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Millennials in Astrology – Generations Capricorn and Aquarius

Welcome to a completely different species of human being, who will change the planet for all of us. Yet, never assume all Millennials are alike.

Welcome to a completely different species of human being, who will change the planet for all of us. Yet, never assume all Millennials are alike. According to astrology, there is a huge split in their personalities and priorities, depending on their year of birth.

All Millennials are not all the same. In fact, Generation Capricorn and Generation Aquarius could not be more different. That is worth knowing if you fall in those groups. Gen Cap are in their twenties, born 1988 to 1996 and Gen Aqua are in their teens, born 1998 to 2003.

This is the generation who marched for changes to American gun laws. Emma Gonzalez and her powerful friends and allies are a classic example of Generation Aquarius – born with outer planets in the sign of equality, diversity and people power. Did you see Emma’s famous ‘silence’ speech? She’s channelling her generation – Gen Aqua. Male, female, white, non-white, straight, gay, lesbian – whatever – Gen Aqua is about the human family.


download 8 - Millennials in Astrology - Generations Capricorn and Aquarius


What is the biggest difference between Gen Cap and Gen Aqua? Older Millennials are more ambitious, patient, conservative and cautious than the generation behind them. They believe in suits and status updates. Social media is about social position for them!

Generation Capricorn do not understand punk rock (their parents’ music). They like their music the way they like everything else – organised, quality, controlled, professional and orderly.  X Factor is not about creativity. It is about submitting to the professionals – the judges (in ties) – often while wearing one, too. Don’t believe me…? See below.



X Factor Gary Barlow and Dermot O Leary  600x364 - Millennials in Astrology - Generations Capricorn and Aquarius
Gen Cap do the X Factor



Younger Millennials, Gen Aqua, are far more interested in friendship for its own sake. When they are older they will start using their apps (and even more radical technology) to harness people power to change the planet. They are not so much interested in love, as friendship. They are the generation who will develop the idea of community housing, especially after Pluto moves into Aquarius from 2023 when they are moving through adulthood. They are not about suits – not unless they are the Teletubby suits! (Another way to think about Gen Aqua is to remember their favourite childhood television show). They have no natural respect for the people at the top (men in suits) or the idea of authority figures who must run the world. Ties don’t really impress them. They’re far more interested in people power. They’re about unions not corporations. Millennials in astrology really do fall into two different camps.



These people were born with a one-off alignment in their personal birth horoscopes. Gen Cap, now in their twenties, were all born with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. In the Zodiac, Capricorn the mountain goat is associated with the species actually called Capra – wild mountain goats, including the ibex. This symbol in astrology is over 2000 years old and astrologers associate Capricorn the Goat with patience, stamina, sure-footedness, caution – and everything else you might need if you were a small goat going up a big mountain.

Generation Capricorn people, born 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, are instantly recognisable. They use their smart phones to photograph themselves with the people at the top.  They literally want to put themselves in the picture with important movers and shakers, framing themselves with popular, well-known, glamorous or successful peers. The real trophy, though, just has to be sharing your face with a possible future President. Like Hillary Clinton.

Other generations would just take a photograph of Hillary. Generation Capricorn wants to be in the picture with Hillary. That is the biggest difference you will see when watching Gen Cap.


Twitter at victomato 600x398 - Millennials in Astrology - Generations Capricorn and Aquarius
Image Twitter @victomato



In Ancient Rome, where our modern astrology was developed, an Aquarius was actually a water-carrier. Thus, the Zodiac symbol of the water-bearer we have today. Before water supply systems were invented, this person would collect water from a river, well or pump and transport it to residents. The water fed the communal Roman Baths. Aquarius is the sign which ‘pumps’ the community. It is about sharing. All for one and one for all!

Generation Aquarius believe in their friends and they believe in the group – people power – and don’t really fathom what it means to be bottom, top or middle in an organisation. They are less likely to wait patiently for the ultimate promotion in a traditional company, than their older peers – Generation Capricorn. Gen Aqua turn out to protest marches even though they are still in their teens. Gen Cap won’t turn out to a protest march if they worry it will affect their reputation at work!



Born with two outer planets in Capricorn, the generation who are in their twenties as you read this, is most unusual. These people take their time and are willing to wait, to get what they want. They believe slow and steady wins the race. Like mountain goats, they are nervous about putting a foot wrong, so their style is careful, conservative and cautious. In a competitive job interview market they are frightened of losing their place and so do their utmost to fit in with the system, not only accepting corporate culture but actually embracing it. You are only going to find Generation Capricorn dressed like bohemians if they have been told it is a requirement of their new job. Otherwise it’s suits and ties all the way.


Generation Capricorn twitter B2BSocialSeller 600x278 - Millennials in Astrology - Generations Capricorn and Aquarius
Image Twitter @B2BSocialSeller


People born outside the dates below are tinged by Capricorn culture but are not its leaders. The real movers, shakers and influencers came into the world in these specific time-frames below. If they were also born in December/January then their Sun is likely to be in Capricorn too so we end up with a whole generation of triple Capricorns who are often hard to distinguish from people twice or even three times their age. Why is this so? Capricorn rules seniority and maturity. Thus, the well-known phenomenon of the 20-year-old woman who looks like a Hollywood celebrity in her sixties. Both have access to the same cosmetic surgeons, fashion lines and hairdressers – thus the trademark Gen Cap Look. It’s sometimes been described as twenty going on ‘successful’ (read: cosmetically enhanced) sixty.

Birthdays for Gen Cap – People Born With Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn 1988 to 1996

 16th February 1988 to 27th May 1988
3rd December 1988 to April 1st 1995
10th June 1995 to January 12th 1996

Please note – if you are in your twenties but born outside these specific dates, you are more likely to be a blend of different signs, yet the leaders, movers, shakers and influencers in your age group will be setting the trends around you so it may be very hard for you to fit in, unless you also ‘do’ your Capricorn side!



Now 20 to 28 years old, this generation look up to Kate Middleton (a Capricorn, born January 9th 1982) as a kind of fantasy big sister/role model. They used to call her ‘Waity Katie’ in the British media but her staying power paid off and she is now Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen.  Climbing one or more classes above your own is typical of ‘extreme Capricorn’ and Kate Middleton has gone from being thoroughly middle-class to the very top of the mountain.

The old social media of genuine friendship has now evolved into Social Climbing Media, thanks to Gen Cap. It is tremendously stressful for them, because every photograph has a coded message about status – and status really matters to those born 1988 to 1996. So much for going to a bar and relaxing, as their parents once did. That was before the age of sneaky mobile phone shots, status updates and Facebook Friendship. It’s hard work having fun if you’re Gen Cap.

Gen Cap also have the difficulty of university or college fees, which their parents may not have had. Thus, they might gain a degree but only with a part-time job at night or on the weekends. Sometimes two part-time jobs become necessary and even then, Gen Cap may have to move back home with their parents, to get through their studies. Chores await them at home too – so typically, this is the plodding, slow, steady generation who don’t get shortcuts or easy breaks.

This illustration from an old edition of Fortune neatly shows the Capricorn skyscraper and corporate mountain. This is what looms in front of Gen Cap and what they seek to conquer … some day. The idea of ‘making it’ and ‘getting to the top’ is entrenched with this generation. They respect older, more successful people – and it is written in their astrological DNA that they will find their own way of embracing success, when the moment comes.


Capricorn Stellium - Millennials in Astrology - Generations Capricorn and Aquarius




Generation Capricorn is Generation Starbucks, too. Why? The coffee keeps them awake through exams, home chores and that demanding second job…probably at Starbucks. It helps them with all that overtime they are required to deliver. This generation are big dreamers in terms of their careers but the little job they must fulfil in their twenties and the far-off vision of some fabulous professional peak, can sometimes be too much. Caffeine keeps them awake!

Gen Cap got their first jobs during the Global Financial Crisis or were hit by recession unemployment. They may have been struggling with low-paid, exploitative work as some companies decided to get through the downturn by turning to the youngest employees on the flimsiest pay structures. No wonder Gen Cap wants coffee to get by.

We associate Gen Cap with waiting in line because this is how mountain goats get up the cliff face. One after the other. Slow and steady. Any mountain-like structure (a corporation, the class system, a major business, government) is a good Capricorn symbol and this generation learn to take their turn.

Gen Cap is also into status. What’s cool? What do other people say is cool? They queue for the privilege. Now – here’s a personal story about Gen Cap you might relate to.  I recently walked Boo and Kipper, the resident dogs at my Melbourne work space, past a very chic venue called  Lune Croissanterie which had 30 people standing in line for croissants at 7.30am. Neither I or the dogs could quite believe that people would stand in the freezing cold for pastry, but then I realised this was Gen Cap – everyone was in his or her twenties. They wait for the best and actually seem to enjoy the whole Studio 54 vibe of lining up to get through a prestigious door…for a croissant.  The New York Times said Lune was the greatest in the world – so Gen Cap queued. And they queued.



Born between 1998 and 2003 these are the Harry Potter fans who love the idea of being in a forever gang of friends and are horrified by the thought of betrayed friendship. Losing a friend or having a fake friend is just about the worst thing they can imagine. They love those Hogwarts scarves, too. They like belonging to a tribe, yet standing out within the tribe. Just like Harry Potter himself. The lightning bolt on his forehead is the symbol for Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius (and J.K. Rowling knows her astrology, so perhaps it was not the random scar it first appears to be!)

If you were born between January 30th 1998 and August 23rd 1998; November 29th 1998 and March 10th 2003; September 16th and December 30th 2003 then you are part of Generation Aquarius.  

There is a huge gap between these young Millennials, who are not at all driven by success and status – and their older brothers and sisters in their twenties, who care about getting to the top.  Gen Aqua feed the needs of the group (as in this beautiful painting, by J.W. Waterhouse, below). They will spend hours at the water-cooler at work hatching group schemes and dreams. Gen Capricorn don’t have time for the water-cooler. They are too busy getting to the top. Gen Aqua jump in the swimming pool together and get lost for hours. Gen Cap would rather buy membership to the ‘best’ health club in town and wait in line if they have to. 


Aquarius Twitter at frome maude by JW Waterhouse 417x600 - Millennials in Astrology - Generations Capricorn and Aquarius
Aquarius feeds group needs. Twitter @frome_maude by J.W. Waterhouse



Aged 13 to 18, Gen Aqua children were born with a rare personal horoscope pattern. Uranus and Neptune were both in Aquarius which is the sign associated with community. In Ancient Rome, the Aquarius fed local water supply at gathering places – for drinking or swimming. In the Zodiac for over 2000+ years this sign has been associated with people who ‘feed’ the group what it needs. That might be conversation, friendship, space, support – whatever the group requires!

Alternative names for this group are Generation We and also the Net Generation.  Using the web and emerging new technology, Gen Aqua has a strong sense of civic duty and responsibility. These people are into brotherhood and sisterhood, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, class, religion and other classifications. Some typical examples of Gen Aqua include: Lorde, Bella Thorne, Jackie Evancho, Cody Simpson, Willow Smith, Elle Fanning, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jaden Smith and Abigail Breslin.

This is the Parkland #MarchForOurLives generation led by Emma Gonzalez.

 Generation Aquarius and is a good example of how this huge Gen Aqu group covers the globe and uses app technology to bond the community across language barriers and other obstacles. 15-year-old @BabyAriel with 13 million followers  is the top user on How many tweenagers use this interactive, hands-on, worldwide share?  90 million of them! If you look closely at the logo you will also see its uncanny resemblance to the Aquarius logo. Astrology works in mysterious ways and Generation Aquarius have made this the number one music/social sharing app in their world.

When you find out how Baby Ariel got started you realise how Gen Aquarius thinks and why is such a hit.

06 musical ly.w190.h190.2x - Millennials in Astrology - Generations Capricorn and Aquarius
Spot the Aquarius logo similarities.


A storm flooded Ariel’s family home. They lived out of suitcases with her grandparents until Ariel discovered on Instagram and escaped from her situation, by disappearing head-first into the new app. This generation escape from the real world by diving into the group – even a group with millions of people. It’s their way out of the real world – together.

Gen Aqua are the target market for social media festivals like DigiTour and VidCon which are all about the new mass escapism of the web, and its sprawling, massive online communities. Gigantic cyber tribes of tweenagers. 


Harry Styles and Jennifer Aniston  – Generation Aquarius Idols

Just as Kate Middleton is the fantasy big sister of Gen Cap, Harry Styles is the fantasy big brother of Gen Aqua. He also happens to be an Aquarian, and a classic example of the sign – he is all about the group (in his case, One Direction) but he stands out within the group. An ‘Aquarius’ in Rome fed the community with what it needed, but he always stood outside it. This is also true of the mother figure to Gen Aqua, Jennifer Aniston. Gen Aqua actually grew up with her on the television in Friends, as their mother had it on, all the time. Aquarian Jennifer is rather like Harry, in that she is identified with the group but she is also outside it. Other Aquarians who speak the language of Gen Aqua include Justin Blake from This great T-shirt from Zazzle shows the classic Aquarius logo and its similarity to the Generation Aquarius logo. The Aquarian ‘friendly wave’ is a textbook hand signal for this Zodiac sign.


Zazzle com au - Millennials in Astrology - Generations Capricorn and Aquarius
Fantastic Aquarius T-shirt from



If you really want to get inside the head of the tweenagers born with this unique Aquarius pattern in their personal horoscopes, just watch Teletubbies. First aired in 1997-2001 and on repeat ever since, it has all the group-think and hive-mind that these babies craved, according to their astrological charts. It’s also typically Aquarian in nature – in that Tinky Winky carries a red handbag and at one point, believe it or not, was outed as gay. Generation Aquarius really doesn’t care if you’re gay, straight, lesbian, transgender or (in fact) have an aerial sticking out of your head. They just want to know – can we all be friends? Gen Aqua really need to know that they have a Tinky Winky, a Dipsy, a Laa-Laa and a Po around them. It makes them feel at home in the world.




Can you reach both generations at the same time? No. There may be shades of similarity with young adults and twentysomethings whose personal charts reveal some Aquarius-Capricorn crossover (for example, a Gen Cap person who has a few planets in Aquarius too) but in general, these two groups are wildly different.

Generation Capricorn likes to stand patiently in line for ‘the best’ as decided by older/senior/establishment figures.
Generation Aquarius cannot wait for anything – they would rather forget the line and have a big group picnic together.
Generation Capricorn wants to make it – in the traditional sense of the word – and prefers suits as a status symbol item.
Generation Aquarius prefers fashion which helps him/her stand out from the group and in fact, may reject it altogether.

Both these age groups will change their own world – and change the world as a whole – when we get to 2019, 2020 and the big Capricorn stellium and corporations and governments transform around us, partly because of their influence. From there, Pluto eventually moves into Aquarius and that may well be the start of a whole new (group led) internet! What do you think? Are you in either group and do you feel your Capricorn/Aquarius chart signature? Are these generations in your circle or family or friends and can you see the difference?

If you are in London on Monday 23rd January 2017 please come along to The Astrological Lodge for a talk I am giving on the South Node in Aquarius in 2017, 2018 – and the special impact on Generation Aquarius.

For a brilliant take on Millennials and astrology continue reading here.

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43 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, such keen insight here for me. I’ve been reading in your forecasts about interactions with a generation or two younger than myself. I couldn’t quite see it. Now, I see it’s Generation Aquarius that you were referring to. With Uranus in Taurus in 2019, and Pluto in Aquarius in 2023, it seems to me with a Taurus Sun, and Aquarius Moon, the work I’m doing now will be well suited for that generation, since the focus of my work is on the collective. Fascinating, to say the least if I’m reading this the proper way.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are reading this correctly. Generation Aquarius is very much in tune with your Aquarius Moon and as these teenagers grow into adulthood they will be looking for people who understand what they need from life – which is a community. Pluto in Aquarius will empower them and also transform the planet but it is also possible they will have to reinvent the internet from scratch to achieve what they want! As it stands social media is not what this generation wants. I suspect this may tie in with the communal living and land ownership which is coming.

  2. So funny! I have a young family member who is so staid and rigid in outlook, conservative even. I can’t for the life of me connect on any level
    Aquarius sound much more my thing!
    What about the next wave? (My kids!) I hope they’re going to be trailblazers!

    1. Thank you – I am hearing from a lot of people that they do not connect with Generation Capricorn because they are so conservative! If your children were born after 2012 they are Generation Pisces. These tiny babies and toddlers are telepathic and they will begin using that ability to read minds and also read the future at school, no doubt stunning their teachers. The first person to create a television series aimed at psychic Gen Pisces (who are also extremely sensitive to colour) will make an absolute mozzarella.

      1. Crikey! Well that explains a lot about my youngest! Born right at the start of 2012, most definitely an old soul. Funny, feisty, and fabulous. Totally different to big sis, b. 2007

        Can’t wait for more from them both!

  3. Hi Jess,

    This article is brilliant again. I particularly love Generation Cap’s depiction here – it’s absolutely spot on, describing their slavish conformism with accepted social norms (some of which are utterly contemporary). I was only talking about this the other day with some friends. Especially pertinent was the comparison with the dreadful Boomers not understanding why Caps aren’t being punks and changing the world.

    This leads me to a question or two though. Will Boomers be right at home with Generation Aires the current babies and most likely their own grandchildren? And what of Generation Pisces, which probably includes my own children (2007 & 2009)? Where do they fit in all of this?

    Thanks again,

    1. Ah, thank you. That is interesting that you were talking about Generation Capricorn the other day. People do expect them to be like the old punk rockers and student activists of the 1970’s or the indie music fans of the 1980’s but they’re just not going to do that! There is actually no Generation Aries as we have not seen a couple of planets in that sign to keep the pattern going. Generation Pisces is actually a little later, born with Chiron and Neptune both in Pisces, from 2012. These children are too small to write about at the moment, yet once they are older we will realise how psychic they are. Even as toddlers they may say the most incredible things to their poor parents!

  4. I understand my 15 year old daughter much better now ! Is she ever generation Aquarius ! When she was already in primary school she started a petition for the cafeteria to make fresh organic meals instead of the industrial food they were being fed ! She is always very much into social justice, she goes to speak to kids that are rejected by others at school. Her friends are sacred, she can go to extremes to help them. I learned the other day when I found loose change in her jean pocket that she always keeps some to give to homeless people on the street. I will definitely tell her about She’s going to love this ! Oh and did I mention that she’s a Virgo and she has that selflessness that always amazes my Leo ego ! I have a lot to learn from her. *Might I also add that I think You Tubers and DIY also represent that generation too. There are a whole lot of young people who have a You Tube Channel and are being massively followed by teens around the world. They do meet ups in different cities so their followers can reunite and meet them ! A lot of those teens love the DIY stuff…designing their own clothes, adding cool stuff to their school books, making their own organic cosmetics too !

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I love that your 15-year-old daughter started a petition about organic food in her primary school cafeteria. It’s a great example of a Virgo who is also Generation Aquarius. Yes, YouTube is the natural home of this generation. I spent a bit of time looking at the clips there and what amazes me about these school students is the way they are communicating through sign language. They are overcoming global language barriers by using their hands!

  5. Hi Jessica, fascinating. I love those types of posts as they are so insightful (and revolutionary). What about children born 2004 and after? One of my daughters is generation Aquarius but the other is born in 2004. What will those children be like? And is generation Libra before generation Capricorn? Or is there one in between? Thanks.

    1. The children born outside those dates are a mixture and not as striking as genuine Generation Aquarius or Generation Capricorn people who are far more extreme. Generation Libra were born in the 1970’s with Pluto and Uranus in Libra and they are the equal marriage generation!

  6. Hi Jessica….I am aquarius with ascendant aquarius and pluto in capricorn. My beautiful daughter was born in 2003 and she is an Aquarian , it’s unbelievable how the way you describe aquarians describe her perfectly and I am wondering how that move of pluto from Capricorn to aquarius 1ill affect me….I had pluto there for ever.


    PS This article mede me feel old.. lol

    1. Thank you very much. Actually, you will feel the Pluto conjunction to your Salacia in Aquarius first, in 2025 and 2026. The transformation of the internet which is coming will have a direct impact on your social media, perhaps your social life and potentially your career. I can only describe it as ‘Internet Three’ and it will partly come about because of a crisis about data mining, hacking and privacy. There may even be multiple versions of the web out there to choose from.

  7. Hi Jessica, i’ve got leo sun conjunct uranus, my husband gem sun conjunt uranus and we had 2 boys exactly a year apart in feb 97 and feb 98 and if memory serves me right there were 7 planets lining up in aquarius around that time. I found you when i was researching Brexit and you’ve saved my sanity!

    1. I’m glad you found this website through my Brexit prediction, thank you. Yes, your boys were both born on an Aquarius stelliums and so are naturals for football teams, the boy scouts or classic Enid Blyton ‘Secret Seven’ style groups of friends. When they are older they will change the internet for us – watch what happens when Pluto goes into Aquarius!

  8. I see gen Aqua majorly with my middle school students with their apps and groups and how they relate altogether. You worded that perfectly! Gen Cap is more obvious in my sis’s finance job – the newbies are way more grown up than I would ever be in their 20’s – it annoys me! This is definitly very very true and real!! Great article, once again! Cheers to you and your weekend! xx

    1. Thank you – it’s interesting that you are seeing both generations proving their Aquarius or Capricorn style. I agree that Gen Cap often seems way more grown up than any other group of people in their 20’s in history!

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Super insightful article and you have described the traits of gen Cap and Aqu so succinctly!!
    I have 3 kids born on 13 Oct 1998, 26 Apr 2000 and 13 Sep 2004, would they be exhibiting the traits of gen Cap or Aqu distinctly or a mixture of both?
    Thanks, BC

    1. Your children are a mixture of Capricorn and Aquarius, and other signs too – not the extreme generations who are the influencers now and through 2025. Thank you.

  10. As a 1994 Capricorn I have more resonance with your association with a departure and reshuffle of the existing pyramid structures in your ebook (p. 230-231) than your portrait of conservative and strong willed prisoners of the social norms in here. Using your language Uranus and Neptune scream freedom, independence, dissolution and escape in the area of Capricorn (status and ambition) – I would be interested to understand how this article reconciles with your ebook. example: the students and activists in Hong Kong’s Occupy Central movement ( and separatism (Edward Leung)
    I do agree with your choice of word “patience”. It is also possible that Capricorns with stelliums in Pisces and Aquarius are quite different from what you have you described in here, rendering some capricorns from generation capricorn not so Un-Aquariuan afterall. Each one of us is a private mixture of the group consciousness, so I don’t see it’s necessary to place that much emphasis on the differences across the twelve signs. Check out J Krishnamurti’s work and Seth by Jane Roberts’ work if you are interested in branching out to alternative forms of self-reflection and self-knowledge.

  11. Oh my god, right on the money. That paragraph about “Gen Cap got their first jobs”. Lots of love to this
    I was indeed placed in 2007,was to join in 2008.But that famous Pluto Global Recession kissed me. Joining got delayed by 1.5 years. It calms you down when someone write about your little offbeat times. I know it’s now 8 years behind, I have lived it but it was very very hard
    And about that generation Aquarius.I know one Aq Asc. I can’t tel you enough that how much they love Facebook, instagram world .I find it hard to believe that how easy it’s for them replace real emotions. Also, I found them very egoistic. Is it so?
    I am very keenly lookin fwd to the coming 3 years

    1. Thank you. Yes, Generation Aquarius don’t do emotions. Feelings get in the way of the group getting along together. They don’t tend to do intimacy and are skilled at genuine friendship, particularly within a group of very different people. You are seeing the ego not because of their Aquarius planets but because the whole world is going through Uranus in Aries. People are excited (Uranus) by the new freedom (Uranus) of iPhone apps and Social Media (Uranus) which helps them pursue Me, Me, Me (Aries). This cycle ends in May 2018 and we will see a global rejection of the narcissism and ego which currently rules the internet. The anger will also disappear as it will no longer be acceptable or fashionable to let rip with aggressive opinions, trolling or sharp views. May 2018 is a major turning point!

  12. Hi Jessica
    As a new Premium member I’m not sure where I should post a chart question. Your article piqued my interest though as I am a Capricorn sun and I have always been very conservative on one hand but with a Leo rising that side of me has been outshone. People don’t really know the authentic me.
    I ran my own training consultancy for 30 years then in 2013 it ground to a halt and i had to wind it up. Nothing has come up since other than writing a debut novel and finding a brilliant agent/publisher. The book is out in November this year. Is writing my future career now or should I be trying to relaunch my coaching/training business. I’ve been studying astrology for a few years with the FAS and it has changed my whole thinking. I love, love your work and follow your posts religiously. ( Saturn in Sag!)
    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you very much. This is a good place to post a question. Congratulations on your novel, too. As you can see, you have a major pattern going across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of your horoscope. You could combine writing with coaching/training very easily. The opportunities will emerge when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018 and in 2019 you will see incredible innovations in both publishing and education which you can directly tap into. This will naturally involve the internet and smart phones but in 2019 there will be even more innovations and inventions we cannot imagine at the moment. That is your moment. Until then, of course, you have to go through Saturn in Sagittarius so as long as you are prepared for a slow crawl (especially at Christmas when Saturn is involved in aspects with the other outer planets) you will get to the other side of 2017 and have learned everything you ever needed to know about your two chosen fields. This will help you greatly when it is time for lift-off a couple of years later. I suspect at that point another part of Europe, the Americas or Australasia will play a very special part in what unfolds for you.

  13. Dear Jessica, this a question related to our daughter, who is born with moon in aquarius on a full moon, with sun in Leo (9. Aug.2006 @11.26am. LONG/ LAT 52.6309° N, 1.2974° E). There seems to be great force pulling in both directions. We are trying to help her learn to choose her focus or at least learn to balance it. Since her young age there is a great interest in human rights for example….Anything you can say about her potential strenghts would be more than welcome! Thank you 🙂

    1. Kate Bush has the Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius. She is a good example of a woman who put her son first (Leo) by retiring from life on the road with the band (Aquarius). It is also possible to blend Leo-Aquarius so your daughter may grow up to involve herself in children’s charities (Leo is the children, Aquarius is the charity). If she is interested in human rights her focus may naturally become babies, children or teenagers. Princess Diana had the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aquarius. For her, The Red Cross was the answer and The Halo Trust and its work with children affected by landmines. It is common for people born under a Full Moon (Sun and Moon in opposite signs) to feel pulled in two directions and by the time Pluto moves into Aquarius when your daughter is an adult I suspect she will be making those classic choices about motherhood (yes or no) but feeling herself strongly drawn to the alternative, which is a life where friends are the family, and there are no babies. The rest of her chart will supply the details but you should definitely show your daughter that famous old clip of Wuthering Heights. She will relate!

  14. What about someone with a foot in each? Uranus 8 aquarius, neptune 29 Capricorn. Sun, moon, jupiter in aquarius and mercury, venus in Capricorn. Does this mean the theme is less strong? Or a conflicted individual?

    1. Capricorn/Aquarius types in this generation are the classic internet success stories because they shine at social networking and crowdfunding and crowdsourcing (Aquarius) but they use it to further their ambitions (Capricorn). This generation will totally reshape business in 2020.

  15. My daughter is 9 years old, she is a Libra and loves So true about the sign language and they just want to be a big follow each other community.

  16. This article was an incredible read. I am a gen Capricon and yes I believe it takes time to build things, worked my way up through scholarships and loans cause parents did not have enough finances, worked 2 jobs while in school and HUGE coffee addict. I cannot wait for 2017 to climb up the ladder and as you mentioned once before I will shape my life and future till 2020.

    1. Thank you so much – as part of Generation Capricorn you may also want to pick up your free copy of 2020 Astrology here. I wrote a long piece on the massive cycles in Capricorn in 2019, 2020 which will affect you.

  17. Dear Jessica,
    This was such a fascinating article as I work with many born in both groups gen cap and gen aqua.
    I was born in June 1975- what generation does that make me belong to? My Neptune is in Sag and Uranus is in Libra. I work in publishing which I adore (gemini with Sag ascendant) and ideally want to write myself. Torn between memoir or novel! (hello gemini) and whether I can actually do it. It has been a long held aspiration since childhood! Love love your articles and books. Kindest

    1. Thank you. You’re actually not in any particular generation, but you will definitely relate to the constant wanderlust (cheap airlines, Air BnB) of the Neptune in Sagittarius generation, and their passion for globalisation. With Uranus in Libra you are also going to reinvent what a relationship should be, and shake up old concepts about what love should mean. The Gemini-Sagittarius combination in your chart is typical of publishing and media, and you will know exactly what you want to do when Jupiter goes through Sagittarius from the end of 2018. By 2019 you could be on your way.

  18. This is so interesting, I LOVE it. I have 2 generation Cap babies Daughter 6/15/92 and Son 11/17/93. My daughter is all described, yet she’s more of a hipster, she has some beautiful tattoos, loves going to see indie movies and bands, she’s very artsy. My very Scorpio son is more laid back, goes with the flow, only open when he wants to be, and can be very accepting and forgiving of people. Where does my baby go with all of this Son 1/21/97? Thank you Jessica

    1. No, thank YOU for the feedback about your children. Actually you will find that sweeping trends across the U.S. and the world are at work here. The macro affects the micro and vice versa. This chart (in fact all these charts) are locked into the mini Age of Aquarius we see from Christmas 2019. The year 2020 is remarkable and power will start to be shared horizontally not come down from the top.

    1. These children are telepathic, born with Neptune and Salacia in Pisces in the Twelfth House, and they can cross boundaries of time, space and headspace. When they are older you will notice that they either have predictive dreams; know what’s going to happen before it happens; read your mind; read others’ minds. When they are much older (much, much older!) and Pluto moves into Pisces they will be part of a generation which actively uses this telepathic, extra-sensory way of thinking to change their world. It’s fascinating.

    1. Mid Eighties babies are no really strong generation – but they are influenced by outer planets in Sagittarius. This is the generation which embraces Air BnB, Trip Advisor and budget airlines.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Such an interesting article it was to understand different generations better. My daughter belongs to the aquarian generation… Her dob is 12th Feb 2003, 7:10am India…is it possible for you to make us aware of what exactly stars point towards for her future as she has to choose a stream for her further studies and she is totally confused…though right now we have chosen medical stream but then we feel why not to see where stars point towards for her…. Is being a doctor a good choice for her or does she explore other areas… And what all field will best suit for her taken her birth data into consideration… Can u kindly guide us for that?? Thank u n god bless

    1. Your daughter is one of the special Aquarians and her generation – all teenagers now – will lead the world increasingly from 2020 and then change the planet for the better from 2023. She will want to do what her friends are doing, and do what the group is doing. That means deciding on subjects where she feels supported. If all her pals want to be doctors too that will certainly help. She is on the right path this year. Whatever she chooses, she will find great teachers help her so much this year, with even more to come in 12 years from now.

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