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The Fifth House

The Fifth House of your horoscope is ruled by the Sun and the zodiac sign Leo. The Sun is a symbol of the father. Leo is a symbol of royalty.

Horoscope Houses in Astrology

In this continuing series about Horoscope Houses in Astrology, I’ll look at the meaning of the Fifth House and Sixth House, in your birth chart. If you are a Premium Member, check your chart now. Factors in Leo will be in your Fifth House. Factors in Virgo will be in your Sixth House.

If you don’t have your personal birth chart, you can still make more sense of my daily, weekly and monthly predictions for you, just by knowing which house of your Solar Sign chart (Zodiac sign/Sun sign chart) the travelling planets are passing through. This will show you the headlines of your life.

The in-depth story, behind the headlines, comes from a natal chart or personal horoscope set up for your time, place and date of birth. It can be interesting to compare both, and see how there is a public story at the same time as a private story too. The houses show you the main news. As you’ll see in this third instalment of my Horoscope Houses series, the Fifth House is about children and your relationship with younger people. The Sixth House is about your work-life balance and your body.

jessica sign 2018 2 2 - The Fifth House


Horoscope Houses in Astrology – The Fifth House

The Fifth House of your horoscope is ruled by the Sun and the zodiac sign Leo. The Sun is a symbol of the father. Leo is a symbol of royalty. Put that together and this is the King’s horoscope zone. Kings must produce heirs or at least be able to find a young relative who can take over the throne. Kings must also train these heirs to the throne, as children and later as teenagers, so that they are fit to take over the line of succession.

From all these ideas, we find the Fifth House associations with sexual relationships (literally, courtship) which may or may not end in pregnancy. We also find babies and children here, and young adults. The common association of the Fifth House with all forms of entertainment and even gambling is misleading. It describes, instead, the activities and interests which bring the generations together.

s8bw wx9g8i 600x400 - The Fifth House

If the King, his wife or mistress, the children (the young princes and princesses) can enjoy the same thing – it’s a Fifth House matter. Typical examples include riding, tennis, music, theatre and particular kinds of books which appeal to young and old.

The Leo authors J.K. Rowling and Beatrix Potter are good examples of women who have the Sun in the Fifth House, who have created characters which are as meaningful and important to small children, as they are to older people. There is a point to all these interests, passions and weekend pursuits, which bring young and old together. They keep the ‘kingdom’ strong, because the kingdom is only stable if the King, Queen, Prince, Princess and all the other faces around the throne, share things in common. If it closes the generation gap, no matter if it’s Leo Kate Bush appealing to Millennials as well as Baby Boomers, then it’s a Fifth House concern.

The idea of teaching, mentoring and guiding the young is strongly associated with the Fifth House and you can do this if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, godparent – or have paid work, or even voluntary work, involving a generation which comes after you.

So, the Fifth House has nothing to do with horse-racing then (children can’t gamble) although it is certainly about polo, or hacking, or the local Pony Club. It’s far more likely to show up as the connection you have with a far younger generation, as you grow older, and it doesn’t matter if you are teaching small children in another country (above) or guiding your own offspring to greatness!

I sometimes read that the Fifth House is about creativity. Not necessarily. It may be, if you have a stellium (over three factors) in Leo in the Fifth House and you create projects or products which young and old can share and enjoy. Dressmaking and the composition of music can be diversions for teenagers as much as they are for their grandparents. Writing in his classic book, The Twelve Houses (Thorsons, 1985) Howard Sasportas notes “By the time we reach the Fifth House, we now know that we are not everything; but we are not content just to be ‘a someone’ – we must be a special someone.

3e3avpvlpao 600x338 - The Fifth House

This is very true of Leo, the royal sign. Not all of us can be born into the House of Windsor and inherit the crown, but the Fifth House will show how we can rule. How we can be the centre of attention. How we can lead. I find it interesting that Princess Anne, who is another woman with the Sun in Leo in the Fifth House, devotes her time to children’s charities and also to riding (she was memorably an Olympian). Even if she was plain old Anne Windsor, this would still be characteristic of the Fifth House. The great astrologer Robert Hand, writing in his book Horoscope Symbols (Whitford Press 1981) reels off a common list of Fifth House associations:  “Play and amusements. Self-expression and creativity. Love affairs. Childbearing and children. Gambling, speculation and investments.”

He then goes on to describe it as a hodgepodge of ideas. Correct. In fact it can be utterly confusing, until you realise that what the old astrologers, centuries ago, were describing was actually life at court. Leo is the King of the Jungle and heraldry based on the lion can be found in many old European royal families.

If you begin to work with the idea of monarchy and all it involves, the Fifth House becomes so much clearer. The Sun King of course, has long been associated with the old French monarchy. Harking back to Versailles, Camelot, Hampton Court Palace or Buckingham Palace for inspiration we find all the passionate romance that the Fifth House is known for – romps in the royal bedchamber.

We also find questions about the younger generation who inherit the throne. Beatrix Potter, with her Fifth House chart signature, never had children but left the legacy of her personality (and her vast holdings of land) to generations of children coming after her.

When we talk about Your Royal Highness, thinking of Leo the King, we also talk about people who are topmost or uppermost – those who are high-ranking, important and have the greatest amount of attention. Those who are elevated or towering in some way.

The Fifth House shows where you strive for this and may attain it, particularly if you bear in mind that the whole point of this kind of place in the world is to educate, enlighten and inspire the young. We also have the idea of ‘High and Mighty’ with The Fifth House but dignity is far better.

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35 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica. I read elsewhere that Pluto squares my decan in 2018 DOB 11/04/74. I’m just starting out learning about astrology my question is the feeling of impending doom warranted? with thanks A

    1. Blimey. I didn’t know some astrologers still worked with decans. Fear nothing. The most important thing I can tell you about 2018 is to come back down to earth and ground yourself in the real world. You have some solid gold emotional connections on offer, but you are not reaching for them this year. Why not? Actually, it’s not the people – it’s you. You’re not totally ‘down’ with reality and yet if you fixed that, you would be so much happier and better able to appreciate what these three or four people have to give you. I think returning to your roots on either side of your family tree would help. Go back into your family tree past and look at the DNA you have inherited from your mum or dad’s side. I’m talking emotional DNA!

      1. Thanks so much. Hiding a little from life at the moment. I am adopted so that could be difficult but I will work on the reality check. Thank you. X

  2. So helpful Jessica! I have always read the gambling, entertainment, creativity for the 5th house as well. Your explanation of these being connected to children/family- things done together is a big light bulb flash for me- makes total sense. My Leo moon self taught English to children in Japan after college, and, explains why children feel comfortable walking up to start a conversation with me at the shopping mall, grocery store- lol. Thank you for your insight!

    1. Thank you. I love that feedback – teaching English to children – and also having them approach you for conversation – you will always have that connection with younger faces.

  3. Good afternoon Jessica,
    My rising sign is Leo and what is interesting my birthday being 8/30/69 I am a Virgo yet where the planets/houses are currently seem true when I read Leo not Virgo? I have a lot of the characteristics of a Leo especially when it comes to children, I love being a mom, Auntie & Godmother, it has been the best part of my existence although tough because I have been a single parent for 17 years. So maybe it is a blessing to have both attributes of both the signs? If that is a correct statement.
    Thank you for all the wonderful articles you write about. Have a beautiful evening.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are strongly Leo and that is why you have been not only a single parent, but also a godmother and aunt – this is your path. You have a beautiful evening too!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I’m finding these pieces on the houses really interesting and insightful, thank you. I was wondering if you could tell me about Uranus and Neptune in the fifth house and how they manifest themselves there particularly as Saturn and Pluto are currently in transit through this area of my chart?

    Thanks again for yet another interesting article.

    1. Thank you. You have Vulcano at 7 Leo in the Fifth House of your chart. I’m not sure where you are getting the other information from. Uranus and Neptune are not in your Fifth House at all and Saturn and Pluto are not transiting there! (I think you are using another house system or horoscope). Okay, so I can read the Fifth House for you based on Vulcano alone. This is about a child you had – and that child’s baby years. If you never had a child it is about a pregnancy that did not go to term, or the chance for a pregnancy that you never took up. You need to go deeply into that, because you’re not so aware of it, yet it is the foundation upon which you exist, and although it’s quite buried, you do need to see how it contributes to your life as it is today. Your whole attitude towards people, actually. Go back, back, back in time.

  5. HI Jessica, can you please tell me what to expect with a younger generation this year with my two factors landing in the 5th house? I’m currently a stay at home mum looking to write picture books part time. Thank you.

    1. It’s really about their father, or perhaps a man who could take a father role. You don’t say if you are married with a husband or not. Understanding the male heart and mind will help you a lot with the children. In fact, it’s essential. You need to figure out how to connect with that very old-fashioned kind of tough masculinity. And negotiate.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    I would like you to know how deeply I appreciate your work! I always had interest in daily, weekly..horoscopes but never beyond that. And 3 weeks ago I ended up here by accident while googling Uranus/Taurus and i fall in love with the way you explain and ended up being a member.
    Now I make a use of the guidance you provide and even I am starting to understand my self better. So thank you!

    I have always been in clouds like why this why that, as I always felt there is something more in life/ like my true purpose/ and I hope I will find it one day!

    I have some placement in Leo, Mars 27°Fortuna 24°Apollo 29°R and North Node 27° R. Me and my husband (Aquarius, feb, 12, 1975) have been trying for a child for 6 years with no luck! I have lovely 3 step children. Any insights regarding children, my true purpose and/ or anything you may find or see for me would be appreciated.


    1. Thank you. I am glad you found this website and welcome to Premium Membership. Six years is a long time to try for a child. One of the reasons this has been delayed in your life is really the stepchildren and the blended family situation. You need time and energy for that. A new baby would make it quite hard to sort out the situation with the rest of the family and that is complicated, as you would expect with three younger faces. You will focus on that in 2018 and figure it out. This is not The Brady Bunch!

  7. Lovely, thanks Jessica.

    As is your beautiful new website (floral & very fresh ..& liking the Astro placements at the bottom ) x

    Speaking of all things ‘birthed’ , (and I adore regeneration) what does my Cupido in Leo mean in aspect to my chart?

    On this. I ask as it’s been a year on 21 Feb since my dad died, (mums birthday is 22 Feb and she has her north node in Leo ..female health issues last year) – And yet we’ve since been blessed with the news that my gorgeous 22 year old Libra nephew will become a Dad (Pisces girlfriend he proposed to last week.. hmmm that’s his mum, nanna and future wife all Pisces 🙂

    Their Baby is due in Leo season (I’m so pleased to say..)

    Anyway, after such a struggle over these past 5 years – in love, baby loss, work & home front – 2 flatmates have left since I got back from Xmas already!! (gosh grateful I have sense of humour ), it would be nice to prepare sanely for this new phase – yet I feel a little like an outcast (my baby sis will be a grandma and it’s opening up all these wounds of not creating my own child/ family).

    Literally feeling like I sit ‘between a rock and hard place’ here in Sydney so far away from my family (contemplated moving closer but have done it before -Lived up near my sis for a year and it isn’t my life – was very unhappy ), so my question; will I simply stay calm and carry on here? Or is there some kind of change I can make that I’m not seeing…? (That doesn’t involve living with them on the Gold Coast :((

    Am very busy sitting in what feels like the eye of a hurricane (oh, and my teaching role at local college ihasnt continued this week because they forgot to advertise my program – another Gemini mismatch re my biz dealings over the past 6 months).


    ❣️ some magnifying illumination much appreciated.

    1. Moving from Sydney elsewhere is an interesting question. You obviously don’t want to live on the Gold Coast. You may want to stay where you are, actually. And have a look at the fine print on paperwork involving your apartment or house, just to update yourself.

  8. Hi Jessica, could you please interpret my fifth house, which contains Saturn,
    Pluto and Ceres. I’m Aries with no children and I’m not super close to my nieces, but this is fine with me.

    1. Saturn, Pluto and Ceres in the Fifth House is pretty heavy going and hard work. We often find that when we have a line-up like that in a particular zodiac sign and house, that we just want to steer clear. No children and no closeness with your nieces is one way of doing that. If you go back to your Saturn Return, age 28-30 you may have your biggest clue. Often this is the time relationships begin or end, or there is an unwanted pregnancy, or one lover wants children and the other doesn’t – that kind of thing.

  9. You have said previously that I am heavily Leo. My son’s North node is conjunct my Venus, my lover overseas wants to be with me, and me with him. We don’t know how this can happen.
    I guess this new cycle will affect me?

    1. Something to think about, with this situation, is your own sexuality – which you can enjoy alone. Of course you may have to if you two are separated by the miles. This distance with your lover is forcing you to get to know yourself better, solo, and that will be a wonderful thing. So there is a purpose to everything! There is also the most amazing group, team, club, network or other circle of people in the background – if you look, you will see it. There is a special place for you there.

  10. Dear Jess, I am a reader without any factors in the 5th house. From what I’ve read of your work, the suggestion is that an empty house is not a significant part of your identity. This is true of me! What I often wonder is whether, without any Leo factors, I am affected by Leo astrology weather? You write about it quite a lot so I do wonder what bearing Leo has on people who don’t have any factors there. I don’t feel motherhood is part of my life’s mission but wonder, like others must do too, what lovely soul or aspect of life I may be missing out on! X Kate

    1. Thank you Kate. An empty Fifth House with no Leo placements is exactly what you describe – children and young people don’t really say who you are! If motherhood is not part of your mission, that is common enough, but we also find mothers with a Leo signature who simply find that sons or daughters don’t really express what they are all about, or who they are. The Leo weather will often bring children, or child-related projects and plans, in and out of your life but it’s not going to *change* your life.

    1. Thank you. Beyond everything else you have the South Node in Leo in the Fifth House so you have at least one lifetime, possibly many, exploring what it means to guide and mentor younger people. You would have done this as a parent (obviously) but also, perhaps, as a teacher. In this lifetime those younger faces are part of your life path. Look up the South Node to find out more.

  11. Fabulous! I have a large stellium in this house. I find it really interesting that although I never aimed to do this, I now teach the next generation in what is a healing profession. It is physical and relates to the physical so fits with the virgo stellium as well. (I think?) Right now this is so important, as I am teaching one more time with the master/mistress (who has taught my generation) to the next generation. I need to be able to absorb and know all of her special wisdom. It is a special week for me if I want to be able to continue the legacy. Are you able to interpret my fifth house stellium a little more for me, Jessica?
    I really don’t want to miss anything this week. How timely this article is!
    My very best wishes

    1. Thank you Zigi. How interesting that you are a teacher. This is often the path with heavily Leo people with a Fifth House stellium. They may teach, guide or mentor formally (they have a job title) or informally (they do it through other means). Uranus in your Fifth House is worth looking at. This covers everything from past pregnancies in your life, to your feelings about younger people now. Uranus typically brings radical change on a regular basis. Sudden events and developments, triggered by you (though you need to be sharply aware to see it) which then mean major questions about personal freedom for you or anyone else involved. It’s worth looking up Uranus to find out more.

  12. I’m enjoying these articles on the houses! I’m a sun cancer with a stellium of 7 planets in Leo (6 in cancer, 5 in Taurus). Would you say I’m more Leo than Cancer (my sun sign)?

    1. Thank you. Yes, with 34 factors in your modern astrology birth chart, if you have more factors in Leo than Cancer, you are certainly more Leo. Either way, though, children and young people will be a life theme for you. Cancer rules families. Leo rules the next generations.

  13. Hello Jessica,

    Hope your well 🙂

    According to my chart it appears I do not have any factors in Leo or my fifth house, I’m curious to know what does that signify?

    Thank you

    1. An empty Fifth House means you express your personality through other things – not necessarily the world of children and young people. You are not your son or daughter, your godchild, niece or nephew – in other words. You find yourself through other aspects of life.

  14. Interesting, my 5th house looks pretty busy. Anything you can offer about my 5th house is appreciated. Thank you, Jessica

    1. You do have a packed Fifth House with your Leo stellium. There’s some inner conflict here. You have Uranus, alongside everything else. You find your path in life via the world of children and young people but it’s not smooth and it’s not straightforward. You have to zig-zag and there will be the occasional upset. Uranus in Leo is really about having pregnancies or just young faces in your world, but then having to deal with that. You can look up Uranus here and find out more.

    1. You have Mars and the IC (Immum Coeli) in Leo in the Fifth House, Sandi. Anything in Leo in your chart will always be in the Fifth House and this is the same for everyone.

  15. I have Sun in the 5th house, Jupiter in 10th, MC in Taurus in 10 = poker. As a child, I was literally dreaming about becoming a king. Funny, today I know, these child fantasies, are more real than I had thought. Great post from the best (royal) astrologer on the planet.

    1. Aren’t you kind, thank you. How astonishing that you dreamed of being a king – you were speaking your chart even when you were very young.

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