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The Meghan Markle Horoscope

The biggest clue to the years ahead, when looking at the Meghan Markle horoscope, is her uncanny similarity to the late Princess Margaret. Posted 16th December, 2017.

Born with the Sun in Leo. Nicknamed Meg by the media. Madly in love with a British captain. Beautiful, but born into a family with sister issues. Fated to wed in the month of May.  You think I’m talking about the Meghan Markle horoscope here? No, it’s Princess Margaret. Prince Harry is in for an interesting time in the decades ahead!


harryarmy 600x332 - The Meghan Markle Horoscope
The Meghan Markle horoscope is unusual.

What does the Future Hold in the Horoscopes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

The biggest clue to the years ahead, when looking at the Meghan Markle horoscope, is her uncanny similarity to the late Princess Margaret. Let’s look at how the two astrological birth charts, decades apart, show identical patterns – and how that is going to bring a note of extravagance into the usually low-key British royal family.


B PRINCESS MARGARET WARWICK - The Meghan Markle Horoscope
Princess Margaret Horoscope Twin?


B MEGHAN BELLO MAG - The Meghan Markle Horoscope
Meghan Markle horoscope twin?


Were the Stars Aligned? 

When Prince Harry told the BBC that ‘the stars were aligned’ when he met his future wife Meghan Markle in July 2016, was he right? His mother, Diana, was a huge fan of astrology as we know.

Perhaps Harry knew – or maybe he was guessing – but his future bride Meghan Markle’s horoscope does show a strangely fated connection with the House of Windsor.

Meghan was born on 4th August with the Sun in Leo, just like the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice.

The zodiac sign of Leo is the King of the jungle, with his lioness, the Queen, by his side –  and the sign of the lion has always been associated with the British royals and their coat of arms. This is the basic chart for Ms. Markle.


meghan markle astro com 407x600 - The Meghan Markle Horoscope
The Meghan Markle horoscope from

How Meghan and Margaret – the two Megs – Compare

Sharing the Queen Mother’s birthday is not the only astrological coincidence between Markle and the royals. She has an uncannily similar birth chart to the late Princess Margaret in particular. Neither women were ever going to be ‘tamed’ lionesses and like Margaret, Meghan will not make a natural domestic house cat. There are other similarities – note the famous Leo ‘cat’s-eye’ look they share. This is a tale of two Megs!

Astrological DNA in the Meghan Markle Horoscope

Just like Princess Margaret, Meghan is divorced. Also like Margaret, Meghan has fallen for a military man. The handsome flying ace, Captain Peter Townsend, whom the Queen’s younger sister could never marry, was a much-awarded Royal Air Force hero. Their love story has recently been fictionalised in the Netflix hit, The Crown.

Prince Harry also served as a Captain and Meghan has clearly found him irresistible. (The Princess Margaret horoscope is below, also in its basic form, from


 mararet chart 407x600 - The Meghan Markle Horoscope


The Lure of Television and Film

As well as falling for two Captains, both women have also been drawn to TV and  film industry types. Markle’s first husband Trevor Engelson, is a successful Hollywood producer. Margaret’s husband Antony Armstrong-Jones was an Emmy-award winning filmmaker for CBS. Not only is Meghan the latest in a long line of Leo women to rule the family, she also has the same taste in men. Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother, are two Leos who precede her. 

Sister Issues and Sibling Rivalry

Like Princess Margaret, the ‘spare to the heir’, her sister, Queen Elizabeth, Meghan also has sister issues as her half-sister Samantha Grant has been accused of sibling rivalry in some newspapers. It was not clear, at the time Meghan’s engagement was announced, if she would even be invited to the wedding. This sibling rivalry could go on for years! The sibling issues between Margaret and Elizabeth were recently fictionalised in The Crown (Netflix).

Big Charity Fundraisers and Big Spenders – Chiron in Taurus

The birth charts of Meghan and Margaret both show Chiron in Taurus, the sign of big charity fundraising and also extravagance. Like Margaret, Meghan will make a fortune for good causes, but she is also going to raise eyebrows as a big spender as the years go by. This will become a life-changing moment in the marriage when Uranus (radical change) moves across Chiron in Markle’s chart. This can only happen once in her and Prince Harry’s lifetime.

Margaret and Meghan are both marrying with the Sun in Taurus too, so this emphasises the tremendous theme of money, possessions, property, ownership – as well as serious fundraising – in the new royal marriage. In fact they are both May brides as you can see from this old invitation to Margaret’s wedding.


6 may 1960 parliament uk 440x600 - The Meghan Markle Horoscope 

Harry and Meghan, for Richer, for Poorer 

What about Harry’s horoscope? He has his Moon in Taurus next to his future wife’s Chiron. Meghan will either cost him a fortune, or help him make one, so let’s hope Meghan’s long-time connection with World Vision (as global ambassador) or the United Nations will see the benefits. It is all or nothing, financially, for Meghan and Harry. She could either help him clean up his financial act, or take him to the cleaner’s.

In any case, Meghan’s horoscope shows a fantastic new role involving children in 2019. This is also the year that a special child will come into her life.

The first Meg had her wedding on 6th May 1960 – and we now know that 19th May is the crucial date and month for Harry and Meghan too. Will history and astrology repeat? Despite Meghan’s biracial background, she certainly has a striking resemblance to the late Princess Margaret, her future husband’s Great Aunt. Will history also repeat itself in other ways? You can talk to me about it on Twitter any time (@jessicacadams). Posted 16th December, 2017.



6 May M 19 May H MEGHAN ARTICLE 462x600 - The Meghan Markle HoroscopeA MARGARET BOOK - The Meghan Markle Horoscope 


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6 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,
    I am so grateful for this wonderful article. Thank you.
    As I write this, like Meghan, I too have found myself in love with a Virgo man.
    Like Margaret, the situation is very difficult but there is an electricity there, a magnetic pull that has shaken me to my core.
    We have many, many uncanny exact conjunctions in our chart as you can see:
    His Chart:
    His sun in Virgo 28’41 exact my moon
    His moon in Gemini 4’14 exact my mc
    Mercury Virgo 21’25
    Venus Scorpio12′,4
    Mars Scorpio 1′,27
    Jupiter Leo 3’0′
    Saturn Virgo 7’9
    Uranus Scorpio 13’56
    Pluto in Libra 15’53 exact my Saturn
    True Node Virgo 26’44
    Chiron Taurus 9′ 5
    Cupido Virgo 13’30
    Juno Capricorn 23’33
    Psyche Scorpio 23’55
    Vulcano Virgo 13′,20
    Minerva Cancer 12’49
    Vesta Sagittarius 21’50
    Proserpina Libra 15′,37
    Aesculpia Aquarius 27’20
    Apollo Libra 15’43
    Ascendant Capricorn 3′
    MC Virgo 15′

    I have never felt such an electric connection in my life.
    Could you please help me shed some light on this?
    It has rocked the very foundations of my world.

    With love,

    1. Past life connections here between master and servant; worker and boss; staff and management. You have karmic debts and credits around this which need to be worked out, to satisfy agreements with each other you made between lives. That is why you feel a magnetic pull. You’ll figure it out in 2018 but seek outside advice if you can as you are both being ‘Neptuned’ and it can be a little hard to see. Object opinion can be useful.

  2. I hope she has a happier life than Margaret, and she uses her new-found status for good. She seems incredibly bright, polished and confident. I just hope the RF and media don’t devour her.

    Jessica- do you use relocation astrology? What does her chart look like for London? Wouldn’t she have a Libra ascendant, and loaded first house?

    1. Thank you. I think Princess Margaret was actually quite happy – despite the love-life dramas – and she was probably far more free and liberated than her sister, who had to take the crown. (By the way, we are treating ourselves to The Crown on Netflix right across the Christmas holiday – people are raving about it). Relocation astrology is not really my thing, but it’s an interesting question. It sounds as if you connect with Meghan. I am sure at the very least that she will bring the money in for good causes and also for Britain, through a tourism boom. That Chiron in Taurus in her chart is something else!

  3. Jessica, you’ve nailed it again! Meghan is making headlines for wearing a 56,000 pound ($76,000 dollar) couture ballgown for her official engagement photos.

    For comparison Kate (the future Queen), wore a Reiss dress, off the rack, from the high street, costing less than a grand.

    Newspapers are reporting it as privately purchased. Its early days yet, so still hopeful that thrift and humility will win the day. Fingers crossed!

    1. Ah, thank you for that news. She is definitely a chip off the old (Princess Margaret) block. Let’s see what happens with her once Uranus goes into Taurus, and her house of cash and possessions – from May 2018 – when she gets married. Ahem.

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