Pisces weather of March 2018

If you have Pisces factors in the Twelfth House of your personal birth chart, the strange Pisces weather of March 2018 affects you.

Do You Have Pisces Factors?

If you have Pisces factors in the Twelfth House of your personal birth chart, the strange Pisces weather of March 2018 affects you. The more factors you have, the more strongly you will be affected by the unusual climate.

Check your Pisces factors. One to three is average in modern astrology. Over three is high. As a Premium Member you can create a personal birth chart wheel by adding your birth data in your profile here. Then view your chart below.

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How the Pisces Weather in March 2018 Affects Us All

Here comes the Strange Season. March will be mysterious, sometimes confusing. If you have anything at all in Pisces in your chart then you will be affected. Why?

In March 2018, an unusually high number of planets and asteroids all spend time in Pisces. Mercury, Diana, the Sun, Hygiea, Bacchus, Venus, Panacea, Chiron, Aesculapia, Vulcano, Neptune, Juno and Apollo will all transit, or travel through, the sign of the fishes.

People you know who are strongly Pisces will respond to the weather!

Giving up alcohol or drugs
Taking alcohol or drugs for the first time
Beginning a prescription for anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication
Holidays on or by the sea – swimming, diving, sailing, rafting, canoeing
Beginning hypnosis, psychic development, astral travel, meditation, yoga, mediumship
Spying or ‘internet stalking’
Disappearing, vanishing – going on retreat, hibernating, going under the radar
Starting a website, blog or social media channel
Upgrading the television or computer (or phone) to absorb more music, film, television

All About Pisces

Pisces is just what you expect. Drifting, floating, ebbing and flowing in a different space (another world) to everybody else. Losing yourself and sometimes getting lost in a ‘reality’ which is quite real to you, but miles away to others. This ‘reality’ has no boundaries. It has to be carefully contained and controlled or you risk getting in over your head.

Pisces in Astrology

History and astrology tell us Pisces is associated with swimming, rowing, boating, surfing, flooding, beaches, submarines, cruises, paddle steamers, cruises, the seaside, the sea, the ocean, drowning, the navy, sailors, lifeboats, fishing, tidal waves, deluges of rain, storms, tsunamis, oil spills, supertankers, nuclear leaks, ferries, capsizing and shipwrecks.

All these (above) will make headlines in March 2018. If you have a personal or professional connection with swimming, sailing, the Navy and the rest, be aware of the potential for muddled or messy conditions in March. Check risks/rules more than you usually might.

How March is Your Holiday From Reality

March is a holiday from reality, if you are cautious about the conditions and stick to common-sense rules. What do I mean by a vacation from the real world? Well, if you have one or more Pisces factors, we’ll find you in the spa, the swimming pool, the yacht, the beach hut, the cruise liner or the rowing boat in March. You might be working on your pond or spending more time by the river or the sea, where you live. Just update yourself on the plumbing, the rules and regulations, the people, the vessel and the weather. Make sure the boundaries are strong around the situation and if there are no boundaries put them in.

Why Sunday 4th March is Extreme Pisces Weather

We have an unusually high number of aspects (patterns) in Pisces on Sunday 4th March, in London. Adjust for your time zone. Because we need to allow the world to catch up with itself, the patterns below must cover 72 hours, rather than just Sunday 4th March 2018.

On Saturday 3rd March, Sunday 4th March, Monday 5th March we will see heavy rainfall and severe flooding across the world. Key cities, large parts of individual countries and simultaneous rising sea and river levels in many countries will create potential chaos.

Read the weather forecast carefully for March 3rd, 4th, 5th and be aware of the risk of floods and storms where you live, and also to any travel destinations. I am writing this on Saturday 17th February so I hope I am giving you enough warning.

Sunday 4th March

1.53pm Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces at 13 degrees
6.00pm Chiron conjunct Panacea in Pisces at 27 degrees

6.04pm Mercury conjunct Venus in Pisces at 27 degrees

9.24pm Mercury conjunct Chiron in Pisces at 27 degrees
10.17pm Mercury conjunct Panacea in Pisces at 27 degrees
10.59pm Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces at 27 degrees

Do You Have Pisces Factors at 12, 13, 14, 26, 27, 28?

That weekend of 3rd and 4th March, and possibly Monday 5th March, is an escape from the real world for you. It will offer you a holiday from reality. At the same time you could end up floundering. Drifting. Perhaps getting lost. Try to contain and control the experience, which may involve typical Pisces aquatic pursuits (above) or ‘being caught in the Net’ which is another way of describing surfing the Internet but finding yourself feeling all at sea.

Hacking, Leaks, Phishing and Wikileaks in March 2018

As you might expect, Pisces rules leaks, Wikileaks and phishing on the Worldwide Web. Your secrets will be more vulnerable to hackers and your privacy and security more prone to problems like phishing in March. Take more precautions than you normally would.

Drugs and Alcohol and Pisces

I am sure you know at least one Pisces alcoholic or illegal drug user. It’s almost a cliché of astrology, but like all clichés it is true. If you know someone who is vulnerable to this, or are vulnerable yourself, then March is a good month to get real and stay real. It’s essential. Pisces rules the trips we take on a yacht and the trips we take on Magic Mushrooms. Pisces rules shipwrecks but also getting wrecked on alcohol. Be sharply aware of this in March.

Pharmaceutical Companies in March

Pisces rules legal drugs as well as illegal drugs. Pharmaceutical companies will launch new products in March. We need to be watchful about what these pills or serums do, the side-effects and the law. New party drugs will arrive in March 2018 too. Again, be watchful.

Sports and Olympic Doping

I’m sure you have already made the connection between Pisces and sports doping. Performance-enhancing drugs at the Olympics is a sad fact of life. We are going to see revelations in a chain of headlines about sports doping in March 2018 in Pisces weather. People you know who are hooked on legal or illegal drugs will be centre-stage in March.

The USA – North Carolina and South Carolina

I predicted problems with the 2016 USA Election in North Carolina and South Carolina on this website some time ago. The eclipse (which is always a cover-up) fell right across them.

March 2018 triggers serious issues about racism in the United States, and the status of black and white voters. Why? Because a very old chart, going back to slave trade days, is triggered. This flood of Pisces weather in March will put a big focus on North/South Carolina.

There are at least 20 charts for the United States. The ‘birth’ horoscope set for the United States of America Confederacy on 4th February 1861 timed at exactly 12.00 noon in Montgomery, Alabama reveals Neptune at 27 Pisces.

This is the birth chart for the old Confederate States of America. The independent Southern States – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina. Later on, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee would leave the USA to join the Confederacy.

In March 2018 we have a pile-up at 27 Pisces, as we’ve seen. There will be historic and serious questions raised on Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Monday 5th March about 2016 election voter boundaries in the Southern states.

Why? Pisces weather is about boundaries disappearing or becoming confused. It is about the mess and muddle of ‘lines’ being shifted.

Issues about laws, rules and regulations concerning that election, specifically about the Southern states, will also arise on Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Monday 5th March.

Sunday 4th March
6.00pm Chiron conjunct Panacea in Pisces at 27 degrees
6.04pm Mercury conjunct Venus in Pisces at 27 degrees
9.24pm Mercury conjunct Chiron in Pisces at 27 degrees
10.17pm Mercury conjunct Panacea in Pisces at 27 degrees
10.59pm Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces at 27 degrees

These serious and historic issues for North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and other old Southern states continues – with a New Moon close by at 26 Pisces on Saturday 17th March.
The Chiron-Sun conjunction is also very close at 28 Pisces on Sunday 18th March.
There are other factors circulating within one degree of the pattern, later on.

Monday 5th March
Venus 27 Pisces conjunct Panacea 27 Pisces

Saturday 17th March
NEW MOON. Sun 26 Pisces conjunct Moon 26 Pisces

Sunday 18th March
Sun 28 Pisces conjunct Chiron 28 Pisces

Saturday 24th March
Chiron 28 Pisces conjunct Apollo 28 Pisces

South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and the Southern States – Prediction

Near Sunday 4th March, Monday 5th March, Saturday 17th March, Sunday 18th March, Saturday 24th March the ghost of 1861 and the Confederate States of America will be back to haunt the USA.

In March 2018, investigative journalists and the concerned public need to look extremely carefully at spies, cover-ups, undercover operations and hacking regarding the 2016 US election, specifically in the old Southern States and also hidden plots affecting future elections. Voter boundary lines will be of major concern. If you see the old Confederate flag flying March 4th, 5th, 17th, 18th, 24th then look twice. Who and what is behind that flag?

Our attention will go back to the old American constitution in March 2018 and also the Republican Party. Specifically, Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, and the 14th and 15th Amendments.

Pisces and Spies

Pisces the fishes, move under the surface, out of sight, and are very hard to catch and detect. Spying is a Pisces activity. Surveillance by CCTV camera and hacking is also ruled by Pisces. The soft version of this is ‘lurking’ or stalking on Facebook. March cranks this up. The Sun in Pisces will expose and illuminate the extent of surveillance on you, online.

Great Britain, MI6 and MI5

The horoscope hotspot for Great Britain is Pisces 2, 3. It pans out across three horoscopes for Great Britain between 1066 and 1801. When we see Pisces weather at 2, 3 degrees, we always see drama involving British spies. In March 2018 British spies will make headlines.

On April 22nd 1964, for example, Britain had a spy swap with the Russians. Greville Wynne was exchanged for Gordon Lonsdale, a KGB spymaster. Saturn was at 2, 3 Pisces.

On August 12th 1964, Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond (Agent 007) passed away. He had also been Assistant to the head of Naval Intelligence during the war. Saturn was at 2, 3 Pisces. Sometimes the universe has a sense of humour, though we have to wonder how many serious wartime secrets passed with him.

On January 8th 1961 five spies were arrested for passing secrets from the British Navy’s Underwater Warfare Establishment with suspicions of Russian involvement. Venus was at 3 Pisces, Ceres had just passed 2, 3 Pisces.

John F. Kennedy and Pisces Weather

What did MI5 and MI6 know about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy? When The Warren Commission published their report on September 27th 1964, Saturn had just passed 2, 3 Pisces. The FBI and the Secret Service were blamed. Verdict? No conspiracy.

Predictions for MI6 and MI5 in March 2018

On Tuesday 6th March we find Apollo at 1 Pisces, Vulcano at 1 Pisces, Hygiea at 1 Pisces. On Wednesday 7th March we find Vulcano at 1 Pisces and Hygiea at 1 Pisces. This is very close to the British horoscope hotspot of Pisces 2, 3.

To decode this (appropriately enough) we look at the leaders involved, both PM Theresa May and the heads of British intelligence. There is volcanic emotion, buried deep. There is also a major cover-up in the name of protection.

Because this pattern is not quite exact, the whole story may not show itself until a few days either side – but we could narrow it down to March 1st through 15th.

Russia, the KGB and Pisces Weather

The horoscope hotspot for Russia is Pisces 12, 13, 14. It pans out across five horoscopes for Russia/USSR between 1613 and 1922.

How has this panned out in Russian history?

Lenin had a stroke in May 1922 when Uranus was at 12, 13 Pisces. He quit in March 1923 with Uranus back at 13 Pisces. Cambridge Spy Kim Philby was granted Soviet citizenship in July 1963 when Chiron was at 14 Pisces.

On October 15th 1964 Nikita Khruschev, Soviet leader, was deposed while he was on holiday. Something fishy? Something Piscean? Yes. The Kremlin coup was plotted with KGB help as Chiron crossed 12, 13, 14 Pisces in 1964.

The KGB are never far away when Russia makes headlines. Neither is Pisces weather. Gorbachev was appointed President in October 1988. The North Node was at 13 Pisces.

Watch Moscow on Friday 2nd March. Why? We have a Full Moon at 00.51am, with the Sun at 11 Pisces and Moon at 11 Virgo. This is very close to the Pisces 12, 13, 14 hotspot.

Predictions for Russia in March 2018

On Sunday 4th March at 1.53pm when the Sun is at 13 Pisces conjunct Neptune at 13 Pisces, we will see the spotlight turn on Russian spies and cover-ups. This of course takes us to the Trump Russia allegations and the Mueller enquiry. The story escalates on Wednesday 14th March at 7.16pm when Neptune is at 14 Pisces alongside Apollo at 14 Pisces. This is about the leader. This is about Vladimir Putin.

On Saturday 17th March Neptune at 14 Pisces is alongside Bacchus at 14 Pisces. On Monday 26th March, Neptune at 14 Pisces is next to Diana at 14 Pisces. On Tuesday 27th March, Neptune is at 14 Pisces and Juno is at 14 Pisces. On Wednesday 28th March Neptune at 14 Pisces is alongside Vulcano at 14 Pisces.

All eyes on Russian spies when we have Pisces weather at 12, 13, 14 in March 2018.

Chart sources for Russia and Great Britain: The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004)

Neptune and Chiron – the Moving Wallpaper in Your Life

I hope you are getting a feel for the Pisces and Twelfth House side of your life.

Ever since April 5th 2011, you have experienced both Chiron and Neptune in Pisces in the Twelfth House of your natural horoscope. The Twelfth House describes everything which is below the surface, unseen, unfathomable and mysterious. Hard to see, hard to know! Neptune is of course the old Roman ruler of the ocean and Chiron, according to Hesiod, was a teacher who ‘brought up’ heroes on ‘woody Pelion.’

Neptune is the Roman god of the ocean. The planet, passing through your chart, is a symbol of parallel universes, holidays from the real world, artificial or fake situations, the unreal masquerading as the real – and vacations from ‘ordinary’.

Caught in the Net on the Worldwide Web

This double-act has turned the Worldwide Web into an aquarium, full of fish you don’t know and will never meet (your social media friends and acquaintances) while making you vulnerable to surveillance, tracking and hacking.

Before 2011 this was simply not part of our everyday lives. Today, thanks to Chiron and Neptune, this fishy atmosphere has become commonplace. The worldwide web has become confusing and confused (two key words for Neptune). It has also become an escape from the real world (another idea connected with Neptune). It is a place of bubbles. We inhabit a bubble of our friends and followers on Facebook, sometimes known as Fakebook. This is where we might come across what Donald Trump calls Fake News.

What Chiron Taught Us About the Web

Chiron is most famously pictured in a mural from the Basilica of Herculaneum teaching the young Achilles the Kithara. He was a music teacher. He was also a healer. When Chiron passes through Pisces and your Twelfth House, he teaches you about spies, spying, hacking, phishing, lurking and surveillance. You will discover how easy it is to secretly gain access to other people’s private information on social media (for example) but also how vulnerable you are, to being snooped upon.

Wikileaks and Anonymous have been part of the cycle and have affected you in a general way. Hackers have also been part of this cycle, which ends on Tuesday 17th April 2018 when Chiron finally leaves Pisces and moves into Aries. This long double transit is over. Thus, the March 2018 Pisces weather, which is so intense, is your last big dose of the strangeness.

If you have any factors in Pisces in your personal birth chart, then between 2011 and early 2018 you have experienced life being bent out of shape. Neptune distorts. It confuses. Chiron, the great centaur and teacher, always stretches the boundaries of what is possible or acceptable.

Some people have been ‘poster boys’ for Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in the Twelfth House. Edward Snowden. Julian Assange. In general, the Worldwide Web, has become the natural home of Neptune and Chiron since 2011. It’s also called the Net. The Pisces net.

Are You Comfortably Numb?

You have never experienced both Chiron and Neptune in Pisces before. And you will never experience it again. The cycle began on April 5th 2011 and will end on 17th April 2018.

I am sure that you can see how worldwide trends and changes, affect you personally. For example, these years have coincided with a boom in affordable online medication/drugs. We have also seen Big Pharma (big pharmaceutical companies) increasing in power.

Perhaps party drugs or painkillers have become part of your world. This is a classic Pisces and Twelfth House pattern. Both are ruled by Neptune and this planet was discovered in the year that anaesthetic was used publicly for the first time.

We associate Pisces with feeling Comfortably Numb, like the Pink Floyd Song. Pisces also rules Happy Herbal Highs. All drug-induced altered states which happen below the surface – only a medical report could tell the whole world what you are taking/using – is Pisces stuff.

Alcohol is ruled by Pisces, of course. The Chiron and Neptune in Pisces years have coincided with a boom in new varieties of alcohol and the rise of ‘super’ chains of alcohol outlets. This period has also seen the return of Cocktail Bars and in Britain, the rise of Wetherspoons.

Yoga has gone mainstream since Chiron and Neptune both began moving through Pisces together. Yoga is about inner space. Navel-gazing. The soul or spirit, without the office wardrobe or the usual work shoes/clothes. Just you and your bare feet.

Hiding From the CCTV and Smart Phone Cameras

The vast spread of CCTV cameras, particularly across cities like London – and the Apple technology which allows people to photograph you without your knowledge or consent – along with Apple’s notorious facial recognition – is a global Chiron and Neptune in Pisces trend which may have affect you very personally.

Perhaps you have been swept up in a general craving for privacy without even realising it.

You can see it in fashion. Hoodies hide heads. Baseball caps (of which Donald Trump is so fond) also hide the face. Beanies and bobble hats, sunglasses and scarves disguise us. Fooling around with Instagram and iPhone filters and colours also helps us change our online identity so that we cannot be recognised. Are you aware of this? You may have one or more Pisces factors in your chart, but the years of Pisces weather have affected you.

How Chiron and Neptune in Pisces Have Affected You

What to look for in your life and your chart – how has this long eight-year cycle affected you and what will you do, once the twin transit ends?

Social Media as a secret snooping (tool leading to a ‘fishbowl’ life. Watched and watching!
The home as a bar/cellar/pub because drink-driving penalties stop everybody going out.
Your laptop or phone and YouTube, Skype, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook ‘realities.’
Inward thinking in the age of Selfies, Selfie Sticks and Social Me-Me-Me-dia = introversion.
Constant decisions about going public/keeping it private and being anonymous/named.
Spending more time alone/looking inward online may have led you on a spiritual search.
Your conflicts have gone underground; you fight Cold Wars by Unfriending/Unfollowing.
Solitude and alcohol or pills (Ecstasy) or tabs (LSD) – Valium or Prozac alter your reality.
Netflix and the box-set boom mean binge-watching film and TV becomes part of you.
Your YouTube ‘face’ and your online ‘face’ are not you (not at all) but they feel like you!

Over to You

I am sure you have found other ways in which the Neptune and Chiron in Pisces ‘double fog’ effect on your Twelfth House has had a major impact. Neptune remains in Pisces and your Twelfth House until 2025 moving across 13 through 29 degrees of the sign. The cycle isn’t completely over, in terms of its impact on your life below the surface, or your holidays from reality – but with the departure of Chiron it’s less intense.

If you have a stellium in Pisces (more than three personal birth chart factors in Pisces and the Twelfth House – so that it’s one of your three or four ‘leading’ signs – and the Twelfth House is one of your most crowded – please go to and listen to my Podcast about how this affects your personality and life, long-term.

Do You Have Pisces Factors?

If you have Pisces factors in the Twelfth House of your personal birth chart, the strange Pisces weather of March 2018 affects you. The more factors you have, the more strongly you will be affected by the unusual climate.

Check your Pisces factors. One to three is average in modern astrology. Over three is high. As a Premium Member you can create a personal birth chart wheel by adding your birth data in your profile hereThen view your chart below.

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90 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, thanks for a really interesting report.
    This is unnervingly spot on for me in many areas, particularly : being “caught in the net”, feeling a need to preserve as much privacy as possible, inward-looking tendencies and the general “strangeness”! I have a Pisces stellium in Saturn, Vesta, Chiron and Panacea – what does that combination say and will things become more “real” in April when Chiron moves into Aries? Welcome back to old Blighty, hope you’ve got your thermals to hand!

    1. Thank you. I am flying in the general direction of snowy London as we speak! Your Pisces stellium is certainly pretty weighty. Essentially it’s most obvious to you, now through the end of March – so you get to know yourself better as everything is triggered in your Twelfth House. This is common in the charts of people who have to cover up one or two massive secrets in their lives. It is also about people who operate behind the scenes/out of sight or live out a great deal of their lives in solitude, or doing what most people would call intensely private or ‘classified’ stuff. Vesta is the odd one out here. It can turn up when there is a secret crush on a man desired by many other women too.

  2. Hi Jessica, I am a report client and was wondering if you could shed some light on my study situation with regards to the Pisces stellium. I recently withdrew myself from a course of study, but have not told my partner yet (I suppose this is one of my many ‘bubble’s of trouble’ you refer to!), as I know he will be devastated as he desperately wants me to return to work, but I would like to study first and expand my knowledge. I was looking at studying to become an expressive play therapist for children to compliment my aspiring hobby of being a picture book writer…will the study side of me be unleased in March, or is it best to wait it out a little longer? I’m very confused. Thank you. xx

    1. Thank you for ordering a 2018-2019 personal report. March is really about people, not ambition – and places. So expect an important gathering of family or friends. Perhaps a reunion or house party. Maybe a big event. This is the gateway to something important though – in terms of projects or plans which may bear fruit later.

      1. Thank you! Funny enough I am hosting a party this month, so that’s wonderful validation. Thanks so much for all your help!

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I wonder if you could give me some insight about my south node at 27% Pisces.
    Thanks Baroona

    1. The Nodes work together so you have a Pisces-Virgo South Node/North Node combination. This is common in the horoscopes of people who worked in medicine, health and healing in previous lifetimes. So – a nurse, doctor, faith healer, pharmacist and so on. In this lifetime you are here to figure out the way the unconscious mind influences the body. How we program our health and medical conditions to serve a particular purpose in our real lives. For example, people who become deaf because they don’t want to listen, they want everyone to listen to them – and people who develop foot problems because they don’t want to continue working as taxi drivers!

      1. Thanks Jessica,
        I have always been interested in alternative health matters .

        I was particularly interested on the node being at 27% Pisces as you Mention this weekend has many planets at that 27% point. Do I need to worry about my health at this time?

        Thanks Baroona

        1. No need to worry about your health because of astrology, Baroona. The Twelfth House and Pisces does have a big say over your body, though, as it describes your unconscious mind and how you unwittingly/unknowingly program your health or physical condition. Pisces is always opposite Virgo. Being interested in alternative health, you would already be up to speed with that.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I am also a report client and missed the forum weekend. I am basically at home surrounded and submerged in my old teaching, art and ‘work’ stuff. Trying to get organised before I go out there again and find some work (although not very excited by the idea since losing my ongoing teaching position) i have been doing some art therapy training thinking that it may be a new direction for me ? I feel confused however and overwhelmed about any new direction and stopped volunteering in a potential position last year because I did not feel sure about taking it on, and felt like I needed time out. I have a Pisces stellium with sun, Venus, Chiron and Aesculapia. .

    1. I’m sorry you missed the forum. Thank you for ordering a 2018-2019 personal report. The most important thing about 2018 is figuring out what to do with your money. You have, or will have, a substantial lump sum. Now, this can obviously be invested in your career, lifestyle, paid work and/or unpaid work. You are actually ambitious but I am sure that achieving the peak of what is possible, seems very far off, and very far away. Yet, it can be done. The ultimate can be achieved if you are prepared to expend the time, energy, effort and patience. That is certainly a choice for you. Yet, closer to home, there is also rather a lot you can do. Is your interest in children? Why am I seeing Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny? As you are typically Piscean, and prone to daydreaming, getting distracted, or losing touch with the real world – it may be handy to get outside advice on the money. It’s always good to hear what others have to say. You may need to do something about sorting out your immediate situation, making more of what is there, and using what you have. In fact I strongly suggest you do. You have forgotten the Capricorn side of yourself as you have a stellium there too. This can be reactivated. Capricorn is tremendously ambitious and does need to climb high to a peak goal, and yet there are two or three here, not just one. Maybe you want to take the least demanding one which can give you the fastest satisfaction?

      1. Thanks Jessica, interestingly when I was a child I used to enter my artwork in the Benji Bunny competition on a local country tv program. I won a couple of times and my work was shown on tv ( my father was so excited) I remember receiving a huge box of freddo frogs and five dollars. I’m not sure about the substantial lump sum though? I wish…. i Would have an art studio built! I received a small payout a year and a half ago when I was retrenched and have basically lived of that since. Is there a specific astrological time to look into the money or just anytime in 2018?

        1. Fantastic piece of astrological evidence, thank you for letting me know this. I love this kind of thing…you’ll get money again in 2018. Just remember the Freddo frogs and five dollars. There’s a lesson in there for you somewhere.

  5. Hi Jessica!

    does my chart say I have no Pisces? and does that mean I won’t be affected directly.


  6. Hi Jessica, thank you for this information, I have a 7 stelilum in Pisces, I will be tuning into your podcast for advice – even my moon is in Pisces, I am nervous about this.

    1. Why are you nervous? It’s just Pisces weather – so you’ll be more Pisces than usual! As always, the advice is to ‘keep the unreal real’ in your life.

  7. Hi Jessica!

    Wow! I’m almost scared to think what’s coming my way with 10 planets in Pisces! I’m hugely Piscean.

    Thanks for this informative article.


  8. Hi Jessica, Also a report client but had technical issues in forum using mobile device. I was finally able to post after a message from your team, but at the last hour on Sunday. My Pisces stellium is certainly activated, with Fortuna, Chiron, Diana & Jupiter. Inner life, dreams stimulated, as well as need to withdraw and set boundaries where emotionally overextended, and impatient with people pulling on me now. Any feedback on other things what to watch for to maximize this pattern being triggered ? Thank you again.

    1. I am glad we were able to help you with your mobile phone issues. Thank you for ordering a 2018-2019 report. The most important thing I can tell you about March is your Saturn at 19 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups is being triggered. You need to sort the situation out with the team, network, club, circle and so on. This may be a formal society, union or association (for example) or a social media group. You are all very similar in terms of your ideas and opinions, and your plans. Try to remember that. You are stronger together than you are apart. However, to join forces with these people, so you can achieve something together, you need to heal. Communication would help. Look at what or who makes you defensive and ask yourself if you can open up the lines of communication. Beyond this, see the truth – which is, people power is potent – but you alone, feeling separated from them, doesn’t get you very far.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I have Mercury in 6deg, Bacchus in 8deg, and Venus in 28deg of Pisces. This weekend is a big decision time for me which feels so confusing, all at sea. Kids are involved and money is involved. Should I quit my job and take my kids back to home country and live under the mercy of the kid’s dad. It binds me again to the man I have severe issues with, as I’m unable to leave my kids and opt for a divorce. Another thought is do I really move out alone and live a life, which will definitely prick me all the time, thinking of my kids. Then again another thought comes should I stay under the same roof with the abusive partner making certain terms and conditions inside the house – just like two separate individuals sharing a house only to be together for children and each lead their own personal life. Will this be possible, and will it change anything? Utterly confusing but a decision needs to be made.

    Please help me,

    1. We have a Full Moon at the moment which is a really difficult time to make a decision as the Sun (father) is opposite the Moon (mother) so you must be feeling confused. Essentially, if you feel under the mercy of the children’s father – and he is abusive – then you need a third person to help. I assume you have already been in contact with a professional about this, as the children’s situation is at stake. As an astrologer I can tell you this man is very tough and extremely hard work. As a concerned person, I can tell you that you need a mediator. And if you don’t trust him or the situation then you know, for yourself, that you cannot move back in with the children. Can I ask you to use your Astrology Oracle to ask about the three top issues you need to look at, in 2018, to make a useful choice? But please – get someone whose job this is, to advise you. You desperately need the voice of professional experience to help you. This man has anger issues.

      1. Thanks Jessica, I have got my trusted family members involved. What they say is unless and until you trust him completely that he will take care of kids financially, I shouldn’t move out with kids as there is no divorce or settlement involved. Also I do not have any joint assets or accounts with him. The Oracle card I got for this is Uranus in 8th house. Moving out temporarily to have some peace of mind and to set up some finances to take care of my three kids – Oracle card I got is IC in 7th house, for the third option of living under the same roof with clear boundaries, I got Oracle card Neptune in first house, I think this doesn’t work.

        1. The Oracle card is useful. What was your question? If it was ‘What do I do?’ then Uranus in the Eighth House is telling you to accept a revolution and to put your own and other people’s independence first. This means your freedom, his freedom and the children’s freedom. If it was another question, that’s another matter. A good tip for the Oracle is to also set a time limit. Ask about 2018, for example, or if long-term, about the next five years.

  10. Hi Jessica, I am highly Piscean, perhaps the weather you describe explains my heightened intuition and daily psychic statements nowadays. I am trying to get rid of my food addiction this month, and hope it will go away for good. Is there any advice you have for me seeing my stellium?

    1. Food addiction. Not good. You need to buy your way out of that – successful weight loss methods cost money in your case. I think if you pay for something you will also value it more. Money and food tend to go together with Taurus types and you have a chart signature in that sign. The only issue is finding the money! There is an amount which is missing, or hard to find. Maybe it doesn’t exist at all but you need to find out. Get the right people on the case. This may be an insurance claim, a tax return, a refund and so on. Then you can ‘throw money at the problem’ as they say.

      1. Thank you! I signed up for a highly priced body transformation programme a few days ago, and am following the inspiring coach.

  11. Dear Jessica,

    I would like to ask in which way I will be affected when Chiron will conjunct my Moon 28 deg in Pisces.
    And in my natal chart Chiron is 27 deg in Aries. Does it make any importance to his actual positioning in Pisces.

    Thank you for your explanation !

    1. Okay, so transiting Chiron is moving to 28 Pisces where he will conjunct, or sit on, your Moon at 28 Pisces. On Saturday 24th March Chiron and Apollo will both be at 28 Pisces so that’s a double whammy. The end of March in general is the timing for this transit, but what can you expect? The Sun at 27 Virgo in your chart and Chiron at 27 Aries are tied into your Moon at 28 Pisces (just one degree orb). So it is this whole pattern which will be activated. The Sun is in your Sixth House which rules your paid work, unpaid work or university degree. Chiron is in your First House of image, profile and reputation. The Moon itself is in your Twelfth House, which rules your imagination and visualisation. (Einstein had a stellium in Pisces in his Twelfth House and lived almost entirely in his head; he also thought imagination was more important than knowledge). What we have here is an idea, concept, plan or project. It would make a massive difference to your studies or working life. However, you have to make it real. You have to pull it down, out of the world of imagination or theory, and put it somewhere it can work for you. I am thinking long-term here, because eventually Jupiter will move to 27 Scorpio, and then in 2019, move to 27 Sagittarius, so the pattern is triggered again – and by then what is just a brainwave at the moment could start to grow into something enormous with tremendous potential. Remember your Sun in Virgo. You are here to serve; to do your duty; to make things work. This is tremendously grounding as Virgo is an earth sign. It will balance the Pisces in this situation so that the vision or dream becomes real. I have seen this pattern before – it reminds me of Barack Obama creating Obamacare. I hope you do better than him.

  12. Thanks Jessica, much of this rings true, I have a stellium in Pisces and am in the alternative healing profession which has expanded over the last few years for me. I have also become aware of my introverted side more than ever, ( although i have an extroverted side too, gemini sun, need i say more) and through an allergy to nightshade foods appearing in the last 3 years have become even more introverted, it has such an effect on the personality… Also have been living near and working with my adult son in the last 5 years who has influenced my drinking pattern which has been non existent mostly and is now almost daily. I have become more comfortable with my uncanny intuition and renowned psychic stuff ( in my family anyway)
    In the beginning of the Chiron transit through pisces there were a few extreme uncomfortable lessons in relationship betrayal that affected my adrenals a lot and instigated the allergy, It’s been an amazing synergy that has been difficult in places but has actually morphed into something quite magical and although i have at times despaired of the TIME it takes to get through some transits , I am starting to see the benefits of this one and grow through it. I am finding the magic in it. Thanks, as ever for your incredible input into my day and week over the last few years

  13. Hi Jessica, very interesting read as always, normally I am so so practical and grounded, but reading the pisces weather and looking at my 12th house I feel that I am now very confused as regards my love life and like the fish I am swimming backwards and forwards not knowing which way to turn always in a state of confusion and a mix up of highs and lows. Looking at my chart Jessica do you see a good or bad outcome.
    Thank you

    1. There is no good or bad outcome in astrology. But you’re in the right month (March) to find out who your other agent is. You’re a double agent. You are working for/about/towards one thing but actually doing something else quite different at the same time. This is your unconscious. To dig it out and find out what code its using, write down your dreams. It works. You’ll be able to interpret them so clearly! Dreams often speak in puns.

  14. Hi Jessica, I wonder if you have any insight as to why I might attract so many Pisces into my life (friend or otherwise)? That is the only sign I have no aspects in. Thank you!

    1. You have a Scorpio stellium so by the law of averages, a high percentage of Sun Pisces people will have their Sun trine your Scorpio factors. You’ll bond over money. And sometimes sex. And sometimes both.

  15. Hi Jessica! I have 5 factors in Pisces and no idea how to interpret them. Its been a very hard beginning to the year for me though, and life is undergoing a tremendous upheaval. Would the Pisces weather be tied to that?

    1. No, it’s your Capricorn stellium. You have Saturn and Pluto going through Capricorn in an historic cycle through your Tenth House of career, unpaid work, university life, status, success, ambition, position and mission. It builds and intensifies so that by 2020 you are in a totally new space. In the meantime look up Capricorn and the Tenth House because this is who you are – and how you are being reshaped/made!

  16. How amazing was your Russian spy Trump prediction. I read that the poisoned Russian spy had a dossier on Trump. Good work Jessica.
    I have Chiron at 13 Pisces, and I am telling you I have been really indecisive about whether to do an art course or to work on a novel. The novel won as that is where the momentum is right now. I will do the painting at a later date. But I still wonder if I made the right choice. It’s like being on a ship swaying from Virgo to Pisces! How long will the indecisiveness last for?
    Cheers JC

  17. Wow, Jessica…. There has been stuff this week about spies and the UK (and Russia)…
    I have Chiron at 21 and Saturn at 22 Pisces. Is there anything that will impact me strongly this month? I’ve been in therapy and have made some huge breakthroughs in the past couple of weeks – especially this week. But still feeling all at sea in terms of work and home, trying to finalise my divorce/property settlement and also my daughter (custody). Any comments you have will be gratefully received! 🙂 x

    1. Dreams will help you so much. Write them down and keep a journal. You will get through this. But your Pisces patterns say, dreams are the therapy.

  18. Hi Jessica, all this Pisces energy is fascinating and powerful—thank you for writing this! I just had my birthday on March 8, and currently transiting Aesculapia is conjunct my natal 17 degree Pisces Sun and natal 19 degree Aesculapia. I also have natal Chiron at 7 degrees Pisces and Venus at 27 degrees Pisces. It feels as though big changes are coming in at least one area of my life but can’t be rushed, if that makes sense. I was hoping you could shed some light on this Aesculapia return and my natal Sun conjunct natal Aesculapia. Thank you for all your insight!

    1. Thank you! This is all about what you cover up. This may be 1, 2 or 3 very big secrets that would create massive crisis if they were revealed. March brings it to the surface. You then make your peace with it – hopefully. Pisces rules what we hide and conceal.

  19. Hi, I recently got the premium membership and don’t understand how to read the factors. What does this mean – “Do You Have Pisces 1, 2 Factors?” means I should look at the number before the sign? Like this has 25° Pisces 21′ 26″ R — 25?

    1. Good question, and I need to create a permanent post about this. Yes, look at the number before the sign. Your Sun is at 24 Virgo. Your Moon is at 5 Gemini. And so on.

  20. Just to say well done Jessica, your spot on again, the Russian Sergei Skripal who has been poisoned in Salisbury, you’re such a clever lady!

  21. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for this article.
    I love your website and articles so much : )

    Please can you explain how this mercury retrograde might impact on my Pisces mercury placement? And what does having my MC in Pisces mean during this Pisces time as well?
    Is my Pisces Venus (complicated, passionate relationships) being affected? Coz I’ve just been dumped (on Friday 9th March) and feel pretty rubbish, (he got massively insecure/anxious/paranoid, put the breaks on and disappeared!) Will my Bacchus in Pisces get triggered at all? It doesn’t feel like much of a party at the minute but my friends are asking if I’d like to do something for my birthday on the 20th. Not sure I do. I might just skulk around an art exhibition on my lonesome… ha!

    Love and light x

    1. I just replied to this and I can see it left you in shock because you posted twice. I am so sorry that you are having this awful time. A quick tip – visualise yourself bathed in orange light. Do it for around 10 minutes to music. Deep breaths – breathe in the orange. It is a shock healer.

  22. Hi ,
    Between this blog and the Pisces stellium podcast, I am amazed about so many things mentioned. However, my brain won’t stop long enough for me to concentrate after these past few months, all of the pain my family has experienced. I thought I was getting better, but turns out I feel worse. I’m going through an unhealthy relationship, my brother & my oldest brothers death it’s hanging over me and even heavier on my heart, work has become unhealthy and a bad environment but…I need some direction, some guidance on which direction to go from here if possible….thanks in advance:)

    1. You sound like you’re really going through it. Too much emotion, actually. Too many feelings. You have a ton of stressful situations to deal with but it’s not going to be any easier because you are dwelling in the world of almost heart or gut level pain. I am sure it sometimes actually aches for you. This is a sure sign that you need to take a deep breath and make a list. Why a list? Because it’s the Pisces antidote. In general, going through Pisces or Neptune weather can make you pretty hazy, unfocussed and unaware – a bit blind – and very much about ‘all the feels’ rather than what is common-sense. Good old common-sense returns when you sit down and make lists. Even if you screw up the paper later, that’s fine. You need to be intensely practical about what is going on with your love life, and also the passing of those family members. Work too. So start with a few sheets of paper and just keep going. The very act of writing things down in an organised way is a ‘Virgo’ thing to do and this is opposite Pisces in your chart. Sometimes the biggest fix for too much Pisces is to do a very Virgo thing. So start ticking boxes and crossing things out. I also strongly recommend you read a book called Love Never Dies by my old friend, the medium Margaret Dent. It is a brilliant explanation of the afterlife.

    1. Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House is usually about a major secret (or two) which must be covered up with a fair amount of struggle. I have had readers who have committed white collar crime with this placement. I have also had readers who have been through unbearable family stuff which they have had to hide. So the idea of ‘living a lie’ is very close to Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House, for whatever reason. Two things happen when I bring this up at reader events. Some people know exactly what I am talking about immediately and fall silent. Others genuinely don’t know, and then about one hour into the talk, they get a stunned look on their faces – because they have remembered what they suppressed. This is intensely personal stuff, probably very hard for you to talk about – if not impossible – and it is a matter for you. You have to sort this out and make your peace with it. The Pisces weather will raise what was buried.

  23. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your marvellous article. No Pisces stellium here, however I do feel the effects. Could you take a deeper look?


    1. Claire, I’ll talk more about this at The Barge event in Brighton with Penny Thornton, but essentially you are being hit by some classic Neptune cycles which are picking up a fair amount of stuff in your chart. There is no great mystery to the solution. You need to do earthy, grounded things. Space clearing is always a good one because it means you have to put your feet on the ground, and your hands in the washing-up gloves, and get the charity shop bags out, or the garbage bags out. It also means you get real about your life. Do you know the space clearing books by Denise Linn and Karen Kingston? Spark Joy has also become a huge hit, from Asia…it’s all such good stuff and it makes a huge difference to people having Neptune cycles.

  24. OMG. Russia & Salisbury & spies, oh my!

    How do you do it?!! Please reassure us that this nerve gas attack incident is not going to escalate into something huge between Russia & UK?

    1. Thank you. I am only just picking up my comments for this story, and of course it happened a while back now – but we have one more massive development to come, as you can see. Putin has karma, such karma, to complete.

  25. Hi Jessica. You were spot on on Russia with all the developments in the UK. I have 4 planets in Pisces, and the last few years have been foggy, especially with regards to my professional life. It’s felt as if my personality changed and it’s been very uncomfortable. I lost nearly all my considerable savings on an ill advised business venture whose after effects I will hopefully clear soon (I closed the business – a bar! – at the beginning of last year). I’m ready to move on and would love to know if I will get clarity and hopefully some good traction on business ventures when the Pisces weather clears. I need to rebuild my life. Thank you very much for all you do.

    1. Thank you. I just told another reader that this Russia prediction means a lot to me because it took me so long to research all the cycles! I also care deeply about what is happening to my beloved Britain, of course. Now, you have been going through a truly Neptunian cycle affecting your Pisces side. This has nothing to do with your savings, which is ruled by Taurus and Scorpio, but you were certainly influenced by the ‘bar’ side of Pisces. I realise you want to rebuild your life. Please wait until May is over. The world is about to change dramatically in terms of its economy, currency and taxation situation and it will happen with a bang in about two months’ time. You are going to need to rethink everything you thought you knew, and it will work really well for you – but figure out what changes to adapt to first.

  26. Hello Jessica – I have Saturn 14, Chiron 20 and Ceres 28, not quite a stellium but I can so see now that the issues I am dealing with now were triggered years ago, possibly building a year before April 2011, but it was around that time that I made some decisions to actually do something about it. The whole experience has been like an episode of smoke and mirrors and not only exhausting to try to deal with but soul destroying and frustrating. You say this comes to a close in mid April. I have been trying to get some justice but I seem to be bashing my head against a brick wall. I think the Mars in Scorpio part of me is not prepared to give up! I just wondered how you see this playing out and, more specifically, what the financial picture is looking like for the next 6 – 9 months. Really interesting article, thank you. Very relevant too given the recent events in London and the double agent! Many thanks.

    1. You answered your own question there – you have Mars in Scorpio in the Eighth House so are inclined to fight over/about money and property. Thanks also for your feedback about the London double agent prediction. If you are curious about this year and your finances, just remember that Jupiter is at work and has to clean up the mess/sort out the damage before growth and improvement can begin. So you’re going to go through a detox first. Then you get to save or make money. Try to dig down deeply to really sort things out so that new things can start.

  27. Hi Jessica, I’d like to take this route “Beginning hypnosis, psychic development, astral travel, meditation, yoga, mediumship”…I appreciate your time, and anything you can provide with Pisces in my chart. Also, my Libra husband has Pisces in Chiron 3rd house, from what I’ve read communication is a struggle with this placement and that is definitely the case. Lastly, I just wanted to say although you don’t say to read the ascendant sign with the sun sign while reading your horoscope as many astrologers who use whole house advise. I find that reading my Libra rising sign here is so right on for me even sometimes more so than my husband who is a Libra Sun 29 degree. Thank you

    1. We are using a ton of different systems here so it’s hard to comment, unfortunately – I use Solar Sign houses and the Natural House system.

  28. Fortunately, I have just one factor in Pisces. Since 2011, I have left my old friends and lived pretty isolated. But, this also gave me the opportunity and the necessary time for self reflection, self knowledge, meditation, writing and sorting my emotions out.

    Do you have another perspective about my Pisces factor?

    Thank you very much for your answer and all the great horoscopes!

    1. The time alone will sharpen your psychic ability. You have not yet found your ultimate channel. Are you a Tarot reader, a medium, a tea leaf reader, a palmist, or just an intuitive astrologer? Find out what works best for you. You’re almost there.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    You wrote “On Sunday 4th March at 1.53pm when the Sun is at 13 Pisces conjunct Neptune at 13 Pisces, we will see the spotlight turn on Russian spies and cover-ups”. Bang on re the shocking events re nerve agent attempted assassinations. Just checked that actually occurred on the 4th. Guess there are times when you just don’t want to be right!
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you. I have taken this post out of Premium Membership paywall and into the public domain because I think we should all know about these intense patterns about Putin, Russia, spies and MI6. And the dates are yet to play out in full. We also *all* need to look at North Carolina, South Carolina and what on earth was going on there during the Trump 2016 campaign!

      1. Hi Jessica,
        The situation with Russia is now extremely tense, and just a tad worrying. Looking at the subsequent events playing out across Mercury shadow and retrograde:
        – May, in Parliament, names Russia as the likely culprit (Mon 12 March I think) – shadow;
        – UK expel 23 Russian diplomats (Tue 20 March) – shadow;
        – Many countries order the expulsion of some 100+ diplomats from their respective countries (Mon 26 March) – retrograde;
        – UK scientists admit they cannot prove where the nerve agent was manufactured (3rd May) retrograde;
        – Russia call meeting in Hague of chemical watchdog (OPCW) on Wed 4th May.
        This looks like it will go back and forth for some time. I wondered what effect the Mercury Retrograde is having on this; is it just general background additional lack of clarity or is there some significant astrological event that pings the chart of one of the warring participants.

        Also, Just re read your Uranus article, you wrote “Russia is strongly Aquarius and Uranus based. Russia will shake……..close to May 16th, 2018. We will see a symbolic ‘castration’ of Vladimir Putin”. Date obviously after May 5 when Mercury is out of shadow. Do you think we may see proof either way then or is it all eyes on the world economy eclipsing this crisis?
        So hope you see this and can respond.
        Again, thank you as always for your brill work. x

        1. Thank you. Russia is a worry, long-term, because this Mercury Retrograde is in Aries, the sign we associate with conflict. In fact, Aries draws its name from Ares, who was the Greek god of war – and today Mars is the ruler of our modern zodiac sign Aries as well. Given that Mercury rules communication, this long retrograde (final shadow in May) is not helpful in terms of what it creates for the future. I say that, because Uranus is leaving Aries and Chiron is moving in. Neptune will also ultimately end up in Aries and that cycle – some years from now – is very much about chemical warfare and perhaps viruses as weapons. I’m sure you know Neptune is associated with gas, liquids, chemicals and drugs. I wish we had verified charts for all these Russian players, but we don’t. The most we can do is look at the Russian chart as a whole and I think it’s all about the money in 2018. Further ahead, though, the world needs to be right across the threat of lab-based conflict.

  30. Hí Jessica,
    This article is really quite stunning considering recent events in the UK. The Salisbury events very Pisces.
    Best regards

    1. Thank you R. Pisces really does rule spies. And that karma with Russia is coming around. This is going to get bigger, too, with Putin. See also my World Cup prediction, back in December last year. It’s a shambles!

  31. Jessica, I only have Pisc. rising but I have been feeling this Pisces weather intensely since 2011. What explains it? Thank you as always for your time.

    1. You’ve been ‘Neptuned’ and you are quite a Neptunian person anyway. You can hit search to read more about this planet. The remedy is simple. Gardening, on a daily basis, or a lot of hard housework or baking! It grounds you and keeps things real.

  32. I’m reading this article again now and can’t help but see this happening in the UK now. What a great prediction! Wonder if there’s a deeper cover up on the Salisbury incident? Will see

    1. Thqnk you. It’s the public prediction I am most proud of because it took me a day of solid research back in February to figure out the spy connection with Russia and Britain, over the last few decades. It’s going to be massive and it’s barely begun – we’re only at 15th March. Watch those dates I posted in the original prediction.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    First off, I wanted to thank you for your dedication to updating the horoscopes so religiously which are freakishly accurate to boot.

    For the daily libra horoscope of 15th March, you mentioned about being on a new path on the work front and you couldn’t be more accurate. I wanted to know, if possible, when will the new path completely open itself and be consistent? My DOB is 3rd Oct.

    1. Freakishly accurate astrology is always good. Yes, you’re on a new work path. You’ll know exactly what, how, when and why by the time Mercury eventually goes out of shadow, in May. It will be about the people for you, as much as the actual project or position.

  34. Hi Jessica, what and when is my career going to make me earn and where would I be successful. This is a department of my life where i am finding myself good for nothing. Also i have recently migrated from india to canada ( 2 years back) and blessed with motherhood ( aug 5,2017). Please let me know where i can be more successful financially? My husband ( second n love marriage) is also not very promising. What shud i do with it? Please suggest! Do u find any professional and personal solution for me in the birth chart? Thanks a lot for ur time!

    1. Study, study, study is the best way through. You moved during the difficult Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, and that’s right opposite Gemini in your chart (language, communication, education). You need to cross bridges and build bridges with people and you’re going to have to study part-time or full-time to do that. If you want to make a proper income in your new location you are going to have to hit the books – or the distance online learning.

  35. Hi Jessica!

    Some way, some how I was drawn to re-read this post and I’m quite sure the Universe nudged me to!

    Last Sunday I decided to finally go through with something I’ve been contemplating for over five years now – getting attuned in Reiki and certified in crystal healing. I’m starting the process tomorrow.

    Is there any possible way you might take a look at my chart and advise if this will be a successful endeavor for me? I plan to do it as a side business for extra cash flow but mostly for getting in touch with my spirituality as well as helping people heal.

    Also, is it ok to start a new course of study and networking to launch the business during Mercury Retrograde?

    Thank you sincerely for your guidance.


    1. Thanks AJ – Reiki, as you know, is a co-operative venture with your guides, and they will need to know that your motivation is mainly to help and heal – business and cash flow are not really Reiki concerns, though of course you have to make a living. I suggest you ask your guides for some assistance in that general area. Elderly people would benefit in particular from your work. And don’t launch on Mercury Retrograde!

  36. You are strongly Pisces so should be able to use your natural intuition and psychic ability to figure this out. Use your Astrology Oracle regarding the situation. Property has nothing to do with Pisces. However – you can see into the future if you try – so use your cards.

  37. Reposting.

    Hi Jessica,

    May I ask you what will be the outcome of the March weather in my relationship zone. As per your monthly horoscope, it says, “You could fall in love, move in together, get engaged or marry in March, Cancer. Your personal birth chart, if you are a Premium Member, will tell the full story. In other cases, you and your existing partner will reach an important agreement together, like a new baby, a holiday, a business venture, renovations or a new property”. What do you see for me?


    1. It’s hard to answer your question because you don’t say if you are single, in a relationship, married, have children, don’t have children…I hope you can see the issue!

  38. Hi Jessica – would love to read this but its not there! Just the headline and the comments.x

    1. Sorry, I tried to make this public – because I have had people at astrology events asking me about the Russian spies prediction. (Premium Members read it, nobody else could). Anyway, I have instead managed to take the whole feature away, by accident. I hope it’s back up now. For your Premium eyes only.

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