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Your 2018 Horoscope

The best things come late. A fantastic new wave in airline, hotel, vacation and working holiday offers will be with us from the 9th of November, with the biggest and best news in 12 years for travellers in 2019.

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17 Responses

  1. Happy and safe New Year read the news for 2018 and my dilemma is I am in a bad financial situation and many family members tell me to walk a lazy non contributing husband who is dependent on me.(no love lost) my ethics do not allow me to shed my responsibilities, I have several writing projects that I need to cull out time for and I work most week days 10 hours per day I am trying to set my schedule so each segment of my life gets some productive time daily. I am overwhelmed and do not know my best route. Any advice based on my birthdate 10/18/1938 Manchester England around 5 am Thank You

    1. Happy New Year. I am sorry about your lazy husband and likewise your bad financial situation. Let’s have a look at your chart. Mental attitude will help you reach for the money that is potentially there and make it real. Truthfully, there is the finance available for you to access in 2018 with Jupiter (hope, solutions, abundance) in Scorpio (cash, property). This is the year that money will be made or saved, but you are going to have to transform your attitude. I don’t know if he also has this attitude – but there is a bit of blindness here to how good life could be. Meditation will help you. Self-hypnosis might help you. Creative visualisation might help you. Make this the year you banish negative thinking, defeatist ideas about your situation, self-pity, and the rest. Make it the year you actually look up and see what is on offer because I feel you’re walking straight past it, and it’s under your nose. There are people and organisations which would be such a welcome relief and a release for you, and if you try, so much is possible. I would say that with this kind of 2018 horoscope the higher spiritual purpose of your tough finances and no doubt pretty gloomy situation is to force you to change, personally, so that you ‘learn’ optimism and do whatever it takes to get physically fit and energetic. That might be eating better; it might be yoga – whatever works. This is really not just about the cash or even the bad relationship, it’s about the most incredible opportunity in years to utterly transform how you think and feel about yourself and your life and find the techniques that will revolutionise who you are. I also have to be quite blunt here and say that if someone refuses to get on board with your new, purposeful, optimistic, positive, energetic, confident attitude – then you may have to make your commitment part-time, doing what you can – when you can – but primarily getting on with the far more important business of accessing what is possible financially.

      1. Thank you for your response,you hit on many things that I have started to work on . The hardest part is a great posibility that I may have to bankrupt which is horror of all horrors to me. I am realizing that I must make me front and center and do hate to carry the.burden of bankruptcy along with me as I reach out for all that is available with hard work

  2. Thank you Jessica for another year of sharing your knowledge.

    You are highlighting the “family” in mine and my husbands year. (AB – 19/12/1960 NSW)
    I have a surprise (well surprise for hubby) holiday booked for 20-30 Jan for our family. It is about time we got to know our off-springs partners better – more than just dinner every now and then.

    We do not see grandchildren on the horizon (not that it worries us) but of course would impact on their lives. Your thoughts?

    CB – 10/03/1988 – partner 5/5/1986
    TB – 20/12/1990 – partner 17/4/1991

    Thank you for your time.

    1. This certainly looks like a very happy family outcome with the ideal property and yes – there will be some delighted children who love the space. The future looks so bright, BB.

  3. Call the paramedics! My MIND is BLOWN, Jessica. My lover, sitting next to me as I read aloud, joked: “Maybe she’s got some sort of James Bond super spy software that adjusts the horoscope to match whichever Member is logged in?” Ha! The big stand outs: “THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT…mismatch between your grand plan, and your home town or homeland…Pluto and Saturn…we might say the situation is extreme.” No understatement! This brings me to the Options you mention (about transporting the idea, or moving myself). For me, it’s unquestionably the Me in the Physical Form Being Present in The Place I need to Be, vs. “…use the worldwide web like a professional.” My idea relates to “Dream Mick” (reference to Rolling Stones) partnership business I’d asked you about last year & the “Big City” (where ‘Dream Mick’ is) I’ve mentioned in previous comments. I’m literally awake each night trying to figure out how to Financially move back to make it happen. It’s truly not 1988 anymore, Toto. Now, I’ve got way more stuff to deal with than I ever bargained for, since I (stupidly) came back to my hometown: Property (good), family ‘pseudo-responsibilities’ (bad), & trying-to-be-fair-to-my-Lover issues (complicated). I’ll use my Aries ascendant/Natural House system, apply what I’ve learned from being a member here and keep trying my very best to come up with a realistic workable plan. It’s very stressful; I know I don’t have 1 minute of Time To Waste at my age. It’s really now or never. Thank you for the Hope, and for the amazing horoscope, Jessica. Happy New Year!

    1. Too funny. I promise, I don’t have James Bond super spy software. You are quite right about your home town. Do transport that great idea though and keep on tracking your dreams – it sounds as if your guides are using Rolling Stones songs to get the message through. Happy New Year

  4. Dear Jessica
    When I copy & paste your 2018 horoscope URL into my Facebook post to share with my audience- the previous year’s image come up- 2017. You may want to check this with your tech people. Btw, thanks for the horoscopes- always on time and well written. All the best for 2018!

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Happy January 1st! My previous month’s scope commented on a particularly difficult 29 years coming to an end.
    After sitting down to think about it, the thought occurred to me that yes since the age of 16 life has been difficult. Not awful but akin to a 29 years waist high in Molasses; particularly where money is concerned.
    I run two businesses, one more recent than the other and I wondered if you could see good things for either/both and indeed financial well being. It is a constant source of stress and I would like to start the year with a more positive outlook as it does feel good times are there.
    Born at around 3am in Ottershaw, Surrey, UK.
    Wishing you the best 2018

    1. Thank you Joelle. I can understand the people politics around you and it does take some management. One thing you can do for yourself in 2018 which will save you a great deal of time and energy, is to become mistress of preventative tactics! Rather than engage in conflict resolution because a situation has gone too far, you can actually remove whatever tools people might use, for a potential conflict. I know that this is all part of being in business and it’s nothing you don’t know about, but 2018 will be so much more simple if you can keep an eye on the politics and do whatever it takes to swiftly stop things from escalating the second you see that they might. You can then get on with other things!

  6. Currently starting a brand new life, cycle like a rebirth after losing my son i cared for nearly 19 years. Through this 6 months since he passed i have really assessed the group around and myself on who i am now, and what do i want to do now the restrictions are gone, but heavy heart with such a change. Im not wasting energy on what was familliar but unequal.
    I also have a brain tumour currently waiting on list to be seen so am currently doing the mental body connection to try to do i can while i wait.
    It really is like walking for the first time into an unknown world when all you knew of life, (the daily tasks) have been taken away. What was so critical chaotic time consuming and tragic is now complete silence and empty.
    With the changes in planets and some in my career im hoping to a) concentrate on this and move up perhaps even make a change, i dont know. b) get the brain tumour out so i can get my strength energy back and no more seizures. Its frustrating to want to get up and move forward but my body is so weak i cant move.
    This year whats the outlook please.
    Love the new look of the web page!

    1. I am so sorry, again, that you lost your son. The fact that you have a brain tumour as well seems doubly hard. You still have to think about the future, though, and you will have enough money to create something new in your life. It won’t be a vast amount, but it will be enough to purchase a few ‘seeds’ which you can turn into growth – and could actually ultimately see produce a huge reward for you, years into the future. So reach out for this money and make it happen. Thank you for the compliments about the website which I will pass on to my friends at Asporea.

  7. Happy 2018 Jessica,

    I would like to know if this year will be the year I can get back on speaking terms with Taurus man, 5 May ’67 and have a clean slate with him? It’s been over 7 years now. These years have been at times emotionally unbearable for me. The whole situation just became a lot more complicated and nasty than it ever should have been. His partner involved-25 May ’73. My hands are tied as I was told in no uncertain terms not to contact them again. Over the last couple of months it seems if I’ve been getting constant reminders about him-like always looking up at the right time to see him or her drive past in the street when I’m in town and sometimes more than once, certain songs being played on the radio and even the printer at work not printing a title out correctly and printing out just 3 letters which spelt his name.

    1. I’m afraid you have to follow the rules and not contact them again. It’s very sad and I do understand the omens you are seeing, but in this particular case you have to let Taurus and his partner have their way.

  8. Just found this site; wasn’t able to comment on the Uranus in Taurus piece (excellent), so I’d like to quickly point out the following: we know Uranus = rules Aquarius 11th House (groups), Taurus = 2nd House (money, i.e. transportable wealth). The emerging technology of “blockchain” fulfills both, inasmuch as it’s a “distributed ledger” among groups, and is the underlying technology behind all so-called “crypto-currencies” (I hate that term). More on blockchain at ZeroHedge:

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