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2018 World Cup Final – Psychic Astrology!

Tarot and astrology in combination give us a clear picture of the 2018 World Cup final. It's psychic astrology. I hope you can tune into your own sixth sense and back a winner.

2018 World Cup Final – Psychic Astrology!

Tarot and astrology in combination give us a clear picture of the 2018 World Cup final. It’s psychic astrology. I hope you can tune into your own sixth sense and back a winner.

On Sunday 15th July at 4.00pm BST in Moscow (6.00pm in Russia). France, Belgium, Croatia and/or England will meet in a contest which  (on Monday 9th July, as I write this) seems hard to predict.

France has won before, but this World Cup has already been unpredictable. The hosts Russia are finished. Brazil and Germany, the last winners, are out. The 2018 World Cup Final – psychic astrology says – will change the game. Why? Women and business. Let’s talk about that in a moment! For now, though, use your own. sixth sense to tune into these four ‘red queens’ to pick a finalist. One of these women is going to see her team in the final and see the economy boom. Brexit may be on the way in Europe but one of our four leading ladies is about to sign. some fantastic deals for her country on the back of the final.

From the top – Queen Mathilde of Belgium. Brigitte Macron, First Lady of France. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Croatia President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic.

Queen Mathilde of Belgium Daily Express 600x468 - 2018 World Cup Final - Psychic Astrology! Brigitte Macron 470x600 - 2018 World Cup Final - Psychic Astrology! Queen Elizabeth II - 2018 World Cup Final - Psychic Astrology! Croatia President. Kolinda Grabar Kitarovicjpg 600x394 - 2018 World Cup Final - Psychic Astrology!

Astrology’s Track Record and Football Prediction – the Psychic Way

In 2013, I used astrology to look at what would happen in the 2014 World Cup final. It was an interesting experiment you can read about here.

The key points about that prediction?  Uranus in Aries describes a team which is more like a military platoon. This is an aggressive opponent and there will be stretchers. The World Cup. will turn upside down. One person and situation will come back from the brink of death. There is a superstar on the pitch. A rock star. There are torn-up bets. This Cup Final is about gambling and big business. 

In 2014, Germany won because Bastian Schweinsteiger kept going even when battered, bruised and bloodied by Argentine tackles. Mick Jagger was there. And the FBI investigated the cup.

Astrologers use different techniques to predict the future. Capricorn Research does not use asteroids. I do. This is a good, very early call on Germany’s (non) chances in July 2018, though.

As he says, “Ever since it began in 1930, no national team has won the World Cup without significant transits to their chart. The German chart for 2018 has nothing happening at all.’

You know, it’s really worth following individual astrologers who really do the work on their charts. Let’s be clear about this – football horoscopes are complicated. You have to cast charts for. the teams, the nations, the managers, the players – it takes a lot of time.

Is Football Coming Home to Tintin? Can Belgium Claim the Jules Rimet?

I was born in London and so I support England. But – is football coming home to Belgium instead? The Belgium football team was born on 1st May 1904 making her a sturdy Taurus with staying power. Just like Tintin, she keeps on keeping on. I reckon she’s one to watch.

The latest  betting odds on Monday 9th July are –

  • France 7/2
  • Croatia – 11/2
  • England – 11/2
  • Belgium – 6/1
download - 2018 World Cup Final - Psychic Astrology!
Tintin (Pinterest)

Tarot, Astrology, Ceres and the Queen of Coins

Now let’s look at the astrology on Sunday 15th July and then line it up with two Tarot cards I have drawn for the great day, or the greatest game in the world. I am using local London (pub) time. These are the closest patterns to kick-off and the final whistle. As you can see below, there are some strong clues about the kind of game this is going to be. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius is the aggressive footballer who is very much a team player, but who goes backwards. He’s all over the place. As you can see Mars makes two big patterns on final day.

download 2 - 2018 World Cup Final - Psychic Astrology! download 3 - 2018 World Cup Final - Psychic Astrology!

The result will revolve around a player who is out for blood, who is either sent off, or injured out of the game. You can see the King of Cups here, who is holding the Jules Rimet trophy. That’s the winner. You can see the Aquarius logo (wavy lines) hidden in the water which surrounds him. The King of Cups represents the winning team but this card suggests chaos. This is going to be a confusing final – all over the place.

The Queen of Pentacles is the other team. The losing team. She is not holding the famous gold cup – she is holding the money! This is obviously a result for her. This woman is smart enough to know that even just being in the World Cup Final is great for the economy. It’s good for business. She is looking forward to a tourism boom and new investment as her country is paraded before millions of people. This is Ceres in Virgo and the Moon (another female symbol) enters Virgo after full-time.

Sunday 15th July 2018

12.46pm Mars Retrograde 7 Aquarius sextile Hygiea 7 Aries
6.10pm Mars Retrograde 7 Aquarius quincunx Ceres 7 Virgo
6.30pm Moon enters Virgo

I’m sure you can see that the Queen of Coins is wearing classic football strip colours – but so is our King. There are some other clues in these cards. Pisces the fishes is tucked away in the background for the King of Cups – or is this a famous fishing or seafaring nation? What are you seeing? I’m a huge fan of the ‘hive mind’ for Tarot readings and it is amazing how often a. group of people get it right.

What’s great about these patterns on the day and these cards, is that they suggest a financial boom for one of the nations who makes it. This would fit with what is happening in 2018 generally – Jupiter in Scorpio makes the money go round. I am going to repeat something I’ve said before about the 2018 FIFA World Cup, though. It’s not over when the whistle blows. The crazy decision to hold the December ballot on Mercury Retrograde Shadow and the fact that this Final is also happening on Mercury Retrograde Shadow, means – there will always be debate about the end result because of the fishy conditions under which the winners reach victory. You can be a fan of England, France, Belgium, Croatia and you will still come away from this World Cup wondering what on earth went down. Don’t be surprised if there are calls for an official enquiry or investigation. Again.

Despite that, when there are not slippery goalkeeper misses, or deliberate fouls and other rubbish getting in the way, football is The Beautiful Game and so far, this has been a beautiful tournament to watch in July 2018. May the best team win – but this astrology tells us, both teams will actually be winners, financially.

Is the King of Cups, England? He rules the waves. Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules the Waves…is our Queen of Pentacles, Belgium? Maybe you are seeing France or Croatia in these cards. We can talk more on Twitter @jessicacadams.

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48 Responses

  1. Our local team (Newcastle Australia) lost the recent grand final due to a video ref error. I can’t image how devastated my English hubby would be if a similar thing happened to thwart England winning the World Cup. Come on England!

    1. Newcastle would not be happy about a video refereeing error. Not at all! Unfortunately the field is wide open for a mistake like that, because this is a Mercury Retrograde World Final. That planet went into shadow just a few days ago. Mercury Retrograde was there in 1966 when (to this day) the German and England teams debate if the ball crossed the line or not. Something very similar to that is in store!

  2. Fascinating. I’ve never heard you talk about Croatia before(the country of my family and ancestors). I’m super curious as to what’s in store for them at this world cup. Hoping you can have a quick look at the chart and see what the future holds especially on the home front. For too many years outside influences have dictated what goes on in our small but beautiful part of the world. Our beautiful people have suffered enough and need a boost. Red & White checkers all the way

    1. It does seem that if Croatia is going to be represented in these two Tarot cards it might be as the Queen of Coins, if anything – the King of Cups is too obviously connected to the sea – and Croatia has this astonishing female supporter at the top. A true ‘Queen’ of football. If I can find an accurate, timed astrology chart for Croatia I will post it here. Thank you.

  3. Look at the body language of the four queens. Croatia with the thumbs up. And would the known economies of the other three countries receive as big a boost as Croatia? The attention of the final would bring many to seek more info on the lesser known travel destination.

    I’d go with Belgium to beat Croatia. Or England to beat Belgium. The colours of the kings say a lot.

  4. Looking at the King of Cups card, the King’s face almost looks exactly like England’s player Harry Maguire! (Number 6) or Harry Kane! Or even Macron’s face (maybe a Stretch). When you mention the tourism boom, I immediately thought of Croatia. And when you mention the aggressive team player (Mars retrograde in Aquarius), Harry Kane comes to mind (again), but also made made me think of Croatia’s Luka Modric. I feel Croatia will at least get 3rd place, if not 2nd versus France. But that king of cups card looks too much like the two Football players of England. Very exciting!

    1. I was wondering when someone would spot the King of Cups as a particular person – that is really interesting that you spotted a resemblance to Harry Maguire and Harry Kane. I need to go away and look at their photographs again!

      1. If I may interject here, I like the idea of Harry Maguire as King of Cups in the blue of Leicester. I wonder if he may have one last year at Leicester to try and win silverware before another big money move to Europe. He has certainly climbed the ladder at regular intervals in his club career and it would be ironic if he ended up at PSG.

      2. I see Harry Maguire and Harry Kane in the KIng. And they do sing we rule the waves and we have a Queen.A circle in her hands could signify a football coming home to our Queen.

  5. From the astrology chart for the final, there are 2 Grand Trines ? If you see that as 2 strong teams, I think the Water Trine (Neptune, Sun, Jupiter) represents England, because of their Sun & Mars in Pisces from 1870 chart. I think the Earth Trine (Uranus, Venus, Saturn) is Belgium because of their Sun Taurus. So I’m going for a prediction of England vs Belgium final, but still trying to work out the winner. From your Tarot cards, the King of Cups (Water) could be England and the Queen of Pentacles (Earth) could be Belgium. Is the Queen of Pentacles going to earn money by advertising Belgian chocolates and beer perhaps? Is the King of Cups is inspired by his dream of “football coming home” because Neptune 16 Pisces in 2018 has synchronicity with Mars 16 Pisces from 1870 chart?

    1. Thank you – yes, the King of Cups is telling us about Pisces (the fish in the background) and also Neptune (the ocean) – and it is quite remarkable that he is holding the gold cup trophy, the Jules Rimet. If you work with the astrology of the England team chart it lines up with Pisces and as you say, the Neptune transits on the day. There is a rabbit tucked away in the Queen of Pentacles card which may be another clue. Have another look at the King’s face – does it remind you of anyone on the England team?

  6. Goose bumps are good! A sign that someone in spirit has just moved closer to you. I am waiting to find out the birth time (if we can get it) for Gareth Southgate so a proper astrological birth chart is possible. Thank you for this!

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been loving this world cup. As a Scot who spend many happy years in London I have a soft spot for the England Squad despite the old rivalries and would love to see them win. However, I was drawn to the picture of Brigitte Marcon most strongly and the King of Cups is dressed in blue, the colour of the French strip, Pisces is on the French Ascendant. As much as I want to, I don’t feel he’s English! The Queen of Pentacles feels like Croatia.

    But hey! Who knows?!?!?!


    1. Laura, you are the third person to feel that the King of Cups is France, wearing the blue French strip. It’s nice that you have a soft spot for the England squad despite being a proud Scot!

  8. On a purely visual level, looking at the King of Cups, Belgium are the only team of the 4 who have yellow in their kit. The “away” kit is yellow and “home” kit is red. The red home kit also has yellow in it.

    Though I also think the King of Cups looks like Harry McGuire.

    Well, we’ll know after tonight if it could be Belgium!!

  9. Some interesting replies on this thread, great to read other people’s views on this topic. I looked at King of Cups face, and yes I can see a resemblance to Harry Kane, captain of England team. However, when I looked closely at the picture, an image of Luka Modric appeared in my mind and he plays for Croatia, so he’s involved in this story somehow. Also it’s not been highly publicised, but there is another “final” in the World Cup, a play-off for 3rd place between the unsuccessful semi-finalists who don’t get through the round. Is there some drama or story about that as well? Still thinking about what the rabbit could represent, but it is quite astonishing how much the cup looks like the Jules Rimet trophy. My intuition says that Harry Maguire has some link to Uranus in Taurus so he might be one player to watch, he has surprised everyone with his rapid rise in professional football in the last 2 years. In the 2016 Euro football tournament, he was photographed watching England in the crowd as a fan with his friends.

    1. Third place is an interesting new point to raise – that may need to involve a whole new Tarot reading. I agree, it is astonishing that the Jules Rimet trophy has actually appeared as the golden cup in the King of Cups’ hand! There is also such a huge Harry theme in 2018 isn’t there – Prince Harry, now the Duke of Sussex – and the Harrys in the English side – and of course ‘Cry God for England, Harry and St. George’ is the famous Shakespeare line, and England flies the St. George cross, doesn’t she. This feels like no other World Cup we’ve seen – it appears to have far deeper meaning and importance than just another big sporting event.

    2. The Queen is consoling the losing team (not money, consolation prize). She is surrounded by pastoral elements. Her people love eating Rabbit! Question is, who out of France and Croatia eat more of them?

  10. Hi Jess,

    It’s a long detailed reply, so please bear with me. And I have gone for this even before knowing the semi-final outcome.

    There are a lot of clues here and I interpret them like this. The final four are all winners. It’s a twee thing to say, but these final four teams have all played well and deserve the congratulations of the footballing world. They will all benefit from this year’s finals.

    The final will see France defeat England. The King of Cups dressed in blue is Macron. He holds an empty cup to symbolise a fortunate victory, perhaps on the dreaded curse of penalties. But it is a victory nonetheless and France have played brilliantly throughout. The fact that Macron looks a little sheepish in victory is telling.

    Dressed in red is HM The Queen, she holds a consolation prize, which may refer to Harry Kane’s Golden Boot and the respect for an excellent tournament played with honour. It is interesting that the pentagram is prominent. Perhaps they symbolise the devilment of the five penalties. The fishes of Pisces refer to the two countries inextricably linked throughout time and separated by the channel, as much as the respective leading ladies.

    Another school of thought is that England have been denied twice over here by deceit. Not only will there be a contraversial incident in the final, but the whole process of them ending up in Russia rather than on home soil as planned. The positive has been to shake England out of its recent complacency.

    In terms of mediumship, the phrase given to me was ‘A Tale of Two Sevens’. This references Dickens and his famous novel on these old enemies. The final will revolve somehow around Antoine Griezmann and Jesse Lingard. Perhaps they will take the fateful deciding penalties. Or is it they who will clash or be involved in a fateful incident?

    The astrology comes in with the events occurring at 7’. An event could occur in that minute, or I think more likely, the 7th minute of extra time. This ties in with the message I was given. Also I looked for anything at 16’ and 17’ from the English perspective. England already has plenty there, as has been said.

    The interesting thing here is that Jesse Lingard has a conjunction at 16’ and 17’ Capricorn between Uranus and Neptune. So I think we could suggest that his highest ambition and long held dream will be dashed in a moment. Gareth Southgate has Uranus at 7’ Libra, so this event may be the great test of his unflappable demeanour to date.

    On the other hand, Antoine Griezmann has his Neptune at 16’ Capricorn, so he may have the fine margin of advantage here. His Moon is at 7’ Gemini, so whatever happens he will come out of it looking well. The interesting side note here is Minerva for Griezmann is at 29’ 53 Pisces. Thousands of players of my generation will know the connection between (Mitre) Minerva and the ball itself. So his decisive finish will be very last act and coup de grace.

    And yes, I have to agree the Croatian PM has charmed the world and could single handedly revive their tourism industry with her grace in victory over Russia, even if they are destined to run out of steam and finish 4th.

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, as ever.

    1. Well, KC, I am sure the other readers in this discussion will be intrigued by your detailed and precise interpretation! You are the second person here to see the King of Cups as France. Let’s look at 7 (seven minutes) as a feature of the final and see what comes to pass. I agree completely about a clash or fateful incident. This came up in the King of Cups with his twisted foot, but at The Astrological Lodge of London last night my friend Nikki used a bag of divination charms and we were amazed to see the referee’s flat hand appear on the table. Someone will be sent off or stretchered off it seems and this will make all the difference to the result. When you hear ‘A Tale of Two Sevens’ you may also, as I’m sure some people will realise, be picking up the number 7 on a shirt! I have to say this is all making the beautiful game a great deal more interesting than usual…

      1. Well I feel a little foolish, even though I predicted many things correctly. I don’t think I can really comment objectively on a subject I feel so passionately about. However, the one thing I was pleased I got right was that all four semi-finalists would be winners: France (Golden Jules Rimet), Croatia (Golden Ball), Belgium (Golden Glove) and England (Golden Boot). However the final was instead a tale of a 17 and a 7!

        1. You used your clairvoyant skills quite brilliantly (and knowing about football helps) – I can’t think of too many people online who publicly predicted the four semi-finalists would be winners together. And they were. I think your vision of the number will show up for another reason. Let’s see what comes out over the next week or two.

  11. Hi Jessica
    Carrying on from what Kyle was saying, i definitely see the England captain Harry Kane’s face in the King of Cups tarot card. For me the bone structure of both of their faces looks uncannily similar.
    Being an England fan who has suffered so many bitter disappointments over the years watching England in major tournaments, I came in to this one not really expecting much.
    I don’t know if it is just wishful thinking on my part, but once the tournament actually started my expectations rose quite dramatically. My sixth sense, something that has served me well over the years, has been telling me that something very wonderful could be about to/will happen.
    Just curious Jessica? On the day of the final what does Putin’s or the Country Russia’s chart say to you? Can’t help but think that with everything going on between the UK & Russia recently (ie: novichok being used on English soil), Putin’s worst nightmare would surely be to see England lift the World Cup trophy on Russian soil. The thought of seeing him having to hand over the trophy to the King of Cups, sorry Harry Kane, certainly feels me with almost as much pleasure as England actually winning the World Cup in the first place! 🙂

    1. Yes, as both you and Kyle have pointed out, the bone structure of the King’s face is pretty similar to Harry Kane’s angular features! The Tarot can be uncanny sometimes. You are not the only England fan I know who had a strange sense of powerful new optimism even after the first game. This does not feel like just another World Cup for the country. You are right to pick up on Russia and Vladimir Putin as being major ‘players’ in the whole story. This is going to be about so much more than football!

  12. Gareth Southgate is definitely a manifestation of the King of Cups – if only in his ability to balance his intellect and his emotions. Having himself missed a penalty shootout for England when he was a player, he was the first to console the Colombian player who missed the penalty shootout against England (and who was incidently in the Colombian colours of red yellow and blue). If the King of Cups really does represent emotional intelligence, then Gareth is the man of the moment.

    I also love the Queen of Belgium – who is apparently half Polish. [Her mother’s maiden name was Komorowski. The family is well known for Count Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski (1895–1966), Polish Commander-in-Chief and Prime Minister of the Polish government-in-exile and for former President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski.] A very strong, beautiful and nurturing woman indeed and definitely a manifestation of the Queen of Pentacles – to my mind at least. We will have to see. .

    1. So Gareth Southgate is the King of Cups (I am looking for the Marks & Spencer’s waistcoat here) and the Queen of Pentacles is the Queen of Belgium? I don’t know very much about her so thank you for this information. It is true that the King of Cups is always associated with emotion, feeling, sensitivity and the ‘watery’ sign of Pisces, ruled by Neptune, the sea.

      1. So I chose the two losing semi finalists. No matter. The real winners this year, for me, are the Wild Boars and their rescuers – all the latter being Kings of Cups for me demonstrating as they did wisdom and compassion in balance. The monk/coach was the strong nurturer, the Queen of Pentacles, who apparently taught his charges in the dark cave how to meditate. I am sure the money will come rolling on for the team.

        [NB. There is no male and female in Buddhism.]

  13. Dear Jessica,
    I think that the French team (that I’m supporting !) has the same birthday as the Belgian team, as they played their first match against each other in 1904. Can’t wait to see the result tonight. I have the feeling that the Queen of Pentacles is Croatia as it’s the only country that is not so well known by the rest of the world. And the King of Cups, well, his outfit is dominated by the color blue… ALLEZ LES BLEUS !!! (also having a feeling that French player Paul Pogba will be in trouble, red card or something else)

  14. Jessica,
    This is so interesting but I think my team Croatia will be the winner…

    Coming from the death is the player under a goalkeeper Subashich T-shirt…

    Subasic honors dead friend Hrvoje Custich at World Cup…

    The Croatia team have heavenly love for soccer ⚽️ that even when they were many of them injured in game vs Russia they didn’t give up…

    England vs Croatia will be tough game probably with penalties too…

    Let’s watch and see…

    1. It’s good to hear from another person who comes from Croatia – I didn’t know Subasic’s friend had died. There is definitely a sense here that a player will be injured off the pitch, or sent off by the referee.

      1. Jessica,
        Once you posted this article I knew it….
        This is how I saw the King of Cups:
        Croatian president President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic is floating on the Adriatic Sea…

        All the teams are incredible but Croatia team will win…
        It is in the tarot card “The King of Cups”….

        Thank you so much…
        I am learning tarot…

  15. It will be interesting to see what Gareth Southgate’s astrology markings are. When I look at the King of Cups I see a serene, focused light, or inner strength (clarity) which seems to match Southgate himself (and look at the noses – twins). I have watched him (not all the time) since he became England manager (didn’t he stand in temporarily first, before gaining the position in his own right), and under a bearded frown and the hullabaloo around him I am sure there is a serene, strong, single-minded spirit which seems to carry much of the event forward. Additionally, I too have felt a sweep of assured ‘tingle’, or ‘breath of fresh air’ up my spine, through shoulders and chest, neck and face (not like the usual doubtful panic) when I have contemplated England’s chances. I will be brave, stick my neck out, and say I think Gareth Southgate and English football to rightfully carry home the cup. And all that water around England has been materially, historically influential on the world as we know it today, as king after king/queen has left his mark.

    1. This is so interesting that you are all experiencing that electric sensation in your auras! Thank you very much for this. It feels as if you are reading the cards very intuitively with a great deal of sensitivity and feeling.

  16. Just an update on the King of Cups. If Croatia were to win the trophy it would be the 13th cup title for Luka Modric. The King of Cups indeed

  17. I’m from Croatia so I can give a few inputs of what I know 🙂 I think that Queen of Pentacles might be Croatian President. She is Taurus, born on 29th April. I haven’t looked at her chart but I have a feeling she has some strong Aries influence. She is very strong willed and well, she’ll do what she wants to do no matter what people around her tell her to do (hence dancing and cheering during semi finals). Plus she has military experience – this is from her biography: Her colleagues at NATO often referred to her as SWAMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed). Grabar-Kitarović was the first woman ever to be appointed to the position. She served as Assistant Secretary General in NATO until 2 October 2014.
    As for the Croatian national football association, it was founded on June 13th 1912.
    Someone in the comments mentioned Luka Modric, Croatia’s team captain – he is Virgo, born on September 9, 1985
    Croatia was founded on 8th October
    So, Croatia is basically represented by earth and air signs.

  18. We now know that France will be in the final. At the end of the semi-final last night, the commentator mentioned that Didier Deschamps, the French coach, was nicknamed “the water carrier”, i.e. Aquarius, as seen in the King of Cups card! The question is whether the King of Cups symbolises Aquarius himself, or is ruling over Aquarius (“rules the waves”). I have had a very quick look at DD’s natal chart and, curiously, he has absolutely nothing in Aquarius.

    1. Astonishing isn’t it – I also heard Deschamps described as the water-carrier last night – interesting he lacks Aquarius though! The King of Cups is most certainly surrounded by the wavy Aquarius logo.

  19. Hello from Germany
    I think the king of cups is president Putin, considering the time frame the cards have been drawn. Russia is the pisces and he is still holding the trophy. Lot of water there, lot of emotions… We all know the finalists now and also we know the conection between Russia and France which could be seen on that card. I have to add that one of the reasons Germany went home so quickly is 12th house pisces, Russia, house of lost, just like it is for England aries. Croatia is virgo just like a queen of pentacles. Also king is king, a male, leo the lion, Macron!

    Anyway awesome job

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I just wanted to give an input when it comes to Croatia in these finals.. First, Croatia was born on 30 May 1990 with a 29° Venus in Aries and 29° Mars in Pisces, and Mercury at 13° Taurus that is currently opposed by Jupiter. Also Croatia’s Moon is Leo and Jupiter is 13° Cancer so a part of me feels both of these cards represent Croatia and this is the home footbal is going back to 🙂 Another interesting point would be the fact that the last time Croatia was in the semi-finals (20years ago) we lost to France (2:1). Also, Croatia is experiencing/experienced it’s nodal reversal. Croatia is a land od 1000 + islands and a seafearer nation. We have fought wars and wars in the name of French kings and even today the cravatte(the tie) that the French adopted from the Croatian warriors is being represented on the necks of many… Also, I share a birthday with the Queen, and the Moon with prince Charles Sun so all the celestial movements are hitting my home. And I am Croatian if you couldn’t tell

    1. There’s a little bit of disagreement about the Croatia chart but I think you are ‘on the money’ literally as Mercury at 13 Taurus opposed by transiting Jupiter at 13 Scorpio is about the tourism and business boom that comes from being a World Cup finalist. You are also right about the Nodes. You also know your football! I used to have a Croatian boyfriend, who I liked a lot, so I am backing your country for the World Cup. I really hope she makes it. But do look at the King of Cups. He is holding the Jules Rimet.

  21. Croatia, like Swiss is a native Virgo.
    France (same as Italy) is Leo…

    How does that impact?

    1. This seems to be the King of Cups as France (the Jules Rimet cup is French and he holds it in his hands) and Croatia represented by her football-mad Queen. I am not sure at all about France being Sun Leo. She has many, many birth charts. Perhaps you need to look at the pictures rather than the charts?

  22. I think using two tarot cards are definitely not helpful in this kind of assessment. This is not astrological delineation. But great for getting people participating. The more you look at ALL the symbols involved with the 2 tarot cards, the case is much stronger for Croatia (Both, not one). Even the Queen holding the pentacle you could say was France if you wanted, since clearly the French have it emblazoned on their shirts as its the logo of the French FFF (5 pointed Star). The Astrological chart is available care of Campion’s (The Book of World Horoscopes, Second Edition, 1996, p. 125.) I realize you won’t publish this, because of the aforementioned, but you’re welcomed to email me should you wish to debate the tarot cards being used this way. Astro chart for Croatia and France revealed a lot more. Frances chart for the 5th republic is available on the mentioned link (no confusion) and clearly it was in operation. You were right about the importance of Mars in Aquarius. It was retrograding towards the Croatian Natal Saturn. With a bullish charge from Brozovic, and Greizeman was clever enough to put his leg out and take a fall (Cannes Film Award Nominee). Mandzukic made the mistake of trying to header it out, thus becoming the first player in FIFA history to score an own goal in a final (check these two guys charts out, boy oh boy). The impulsive Mars action yielded a shocking turn in the game (Uranus). Then a VAR call for a hand ball penalty (technology) was given when a bullish charge from a Frenchman missed his header and by accident barely touched the hand of a Croat player (accidental and restrictive). The penalty taken by Greizeman (7) and converted. The poster here who mentioned the tail of two 7’s was closer to the call, than the two silly cards. Even the picture of Brigitte Macron was more telling than the two deceptive cards, since it clearly says behind her head (4 Seas LOL). For the record, Mars (7 degrees) was retrograding towards natal Saturn (5) in the 2nd house (Bullishness). While Venus and Ceres were at 6 & 7 degrees Virgo squaring part of fortune in the 6th house (competition). The promise of expansion that is the 9th and their Ascendant was not going to be forth coming. I could go on, but you get the point. Maybe next time you should get a hive going on the natal charts, rather than use two tarot cards. If you don’t have the countries, you’d be surprised whats in the federation of their national clubs charts. Should you wish to debate this, I welcome the challenge. You might be surprised by the amount of information that speaks volumes of Croatia, yet they lost. Perhaps the fact that Tourism inquiries has increased over 200% in the last week may be telling for their future (I hope so). 70% of Croat GDP comes from the services sector and tourism is the number one contributor. I trust you won’t take this personally since I appreciate your work and intentions. I just feel the two cards system is not helpful at all. Cheers Howie

    1. Thanks this interesting. I checked the charts like you say, and you were correct. Now I understand why the two player that gave away goals, also are the ones to score for Croatia. This was very unusual manifestation. You should check goal keeper. He definitely did not bring his class game. He looked dazed and confused and slow reaction time. Thanks Jessica too, next time I do research before making bet on big games lol. ;P

      1. I think we will find, in about one year from now, that there was more corruption at the Russia 2018 World Cup than even the cynics dreamed of! Sad but true. I loved supporting England but this whole event was drawn up on Mercury Retrograde Shadow and staged on Mercury Retrograde Shadow so eventually there may be a rethink of the results, right the way through!

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