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Your Aries Stellium

If you have an Aries stellium, you're a blend of David Beckham, Rocky, Tracey Emin and Aretha Franklin. True?

Your Aries Stellium


Your Aries stellium is about boxing and kicking your way through life. But how do you do it, without booting too many people to the side?

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54 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,
    Great writing! I am looking forward to read about Taurus Stellium. And I am really looking forward to age of Aquarius you write about with my ascendant in Aquarius ( hopefully I will survive Saturn and Pluto transiting 5 degrees Aqua ).

    1. Thank you. If your birth time is 100% accurate then your Aquarius Ascendant is really about being identified as part of a group, be it a rock band, a political party or the Freemasons. You will see why at Christmas 2019 and gain from it, at the same time that you feel the weight of it!

      1. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your reply.Time of my birth is correct in range of 10 minutes, I am ecccentric Aqua not elegant Capricorn

  2. Hi Jessica, how are you? Blimey, I’m breaking my head here, trying to figure myself out, haha. The natural house system you teach along with the Roman family of asteroids is a real eye-opener, but I’m at some crossroad now, and I don’t really understand what’s happening tbh. I have not had a proper job for years now but travelled between the UK and Mexico for the past 7 years, now I’m back in London. I first came here in 1997, then finally settled around 1999/2000 ( the time flashback you talked about ). 2016- Feb 2018 I’ve lived in Mexico City ( hiding from Brexit), but decided to come back to England, the pull to return was very strong. It does feel like a rewind to the past, I know I’m here to finish something up… it’s my Saturn at 10 Leo being triggered now, also I see the 8,9-degree pattern in my chart that I wish to decode? I feel two people, two minds in one body, but it does not feel disorderly, it’s like I need to pull them both to the centre, all the time. I have signed up to a casting agency (for background actor), so that’s some sort of shiny idea there, but the opposite pull is to work with young people, I imagine myself as their leader, and I have had that feeling since being a teenager myself. So again Leo- Aquarius, right? How do I marry my opposites? Is it possible? Necessary? Jee, sorry Jessica, my msg is rather long, I know you are a busy woman, so any insights much appreciated. I plan on attending your seminar on the 14th of May. All the best.

    1. Thank you Ewelina. I am sure you can see the Aries in your name – ewe – a partner to the ram. Venus and Mars in Aries lead the stellium in your chart, so you are right to sign to a casting agency. As Chiron transits Aries and your First House of image, branding, appearance and identity, you will experiment not only with extras work, but with other ways to use your profile to get what you want. Your Mexico City life commuting between Britain suggests Gemini-Sagittarius and you have a classic pattern across those signs. Gemini is the short journeys. Sagittarius is the pull of all that is foreign to you. 2019 will change your life in a spectacular way. Jupiter (opportunity, breakthroughs, good fortune) will move through Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years and the aftermath of the Brexit vote and its impact on business, trade, travel and the rest will benefit you in a stunning way. You could easily teach or study that year too.

  3. Very interesting article! I have 4 Aries, 4 Aquarius, 4Sagittarius and 5 Leo! My Aries are in Diana,Bacchus, Aesculapia and Proserpina I wonder how much impact they are on me?

    1. Thank you. Diana, Bacchus, Aesculapia and Proserpina in Aries in your First House of ‘Me’ and so your question is a faithful reflection of your chart. You are of great interest to yourself. That is the way it should be, as you are intensely self-aware and understand that your image, reputation, brand, face, style and self-projection do a lot of the work for you. In fact, you enjoy it. Do you have a dog? If you keep a dog, then that animal would say so much about you, when you walk down the street, or through the park. Diana, the goddess of the hunt, kept a greyhound.

      1. You are so right! I have to constantly remind myself at work especially for holistic healing that it’s not about me it is about helping others so that I can leave my ego out of the door and serve in my best ability. I love dogs but I just don’t have time to take care one but I agree if I get a dog it will reflect my personality, style and image.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this, Jessica! – I will be cut/pasting it into my notebook!

  5. Fabulous article. So well explained and so insightful. Thank you. I have a stellium of 5 in Aries and this article really resonated for me. My chart seems to have a bouquet of stelliums! Would love to read your insights specific to my chart. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Saturn in Aries in your First House is part of your stellium so there is a strange combination of self-interest, self-promotion and personal ‘push’ along with a certain reluctance or fear. You probably get in your own way a lot. This is worth working on, so that you can fine-tune exactly what you feel comfortable with in terms of your own website, social media page, photograph, title and reputation and the rest. Chiron passing through Aries and your First House from 2018 forwards will make this far more important than usual. Look up First House and Saturn on Search to see what is going on in your chart. It’s a lifelong pattern, although typically felt more intensely around age 29.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Great article! I have a stellum in Aquarius and an Aries moon. Have never been luck with friends or groups, basically a lone wolf. Perhaps that’s my Saturn in the 11th. Wondering how the Age of Aquarius will affect me?

    1. Thank you. In the Natural House system you have Saturn in your Third House and a huge stellium in your Eleventh House. Venus conjuncts Ceres at 0 Aquarius in your Eleventh House and that is really about the most complicated, demanding, difficult and deep friendships. They are not so much friendships – more like marriages or family bonds. Have a look at that. Venus is a symbol of complex and multi-layered connections with other people, which usually involve jealousy, desire, ego and the rest! Ceres is a symbol of compromise over power and control. You would have been experiencing this even as a child. If you were in a Peanuts gang it was political. You are going to experience a revolution in friendship and also with particular groups, communities, clubs, teams and the rest – from Christmas next year. Jupiter and Saturn will start to pass through Aquarius and then Pluto from 2023. Spend as much time and care as you can examining the ‘deal’ you make with friends or groups then, because just to repeat – it will be as complex as a marriage.

      1. Wow! Wow!!!! You nailed it. As of right now I have zero friendships as I focus on my family and work. Also, they’re just too much trouble. I can’t do shallow/superficial . If I happen to find someone to befriend it always turns into a competition and some weird form of jealousy on their end. It’s exhausting and just too much. I pretty much stick to my husband who’s my BFF and my mom. Him and I are on quite a journey together as we just love to pile on more responsibilities and see how high we can climb. Wouldn’t have it any other way. But the friendships are always tough. I’ve had women approach me in social settings and start a conversation just to end up walking away within minutes. I have been through a lot in life. Not bad but just a lot of experiences and some tough ones. THANK YOU so much for clarifying. I’ll definitely look at my chart with the natural house system.

  7. Hi dear Jessica,
    first time I heard from you that I am a Aries Stellium and after that I started to learn more about the asteroid that I have too in my first house Aries, yesterday I saw my daily horoscope that you mentioned to check our 5th house Leo with also 10 degree, you know I realized that my Saturn natal is exactly there and now I understand also the reasons of my difficulties to express my feelings.
    I want to ask you a favor if there is some more advise before Uranus transit in Taurus?
    As always thank you so much ” la mia carrisima Jessica”

    1. Thank you Haleh. Ops at 0 Gemini and Proserpina at 2 Gemini in your Third House of internet, multimedia, education and publishing are very important from May 15th onwards, as Uranus goes to 0, 1, 2 Taurus in your Second House of finance, business and the economy. What goes on out there in the big, wide world with the radical new ways for people to shop, spend, save, invest, donate to charity and all the rest – will show you why a particular project or plan, which uses your way with words/ideas/images is so right for you. It will happen very suddenly and you will be absorbed with this in early 2019 as well. Other people’s revolution will stimulate your need to communicate!

  8. Hi Jessica! Wow and wow again how fascinating ! You put so much time and effort into your articles, we members are very blessed.
    I have sun in Cancer 15°, Desc,Bacchus,Ops and Vulcano in Aries. What does this say about me?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Descendant, Bacchus, Ops and Vulcano in Aries really depend on a strictly accurate birth time, but if you are sure you have that, then we are talking about a life spent working very hard on self-promotion, image, branding and ‘Me’ moves. You enjoy it, with Bacchus in Aries and although it can be rather intense, with Vulcano also in Aries, there is a sense that you were born to take this path. In fact, with the Descendant also in Aries in your First House, one might say that your sexual partner, or work partner, is also part of the branding. You are seen in the light of your other half. He or she completes your image.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I am reposting it as it might have got lost in the shuffle.

    After reading my May horoscope, I must admit you have me scared. I have been going through back-breaking changes for the past 7 years, that I am completely deprived of energy. I am desperately hoping for stability in life and mainly in my employment and money, lack of which has sent me to some dark places.

    I was really counting on Uranus exit finally. And now, I don’t know what to think.

    Could you please throw some light if this world turning upside down in the middle of May will be good or bad? I REALLY need some instant gratification at this point in life.


    1. You are a Sun Libra who has this unusual combination of Jupiter (solutions) in your Second House of money and you are also about to experience Uranus (revolution) in your Eighth House of complex finance. That’s the headlines of your life – radical changes all around – which you stand to gain from. In your personal birth chart we also look to Taurus and Scorpio to see what is going on with cash flow in 2018. Venus at 17 Scorpio in your chart in the Eighth House suggests complicated relationships with a partner, former partner, relative or other close connection, which work to your total advantage when Jupiter crosses 17 Scorpio. The beautiful Jupiter-Neptune trine at 15 Scorpio and 15 Pisces on 19th August is very close, and very encouraging. The New Moon at 17 Virgo on 9th September makes a perfect sextile to your Venus and by this stage, Jupiter is circling 17 degrees. If you are looking for a huge open door to big answers or new chances with your money, house, apartment or business interests, it would come via an intensely personal relationship, and it would come August-September. I am sure you know you do best in partnerships of all kinds. Marriages. Common law marriages. Business partnerships. Professional partnerships. If you lack stability, ‘do’ your chart and look for people to sit on the other end of the see-saw or the scales from you. You will feel so very much better, even if it is charity work and you form a pair with someone.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I see that I have an Aries stellium, the kicking out part is true, I cut ties when there is injustice and unfairness, I used to be very inflexible, the years have mellowed me down somewhat. I do mend bridges now, more with people I really value. Regards to conflict, my biggest is with my husband, I find it very challenging being undervalued and unappreciated and demand respect. I get that I need to forgive etc, I find that this cycle repeats every time he slips up after promising not to. He is a Gemini. After 23 years, I feel like leaving and striking out on my own, I am not financially independent, a source of intense annoyance despite highest education and drive. Sigh, would love your thoughts. Best Jos

    1. Your husband will fix it with you, one way or another, starting in a small way in November and by Christmas you will see why it is time for repair work, from his side, or perhaps a deeper decision. In 2019 he will be very much happier with the way things are in his love life.

  11. Nice! I have no Aries factors, but (obviously you see) that I am a libra with a stellium in Libra. Why is it that I do that with friends or “ex’s”? I totally write them off or never talk to them again (or have this on-going secret battle) if they “betray” me, etc. Is it my Venus in Scorpio? Or, my (only 2) Aquarius factors? Thank you!! XX

    1. Libra can do battle just as well as a strongly Aries person. The scales of justice trouble many strongly Libra people and if they come across sexism, racism or other ‘isms’ with a lover or partner, they will walk. It’s about fairness for Libran types. Don’t believe all that bollocks about Libra being peace loving. They fight. Margaret Thatcher did!

  12. Wow, what a great bounty of info! Thanks Jessica! I feel like I’ve been put in the washing machine multiple times the past 7-8 years – loss of job, loss of self, motherhood x 2, loss of friendships and family relationships, moved countries to only move back again some months later, now a messy divorce! I feel like I’ve been boxing and fighting with everyone and everything! It’s exhausting. I have so much Aries in my chart – Sun, Mercury, Venus, ASC, Aesculapia, Hygeia, Psyche. Plus Aquarius Moon, Jupiter, Panacea, Salacia, Vulcano. My ex is an Aquarian. And I’m in a sticky romantic/friendship situation with an Aquarian, too – a little confused on how to proceed! Lots of conflict with my Dad, who is a Libran. Any insight into what’s in store for me the next few months? Thank you! 🙂

    1. I’m really happy you spotted the pattern in your chart. Now you know. Take a deep breath and try to fix things with your Dad, first of all, as being a Sun Libra, he is deeply affected by conflict, especially with you. The time has come to choose your battles in future. And to decide what you can clean up, sort out and fix. It’s worth it.

  13. Hi Jessica, thanks for the great read. I have Jupiter, Diana and Fortuna in Aries. I either read or heard you commenting on a podcast that having members of the same family in a house / sign is significant somehow? If you wouldn’t mind clarifying, that would be great. Also, regarding Diana, very interesting what you said in Comments.When I was little I was not allowed to have a dog even though I longed for one. I was so driven by this longing that I would ‘ borrow’ the neighbourhood dogs by coaxing them to follow me home. Many happily obliged , later trotting off for dinner. As an adult, I am never happier than when walking or running around in nature with my dog. You mentioned family history also in your article. Thanks for those insights. There has been some defensive behaviour in my family. Generational shame and denial had kept the name of my great great great grandfather unknown to me. I was therefore worried was he ‘mad ,bad and dangerous to know ? ‘ Two weeks ago, I went down to Tasmania to ‘find’ him. He was a convict. Deported for seven years from England for stealing 30 dozen pairs of ‘hoses’ or stockings ( probably where the dog napping comes from !!! ) , he did his hard labour contributing to the building of Hobart , received a full pardon and went on to marry, produce twelve children and live out his life farming prosperously on the beautiful northwest coast of Tassie. I understand the shame, denials and defences that are passed on through families. Anyway, he’s there and I am fully claiming him. He must have been tough, the boat trip alone would finish most of us these days. I heart my convict.

    1. You have Diana in Aries in the First House, so no wonder you dognapped as a child! A dog will likely come your way again. It seems to be a life path with this placement. Your IC in Sagittarius is your convict ancestor. Sagittarius rules migrants, foreign places and people and he was taken from England. Find out what his religion was. I suspect he may have been Roman Catholic judging by the 12 children but religion usually plays a part in Sagittarius IC ancestors and that ‘need to have faith’ has been passed on to you, from him.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    this was such an interesting read…thank you! Although I’m not too sure about wanting to cut and paste, although I do quite like to print out and highlight…saves all that writing, haha.

    Firstly, what exactly do you mean when you say:”It’s uncanny how often fate will pit you against the elements.”…as I am a quite active about ocean conservation through social media! but I hope you are not referring to things like rescuing people (or myself!) from drowning?!

    But this competition, and coming first at all costs just sounds blood curdling to me…I don’t understand! Make me laugh (my kids are great at this), but also give me plenty of alone time and I’m as happy as a pig in mud. I couldn’t care less to come first at any time.

    BUT I’ll admit I feel like I’m living in the shadows a lot, like I’m holding myself back from stepping out into the real world…………can you please tell me by looking at my chart, in what direction I can best put myself out there this year? I’m getting tired of holding myself back and censoring everything I say or do and putting my dreams on hold, just to avoid stepping on someone else’s toes and shocking people by not fitting into what they think I should be.

    Thank you for your time! xx

    1. It’s about ocean conservation. Every strongly Aries person has to ‘fight’ on some level and you have wisely chosen something that is not personal, but planetary. I suspect that as you go into this mini Age of Aquarius we are set to experience from Christmas 2019, you will become a lot more active. Fighting the good fight – is a good idea. Yet, later on, you will be harnessing people power to do this, rather than just acting alone on social media.

  15. Hi Jessica
    I have 5 factors in Aries, and stelliums in Pisces and Scorpio.
    The Pisces stellium which is about the other world, seems to be quite the opposite to my Aries stellium (which is about the ‘me’) – your Pisces podcast referred to this briefly
    It would be great if you can provide some insights and what I should work on.
    Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you Ali. You are a Pisces-Aries type which we associate with secret agents! Aries is the military. Pisces is undercover. You are at your best when you operate by stealth and you can be quite a breathtaking rival, enemy or opponent as not only are you psychic, you also ‘disappear’ in a way few other people can manage. Pisces is your mysterious, invisible, unseen, unknown side. Aries is very much about taking on everybody/everything. If you can imagine a ram under water with a snorkel, that’s you. The very best way to use this is at work, or on a campaign for change you believe in. You’re good at lurking, especially online.

  16. Hi Jessica, what an incredible article! I have seven or eight placements in Aries and I can attest to traits that you have pointed out. Unfortunately, I have released people from my life too often, sometimes without even knowing why. I have been thinking about apologizing for dropping out of their lives without cause, but after many years it is a difficult thing to do. No disagreements or problems, they were fond of me but I just dropped out. Meanwhile, I hope to finish a revolutionary project by the start of 2020. I have already been warned to compromise with others and not to try and control everything. In addition, the two most helpful people in my life (regarding my present and future plans) are both male Aquarians – of course! I think I have other stellium as well. Anyway, thanks again for your spot-on article. I hope that I shall properly behave myself in the future.

  17. Hi Jessica
    Thankyou for this post! It rang so many bells for me.
    I am born on 21st May however have my sun at 0 gemini.
    I have 6 in Aries (ahhhhh!) Venus 17, Mars 18, Minerva 8, Cupido 15, Volcano 8, and South Node 23. NAPOLEON COMPLEX ALERT.
    While having Mercury 6 Chiron 3 and IC 22 in Taurus, I have strong stellium in Gemini
    Sun0 , Jupiter 10 Apollo 6 ops 26 and Prosperina 23.

    A scorpio stellium of uranus 8, juno 20 mc 22 and fortuna 13…… and
    cancer stellium of moon 7 vesta 29 diana 18 and panacea 18.
    I also have a 3 point stellium in libra, virgo and taurus as mentioned earlier.

    I have had a mad 12months….in all facets of my life…..with such strong stelliums, especially in Aries and Scorpio , how on earth do I make sense of all this???? Would love some fewback if you have time

    1. Napoleon complex alert – too funny. Now, you have years of rolling transits in Aries in your First House of image, self-promotion, appearances and profile. Having almost finished with Uranus in Aries, you now have Chiron in Aries. Before too long Neptune will enter Aries, for many years to come. So everything you have learned about the ‘rejection dance’ since 2011 will be useful. Yet, happily, the rejection dance stops for a time, this year, then stops for good in 2019. You may have pushed away anything or anybody affecting your look, or your style, your title or your name – if it felt wrong. In turn, you’ve been sidelined, ignored or just turned down, and it’s been about the superficial things. Your surface not your substance. The ‘me’ story is the biggest one of all. Do look up your Aries factors and also look up Chiron to see what he’s all about.

  18. Dear Jessica & team,
    Thanks as usual for giving us such great tools to truly “know thyselves” and thus become more independent and fully self-determining beings ! Empowered people empower people, as the saying goes.
    Just a bit of empirical data – I have 6 planets, asteroids and nodes in Aries (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Apollo, Chiron and South Node – my next largest stellium of 5 is in Pisces) and I can (laughingly) confirm that
    a) an instantaneous comradeship (see – military terms!) exists between most Aries, in fact all my Aries family and friends and I have the ability to communicate volumes with micro-expressions of the face (the face! Aries-ruled) and eyes, without even saying anything. Ironically we will also be the sign to talk over each other simultaneously on the phone in an attempt to say our point without even a hint of getting offended, or think it is abnormal to not wait one’s turn! (lol)
    b) Yes life can feel a bit of a battle-ground, but this tends to ease by middle-age (ahem, cough!! Forties 🙂 ) and one becomes a bit more diplomatic and tries to see both sides as one gets older. But the ‘battle-weary’ feeling is simply an expression of life-truth for Aries – conflict is mostly inevitable. We just feel more open and honest about it – better to make friends with it! Vive le difference !!
    c) Maybe it is the Pisces stellium in conjunction with the Aries; but I feel social injustices very keenly, and then the typical Aries impatience to act to redress it. But social change obviously doesn’t happen by kicking, we have to employ strategy – a life-long goal of mine, sigh! I am studying law in an attempt to do this. But I do get impatient with all the bureaucracy!
    Thanks again for all your time and wonderful self-help hints Jessica & team. (And also – I am studying martial arts, lol! The self-discipline is greatly helpful in stopping Aries rushing headlong into life without pause button.)

    1. EJ, studying law and pursuing martial arts is the highest expression of your Aries stellium. You have learned not to kick. You are learning how to ‘kick’ differently – very interesting. Your martial arts will help your legal pursuits and vice versa. But wow, I would not want to be your opponent. You’re dynamite in white pyjamas!

      1. Hi Jessica & team, thank you so much for the constant education and encouragement. I firmly believe astrology (both Western and Chinese Ba Zi pillars) is an indispensable tool for discerning the energetic ‘weather’ around you and loved ones, and for knowing (if not healing) oneself. Thank you. <3

  19. omg – this is exactly someone I know. She’s been through so many business partners, staff AND booted people out of her life. Fascinating.

  20. How de do de Jessica!
    I love your Aries Stellium article. Thank you very much!!! It is very informative. I have a bit of a stellium happening in my chart, as you can probably see. Whilst I love helping and serving others, the last thing I want to be is “out front”. What is the biggest stellium you have seen and has this meant that the person is an extreme expression of their stellium sign?
    Much appreciation & gratitude.

    1. You have Saturn in your Aries stellium which is fear, self-sabotage, quite (justifiable) caution after very difficult life experiences and a fair amount of inhibition. So although you are meant to be upfront and out front, Saturn gets in your way. This is a shame. It may even go back to childhood or adolescence. Public speaking or pimples can both be hell. Yet, to get what you want from life, you need to ‘do’ you, you, you as much as possible. Read more on your Saturn in Aries in the First House. You’ll be happier if you can push yourself forward.

  21. Thank you Jessica. Always thankful for your teachings. 🙂

    Yes, that’s totally me – as much as I wanna believe I’m more of a Taurus/Scorpio – I say “my ex”, and someone pointed out to me yesterday that he calls his ex by her name. LOL. Still, I can’t do it. ;)) I am a fighter, and it only takes a second to be in flames expressing my opinion, or defending disadvantaged people. Also, I recently became very close to a few libras. Maybe my intuition was picking up on your thoughts.

    The one thing that drives me crazy though is that discrepancy between my patient, slow and calculating Taurus/Scorpio side and my Aries side which has literally no patience for any of that. Internally, it’s very hard having to deal with it daily, and manage it.

    Thank you!

  22. Oh Jessica! What a timely article, as I feel betrayed yet again by a close friend who seems to have completely shut me off from her life. I seem to generate exes very regularly, though can’t imagine how I contribute to it 🙁 I have a lot of friends but no one close enough anymore to share my inner world. I attributed it to my changing 720 degrees ever since Pluto hit me and I am not the same from a decade ago. Please help identify the culprit houses/planets so I can reduce my nerve wracking self-analysis. Thank you in advance and much love

    1. You will have an option to date someone by November and it will be good for you – this person expands your world. Worth a try.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    I love your articles so much! 🙂 I have an Aries stellium, for sure, but I also have stelliums in Capricorn, Aquarius and Gemini, along with a massive one in Pisces. It’s so true about the “ex-factor”, and I DO have a long long list of exes, boyfriends and otherwise. However, I don’t really know how the Aries is manifesting in my chart. I feel enraged a lot at what is perceived as injustice, but there’s this feeling of powerlessness because I’m not in a position where I could do anything to fight back, which is frustrating. I guess I’m trying to understand how my Aries factors are supposed to influence my life while working with the other stelliums in my chart.
    In addition, Uranus is going to start hitting some very interesting points on my chart soon, and right now, not only is everything in my life super frustrating(everything is stuck and not a single thing I’m trying is working out), but it feels like the few moments of quiet before you get hit by a storm.

    1. Thank you. Mercury at 7 Pisces and Venus at 7 Aries will do that! Your communication with other people is psychic, even if you are not conscious of it, which is Mercury in Pisces in the Twelfth House of your chart. Every time you feel your way into connecting with other people intuitively, you automatically meet your Venus in Aries side, which is far more more upfront, dynamic and assertive. It works the other way too. Whenever you go out there, particularly online, you find you begin to operate psychically. This can be very confusing for yourself and others until you own your clairvoyance, clairaudience, extra-sensory perception, mediumship, or however you wish to describe it. You could call it your Sixth Sense. Owning it and realising it is there, helps you figure out how to work with it. There are some very good books and videos which can assist. I always recommend starting with places like The College of Psychic Studies in London for inspiration. You will find this Pisces-Aries dichotomy is constant, as the Moon goes to 7 Pisces and 7 Aries every single month, triggering the pattern. As Chiron moves to 7 Aries it will really be a lot more obvious to you, so watch that. This is the chart placement of a ‘profile’ psychic. I am seeing Chinese letters, so I do wonder if you have a Chinese spirit guide – are you aware of that?

      1. wow, that was completely unexpected. 🙂 I think you hit the nail on the head, though, Jessica. Sometimes, I feel that I mess up delicate situations by charging ahead too fast or vice versa. Thanks for the recommendations, I’m definitely gonna look more into them now.
        I don’t quite understand what a ‘profile’ psychic is though? Is there anywhere I could get to know more about that? And, wow, a Chinese spirit guide? I had no idea or even any inkling that I had a spirit guide at all.

  24. Hi Jessica, Until reading your two articles on taurus and aries stellium i have never looked at my natal chart in terms of stelliums. So i had a look tonight and my natal chart is very strong in libra, virgo, scorpio, capricorn and aries stelliums.

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