The Facebook Astrology Chart

Facebook has two birth charts. One for its humble beginnings on Mark Zuckerberg's computer - and the other for the first trade it ever made.

The Facebook Astrology Chart

Facebook has two birth charts. One for its humble beginnings on Mark Zuckerberg’s computer – and the other for the first trade it ever made. This last chart shows the true Facebook, perhaps, with its uncanny ties to Mark’s chart, and also to the money signs, Taurus and Scorpio. It’s a very rich corporation and he is a very rich man.

He’s also a very private man, despite his interest in your own privacy – and has provided no birth time for astrologers. Yet, the birth date of 14th May 1984 in White Plains, New York, rings true. You don’t need a time to see the connections between the corporation and the CEO. Or to see why both are in serious trouble, as Uranus (shock, revolution, upheaval) makes its historic moves across 28, 29 Aries and into 0, 1, 2 Taurus.

As I write this on 20th April 2018, it’s in motion.  An enquiry has been and gone, but questions remain. One look at the transits for May 2018 and again, October – and you realise Facebook and Zuckerberg will never be the same again. In fact, Facebook will be very lucky to survive the next seven years.

zm4tyoggk8y 600x402 - The Facebook Astrology ChartPhoto by Dayne Topkin.

Facebook – What Happens When Uranus Hits That Taurus Moon?

The confirmed data for 18th May 2012 at 11.30am in New York, New York (when Facebook first traded and became the corporation we know now) shows this:

Moon 2 Taurus
Mercury 17 Taurus
Jupiter 24 Taurus
Sun 28 Taurus

And here is some key data for Mark, the 1984 baby that George Orwell clairvoyantly saw coming (Big Brother is Watching You), born on 14th May in White Plains. The Facebook astrology chart and that of its founder, match.

Venus 15 Taurus
Sun 24 Taurus

That’s an exact line-up (above) from the corporation’s Jupiter at 24 Taurus, to Mark’s Sun – to the point where you might speculate that an astrologer had advised Facebook to organise its first trade on that date. Jupiter is obviously the symbol of abundance, growth, expansion and reward in the chart of a person or his company.

Mark also has the other finance sign, Scorpio, over-represented in his horoscope. The Moon is in Scorpio (at which degree we don’t know, because of the missing birth time). In any case, this famously rich man is about to deal with the confrontation and challenge of Uranus opposing four factors in his chart in the space of a few years.

Pluto 0 Scorpio
Moon Scorpio
Saturn 12 Scorpio
Mars 19 Scorpio

Let’s talk about another factor that matters here – the public face of a private man who makes other people’s faces public! This isn’t about the money, so much, but it’s certainly about Mark’s face, name, brand, reputation and public standing. It’s his Mercury at 29 Aries in the First House of image. Uranus is approaching 29 Aries right now. Boom.

The 10th April 2018 Inquiry – This Is Not Over

On 10th April 2018 Facebook’s pale and polite Chief Executive began the first of two marathon hearings in Washington answering tough questions on the company’s mishandling of data, prompted by the revelation that Cambridge Analytica had used information from Facebook’s members during key elections in the US and UK. The Zuckerberg Inquiry took place on the long Mercury Retrograde cycle. So, it’s not over.

What we’re really looking for here, is Uranus, the planet of shock, moving across Mark’s Mercury at 29 Aries, then hitting 0 Taurus, where it opposes his Pluto at 0 Scorpio. Uranus then moves swiftly to 1, 2, 3 Taurus where it will conjunct (or hit) Facebook’s Moon. That’s a crisis.

Will Facebook still be free afterwards? It will have a fight on its hands all the way to 2020.

u5zt hoocrm 600x400 - The Facebook Astrology ChartFacebook. Not private. Photo Dayne Topkin

Dates! Specific Astrology Predictions About Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

Monday 23rd April: Chiron 0 Aries conjunct Vulcano 0 Aries
Sunday 29th April: Chiron 0 Aries conjunct Juno 0 Aries

This is the push-back against Facebook’s use of the names and faces (both Aries concerns) of millions of people. It’s quite a week. This aspects Mark’s Pluto at 0 Scorpio. It’s one of many class-action lawsuits. You might call it ‘I want my face back’ or ‘I own my face.’  We’ve seen hints of this as I write this on 20th April 2018, but nothing big. Yet.

We have a Full Moon in Scorpio on Monday 30th April, which will trigger the Facebook chart, as it does Mark’s. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg hit a fresh crisis April 23rd to 30th.

On Thursday 3rd May, Mercury in Aries (faces) is finally out of Retrograde Shadow, so the Senate enquiry will be back. Unanswered questions will be answered. There will be revelations about Mark and Facebook, yet unknown.

owvrb m3gwe 600x450 - The Facebook Astrology Chart

Sunday 13th May – Mark Zuckerberg’s Moment of Truth

On Sunday 13th May at 10.50am (London) Mercury is at 29 Aries conjunct Uranus at 29 Aries, and both are conjunct Mark’s natal Mercury at 29 Aries. All eyes on the Sunday newspapers in Britain that morning.

This is front-page, big headline, shocking news about Mr. Zuckerberg. In astrology, Mercury is the media. Aries is reputation and public face. Uranus is the jaw-dropping lightning-strike of a genuine shock. It is also about a revolution. You are not going to see this man the same way again, any more than he will see himself!

Sunday 13th May is a crucial day for Facebook and Mark as we then see Mercury and the Moon enter Taurus. From now through to Monday 14th May, it’s game on. And it’s all about Facebook’s finances.

I’ve written elsewhere, how everyone is going to be fooled by that New Moon at 24 Taurus on Tuesday 15th May at 11.47am in London. It falls right on Mark’s Sun and Facebook’s Jupiter. So it looks like a relaunch. A rebirth. A renaissance for the corporation!

Then – wham – at 3.16pm the same day, Tuesday 15th May, Uranus lands at 0 Taurus and is immediately right opposite Mark’s controlling Pluto in Scorpio, the finance sign. Sunday 13th, Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th May are shock after shock. When Facebook’s business model and share price hits shocks, the whole world takes a cold bath.

On Wednesday 16th May, angry Mars at 0 Aquarius squares Uranus at 0 Taurus for the first time in Mark’s life. And Facebook’s. Aquarius is the group. It’s people power. It’s political parties, but it’s also all those organisations, teams, societies, clubs and other networks – within The Social Network, as it’s been called by Hollywood. Aquarius is also about friendship. All these issues are going to swirl around on May 15th, 16th, 17th in a miniature cyclone.

Outcomes for Facebook in 2018, 2019

What happens when Uranus – the planet of upheaval, rejection, revolution, freedom, liberty, independence, shock, invention, innovation, enlightenment and rebellion starts to hit not only a corporation but its master?

Uranus in Taurus will do this by conjuncting (or lining up with) the Taurus placements, and opposing (or clashing with) the Scorpio placements, in the finance, business and share price zones of both Mark and his brainchild.

This is going to be long and drawn-out. Why? Uranus ducks out of Taurus for a while, but he’s back in that sign in early 2019. And what will we see? No more Facebook. Not as you knew it, anyway. And – no more Mark Zuckerberg, as you knew him, back in the bright blue-branding days.

Wednesday 10th October, 2018

Wednesday 10th October 2018 is another crisis point for Mark’s estate – his property portfolio, stocks, shares and investments – and also his corporation’s. At 5.35pm in London that day, Uranus is at 1 Taurus opposite Mercury at 1 Scorpio. Allow 24 hours either side for world time changes and October 9th, 10th, 11th will once again force the issue of Facebook’s business model, its shares, and the price it extracts from its users.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins at 27 Scorpio on Monday 29th October 2018, so the planet associated with Wall Street begins his usual chaos (through November 2018) right on Facebook’s Sun at 28 Taurus.

On Tuesday 30th October, the following day, we find Mercury at 29 Scorpio opposite Juno at 29 Taurus and then the Nodes move to 0 Leo and 0 Aquarius, creating a T-Square with Mark’s Pluto at 0 Scorpio.

This is not a happy Halloween. Anyone with Pluto in Scorpio wants total control over his business, and the Facebook model has always been ‘Free Lunch’ – although as the victims of Cambridge Analytica now know, there never is any such thing as a free lunch. There is a great Morrissey song called ‘November Spawned a Monster.’ Well, in November 2018 we get to inspect the monster.

The Future of Facebook. It’s Not Free. And It May Not Even Be Facebook.

If Facebook can survive the next seven years, it can survive anything, but it takes a miracle for any corporation to survive a battering from Uranus in Taurus, like this. The old business model of data mining, data scraping, targetted advertising and the rest is unlikely to last with the assault of Uranus (the revolution, the rebellion, the shock) from May 2018. On a more personal note, here we have a picture of a man whose entire value system is on the line. May and June 2018 are also about Mark’s charity pledges as Taurus rules philanthropy too. So beyond his personal worth and net value, there are questions here about what things are worth to him on a soul level. A Taurus question.

What do you think? Are you on Facebook? Did you leave Facebook, like me? Have you never been there? This is an historic Scorpio-Taurus pattern we will never see again in our lives. And it’s going to change social media forever.

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39 Responses

  1. I am thinking about leaving facebook, or at the very least completely changing how I interact with it. I actively discourage any ‘friends’ who send me those chain messages – very annoying and I don’t think they realise how invasive they are. But I see you still have an fb link on your site – so are you still using it as a platform for this site, just not personally?

    1. Thank you. I did not realise I had a fan page on Facebook and actually asked for it to be removed a few weeks ago. I’ll follow up. I left it on a personal level many years ago. I’ve never missed it.

  2. This is fascinating thank you! At the moment, I feel like my whole business is so dependent on Facebook for marketing and community building purposes, but I can feel the shift myself in wanting to change things and the way I do business. Any tips? Born 7th Sept 79, 9:02am Sydney.

  3. Fascinating. It will be interesting to note developments when Uranus lines up with the North Node in Taurus in 2022, if it survives that long, in the same degree as it was during the infamous Winklevoss suit.

    1. I only wish I had some solid birth data for those famous twins – it would be fascinating to see the horoscopes in the light of the conflicts between the brothers and Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook saga is really about the free internet as a whole, I guess. Tim Berners-Lee gave the world the worldwide web, essentially, but this strange business model quickly sprang up, where nobody had to pay for anything, as long as they consented to having their privacy eroded. What happens at Facebook could ultimately mean we all have to pay (beyond our usual monthly costs) to use what used to be ‘free.’ And that will rock the global economy. Every dry-cleaner I know is on Facebook. It’s become their internet and their advertising. So just imagine…

      1. What do you predict the effect will be on individuals with their True Node 0 Taurus?

        1. Anyone with the North Node or South Node at 0 Taurus and 0 Scorpio (they work as a pair) has past life experience with wealth and poverty, financial highs and lows, and has incarnated (the Node rules karma) to use lessons from previous lifetimes, but also collect rewards which are due. Uranus making both a conjunction and opposition to the Nodes is historic. It has never happened in most people’s adult lives. Uranus is about everything which is sudden, unexpected, unprecedented, revolutionary, exciting, confronting and challenging. You either get on board with the new world – which will appear rapidly – or you are left behind in the dusty pages of history. So get on board!

          1. That sent a chill down me. I had an energetic connection to Wall Street in the 1920s years ago and confirmed with regression analysis (things did not end well for him unfortunately) . I had thought I had played out the linkage with my life at the time (2006-2009) but oh so interesting that you pick up the past life connection here. North node at 29 Taurus. Should I look out for later in the Uranus in Neptune’s transit?

          2. You may want to track Jupiter actually, this year. Your Scorpio patterns in the Eighth House are set to be triggered by this amazing cycle, and although there will be upheaval and revolution with the banks, with Wall Street, with money laundering, legal tax avoidance, cryptocurrency and block chain – you have the kind of chart where you can actually turn things to your advantage. Have a look at the New Deal. Roosevelt was strongly Taurus and of course he brought in his revolution when Uranus was last in Taurus. The people who did best from that, were the people who ‘got it’ straight away. Tech stocks, as they call them, will remind us all of what happened to AT&T when the American government slammed their monopoly, all those years ago. Facebook and Google seem a lot like AT&T did then. The same astrology patterns are repeating. As a Premium Member I will give you all that information in your May extended forecast as I do want everybody to be informed of the cycles!

  4. This is a fascinating subject for me Jessica and thanks for posting this. To stay or not to stay (on Facebook)? Something I guess many of us are asking.

    I have an another interest in it as well. My son was born three months before Mark Z and has Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio, Sun in Aquarius. His chart has a bias to fixity and, by gosh, he’s inflexible. Many times to his own detriment and this has caused him big problems and me much heartache.

    The generational Uranus transit to Pluto and to Saturn and its influence on Mark is interesting, I’m also wondering if the effects upon my son could be as profound, maybe Uranus fragmenting his inflexibility and causing a beneficial shake up in his life? Your comments would be appreciated, he’s created a very difficult situation for himself during the past five years with no seeming resolution. Perhaps Uranus will help?

    1. Thank you. I think the revelations about Facebook and Mark in May, June 2018 will make those decisions about staying or going even more urgent. Your son does have a very fixed chart pattern there, in Scorpio and Aquarius. It’s impossible to comment without seeing your son’s whole chart, but in general, Uranus in Taurus will ultimately oppose his Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio, so depending on their degrees (early or late in Scorpio) he is definitely up for a few years of financial changes and challenges, based on what is going on with the economy, currency or banks. He will have to learn how to adapt and adjust very quickly rather than ‘dig in’ and stay with fixed ideas about money, houses, apartments, taxation, business, possessions and the rest. It’s rather like Mark Zuckerberg having to come to terms with the fact that ‘free’ Facebook always had a price – even if people using Facebook did not always know what that price was – and that his old business model, and in fact his values as a whole, just have to be reshaped. That is what Uranus in Taurus does.

  5. This is interesting.

    I deactivated my facebook and feel very strongly this has had a positive effect on my stress levels. The second i open it I feel awful… I am ‘triggered’ as the SJW’s say but… I have no idea why.

    1. Thank you. I left Facebook many years ago, after a business fan page we had for our travel book series Holiday Goddess (HarperCollins) was taken over by a brothel. After many complaints to Facebook, all of them ignored, I decided to quit. I am far happier without it!

  6. Hi Jessica

    I’ve been intuiting this for a while. Never joined FB as it didn’t feel right somehow. Good to see the detailed astrology. Thank you.

  7. Dear Jessica
    That is awesome preciction, I am impressed as usual. i have a lot of planets in Taurus and Uranus 3 Scorpio. Always too paranoid m to careful to join Fb despite Gemini Sun and ascendant in Aquarius… i hope i will receive less beatings from Zuckerberg

  8. Hello Jessica! You have such a fascinating gift. Thank you for all you do to enlighten us. I never joined Facebook because I don’t like that much disclosure. All my friends thought I was crazy, but not so now.
    In fact, when I saw a picture of Mark with tape over his laptop camera and sound port on the side years ago, I immediately did the same. Funny thing is that afterwards there were flashes coming out of my laptop screen as if someone might be taking a picture of me anyway. It was very strange and happened on two separate occasions when my screen was dark. What to make of it? Anyway, I love reading your articles and I check daily. It has become an obsession! Thanks again.

    1. That is fascinating. Flashes coming out of your laptop screen, when it was actually dark? Of course George Orwell, who was a natural psychic, channelled a great deal of information about ‘telescreens’ and ‘Big Brother is watching you’ when he sat in a remote cottage in freezing cold, and poured out 1984. The standard interpretation of the title is that he just reversed the year 1948 (he worked on his idea post war). I personally think he was being fed warnings from the future and of course Mark is a 1984 child. I am fascinated and not a little horrified to think about Room 101 in the context of Facebook, as people confess their worst fears on it. Let’s see what goes down from May 2018 and particularly early 2019.

  9. Yes! I deactivated my account a few weeks ago. I feel what you are describing here coming but am also very anxious for myself since I have a lot of Scorpio placements (Sun at 24 so exactly opposite Mark’s, right?) What will all this Uranus weather bring me and what will happen in May?

    1. I am hearing from quite a few readers that they have deleted their Facebook accounts. You have Mars at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House of money, property, charity, business and possessions. Uranus will oppose Mars when he moves to 0 Taurus in May and he will return to 0 Taurus in early 2019. Your energy, push, drive and occasionally your anger tends to be triggered by all that you earn, own or owe. This is especially true with family members or partners. You would already have gone through episodes in your life where you either fought with people over money, houses, apartments or objects – and perhaps axed the connection – or you did something quite different, and gathered together with others who shared the financial or property arrangement with you, to push back hard against a common enemy, or even to fight for a good cause. The highest expression of Mars in Scorpio is philanthropy and fundraising. Now, what happens when Uranus opposes your Mars will force you to come up with a strategy. Slow down when you deal with this transit and plot and plan – try to avoid rushing in and acting impulsively. If you feel you could do with some sensible outside advice, go get it.

      1. Yes! I am actually just starting out on a team effort (with a lot younger people than me by the way), possibly a new business, with the goal of changing our conservative industry. Thank you, I will try and direct my energy more strategically, do my research even better and ask for help.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about this. The astrology is pretty amazing, as Aries has always ruled the head, and the First House (ruled by Aries) has always ruled the face. We are seeing historic cycles with Uranus leaving Aries and Chiron entering Aries. The issue with Google would not be the face, but the reputation. So along with a new movement of class action lawsuits based on photographs of our faces, there may be a similar push against Google on grounds of online profiling. I Want My Face Back, Facebook will likely be the headline we start to see.

  10. Hi Jessica – thank you for sharing your gift I believe you really help people with your selfless guidance. I do have an opportunity that is presenting itself (albeit slowly over the past few months) as a potential collaboration which will turn my career/business in a new and very exciting direction. Due to my particular line of work I’ve had a few collaborations in the past that didn’t pan out. Being a Taurus, I give everything my all 100% but the grounded aspect of my sign has given me the focus to end a collaboration I don’t think is working out. Since I feel in my gut this new opportunity is presenting itself very soon, is there anything in my chart which indicates this is not a good time for it astrologically? We’re so close to Uranus in Taurus I realize how important my decision will affect my life/career for the next few years to come. Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you so much – you are too kind. You are a Taurus who has taken on collaborations during some pretty tough cycles in the past, when the astrological weather made it really hard to get what you needed from others. Now, the weather is changing quite radically as Uranus enters Taurus, your own sign. You were born with Pluto at 18 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, and Uranus at 20 Virgo, also in your Sixth House of work. For the first time in over 240 years, transiting (travelling) Pluto is crossing 18, 19, 20 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, so I am not surprised you want to make a massive change. In fact, you will feel it all the way to Christmas 2018. What happens when transiting Pluto trines natal Uranus and Pluto in your Sixth House of duty, service and daily workload is a seismic shift in your field, industry or business which wakes up your need to control every detail of your routine, in terms of serving others. You can have this transit and be Barack Obama, and still realise the President has to do his duty by the people. That is really what this is all about. You need to ‘own’ your Virgo side, particularly Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and understand that something in you wants to be free, at the same time that you want control. This is actually a slow reshape of your career as Jupiter will be in Capricorn in 2020 and you will be stunned at the rewards, opportunities, breakthroughs, solutions and hits on the board. One last point. The changes you are going to make with work, on a daily basis, also raise issues about your body. The mind, body and spirit connection is really important on this transit too.

  11. Deliberately Never joined FB. Lost tons of (Real Life) ‘friends’ – as they disappeared into that ocean, never to be heard from again unless I joined – jobs, opportunities, events… you name it – as result. Not one regret though.
    A company built by a guy being pissed off at his girlfriend dumping him ( & him doing it all in the first place to try to humiliate her, as goes the story of how FB came about) is definitely not a company I want to support in any way.
    Hope your prediction of “No more Facebook” completely & totally comes true, Jessica!

    1. You are so lucky to have been wise enough to avoid Facebook. I deeply regret having become a Facebook user. I suspect that when Facebook faces class action lawsuits, but is also forced to charge people a subscription fee, it will become another My Space story. Of course if Facebook has been involved in treason, or other breaches, then it may be shut down completely. Those charts certainly show a crisis.

  12. Hi Jessica , another very interesting read -thank you so much. I , like the previous member commented, never participated in the Facebook juggernaut for the same moral reasons. A man who deliberately set out to destroy a woman and purposefully inflict public humiliation was not someone I would ever support. I could never get past its origins even though it seemed to offer so much. I was considered old fashioned and not up with the times and certainly was the odd one out and consequently out of the loop but never cared ,to be honest. People would always look at me like I had two heads when they found out I wasn’t on Facebook. I would just say to them , ‘ oh well, we managed before without it ‘ and left it at that. Reading Gary Zukav’s beautiful book ‘ The Seat of the Soul ‘ twenty years ago changed my life. He teaches that everything starts with intention , and I thought about this so often over the years in relation to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook ‘s inception. Based on that teaching, it could never really be sustained. Karma and astrology are so deeply fascinating, thank you Jessica for all your insights. Love your work.

  13. I work with them in a vendor capacity, so this is fascinating The last couple of months with them have been a tad crazy, as you can imagine. I can’t delete my FB account as I need it to work with them. (FWIW, people should delete their WhatsApp, Oculus and Instagram as well if they’re so worried about data)
    I have noticed a strong shift in their communication in the past year; they have always considered themselves to be very transparent and open, but that’s been locked right down. Personally, I am looking to move on from this working relationship. I have done my time with several big name organizations in the context of my industry, and I don’t need the stress that comes with them all. 🙂

    1. Inside information! I agree with you about deleting the other three too, if data is an issue. If you do move on, your chart suggests you would be a great natural teacher, mentor, guide, lecturer or counsellor to a younger generation (all that Leo).

  14. Dear Jessica,

    Fascinating article! I also have the following Taurus/Scorpio placements, Will I face major changes in May?

    ASC 00° Taurus 19′ 44″
    DESC 00° Scorpio 19′ 44″
    NorthNode 22° Scorpio 12′ 35″ R
    SouthNode 22° Taurus 12′ 35″ R

    Looking forward to seen you at the Astro Lodge next month!

    Thanks, NP

    1. You would need a strictly accurate birth time to have the angles (Ascendant, Descendant) at 0 Taurus and Scorpio, NP. If you are absolutely sure, then Uranus crossing 0 Taurus will revolutionise your image, profile, reputation or ‘portrait’ in terms of your money, property situation, possessions, attitude towards giving/receiving, earning and owing. It’s the kind of cycle when billionaires give it all away and slam the door on the business. Essentially, if your birth time is right, this is about the freedom to be yourself in a new way, in the context of all that you earn, own or owe. The Descendant is opposed by Uranus and this is about your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps your enemy, rival or opponent. Uranus can be shocking and sudden, so a lightning strike event across mid-May will radically alter the chemistry you have with this person. Your Node placements are more important in terms of Jupiter crossing 22 Scorpio so keep reading your extended weekly horoscope! That lovely solution or opportunity for your finances comes later this year. Bring your chart to the Astrological Lodge of London and I’ll scribble on it.

  15. This is fascinating, and if Facebook does change tremendously, I wonder how social relationships will be impacted. Email can’t keep up with social ties like social media and has a likely chance of being hacked. It’s been amazing in this global age to see friends and family across the country/world stay connected. I wonder, would this potentially result in more social isolation?

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you find the Facebook astrological chart (and Mark Zuckerberg’s) so interesting. Astrology is really about the future calling to the past. So once Pluto is in Aquarius (groups, social media, friends) from 2023 we will look back at 2018 and realise that the Facebook meltdown had to happen, in order to pave the way for the new wave of online groups/communities. These will have none of the problems of the old prototypes. They will also become banks. A way of life!

  16. Hello Jessica, love your posts.
    ” won’t become clear until the 3rd” reading this post now. Ridiculously accurate.
    Looking forward to the Facebook fiasco.
    All the best and thank you very much.


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