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The India Astrology Chart

India was born on 26th January 1950 and is set for an economic revolution.

The India Astrology Chart

Modern India was born on 26th January 1950 when she became independent.

She has her own Hindu astrology, but in the West, India would be considered Aquarian. Born with the Sun in Aquarius, the sign of the water-bearer. It’s interesting that access to clean water is a national obsession and in fact, images of water jugs and pitchers are iconic across the nation. Even the goddess Lakshmi carries an urn. The Aquarius imagery is strong.

In astrology, Aquarius is associated with the water-bearer who supplies the community with what it needs. Aquarius is associated with people pooling resources together. There is a second possible chart for India, which makes her a Leo nation, but its her modern incarnation which seems to fit her best.

Aquarius is very much about the team and the tribe. Diversity and equality. India is famous around the world for her cricket teams and it is, in fact, the nation’s most popular sport.

lakshmi - The India Astrology Chart

Aquarius Pinterest 550x600 - The India Astrology Chart

The Future of India – Horoscope Signs and Clues

The India astrological chart shows not only the Sun in Aquarius but also the Moon in Taurus. This is a cosmic joke, as sacred cows are at the heart of the old country. What happens when Uranus, the planet of revolution, moves into Taurus from mid-May 2018? Instant economic climate change. You can see the Moon in Taurus in this basic Astrodienst chart for India, sitting on 5 degrees. It is exactly square India’s Sun at 5 Aquarius.

This is interesting because the first important aspect that Uranus makes in his new sign of Taurus, will be a square to Mars in Aquarius. Watch what happens with cryptocurrency and blockchain in particular in India, and her trade agreements, near this date – Wednesday 16th May. It’s a hint about the future, as from Christmas 2019, Jupiter and Saturn will begin to pass through Aquarius, and from 2023, Pluto will be in Aquarius too.

Put that together with the Uranus in Taurus transit and I’m sure you can see that economic people power and community currency will change the nation. In fact, India will be unrecognisable within a few years.

She also has Uranus at 1 Cancer and Uranus at 1 Taurus will make a perfect sextile to this placement by June 2018. In the space of just a few weeks, tremendous new freedom and independence will come her way. All change!

INDIA 407x600 - The India Astrology Chart

Equality, Diversity, Community

When Vogue India celebrated its ninth anniversary in 2016, a classically Aquarian image appeared on the front cover. A group of women, from different cultural and racial tribes, all together – with a headline that ran, BEAUTY IN DIVERSITY. This strong message will be pushed through India as she goes through a historic chain of patterns in Aquarius, her own sign, from the end of 2019, with greater intensity from 2023.

As a new nation born in 1950, she simply hasn’t experienced the triple, rolling transit of Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto in Aquarius before. She’s never been through Uranus in Taurus, either. These two signs together are really about bringing people from all backgrounds together, to experiment with radical new ways of making or saving money. That moment when Uranus reaches 5 Taurus will be unforgettable. New India, new economy, new future. As I write this on 28th April 2018, India is also set to see Chiron in Aries cross over her Ascendant and Node in aggressive Aries. She’s already in the Nuclear Club. This unique nation seems certain to remind the world of that, sooner than the planet might prefer. What do you think?

Vogue diversity India 463x600 - The India Astrology Chart
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25 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, the Independence day for India is 15 August 1947 but the constitution was signed on 26/01/1950 (Republic Day). How come one doesn’t take into account the August date as well?
    Must it always be the date of signing the constitution that establishes the ‘birth date’ of a country?

        1. Thank you. Aquarius just leaps forward, because of the obsession with the national cricket team, and the need to integrate so many wildly different tribes/nationalities/interest groups/communities. I guess the proof of the pudding will be December 2019 when we see Jupiter and Saturn both in Aquarius, then from 2023, Pluto in Aquarius. If India transforms, we’ll know. (I think she will).

      1. Could it possibly be something like an Aquarius with prominent Leo factors? or possible that one could be her sun-sign and the other the rising? Because living here…one could say both signs’ traits seem to exist.

        While the points you make to establish her as Aquarius going forward are justified.. from time to time some Leo-ness does emerge. I also wonder if the December 2019 transit has some sort of segue to what we hear as the upcoming age of Aquarius? Your thoughts?

        1. As you live there, not me, I am grateful for you pointing out the Leo nature of India. She would actually express both sides, as she has been both signs, in her two incarnations. I am sure you can see that the Gandhis were essentially like a ‘royal’ family with a dynasty. That is very Leo. Yet – the future belongs to her Aquarius side and we’ll see why, very quickly, in December next year. I think you’re looking at community-based cryptocurrency ‘banking’ between friends and acquaintances, which would be unique to the region. I wonder what that new currency will be called?

  2. Hi Jess! Believe you me – just a few hours before I checked your website, I wondered if I should email you to request you take a look at India’s chart. So I’m delighted to see you’ve already taken a look!

    India is at a very precarious cross road and a lot of what makes the country unique – diversity, tolerance, co-existence of tradition and modernity, has been under serious attack for a few years and getting worse. 2019 will be a turning point for us given that our five-yearly assembly elections are due. Either the populace will re-elect the current govt which is hell bent on dragging us backwards or we’ll finally reject it and reclaim our country. I genuinely fear for our future. Could you please give us a little idea of what might be in store? Thank you for your wonderful work.


    1. Thank you for this, S, you have pointed out that 2019 is an election crossroads and sure enough, this is when India has the first of three major transits in Aquarius, across her image zone. This is about her flag, her stamps, her international profile, her ‘brand’ to tourists and the rest. If India was a person she would be reshaping the way she looks. As a nation, you have to wonder about a relaunch. I don’t have the charts for the politicians in question, so I’ll see if they are to hand.

      1. Thanks for your deep insights and predictions of the global events, and India in particular this time. Very interesting.

        The feeling of “turning point” was with us 4 years back when the current divisive government came to power. The previous government (and actually majority of the time since 1950) the government power was in the hands of a politically powerful (and natually, corrupt) family. if people act on the feeling that we need change of government, the next election might see India elect the fourth generation politician from the same family – So, esentially, for a politically neutral person like me, the future is scary. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. I dont see a chance of reclaiming our country.
        But, sincerely hope and believe, your predictions for “economic people power” and “will be unrecognisable in a few years” come true and in a positive way.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    9 May is a very important date for all Malaysian and this particular election would be a make or break one for the incumbent government. Would you be planning to write an article of Malaysia’s astrology chart this year? That would be very much appreciated though Malaysia is a much smaller country than those that you usually write about….Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    India has always seemed to be more about the group rather than the individual, or a noble family, etc. Well known Indians like Gandhi and even Deepak Chopra are known for their contributions that serve groups, the public, and so on.

    Question – my Sun and Neptune in Scorpio get triggered this week, and I am looking for a new job. Any connection?

    Thank you,


    1. Yes, India and Gandhi make an obvious Aquarius connection for many people, as it was people power that effectively set everyone free. I’ll find his chart at some point and see how it tallies with the Aquarius India chart. Your Neptune at 19 Scorpio is interesting because Jupiter passes over that more than once. Jupiter is retrograding so you may want to wait for him to go direct, or set the situation up and then wait for it to fulfil. Scorpio and the Eighth House are really about money, the house, apartment, company, business, charity and possessions. IF your job was about a contract which involved a complex bonus arrangement or discounts with your employer, that would qualify. What you are watching in May is the Sun at 18 Taurus opposite Jupiter at 18 Scorpio on Wednesday 9th May, which is pretty close. Just remember Neptune is about bubbles! It’s a great escape from the real world for you financially, like pro-level tax-avoidance, or some other way of wriggling out of what others have to live with (eternal credit, perhaps?) so although Jupiter crossing that is the best and biggest opportunity in 12 years, when Jupiter departs you have to live with what is there. By Tuesday 11th September Jupiter is approaching a sextile to the Sun from 18 Virgo to 18 Scorpio. Friday 14th September looks interesting – Jupiter at 19 Scorpio quincunx Diana at 19 Aries. You have those patterns lose by at 18 degrees too, so 2018 is your year, one way or another. You can and will get the right workload you need, to make your financial or property situation sing to you. Keep trying until you get the right soundtrack but I would be amazed if you weren’t dancing around in September this year.

      1. Thank you so much. My Salacia in Capricorn was just triggered as well and usually when that happens I get a ton of work. Also with respect to Uranus leaving Aries and Chiron entering Aries, you had written something about the instability of the past 7 yrs or so coming to an end. I very much want and need a stable work situation for a multitude of reasons. I want the chapter of uncertainty to end and I want to know where I am going to work each day. Thank you for your tireless ‘ops’ timism.

        1. Too funny. I might remember that line of yours – Ops and her tireless ‘ops’timism! Uranus out of Aries is a promise not a delivery right now but you will be astonished at how one department of your life suddenly stops being so damn up-and-down.

  5. New Zealand next please! Although I’m an Aussie, I’m always curious about what NZ is up to – they don’t get enough credit IMO on how progressive they are!

  6. Hi Jessica , certainly very interesting read. I think all this India, Australia, (Canada?)… “Commonwealth countries” comes back to Great Britain => Brexit. Commonwealth is also what I think will help Great Britain with the Brexit. Does that make any sense within what the stars are showing too?

    1. Thank you! My British taxi-driver today, suggested that Brexit might be reversed (he hoped) and I suggested in turn, that if this happened, it would make the English Civil War look like a tea party. That vote happened with an exact line-up of Uranus, Ceres and Mars and that is powerful stuff. India seems more likely to do her own thing, economically, but the Commonwealth countries are certainly in line for a revolution, together rather than separately. New Zealand will be important. Her chart is right in the range of this Uranus in Taurus revolution, too.

    1. That is dreadful news for the North of India. If the weather is becoming more extreme, it may unfortunately see dust bowl issues, as in 1935 when we last saw this exact cycle, America was severely affected, as was their farming industry. I really hope not.

  7. Dear Jessica, Will you please predict the future relationship between India & China and also India & Pakistan. Some Indian astrologers are predicted there is a big war in 2020 between India on one side and Pakistan and China on another side.

    1. I’m not seeing any war indicators – you usually need a slow outer-moving planet in Cancer (nationalism, extreme patriotism) to trigger that kind of intensity. We should all be extremely concerned about North Korea! That country is a far bigger issue for the whole planet.

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