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North Node and South Node Meanings

The North Node and South Node are always in opposite zodiac signs but the North Node and South Node meanings are always connected.

Look around your birth chart, if you are a Premium Member, and you will soon see the North Node and South Node. They are always in opposite zodiac signs. The North Node and South Node meanings are always connected. To clear up any confusion, you will sometimes see the North Node listed as your True Node or Mean Node. That’s fine, but what people are actually talking about is the North Node in your chart. It works as a pair with the South Node and both of them describe repetition, over many years, but also many lifetimes. They’re karmic.


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The North Node and South Node are opposite.

North Node and South Node Meanings and Other Chart Factors

Whenever you have the North Node and South Node in zodiac signs and houses you’re likely to find that one or both of those houses (segments of the circle) are busy with other factors too. So, for example, you might have the North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House, but also find Minerva and Venus there as well. Or – you might have the South Node in Leo in your Fifth House – but also have Mercury and Pluto there.

These extra factors alongside either/both of your Nodes tell a story. It will be a proper story, full of complex characters and plot twists. So, it’s not just a matter of saying ‘I have the North Node/South Node in a sign’ and talking about repeated cycles, life themes or patterns. The other horoscope factors alongside your Nodes will tell you what, exactly. The North Node and South Node meanings are coloured by the planets, asteroids and so on, in the same zodiac sign and house.

Do You Have Leo and/or Aquarius Factors in Your Chart?

Here is a really simple way for you to see how the travelling or transiting Nodes work. This is different to your birth chart Nodes. They show your karma. The ‘moving’ North Node and South Node show karmic weather. It often takes you back 19 or 20 years, if you’re old enough. If you’re only aged around 19 then it may take you back to the cycles which were around when you were a baby. We have the transiting or travelling Nodes in Leo and Aquarius in 2018. If you have anything in those signs at 0-14 degrees then this year, the Nodes, bringing karma, will trigger that in your life. See your chart below to check.

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Essentially you can see how ‘same old, same old, repeat, repeat’ works by seeing your chart  and checking to see which Leo and Aquarius factors you have and at what numbers, or degrees.

Horoscope factors at Leo 29 through 14 degrees – old, old, repeated themes (even people) came back to you, May 2017 through January 2018. They triggered big questions about lovers, sexuality, pregnancy, children and/or young adults.

Horoscope factors at Aquarius 29 through 14 degrees – big deja vu and recognisable karma involving your friendships and the groups you belong to, or are affected by. Classically – rock bands, trade unions, political parties, sports teams, charities, Hogwarts-style educational groups – and Teletubbies fan clubs.

If you have Leo and/or Aquarius factors at 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 and all the way back to 0 degrees – then now through November 6th, 2018 you are going to hit karmic crossroads. Leo and your Fifth House are about the sex that may (or may not) lead to pregnancy. They are about those who inherit your ‘crown’ in terms of your guidance, example, inspiration and leadership. So – if you are in charge of interns at work, that is those people.

Aquarius factors are very much about the group (as above) and your friends and acquaintances, in and around the group. It is about the communities of people who affect your life most, and what role you play in/out of those circles. The South Node tracking through Aquarius and your Eleventh House at 14-0 degrees, January to November 2018, is serious deja vu.

The whole point of all of this (however you are affected, above) is to assist you in learning, developing, evolving and moving yourself on, spiritually. Sometimes you need a stuck record in your life to learn the song.

The Nodal cycles are about healing and closure if you are patient enough to deal with them. We all hope for an astrological cycle that H-E-A-L-S (below). So take your mug and try to join the circle and share what’s going around. This applies no matter if you are Leo-affected or Aquarius-affected.


BEST OF LONDON HEALS CUPSjpg 600x448 - North Node and South Node Meanings



Transiting (or travelling) South Node Meaning

I’ve written about the South Node before, as it transits or travels across your chart and it might be useful to make these points again. The South Node by transit shows old karma coming back, as familiar situations repeat and old stories return to us. It feels comfortable, and we can take it or leave it. 

We can do what we always did, one more time, or we can watch from a distance. In your birth chart, the South Node shows ‘Been there, done that, written the screenplay, read the book, seen the film, acted the parts.’ You may or may not want to do it all over again. To give you an example, in January 2018 the transiting (travelling) South Node is in Aquarius. If you have Aquarius factors in your Eleventh House of groups, clubs, teams and friendships then you are going to experience definite repeated notes – like hearing a familiar song. The trick to handling the South Node is to remember what worked last time (and of course) what did not work. If the South Node in Aquarius, which moves 15 through 0 degrees of the sign in 2018, also hits anything you have in Aquarius, that will be a memorable and important month for a group you are involved with.

Aquarius rules communities or circles of people. As the South Node and North Node both show past lives, it is possible that when you hit a deep ‘moment’ with your network as the travelling South Node goes through Aquarius – you have done it before. Maybe you are in Anonymous now, but you were involved with the real Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot centuries ago. Maybe you are in a Star Wars fan club now, but you all know each other in the Middle Ages!


eihh7rtltza 600x342 - North Node and South Node Meanings
Aquarius rules groups. Past life karma? Image Jon Tyson.


The North Node – Frustrating Karma

The South Node is always in the opposite sign to the North Node as we’ve seen. By transit, or travelling through, the North Node shows a more frustrating kind of karma. This is where you try to do or say things to effect change – but get nowhere. Why? Because people are going through the motions, the same old way every single time. They don’t appear to respond to change. In your birth chart, the South Node reveals where the same damn thing happens over and over and over but it’s less frustrating. It may even be a happy thing. It depends on what else is in that sign/house. But no matter what you do, karma says this will repeat, repeat, repeat. Because you get that ‘stuckness’ or unavoidable, fated quality to your life, you end up becoming more philosophical, more accepting, more tolerant, better-humoured about both the North Node and South Node.

To be clear – the transiting/travelling Nodes show temporary ‘weather’ which feels like you’ve  seen it all before. In 2018, we have the South Node in Aquarius and the North Node in Leo, so particularly if your personal birth chart shows factors in those signs, in the Eleventh House and Fifth House respectively – you are going to be sent back to the past. In fact, you may be sent all the way back t0 1999 and 2000, when we last had the Nodes in these signs. The transiting or travelling South Node tends to feel easier than the North Node as it passes through – but depending on the shape your chart is in – the endless cycling and recycling of themes, patterns – either feels comfortably familiar, or uncomfortably samey!

The Nodes in Your Birth Chart

You are what you are. You are what destiny has decreed. This brings us to Her Majesty the Queen who has a validated birth date, time and place so she’s often used in astrology examples as a ‘How to’ person. Her Majesty’s Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Axis works in both directions. We’ve seen how her family (Cancer) and her country (Cancer) made her career (Capricorn) and status (Capricorn) unavoidable. Yet, if Her Majesty wants to stay at the top (Capricorn) she also has to put up with her family dramas (Cancer) so the Nodes really do ‘ping’ off each other.

What does your Nodal Axis say about your fate? By the way, you will notice I use the Royal Family a lot in my astrology examples. This isn’t just because I’m a fan of Buckingham Palace (my grandfather Basil Adams collected an O.B.E. there). It’s primarily because, like all astrologers, I need accurate birth times and very public life histories to do research and the Royal Family has both in abundance. I could also point you to the examples of Princess Anne, who has the South Node in Virgo and North Node in Pisces Anne works behind the scenes (Pisces) doing a great deal of good work (Virgo) for charities and other causes which need her dedication to duty and service (Virgo). She is known for being hard-working because she also has Saturn, Mercury, the Moon and Ops in Virgo, alongside the South Node. Anne dislikes publicity (Pisces North Node) partly because of the glare of the spotlight during her divorce and remarriage – during which time she threw herself into her work (Virgo). I hope you can see from Anne’s example how the Nodes interact and feed off each other. 

North Node and South Node Meanings

The North Node and South Node work together as a pair. You sometimes read that you ‘should’ do one and not the other. This is really ducking the question of fate. The Nodes show what we cannot escape. Her Majesty the Queen has a Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Axis. A Nodal Axis is the ‘paired up’ North Node and South Node, going across each other in the horoscope. Do you think she had any choice about doing/not doing either of those signs in her life? Her family (Cancer) made her career (Capricorn) fated! She has not been able to walk away because of the abdication crisis which put her father on the throne. Since then, the British royal family has depended on the monarch staying put. You cannot escape your fate when the Nodes are at large. Transits or travelling planets, asteroids, Nodes over your own Nodes will trigger that fate.

Knowing the North Node and South Node zodiac signs and houses in your birth chart can help your awareness. That feeling of ‘I’ve seen this before’ or ‘I’m watching the same film of my life twice’ (below) is correct! Your birth chart can show you the story and that gives you the ability to step outside yourself and remember what works – or does not work – from last time.


ubjmy92p8wk 600x400 - North Node and South Node Meanings
‘I’ve seen this before’ – the Nodes (Amanda Dalbjori)


Real-Life Examples – Charles and Diana

Charles, Prince of Wales has the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, the money, property, business, charity and possessions signs. He was born rich. He was born to inherit a fortune. He has ‘worked’ his Nodes by a deep involvement with The Prince’s Trust and also, an organic business for the Waitrose supermarket chain in Britain. Could he have avoided the divorce pay-out to Princess Diana? Perhaps not. He can certainly never escape being rich – it’s part of his job contract with The Firm as Her Majesty the Queen calls it.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was born with the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius. She was given excellent advice and counselling by her two astrologers, Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank, so although she was fated to become a princess (Leo is the royal sign) with charity (Aquarius) work that came with the job – she pushed her Aquarius node much further and ended up being involved in causes that helped to change the planet; notably involving AIDS and landmines. She was strongly Aquarian and Eleventh House, with Jupiter and the Moon in that sign, as well as the South Node.

bet 3dbypyk 480x600 - North Node and South Node MeaningsHandling the North Node and South Node in Your Chart

Handling the North Node and South Node in your chart depends on appreciating what gifts you bring from other lifetimes. What experience. What deep knowledge. Sir Winston Churchill was born with the North Node in Aries, the sign associated with the military, air force and navy. It is associated with all competitive sport (other kinds of battles) and the emergency services, like the police and fire brigade. He was born ‘knowing’ how to handle conflict and crisis.

He was also born with the South Node in Libra, the sign ruling the peace process, as well as the war process. He was strongly Aries-Libra anyway (despite being a Sagittarian) and when fate knocked on his door in 1939, he was ready to answer. He was born to the job of leading Britain to victory with the Allies.

Can you imagine anyone telling Sir Winston Churchill to ‘do’ his Libra Node but not his Aries Node, or to ‘do’ his Libra Node but not his Aries Node? Britain would have lost the war.

You are fated to be born with the Nodes you have because you have chosen to incarnate with them, in order to use well-earned lessons, talents, abilities and gifts, but also to learn in this lifetime how to perfect the path. You will make mistakes along the way. Churchill did. Next lifetime you will have gone up to the next level. How are your two Node signs woven into your own life and chart – and how do the transiting (travelling) Nodes affect you too?



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The Nodes work as a pair. They are always in opposite zodiac signs. A team!

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38 Responses

  1. Interesting I have a north node aries conjunct chiron and venus all in my 7th house south node libra conjunct uranus and jupiter. I have certainly had interesting people in my life my partner of many years came into my life when uranus transited my north node and his sun conjucts my north node our son’s chiron is in perfect conjunct with my sun, and his node conjucts his father’s ascend. It all feels like a healing process in good way but it is definitely a journey to embrace

  2. Hi Jessica, another fascinating article. I have been reading so much of your site yet still have so much to learn! My south node is sagittarius, what am I doing over and over or seeing before? Learning a lot? Travelling? (I wish it were – as a mum of little ones the most I see is my house ;)) I have Sagittarius everywhere in my chart and still don’t quite get what or why. I don’t feel I’m ‘doing’ my chart. My north node is Gemini. How fascinating – I’m a sun sag and my husband is a sun gemini. What is the karma or relationship with these signs? I feel they are everywhere in my world. Thank you for your time, as always!

    1. Sometimes people live out Gemini-Sagittarius by marrying people who speak a different language. They literally learn a language by living with a foreign person. And sometimes people live it out by using the worldwide web. You’re actually doing it now. You’re coming to this website to read widely about astrology and commit to learning. And I am very flattered. Thank you!

  3. Hello Jessica. It seems my nodes are identical to Winston but Finding it hard to relate to the war and peace parallels. Is this because I have different signs in those houses? I have 5 factors in each of these houses so trying to decider what this all means is too far beyond me….
    Thank you. AC

    1. You are strongly Aries-Libra. Perhaps you have pursued this in your personal life not your work life. Instead of finding yourself caught up with the army, navy, air force, police or emergency services – or the fierce world of competitive sport – you play out the war/peace and battle/outcome theme with your wife, husband, son, daughter, family and so on. At its highest level we find Aries-Libra with people who fight against others in the interests of a good cause, so these are the people who get locked into long protests for Civil Rights, for example.

  4. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for another fascinating article. I have my North Node in Leo 27 and South Node in Aquarius 27.
    I also have a stellinum in both Leo & Aquarius, with my Mars at 25 Leo & Fortuna 24 Leo. These all seem within close degrees of each other as well which must have an effect? Aquarius I have Cupido 14, Salacia 13, Panacea 23. Are you able to help me understand how this effects me? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The classic Leo and Aquarius split is best seen in the life of Kate Bush. She is the Queen to younger generations now in their 20s, 30s and 40s which is a Leo pathway. At the same time she cannot be the Queen without a loyal court – that is Aquarius. She has her famous band. Her fans are also her ‘group’ which is Aquarius. Kate Bush has made Leo-Aquarius (she has the Sun and Moon there) work extremely well in her life. She understands that Leo must be a star – someone to admire, look up to and follow. However she also understands that she has to honour her Aquarian side, so it is essential that she is ‘with the people’ and ‘at one with the people’ rather than staying aloof in some ivory tower. You don’t tell me anything about yourself or your life so it is hard to be more specific but I am sure you can tailor this to your own life. Perhaps you have children in which case it would apply to your role as parent. Queen or King to a younger court. Perhaps you are a member of the Freemasons, in which case being a Freemason would affect the children.

  5. NorthNode in Gemini also Moon and Chiron, I have even more Sagittarius in SouthNode Mars, Uranus, Neptune. Am I more heavy toward Sagittarius? With Gemini my mind always filled with random thoughts and in NorthNode always find that communication is not my strong point – words always fail me and find it difficult to express myself so I tend to keep things as simple as possible. I love travelling and work at different places, trying new things that are probably because of many transit in Gemini and Sagittarius?

    1. You are a classic Gemini-Sagittarius split person. You need to live a life, which respects both signs. Even though you struggle with communication, you are working so hard on it, you are probably a very good communicator. Making big things simple is a Sagittarius-Gemini gift. You will love 2019. You are going to be teaching or studying, formally or informally. You will also love the trip you take or the move you make.

  6. I also have north/south nodes in Taurus and Scorpio respectively; with regards to resources, how would I balance the two energies so that I’m not wandering from extremes? I.e. having a good paying job, but then nearly losing everything like I had in 2017

    1. Taurus is about your own value system. What you will, and will not, sell your soul for. What you are prepared to sell out for. The price you put on the things you cannot buy is Taurus. Peace of mind. Self-respect. Integrity. Compassion. Generosity. Freedom. The price you put on those aspects of your life which involve lovers, partners, family members, business allies – or the bank – is the Scorpio side of your Node. You need to find a budget and a life budget which allows both sides to level up with each other. For example I had a reader recently with Scorpio-Taurus Nodes who married a man for his money and house, essentially, and then found out his values (greed, exploitation of his staff) were not in line with her own. She had to make a decision about divorce. She didn’t do it. You see – it’s a personal choice. Her decision was made because she valued the security of her children’s future more than she valued her own integrity versus her husband’s foul business ‘ethics’ – the Nodes are complicated. Take your time choosing as Uranus and Jupiter both slowly start to cross them from May 2018.

  7. Hello Jessica:

    Nice read indeed.

    My north node is Taurus. My life is opposite Prince Charles. Born April 9, 1966.
    I have been chasing money by hard work and many of my startups failed, but the money it escapes from me all the time. Current job in turmoil.
    What gives?
    I am currently starting another endeavor.
    Thanks and please keep up the good work.


    1. Hard to say without seeing a chart, Tom, but with your North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, your life is obviously about business startups. You and Prince Charles have this much in common – huge financial losses (his came from his divorce). Look at the horoscope factors which aspect, or make patterns with, your Nodes – at the same degrees or numbers. That will explain everything to you. Looking ahead, if Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) passes over your South Node in Scorpio now through November that will change your life financially for the better.

  8. HI Jessica. Another interesting article. My Nodes are in Scorpio/Taurus respectively. Lots of questions these days about financial stability and job security. My most important family members are all Taurus. What is the lifetime lesson with my nodal placement?

  9. Hi Jessica

    I can definitely feel like I’ve been hit with the deja vu which just keeps coming at me with my work. There is changes at work I know its coming but nothing has been discussed. Its so secretive and I just feel like I am getting no where to stay here and continue. Leaving seems like I may not have the best outcome if I do go but staying in this feeling of deja vu isnt what I really want to do again.

    Also the fact that I am be trying for a baby in a few months (or i could happen naturally – everything seems to indicate this) which also doesn’t help the working situation. I want the family believe me. I feel everything that you have written in your last post and still not feel like I have any direction on what could be an option to get out. I definitely don’t want to be the one left behind and continue having this feeling of deja vu never ending.

    1. You are a Premium Member so you have access to The Astrology Oracle which is perfect for situations like this. Give yourself a little reading and see what it shows you. I have designed these online cards to help.

  10. That is very interesting. I have Aquarius and Leo combination. How do I make the most of this with the additional planets in the same house? This year is supposed to be the year of career changes, relationship cycles and intellectual partnerships. There is so much, I want to make sure I use this opportunity wisely.

    As always, thank you for all you share with us and for your time to respond to our questions.
    Have a wonderful new year!!!

    1. Thank you. Have you seen Darkest Hour, the film about Sir Winston Churchill, with Gary Oldman as Churchill? I saw it on the weekend and it was brilliant. It sums up your exact concerns with all this Leo-Aquarius in your chart, being triggered in 2018. Winston had tremendous problems with groups (both his own Conservative party and the opposition) until he realised how to make a group work, which he did with his War Cabinet. He had to be true to himself, which he was, but also to find a way to ensure that every single person in the group was loyal to him – backing him. This is the Aquarius side of any Leo-Aquarius split. He found a true friend and ally to stand in the group alongside him, which you will see in the film. This helped him a lot. His master stroke was understanding the people – the community – and also the other allies – the Americans. Thus he became a great leader, if not the greatest leader the world has ever seen. Your Leo side needs to get in among the group, the community, the friends, the allies (come down off the throne) to ‘get’ the message, but at a certain point you also have to remember you are here to lead. In fact people will want it. You may see this played out at work this year, with unpaid work, or with social media – even. See the film if you can. You will relate.

  11. Hi Jessica, thanks for the insightful post. can you help me gain insight into my chart: As a Cancer with SouthNode at 14° Leo 42′ 05″ and NorthNode at 14° Aquarius 42′ 05″. I have been in therapy for a 12 year period for major depression and quite frequently feel alot of deja vu in terms of old pattern and behaviours appearing in my life. While therapy has made a wonderful difference in all my relationships and I know that mental illness is such.. an illness; do you see any breakthrough for me astrologically? Thanks

    1. I am so sorry you have these cycles of depression. Something that occurs to me when I look at your chart, is Saturn at 2 Gemini in your Third House of communication, semi-sextile Ceres at 2 Cancer in your Fourth House of home and family. Both aspect Proserpina at 1 Aries in your First House of image. I wonder if you have a brother or sister, as the development of thought and language – which goes into cognitive therapy – is always about the Third House and this almost-exact semi-sextile from Ceres in your family zone to Saturn in your communication zone could be a comment on the arrival of a sibling and his/her impact on the development of your communication, which is of course your way of thinking about the world. That is a really long shot but I thought it was worth mentioning. Saturn is associated with very particular challenges to be overcome in life and we all have it somewhere. You have it in an area of your chart associated with being read, heard and understood. Ceres is a symbol of deep emotion – usually anger, even rage – but also the ‘turning away’ or withdrawal that comes when one feels not taken seriously. In your Fourth House of family relationship, you would have to say that some patterns started in childhood so you would have to go to the situation with your parents, perhaps a sibling (if you had one) all the way back to baby steps and forward to school. Proserpina was the daughter of Ceres in mythology so here she is, again locked into the pattern, in your First House, where you front up to the world and have to be upfront. Space does not allow me to go into these synchronicities I am seeing in your chart but Carl Jung, who was an astrologer but also skilled at working with depression as a psychologist, was always struck by ‘acausal connecting principles’ as he called them. You have three in your chart. I would really encourage you to read the myths behind these three – Saturn, Ceres, Proserpina – and to get to know your Third House, First House, Fourth House as a linked theme in your life. I am also seeing ‘family’ like a neon sign here. I wish you the very best at cracking the code. Of course medical professional help is always the first and last stop with depression, but if astrology can help, I am glad.

      1. Thanks Jessica, my question kind of went off track with the subject but thanks for your kind response. I have 5 siblings, there was a 14th month between my eldest sister (1972) and I (1971). then I was born and 15months later , the brother (1973) . After that a break of 4 years and another three siblings came along. So yes it explains a lot and compounds any communication problems. Thanks for taking the time out to get back to me.

        1. The siblings are the key to the depression, along with the anger and sadness you would have felt as a child having to deal with some brother/sister relationships being taken away from you, by the arrival of more siblings – and perhaps the loss of time/energy/attention/affection from a parent, with all those children to cope with. Saturn in Gemini in your Third House describes the development of your thought and speech patterns. Your siblings were there throughout, and highly influential in shaping the brain you ended up with! Cognitive therapy directly addresses Saturn in Gemini in the Third House issues because, as I am sure you know, it can often involve keeping a diary and reframing your thoughts/head miles/life script into words that are less punishing. Spike Milligan had some success with this method. I reckon you could look at that Saturn pattern around 2 degrees for quite some time and start to see how it’s worked, your whole life. Every time an outer planet goes to 1-3 degrees (Uranus is set to do that from May 2018) you will have a chance to deal with it once again, but I suspect in 2018-2019 you will be dealing with it very differently.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    I have North node in 23 Scorpio and south node in 23 Taurus. As for other planets or asteroids, i have uranus in 0 Scorpio and nothing else as for taurus. Is it strange? Is there any story the nodes say about me ib this life without another important planets in these signs?

    Thank you very much!

    1. No, that’s not strange at all. In fact it’s very common to have the Nodes in Scorpio-Taurus and this pattern in the chart is about past lives spent being poor and rich, so one incarnates to live through issues like hoarding, saving, earning, spending, giving away, donating – one more time.

      1. Thank you Jessica very much even if this scares me little bit:-). So I am in the risk to become poor. I was never really rich but I used to earn more money some years ago than now. I lost my job for years ago because of mobbing from my boss and niw I try to do my own business and it goes really slowly. Hope that does not mean that now it is the time to be really poor.

        Thank you for all your advice and navigation:-)

  13. Fascinating article! I have North in Sagittarius and south in Gemini
    And 5 in Aquarius including The moon mercury and Venus and I’m a Capricorn sun sign – what will I see again??

    1. Thank you. Those Nodes speak of one or more lifetimes spent speaking two languages, or trying to, or two dialects. It may be when you travel or welcome a foreigner/regional visitor that something clicks. It’s that. In this lifetime your task is to communicate across national, religious or cultural barriers and be heard, read and understood – but also to understand.

  14. HI Jessica. I am reposting. My Nodes are in Scorpio/Taurus respectively. I have Mars, Uranus, Venus and two asteroids in Scorpio. My most important family members are all Taurus.What is my lifetime lesson with this nodal placement and loaded signs?

    1. The Taurus family members are past life connections. You may find that the most simple questions about borrowing, lending, owing, owning, giving or receiving feel very emotional to you. That is because when you borrow the family car, you are dealing with someone who might have massive karma with you over something far more serious – real survival – centuries before. The karmic lesson with these Nodes is always to put a price tag on the things money cannot buy. You cannot take money, houses, apartments, clothes or toys into the next life but your soul’s riches are integrity, freedom, credibility, compassion, self-respect, independence, generosity and the rest. Money can’t buy peace of mind either. You no doubt know that. The highest expression of these Nodes is unconditional giving to people you know or causes you believe in. That’s it.

  15. Hey Jess!

    I really hope you see this message. I have my North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius at 14 degrees. I also have Salacia in Aquarius and Ops in Leo.

    Can you tell me how the transiting nodes play out for me this year? In some ways I want to go back (I was much more feisty, fearless and optimistic when I was younger but failures & disappointments have really changed that) and in several ways I want to move forward … move away from comfort zones, perceived limitations in terms of what I want personally/professionally, can achieve, my capabilities etc.

    I’m not sure I understand how to make the most of this … Kindly advise. Thank you.


    1. Thank you. You are actually ‘speaking’ your astrological chart as you have the MC at 23 Capricorn and IC at 23 Cancer. The MC or Midheaven is where you aim to climb higher in life and your IC or Immum Coeli is where you come from. So you are very ambitious. Capricorn is the mountain goat who wants to climb to the top. You’ll reshape your life direction now through 2020, with 2020 itself being the peak year. You’ll move forward the way Sir Edmund Hillary moved forward up Everest.

      1. Thanks so much Jess. There’s so much I want for myself and have high hopes for the journey ahead…I just hope I can dig deep to find the inner strength and wherewithal to get there. I’m going to make a note of the Sir Edmund Hillary reference for the years ahead 🙂

  16. Hi Jessica (you are awesome btw)
    Really hope you can help me!!!!! Not sure of exact birth times. My dob is 10/25/81 born Charlotte NC around 5:30 pm. His is 10/7/1990 born Charlotte NC around 10:45 am. We met April 2016, I had just left my husband in January 2016 who I had been with since 1998. The relationship just happened out of the blue and we had tons of opposition from family (mostly mine) and obstacles. He has no kids, I have 3. So much happened during the relationship it’s unreal. Anyway we were just to the point of being able to be together in peace and support ourselves on our own and he left on Aug.29,17. He has completely shut me out. We spent 1 night together since he left and that was on Sept.29,17 and since then he won’t even talk to me. We split up a few times during the relationship, but not for very long. Bc of financial reasons only I am still “married”, but my marriage is over and has been. 3 weeks before he left we had a serious discussion about having a child or adopting in the future together. I thought we were serious! I’m so confused! Could a cover up from the eclipse be possible? I’m new to astrology. Please any help would be so appreciated!

    1. Thank you for that lovely compliment as I have my second cup of tea! If this man was born on 7th October 1990 then he has Jupiter at 9 Leo and the South Node at 4 Leo in his Fifth House of sexual relationships, pregnancy and the world of children and young people. Thus, he has a Leo chart signature in his Fifth House of fatherhood – and yes, the eclipses will definitely have an impact on him. So this is actually about your own children, for him – what would have been potential stepchildren had you stayed together. And of course that discussion you had about adopting or pursuing a pregnancy together. I am very sorry that this ended for you and that there is no contact. I would say that this chain of eclipses in Leo across 2017-2019 is all about fatherhood for him, and he may well be dealing with it alone, or perhaps with another woman. Take a deep breath, please, because I am now going to focus on your horoscope and not his. In 2018 you will indeed find total emotional satisfaction so please trust the year ahead. It may be spiritual. It may involve children. It may also – perhaps – involve romance. Try not to worry about where it comes from, or who it comes from, just enjoy knowing that you are in a wonderful position to reach for something very, very special. A solid gold connection. A unique and precious bond. There is also a group or circle (perhaps a network, team or club) around you which is the gift that goes on giving. Tap into that. It could be anything from a baseball team to a literary society. I think it’s connected to the fantastic emotional gift you are set to receive.

  17. Hi Jessica, I know this is late and hope you get an opportunity to respond as I’ve read some other interpretations on the web of my north and south nodes but I value your interpretation above all. I’m so hung up on getting this ifetime right and releasing old karma and finding the proper balance with my SN Pisces & NN Virgo nearly everything I read about SN Pisces says addiction particularly drugs and alcohol which I gratefully don’t have. I appreciate any guidance. Thank you

    1. There are some really dodgy websites out there. The Nodes in Pisces-Virgo don’t mean drug and alcohol addiction. It can happen, but it’s not a rule. People with Virgo-Pisces South Node/North Node (either way around) are 50% blind to the real world. They don’t have clear vision. They exist in their heads – in a world of imagination and intuition. Einstein had a Pisces stellium. He did not see life the way other people did. His head space was his living space! At the same time, the other half of you is pure Virgo. Ready to work. Ready to serve. Ready to do what is required. Both sides of you are valuable and one has to help the other. Your Pisces side helps your dutiful, dedicated side to understand there is more to life. And your blind Pisces side needs your Virgo side to carry it along. Reconciling this creatively will be the story of your life.

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