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The Seventh House

The Seventh House is ruled by Libra and Venus. Venus also rules the Second House, which is about jewellery, gold and money, as well as food - all the valuable items of life.

In this continuing series about Horoscope Houses in Astrology, we come to the Seventh House. The Seventh House is ruled by the zodiac sign Libra. If you are a Premium Member and have your birth chart, you can see at a glance which planets, asteroids, Nodes or angles are in either house. If you have a stellium (more than three factors) in Libra, then your Seventh House will describe major events in your life that make you who you are.

Even if you don’t have your natal chart (personal birth horoscope) with all the 34 factors of modern astrology, you can still find out a great deal about predicting the future, from watching the Seventh House and Eighth House in your ‘public’ horoscope. This is your Sun Sign horoscope or Solar Sign chart. It’s a different system but it works to show you what the world in general knows about you. What the world sees. (Your personal chart shows the huge, sweeping, back story).

The Seventh House and Eighth House can also show your personality. This is where it becomes complicated, but interesting. The patterns (aspects) made involving factors in these houses can show how difficult or easy it is for you to ‘do’ the partnerships of the Seventh House or the financial and sexual agreements of the Eighth House!

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Horoscope Houses in Astrology – The Seventh House

The Seventh House is ruled by Libra and Venus. Venus also rules the Second House, which is about jewellery, gold and money, as well as food – all the valuable items of life. This might sound confusing until you realise that scales are required to weigh commodities like this. Scales are also a symbol of justice, and the law, and as marriage, common law marriage (the clue is in the name) and professional partnerships are legally binding agreements, you can see why Venus can also rule the Seventh House and Libra – the balanced scales – at the same time.

Another confusing thing about the Seventh House is its association with enemies, rivals and opponents – the opposition – at the same time as its rulership of former, current and potential partners. Actually it’s all common sense when you think about it. When you fall in love with someone, there is usually a third person in the background. This may be your former lover, or your new partner’s ex-wife-, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. This person is often seen as a rival, perhaps, or if the break-up was difficult, this blast from the past, may be very much seen as the enemy. Thus, you get both sides of the Seventh House to deal with at the same time.

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It is also true that falling in love with someone and becoming his/her partner, means excluding others who want you (or who want him, or her). Thus, the idea of rivalry but also partnership that comes with the Seventh House. Another common outcome of factors in the Seventh House is a couple united in ‘fighting the good fight’ against a common enemy. When we see a husband and wife who have joined forces to wage a war on something (or sometimes, someone) we are seeing Libra at work, and also the Seventh House at work.

This also shows up in business, academia and the professions. Partnerships which are based on work are often made stronger (glued together more tightly) because both people have joined forces as allies against a rival in their field, or perhaps an outright opponent. A good example of this might be the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister who become a working couple in politics, attacking the opposition. Writing in Horoscope Symbols (Whitford Press 1981) Robert Hand notes, “That both marriage and open enemies are symbolised by the Seventh House is a clue to understanding this house. The seventh represents a certain kind of relationship common to both marriage and two persons locked in combat.”

As with all the houses, we need to go back to the zodiac sign itself (Libra) which rules the house, and Venus, the planet in charge, to find all the layers. Venus was the Roman goddess of love, although she was actually associated with adultery (she had sex with Vulcan behind her husband Mars’s back) and jealousy (she subjected her future daughter-in-law to mental torture, because she envied her beauty).

From Venus we get the phrase “All’s fair in love and war” and as she was married to Mars, the god of war, this adds another dimension to the Seventh House. You only have to look at any dating app or website to see Venus at work. The Seventh House is about the game of love. Passion for its own sake. The art of romance. The scales of Libra can sometimes lead to justice or fairness issues which must be decided with lawyers – classically, the divorce court – but less formally, ideas about equality belong here too.

The ultimate aim of strongly Seventh House people is to balance the scales so that ‘equal but different’ works and both sides operate together. The two-headed creature that emerges – the power couple, perhaps, or the dynamic duo – is the best possible outcome. It’s The Special Relationship. Like the United States and Great Britain (of old) there is usually a common enemy to bind the two players together, no matter how different they actually are. And of course, many people are threatened by a dynamic duo, no matter if it is the Joker confronted by Batman and Robin, or Hitler and Hirohito dealing with Churchill and Eisenhower in 1944. In truth, ‘the two of us’ operating together is one of the most formidable sights in astrology. Two is the magic number, to quote De La Soul.

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21 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Finally I ended my relationship with the cancer man. He is trying to contact me, but I don’t want to get back with him nor give him an opportunity to talk to me. Hope I had made a good decision.


    1. I hope Cancer Man realises that he was using the relationship as a way to find out how powerful he was. And that is not love. Big lesson for him.

  2. Explained very well thank you. I have five factors houses in Libra including my sun and would agree that what you say is spot on. For myself though, having so many factors in Capricorn makes for a strange me I feel. For example I tend to take on the justice part of Libra a lot but am not particularly light hearted like an air sign tends to be. I consider everything and especially consider the ramifications of everything. That being said I am definitely one who tends to be united with another towards a common enemy. Especially where there are any injustices involved. I also like to see the enemy “have their day”. Can you explain to me what to expect when one is in their Jupiter Return and also in their Saturn Return please. I think that happens to everyone does it not? Meaning that they are in both Returns at the same time? Thank you Jessica.

    1. Jupiter Return is, an opportunity to give/help/heal – because you are so blessed that year, you can afford to reach out. Saturn Return is – hard work. Learn from those with your issues. Take a deep breath and try to live in the real world. We are all human. We have to live with ‘real’ and deal.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you this makes such sense. I’ve also read your Tarot & Astrology Predictions for 2018, my Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope and 2018 Horoscopes and in particular 2018 Love Horoscopes. However, these are referred to if Single or Settled, and I’m unsure where I fit in. Though, I’m married (to Piscean born 1964) and we have two teenage children, I’ve been unhappy for a long time. It’s been a very difficult past 6 years for me as I was unexpectedly hit with a deep true love (to Taurus born 1981). It is too long a story but both these men know this and so I find myself stuck and still unhappy as I am not with the one I truly love. It’s been extremely difficult for me but equally for my husband who’s seen my pain/tears, but still wants me and our family to be together. I hope you can shed some light on this darkness.

    1. It’s all about the children. Not only the teenagers, but maybe a pregnancy you never pursued, or a pregnancy that never came to term. Look beyond the men to these two people. The instability ends by 2019. You get a big break from it, from May. If you want to look this up you have transiting Uranus in Aries in the Fifth House of your chart. Essentially you are being offered independence and freedom – true liberty – when you pursue what is on offer. Try to be honest with yourself about parenthood. Get real about that. Put the children first no matter how you privately feel about being a parent.

      1. Thanks Jessica, am glad to hear the instability ends in 2019 and I get a brig break from May but is that May this year, and is that relating to my children or the situation with these men. I’m hopeful both, though as May coincides with the Taurus man’s birthday month, that he’ll finally offer me some independence and freedom to be with him. I’m unable to have an intimate relationship with my husband (Piscean) and I don’t feel romantic feelings rather more a friendship on my part and that we’ve grown apart. As a parent, I want to teach them how to fish, but he wants to give them fish. I’m on the verge and want to leave home for my well being, as it’s been quite confronting and challenging over the years with this situation and my children, particularly recently with my younger child due to his gaming/computer addiction. His aggression toward me physically and verbally has me unable to feel trust or safe around him. He’s quite unreasonable, manipulative, unpredictable at times and I’m unable to talk to him let alone make him see sense. All this has impacted on my health and I’m self medicating most days with alcohol.

        1. It’s about your son who is aggressive and addicted to gaming. And you’re medicating with booze, to cope. I am very sorry about this stressful situation, but actually you need to focus on your child and not the Taurus man. Get help from a counsellor or via your doctor to deal with your son. Have you spoken to his teachers? You have Aesculapia in Leo in the Fifth House. Just when you think it’s over or virtually over with your son, he’ll be back, front and centre. In fact we have cycles crossing Aesculapia in your chart this year in August which make a comeback possible. You can revive, repair and restore the relationship with your son. And that’s the absolute priority. Think back to your pregnancy with him, his infancy and childhood and you will see that it follows a pattern of ‘re’ – so relaunch, rethink, reschedule, revive, restore, repair and so on. Do ‘re.’

  4. Hi Jessica, I’m loving this series on the Horoscope House. I’ve got a stellium in Libra (Asc, Pluto, Juno and Juno). At the moment, I’m feeling restless regarding my job – it’s a great job, challenging and I enjoy it – but, there’s a but. I’ve got a creative hobby – dancing, again I’m torn about continuing or giving it up. I’m single and have been for some time. Is there a major event that this is all leading up to?
    Thanks, Agnes

    1. Agnes, Libra rules dance. You will dance all your life and it will train you for the next partnership. You will learn give and take, balance, symmetry, harmony and equality by dancing. And you will then waltz into a really interesting relationship, when the time is right.

  5. Hi Jessica my daughter and boyfriend have recently parted ways but it’s broken my heart too. Why do I feel so connected like a mother to him? Like a deep emotional wound! It wasn’t even a lengthy relationship. Daughters dob 11 March 2002 Sydney and his 16 May 2000 Tweed heads Nsw. Can you please shed some light on this for me? Thanking you. (Report client)

    1. You have Vesta at 11 Pisces and it’s triggered during this Pisces ‘weather’ of March. Vesta is about females competing for male attention-approval. Men consciously or unwittingly encourage it. Women can fall for it. Walk away from the contest. Let her win. Or just unite with her, and put him to one side. Vesta can inflame emotions. Look her up!

  6. Dear Jessica,
    I am really enjoying these house discussions. it really helps to clarify things. I only have two factors in the 7th house, but they seem to be quite appropriate as venus and Cupido are there. I am currently single, and my recent history is that about 18 months ago the man that I loved and who i thought i was destined to spend my life with, died suddenly. I guess i am wondering if this house is just not an important one for me in this lifetime, and that my focus needs to be elsewhere?
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Zigi. I am so very sorry that your lover passed away. You can and will love again with Venus and her son Cupido in your Seventh House of serious relationships and marriage. In fact you were born for quite passionate and complicated partnerships. When the time is right, the wheel will turn, and the person will be there for you – and with you. I am getting ‘ruby’ or perhaps the name Ruby as a message for you.

      1. Thanks, Jessica…ruby is scary accurate I think. I love the simplicity of that message.

  7. Hi Jessica, I just got dumped on Friday 9th March. He got incredibly insecure/anxious/paranoid and vanished! I’m sad. It left me feeling pretty blindsided as I didn’t see it coming. Do you feel or see any sense of hope for this situation? Are there any astrological signs of what I should do next, as in, I’m just focusing back on work and DIY at home.. Many thanks x

    1. Oh, I am so sorry about your being dumped. It’s ghastly, I know – we’ve all been there. See all that stuff in your chart at 0, 1 Aries and Libra? For the first time in years, Salacia is crossing 1 Aries so you may want to look her up to see what she’s all about. Being blindsided is common. You are going to be fine, please don’t worry. It is easy for me to say, and much harder for you to go through, but by all the laws of astrology you have such a fantastic gift for partnership that when the planets align, another lover will come your way. The experience will be bigger and better than last time. You also need to have a talk with yourself about children. That is part of this story.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Libra. Also my Capricorn sun falls in the 7th house.

    I have never been ‘lucky’ in love and relationship. This is one aspect of my life that has always felt like hard work. As of now I am looking for the love of my life to make an appearance in my life!

    Could you please throw some light on my situation. Thanks!

    1. I need to spin your chart as I use the Natural House system. Your Capricorn Sun then goes into your Tenth House of career. Love is Libra and the Seventh House, if we are talking marriage. You have Proserpina, Vulcano and the South Node in Libra in the Seventh House. Look them up and start living your life. Every time you have transits through Libra (late September through late October of any year, as the Sun goes through Libra, is one example) you can either fix the issues that prevent love, or find a new person to date. Bingo!

  9. I have a seventh house stellium. Unfortunately it also features Uranus. Consequently my love life is often rather topsy turvy- and I know I probably cause this myself sometimes! I live in hope that one day I will conquer the rebellious Uranian part of me in partnerships 🙂 Is this likely?! I have this constant dichotomy between freedom and partnership in my relationships!

    1. You do have a whopping Seventh House stellium in Libra. I’m glad you realise you cause the upsets in your relationships, yourself. You were born to be in a partnership, though. Not just love, but also work. You need the other person, on the other end of the scales, to complete you. Uranus in Libra in your natal chart is not actually about you rebelling. It’s about others rebelling against you! This forces you to reinvent the relationship or just create a new kind of relationship, next time round. Uranus is not so bad. You know, this planet keeps life exciting. Unpredictable. Thrilling and electrifying. It helps to avoid thinking about solid, lifelong marriage with both of you plodding up the aisle and then plodding into sedate domesticity, like some American sitcom. You’re really never going to have that kind of love life. Eventually you will find a partner who understands that things have to chop and change between you, and sometimes there will be real upsets – but together you can recreate the relationship or marriage each time, so it stays real. By ‘real’ I mean, it has to allow for your lover’s need for independence and freedom. Giving others a lot of leeway and space is a really good idea. Uranus in Virgo people, for example, do better in their careers when they allow their staff or colleagues to do their own thing – and not to be too shocked or thrown, when there’s a bit of a rebellion. Your lovers in general will be frightfully sensitive to being controlled or contained by you. And particularly, rejected by you. I am sure you create the relationships only to push them away, or to distance yourself from the other person. That’s very typical of Uranus in Libra. One way or another, though, you can figure this out. It will take time, but you can figure out a different or new way to be with each other, in the end. The right person will do that for you, and sooner or later you will hit a transit to your Libra stuff that brings this creature along!

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