in Virgo (at least I didn´t feel it in direct or evident events). Maybe it was because I have only Sun at hte end of Virgo (DOB 20/09/1975,Slovakia).But as for Libra I have a stelium in this sign.
    And as for dates you spoke above, the 3rd March 2017 could be an important day for me. I have Jupiter 22deg in Aries and Mercury in 22deg Libra. Could you help me to understand how it is going to affect me?
    Then I have Pluto 8deg, Cupido 4deg and Minerva 4deg in Libra, My love relationship is nice and stable for 14 years and I don´t plan any developpements like marriage for example. So I am not able imagine what could be yet here for me:-)

    Thank you for your answer

    1. Thank you. I need your personal chart for these kinds of questions. If you have Pluto, Cupido and Minerva in Libra then your relationship with your partner will become bigger and better by October 2017. Adding a child, trip, business or new home to the partnership is very common. If there are any issues with the partnership which keep you small, then these will either be resolved amicably or you may find that a break brings the change you need.

      1. Jessica,

        I am a Premium member so you should have my chart. My DOB is 20/9/1975 around 15h50, Slovakia.
        Interesting what you wrote about child because there are some years we tried in different way but nothing. Maybe because of stelium in Leo as you once wrote me..

        Thanks for your help which you give me through your explanation.

  54. Hello Jessica, I have noticed quite a few posts were lost including mine, posted on August 29. I know, there are a huge numbers of comments you answer but if you could look at this one, I’d be very grateful!
    “A little stunned at coming across this post at this moment!!! It is uncanny and somehow reassuring! I feel I must get your take on this aspect of my chart… I have just received an invitation to a small gathering on the 1st of October where I will be face to face with the person (DOB: June 6 1978.)with whom I have an unfinished story. It started in October ’14 and most of 2015 went with me trying to draw a line under it. This January I was able to break contact but the truth is, it’s not over. The impact of this episode has been disproportionately great on my life.. Including my health. Need your insight! Would you please, Jessica?”

    1. What an amazing story. You fell in love with this Gemini in October 2014 and have unfinished business, and you are meeting at a gathering on 1st October on the New Moon in Libra, which falls in your Seventh House of former, current and potential lovers. This former lover is the key to everything. You will either reconcile, once you have sorted out the questions about pregnancy, stepchildren, godchildren, nieces, nephews and so on – or you will finally push away, following milestone choices about the same – and meet a superior substitute. It all begins very quickly as you were born with Jupiter at 0 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship and heirs, Apollo at 1 Leo in the same house, and the Sun at 6 Libra. This cycle goes to the very, very end in October 2017 so you have 13 months to change your love life. It will be great. Please do not be nervous about this social gathering. Just take a deep breath and know that whatever happens, this is the key that turns the lock in the door, no matter if you close it or open it wide.

      1. Goose pimples! The story is amazing, even if utterly absurd! How you can see this, is even more amazing! What a gift you have!
        Thank you!

  55. Thank you SO much Jessica for your feedback today re my ex. You have helped me so much. I am not prepared to hang in there with the ‘hard work’ required to make this work. I have had too much of it in life and relationship.. I knew it, thank you for confirming it, it is the closure I need. X

  56. hi Jessica,
    I am so excited to have joined as a premium member. So many great articles and info to get stuck into! The GTG article is great too.
    As I mentioned earlier I have several dates in mind for my wedding. Monday 14th November is looking ok, however i keep finding icky aspects e.g. jupiter coming to oppose uranus. Any date from the weekend 12th of november to around mid december would be ideal.

    My partners chart is 22.5.1969, 2.36am (not 100%sure as he is adopted) in Sydney too.
    I got that time by attempting to rectify the chart many times over to key events and I read somewhere that aries rising walk with their head jutting forward in profile and his definitely does!
    Plus that makes his moon 28 cancer which is the same as mine. I call this the glue that has seen us through so many ups and downs in the time we have known each other (14 years!)

    Any input would be appreciated. I know how important the asteroids are and perhaps they will hold the missing key to finding the best possible date.
    Our Venuses square each other (18 cancer to his 18 aries) and I’d like some good venus aspect there.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Blessings x

    1. Thank you and I will let Get The Gloss know. So you want to get married and it has to be November through December. You were born with Uranus at 9 Libra and Minerva at 18 Libra. Minerva is certainly more useful for a wedding than Uranus so the trick would be to find a date well away from Jupiter at 9 Libra. Fortunately you’ve done that, but you do need to be aware of October 22 through 26 as a major time of choice, not about the wedding, but about the marriage itself and the whole business of commitment. Jupiter will cross Uranus in your chart then and there is much healing to be done. Depending on his birth time your husband has Venus around 18 Aries, so exactly opposite your Minerva. You two act out a Venus-Minerva dynamic so you may want to read up on those two potent symbols. I suspect Jupiter at 18 Libra can fix a lot of that for you and he is there, November 9 through 14. Mercury is retrograde, however, in Capricorn, so watch out for guests having career reshuffles, delays, changes which affect their ability to fly or be on time/turn up. Make allowances.

  57. Hi Jessica

    My marriage has been hard work and challenging. I have Saturn in Scorpio in 5th House of children. We have fiery arguments over the family inheritance on my husband side (DOB 4/12/54} with niece and nephew. My children and I want to move into the future , let go of the past baggage. I have Neptune in Libra 26 degs, Hygiea in Libra 7 degs., Pluto in Leo 24 degs Does Neptune in Libra indicate I am not seeing a realistic view of my marriage ? I hope husband will put our relationship as a priority for fairness, equality, harmony and happiness, because I don’t think he will change his attitude. Also, would there be a birth of a child during Jupiter in Libra transit as a healing solution?
    Looking forward to your enlightening insight and guiding force. Thank you .

    1. Thank you. Astrology does not show the birth of a child. It can show children, but they arrive in many different ways. Saturn in Scorpio is not in your Fifth house of children, it is in your Eighth House of sex, money, death, marriage, property and business. Your Hygiea at 7 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage is the key. Use the period when Jupiter crosses 7 Libra, October 12 through 16, 2016, to heal the past, protect the future, and do all those other things Hygiea is so famous for.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    This seems to be an important time for me, as I have a few heavenly bodies in Libra, Sun at 21º being one of them. Could you please take a glance at my chart and tell me how this transit may affect me?

    As always, thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. You were born with the Sun at 21 Libra in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners – this house also describes enemies, rivals and opponents. Diana is also there at 4 Libra, joined by Apollo at 13 Libra and Hygiea at 12 Libra. The quality of the chemistry you share with your old, existing or possible lover will improve dramatically over the next 13 months with a real turning point as Jupiter moves across 12, 13 degrees of Libra in November (triggering your conjunction) and then retrogrades there in May and June 2017. You shine in a partnership although you need to be a free spirit and commitment may not be your thing. You have expertise at handling one-on-one relationships and this will benefit you so much in 2017.

  59. Jessica,

    All I have in Libra is my MC – Princess Diana! ha…what can I expect from this cycle?


    1. If you were really born at 5.56am, which is pretty specific, then you do have the MC or Midheaven at 18 Libra and will develop your true calling in life, which is to be in a partnership, as Jupiter moves to 18 Libra, in December 2016. That time of year usually sees reshuffles and mergers, so perhaps your duet will be work based. It is also Christmas, however, and we associate that with couples and with couples who have broken up, so it may be your former, current or potential partner who reminds you that your highest achievement is symmetry, balance and harmony. Jupiter retrogrades to 18 Libra in the first half of April 2017 so this is chapter two, either with the same person, or a new contender. The final pass is August 2017, so this really is an epic year for taking partnerships further. Libra is also associated with ‘the good fight’ and you may also be doing battle for the right reasons, at the right time. Unbalanced scales, injustice and inequality usually rankle with Libra MC people so we find them waging war on whomever/whatever they feel is taking the Mickey. You can actually combine all these themes with a Libra MC. Who is Ronald Reagan to your Margaret Thatcher? Who is Denis Thatcher to your Margaret Thatcher? Those are big questions for you but you will enjoy tremendous benefits from asking them!

  60. Hi Jessica –

    Forgive me if you’ve already answered this question.

    I have a stellium in Aquarius and my Moon is @14 Libra in 2H. Can we Aquas (fellow Air travellers) expect to see some ESPECIALLY good results from this transit?

    d.o.b 1-26-62

    ALways, thanks.

    1. Jupiter will conjunct your Moon at 14 Libra in your Seventh House (Natural Houses) which describes the chemistry you have with your former, current or potential partner. Jupiter will also trine your Sun in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. The conjunction is special. You need to be needed, in partnership. You mother your lovers. You can expand this role, fix any issues with it and take the alchemy to a new level as Jupiter passes this spot. Watch the movement of Jupiter on this website to see when.

  61. Hi Jess,

    A great article again, which has seen you avalanched with requests, and I’m not surprised.

    But for those people who say that astrology is nonsense, the Mercury retrograde station in action losing half your requests (including mine) is proof enough. I originally asked about how I could reconcile my extended hermitage (till at least 1 November) with my (currently very) reticent relaunch.

    That must mean that my question can’t be answered yet or will rendered irrelevant by the end of October. I just can’t see what mechanism will allow this to occur.

    Can you offer any comment to this jumble of crossed lines please?
    The original question about the love life can wait, to be honest!

    Thanks again

    1. Are there still people who say astrology is nonsense? Too funny. I will just keep posting verified predictions (in 100 True Astrology Predictions)! Thank you for your question. Yes, Mercury Retrograde is upon us and I am not losing any Comments, they are just arriving at my desk in erratic ways. Regarding your hermitage and relaunch – your stellium in Libra is so vast that you cannot really escape Jupiter in Libra, even if you try. I have seen people refuse every opportunity and ignore every solution when Jupiter passes through their chart (it can happen). However, in your case, making it work with just one other person, is a major part of who you are, how you function and what you do. This does not have to be marriage. It can be a professional partnership or a ‘partner in crime’ friendship. I also suspect you could have more than one, which you would either revive, or begin. This part of your life will evolve very quickly, within the space of a fortnight, as you go from the final week of September into the first week of October 2016. Be aware of the way Jupiter works. He was the Roman god of thunder and he washes away the rubble and muck from the soil, ready for new things to grow, through his dramatic ‘downpours’ of problem-solving and opportunity. The rest is up to you. You have to plant something with this other person which you are prepared to tend, cultivate and nurture over 12 months. At regular intervals another thunderbolt will appear and you will find a growth spurt. Thus, it all depends on what you are prepared to believe in, and to nourish. Yet – Jupiter will help you. Without duets we would not have aeroplanes (the Wright Brothers), great comedy (French and Saunders), or legendary marriages (Taylor and Burton). Your duet is waiting.

      1. Thank you for that wonderfully detailed reply.

        Yes, there are plenty who think astrology is all nonsense. I asked your oracle for advice on the matter. I got Aesculapia 12. That suggests to me that the hermitage IS the relaunch. I know it’s coming, but I’m still not ready yet, even though I desperately want to be.

        1. The Astrology Oracle is telling you about the revival, rebirth or resurrection of what you assumed was either over, or virtually finished with. This is a very personal matter for you, as nobody else can really know, see or fathom what is at stake – yet, the cards will give you more answers, if you ask.

  62. Hi Jessica my original message seems to have got lost. I wouldn’t ask again as I appreciate you might be too inundated to answer – but as I have so many factors in Libra I thought I would persevere and ask one more time. My original question was:

    Hi Jessica I hope you don’t mind me asking another question. You’ve touched on love in my life in a previous question but as I have Jupiter in Libra and five other factors in Libra I wondered if I will be affected in a more specific way. I’ve never been in a long term relationship and it’s some thing I would really like. Do I need to do anything differently or are any time periods especially important. Any insight you can offer would be so helpful as this is an area in my life in which I feel totally lost. Thank you for another brilliant article.

    1. I am sorry, there are now over 1000 questions pending and it takes time to get round them all. Your question has now appeared at the top of the list! You were born with a stellium in Libra, including Mars at 29, Jupiter at 5, Uranus at 3, Fortuna at 16, Cupido at 25 and the South Node at 4. You express a large part of your personality through partnership. It does not have to be permanent and it does not have to be sexual. You can have any number of duets or double-acts in your life, at any one time. I suspect you upset your own relationships as Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House describes people who create, invent and ‘make’ their partnerships in quite an innovative and unique way, only to reject either the person or the commitment. This is a churning, unquiet part of your life. You also have Fortuna there, and so you blindly spin the Wheel of Fortune for lovers, either putting them on a pedestal so they are King or Queen, or spinning the wheel so that they are plunged down into the depths. If you want to change the quality of your partnerships and attract more suitable partners, this is the time. In fact, karma is at work here. A person with whom you share past life connections will be on your radar as Jupiter crosses your South Node on October 29, 30, 31 (Halloween) and November 1, 2016. You have 13 months to resolve issues, move forward and create that exquisite symmetry, harmony and balance which is your gift, using all the awareness of your previous relationship patterns to help you build something better for 2017. You will not have to look far, for the other person.

  63. I have Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in Libra too. I’m a gemini born in 1981 from Mexico.
    Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. You are part of the Libran generation born when gender-benders (as they called them then) like Boy George and Marilyn were dominating the charts. You were also born into an era when padded shoulders for women (emulating the male shape) and power heels (very high heels) expressed the new control that women wanted in politics and business. In short, it was the beginning of equality, even though it began in a freakish way. In 2017 you will lead the way with equality, pursuing it in your partnerships – sexual, romantic or strictly business. Your mantra will be ‘equal but different, different but equal.’ You came into the world just as it was recovering from the murder of John Lennon so consciousness about Libra (John’s sign), and the John and Yoko relationship was also very high.

  64. Hi Jessica – Wonderful article as always! I am really concerned about marriage drama 12/26/16 as it was also mentioned in the Cancer birthday horoscope. My husband has Capricorn factors 19 Midheaven Cap and 1 Sun Cap and Venus at 12 Cap. I also have many Libra factors matching up at the same degrees you mentioned in the article: Bacchus 20 Libra, Vulcano 27 Libra, Panacea 27 Libra. It sounds like it could be an exciting or drama filled year or so for me. I am hoping for something positive though. Do you have any idea based on my chart what I can prepare for during this Jupiter cycle? I am hoping for positive, but I am nervous about a lot of drama. I have been through enough with my career and marriage and health issues for a while and I can’t take much more and I just want some good positive changes! Many blessings to you Jessica!

    1. Thank you so much. Okay, so your husband has Venus the planet of seduction, passion and emotional complication at 12 Capricorn in his Tenth House of career, social status and ambition. Venus is at 12 Capricorn square your South Node at 13 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage. There is something here you two cannot square and it dates from a previous life, as the Node rules reincarnation and karma. There is potential for this to be healed and fixed as Jupiter passes 12, 13 Libra in November 2016. Next year as a whole is primarily about your husband, or if eligible, your former lover before him. You have opportunities you have not seen in over a decade as Jupiter conjuncts your Juno, Ceres, Bacchus, Panacea, Vulcano and South Node all in the Seventh House of equal partnership. You are a mass of contradictions when it comes to partnership. You want the security and prestige of marriage (Juno) but have to deal with the lack of freedom. Marriage will also bring major issues about power and control (Ceres). It is where you give and receive the most self-indulgent, hedonistic kind of pleasure (Bacchus) but also where you are a practical problem-solver (Panacea). Vulcano suggests great desire and sometimes great anger, fully bolted down and hidden. This makes you rather powerful. The South Node, as you already saw, is about karma. I think the next 13 months will bring an enormous amount of life gardening with your husband as you uproot the weeds, remove the rubble, enrich the soil, plant new acorns and watch big oak trees grow. If there is anything about the garden which is never going to grow, then you may have to create a different garden. Jupiter wants growth.

  65. Hi Jessica

    I was wondering how this transit would affect me. I have Pluto in Libra at 20 and Hygeia in Aries at 24.

    Thank you

    1. You have a tight pattern in your chart with Pluto (power) at 20 Libra in the Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. At the same time, this hooks up with Mercury (communication) at 20 Pisces in your Twelfth House of secrets and is very close to Saturn (hard karma) at 21 Virgo in your Sixth House of work and the body. Every time you get into a partnership it triggers other issues, especially around your relationship with your body. Jupiter passing over 20, 21 Libra will give you a chance to identify this and take full advantage of opportunities to fix the past and help the present. December 2016 and August 2017 help you. Read more on Jupiter by hitting Search.

  66. Hi Jessica,

    I love reading what you write. My sign is Virgo, I have been torn between to different males for the last five years. One is a Gemini and the other is a Pisces. Alot has been happening in my life dealing with this, some good and some not so good. Even reading my horoscopes, I still am confused on what I need to do or how things need to be, in order to get my life back on track. Can you please give me a better understanding on whats to come and what I need to do to help make my future better in all ways.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Confusion is common in this cycle, as you are a Sun Virgo having Neptune transit her Seventh solar house of love, sex and relationships. Neptune is what you might expect – he can leave you feeling all at sea, floundering and ‘over your head’. I am sure Mr Pisces does not help this as his ruling planet is Neptune and some Piscean men can be flakey, elusive, confusing and confused themselves. I expect Mr Gemini will have a hard decision to make about you and any other woman involved, by Christmas 2016. This will help you make new choices. Hit Search and read more on Neptune.

  67. Hi Jessica,

    Yet another fantastic post, thank you for sharing with us!!
    I am so excited by the future prospects – can you shed any light on how this transit may play out with my chart? I’m logged in as I write this so you should be able to view my chart. A lot of my planets are in Cancer but not much in Libra. I’ve been single for most of my twenties and I feel ready to meet someone now. I’ve had an on-off thing with a guy who I ready to let go of but we bumping into one another, annoyingly when I’ve moved on. I don’t have his birthdate but would like to know if there is something there. Happy to move on though tbh. As always, thank you.


    1. Thank you. You have the most intense Cancer stellium I have seen in many years. You will be ready to commmit with the money, apartment or house from the final quarter of 2017 into 2018. Why? Jupiter the planet of opportunity, expansion, growth and abundance will move into Scorpio where he will trine your Cancer stellium in a stunning pattern and conjunct your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House which rules deadly serious financial agreements and sexually powerful property arrangements. Don’t sit on your hands until then, you have a life to lead, but it does look as if it’s all going to be about the in-laws, the family and the property within two years.

  68. Hi Jessica, first can I just acknowledge how patient and courteous your support team are, they have assist me over the course of the last week in getting my subscription renewed. They were really great timezone and mercury retro etc to contend with.
    Could you please have a look at my chart please to see if any exciting partnership likely?

    Love the GtG book,

    1. Thank you so much, I will pass that onto my support team and also to the noble women at Get The Gloss. You have the Moon at 10 Libra and Uranus close by at 8 Libra in the Seventh House, describing the unique chemistry you invent with your former, current and potential partners. You need to be needed in a duet and operate maternally, nurturing, caring for and protecting your lovers. You are at odds with yourself, though, as you also have a pattern of rejecting – either the person or the relationship itself. In fact, you can distance yourself from lovers or partnerships in quite a striking way. Then it all changes and the world turns upside down! There is a rare chance to address this, fix it and work with it to your advantage as Jupiter passes 8, 9, 10 Libra in the second half of October 2016.

  69. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another amazingly powerful article. Your writing is always a source of calm reassurance for me. It’s something I look forward to on a monthly basis. (I understand there are over 1,000 questions on this thread now so if you can’t answer this, it’s ok. I just thought I’d give it a shot since I’m still struggling with this situation.)

    My relationship with my ex-partner ended at the beginning of July, and it was pretty devastating for us both. We’d only been together for 6 months, but I’d never felt this way about anyone before and was ready to relocate to be with her. We didn’t speak for a little while, but she wanted to remain friends when I reached out to her finally. We talk almost every day now, and at times she’s painfully transparent, telling me she misses me and wants me, and then other times she’s quite distant. It’s frustrating and exhausting to be perfectly candid. I’ve only been in a handful of relationships in my life, so I’m not sure if this dance we’re doing is something people do, or if it’s just something she’s doing because she doesn’t know what she wants. Her birth date is May 10, 1989. She’s had an exceptional amount of trauma in her life over the last year (3 relatives passing away and a physical injury that may require surgery to repair) so I fully understand she may just not have any emotional room or capacity in her life for me right now. I just need to know if she’s worth sticking around for. The circumstances surrounding how we met are quite unique (think Hollywood movie – I’m not exaggerating) and I feel as though she’s someone from a past life with which I hold a very special connection. Any light you can shed on this is much appreciated. Thank you so, so much.

    1. Thank you very much. It sounds as if you have been going through a very painful time with this woman in your life. The medium Rita Rogers often says that the strangest meeting circumstances are a sure sign of real soulmate status. I’m not sure what you think about that. Rita is right about a lot of things! Your ex will be ready to commit to you or another person from the final quarter of 2017 into 2018. Of course you don’t want to hang around waiting to see if it’s you or someone else – or hang around, full stop. It would be a classic marriage or complete financial and property commitment for her, the kind she would only be able to make every 12 years. I do feel it’s going to be a lot about the money for her, when it happens, as from 2018 her financial future changes quite radically. Okay, back to your chart. This is past life karma with her. You knew each other before. You have the True North Node in Libra so this is why it’s so hard to move on, because whatever debts and credits are involved, karmically, have not been fully exchanged yet. (They will be, within 12 months). You were also born with Pluto at 11 Libra conjunct Ceres at 12 Libra in the Seventh House which describes the relationship with your ex. You are best suited to a relationship or marriage where two people agree to share control and perhaps split/separate their time, energy, priorities. You need to control and be the boss of your relationship, and sometimes of your lover. You feel more in charge of yourself and your life when you do this. At the same time, your path in life is all about understanding that 100% control is not possible and sometimes it has to be 50% as you must ‘share’ with the universe, your lover herself, or other people. Jupiter passing 11, 12 will give you a chance to fix the issues either with her, a new person or within yourself. You will see the benefits in the first fortnight of November as you experience transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Pluto in the Seventh House and transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Ceres in the Seventh House. That is the mother of all compromises and carve-ups, yet it benefits you. Transiting Jupiter conjuncts your North Node in the Seventh House in the first fortnight of April 2017.

  70. This cycle has me so full of hope, as I have been single since 2004. I have the following factors in my chart: Sun 25 Libra, Mercury 27 Libra, Lilith 0 Capricorn, Ascendant 4 Capricorn,Venus 15 Virgo. Is there hope for me?

    1. Lilith is a Jewish symbol and not part of the 2000+ year old astrological family tree which began with Jupiter, Saturn and the rest – so I will leave her out. The Sun and Mercury are close together in your chart at 25, 27 so as Jupiter crosses 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 you will have a chance to either fix the obstacle which is preventing you from being with a lover, or (if you have done the work on yourself) have the chance to date someone new. This occurs all in one month, September 2017. Do not sit around waiting for that, though. Get on with your life and use your chart – it is hard to say what else you can use here as it’s not appearing on my computer. Pick up my book 2020 Astrology free to begin.

  71. Hi Jessica!

    I recall reading a question from another member in which you answered that there are very few people with ‘life partners’.

    This probably sounds ridiculous, but are you able to tell from astrology whether I am one of the ‘lucky few’ and my partner is my ‘life partner’? I have been able to work out that we met while my sun sign was transiting the 7th house.

    I know there is a strong bond, but I think I am potentially more smitten than he is and sometimes I feel like I’m am left emotionally hanging! His dob is 21/11/63. Any insights on our long term relationship would be so appreciated.

    I totally understand if you are overwhelmed by comments and can’t get round to answering though!

    Thank you xx

    1. Thank you. Your partner was born the day before the JFK assassination. He has major issues about sharing money, rent, investments, possessions, mortgages and so on. Ceres is in Scorpio in his chart. This is the sign which rules legacies and the last will and testament. Obviously when JFK was shot the whole world turned to the legacy he left Jackie and his children. Neptune is also in Scorpio in your partner’s chart so he escapes from the real world, probably through credit cards, maybe through using shopping, money or business as another kind of ‘holiday’ from reality. He also has Mercury in Scorpio and the Sun, too. He will make the ultimate decision about the house, apartment or money with you (or another person) from the final quarter of next year into 2018. Obviously we hope it’s you. You have Ops at 20 Scorpio so it seems like the two of you are going through the ultimate ‘marry or split’ cycle, September 2016 through November 2018. Marriage, of course, being the ultimate expression of a financial commitment and ‘until death do us part’. You may want to hit Scorpio on search to find out more about how they see the world. Sex, power, death and money get all mixed up. Thus, marriage, because it is about a mortgage, most of the time (the bank’s need for life insurance with you) and also the legal rules of fidelity which govern the way some of those expensive divorces turn out. It’s not a bad time to look at all this with a microscope because I think the next two years will really focus you on it, one way or another. Jupiter is tremendously helpful and healing and he will give you whatever you need, to go to the next level in equal partnership.

  72. Hi Jessica,
    I commented a few days ago, but my post seems to have gotten lost…
    I’ve only recently discovered you and this amazing site, and so far I’m really enjoying learning about astrology.
    If you could take a glance at my chart and give any feedback about life and love it would be much appreciated.

    1. I am sorry, the comments are not being lost, they are just in a queue of around 1100 at the moment, and sometimes this website slows right down as 1 million people log on every month! Okay, so with Pluto at 18 Libra, the MC or Midheaven at 11 Libra and Cupido at 24 Libra, you find your power and control by mastering relationships with your former, current or potential partners, though you need to watch out for a tendency to dominate, which is always nipped in the bud, either by the other person or fate. Your life calling is actually to be in one or more equal partnerships which see you achieving the power of two. It’s rather like Steed and Mrs. Peel in The Avengers or Gerry and George in Seinfeld. You also have Cupido here (Cupid) so you generate desire but are also vulnerable to it, in the most passionate and short term way. Jupiter at 11 Libra in early November gives you an opportunity to pursue ‘two’ in business or love, if your birth time is right. In December Jupiter moves to 18 Libra so there is a solid chance here to heal old patters and perhaps be with someone new. February finds Jupiter at 23, very close to Cupido, so perhaps Valentine’s Day will be unbelievably meaningful for you. He is certainly right on Cupido at 24 Libra in September 2017 when you could fall madly in love. The next chapter beyond this, from October, would depend on your money and property situation, or your lover’s. It would then go into strictly financial and material territory, if the other person’s chart agrees.

  73. Hi Jessica

    My comment seems to have got stuck in moderation (lots of my email communication in the last week has also gone missing, Mercury Retrograde?!) I am still fairly new as a premium member and find your articles very interesting and useful as I try and learn more about (and understand) my personal chart!

    I have 6 Libra factors in my chart and wondered what this cycle could mean for me? Following a difficult time with pregnancy in the second half 2011 I went through a separation and divorce 2012 / 2013 (was this Saturn Return?) I was then in a difficult relationship 2013 – 2016 which finally went through a traumatic break up at the end of March. I have taken time to be on my own and have learnt a huge amount about myself and my relationships since then. Does this cycle indicate any changes in my life regarding love and partnerships?

    Thanks x

    1. Comments are not being stuck or lost, they are just part of a queue of about 1100 questions and sometimes there is so much traffic on here (we typically have one million views every month) that the website slows in speed and I can answer very few of them at a time. Apologies for tihs. I am sorry you have been through such a rotten time with pregnancy, divorce and more difficulties. Let’s have a look at what is going on. You do have a huge stellium in Libra so will benefit from the solid solutions and opportunities for the biggest and best outcomes in years, starting almost as soon as Jupiter moves to 3 Libra and conjuncts your natal Mars at 3 Libra on September 24th through 28th. You were born with the Moon, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Diana and Aesculapia in Libra and with an exact conjunction between the Moon and Pluto – you can look that up if you like (Moon conjunct natal Pluto). The first thing to say is that there is the chance of resurrecting a sexual relationship you assumed was over. I don’t know if you want that. This takes place when Jupiter conjuncts Aseculapia in the second half of September 2017. The second thing to note is that Moon-Pluto needs to be needed by a partner, like a mother as well as a lover, but she also wants to control, dominate and take over. This is bound to come up again in September 2017, so that month seems to be a crossroads. Just as crucial is Diana, who describes female freedom, independence and space. There is a bit part of you which does not want to be married or have children. Are you aware of that? With Saturn at 15 Libra we might also say you went through hell on your Saturn Return a few years ago (and you have told me that) and this emotional, psychological or sexual baggage is there to be taken off your journey once and for all as Jupiter moves to 15 Libra in the second half of November 2016, May 2017, July 2017. There is an awful lot about to take place, with one or two people, and one way into this productive cycle is to get to know all the heavenly bodies I have mentioned. Read your own code!

      1. Thanks so much for the insight and sorry for the impatience! I have been reading up as you suggested and I guess with six factors in Libra that explains why I’ve stuck to partnerships that I should have ended sooner, or that I started whilst wearing rose tinted glasses. I am hoping the months alone focusing on learning from my mistakes and past relationship will pay off during this Jupiter cycle. In fact yesterday as I was worrying whether I was ‘doing enough’ a huge lorry pulled up alongside me with the word ‘Jupiter’ written the full length of it with a picture of the planet! Synchronicity?!

        Not sure how I feel about resurrecting a relationship that you mention, there are one of two men it could be (9 Oct 1981 or 18 Jul 1977). Either way it doesn’t seem possible at the moment! Cancer guy was a very difficult time indeed and I have moved forward a lot, but I sometimes wonder if I may have to deal with him again? Libra man has always been all promise, no action. I do understand your point about Diana. I’ve created a career and lifestyle that gives me huge independence and freedom, yet still feel something is missing without a relationship. Your insight and advice to read up on the heavenly bodies you mentioned has been really interesting and given another dimension on my journey to get to know myself better, thanks Jessica!

        1. You are kidding me about the truck with Jupiter written on the side. This almost never happens. It is an omen. Think big, hope, be optimistic, seize the moments as they come, plant the acorns and tend them until they become mighty relationship oaks. It is amazing how Jupiter works. We often think nothing is possible. I am sure lots of people thought it was impossible that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would break up, but they just did, days into the new Jupiter in Libra cycle. Trust the global barn dance that is coming. Issues about equality, fairness, justice and harmony will drive many people to separate and that means the biggest partner-swap you ever saw in your life. With more educated partners. Separation will force the collective emotional E.Q. through the roof. Watch Mr. Libra in particular – he could be interesting for you.

  74. Jessica, brilliant as always! You’ve already addressed how my Libra stellium might help with a potential relationship during the Jupiter transit on another post. What I’d like to know now is, how much of effort am I going to have to put into this? Can I sit back while Jupiter works his magic? I feel like I’ve already made things quite clear from my end. Also, the person in question has Moon at 23 Libra, Pluto at 21 Libra and Venus at 19 Capricorn and is in a dead-end but longtime relationship. How do you see this panning out?

    1. Prepare yourself, because it may not be with this person. Jupiter takes the long view and big picture. Obviously, it may be – but you cannot bank on this person’s Jupiter transit giving you what you want. Essentially, you will get the repair work or opportunity which is win-win for everyone. Jupiter is associated with the eagle which had sweeping vision of everybody and everything, over time and space. So it will be very much that kind of answer for you – and only Jupiter can show you.

  75. Hi Jessica,

    My question was posted, and has vanished into the ether, twice now. I checked and saw it there, which is so weird. Here it goes again…

    I’m sure, you have steam coming off your finger tips on this one. I have Libra everywhere, which means I will be impacted for sure. Can you let me know if I’m down with my ex ( 1st april 1976), I’m so done, done, done. It was a car crash, as I wrote from Dec12- Jan 13, run for the hills. I’m not sure what April Fool joke this was, but I literally should never have opened my door ( literally) since my lovely life, as I knew it was immediately deleted, then the stork delivered a bombshell in amongst the mix, when I should have running for the hills as my soul, mind heart was screaming me to do. Fast forward, I’m heading up the mountain fast, and I’m sure as you know what not waiting the Ark, and I’m not taking baggage. I’m beyond done, and groan every time I read former partner in my charts, since I’m SO DONE (have I said that enough times already), plus it cost me everything ( on all levels) so I’m don’t need to do this cocked up karmic connection ( if this was the case), or it was a case of don’t open your door to narcissists without boarder control to check their passport first to identify crazy! I never had church bells ringing in my head, and neither was this the relationship I’d imagined or expected myself to be in, and there is/ was limited attraction on my side and he isn’t even my type. Yup, still scratching my head, but I’m here. Wounds healed to prove it.

    So, is it at all possible that this period could be able a new partner.? Since, I’m really ready to leave this comic joke at the foot hills, and never think of it again. I wouldn’t have any connection aside from the little one, which results in limited business like interactions. We next cross paths some time in Feb and early August, any dates I show miss, if i can. But, back to the new, the fresh beginning. I wouldn’t know if a wet fish slapped me in the face, or a pigeon pooped on me as a comic sign that I needed to pay attention to who was in front of me. If I had any type of a radar or a picker, it’s been booted into milky way and i have no idea how to extract it. Is there any periods that I should be watching for, since in my head I’m on a mission to rebuild my career and re-invent myself again, so I’m gearing up my mind body and soul for the assault up the mountain and know that in the past prior to April Fool’s I was consumed with work and missed a zillion good fish in the sea, so to speak. Obviously, I’ve been a bit busy in recent years, dealing with the cosmic wasteland of the above mentioned, so I don’t want to miss the chance for what seems like the once in a lifetime chance to have an equal authentic partnership, as I imagine I always would and deserved, before the above mess. I’ve so done it, lived it, got the war stories, and truly… I’m DONE, and have been for what feels like FOREVER. Would love to hear you razor sharp insights. Thank you for your generosity and gift that you share with us all and for all the time you take to personally illuminate us all and give hope to those that need it in your responses. It’s amazing to read your comments – Thank you. Always

    1. There does seem to be a lifelong pattern of change and churning with lovers, as you were born with Uranus, Pluto and Fortuna in Libra in the Seventh House. In fact, you have five factors there so you identify so much with being in a partnership that you take love, sex and romance very seriously – five is way more than average. Jupiter is the problem-solver of astrology. You will get the repair work done on whatever level you are ready for. It may be because you begin a relationship with a new person who changes your patterns. It may be, because you just change your patterns, full stop. Fortuna is in there so have a look at her. She is the blindfolded goddess of fate who spun the wheel of fortune, sending men high and low, without seeing what she was doing. Watch Jupiter in Libra at 4 and 22 in particular, at the start and of the cycle, October 2016 through October 2017.

  76. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you, another great article.

    I have five Libra factors (with Pluto and Apollo both at 19), I’m assuming this is where my relentless passion for equality comes from (although I am a male), and care about it considerably more than others, like I’m supposed to show the way and be the guiding light, maybe, something to do with my Aries Moon at 19? Your thoughts and words as ever, are greatly appreciated.

    1. Cheers. Okay, so your Pluto-Apollo conjunction in Libra in the Seventh House of partnership and also conflict (the scales of justice, when unbalanced, will sometimes be forcibly realigned) is significant. There is a part of you which wants to lead, to dominate, to take over, to star in your own story! This occurs with lovers or sexual partners, but also with professional partners. You may want to read more about Apollo and Pluto. The opposition to the Moon in Aries is significant because there is considerable inner tension around your ‘need to be needed’ by being the fearless man of action – and the obvious need for partnership. Any time you get into relationships with people who have chart factors at 19 the whole thing is set off. The pattern is also tied to your Neptune at 19 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreign people and places, travel, education, your personal belief system, the web and publishing. You take holidays from reality with all this and yet every time you try to escape the real world by travelling or travelling in the mind, you hit this inner conflict. Jupiter in Libra will heal a great deal. It will happen almost continually from September 2016 as Jupiter passes Fortuna, Bacchus and so on. Note you also have the North Node (karma) at 20 Leo in the Fifth House of pregnancy, babies, children, godchlidren, stepchildren, young relatives and so on. Watch what happens when Jupiter passes 19, 20 in Libra as you have a decision to make and some very old past life karma will come up.

      1. many thanks for your reply, when you say scales of justice, could this include law?because that would be very relative to the landscape, could the north node (karma) allude to something from 2012 and 2015 from the Saturn/Scorpio transit?

        However, on the plus side, do you see any luck in relationships, single for 2 years, after an 18 month relationship (and not being able to see things for what they are or were), however, I haven’t lost hope yet. Thanks

        1. Yes, the law is ‘scales of justice’ and ruled by Libra. The North Node would also be harking back to old karma. You should be extremely hopeful about the future of your love life, as you will either gain closure with your ex or reconcile by October 2017. If closure, then you can move onto the next potential lover. You were born with a whopping stellium in Libra so at various points, over the next 13 months, you will have ample opportunities to create an equal partnership, with nicely balanced scales, using (for example) Apollo in Libra in your chart. You can read more about him in your ebooks.

  77. Hi Jessica,

    Love your articles… My ascendant is Libra and I have Pluto in my first house at 27 dgrees. I’ve been single for 5 years with maybe 3 very short lived or abruptly ending relationships in between.. (i currently have Uranus transiting my 7th…)
    Could you explain a little further what having 27 degrees Libra will mean for me??
    I have a very Venusian chart, and very much in love with love…
    Any advise you could give would be greatly appreciated, and very much needed!!

    1. Hello. You are using a completely different system of astrology, and I’m afraid there is no chart, so I can’t read it. Uranus is not transiting your Seventh House in my system, it is in your First House. Pluto is in Libra at 27 degrees? Watch what happens when Jupiter conjuncts natal Pluto at 27 Libra, final week of September 2017, first week of October 2017. That is an opportunity for repair work with a former, current or potential partner – by that stage – and a profound change.

  78. Thanks so much for this!!

    I have a lot of Libra in my chart.
    Sun, Venus, and JUPITER- Libra

    Rising and Saturn- Aquarius
    Moon- Capricorn
    Mercury and Mars- Scorpio

    So, with Jupiter in Libra- where my Jupiter exists AND I’m also a Libra- I’m guessing that this year will be extremely intense for me?

    The details are incredible and makes me feel excited to hear that next year will be about things I care deeply about- equality, peace, love, music, and art!! Ahhhhh!! FINALLY. I love how you referenced historical correspondence. That’s incredible.

    thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to write this for all of us to see.

  79. Hi Jessica,
    Great post! I’m always excited to read how Jupiter changing signs will effect us. I’m not sure about Libra though- it sounds exciting but I only have Pluto & Minerva in Libra. My husband (a Cap) also only has Pluto. If you have a chance to look at my chart- would love your thoughts on this next cycle. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. There’s no ‘only’ Pluto about this planet as it is a part of you which is quite powerful, seeks power and then has to figure out how to compromise. Your marriage is the main outlet for this. Having Minerva there is a definite help as you are wise, when it comes to equal partnership. If you and your husband both have Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House then you are going to look at the scales you share together, think about balancing them differently, or even replace the old set of scales, made with your wedding, for a new one. It’s a profound 13 months of useful change.

  80. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your posting. I have my ASC 22 Libra, Pluto 18 Libra, Cupido 28 Libra, and DESC 22 Aries. I noted that several of these are at the exact degrees which mentioned in your post. How might this play out for me during this Jupiter transit? Also, my ex-partner and I got back in touch around the September 1st eclipse and things are a bit hazy. Is there any indication that this situation may carry into this new Jupiter cycle? Any insight would be most appreciated. Thank you kindly.

    1. If you and your ex were back in touch on the eclipse I suspect your ex has a chart that was well and truly triggered. You may want to give things a few weeks to pan out. You could time it by the Olympics ‘truths’ that are about to be revealed, in fact – when these make news, you will also get the full story with your ex and he will get the full story about you. Long-term either with him or a superior replacement you will have an opportunity to explore what it feels like to have a relationship where gender difference is not an issue – where things are fair.

  81. Hi Jessica
    I read this article three times. Yeek! Jupiter is going to conjuct my natal uranus and square pluto 2016 and 2017. Is it good or bad Jessica? During these aspects can we Choose not to do anything or will these aspects push us out of comfort zone? Thank you for your advice.

    1. Jupiter is always good news. Did you see the story I wrote about the meaning of Jupiter? He is symbolised by acorns and oak trees. From litte acorns, mighty oaks grow. He is also associated with the thunderbolt so most times you see Jupiter sculptures in museums, you will see the stump of what used to be a thunderbolt in his hand (time has snapped it off). Thunder is dramatic, powerful, impressive and usually a relief and a release after a hot and sticky period of tension. The rain that follows, feeds the soil and makes the acorn grow into the oak. Finally, Jupiter is associated with the eagle. This planet (and this cycle) is all-seeing and all-knowing and benefits everyone, not just you, in a big win-win outcome. You will be happily swept up in global trends at this time. What happens to our relationships, marriages and professional partnerships across the planet is going to affect you through six degrees. A very early example of this is the Russia-US pact which was made within hours of Jupiter entering Libra. There will be a lot of compromises, peace settlements, and new ways to make up with people who were difficult for us in the past. This can also be your fate if you want it.

  82. Hi Jessica, thanks for another great article.
    I have a stellium in libra and jupiter will light up all of my chart – just like pluto/uranus and saturn/neptune have done! I am so hoping for some love from jupiters transit. It’s taken me 4 years to get over the aries man so where do I go from here? Could you have a look at my chart and give me some insight and hope? Much appreciated!

    1. Thank you. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto are all in Libra and the Seventh House of partnership and conflict, in your horoscope. Being with a sexual or professional partner, is a major part of who you are. The Aries man was actually ruled by Mars so I am sure it has taken you four years to get over your ex. Having learned all you did, you are now free to reinvent a new way to be with someone. It begins with discovering a new way to be without him. Use the New Moon on 1st October 2016 to write/draw some clear goals. Within 12 months you will be stunned at how many twists of fate help you to reshape your own love life. Yes, there will be a chance to date someone new.

  83. Hi, Jessica! I love the discussions going on in here, very informative.

    I am a Scorpio with Cappy asc, and two poorly aspected planets in Libra: Moon and Mercury/ Sun-Moon midpoint. As much as I’m looking forward to this transit since my Moon sits at 8 degrees in the 8th house close to 9th cusp, conjuncts Valentine and rules my 7th house; Mercury/Sun Moon midpoint at 21 degrees sits in 9th house and rules my 5th, 6th and a large part of 8th house, I am concerned with the minor negative aspects they both receive from Saturn, Jupiter and squares from Neptune, Uranus to Mercury. The only good thing might be a sextile from my 7th house Leo Mars (which rules my 3rd and 10th) to my Moon. Last time Jupiter entered Libra I was a kid and I got to travel abroad with my parents. I will be 22 soon and I just moved to my dream city for a master degree. In the light of that miraculous event, I was wondering what else could this transit bring to me in love department mostly? I am afraid that despite the opportunities being there, I might not be able to even dare to seize one or take it because I’m an anxious person who has been dealing with a depressive state for 5 years (so since Saturn transited my Libra Moon). Any response would be awesome. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. Some of my readers are the most interesting and intriguing people – I am glad you are learning from the astrology discussions. You are another person who is using a completely different astrology system to me, so I find it hard to make predictions based on that. Basically you are a Sun Scorpio. You want to know about your love life. You will be carving up the emotional, psychological, spiritual and perhaps sexual territory in a new way with your former, current or potential partner, for quite some time. Ceres is in your solar Seventh House intermittently in 2016 and again in 2017. You may want to read more about Ceres by hitting Search. From May 2018 Uranus goes into your solar Seventh House and you will experience a revolution in your love life, which goes on for many years, liberating you and encouraging you to invent a new way to interpret what a partnership should be.

  84. Hi Jessica,

    As Jupiter is always good news and I have Juno 23 Libra do I take it this is beneficial / healing for my marriage / commitment? Even if I didn’t think it needed it?

    I also have Fortuna 19 Capricorn – is this the ‘fated connection’ in someone else’s life? Connected to career as this is my tenth? I don’t get the ‘wheels of fate’ aspect.

    Could you please comment on my interpretation – a quick “yeah on the right tracks” would do 🙂
    Or, one of your illuminating explanations if I’m way off.

    Cheers and thanks.

    1. Jupiter and Juno were married in mythology – this is a second commitment for you, probably with your husband – but you can also ‘wed’ a work partner. You can read more about Fortuna and the others in 2020 Astrology. You’re on track! Thank you.

  85. Hi Jessica,
    I put a comment here late last night, was still here this morning, but it’s gone since this afternoon 🙁 I’ve got these 6 factors in Libra, please let me know what I can expect in my relationships in the months ahead. Thanks so much Jessica, and wishing you a lovely week. T
    03° Libra 11′ 27″ R
    08° Libra 13′ 13″
    21° Libra 57′ 28″ R
    17° Libra 42′ 56″
    07° Libra 58′ 48″ R
    11° Libra 25′ 31″ R

    1. I’m sorry your comment disappeared – I can see there are now 1174 in the queue so perhaps it is jumping around again. (Mercury Retrograde). Okay, so you are strongly Libran. Even if your birth time is not exactly accurate, which could move your MC out of Libra, you still have a stellium there. You express yourself through professional partnership and marriage and it is the institution of marriage which you are here to change – and also be changed by. You will see why over the next 13 months as you have a stunning opportunity to create a new world for yourself. I am sure you have past pain to deal with as Saturn went through Libra in recent years and this cycle will also be very healing and restorative.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica, I’m so glad to know a brighter horizon is ahead for me. Reading your message, I can ‘see’, in retrospect, how strongly Libran I am: at all time and in all situations, I’ve always been trying to keep a fair, balanced outlook on everyone and everything. By trying to cater for everyone’s needs, at times it had come at a cost to me in many ways. But then so many good, unexpected, things have also come as a result of what I’ve done, and have forgotten long in the past.
        Thank you for your time, wisdom and very attentive response to all of our questions. In my last (now lost) comment, I’ve also mentioned how stunningly accurate your predictions were: some were exact TO THE DATE. It has given me shivers when I checked back. Thank you for warning us, and supporting us along the way on our many-fold journeys. Wishing you and your family fabulous years ahead. Kindest regards, T.

        1. You are describing exactly what it means to have the Sun in Libra. Catering for everybody’s needs is a classic issue for this sign, who hates to be unfair to anybody, so ends up trying to please everyone all the time. I am sorry your comment has been lost in the queue, but our traffic soared over 1 million hits a month recently and we are creating a new website to match demand, right now. I am glad the astrology has been accurate to the date. It really can be – it is the people’s timing, after all. Enjoy Jupiter conjunct your Sun in Libra.

  86. Hi Jessica. Wow, love this article thanks!! Maybe that’s due to having Jupiter in Libra conjunct the MC? This is so on cue for me at the moment as I have just re-committed to a relationship that has been pretty volatile and back and forth for 18yrs!! This feels like the make or break…finally. Would love to know what you make of this please. His details, 24/6/1967 Kowloon. @ 3.50am. Also I will b having Saturn and Jupiter return…looks like big stuff!! Much gratitude to you

    1. I’m glad the astrology is on cue for you. Getting back together with someone after 18 years of a volatile relationship is huge, so let’s have a look. I am sure the real issue has been pregnancy, the desire to have/not have children, existing sons or daughters – or stepchildren for either of you. Why? You were born with Uranus at 11 Leo in your Fifth House of parenthood and you also have the DC (Descendant) at 1 Leo, which describes your lover. Uranus reveals that you are constantly ‘churning’ when it comes to courtship and if you were together that long, you would have both had major storms over parenthood (yes, no or maybe). This is a cycle to repair, fix and heal and you should be hopeful. Yes, you will have your Jupiter Return which is tremendous. Jupiter will also cross the MC. I think Christmas 2016 is crucial as we have a line-up then at 20 degrees of Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries. That’s decision time. You are inclined towards partnership as a life path and ‘two’ suits you but look up Uranus and the Fifth House in your ebooks and on this site because you are never going to have stability or permanence and you may need to reshape your private life so it can accommodate constant and regular revolutions. You need to know your lover’s feelings about being a father (or not) in considerable depth.

      1. Thanks heaps Jessica. Yes children have been a factor in our relationship in the past. I have them and he does not. But now we are older it isn’t such an issue. I’ve always felt that we needed to have our own space in the relationship which has been an issue but things seem to be coming together for us now. Thanks again. You brighten my days!!

  87. Hi Jessica,

    Please give me some good news or some words of guidance from this Jupiter in Libra phase because this has been a disheartening and confusing phase Ive been going through for the last 3 yrs now. And how does the upcoming eclipse factor jn? Should I be worried? I do have libra in one of the degrees you specified I think. If I’m reading chart correctly, I think I have quite a bit of libra influence. But I am still learning about astrology and how to understand your chart. I actually became a member just for the sole purpose of hoping to get some advice or insight on an issue thats been lagging me. I havent just only been in a drought since 2013 as far as my love life’s concerned and it has gotten even worse, maybe because I am still hung up on a previous relationship ( tht previous relationship is an April 5, 1972 Aries). I’ve gone on many disappointing first dates with other men last year, but that’s as far as they go because I know what I want and it’s not them,band now I just feel like I’ve given up. Could it be because of him that I been so alone and lonely this past 2 years. He happen to be the love of my life. It did not end well. he decided to move on in late 2012 and cut me out of his life because of difficulties I had put him through at some points when things our relationship had gone south over some incidents n deteriated so far past the point, over time I’ve been able to reach out to him to convince him to makntain some kind of relationship with me but he would only let me in so much and it doesn’t last and he shits me out again….That’s happened a few times. And At times but he had reached out to me just a few times (Definitely not as often as i), like he did this past May, after 6 months of cutting me out as determined as ever to not allow me in his life he called to say happy birthday and stuff. Since the end of 2012, it’s been much of the same, long periods being shut out and ignored, scattered with a few fleeting periods that provides a glimmer of of hope for me bc he seems open to progressing towards a fresh start with me, and even then he is so withholding and hesitant and easy to throw in the towel on maintaining some kind of relationship (platonic or otherwise) with me. The second week of August,the same thing happened where he just shut me out wo warning or even a word. It seemed like we were at a much better place than we had ever been especially after midJuly. I can be annoying at times, but I was so taken aback and still don’t know what think because it’s so not like him to be so cold with an explanation. Will he n I ever get a real chance to work things out…does he even want to? Will be able to move on to someone else anytime in the near future. Would it make thing better to just sit back and stop trying to make things right between the former lover?
    . I really hope You are able to get back to me, Either way, you and the amazing work you do and the great insights you provide on the site are very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    I hope j an making the right assumptiin that you can see my birth-chart with this comment.

    1. Whenever I see a woman writing a very, very long question about her love life, because of the pain, I just know I am going to find a big Libra chart signature. You have it. You were born with Saturn at 28 Libra in the Seventh House, which rules your former, current or potential partners, exactly conjunct Pluto at 27 Libra. If you want to look this up, you have ‘Saturn conjunct Pluto’ in your natal chart, or birth chart. The pattern ties into an exact sextile to Neptune at 28 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreign people and places. You also have Hygiea in Libra in the Seventh House. This suggests to me that you have a pattern to work with, recognise, fix and improve which would make you less unhappy. Why? Saturn reveals very difficult life lessons about men, love and sex which are not your fault, but which tend to make you want to create all kinds of set-ups, systems, defences and coping methods to protect yourself from who or what you fear. Pluto can make you passionate, obsessive and prone to wanting complete control of love, or a lover. Hygiea is also very much about protection, defence, fear of the future and the need to be pre-emptive so that you guard yourself against who or what threatens you. Is any of this making any sense? I suspect that every time you take a holiday; travel; study; teach; use the worldwide web; involve yourself with foreign/regional differences – it springs to life. With Neptune at 28 Sagittarius in the Ninth House you escape from the real world by travel, or travel in the mind, yet every time you do that, you trigger this pattern with former, current or potential partners. The time to fix it is now. In fact, I predict you will fix it. You asked me about this Aries man born on 5th April 1972. He was born with Pluto in Libra, like you, so he also has a pattern of controlling and dominating lovers and wanting to the the total boss of love. He also has Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House so he upsets his own world. He creates the affair or relationship – he basically produces and invents is – and then he rejects it. It would be very easy to say it is him, not you – but actually it is both of you. It may be worth having one of the most honest discussions of your life as Mercury goes through Libra October 1st to 17th 2016. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, to quote the book. Progress for your heart will be slow and steady for the next 12 months and there will be an opportunity to take the chemistry you have with Mr. Aries and do something different with it (if you both still want to) when Jupiter passes 27, 28 Libra during the closing days of September and opening days of October, 2017. Of course you may be in love with someone else by then.

  88. Hi Jessica
    I have read and reread this article so many times trying to figure out things on my own. I am a scorpio sun so publically I am in lost woods and privately healing myself over past hurts. Please care to answer the effect of this transit on my birth placements as I have so many at the degrees of 22,19,17,27

    2 panacea (trines jupiter at 3 in gemini, sextiles MH at 2 in leo, semisextiles mercury conjunct hygeia at 2 in scorpio)
    10 venus (trines vulcano 11 in gemini and sextiles 10 psyche in sagittarius, inconjuct diana 10 in pisces)
    22 0ps (also salacia 22 aquarius)
    27 moon
    28 vesta (saturn transit here hurt me hard. Still carrying old wounds)

    19 degree placements
    Apollo virgo
    Fortuna scorpio
    Proserpina aquarius

    17 degree placements
    Bacchus sag
    Ceres pisces

    Over the nineteen degree placements you have asked me to watch for a duet professional or romantic kind in december. I have already received an offer of a professional kind to execute in december which will help me in the long run. See how amazingly jupiter is working behind the scenes!

    Jupiter, MH I cant still see playing out nor am I able to play out right now. You had asked me to pursue twin goals of communication and younger generation here.

    Uranus in oppsition to libra factors- you said meant a good fight which I am actually doing.

    Sorry for the very long post but I felt I have to supply you with the info already given by you. Saturn transits in libra and scorpio (sun 15, pluto 12-trines NN in pisces and semisextile SN conjunct Minerva in virgo, Ascendant 0, merc-hygie 2, fortuna 19) hurt me bad.

    Following these I also have a stellium in sag (saturn 29, uranus 28, aesculapia 26, bacchus, psyche). I mention sag placements because you have told me that I will know true freedon when uranus plays at 28 aries with my uranus, juno 29 leo, cupido 29 virgo, moon-vesta 28 libra). All the placements have enabled me to learn that everything is interlinked in my life tightly.

    I want to use this transit to heal myself and look to the future again as you said in gtg like I saw myself and what I could be. It has been long and very long indeed.

    Please help however you can. I am more than grateful to you already!

    1. Thank you. I am glad you have been offered your work partnership already. You have a whopping stellium in Libra so were made for these times. By that, I mean that we are going to see 12 months of male feminism, where men embrace equality with women. We are also going to see inequality where men are unfairly treated by women, become a big talking point. This has not even started yet. We can see hints of it in politics, but actually, we are all waiting for the 1st October New Moon. So are you. From that point forward commit yourself to equal partnership in all its forms; sexual, platonic, professional. You will be stunned at how the world goes hand-in-hand with that intention. We are going to see a big global barn dance by 2017 with a huge wave of separations, divorces, engagements and marriages as people finally have the courage to leave bad relationships and try their luck at being single. There will also be ‘reform’ as people work on themselves and realise that sexism may have been their whole problem, all along! All this benefits you. In fact you will be in the barn dance, front and centre, for quite a long time. Make sure you end up with the right dance partner and listen to the new music that is out there.

      1. Dearest Jessica
        I am so thankful for your reply since I very well know that you have been telling other readers about the long queue of questions you already have.
        I am sincerely sorry for not being able to relate with your answer as it happens I am a female and you mistook me for a male. Just saying!

        Can you please ask the spirits when will I get final closure over my dreadful past. Can I be hopeful of meeting someone in the near future?

        1. I am very sorry I thought you were a bloke. Huge apologies. I think I may have been answering too many questions about the 13th sign at the time! You need to log in so I can see your birth chart data. Thank you.

  89. Hi Jessica,

    I have some factors in Libra (Pluto/Vesta/Diana/Psyche/North node), How does this translate with my former partner (taurus sun/rising libra), she broke up last June…should i forget this story and move on or can i consider a 2nd chance? Thank you;)

    1. You have a Taurus ex who has been through the toughest time possible in 29 years in love, sex, intimacy and commitment. That does take a very long time to get over so she will need space. She won’t even be able to process what happened 2012-2015 until she has asked some questions of herself, and possibly you, from the final week of October through third week of November, but that will help her realise the future will be very different to all the waiting games, tests and trials of the last three years. Is there a second chance? Yes. From October 2017 into 2018 but you don’t need to sit on your hands, waiting. Jupiter in Libra this year will help you heal as well, and move you forward. One thing that may help is understanding how you ‘do’ Vesta and Diana in your Seventh House. Knowing your patterns is half the issue but for you, romantically, either with her or another woman, the future looks pretty great. Use every chance you are given to be happy!

  90. Hello Jessica, I do want to read your article but I confess myself afraid. I have one Libra factor accompanied by Vesta. This explains May 2012 to present. I did play a game in love but it was because I did not want to hurt someone, the coward that I am. Anyway, best laid plans of mice of men. Btw, the two men involved are April born Taurus. I am new to astrology, this Vesta in Libra keeps me awake at night. Does this equate to never having a long lasting relationship, which is what I desire. I have Jupiter and Juno in Leo does that count in love? PS I love the Oracle!

    1. Vulcano at 19 Aries opposite Vesta at 19 Libra in your chart will certainly produce a love triangle with two men! Thank you for your honesty by the way. I think if you go online and look at the paintings of Vulcano and Vesta you will be amazed at what you see, as Vulcano is typically painted surprising his wife Venus in bed with her lover Mars. Vesta is usually painted in her temple, surrounded by women. Of course you can have a lasting relationship, it is just awareness of the pattern. Sometimes just looking at the paintings can trigger something – a breakthrough moment of understanding which is the beginning of change. Your Leo stellium is very interesting as you are on this planet to be a mother or mother substitute to other people’s children. You can do this by becoming a stepmother or godmother, of course – if you never wanted children of your own or were unable to have them. This will be part of a future relationship. It will go beyond just courtship (which you are very good at) into the whole business of your spiritual heirs and the psychological legacy you leave to a much younger generation. Your future lover will usher this in for you. The best way to handle Vesta is to be aware of the pattern of competing with other women, or falling in love with men, who want you to compete (fight over them, basically). A sense of humour and an open discussion will go a long way to solving it.

  91. Dear Jess, I have got to ask you if as a Cancerian married to a man who’s ex is Godzilla in disguise why she is fated in my life as Rita Rogers would say. She is 29th Oct 1949 Gemini rising in Natal chart, gets away scot free with every crooked thing she ever did him and others re money, family, etc. Talk about THERE ARE 3 OF US IN THIS MARRIAGE.!! she has remarried but she seems to be in my consciousness more and more this year.(Not before). Typically he says don’t worry. Please can you tell me is there trouble ahead after nearly 20 years of keeping away ????? as I don’t want my husband who has dementia to have any more problems with her particular type of smiling assassin. ( I’m finding that difficult enough) Should we move far away? or go and live in our own city???? If you can find the time, extremely grateful. xxx Ps. you really bugged me with the Diana/Camilla analogy. Poor Diana. Perhaps its just the strain of being being a carer and I’ve lost the plot. Many thanks to you. You are like having the perfect friend for me and others I’m sure.

    1. Thank you! You are too funny. Married to a man whose ex-partner is Godzilla in disguise – it must be awful having your nightie or pyjamas in shreds, after all this time. She’s an extreme Scorpio – best avoided. He’s playing you with her so just put on Seinfeld or M*A*S*H on the television and turn the volume up. Do not buy into this or it will waste more of your time and energy. I get ‘sister’ so you, he or she has sister issues. I am very sorry your husband has dementia but actually, the key is your own attitude. When you change the way you talk and act, you change the chemistry. When you change the chemistry, you change the horoscope and the outcome. Try it. Also look at your food. Do you find that your mood changes with your food? If so, jump on that and fix it, right away.

      1. Dear Jess, you are a gem indeed. I have already started my attitude change and had many talks with you know who about his.( Ever tried talking to a wall?) He calls me Shirley Valentine!!!!! Your sister thing is his sister (amazing) another Scorpio, but her and the ex nearly live in each others pockets. (how weird is that). Miles away. Strange also, done the food thing, always been into healthy stuff, but, started baking this year. And, we don’t wear nighties!!!! Love you.xxxx ps. You have got me looking at everyone’s degrees in family, etc, never knew it was so easy,and, I have learned an enormous amount, also, just done the Ceres stuff on the 4.6 year cycle, just gobsmacked. Wedding anniversary on 22 August 2017!! Got married on eclipse 1997, and now I know I should have ripped my own nighties up.! RESPECT

  92. Hello Jessica
    I tried to ask before about the article but I think that request got lost. Not sure if you are still answering questions on this post…but if you are – just wondered if you could give me any insight on what this all might mean in terms of my chart so I can understand it all a bit better. I only have 3 Libra factors – Pluto at 05, Uranus at 24 and Bacchus at 19 – and have had a bonkers year in terms of relationships, so any clues (or hope for the future!) would be much appreciated. Thanks anyway – really enjoy the articles and learning more each time.

    1. I am sorry your question jumped around in the queue – there are over 300 comments here now but I will answer them all over time. I can see why your relationships have been bonkers – you are going through transiting Uranus in Aries opposite natal Uranus in Libra. There is a lot of repair work to do and it starts now. This cycle is extremely confronting because it forces change when we never asked for it. The best way through, over the short-term, is to try and put aside old ideas about settling down and marriage, or even old ideas about what the right partner for you should be. If you are open to what comes and willing to dance with life, it will be much easier than trying to stay in the same spot you occupied in 2015 and earlier. Try not to buy into permanence or ‘forever’ too much while Uranus moves through, as you may find it more useful to make up your love life as you go along. Keep an eye on the latest online dating developments too, or apps – and particularly the fascinating new ways to pair up/meet new people which will be invented in 2017. That’s a new world for you but if you are prepared to get up on the dance floor of life, you would find it very exciting. Once Uranus has passed out of this pattern, by 2018, the dance floor will stop shaking and of course over the long-term you can find the rhythm which suits you in a more lasting way.

  93. Hi Jessica, I read your article and I am intrigued as to what all this means to me. It’s been a turbulent ride for the last year or so, my life has been turned upside down and inside out and I am now starting to feel I am in charge again. I have some Libra factors in my chart and was wondering how it will affect me moving forward. I am a Scorpio 11/5/69 with these Libra factors;
    Venus 23° Libra 32′ 12″
    Jupiter 22° Libra 07′ 47″
    Uranus 06° Libra 44′ 25″
    Proserpina 13° Libra 04′ 54″

    Thank you so much!!

    1. Uranus has slowly been opposing your Libra stellium and you are now in the final stages, with Uranus opposite Venus. Whenever your life is turned upside-down by this cycle try to accept the changes and embrace who or what is so new – even if it confronts all your ideas about what your life should be. If you cling to the past and deny what is happening, or even try to fight it, you will find that you are stranded by time. Jupiter will now throw you one opportunity after another to improve, fix and repair what remains of an old relationship or gain total closure. It’s rather like having a set of scales taken in for repairs, or a new, shiny one given to you. Jupiter’s conjunction to Uranus in Libra in your Seventh House is not far away now and if you are willing to invent, create and remake your love life it could happen in the blink of an eye.

  94. Hi Jessica, cannot wait to see the end of ‘Me, me, me’ narcissism, as you describe it: I cannot understand the obsession with ‘selfies’. This forthcoming new era sounds really hopeful, unless we fall too far into the ‘romance’ and duets rabbit hole and forget the rest of the world. But it does not sound like what you are talking about.
    Well, on a more ‘selfish ’ 🙂 note, my husband has Venus in 19 Libra and his sun in 9 Libra, whilst I have 04 Libra in Minerva and 18 Libra in Hygeia: how is Jupiter in Libra likely to affect us? Many thanks, I do not know how you manage to do it all with only 24 hours in one day. I think you need an apprentice to help you with all these messages but how does a psychic astrologer find one? I do not think recruitment agencies will be much use…Maybe a gap in the market?

    1. Too funny. I do actually have a PA, two webmasters and two designers (also two dogs in the Melbourne office). You and your husband have Woody Allen decisions to make about your marriage. I do not mean Mia Farrow. I mean the old Woody Allen joke that a relationship is like a shark – it has to keep moving forward to survive. Between now and October 2017 you two will make some of the most important marriage decisions for years and learn more about what equality between two people actually means and how best to enjoy it, with each of you finding a way to meet the other person in the middle, by doing whatever it takes. You will see why at Christmas.

  95. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this amazing article! I’ve been dating A Pisces guy (21/02/77) for the last 6 months, we have had communication issues which we’ve talked through and this has improved. I just wondered if he is the person I’m meant to be with? He is separated and at times only focuses on his own world (a little bit like the me, me agenda you describe in your article) I don’t think it’s meant in a hurtful way, he’s just been single that long. I do feel there’s a fated connection with us and I know our path isn’t easy but I wondered if it’s the path I should be on? And if he will increase his commitment to our relationship by including me more in his life with his family/friends? Thank you for your help Jessica,

    1. Mr Pisces has not been able to figure out where he stands in love, either with your or possibly his ex girlfriend or more likely, his ex wife. He has seen the opportunity but various issues have prevented him from even answering his own questions. This ends on October 7th and you will notice he makes a lot more sense. His wires have been crossed with you and possibly her as well, throughout August and September. There is no person you are meant to be with, more than any other. You are meant to have particular life experiences and men tend to come along to make those life experiences happen. What you need to learn is the importance of money and mortages (or property investment) to some men and how they have to figure out the price they are prepared to pay for what they want from life. Sometimes it is freedom. He has major decisions to make about his bank account, the divorce (if it happens), any child repayments (you don’t say if he has children) and so on. This is far more important to him than love or sex and it will take up all his time and energy in October, December, April 2017. You will learn a lot from it.

  96. Hi Jessica,
    I am with sun, mercury, pluto and venus retrograde in scorpio, with moon in virgo, gemini ascendant, mars in aquarious, jupiter in pieces, saturn and uranus in sag:) I am turning 30 and hoping to meet my soul mate in next year?:)

    1. You don’t mention any horoscope factors in Libra. If you have the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Venus in Scorpio, however, you will find your financial situation turns strongly in your favour from the final quarter of 2017. Just for the record, there is no such thing as a soul mate. There are often people we have past life debts/credits with, whom we have relationships with, so the karma can be pursued. So that’s the difference. Sometimes our souls require that we have more than one relationship or marriage to do that.

  97. What a wonderful article! So full of optimism for 2017! I have a couple of Libra factors Venus at 0 degrees and Cupido at 10 degrees. I am wondering what this might mean for me from two perspectives. One is love life as I am currently single, but the other is that I am considering in this time period working in a hospital in a country that is currently involved in a conflict. The whole idea of promoting peace and healing almost feels like a duty specifically to this country, although I have no idea why this would be? I have visited it many years ago but otherwise have no links. Is there anything in my chart that might be helpful in trying to understand this? I just found it so interesting how the timing seemed to fit.Thanks so much for your input. Very best wishes to you, and I hope that your own personal astrology is looking exciting in this period as well! Best wishes, Tosca

    1. Thank you Tosca. Well, you have a major year in 2017 – what they call your Nodal Return – as the North Node goes into Leo and South Node goes into Aquarius. You could easily get back together with a former partner. If not, you would be given the chance for a new relationship which is uncannily like one you had years before. Are babies, children or young adults involved in this hospital? If so it’s karma calling and I don’t think anybody can stop you. If not, a younger generation will reach out to you in 2017 anyway. This may be personal (godchildren, young relatives) or professional (the health of much younger people) or through unpaid work (a children’s charity). The Nodes reveal past life memories and old karma. It may well be in this country. If you felt you knew it the first time you went, that’s a pretty good sign.

  98. Hello Jessica, what do you see possibly in store for me next year? Currently going through a break up. I have Pluto in libra at 45 and cupido in libra at 36.

    1. I am so sorry you are going through a break-up. On the plus side, you could not hope to break up at a better time. You were born with Pluto at 18 Libra in the Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. Cupido is at 29 Libra in the Seventh House too. You will heal magnificently from the split in 2017 and could easily fall in love again, or even reconcile (although I can’t see your ex-lover’s chart) in September or October 2017, as Jupiter slowly approaches 29 Libra and a conjunction with Cupido. You may want to read more about Pluto and Cupido in your ebooks to see how they pan out for you.

  99. Thank you Jessica for taking the time to respond! I’m in a state of flux since the break up was during the legendary shadow period of mercury retrograde!

  100. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for that truly wonderful and deeply encouraging article!

    I am Capricorn with Taurus rising, born on January 8th 1986 12:50 pm Athens Greece.

    During the last 2 years and the repeated Uranus Pluto squares i had the most ,objectively, difficult and unpredictable period ever.
    I lost both my parents, got fired from my job and finally broke up with my boyfriend (which was probably caused by: us both, the solar eclipse of march 2016 and all the previous mentioned factors).

    While trying to break down each event ( with the vital help of my Scorpio sister) i was lead to one conclusion: freedom….
    for my parents which both where suffering while fighting with their diseases, my non creative job and my relationship.

    After that comforting conclusion i stopped complaining ,since if all the above events hadn’t taken place, my life wouldn’t change and i would read
    this article and wouldn’t instantly feel intrigued to express myself regardless my extremely shy nature.

    The upcoming (December 26th 2016) Jupiter aspects to Uranus Venus and Saturn,forms below:
    Square my natal sun also
    Trine my natal Jupiter and
    Sextile my natal moon (which natally conjuncts Uranus in Sag)

    Since Libra falls on my natal 6th and will also be Sextiled by transiting Saturn could it be signifying an upcoming professional proposal? I am currently unemployed and searching for job.

    Could you please also help me interpret my Venus return chart? It takes place on November 25th 2016 (exact Jupiter Pluto square).
    I have vertex in Libra which will be conjucted by return moon & Jupiter in Libra, in return 2nd house and return Venus conjunct Pluto in Cap,in return 4th House.
    So many squares and i can’t stop thinking the worst case scenario: been unemployed, putting extra weight and thinking of a past relationship (all these in my house). Hopefully the “fated” part regarding “other people’s love lives” will not be something painful. (My ex partner had Venus in Aries in 15th degree and i have had enough karmic lessons lately) 🙂

    However, thanks in advance!!

    Appreciate your help.
    Best Regards

    1. Thank you Effie. You have been put through such a painful time and losing both parents is something that must have really stretched you, even though you are a stoic Capricorn. You are using some astrology which I don’t – I never use the vertex or a Venus Return. However I can look at your Solar Chart and just the fact that you are a Sun Capricorn. You are quite right to see the deeper meaning of the changes with your family. It was about liberation. Now, that is an easy word to say and a very demanding process to go through. It will not be over, this long revolution, until May 2018. It will intensify at Christmas when we see Jupiter at 20 Libra opposing Uranus at 20 Aries, in the areas of your Capricorn solar chart which rule the family and also your ambition to go further in life. The two are connected. Things are not the same at home or with a relative. This sets you free. Part of the freedom involves pursuing positions, titles, roles and goals which take you further and further away from where your parents or grandparents were – class, country, town, heritage, culture – the lot. I am not saying it is easy but it is productive and creative. Still, make time and space for yourself at Christmas because you will need it to work through some of these questions. Beyond career, this is also about your social status and social position. If you are looking for work, then the opportunities are many and varied until October 2017 but you do need to figure out the family, the house or the apartment at Christmas – even the home town or homeland – before you can begin.

  101. Hello,

    Could you tell me what next year might have in store for me relationship wise? I’ve been on my own for a while and would like to know if there is potential for a relationship or whether I’m meant to be a spinster for the rest of my days 🙂


    1. I’m afraid you don’t get the luxury of spinsterhood for the rest of your days, when you have Uranus and Pluto in Libra. The cycles of your horoscope have a funny way of either putting you back together with your ex or introducing you to someone new. Of course you can always walk away! It may help to read more about Uranus and Pluto in your chart and figure out how you use them. It is very common to find women with Uranus in Libra rejecting old-school marriage, but also going through tremendous rejection of the lover they are with. Uranus tends to bring a big ‘No’ response so women say ‘No’ a lot to possible dates, or ‘No’ to the love life their mother or grandmother had. They can pick up new lovers and then get fed up with them on a regular basis. They may also find that there is something about the lover which just rejects them – this is rather like having food intolerance. You want to eat a particular food but your body literally can’t take it. With Pluto in Libra, too, there is a need to take and take over. To totally control – it can even become obsessive. All this is here to be understood, figured out, analysed and worked with, now through October 2017. The trick with this one is to understand that the potential lovers you come across are here to teach you about the patterns of the past and their whole purpose is to get you to change. From these changes come more equal and balanced relationships. You can always walk away from the whole thing but I suspect by this time next year you’ll have had a red hot go!

  102. Hi Jessica. Could you tell me how this will effect my current relationship. I have Mars at 20 libra.

    1. Mars in your Seventh House describes the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partners. Mars is the Roman god of war and we associate him with battles, conflicts and feuds. Every so often this pattern in your chart is triggered and you end up in a difficult relationship. Sometimes this pattern results in couples who ‘fight the good fight’ and take on a common enemy, which brings them together. It does occur in marriages I have seen where husband and wife gang up on his ex! You can play this pattern any way you like but for a peaceful life it is obviously better to play your partnerships as a united team of two and take on some kind of higher cause or purpose. It may be fighting to save an endangered species, for example. You will see this issue played out in a major way next year when you have a clear choice about your partner. Whatever happens will benefit you. You’ll grow as a result of it.

  103. Dear Jessica,

    What if there are no heavenly bodies in Libra in ones birth chart? Will Jupiter still be kind?


    1. You’ll benefit from the people around you who form professional partnerships, break up their marriages, get engaged, move in together, break up their relationships, split their professional partnerships…it happens very logically and organically. The need to couple up or reconcile is greater now so people pair off and that means you gain – in your social life – in group projects – with big ideas and plans. People who have been in bad marriages or rotten relationships (because sexism) will now go their separate ways. This creates the famous Jupiter in Libra Barn Dance effect. ‘Take your partner…’ and so people meet, hopefully older and wiser, and fall in love. Again, this can only have the most fantastic ripple effect with your friendships, teams, clubs, societies and other networks. This is a very lively 12 months. People will be happier!

  104. Hi Jessica,

    Great to see you still replying on this article. I’ve posed a question to you previously about me (I hope you can see my birth chart) and my (ex)-partner (31 October 1979; Dhaka, Bangladesh). While much of your response definitely makes sense – I’ve left out the involvement of another woman who is also in love with him. We had been together for 8 years and earlier this year once this woman entered his life – he has been confused between us (I suppose on who to pursue further romance-wise). While in the end we haven’t spoken for a good four months – I still not gotten a very concrete answer as to who he is choosing (and even during the separation, I’ve gotten mixed message via one particular email).

    Is there anyway to predict or do you see anything psychic wise that can tell me that I’ll be the chosen one? Clearly I’d very much like to get back together and work hard to reconcile and move forward, as I’m adamant that we are meant to be a great partnership both romantically and in other aspects of life. I’m clear on my end but wonder what the actual outcome could be or what he is grappling with or if the other woman is the better partner for him (I don’t know anything about her – my secretive Scorpio man had made very sure of that).


    1. Whenever women talk about being ‘the chosen one’ and sees herself competing with another woman, for her ex, I just know I’m going to see Vesta making big patterns in the chart. Vesta is the asteroid who describes gender politics and Henry VIII/Hugh Hefner situations. In other words, one man, many women. You were born with Vesta at 6 Sagittarius, sextile Jupiter at 7 Aquarius, semi-sextile Mercury at 6 Scorpio. I am sure that playing the Temple of the Vestales game is irresistible but it is also quite toxic. I am not sure if you have read any of your ebooks yet about Vesta? In Ancient Rome, the privileged girls of elite families were taken away in their teens, while still virgins, to serve in the temple. As long as they remained virgins and tended the sacred fire, Rome was safe. They had special legal powers and could pardon a prisoner on his way to crucifixion, just by touching him. In return they had severe laws punishing them if they ever had sex. In fact, they were buried alive and 13 of them died this way. Their male lovers were also killed. The ultimate power over the Vestales rested with one man, the Pontifex Maximus, who was often the Emperor, and who could order their burial if they had been found to have lost their virginity. I mention this story because the level of intensity, power-tripping, poison, intrigue and competition that went on inside the four walls of the temple, goes on today in your situation with this man. You are breathing life into an old Roman goddess. In the temple, women could either unite and show solidarity with each other against the Pontifex Maximus, or they could betray each other and bring each other to certain death. There is never a ‘chosen one’ with Vesta there is only a ‘chosen one for this week’ and in fact whichever man plays Pontifex Maximus, plays favourites quite deliberately to boost his ego and give himself power and authority. It is very common to find men with no power, no authority, a low self-opinion, impotence and so on deliberately engineering Vesta situations so they can puff themselves up and enjoy the ego massage of having two or more women compete for his approval. You did not tell me about this other woman before. I can guarantee there will be a third woman involved. It may be his mother or daughter, so non-sexual, but you are in the temple now. The only way to get out is to walk right away and fall in love with someone who does not invite Vesta in the door!

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you for such interesting pieces and getting me so interested in classical mythology.

        I’m really hoping that there will be changes for me romantically. I’m rubbish at reading signals and understanding when someone is interested. Feel like I have recently been getting this pretty wrong leaving me feeling pretty dismal about this area of my life. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

        Thank you!

        1. Thank you – I am glad you’re becoming interested in mythology. Until May 2018 your love life depends on how you feel about becoming a mother (or not). The answer to that question steers your life. In 2018 you will have the opportunity to join forces with a partner over the house or apartment, and perhaps with finances, as a whole. That doesn’t mean you sit on your hands until 2018, but if you have not already had that honest conversation with yourself about the pregnancies or stepchildren you did/did not pursue since 2011 it might be interesting for you to do that. Then see which wheels turn.

  105. Greetings Jessica,

    I have noted that Jupiter will be transiting both my ASC (22 Libra) and my 7th house in January 2017. What if anything can I expect from this transit? Thanks for your input.

    1. Greetings. You have Libra factors at 18, 22 and also (importantly, as he is concerned with relationships) Cupido at 28 degrees in the Seventh House of chemistry with former, current or potential partners. You will actually see things shifting with this person as early as Christmas, when we have an unusual line-up at 20 degrees of Libra, Aries and Sagittarius. There will be long overdue opportunities to improve the understanding and level the playing field. Depending on the other person’s chart this will either be a new era within the relationship, the start of something very new and big, or just useful closure.

  106. greetings Jessica,

    Just noticed that the last jupiter in libra transit (beginning in Sept 2004) I got married (sept 18, 2004) and looking at my solar chart for next year I see some similarities between it and my solar chart for 2004…..maybe another marriage is in my future!

    any insight you provide is always appreciated!

    1. You will certainly reap the rewards of decisions you made about your marriage from about that time as the acorns you planted in 2004 should now be bringing you all kinds of harvests. This cycle has only just begun and it may not be until 2017 that you see what you have to gain.

  107. Hi. I have just joined, and hope you can give me some feedback as you have so wonderfully been doing for others. I have a big stellium (venus, moon, sun, north node, and mercury) in Libra, and the north node, but in the 11 th house. I have been very unlucky in relationships, although I still dream. I also have retrograde mars in the 7th square pluto on the midheaven. I am wondering if I will ever have a decent relationship, and also a steady job or income. Having major financial problems, due to lack of work. I have a history of addiction, so no longer can work as a nurse – I had an advanced degree in nursing. I have been dating someone, who is moving away (I’d move with him, if he wanted me too – but he has Uranus near to his Sun and all his past relationships he seems to get estranged. He has been avoiding giving me his birth time, but I believe he has a Pisces Moon (he is Leo sun) (aug. 8, 1960) We both have mars square pluto in close degrees – so I had hoped we would be able to deal with that energy and be a team, but it seems there are too many other factors, and apparently he fears relationships and does not want to share. With Jupiter and neptune in scorpio in the 12th house, I do fear sometimes a painful end for myself. I have had a difficult life at times. Much loneliness and being on my own.

    1. Thank you. You have probably been hit by Saturn in Libra conjunct your Libra stellium in the Seventh House (using the Natural House system) not the Eleventh House of friendship. Try using a house system which connects you to the planet. I will explain; ever since Jupiter entered Libra on 10th September the planet has been obsessed by the fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Also the marriages of the Clintons and Trumps. Also the sex lives of both Mr. Trump and Mr. Clinton! Major issues about sexism have come up. This is a massive consciousness-raising exercise cleverly put on by the universe to dig out all the rubbish and contamination we have about men, women, love and sex and it is very new – we have had it going on for less than two months. For everyone with a Libra stellium, though, it is the beginning of a major global barn dance. So you too will have a chance to take your partner by October 2017. Why is this so? Because we are going to see plenty of divorces and separations, triggered partly as issues about equality and sexism break people up. We are also going to see plenty of long separated couples reunite as they figure out their differences (Libra, again). Men who were no-go areas for dates will change as they realise equality matters and that will also open up a new pool of people to fall in love with. Men who ‘get’ women are irresistible to women! Why do they change? Because Trump. Men want to identify with male feminists like President Obama or actor Benedict Cumberbatch; they don’t want to be dinosaurs, because dinosaurs are unpopular creatures. This should help you understand what is going on and why you should have faith about life now through 2017 and be open to change. The other issues you raise about addiction and work are best answered on other parts of the website and you should also look at your free ebook 2020 Astrology. Your Leo will make massive choices about women from May 2017 and by 2018 he will have cleared tremendous past-life karma with you or another woman. At the moment the children he had (or did not have) are a major concern for him, as are any other person’s children. You don’t have Jupiter and Neptune in the Twelfth House and the Twelfth House does NOT mean a painful end. Good grief, which astrology books have you been reading? I’m joking. You have Jupiter in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property and business and will experience a New Moon on your Jupiter right now, leading to a wonderful new beginning for the house, apartment, money or possessions in November 2017. Wheels will turn immediately. You will see them staring you in the face, so start spinning them.

  108. Thank you Jessica so much for answering. I had read this article and all the comments before writing to you. You do many readings for people! What a generous person you are. I would like to see your chart! I wish I could pay you for a full reading! Maybe soon I can if my ‘fortune’ would only change. ‘My’ Leo guy is moving in two weeks —-607 miles away. It seems we finally were getting closer on my birthday, then two days later he accepted this job (and he has lived here in this city 30 years!) As far as children, he has a 28 year old son who is very independent that he had nothing to do with for 16 years (except he paid his ex child support). I always wondered if that and some other things were a “red flag” for him being a big narcissist, yet I do know he regrets his past behavior. But I cannot tell if he cares too deeply much for anyone since he is moving away from everyone he knows, in order to gain a more secure job and a little more retirement income for himself. I am wishing he would care for me and ask me just go with him. Money is indeed a big concern and constant topic for him, and I have little – although the little I have could make his life easier, if he thought I was worth it to be around, but I think he is so afraid of women apparently due to his past marriages (or family history). He is so cautious and fearful of relationships with females it seems (also his saturn squares my venus, so maybe it is something about me?) I guess it is the Jupiter conjuncting my venus, but I want to love him…. I feel I have so much to give…. yet at the same time, I don’t feel I would smother him or anyone else. And I don’t just like any man, I am fairly particular myself. But he has never really shown me much love (even though he initiated our dates) he seems to prefer to spends much time alone, I was lucky if I got to see him once a week, and often it was only once every two weeks. Although I am an introvert myself – I just wish we could be introverts together in the same home – in other words, I would be happy to give him , his space, since I like mine as well…but feel we could be such a great team in most ways…. If something does not happen unexpectedly, I may be kicked out of my home anyway, since my job slowed so badly that I do not have even November’s rent at this time. Sometimes I wonder if the love I feel is purely all based only on what I wish was there – I just keep hoping that he will open up and trust me and let me love him. (do you think he could possibly ask me to go with him, by any chance, and /or do you think I may soon be homeless? If something doesn’t happen with finances soon, I will have no place to live.

    1. Mr. Leo is far more worried about his children than you realise – and perhaps the prospect of having more sons and daughters – or strangely, not. Men can be as frightened of getting someone else pregnant, as they can be of moving in with someone who, frankly, would never give them another child. It is his existing role as father that is making him extremely cautious, though – and this will intensely the case in November and December. You will organise a new place to live/a new way to live within days so please don’t worry about that. You desperately need to organise your money. Start with a pen and paper and make the lists, that you know you need to make. Take the focus away from the man, and onto your home and cash, as there are ways to make this work, but you have to be clever and you have to stop obsessing about him. He will make up his mind about his love life next year – and again, it will be all about fatherhood – commencing May 2017 and not before.

  109. thank you so much. sorry it is not working for me to go back and condense this. I know I am a pain, and seem argumentative. Just trying to understand. And will do my best and not obsess, and will get back to you with what happens eventually, will not keep on about this I promise! He did totally initiate everything with me and knows my age, although I know everyone says this about themselves, but I am very youthful, actually much more so than he. But of course I cannot have children at 58.

    1. Obsession is fine and it is a natural part of a particular kind of love. It’s really Pluto love. He was driven mad with longing and had to break through the earth’s crust to get his lover!

  110. He contacted me today, that is after I had written him a long text explaining exactly how I feel about him a few days back. Seems things are ok for now. So sorry for all this, but you helped me so much! Jupiter is conjunct my Venus today! Thank goodness I can also trust Astrology again, since things feel good between us again!

    1. I am really pleased. And it happened with Jupiter on your Venus – excellent – that’s a bit of a great leap forward, because it can only happen every 12 years. Whatever you needed to progress emotionally, for a happier future in love (for every 12 years to come) you just did.

  111. Hi Jessica,

    I have read this article a few times (I usually end up reading your articles more than once, there is so much to learn), it’s such an exciting article. I have been told by a couple of people that I would always be alone so I’m really hoping that there will be changes for me.

    I hope you can see my birth chart. I just wondered if you could give me any insight on what this all might mean in terms of my chart so I can understand it all a bit better. I am Libra sun and Pisces rising (I have checked my birth time repeatedly and it is correct, which I know is unusual for it to be exactly on the hour), moon in Sagittarius. I have 5 planets in Libra, (which I now know is a stellium) and now Jupiter is in the sign of Libra, I am hoping for the best with this transit.

    Thanks for all you do

    1. Thank you. Lord, who are these astrologers and psychics who tell you that you’ll end up alone? That’s just bonkers. Destiny is negotiable. You can always choose what you want to do with your life, even into advanced old age (in fact, especially into advanced old age). If you don’t want to be alone, you won’t be. The Sun, Uranus, Vesta and Aesculapia are all in Libra in your Seventh House, which describes the chemistry you share with your former, current and potential lovers. There is a fair amount of closure with the past to take place, rather like clearing the soil before the acorn can grow into an oak. You had quite a tough Saturn transit over your Libra horoscope factors a few years ago and that was two years you’ll never get back! There may still be some ‘soil conditioning’ to do in terms of how emotionally and sexually ready you are for a new lover. You have plenty of time. You have until October next year. It’s not a bad idea to sit down with a notebook and pen and really ask/answer your own questions about being in a partnership – an equal partnership – and what equality means for you with a lover. It’s also useful to set really clear goals. Better still, state them out loud and ask your invisible helpers to assist you, with whatever/whomever you need to sort things out for yourself. Sometimes it will be a particular person who lands, who is just the right person to move you forward. Sometimes it’s a change you need to make. Now is the time. Best time in 12 years to do it. Yet – you will have this cycle every 12 years from now, so trust me, it really is a case of whenever you want to be with someone, you will have regular chances to do just that!

  112. Dear Jessica,
    I have read and re-read your articles several times since they are so easy to understand for a layperson like me. I am so excited that I can actually talk to you. You had said that I am a Scorpio//Libra. My birth time is accurate. Can you please take a look at the chart. I would like to understand it better. I had a lot of difficulty past 3 years at work and I have stopped communicating with most people.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you, I am glad the articles are easy to understand. You were born with Mercury in Sagittarius so now that Saturn is passing through Sagittarius, this planet (which rules slow, stuck, serious, sometimes sad situations) is passing over Mercury, the planet of communication in your horoscope. This will pass. There is usually fear when Saturn is around, so it may be that you are feeling intimidated or blocked. Perhaps others are being paranoid. The best way to deal with this cycle is to learn. So you need to hit the self-help books and websites to look at communication issues full stop. There is a very old classic called I’m OK You’re OK which may be on the library shelves somewhere. As you were born with Mercury in Sagittarius in the Ninth House you are a natural linguist, student of life, mentor/guide to others and traveller (or traveller in the mind) on the worldwide web. You will be thrilled at the opportunity to pursue this from late 2018 through 2019. At the moment, though, it is all temporarily being frozen. When that happens, use the time to learn more about how to make it all work better. Sometimes foreigners/being foreign/foreign culture is the issue and religion occasionally can be a factor. I have seen people born with Mercury in Sagittarius in the Ninth House who worked in airports with all nationalities passing through – that is a typical example.

  113. Hey Jessica, I have libra factors asc. 13 libra and prosperina 03 libra, what does this mean? I have uranus 10 capricorn , neptune 14 capricorn juno 16 capricorn IC 12 capricorn northnode 18 capricorn? What does this mean and how does this influence? Thankyou very much in advance

    1. You have some ebooks which explain this at length, better than I could in a short reply. Proserpina is about operating as a go-between in a partnership, so you classically end up going between two sides, or two people, in partnership situations. It sometimes occurs in disputes too, so I have seen people working in mediation have Proserpina in Libra, and also women who ‘go between’ their husband and their own former husband. I am sure you have your own story. The Capricorn stellium is about your career or unpaid work. You have some major choices to make about your ambitions and your position, now through 2020, which will change your C.V. or life direction considerably. Again you can find out more in 2020 Astrology.

  114. Dear Jessica, my True Node was at Libra 16 59′ 01″ R (which is very close to Libra 17 as mentioned above), however in my House 7 I had only Chiron and Vertex in my natal chart. Can I have your kind advice if my lessons learned will occur in the relationship zone, or with other partners (in business)? Jupiter is also transiting my Libra (H12 then later H1).Thank you. Tami

    1. Hello. You are using the Vertex, which I have never used, and also a different house system, so what I am going to look at is the simple fact that you have the True North Node (I assume it’s the North Node) at 16 Libra in the Seventh House. This is about both work and personal partners. It’s about Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy, Sonny and Cher and also Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. You have karma with this person, or perhaps two of them. You will collect on that karma in 2017 when Jupiter the planet of opportunity, growth and expansion conjuncts your North Node.

  115. Jessica,
    I love that you mentioned Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy in you previous reply. You have a huge fan base in Seattle Washington. We all sow seeds on the dates you tell us to. the fruits keep appearing. I started my writing, teaching project because of you.
    My DOB is 9/8/74, St.Paul, Minn. , 7 p.m.
    Lost something recently. My niece, who I raised from 1 day old to four like my very own, said something mean and my uber-cruel cousin won’t let me see her talk to her etc. It happened on the 10th of Sept. I got the news on the 15 of Sept. Will I ever see my lovely girl again? I am heart broken and cannot function. Does this have anything to do with the eclipses/full moons? It was retrograde.. so I have learned from you to be silent. Is this an asteroid ‘s doing?

    God bless you for your skill with math and planets. I am campaigning for you class in San Fran, USA now. :D.
    Humble follower/fan.

    1. Ah, thank you. Cheers Nick! I love Nirvana, by the way. The situation with your niece is pretty typical of the cycle you just went through. You may want to do all you can by the end of November. If it goes on after that date you’ll hit Mercury Retrograde so things could go back and forth until the end of January – yet it is worth being patient if things only pick up then. The entire issue has been communication, misfired communication and so on – as you might expect.

  116. Hi Jessica! This is such an amazing reading. I’ve lost count on the times I read it! There’s so much hope. Can you please tell me what’s there for me? 24/10/1987

    1. I’m glad you like this story. Okay you are currently at the sorting-out, weeding and soil-clearing stage with the relationship you share with a former, current or potential partner. No delivery yet. However the potential is stunning and either as a result of this person (who sends you onto another) or actually with them (they remain in your life) you will find the growth, hope and expansion you need.

  117. Hi Jessica,
    Can you tell me when something will change? I’m going through a very sllloooooowwwwww separation from my husband (Leo sun) and have made huge compromises to keep the peace and our little family afloat. Our relationship was 20 years of constant rejection /control on his part. I became very small and suffered greatly. He lost (I still can’t understand how) his business last year and I decided to move with the kids to the countryside to save money and distance myself from him. The change in lifestyle has been lovely. He has remained in the city and comes here two days a week. On those days I feel like I’m suffocating but try my hardest to be cordial. He asked to hold off on a legal separation until his liquidation comes through. Ok, yet another compromise, but it’s a question of a few more months now so (just) bearable.
    The much needed catalyst that provoked our split was a mind blowing and fairly secret attraction to someone (Cancer) from my past that I hadn’t seen for 25 years. It’s over now, though he still pops up every now and then (when things aren’t going well with his Gemini, I assume) but I’m strong enough now to see how unhealthy it is. It ended on the Jupiter Uranus trine in June of last year. That was quite a week, and I was in a dark tunnel for months afterwards. The pain gives me the shivers when I think back, but I remember you wrote somewhere about how if you’re rejected on that transit, one day you’ll say ‘Thank goodness’ because something better will come along.
    I was hoping for something to come of the Sun / Jupiter meetup on September 26, but instead my father passed away on the 29th. Back into the tunnel. He was ill and while not unexpected, I don’t know how much more I can take. Sidebar question : my dad was a Capricorn and decided to let go just as Pluto was stationing direct. That’s interesting, isn’t it?
    I’m trying to concentrate on my business, though because it hinges on my creativity, it is a huge struggle right now. Apart from my kids and how well they’ve adapted to the move, it’s the one thing that fills my sails.
    I’m due a small inheritance next year which will be life changing, so I guess that all ties in with my Scorpio stuff?
    In a previous post, I mentioned to you that I had recently met someone (Cap) but that it kept stalling. We met on tinder in May on Mercury retrograde which didn’t help. We would arrange to meet or do something, then either he would disappear or some kind of misunderstanding would take place where one of us would be offended and have a bad reaction etc. Something seemed to always be stopping it from progressing. (You told me to keep going forward with the divorce, then things would change. But it’s all sooooo slow. Saturn in Sag?) There seemed to be so much potential, but it’s finished now. He seems to be back with his Gemini ex. We hardly knew each other really, but I felt some kind of pull towards him, and we had so much in common, especially our work. Maybe that’s all my Venus in Pisces + Libra stellium fighting with my fiery ‘I won’t be disrespected!!!!!!!!’ Aries sun. I make these proclamations and they feel so right in the moment, then I see I have set a bridge on fire. But then I say to myself that I’d rather swim than use that bridge. Takes me a while to stop regretting using my matches. The struggle is real 😉
    I’m imagining (hoping) that Christmas will be interesting, with my Uranus 21 libra. Thank you for all you do. P.S. Although quite literally incredible, I’m starting to see Trump’s election as the catalyst for a love revolution. You know, when we slam into a brick wall, reach rock bottom, what happens? Revolution, art, love in the streets. Who knows?

    1. I forgot to mention that I live on the other side of the world from where I grew up, and both my ex and tinder disaster are foreigners 🙂

      1. But of course they are! Because, astrology. By the way – something I think may be useful to know – the internet was designed for the military. It was ‘born’ out of digital warfare. It is an unsuitable medium for love and sex. Do we know this by now? The faster you can use it as a bridge to the real world I think the happier you will feel, emotionally. The internet is an Aquarius-Gemini thing, not a Libra-Scorpio thing.

    2. Wow. You are going through the most stressful possible situations. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, along with everything else. Yes, the inheritance next year is the Jupiter in Scorpio transit, but the loss you feel at the moment must be vast. Your Uranus at 21 Libra is under transit from Christmas, with Jupiter at 20 Libra, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Uranus at 20 Aries and Chiron close by at 21 Pisces – that pattern takes a very long time to break up, so it extends into 2017. Out of all this, the thing you can take away most is Uranus opposite Uranus. If you are having a typical transit you will feel wired, as if you are jumpy, or full of nervous tension. It may be hard to sleep. The solution is old-fashioned walking, and really feeling yourself ground to the earth. Uranus is an ancient symbol of electricity and this transit is pretty notorious. It is also about living for the moment, changing day by day, so in a way, all astrology can tell you is to ‘expect the unexpected and keep walking.’ True, but you also have new freedom and independence. This is also common when people break up with us (or we break up with them) and when we lose people to spirit. The truth is, no matter what, Uranus opposite Uranus is setting you free, like a balloon cut from its mooring. You will at some point see the richness of the ride but it is also important to figure out ways to ground yourself now.

      1. You’re bang on. I haven’t slept in about 3 years, and cannot put weight on. Thanks for the walking tip. I shall make better use of all of this beautiful nature I’m now living in.
        Re the internet not being for love, I instinctually felt that. Plus, vesta. I would say 80% of his social media followers were female. Can live without, thanks!
        Thank you for your generosity, Jessica. Have a great week xx

        1. That is a long time to not sleep through the night. Can I also recommend The Medical Medium, who just had a New York Times bestseller about his work and counts Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell among his clients? He has interesting (channelled) information about the body, mind and spirit connection. Have a quick look on Google.

          1. Oh thank you. I will absolutely look him up. I have also lost so much hair in the last few years. I mean, scary amounts. Hardly surprising with all I’m struggling through I suppose. I have read that it can be linked to Uranus transits. Anyway, one day at a time. Thank you again x

  118. Greetings Jessica,

    I have something of a quandary and was hoping you might help elucidate matters for me.

    The long and short of it is, my long time girlfriend and I broke up earlier this year (the day Neptune went retrograde, actually) and I’ve been having the worst time trying to move forward. My ASC (22), Pluto (18), and Cupido (28) are all in Libra. My ex is a Cancer born July 4th, 1983 (I don’t have her birth time). I have been reading quite a bit about some of the planetary tranists that will be occurring in the next year (while Jupiter is in Libra) and was wondering if any of the following will help my situation:

    Jupiter is transiting my Asc and Vertex (is that even a real astrological thing?) in January.

    Jupiter and Uranus will be at the exact angles of my ASC and DESC on March 3rd.

    Venus and Mercury are both going retrograde in my Seventh in March and April.

    I suppose what I am asking is will there be a possible window for reconciliation or will I likely meet someone new? One thing is for certain, I feel as though I’m stuck in a holding pattern and can’t wait for some forward momentum. Any insight you may be able to provide would be of tremendous help!

    1. I am sorry about the break-up, they are never nice things, and if you were together for years, it must be very hard. With Pluto at 18 Libra in your Seventh House of partnership you have been going through Uranus at 18 Aries, right opposite. The worst is over. Of all the transits, Uranus opposite Pluto was the toughest because it challenged your need to be in control. We are now moving into a far more useful cycle for you, with Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries, Saturn at 20 Sagittarius all through December – and specifically, 2017 is very positive for you. This is not so much the Ascendant, which is only your image, and – I have to say – I never use the Vertex. Yet, what you are experiencing is Jupiter slowly approaching Cupido (desire, longing, Cupid’s arrow) towards the final quarter of 2017. Yes, you could reconcile. Yes, you could also meet someone new. Don’t try to reconcile December, January unless you like going back and forth with discussion. That would only add to your sense of a holding pattern as Mercury Retrograde is not about to give either of you a straight answer or good communication. There will be a vacation for one of you which helps a lot. Distance gives perspective. The child you did (or did not) have is one of the issues. I am being shown an image of you steering a ship to shore, and coming home to settle, emotionally. So this is the journey part. But you will settle. And it will work, either with her or another. Good luck!

  119. Dear Jessica,

    I just read this article yesterday and what I immediately felt was like “So all this was really beyond my control, it was meant to happen that way”, which made me feel so helpless, but at the same time a sense of hope is still there and it’s killing me.

    3 months ago, my ex boyfriend broke up with me after forcing me to have an abortion. Thinking about it again now still hurts me more than anything. We had mentioned getting married a couple of times, but everything changed completely after I got pregnant. I thought of a wedding, but obviously that wasn’t what he wanted. My friends said that maybe he wasn’t ready to be a dad, and was afraid of losing his freedom (he’s an Aquarius), and so on. All I know is that he wanted a breakup, regardless of me being pregnant or not, and when I begged him to stay, he said the only way for us to be together was an abortion because he didn’t want “it”. That was the most heartbreaking day in my life, and I don’t know what was more hurtful, when he forced me to abort our baby, or when he decided to break up with me just a week after I had an abortion, or when he cut off all contact with me and had a new (and seemingly serious) girlfriend just 2-3 weeks after that.

    It all happened in September, and it hit me so hard that I could barely hold my tears whenever thinking about him and our story. I understand that I need to move on, but it’s such an emotional turmoil and I’ve tried everything but couldn’t really get better. And as I mentioned, that sense of hope, it’s what my intuition told me, somehow I still feel like we belong together and we will get back together no matter what. Jessica, I hate this feeling, but can’t get rid of it. Please, can you take a look at my birth chart and tell me if I stand any chance winning him back from now until Oct next year, or it’s our fate that we could only be that way and can never reconcile? Also, what should I expect from this? I have the Sun at 29 Libra, Moon at 24 Aries (in 5th House), Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn 10 and 14 respectively, Mercury, Mars, and Pluto in Scorpio (at 11, 4, and 19 respectively), Venus at 13 Virgo and Jupiter at 7 Virgo (both in 9th House), Saturn at 0 Aquarius. This is what I got from Regarding him, I only know that he’s an Aquarius born on Feb 13, 1990.

    Thank you so much for taking time reading this. Sorry for the long question and since I speak English as a foreign language, I hope what I wrote was clear enough. Looking forward to seeing your reply. Thank you!

    1. Your heart has been broken and you are also recovering from the trauma of losing a pregnancy. I am sorry you are going through such pain and suffering. You have Neptune at 14 Capricorn in the Tenth House of position and life path, using the Natural House system. You have just been put through a cycle not possible in over 240 years as Pluto crossed 14 Capricorn. I think your issue here is that transit, and you were not being realistic about motherhood and partnership as a life path. Neptune can be quite out of touch with reality. We all have it somewhere and you have it in the Tenth House of ‘job’ which for some women does mean full-time parenthood and marriage. Pluto came along and hit your Neptune and unfortunately this man power-tripped you. He was playing Pluto. If you look at paintings of Pluto you will see what I mean. He was in a powerful position and he abused that power and I am very sad that you were put through it. You will recover. You will heal. You will also find happiness in love and will either have another child or become a stepmother. With him? It is very unlikely, I’m sorry. I am sure you are obsessed by him. We are often obsessed with Pluto types! You need another obsession. I don’t know what that will be. But once you find it, it will help you enormously. You could easily be in another relationship from the final quarter of next year, as Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, growth, progress) moves through Scorpio and conjuncts your stellium there in the Eighth House, which is associated with sexually intimate financial/property ‘deals’ between couples. You would certainly have that opportunity by 2018. Please try Betty Shine on YouTube to speed your recovery process. It may be hard to believe now, but you will be happy. If you are curious about what you have been through, look up Transiting Pluto conjunct Natal Neptune. Finally, I have a mental image of an apron. Someone in your family who passed to the spirit world characteristically wore an apron and this person is helping you.

  120. Hi jessica,

    What will happen in my love life in 2017 with so many planets in libra ? Any long lasting relations ??

    Sun Libra 21.35
    Moon Libra 19.02
    Mercury Scorpio 10.29 R
    Venus Libra 15.54
    Mars Libra 21.20
    Jupiter Pisces 8.37 R
    Saturn Cancer 18.39
    Uranus Libra 27.43
    Neptune Sagittarius 7.42
    Pluto Libra 7.17
    Lilith Aquarius 17.25
    Asc node Sagittarius 11.12

    1. You have Jupiter circling Libra at 20 degrees right now in December, very close to your Sun, Moon and Mars, and on the way to your Uranus in Libra next year. There is a fair amount of healing to take place in respect of a previous relationship, as in recent years you had Saturn going over all that in your Seventh House, so now through 2017 is about closure, perhaps, or even the recycling of a long-gone love into something else. There is quite a lot of ground to clear here before new growth can come along. Don’t use Lilith, though, she doesn’t belong in the Roman/Latin astrology family tree.

  121. Jessica I could really use some insight. I’ve been through an emotional ringer with my boyfriend of 2 years. Off again on again, emotional rollercoaster. Business also has been so stressful I am just hoping something positive comes for 2017. Do you see anything in my chart pointing to happiness in Love this year and business. Here’s my chart. I have several Scorpio factors and a few libra

    15° Gemini 55′ 29″
    04° Scorpio 57′ 20″
    25° Gemini 53′ 25″
    24° Taurus 32′ 15″
    16° Taurus 23′ 35″
    06° Leo 16′ 51″
    07° Virgo 46′ 48″
    17° Scorpio 52′ 14″ R
    19° Sagittarius 12′ 46″ R
    16° Libra 31′ 46″ R
    11° Taurus 41′ 39″
    13° Taurus 42′ 26″
    23° Aries 11′ 56″
    08° Aries 07′ 20″
    26° Scorpio 42′ 52″
    26° Taurus 42′ 52″
    28° Capricorn 33′ 22″
    28° Cancer 33′ 22″
    19° Aquarius 07′ 20″
    18° Gemini 36′ 27″
    25° Cancer 27′ 31″
    03° Leo 54′ 46″
    08° Cancer 04′ 30″
    24° Aries 29′ 11″
    25° Pisces 59′ 55″
    29° Scorpio 05′ 41″ R
    25° Aquarius 59′ 49″
    12° Aquarius 05′ 09″ R
    13° Capricorn 10′ 11″ R
    13° Libra 35′ 23″
    10° Scorpio 48′ 55″ R
    17° Aquarius 01′ 42″
    12° Virgo 51′ 39″ R
    12° Pisces 51′ 39″ R

    1. Pluto at 16 Libra is locked into patterns, exactly, or within one degree of many other chart factors. Pluto is your willpower and power – but also your need for control and your unwillingness to be controlled. Placed in Libra in your Seventh House it is all about your boyfriend, as you have had so many transits across 16 degrees of Libra recently. This year will be a lot easier than last year and you will not have an issue beyond Christmas no matter if you decide to hang in there or call it quits; the burden will vanish very close to Christmas Day. The final quarter of this year also brings a slow turning point with business as Jupiter (abundance, opportunities, answers) moves across your Scorpio house, the Eighth House of finance, companies and property, for the first time in 12 years and by 2018 you’re on your way.

  122. Jessica,

    I truly need your support to clear one issue regarding my love life since Jupiter is transiting Libra suppose to have some impact on my love life.

    My boyfriend broke up with me in late September 2016 and I had to accept the break up, (mainly due to the differences in our upbringing and may be religion although it was not a problem for him at the beginning of the relationship and he was the one talking about marriage all the time ) since the break up our communication channels are shut, we haven’t got in touch since then. I cannot deny the fact that I have feelings for him still after the months of break up therefore I really wonder we would ever be able to communicate and re-start our relationship again.

    I have Hygea 20, Pluto 27 and Saturn 28 in Libra. Nothing has happened during the Christmas time although I have Hygea 20 in Libra. But you mentioned there could be a potential relationship status changes for 27degree of Libra chart factors. Could it have any impact on our finished relationship? Can we able to restart ever ?

    Ex boyfriend has a twin brother and a few years back that twin brother got married to his girlfriend whom they broke up for about 6 months then get back together and marry. I don’t know it would happen for my ex boyfriend/me as well.

    His birth details are 10.05.1978 16:30 pm Chester,UK.
    My details: 02.06.1983 00:15 am Adana, Turkey

    I would be extremely grateful if you could shed some light on my question.

    Thank you so much!

    1. If you two are going to get back together, it is going to happen in the final four months of 2017. Your chances are extremely good, but don’t sit on your hands and wait for Jupiter to drop from the sky. Get on with your life and try to respond naturally to whatever comes your way. I know you have been through a very, very hard time (looking at your chart) but trust the future and believe that your heart will not only heal, it will be put in a lift and taken to the top floor, once you have made some massive decisions from September onwards.

      1. Jessica, thank you so much ! You ease my heart.

        I wonder whether if I get in touch with him in the coming time ( although I don’t know how to do it after 5 months of sheer silence after break up, he might even have a new relationship ) could it create us the chance for a restart, or should I just wait because of the tough aspects in my chart.

  123. I just realised i have Asc at 11 degree Aries and Desc at 11 degrees Libra. Does this and the nodes same signs have any special meaning for me? I also have natal Jupiter in Asc.
    I am currently confused about 2 men who also might be dealing with other women and I believe my heart calls for the foreigner I met close to the Scorpio new moon. But it is all so foggy now.
    I apoligies for the long comment but I figured some details on the situation might help. I would really appreciate your thoughts.

    1. You’re having a Neptune transit (fog) and yet it’s quite useful for psychic work, so you may want to use your Astrology Oracle for this one. Try the Romeo and Juliet reading.

      1. I will repost my Reply as I wanted to add something to the ‘thank you’ 🙂
        Thank you , Jessica!
        I tried the Oracle yesterday and it turned out surprisingly accurate, or I read it the way I want it. But I asked several questions and it showed the 9th house for the question related to the foreigner exactly, and the 12th house for questions related to my ex and his secrets.
        You say that if one has Aries factors at certain degrees, from when Jupiter enters Libra, one’s agenda will be influencing others relations. I have Jupiter 27 Aries, and I believe I was a factor influencing somebody’s perception on love.
        I am still thinking about my with my ex but in my heart I also have strong feelings for the person I met October 2016 near the Scorpio New Moon. The exact period I met him, Jupiter was at 10 Libra, and my DESC is 11 Libra. His Moon is 11 Taurus. His Venus is 13 Gemini and my Minerva is 13 Gemini. I would like to think this means our love was meant to be strong.
        You said my chart tells of the possibility of a triangle or even quadrangle and this may be close to what I am experiencing.
        Your comments section is as helpful as your blog posts. Thank you!

        1. The Astrology Oracle is working for you. Yes, you are in a love triangle. You actually need to try a Romeo and Juliet reading, though, which you can see if you go to the Oracle section.

  124. Dear Jessica,

    thanks for another interesting article. I am Virgo, but I feel that Jupiter in Libra could be be more significant for me than was Jupiter in Virgo (at least I didn ´t feel it in direct or evident events). Maybe it was beacause I have only Sun at the end of Virgo. (DOB 20/09/1975, Slovakia)
    But as for Libra I have a stelium in this sign.
    And as for the dates you spoke about, the 3rd of March 2017 could be an important day for me. I have Jupiter at 22deg Aries and Mercury 22deg of Libra.
    Then I have Pluto 8deg, Cupido 3deg and Minerva 4deg of Libra.
    My relationship has been stable for 14 years but unfortunately still without a child. And this year I started to work on my own. Could you please help me to understand how it is going affect me?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    1. Mercury at 22 Libra in your Seventh House is the key factor here with Jupiter making the conjunction and Uranus making the opposition. You ‘think’ partnership and ‘talk’ relationship with this placement so no wonder you have had a relationship for 14 years. This year it will be reshaped, updated and upgraded. It will take on a new form. You were given the opportunity for a bigger/better lifestyle last year with Jupiter on your Sun in Virgo in the Sixth House so I hope you took it – it would have brought benefits for your workload and your body too.

  125. Hello Jessica! I love coming back to your articles, each time I read there is something new to discover! Any thoughts or advice for me? I must admit that even a bit of love would do me good now, I am not a giving up person but when it comes to love I am just stuck for too long… Thank you.

    1. Whenever people talk about being stuck in love I look to their planets in Libra and the Seventh House, which rules sex, marriage, weddings, and de facto relationships (common law marriage). Sure enough you have Pluto there. You need to control love, and also your lover, and may have a lifelong pattern of being passionate to the point of obsession – and then find yourself ‘taking’ the person you long for or trying to take over the relationship. Sometimes there are issues with the lover’s mother or other family members. This is a very literal reading of the Pluto myth, by the way and you may have lived it out more symbolically. In any case, Pluto is that part of you which is constantly struggling to feel in control, be empowered, run everything – and yet you are also constantly forced to compromise with the real world. Sometimes it can be all too much and so you find yourself turning away from potential lovers, or doing the classic Pluto six-month retreat, down below, where nobody can find you or see you. Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House can work for you but the magic word is ‘compromise’ and it may be useful for you to look at the paintings and sculpture of Pluto online to see if it triggers anything. Read more about this planet in your ebooks too.

  126. Is it bad to have Pluto in the VII house relationship wise?
    Well I obviously put priority on love relationships but I don’t fall in love easily. I would say I am a good combination of practical (looking for a strong, successful man) but also very dedicated once in love (which is rare).
    I have Pluto trine Venus which I read can also be good and can ease successful marriage related also to money or can mean you leave a strong impact on your lovers.
    My Sun, Mercury, Venus and Lilith are all in IV in Cancer, Mars – V in Cancer, Pluto – VII in Libra.

    1. Pluto is not in your Seventh House using the Natural House system. However you do have a stellium in Libra in the Seventh which you might want to decode using your free astrology ebooks.

  127. Hi Jessica,
    Reading your very insightful article, one of the dates you mentioned being Thursday 30 March we have Jupiter 19 Libra square Pluto 19 Capricorn, I actually have Saturn 19 Libra & Moon 19 Capricorn on my birth chart and a stelium of planets (Mercury2°, Saturn19°,Pluto24°,Cupido11°,Psyche1°) in Libra so I wonder how this will affect me on a personal level? I’m currently single but still in good terms with my former partner (dob:25/10/80; 9pm;5w41, 54n36). Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    1. Thank you. With Saturn at 19 Libra and Pluto at 24 Libra, you’d have to say that 2016-2018 will reshape your relationship with your former partner and transform your approach towards love, sex and commitment, probably because of an opportunity to be with someone new, which is likely as Jupiter crosses 24 Libra and conjuncts your Pluto. With a stellium in Libra you may also have a professional partner to consider. This transit also sometimes raises issues about rivals or enemies in the ranks. You basically have a life path which is about balancing the scales with people in the most intense one-on-one situations, and it affects everything, including your career, but also your ideas about your social status as single or married – because of the square involving Saturn in your Seventh House and the Moon in your Tenth House. A very good way to understand what is going on is to go back to events since September 2016 and ask yourself what Jupiter has been trying to fix, heal or remedy for you, in terms of your approach towards partnership.

  128. This is the first optimistic article about love relationships that I have read in a long long time – 3-4 years to be exact. Wonderful read!

  129. Hi Jessica,
    I have pluto at 19 libra and proserpina at 19 capricorn. How will 30th of March play for me. Right now I am at my wits end with my husband’s alcohlism and his escapist tendencies and his inability to understand my emotional needs. He is picses ( 20feb, 1976) and has Jupiter at 22 aries according to his chart at 12 noon as I do not know exact time.
    I am at a point where this issue cannot be swept under the carpet anymore. Today was intense and I felt there is no light at the end of the tunnel and its not going to get any better ever.
    Is there any ray of hope. He is trying to change to get a better job and failed medical due to obesity. Now he worked hard and lost lot of weight in the last few months. But it is the alcohol that is still a problem and he acknowledges it .
    Is jupiter in libra going to help us….

    Thankyou and blessings!!!

    1. Nothing to do with astrology, but Alcoholics Anonymous has saved two people I know. Has he considered it? You are in the best position in 12 years to get him to change – and at last you realise it. You have had one chance after another to do this, and you will have more between now and October, but nobody can guide your hand or make your lips move – you must have the conversation with him, that you both need to have. Clairvoyantly I can see his heart. Has he had a medical about his heart recently? Beyond that, his heart itself (the seat of emotion and all feelings, going back to childhood) is in urgent need of repair. Over-eating and over-drinking has been his way of handling that. I know this is obvious to you.

  130. Hi Jessica,

    2016 has been a tough year as I experienced my 1st Saturn Return and had to fight against immigration in order to be able to stay in Australia. Unfortunately my girlfriend split up and I am heartbroken.

    I was expecting a lot about Jupiter traveling my 7th house. Actually it didn t make anything yet.
    I have NN 19° Aries and SN 19° Libra on the axis 1/7. Jupiter is traveling 3 times this degree as the planet retrogrades this year. I was thinking by the conjunction on my SN that i could rebuild our relationship. Actually not (yet?).
    I know Saturn os not helping atm, but hopefully I could enjoy the Jupitarian expension of my 7th house later this year.

    (DOB nov 24th 1986, 2.20pm in Saumur, France)


    1. You use a different house system to me – Jupiter was never in your Seventh House. Try the Natural House system and your life over the last year might make more sense. Without seeing your full chart it’s very hard to comment on your chances of reconciling with your girlfriend. What I can read most easily is the simple fact that you are a Sun Sagittarian who has Uranus going through the Fifth House of pregnancy, babies, children, stepchildren and the rest. This is the key to what just happened and also the key to your love-life future, now through May 2018.

  131. Hi Jessica,

    I have Moon, Juno in Libra. What can I expect concerning relationships? I have been in repeat situations for years now. I have witnessed it all fall through my hands like sand.

    Also how do you see the South Node move into Aquarius in May will affect me?

    Thank you in advance for you insight.


    1. Juno at 23 Libra is your answer, there. Juno is the wife of Jupiter in myth, and as an asteroid in your chart, she describes the urge to wed, and the realities of commitment. Juno actually had a very mixed time with Jupiter, her husband, and Juno’s message is that commitment brings both pros and cons. People with exact aspects to Juno in their charts (including Elizabeth Taylor who married, divorced and remarried Richard Burton) tend to experience the goddess/myth in extreme ways. I see you have Juno at 23 Libra, in an exact pattern with many other chart factors at 23 degrees. Justina, there is a creative way to work with Juno in your chart but it’s not going to be white picket fence, white wedding cake, sparkling diamond stuff. That’s not actually what your soul wants, so it may be useful to look at all the mythology around weddings/brides/bridegrooms in our culture and also begin to play more experimentally with the many, many different ways you can commit, without having to feel like a bird in a comfortable cage, which is a common Juno issue. This is pretty blunt, for which I apologise, but sometimes it’s worth telling Juno like it is.

  132. Hi Jessica, the article is beautifully written and very helpful. This year So far has been extremely unlucky in love(very painful and sudden breakup in january)…at first I thought it was mainly because Jupiter in libra is opposite my sun sign Aries and the transit Uranus in aries but now I have a feeling Pluto in Capricorn played a crucial part. Can I still hope for love with jupiter in libra?
    Your insight will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am sorry you had that break-up. Jupiter in Libra clears the rubble. It can often result in a painful separation or divorce, because – though we find it hard to accept at the time – the relationship was not letting us grow. You will continue to heal and help yourself over this cycle and when the time is right, you can start again. Far more important than love and sex, is a successful idea or concept. You are going to come across this plan or project within 12 months. By September 2018 you could have seized the day, and made this work. You will have to be quick, and you will have to be practical. Don’t just admire the idea or speculate about what might happen if the plan was put into motion. Do this thing! If you plant it, it will grow. And from this all things become possible with your future house or apartment situation. A house or apartment can become a home if a lover or partner can be moved into the bedroom – but nothing can unfold in your distant, long-term future until you grab this wow-factor project and give it 100%.

  133. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Libra (15/10/85 9:30am), and I just had a question regarding what if you’ve been really trying to take advantage of Jupiter in Libra but nothing has happened? I’m still looking for a new job, still single and still struggling with money. I’ve tried so hard to be positive but it’s been a really hard year.

    Any advice you could would be greatfully received. Thank you for all you do!

    1. A hard year is no good. Let me look at what is going on (though you don’t give a birth place, and I don’t have a chart to read – but I will look at general factors). You will have the opportunity to land a job, win a place on a course or succeed with promotion, or even win a contest, within 12 months. Please do believe in your ideas. I feel this will be a team effort, or you will have backing from the wider group. When in doubt, just go for it. You could have any kind of victory by September 2018 so you might as well make it a big one, and you might as well go for what you can. I have been clairvoyantly given the name Sarah for you.

      1. Thank you so much for responding Jessica. My birth place was London. I know “within twelve months” doesn’t necessarily mean I’d have to wait the whole year, but I just can’t face the thought of being in this rut for another year.

        I will try and remain positive. Thank you again for your kind response.

  134. Hi Jessica
    I was looking forward to last Tuesday as Jupiter transited over my natal Sun in Libra. But nothing happened around that time in any department of my life and nothing has changed.
    Is there any reason for this?

    1. Jupiter is always an opportunity rather than a delivery. You don’t say if you have children or not, or if you ever had a pregnancy in your past that did not come to term. I suspect this is part of the story as Jupiter goes over your Sun in Libra. You are being given a chance to ‘chop and change’ and cut something or someone out of your life, or perhaps to just take a stand with others. At the heart of all this is a son or daughter, or a previous relationship where a potential baby took centre-stage. Jupiter is a great healer and fixer-upper. There is great potential here for real change, especially if there are questions here about flying solo, versus flying as a pair. You have Pluto at 26 Leo and this is also being transited. Whenever I read Libra factors in your birth chart (love, sex, marriage, relationships, divorce, separation, exes) I always automatically look at Leo, which rules children or potential pregnancy, miscarriage and termination. Pluto in Leo is telling you ‘What do you need to change? The chance is here.’ In fact, the world around you is ripening for change and we have to go way, way back into your past to see what you may want to address!

  135. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for another great article. This one really resonates for me. I have an on/off lover who came back during Venus retrograde earlier this year. It’s now off again. It is an addictive relationship that I’m trying to break, although who knows…he’s persuasive and in the past I’ve always fallen for his promises but really want to be emotionally free of him. He made renewed contact during the first Jupiter/Uranus opposition in December 2016 and then again during the second opposition in March 2017, that’s when I went back but it didn’t last.

    The opposition of Jupiter and Uranus on 28 September makes me fearful. In my chart I have Jupiter at 27 Capricorn, 4th house so it will be squaring that and also my Juno at 26 Cancer. It seems potentially momentous but I don’t know enough to be able to interpret what it may bring.

    I’d be so grateful for any comments you have about this, I’m very twitchy about it.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you. Never be fearful with your horoscope. It is a tool for transformation and a trigger for creative thinking about your life. You mention Jupiter in Capricorn in your Tenth House. This is a sure sign of success. In fact, you will score a major victory with a project, concept, course or plan by September 2018. Nothing to do with your love life. Everything to do with your ideas. I have seen this chart pattern before with people who win awards, win elections, receive promotion and so on. Sometimes the victory is landing a desirable job or prestigious university offer. Over the next 12 months you will be given one chance after another, to get to a point where triumph is possible. When it happens, take it further and develop it.

  136. Mazza
    September 6, 2017 at 5:40 am | Reply
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thank you for your teachings-
    I have been told I have my Jupiter return coming up in October and I also have Jupiter in Scorpio.

    What does this all mean for me. I’ve been longing for my ex ( of 15 yrs) to re- open a conversation and a possible reunion which he initiated some 2/3 yrs ago, however retreated and has been pretty much silent and non responsive to the odd ” hi how r u message”? !!! Is this a conversation that I can re- start again with him during this transit? I just want not to be always waiting for “the love of my life” that could have been again if only we just talked!


    1. Mazza, I will look at your chart until September 2018 to see what the most important message is for you. You don’t say if you have children or not, but actually, children are at the heart of great joy for you over the next 12 months. You could be made a godmother or aunt, for example, or adopt. If you do have a son or daughter, then amazing things will come through them. We are going to see the North Node (good karma) passing through Leo, and crossing the Leo factors in the Fifth House of your chart. The Fifth House rules your heirs and spares. The heirs to your throne. Your younger court. You can be a teacher or nanny on this cycle and enjoy fantastic rewards from your young charges. So – you have much to look forward to. I have also seen this kind of chart pattern with women who date men, who have children from a previous marriage. So stepchildren are a distinct possibility.

  137. Hi Jessica,

    I would really appreciate some insights on my love life? It’s been really rough since the eclipses last month (I think they triggered my Leo planets). I am looking for something hopeful to hang onto , my faith in all good things is wavering.
    I have :
    Mars at 12Libra, MC at 13Libra, Proserpina at 16Libra.

    Or is it my Leo planets that I should be looking at?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. For love, look at both Leo and Libra horoscope factors together. Between now and Christmas, connect with an important person by understanding his/her infatuation with an idea. This person is all about the concept or plan! You can become more intimate by addressing the project. It is the way through to the person in question and I do feel you are attracted. Let’s face it – this is an attractive human being. It may be that you can help this rather tempting individual closer to you, by engaging with the proposal or idea, or even getting involved quite directly – helping to plant it in reality. This all reminds me of a musician who is in love with his own concept but needs someone practical to help him make it work. Or, a student who is hoping for some spectacular outcome from a thesis. You get the picture. Go for the idea first to get to the person. It could be rewarding.

  138. Greetings Jessica,

    Thanks ever so kindly for re-posting this article as the Jupiter nears its finale in Libra. I must report that you’re predictions regarding the slow process of Jupiter moving through Libra (including the retrograde cycle it went through earlier this year) did in fact offer ample opportunities for healing and “weeding” the garden, in my case with my former partner. I will also say that, as you mentioned in a different post, that the process has been more of a zig-zag than a neat and perfect line! More to point, I have Pluto in Libra at 18 degrees and in both April and August miraculous and unplanned chances unfolded to allow me to attempt to get to the bottom of things with my ex. However, as luck wouldn’t have it, Mercury was Retrograde during both of those time frames and as such the information I received, while pointing in a positive direction, seems woefully incomplete even at this later date. As someone who has been wrestling with Saturn in other areas of my life for what seems like forever (2 years, really), I’ve grown used to things being stalled out so this isn’t anything new. I do have Cupido in Libra at 28 degrees and September 28th looks as though it may hold some kind of breakthrough, but of what kind? I must admit to being mystified by the whole situation. If closure was on the docket that hasn’t happened, nor I should say has any other person of interest made an entrance. Considering my Libra placements what looks possible around the end of September? Furthermore, you had previously mentioned in another post that while Jupiter does leaves Libra in October, that the “Libra weather” will continue into mid-December.

    Your impeccable erudition regarding such matters is bountifully appreciated and I thank you for considering my query.

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback about this prediction and how it has personally affected your relationship with your ex. Scanning your chart, I’m more concerned by the Virgo-Pisces patterns you have, which are about your own health and wellbeing. This may be physical (your body) or psychological (the mind, which affects the body and spirit). We are having a ton of astrological weather crossing the Virgo-Pisces patterns in your personal birth chart until Christmas 2017. When the time feels right, please look at the money aspect of the situation. How can you get what you want from what is on offer? You may need to come back to the classic Virgo-Pisces story about ‘mind and body and spirit together’ to fix things. Look at the mindset you have and see if you can alter the way you approach things, or the attitude you take – there are many, many different ways to improve things and it is so worth your time to look at all your options. If by any chance this is about your former partner’s health/medical story and not your own, then the same advice applies to this person. It is more likely to be you, yourself, though. Dig deep for lateral answers.

  139. Hi Jessica,

    If this question is not for this forum my apologies.

    I just joined the club, yet to read the topics on how to read my chart and Premium Monthly forecast. Couple of questions, I am thinking of changing jobs, when is the right time to do it, can Jupiter in Libra period help. How to I prepare for upcoming Uranus in Taurus event. We (my spouse, an Aries) were planning to buy some real estate for secondary income to send kids to college and eventually replace job income with rentals. Would the stars support such investment idea, if not which one is ideal given the uranus transition for my birth chart.


    1. Welcome to Premium Membership. Thank you for subscribing. Actually the most important thing I can tell you is to get your faith back. You are strongly Sagittarian and you need a religion, a philosophy or a belief (as in astrology) more than most people. To find it again will be easier once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, towards the end of next year. So beyond your questions about jobs and money, your horoscope is telling you to remember who you are and where you find God (or some kind of philosophy) as this changes absolutely every aspect of your life for the better. Your life is not about the material in the next 12 months it is about the spiritual.

  140. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for reposting this article. Hadn’t got to read it last year.
    I have a lot of Libra going on in my chart with Saturn at 27° 43, Pluto at 26° 42, my ascendant at in 28° 16 (which is automatically Descendant at the same in Aries.)
    My Hygeia is also in Libra at 23° and have my moon in Aries at 21°.
    As the Jupiter nears its finale in Libra, I have a sense of apprehension for what comes next. It’s been quite rocky in the relationship department since forever (about a decade). I am single currently, and yet to get closure/ be able to recover from all the fatigue the heart has had. Any guidance you have for me, would be much appreciated. Wishing Jupiter bring you many wonderful things.

    1. Yes, you do need healing. You will have it over the next 12 months as you rediscover your body. You may do this by swimming. You may do it by getting back to nature. You may do it by finding a more comfortable relationship with your own sexuality. You have a stellium in Aquarius (groups and friends) and this will also be triggered. Love and sex are no more important to you than friendships and communities of people so don’t forget that. Society sells you the message that man + woman is everything, but you are strongly Aquarian and by September 2018 will come to love the light that is shed on your life by a special circle of people. You’ll enjoy the next 12 months.

  141. Hi Jessica,

    Such an inspiring and hopeful article.

    Any advice would be so much appreciated.

    I have the Sun at 27 Libra, Saturn at 27 Sag, Uranus at 27 sag, Juno 22 Leo, Pluto and Fortuna at 11 Scorpio.

    This year has been the hardest of my life.

    Do you think Jupiter’s approaching conjunction to my Sun will be beneficial for me?

    Thanks a lot for any insights.

    1. Jupiter conjunct your Sun in Libra in the Seventh House will allow you to expand (Jupiter) your profile (Sun) in the context of a former, current or potential partner (Seventh House). So you can shine brighter, get more exposure, praise, admiration and recognition if you take the opportunity (Jupiter) to either fix things with this person, or just make them great. This need not be sexual, nor romantic. You do not say if you are single or not, but Libra is always about duets and double-acts. Sometimes they are professional.This is how you can now dazzle, or fix your ‘glow’ if the light bulb has blown and it really will come down to a big choice involving a certain someone.

  142. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for another great article with regard to partnership which is Libra’s symbolism. It is truly generous.
    I have four factors in Libra : Bacchus, Uranus, Ops and Apollo at 3, 11, 14 and 16 respectively. No marriage or committed relationship so far in my life. Currently single. Jupiter already passed all significant degrees in my Libra sign and I didn’t recognize opportunities. Is there something within these heavenly bodies that I have to decode but without success obviously. Would you please give me your insight on my chart regarding Jupiter’s transit in Libra. May it have effect on my love life later than 10th October?
    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. Sometimes Jupiter’s conjunction to Libra placements is about fixing issues to clear the way for new relationships later. Some people are already primed and ready to pair up on this cycle. Others just want a different kind of relationship (work or friendship) with an ex. I have had a few readers realise that they were being given a way to break old patterns which prevented them from pairing up with people. You may want to look at the whole question of men and male authority. We give men a lot of power as our bosses or fathers. We give older men in general a lot of authority and power too. I am not sure what your relationship with your father was like, or what it has been like with bosses or father-figures you have dated. Begin with that. I do feel you need to reach out and connect with this kind of man and understand his quandaries and vulnerability as well as be struck by his status. This would be rather like reading a boss’s heart and mind, or your father’s. I hope this makes sense in terms of understanding why you need to learn a bit more about what it is to be male. This does help future relationships.

  143. Hello Jessica, your twitter post reminded me of this wonderful article. I have Venus at 22 Gemini, sitting across from Saturn now. I have experienced tough luck with love and money. I think maybe that is why Jupiter’s luck has failed to meet me! Can you give me your opinion on this matter, please? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Your Venus-Saturn opposition is not why love has been hard. (Money has nothing to do with Jupiter in Libra, but love certainly does). Very early on in the Jupiter in Libra cycle, he crossed Panacea and Cupido in your Seventh House, so you were genuinely given a chance to heal the past with a former lover, or pursue a new kind of relationship. I hope you took it. Sometimes people expect to fall in love and get married on this cycle, which is not usually the case at all. Sometimes it’s just about repair work, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, so you can roll away obstacles to a new lover. Or maybe you needed to turn your ex into your work associate. Anyway, looking ahead to your next 12 months, you will use your Gemini-Sagittarius patterns and transits to plant a high potential project, course or idea. It’s not enough to present it well or package yourself impressively. You can do that. You also have to find helpers to delegate to. You will have another responsibility (a leading position or a top role) by September 2018 which is good, but you will also be restless enough to want to do something outside that, where the concept, plan or special subject area becomes the main story. This is why delegating and co-operating becomes essential. You can’t do everything at once. Jupiter in Sagittarius is your big helper here.

  144. Thank you for feedback. I agree that we give men lot of power. Actually we are living in male’s society for centuries and their domination in all areas of life is stil extremly strong. If we consider what great minds as Aristotle, Platon or Shopenhauer had written about females. Can we avoid all this patterns in one decade? I don’t think so. However, my father has died when I was 13 and it was sudden stroke. I loved him a lot and although from that time passed more than 30 years I think I didn’t recover emotionally completely. Can this be a heart of the problem?

  145. Hi Jessica,

    So much “juice” here…

    With Pluto at 26 Libra conjunct Saturn at 22 Libra, how would this show up? Commitment or closure? The heaviness of Pluto and Saturn concern me.

    Thanks <3

    1. Actually that is too wide for a conjunction – I use orbs of 0-1 degree. Saturn 22 Libra, Pluto 26 Libra are indeed heavy placements in your Seventh House of partnership, but Jupiter passing by at 22 then 26 (and other heavenly bodies to follow) suggests healing from the past, specifically with a former partner who was involved with you the last time Saturn passed by at 22 Libra – in other words, your Saturn Return, which you experienced in the Seventh House also. Jupiter resolves, helps, fixes and repairs as I am sure you know. The issue or the person will be back for closure.

  146. Hi Jessica,

    I certainly have a lot of Libra Weather, as you call it, at the moment. Jupiter is transiting my natal MC, Pluto, Saturn, and Bacchus it seems. And to top it all off there is stuff with Proserpina and Psyche. Im in a bit of a muddle, internally anyway. Is this all to do with the same thing? I’m single btw, and looking


    1. This is a really interesting chart to read, as you have Saturn conjunct Pluto at 27 Libra in your Seventh House, which is about your former, current or potential partner and the need to figure out an emotional strategy. This is a hard work chart placement, no doubt about it, and it may manifest with personal relationships or with work partnerships. If you work with the idea that Libra is the scales of ‘me and her/me and him’ and that Saturn is about tough karma – while Pluto is about lessons in control and self-control – you begin to see why particular people have tested you out in the past, and why you may be carrying some of that with you, in your quest for a new lover. The good news is, Jupiter is a tremendous healer and helper, and as he transits 27 Libra – and the inner planets follow, from October through Christmas – some of the walls you no longer need, will come down. I don’t think any astrologer would be surprised to hear about the return of an ex to your life, for some closure, or the arrival of a new potential date who can move things forward. An even bigger clue is the fact that you have Scorpio patterns which suggest sexual/financial/property deal making and right after he transits the end of Libra, Jupiter the planet of opportunity will transit Scorpio. Quite remarkable transits you have here.

  147. Jessica, in the October monthlies for Gemini you say there is a turning point with Saturn. Can you elaborate what you mean?

    1. Sure, the Saturn turning point is basically his last hurrah in Sagittarius, the opposite sign to Gemini, and now through December, you are on the home strait.

  148. hello Jessica, thank you for your astrology it’s inspirational I have the south node in Libra. I am born 27 leo day before eclipse, with 9 planets in scorpio, Ops, neptune, juno, ceres, bachuss, descendant, panacea, psyche, pluto and just wondering what all this means in the jupiter libra transit ? thank you x

    1. You really just have a few days left to recreate an important relationship with a person who is your former, current or potential partner. Your ex may be converted into your new work associate, for example. Or you may turn your back on a potential partner for his political views, only to find that the act of rejecting him, helps you get clear about who you do want – and then you find someone in your midst. You don’t say if you are single, married, in a partnership, gay, straight, lesbian and so on, so I’m afraid I can only be general with you.

      1. I am straight and was in an on and off relationship for 6 years and was really hard the last 3 and taking care of my father who is unwell and had a progressive neurological illness I had to pull back from a lot of stuff was exhausted.. felt like I was giving up and then out of the blue I met randomly a guy that was like ‘heaven sent’ in May, everything flipped and was perfect it felt like everything was worth the wait and I was overjoyed. We would meet everyday for 2 months really felt very special but he had been honest to say he was leaving in August to work while travelling for 3 months, he came to see me in Sept 16 which we had the best time but he’d been away 5 weeks and then he was off again and wasn’t a great parting as we hadn’t been in contact much, since then I have felt anxious cos he said he can’t make a couple because wasn’t looking for a girlfriend and travelling plans and he said maybe not to continue still really like him and feels so special but age difference and he is from another country his birthday 6/3/91 hope that is better info, bit shy, sorry xx thank you

        1. Thank you for this extra information about a very painful situation. I am sure you are still reeling from it. He was honest with you. You also need to remember that part of the attraction was the space, the freedom and the excitement of reunions. You have the kind of chart where you really would struggle with any kind of domestic routine or daily drudgery and the truth about marriage is that it’s really housework for two. Isn’t it? I am thinking of your Virgo stellium here. It can take great honesty and insight to admit that we have fallen in love with a very particular person, for other reasons, but I doubt you would ever be suited to a ‘Yes dear, no dear, take out the bins’ marriage. The good news is, there are many more romantic voyages for you ahead. In fact you may ultimately settle into one which is also not settled – yet there is a commitment, despite the lack of routine or any kind of predictable lifestyle. I see this chart pattern sometimes with people who end up with pilots or soldiers/sailors who are away randomly and a lot. Hang in there. You also need to do some meditation to help renew your energy. Go to YouTube and try Betty Shine who is very good.

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