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The Third House

The Third House, at its core, is about being heard and read. Thus we go into areas like literacy, translation, speech impediments, deafness, public speaking, and of course vision, as one has to read, in order to translate and transmit.

Horoscope Houses in Astrology

Welcome to Horoscope Houses in Astrology, a series on the twelve houses of your birth chart, and their meaning. This time the Third House and Fourth House of your natal chart (personal horoscope) are in focus. Of course, the houses have the same meaning no matter if we are looking at your public predictions (your zodiac sign) or your private predictions. If you are a Premium Member and have your own birth chart from me, though, you’ll get the most from what you’re about to read.

A really simple way to know yourself at a glance is to find which zodiac signs dominate. Which house (or slice of the wheel) has the most factors?

jessica sign 2018 2 1 - The Third House

Horoscope Houses in Astrology – The Third House

Ruled by Gemini and the planet Mercury, the Third House describes how you connect and communicate. It is concerned with the Worldwide Web, but also telephones and microphones. The Third House also reveals writing, speech, hearing and the way you take in information, and then send it out into the world. In this series I like to acknowledge that in astrology we stand on the shoulders of giants. Astrology doesn’t come from nowhere, it has been carefully built over 2000 years, since the Romans first took it to Ancient Britain.

One of the most famous astrologers of the 20th century was Howard Sasportas. Writing in his book, The Twelve Houses (Thorsons 1985) Howard saw the Third House this way: “Bits of information are gathered here and there, and usually some effort is made to perceive how the various parts fit into a larger whole.” This idea of information gathering, just as a bee collects pollen, is at the heart of the Third House. Any horoscope factors you have here will show you why you gather information and how you do it.

Writing in Horoscope Symbols (Whitford Press 1981) the great unrkg2jh1j0 600x397 - The Third HouseAmerican astrologer Robert Hand notes, “Short journeys and moving about” are associated with the Third House. This is standard interpretation. But why? You’ll note Mercury rules this house. In Ancient Rome, where our astrology comes from, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. You will often see him as a statue with a winged helmet and winged sandals. Messengers in Rome were required to go on horseback (actually a chain of horses, in a roster system) across Italy, often with military news.

As faster ways of getting around in the 20th century this became ‘engine horsepower’ we then evolved into the mobile or cell phone of today with its instant Twitter and e-mail access. We simply don’t need to physically take messages from Rome to Naples any more, but for two circumstances: the FedEx delivery document, and the posted card. Thus, even 2000 years later, this idea about ‘short journeys’ is still relevant as even a FedEx package has to go by aeroplane, or at least speed along the highways in a truck.

The Third House, at its core, is about being heard and read. Thus we go into areas like literacy, translation, speech impediments, deafness, public speaking, and of course vision, as one has to read, in order to translate and transmit. If you are strongly Third House then you are really here to communicate, no matter how easy or tough that is for you. You will find your own way of getting through and getting the message across. In my experience, heavily Third House and Gemini people find a unique way of doing this.

The asteroids, planets, Nodes or angles in the Third House will tell you how. If you were born with Saturn in the Third House, for example, you may be slow to turn thoughts into words and find public speaking very difficult. Mental blocks are common and so is Writer’s Block. There can be a fear of committing to paper, or online – and resistance to reaching others, for whatever reason. This makes Saturn Third House people work harder at making themselves feel secure about the situation, so they tend to develop a very particular way of communicating, measuring their words, or perhaps telling people they would rather talk face-to-face than communicate on Twitter.

At the other end of the scale we can find people with Mars in the Third House in Gemini who use words like weapons and these are the people who go to the Women’s March with placards designed to ‘punch’ a message. Transits of your Third House (when heavenly bodies travel through it, in the sign of Gemini) tend to bring new projects or ideas, or key stages in the same.

You will sometimes read that the Third House is associated with siblings. Actually, the Fourth House is about your family as a whole. I suspect the reason some astrologers have found a connection with brothers, sisters and the Third House is that so often young children are left together by their parents and as this occurs during the development of language (which this house actually does rule) you find brothers/sisters become each others’ sounding boards for words. There is always an age difference of at least one year, and sometimes more, so a unique relationship develops between the siblings, based on their difference in communication, understanding and language.

So many prominent multimedia, publishing and academic names are associated with Third House and Gemini stelliums (more than three factors in the personal chart) that it is almost a cliche of astrology – yet we do continue to associate this house with novels, poems, journalism, social media, typography, linguistics, speech therapy, education, petitions, websites, blogs, songwriting, copywriting, editing and literary agencies.

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31 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I’m confused with the direction I’m heading, which arises from understanding the use of the natural house system to get an idea! My Sun sign is Libra (which is 8th house) with my Nth node in Taurus being my 3rd house and MC in Scorpio along with Neptune conjunct Sth node in 9th house. The MC indicates where you are heading for growth but Nth node is where Soul is drawn to in this life? (I’m confused on that for one!MC & Nth node) So if I’m right, I thought that with Nth node in 3rd house its about communicating for me (in whatever form) but based on natural system it would suggest resources, money due to Taurus being 2nd house. Your guidance would really help with some clarity and understanding on this point. Thank you 🙂

    1. Natural Houses are my preferred house system after being a pro astrologer for three decades because a) they work and b) they don’t lock people into that weird old view of life preferred by Placidus the Middle Ages monk! You don’t give a chart, so I can’t see everything, but your Sun is in the Seventh House, your North Node and South Node are in the Second and Eighth Houses, your MC is in the Eighth House. I am not sure why you think the Nodes show where you should be heading for growth. Look up Nodes on Search. Actually look up everything on Search!

  2. Dear Jessica,

    I am Virgo with stellium in Gemini – IC in 01deg, Psyche 17deg, Ceres in 13 deg and Mars 20 deg. And you are right , peole usually find me quite strong in communication (and I am not aware of it – it is just normal for me) and in discussions where I have no problem to present my opinion even if it isn ´t politicaly correct but I feel it is right. And what is interessting for me, many peole told me when they met me after some years that for example my advice or opinion influence them very much and many times I don ´t remember that I said something very wise or subtantial to them.

    Can you give me some inside for this year please as for good using my “players”in this house,beacuse I try to become good couch, mentor and advisor for people. Is it good time for me to develop this kind of business?

    Thank you very much!

    1. So you want to mentor people or work as a life coach in 2018. Perhaps teach. You will have a reasonable amount of money this year, and you need to figure out how best to invest it. I can see you have ambitions. However, there is also something unfinished which needs a cash injection, or perhaps you need to devote time and energy to it – so you need to buy yourself time to do this. I do feel you could teach but you need to become qualified. Try to make this sum of money stretch as far as it can. If you can invest in your own education then that will help you with future ambitions, but please do take care of what is unfinished too.

  3. Thank you Jessica.
    My son has Saturn in Gemini I already see some of what I went through. How do I help over come this? 08/11/2002 6:30pm Sydney.

    How do I intepret my prosepina in Gemini. I could be the bridge in internet or web?


    1. Saturn in Gemini in the Third House is always about fear – usually fear about English, or languages, or public speaking, or handwriting. All the Gemini and Third House parts of life. It can also be fear about technical language (not being able to understand instructions) and so on. The fear usually begins in childhood and it is always because of a transit to Saturn in Gemini in the chart. We all have Saturn somewhere in our horoscope and it is a very vulnerable, afraid, tender, sensitive spot! I know you want to help but I strongly recommend being very gentle and subtle. You may offer suggestions but if your son does not want to follow through, try to understand. Without seeing his chart it is impossible to say which areas of life will work better for him, but they will certainly be there. Yes, with Proserpina in Gemini in the Third House you are the bridge, go-between or connector between two powerful people or organisations online, or involved in multimedia, languages, education and so on. This is a very common placement in the charts of people who are bilingual or trilingual who help people from different regions or countries connect.

  4. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your brilliant website and for the effort and dedication you give everyone. I am a very excited new member! I am an Aries Sun with my MC conjunct Vulcano and Mars in early Pisces (and opposite my IC and Psyche in early Virgo). I have had trouble defining life-direction, but look to Piscean ruler Neptune’s position; which is 16 degrees Sagittarius. Does Sagittarius cover writing, communication and publishing in much more broad sense than that ruled by the third house? Certainly anytime a planet has transited over that point in my life, big things have happened ! Kind regards, E.J.

    1. Thank you very much, I will pass that onto James, Justin, Alyas, Jodi and Kerry. Yes, Sagittarius rules your Ninth House of writing and publishing, E.J. and it is broader in scope than Gemini. Gemini is the front page of the academic journal and the academic on Twitter who sends a tweet about it. Sagittarius is the core content of the academic journal and the university background of the author. You have a strong religious or spiritual story in your life. Your chart patterns are common in the charts of Roman Catholics and Buddhists alike. There is that classic Pisces/Sagittarius combination which we associate with beliefs and faiths of all kinds. Those moments when you trust the Divine (God or whatever else you believe in) and reach for what is on offer will change your life. I suspect they already have.

      1. Thank you so very much Jessica (and James, Justin, Alyas, Jodi and Kerry!!) : – ) Jessica you are stunningly accurate and while my faith is integral to my life (in many disciplines/ways) it is not “formally” and rather is privately (very Piscean). Relying on sixth (Divine guidance) senses is not easy but always more fulfilling than I could ever imagine. As for 16 degrees Sagittarius, a major planet/node has been conjunct it for all my big life events – Jupiter when I got married, Venus and Mercury when my children were born, true node when we moved 3000kms across country to settle in a brand new city and home. I could never have known/planned these conjunctions, they just happened. Anyway I will be interested to see what happens when Mars pops over the aspect shortly! Happy New Year !! <3 <3 <3

        1. Thank you – I will pass that on. That is so interesting about your transits for big life events. I do appreciate you letting me know, as everything helps an astrologer like me update and stay in touch with the way these chart patterns manifest in the real world. Happy New Year of the Dog!

  5. What does my third house look like? I have used Placidus till now and it begins midway in Scorpio according to him, which places Neptune there. I have always missed neighbourly bonding, sibling love, extended family relations. Mercury in Gemini under the natural house system should have given me a happy time right? 🙁

    1. I don’t have a chart to look at so I can’t tell you what your Third House looks like. And no, Mercury in your Third House would not necessarily give you a happy time at all. Not sure where you read that!

  6. Hello Jessica,
    I don’t have anything in my 4th and 5th houses, and only asteroids in my 3rd house. I would loveto know what this means.

    1. Too funny. There is no such thing as ‘only’ asteroids in modern astrology. Diana in Gemini in your Third House is as important as anything else. You are a natural traveller or escape artist. Moon at 2 Sagittarius and Saturn at 2 Leo are perfectly trine. This is common in the charts of migrants or refugees. It is also common in the charts of people who work in travel, real estate or relocation, because they ship people out of their old life and into their new life. Bacchus at 0 Aquarius tells me, never forget that losing yourself in a group, club, team or other circle/community of people can be the heavenly release and relief you seek. It’s very important to never lose sight of the groups.

  7. Hello Jess, fascinating as usual thanks. Love your generosity. I have Minerva Psyche and MC in Gemini. Sounds great… I’ve always had to communicate and it’s been digital for 20 years. And still thriving with next gens. So is that my 3rd house? … trying to get my head around your approach. Am hanging out for my wait list 2018 chart but meanwhile try my best. X

    1. Thank you so much. And I look forward to answering your questions in 2018 when you have your chart. You have the classic Gemini/Sagittarius Third House and Ninth House combination that we find in very successful digital communicators. This will evolve into something huge in 2019. You think you have mastered particular genres, technology or mediums – but what is coming will be stunning. Your next big leap in the world of words, ideas and images.

  8. Dear Ms. Adams, this week’s (weekly) reading for Capricorns has blown me away. The most accurate reading of my life so far. I was hoping for some universal guidance as I’m going through one of the most difficult periods of my life and there it was. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wishing you all the very best always.

    1. Thank you so much. I put a lot of mental concentration and time into your horoscope, and my intention is always ‘I want this to be the most useful and accurate prediction I can give this reader, this week.’ So I am very happy to hear this. Good!

  9. Hi Jessica
    This site is just wonderful, I am loving it thank you. I have just realised that I the transiting planets have Uranus at 25 degrees Aries and I am 25 degrees Leo in Aesculapia. The daily transit page tells me that if I Uranus, Pluto or Neptune at the same degree as anything in my planets that it is a life changing thing. Can I please ask you what this would mean in my own particular chart? My thinking is that it has something to do with children as leo rules the fifth house. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment onto Jodi, who has just started designing many of the stories on this website for you. Actually Minerva at 27 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition is your most important placement. Either you or someone important will be promoted, win an award, reach victory or have other reason to celebrate. Make sure it goes on from there. Build this.

  10. Hi Jessica, I am a Cancerian with a stellium in Gemini, ASC 5 Gemini, Bacchus 6 Gemini and Vesta 6 Gemini. I certainly feel the fear of committing to paper and online that you mentioned, and I try to overcome this. Just recently I joined a writing challenge programme to push my writing craft forward and I think its worth the investment. Publishing and all it entails is a steep learning curve and I hope to achieve a level to submit my work. I am wondering if the fear won’t ever get easier, but my experience in the writing field will soften the edges of fear over time. BTW I have both Mars and DESC in Sagittarius. Thank you for your insights. They are always appreciated.

    1. Thank you! More than one great writer in my files has this chart pattern. And when Uranus finally goes into Gemini, a few years from now, you will be so excited at what evolves for you as a writer. In fact it will change your life.

  11. I would love to know how to develop my third house – or communications. I fluctuate between feeling competent and completely incompetent in expressing myself. Have found language easy to study but difficult to speak. Likewise with people, easy to understand others but not express myself (without feeling misunderstood) Often wonder if moon square my Venus in 3rd is part of this? Some sites suggest moon = mother and I have definitely felt blocked or trapped by her stories from a young age!

  12. Hi Jess – bang on the points. I have Venus, Saturn, MC, Diana, Bacchus & Proserpina in Gemini. With so many asteroids in Gemini was trying to get head on . I am not very comfortable with online communication.
    I would like to know more details on the asteroids and planet in my third house.

    1. I’m glad that’s bang on. Saturn at 12 Gemini in your Third House is a symbol of fear – often justified by life experience – which eventually becomes tremendous caution and strategic thinking. Online communication would be difficult for you primarily because it’s so permanent. You also have Saturn very close to an exact T-Square (T stands for tension) with Minerva at 11 Pisces and Psyche at 11 Virgo. Minerva in Pisces in your Twelfth House is about intuition and psychic ability. Psyche in Virgo in your Sixth House is about work which lasts forever. So this all repeats that message – as your gut feelings are telling you, what goes online, stays online and that may explain why the web itself is such a challenge. You can look up everything I have talked about here and find a way to make it work creatively.

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