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True Astrology Predictions 2017

It's that time of year again, when you can look back at all the astrology predictions you read on this website about world events. These are validated, dated forecasts - using what I'll call psychic astrology.

True Astrology Predictions 2017

It’s that time of year again, when you can look back at all the astrology predictions you read on this website about world events. These are validated, dated forecasts – using what I’ll call psychic astrology – intuitive horoscope work!

The year started with a missile crisis in North Korea and the eruption of Mount Etna, Storm Doris in Great Britain and violent Trump protests.

True Astrology Predictions – 13th February 2017

“A new world order will be born on February 26th through March 5th, 2017 but it will be born with the spectre of war looming and a risk of terrorism and violent protest around the globe. The natural world will mirror what is happening in human hearts as we see dramatic earthquakes, electrical storms, wild fires and volcanoes.”


PROTESTS 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
Trump and North Korea.

MARCH 5 KOREA 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017

Mount Etna Erupts for the First Time This Year – Story BBC NEWS FEBRUARY 28TH 2017    


True Astrology Predictions – August 23rd 2016

In Great Britain, we had an unusual line-up in the heavens in May, June 2017. This prediction was made on August 23rd, 2016 about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. It turned out to be an election call.

To win another election, against PM Theresa May, Corbyn and the party must cross the next bridge as Saturn moves through 27 Sagittarius in May 2017, followed by Uranus at 27 Aries in June, 2017, alongside Chiron at 27 Pisces. Those are tough obstacles. May and June 2017 will pile huge pressure on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in historic patterns not seen in years, but if they can survive that, they can survive anything.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May called the election for 8th June, the following year and Labour did survive. This brings us to the next prediction.


CORBYN - True Astrology Predictions 2017
Astrology, Corbyn and May.


True Astrology Predictions – Prime Minister Theresa May

“There is a real feeling of ‘Ghost Who Walks’ on June 8th and it’s rather like The Phantom.”

MAY 450x600 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
Theresa May horoscope

True Predictions 2017 –  BBC Funding

“Ceres is conjunct the Sun in Gemini. That’s a media carve-up. In Britain, the media is dominated by Rupert Murdoch but also the BBC. Are we going to see a major policy change in funding for the BBC as a result of the Downing Street outcome? The largest stellium on the day is actually in Gemini, in the Third House of multimedia.”

Well, along came this…

“It’s a REGRESSIVE TAX!” DUP’s pledge to scrap BBC TV licence fee may happen in Tory deal.

DUP 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
The DUP and BBC written in the stars?


True 2017 Predictions – Brexit Stage Two

You read this back on July 25th 2016.

“We are going to see Brexit Two and UKIP Two in September – dramatically – and then Brexit Three and UKIP Three (Newkip? NUKIP?)  in March, April 2017.”

On 20th March 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May announced she would trigger Article 50 on 29th March.

On 25th March, MP Douglas Carswell left UKIP.

The United Kingdom Union chart set for 1st January 1801 in Westminster at 00.00 LMT was used here. People are surprised to hear that countries have horoscopes too, but the UK 1801 astrological chart is always accurate.

BREXIT II 467x600 - True Astrology Predictions 2017

True Predictions 2017 – The Trump Tax Deal

Here is another long-range forecast, which you read on this website on 17th August 2017. It was all about the Supermoon and its impact on the American national horoscope. I use a different chart to most astrologers, not set for July 4th, but set for January 2nd 1776 at 12.00pm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Why? It was the first time the official phrase ‘The United States of America’ was ever used.


“You are going to see major financial and business stories near 3rd December. The reason for this is Jupiter (abundance) in Scorpio (dollars, pounds and euros). You will see this in your professional or personal life. We’re also going to receive major headlines about particular economies, currencies or trade deals – probably on Monday 4th December, the first business day after the Supermoon.” The Boston Herald was just one newspaper making ‘the most sweeping overhaul since 1986’ front page news – after the 3rd December tax deal.


Tax Trump - True Astrology Predictions 2017
Trump Tax Deal foreseen using the USA chart.


Prime Minister Theresa May and the EU-Brexit Deal – Predicted 17th August

“We are going to see a female political leader or CEO take centre-stage close to Sunday 3rd December. This may be obvious to us on the final working day of the previous week, Friday 1st December – or the following Monday, 4th December. This woman will hold in her hands the future of at least one currency, economy or sharemarket. This may be Brexit. Watch the Swiss banks closely near the  Supermoon of Sunday 3rd December as although they will be background issue – it’s a big one.” The BBC reported ‘UK and EU fail to strike Brexit Talks deal’ on 4th December 2017.


MAY DEAL 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
The Brexit EU Deal


North Korea and August Dramas – Predicted July 30th 2017

I prefer to make predictions as far in advance as possible, to annoy the sceptics, but sometimes – like so many astrologers – I glance at an ephemeris (book of planetary positions) and see something coming just a few days away. It was like this with North Korea.

“On, or close to, August 3rd and 4th 2017 we will see a sudden shock at the top of government and/or the United Nations which puts North Korea at the centre of deep change.”


The astrological ‘birth’ chart for North Korea is an uncanny guide to events there. Like most of the national horoscopes I use for predictions, it comes from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer).


AUG 2 KOREA 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
Korea, War and Trump


The Special Relationship at Christmas 2017 – Predicted July 17th 2017

“The  U.S. has her North Node at 16 Leo so she will experience her Nodal Return when the transiting North Node moves to 16 Leo between December 6th and 17th, 2017. As we’ve seen, this is big. It can only happen about every 20 years. There is karma here with the United Kingdom and the United States. It goes back centuries. It is due at Christmas. We can expect a major event then, affecting The Special Relationship.”

This is what fascinates me about astrology. The Christmas crisis for ‘The Special Relationship’ was caused by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their rumoured wedding invitation for former President Barack Obama.  It followed another problem – Trump’s far-right retweets caused a problem with the British Prime Minister. Donald Trump’s planned visit to the United Kingdom was dropped on 30th November.  


1 DEC UK USA 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017 1 DEC UK USA II 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017

UK US III 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
Vanity Fair reported it and astrology called it.

DEC 26 UK US 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle –  True Astrology Predictions 2017

This was an amazing year for astrologers with an interest in the British Royal family. We had dramatic Leo ‘weather’ and as Leo the lion is associated with the monarchy (the King of the Jungle) we also had dramatic news from Buckingham Palace. A third child for William and Kate – and an engagement for Harry and Meghan Markle. This prediction appeared here on July 17th, 2017.

“Next to Jupiter at 1 Leo, on Thursday 28th September 2017, we have Fortuna at 1 Leo and Ceres at 1 Leo too. That is a random, fortunate, fated carve-up of the Royal Family’s line of succession to the throne. It can also happen, at best, every 12 years. So it’s historic. Again, we have to ponder – another baby for Kate? A marriage for Harry? Another kind of shift?”

And –

Ceres enters Leo on Sunday 24th September 2017 and stays there until Thursday 28th June 2018. This is going to be a tremendous territorial divide of world leadership, particularly in respect of those leaders’ children, successors or dynasties. It will take around nine months to complete. It’s a pregnant pause for Buckingham Palace and the White House. 

Harry and Meghan appeared in public for the first time at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, which ran from September 23rd through 30th, 2017. Right on time, the astrology worked again (Prince Harry has a perfectly timed birth chart, thanks to Princess Diana, who employed the amazing stargazers Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank to consult on her personal horoscope). Kate and William announced the birth of their third child on 4th September.


INVICTUS 464x600 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
Harry, Meghan and horoscope timing.
kate middleton third baby 464x600 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
Royal predictions.

True Predictions 2017 – The New Dr. Who

This was fun. Twitter was talking about the identity of the new Doctor Who – and so I ran over to the horoscope for the first televised episode, provided by Frank Clifford, the well-known British data collector. This is what you read.

“With that Cancerian incarnation so we are looking at a mothering, nurturing, caring, patriotic type. Will the new Dr. Who be a woman? It would fit the astrological weather of Sunday 16th July 2017 very well. This new doctor will arrive with the Sun, Mars and Ceres in Cancer. If this is a man, then he’ll owe more to the Jon Pertwee incarnation than any other doctor. Why? Mr. Pertwee was the only Cancerian doctor in the history of the show. Cancer is a female sign, though, so perhaps this is a mother.”

The new Doctor, is – of course – a woman. I’m going to add another prediction to this. Let’s time and date it. On Wednesday 27th December at 4.03pm in Melbourne, I’m forecasting Doctor Who is going to get pregnant. There!


True 2017 Predictions – Indigenous Australians

“On, or very close to, Thursday 28th September 2017 we are going to see the most fantastic outcome for indigenous Australia and white Australia. The background issue is the Republic and Monarchy question, hovering above Buckingham Palace. The immediate story for Australia as September ends, though, is a hugely important treaty, pact or compromise which will have a healing effect on the nation. Two tribes can give to each other at this point. Remember, Jupiter is always about help, healing and hope. He’s making patterns in the Australian chart which are only possible every 12 years and the opportunity for progress will be irresistible.”

On 27th September 2017, SBS reported the push for an indigenous treaty in New South Wales.

Watching the Beatles – True 2017 Predictions

This was really interesting for me as a stargazer. It was also predicted one year into the future as you read it here in January 2016. The Beatles have a habit of making front-page news on Aquarius cycles. We had one this year and Ringo Starr became the latest of the Fab Four to be knighted.

(Thanks to movements like #MeToo and the Women’s March, the people power you read about here also seemed to be back in 2017 in a way John Lennon would have liked.)

“The Beatles respond strongly to South Node in Aquarius cycles. Their first recording session at Abbey Road Studios, when they put down Love Me Do, happened with the South Node in Aquarius in 1962. Whenever we see this cycle return, popular culture is more than usually preoccupied with bands. The bands become bigger symbols for the Aquarian message, which is about equality, sisterhood and brotherhood within a wider group. Aquarius is also about people power. It’s coming back. John Lennon had the Moon in Aquarius and Yoko Ono has her Sun in Aquarius. In 2000, The Beatles released Anthology, as the old 1962 cycle returned. Part of the purpose of Anthology was to celebrate the life of John Lennon. His life on earth was tragically taken on another South Node in Aquarius cycle in 1980.”


RINGO 480x600 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
Ringo and the Aquarius cycle.


Trump and Watergate – True Predictions 2017

The most important astrological prediction I made about 2017 was the Russia investigation into Donald Trump. It was led by the prosecutor who helped take down Nixon during Watergate. Newsweek reported this in September 2017, so the astrology was working seven months into the future. You read this on February 18th.


When will the White House in 2017 most likely have a Watergate moment? Looking for this characteristic 16, 24 degree patterns, we find an uncannily similar line-up to Nixon’s resignation –  in September 2017.”

Trump did not resign but as we will see by 2020 – he probably should have.

For more on this prediction and a detailed look at 2018, please do come back on 1st January at the stroke of midnight for world forecasts and – of course – your personal year ahead!


WATERGATE 600x375 - True Astrology Predictions 2017
History repeats. Watergate.






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