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The Eighth House

The Eighth House is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto. Robert Hand notes, "Death. Inheritance. Other people's money" in his book, Horoscope Symbols but neglects to mention sex.

Horoscope Houses in Astrology

In this continuing series about the Horoscopes Houses in Astrology, we come to the Eighth House. The Eighth House is ruled by the zodiac sign Scorpio. If you are a Premium Member and have your birth chart, you can see at a glance which planets, asteroids, Nodes or angles are in either house. If you have a stellium in Scorpio, it is the Eighth House of sex and money, which shapes your life.

Even if you don’t have your natal chart (personal birth horoscope) with all the 34 factors of modern astrology, you can still find out a great deal about predicting the future, from watching the Seventh House and Eighth House in your ‘public’ horoscope. This is your Sun Sign horoscope or Solar Sign chart. It’s a different system but it works to show you what the world in general knows about you. What the world sees. (Your personal chart shows the huge, sweeping, back story).

The Eighth House can also show your personality. This is where it becomes complicated, but interesting. The patterns (aspects) made involving factors in these houses can show how difficult or easy it is for you to ‘do’ the sexual agreements of the Eighth House!

jessica sign 2018 2 2 - The Eighth House

Horoscope Houses in Astrology – The Eighth House

Howard Sasportas, writing in The Twelve Houses (Thorsons 1985) gets closer, writing “The Elizabethans referred to the orgasm as ‘the little death.” This is very true of the scorpion itself, from which Scorpio takes its symbol.

Naturally, sex is at the heart of the usual marriage/mortgage combination upon which all banks depend. The phrase ‘until debt tear us apart’ (below) is a wry comment on that. I am sure you know about the famous scorpion mating dance called the ‘promenade’ when two scorpions risk death from a lethally venomous sting – or cannibalism. Ancient astrologers had a sense of humour. The truth is, two people who commit to sex, and possibly children, are usually on the road to marriage, with its famous vow – ‘Until death do us part.’

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The Eighth House, centuries ago, before no-fault divorce arrived in the 1970’s, was very much about sexual union that meant death was the only way out. An unhappy marriage, particularly for a woman – who before she obtained the vote, or The Pill, had no power to leave – could lead all the way to the end.

Have you ever seen those Scorpio zodiac signs hidden away under columns in churches and cathedrals? Every other sign is on proud display but using ancient astrological knowledge, Christian builders always put the scorpion where we see it in nature – hidden, partly revealed, concealed in the shadows. You can see one in Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, England. This may be why after Pluto was discovered in 1930, this planet was given rulership over Scorpio and the Eighth House.

Pluto was the Roman god of the underworld, who lived in darkness and was only seen once, fully revealed – when he abducted his future wife, Proserpina. In nature, I am sure you know that a scorpion can be lethal, because it is hidden. Scorpions tend to hide under ledges or rocks.

This brings us to the dark side of the Eighth House, and Scorpio itself, which is reflected in the hidden side of sexual union. The question of the legacy, or last will and testament, is never far behind. When Pluto himself passed through Scorpio for the first time in around 250 years, from November 1983, the world had to adjust to the pain of the HIV virus and AIDS. By 1987 when alarmed governments were promoting safe sex and condoms, it was clear to us all, that intercourse could kill.

From the Eighth House and Scorpio we have the familiar image of the vampire, who has become an erotic symbol to all the people who were born when Pluto was in that zodiac sign and house, from November 1983 to November 1995. Vampires – technically dead – have sex with the living – who then become the undead. Inevitably, the vampire in question has a castle, oil paintings, gold rings and an impressive fortune. It honestly doesn’t get more Eighth House than that!

Yet, although our recent experiences with the Pluto in Scorpio generation, with their Goth fixation and Twilight fandom have given the Eighth House a rather cliched association with the dark side of sexuality – all the way to their curiosity about auto-asphyxiation and bondage (Fifty Shades of Grey) – there is far more to it than that.

w4bp40rjz9m 600x400 - The Eighth House

The highest expression of the Eighth House is the marriage which is based on the usual pledge of ‘Until death do us part’ that unites both partners in the pursuit of a legacy that goes beyond mere money. Scorpio Bill Gates and his partner Melinda Gates are a good example of that. No vampires here. When they both pass, their astonishing fortune will pass with them, to help their fellow human beings in life-or-death situations.

However you play it, the Eighth House is always about sex, death and money in one pattern or another. It may be your former girlfriend who is building the house which she may/may not inherit from you, if you are to get back together and change your will. It may be the male sex worker who knows your secrets, who you pay to cover them up.

One final point. I sometimes hear from readers who believe astrology can predict death (wrong) and who think the Eighth House transits or natal placements show the time one will die. Wrong again. For the true nature of the Eighth House, ask yourself what is in your will, or why you have not yet made one. Ask yourself who is likely to leave you a bequest. That’s the Eighth House. The first thing couples do upon divorce is change their wills. That is also the Eighth House. The first thing couples do when they marry, is also change their wills. Again – that’s the Eighth House. Wills are never spoken of and seldom revealed. Like the scorpion’s back half, tucked away under columns in churches and cathedrals, it’s in shadow. That’s the Eighth!

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30 Responses

  1. I am enjoying this series Jessica. What do you see happening for me in my 8th House with Asclepia and Jupiter present?

    1. It’s an opportunity (by November) to breathe new life into a financial, property, charity or business arrangement which you had assumed was over. And it will work really well for you.

  2. Interesting read about the 8th house Jessica! This explanation suits me very well, I am completely ordinary on the outside but underneath very passionate and seducing. I have Pluto, Scorpio, Minerva and the South node in Scorpio. My Venus in Aries is in wide opposition to Pluto. Do you see anything happening there? Thank you!

  3. Hi Jessica
    Depending on house system used my Taurus moon is either in the eighth or ninth conjunct Fortuna, opposite Neptune, and both make sense or I can make it make sense but am interested in your take on my moon.
    Many thanks

    1. Your Moon in Taurus is in the Second House using the Natural House system. This is a very earthy chart, focussed on work, productivity, security and stability. However, you will need to be very flexible from May 2018 as we are going to see the world economy and business structure rocked for many years, starting with a bang. Even though you have set up particular systems and methods in the past to keep things settled with your money, house or apartment – you will need to update yourself continually on the new cash realities to come. You could gain from them but you need to become almost a financial expert so you can do this.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    My midheaven, Ops and North Node are in Scorpio. I met my last partner 12 years ago when Jupiter was in Scorpio, and am now single when Jupiter is in Scorpio again. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. You will be given a chance to fix any lingering unresolved issues about your former partner this year – and if there are none, given a chance to date someone new who will ‘move you on’ from where you were 12 years ago, specifically with money, house or apartment questions which also involve love.

  5. Hi, Jessica,
    How I understood from my birth chart, I have 6 planets in my 8th house. Am I right? What does it mean in my financial life? Thank you.

    1. You do have a stellium in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business. You also have the Nodes in Scorpio-Taurus – the money and economy signs. The Nodes reveal past life karma. You have had one or more lifetimes of being both wealthy and poor. In this lifetime you figure out your values – what you will and will not sell out for, who or what you consider to be priceless. You will notice it more this year as Jupiter is going through Scorpio giving you a chance to fix issues and take advantage of opportunities.

  6. I have Sun, Ceres, Pluto, Diana, Venus and Mercury in the 8th House. Can you please comment on what changes 2018 will bring into my love life? I have an ex that i really want to reunite with (a Virgo).

    1. Jupiter is at 23 Scorpio in your Eighth House so about two-thirds through his journey. You have already been given several great opportunities to fix things, or snap up new options, with money, business, possessions, charity or property. Born with Mercury at 24 Scorpio you are in a fantastic position to negotiate a situation now/soon and as Jupiter (expansion, solutions) hangs around 23 Scorpio for months you can have two bites at the cherry, especially in October. Is this about the Virgo, though? Hard to tell without the chart, I am sorry. But yes, the door is open to an intense, complex, passionate relationship with the money, house or apartment front and centre – this year. With Virgo or with another.

  7. Hi Jessica, I have just invested in a small business idea that I am pinning many hopes on. I have Scorpio as my ascendant and also have Scorpio in Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. I am normally very cautious but very strangely for me I jumped into this venture with a very positive attitude. I still feel very positive about it but as I have never had much luck in my life, it leaves me wondering why the stars have lead me to where I am and if in fact you can see if I will be fortunate in my enterprise. I want it work for the very Scorpio reasons you mentioned, which is to help my family after I die. A legacy so to speak?

    1. With your big Scorpio stellium at 3, 4, 7, 8 degrees in the Eighth House of business and finance, the big Jupiter in Scorpio opportunity has passed you already (that was 2017) so I have to wonder what the open door was last year – late October, November was when you would have had the chance to sign, or sign a second time, having already started something. If you only just jumped into this (now) you will have an unpredictable time with it, as Uranus will move into Taurus (which rules the national and global economy affecting your own business) from May and for many years ahead you will have Uranus opposite your Scorpio stuff as he crosses 3, 4, 7, 8 Taurus. So I would say, you need to be extremely flexible and ready to zig-zag. You need to move and shift with wider economic trends around you, the next few years, which will be quite erratic and hard to nail down. You also need to learn all you can about cryptocurrency right now – as it is the future.

      1. Oh I cannot believe that I missed the golden opportunity. But of course I did. There were no opportunities around me in late October, November though? Interestingly though I had considered buying into a few different types of crypto and am attempting to educate myself around the way they work as we speak. I get that it is the future and want in. Baby steps for me though. Do you see that working out for me given that I blew the bug Jupiter opportunity Jessica? Thank you for your reply to me. You are very generous in your replies.

        1. I love it when people say ‘there were no opportunities’ when I tell them about Jupiter transits, then randomly tell me they’d considered something like buying crypto currency! I am sure you have seen how much money you would have made if you’d bought it at the right time. Anyway – Jupiter is still in Scorpio and so you do have a lot to gain from educating yourself about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ripple and the rest. You are one of the few people who could actually understand it all in depth, given your chart. And you can learn about the pitfalls as well as the pluses.

          1. Thanks heaps for that Jessica. You have given me the confidence to move on the crypto opportunities/pitfalls. Wish me luck 🙂

  8. Hi Jessica
    I have a stellium in Scorpio ,mars ,neptune ,fortuna ,ops,,,and eight house with a north node and moon in Leo. My life has always been challenging and difficult with betrayals but somehow my positive attitude has helped me become defiant . When am i going to encounter more love and fortune in my life ?
    My partner is a libra who is driving me nut since 20 years .
    Thank you
    October halloween

    1. I have to say, 20 years is a long time to be driven nuts by a partner. I suspect the partner has been even nuttier than usual (or the relationship has) since Uranus entered Aries. Fortunately that cycle is ending. I don’t think any astrologer would be too shocked if you left the relationship, or the other person did, from May 2018. Uranus is changing signs, you see, and will quit your partner’s Seventh House of partnerships. Without a chart it’s hard to say why you have hung around this long, but your Scorpio stellium may be behind it. Hit Search and read about Scorpio. If you’re going to get out of this and still have $ though, do it this year. Jupiter is only in Scorpio until November. Good luck.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I am a divorced scorpio, ascendant in Capricorn, with Mars, Neptune, MC, Bachus , Prosepina in Scorpio and Jupiter, Saturn, Salacia in Capricorn. Do you see anything happening?
    Thank you!

    1. This is a healing year for you, and you will save or make money. In general, by 2020 your total transformation is complete as Jupiter and Saturn finish the Capricorn cycle.

  10. I wonder if my packed 8th house is somehow related to why I don’t feel I can trust anyone enough to have sex? It gets in the way when it comes to my goal of being a mother someday. Will Jupiter’s last little bit of time in Scorpio be helpful or should I look towards Uranus hitting my descendant?

    1. Jupiter is a healer, so yes – do use this year to figure it out. It will take Uranus many years to hit your Descendant and actually, in Taurus, it’s far more about your finances in the context of partners (so this may literally be a financial or business partnership rather than a sexual one). I do feel you need to find out how you feel about people who use ‘notches on the bedpost’ as a sign of their success in life – toxic masculinity in other words. That may be where this is coming from. Not all men feel that need. They are better lovers for it!

  11. Dear Jessica
    I have a Scorpio/8th house stellium. I left full time employment in 2017 and have had many dreams about what to do next (even though I can earn a modest living working from home it would likely end up boring me), and would love to go back to study, in a field that will keep me up-to-date with the digital/online world and develop my artistic skills – it is a huge jump (it would require me moving to another country for a while), a very late one, and most notably a very expensive one – can you see this happening successfully for me, from late 2018, but mostly in 2019?
    Yours, Angela

    1. Angela, study is a Ninth House matter, ruled by Sagittarius and digital is a Third House matter, ruled by Gemini. Moving to another country is also a Sagittarius matter, so it’s clearly going to be about Jupiter’s transit of Sagittarius, which begins at the end of 2018 and dominates 2019. This will open up opportunities to both study and emigrate. You have chart factors spread out quite evenly between both signs so the shift could have begun by Christmas this year. I would be amazed if you were not presented with a menu of choices next year!

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I’m totally new to astrology. Just came across your article “Revolution! Astrology and Your Money 2018 to 2026” and become a premium member right away.

    In my chart, I see quite a few planets in Scorpio, is it what you call ‘stellium’ meaning the coming revolution will affect me greatly? Can you see if it’s good or bad in my case?

    I’m immigrating to US next year, how do you see my future there?

    1. You have factors at 3-4 degrees of Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property and business which will be opposed by Uranus at 3-4 Taurus over the short term. This means that challenges in the American and world economy will affect you personally, so you need to be aware of that. Right now you are in the fortunate position of having Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, growth, expansion) moving through Scorpio so from late 2017 through 2018 you have this tremendous period of ‘more’ and doors are open. This may be behind your being accepted as a U.S. migrant which is notoriously hard to achieve. I do urge you to get absolutely up to date, educated and informed on economic trends, though. Know what is happening with China now. Know what is happening with cryptocurrency. Uranus will be in Taurus for a long time. Uranus is the symbol of all that is unpredictable, new, shocking, different, liberating – but unprecedented. In the sign which rules currency, trade and economy, right opposite Scorpio – the sign of banking, property, pensions – you do need to know that the weather will be wild and stormy. This does not mean you cannot succeed but you will have to be absolutely prepared to live in the storm and learn new ways of measuring the weather and making the most of it.

  13. Dear Jessica, triggered by (an unmarried) break up I am planning for the future across all life areas. Property is my principal area of financial security/stability. I want it to work (even) harder for me. Am beginning to look at the possibilities if I sell my one property : where/what I can buy to provide more income in future. I wondered if my chart is telling you anything in particular regarding property/ transactions/timing? Thank you, Kate

    1. No wonder you’ve broken up and are making property choices. For the first time in over 240 years, Kate, Pluto the powerful transformation planet is going across 19 Capricorn in your Tenth House of status, position and ambition – where he makes huge patterns with your other factors at 19 degrees. You may want to wait until Pluto moves right off 19 Capricorn for good before you go plunging into property choices, just because this cycle is usually about people or organisations who want to take over. Or take. I don’t know if your ex has any say at all in the financial side of things, or your house/apartment but if so be very wary as it may become a vehicle for control issues. In general, a Pluto transit like this (hit Search to read more about it) can make life all-or-nothing and be very hard work, so although I understand the need to look after your financial future, you may want to wait, unless you are in a mad hurry to do it now. You also need to know that in May, for the first time in most people’s adult lives, Uranus (revolution) enters Taurus (the national and world economy; taxation; currency; banks) and what you thought you knew – you no longer do. So if you can be a Waity Katie, then be a Waity Katie. You need to see just how mad the new world is going to be before you commit.

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