Podcast: Your Pisces Stellium

If you have more than three personal horoscope factors in Pisces then you have a Pisces stellium. No matter what your actual zodiac sign, or Sun sign is – you are strongly Pisces.

If you have more than three personal horoscope factors in Pisces then you have a Pisces stellium. No matter what your actual zodiac sign, or Sun sign is – you are strongly Pisces. What does it mean? Why is this sign associated with swimming, spies and Scotch? How can you make the most of your Pisces chart signature and avoid the pitfalls? This one-hour podcast is especially for you, the Pisces stellium person.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I was just wondering if you believe it is a good idea to also read the zodiac sign for which you have a stellium in?

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for a great podcast! So much of this rang true for me, apart from the shoe fetish (I’m no Theresa May!) I do have wonky feet and like going barefoot, but never have been interested in footwear, other than wanting it to be comfy (probably my sensible, boring Virgo and practical Sagittarius sides overriding things). Answers a lot of questions and yes, reality can be so disappointing, I’ve always hankered after a fantasy world containing a bit of magic, felt like a sponge absorbing other people’s emotions and wondered what it would be like to literally step inside someone else’s shoes like in the film Being John Malkovich. Sensitivity and imagination can be a boon, a difficulty or an escape though.

    1. Strongly Pisces people often like going barefoot. I love your comment about stepping inside someone’s shoes, as in Being John Malkovich. You are speaking your Pisces stellium there!

    2. Red, I too am a virgo with a pisces stellium, my ascendant is sagittarius. This is you as well? I love going barefoot! Interesting!! I could not download the podcast so can’t speak to it. I would love to see if we are similar in other ways.

  3. Hi Jessica, your podcast on the Pisces stellium was a very valuable breakthrough for me. I can’t wait for the Taurus and Capricorn stellium podcasts to ’round’ me out! Being a Pisces stellium is both a burden and a blessing. At least now i understand who I am a bit better than i did before i listened to your podcast! Thank you 🙂

  4. Hi Jess,

    Very interesting podcast. I identified with a lot of Pisces characteristics you described. I’m surprised though I only have one factor in Pisces. Why do I feel strongly Piscean?

    1. Neptune at 3 Capricorn aspects Fortuna at 4 Gemini. Neptune rules Pisces. Gemini is the internet, which you use a lot – as we can see – so every time you go online your Neptune kicks to touch.

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