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6 Month Good News Horoscope – Part II (July to November 2018)

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In the second of this two-part series, I will look at the signs Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius to see how you gain from the next six months, July to December 2018.  (SCORPIO, LIBRA, VIRGO, LEO, CANCER, GEMINI – See Part I)

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62 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this article…I love a good news article (don’t we all :)). However, I only have Hygeia in Scorpio at 00. Does this mean this cycle doesn’t have much of an impact for me?
    Thanks for your insights.

    1. You will benefit from a very new, or rather old friend. Actually you’ll be thrown the chance to make a rather special new friend – and this may already have happened. This person would be upbeat, optimistic and add so much to your world if you are smart enough to let them in. Group or team efforts as a whole will also work so incredibly well for you by the end of the year.

  2. Great read Jessica, I have Neptune at 13 Scorpio at (28′ 38′) and Proserpina at 13 Capricorn (29′ 16′) I am starting back at my old job which I took a couple of years away from. How is the astrological weather likely to affect me. Thanks, C

    1. Great aspect in your chart there, as you are the person who always finds the escape from reality with your finances (legal tax avoidance is one option, or you find ‘bubbles’ to float inside which other people don’t, in terms of what you save on your house or apartment, or how you make your lifestyle work with the bills). Neptune is about alternative universes and you have it in the house of finance, business, charity, property usefully connected to a career role as the go-between. How perfect that Jupiter should be triggered that pattern. Yet – Saturn is around too. So this is a load to carry as well, C, and not just a vacation from the real world.

  3. Wow! How exciting! I have felt really hemmed in and not being able to move forward for a very long time. Now I feel i dare to dream again! Have you got any insights that I should be aware about?
    I’m Aquarius with Apollo 15 and Neptune 22 in Scorpio. (newbie but VERY interested)
    Thank you!!

    1. You have a lot of ‘forward thrust’ now with Jupiter direct and there may already be a bonus, advantage or little lucky treasure trove right under your nose, in terms of your paid work, unpaid work or studies. Go back and look again at what you have been thrown in the last few weeks. Yet – there will be more gains and advantages to come. Focus on goals you want to achieve and allow the universe to perhaps do even better than that.

  4. Hi Jessica, I’ve been saving money like mad for a new flat, I’m living back with my parents and have been here for a year, could you say when I will be able to find a flat because I am desperately seeking freedom at the moment Thank you x

    1. You will find your flat – and maybe rather more than that – thanks to Uranus (freedom) in Taurus (property) going through your solar sign Fourth House of homes and sanctuaries. Be open to all that comes. You’ll have one decent chance this year and a chain of them in the second half of 2019. Uranus is really about the unpredictable, the unconventional, the unusual and the unprecedented. So widen your scope. Spirit can help you – jot down a list of what you are looking for, at the broadest level – near water? Security gates? Happy with a caravan? In my experience your friends, family and guides in spirit are usually quite gifted at helping to make things happen. Just make sure that when guidance comes you recognise it and follow it. But yes, you will be liberated in the end. And how.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Great and fun article! It gave me a great idea. I am currently working on a new business project in the medical marijuana field. It involves online teaching and educational videos along with selling clones of a wide variety of strains, all grown hydroponically (water, neptune).

    Does it make sense to launch my new websites (there are 2) on August 19th when Jupiter trines Neptune?

    Incidentally, my natal chart has Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius. To me, that looks like a nice placement for teaching about medical marijuana through the internet.


    1. Medical marijuana suits Neptune in Pisces because it is an escape from the real world – and often an escape from pain, for people who are suffering. Jupiter in Scorpio is business, banks and money – of course. The fact that you also have the natal conjunction is really helpful. Try August 19th. You only get one chance like that, every few years. You will be reaching out to people who also want to float on the crest of a different business wave.

  6. Wonderful post Jessica thank you. I have Bacchus and Cupido in 19deg Scorpio and Neptune in 21deg Scorpio. Today I signed a new 3 year contract to work in a senior position outside my country, for a multilateral financial institution after much tooing and froing. What can I expect? Thank you.

    1. You are really using your transits through Scorpio and Capricorn – congratulations on the new contract. Until 31st December 2018, your chart reveals the need to delegate. You will be given (or take on) far too many plans, ideas and projects. They all have fantastic potential, but there is only one of you. Or is there? Try to take time out long enough to see who you can delegate to. If that is not possible seriously consider ditching what you cannot carry and concentrating hard on what you can manage so it has the best chance of success. You are ambitious for that special place in the world, the property breakthrough, or the bigger picture – like any good Sun Capricorn person should be. Yet you also have Saturn very close by and you should not over-burden yourself with too much or it will get in the way of what you want to achieve. You also need to have a life and you also need to feel that your body (the machine) is not being over-used! So. A bit of management is required here then you’ll be on your merry way.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Finally some good days to look out for. I have Uranus in Scorpio at 29 degrees and Jupiter in Libra (3 degrees).

    I am looking for a house and working to establish myself in my marketing career.

    Career: I have been getting a lot of calls from recruiters but nothing seems right. I don’t know if it’s my own hesitation because I am looking for specific field( so I may be missing good opportunities) or maybe I am on the right track and I just need to be patient.

    House: you have talked in depth about how Wall Street and the markets will change, plus the political climate is making me think twice if I should but a house or stay put in case things aren’t great and I may have to move out of the country for different opportunity.

    Any insight will be helpful. Thank you so much!!!!

    1. Until December 31st the most important thing I can tell you is – focus on the children or young adults. I have just said this to another reader actually. This may be paid or unpaid work involving a younger generation. You have the North Node at 8 Leo and Jupiter will trine this at 8 Sagittarius. More than that, we have a lot of Leo traffic over your North Node in the Fifth House. Look up the Fifth House for more information on this. The younger faces may of course be your son, daughter, stepchild, niece, nephew or godchild. There may be salaried, or voluntary, efforts going into those born 20+ years after you. It’s delightful, emotionally rewarding and spiritually fulfilling. And you only get this once chance. Enjoy it.

  8. Thank you so much for the timely and informative article as always. I’ve been waiting for this time of year to finally arrive and I am so appreciative for the ability to plan and maximize the potential.I have 4 planets in Scorpio coming up and I will mark my calendar!

  9. HI Jessica, I loved reading this! I have touched on this briefly before with you, as I haven’t come across any Jupiter 7th house door opening in love…I’m doing all the self help work to try and understand myself and learn to love myself and be the best version of myself every day…and have been for many years now (astrology/shadow work/hypnosis/meditation, etc.)… and every day I as I get closer to my most authentic self, I energetically see distance growing between myself and my partner. My heart tells me that there is someone better for me, however my partner is not a bad man at all! He’s loyal to a fault, and I adore that as a quality, however it still feels emotionally empty…his dob: 21/11/63 born Sydney. I had a giggle to myself when I read your ‘3rd alternate ending’ a la Hollywood Style…as quite seriously, that it probably what it would take for me to really even consider walking away from everything. However, we have children and I want them with me 100% of the time…I was born to be a mum and I adore every facet of my life with them…separating with my partner would mean losing a huge part of that…it would shatter my soul into a million tiny shards. Do you see me continuing to sacrifice my personal happiness for the sake of my children? Is it even worth it, looking at my birth chart? will i even come across anyone ideal during this cycle? I’d hate to act upon an ‘Exit Stage Left’ scenario (if i even could bring myself to do that), then find myself tangling up in an even more unsatisfying situation. It would destroy me and my kids. I’m shy and sensitive and too often I find myself day dreaming about what a happy relationship is all about. I’ve never really known deep true love, we’ve been together since I was barely out of my teens and…I just have to throw my arms up in the air, and surrender to the Universe, because I honestly don’t know if I’m just delusional with my fantasies and expectations? Mind you, I say this and no body has even come my way…I can’t really blame them…I’m no model. I just want a loyal and deep abiding love with a genuine spiritually in touch man. Sorry for the rant/ramble…I know you have lots of people waiting in the queue…I’d genuinely appreciate five minutes of your valuable time. Many thanks xx

    1. Jupiter is about solutions and you are not yet into the full thrust of this cycle so it’s too early. Go back to the other reply and read it again. I understand the anxiety and the deep concern about your children but you also have to trust the process. Jupiter in your solar Seventh House of marriage, divorce, separation and partnership will do his work until he departs in November, and the loose ends will be tied up by other cycles, also in Scorpio, also in your Seventh House. You will have one door after another (still) opening to you until the end of the year to fix things. You may need repair work – like renovating a house – you may need to renovate the relationship. You may need more room to move, more space, and more advantages (lucky little breaks) – those have actually been around you since last year. Did you take them?

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I read this and know that I’ve come a long way in my life ; made drastic changes, survived health challenges & built an awesome biz based upon what I’ve learned – .and yet making complete sense to see Jupiter here in my 12 house of hidden, because it’s like this is all invisible & I’m about to go belly up !

    Although I love to teach, and many people call me and speak highly of my work – the clients just aren’t coming in this year. It’s like I finally healed, built my practice, pushed through personal grief and managed to support some incredible people (even honing in on my psychic clairsentiense ) – and now…nothing.

    In looking back in these cycles (as you’ve suggested ), I can see where in 2001/2 after peaking in PR I burned out and rebuilt a new career in sacred sexuality – and although it all sparked my attention to learn more about the body and astrology etc, (because no matter how hard I tried to get back into PR, this new Destined path was pulling me toward it) I feel so trapped by these aspects which seem to be pushing me OUT of this biz and back out there searching for work. People perceive me as successful therefore financially free but I can’t get out of my lease until Dec, and cannot keep on top of the juggle.

    Again I’m mindful of how lucky I am, given I’ve not been hampered by illness or lost a limb, living in pain (I’ve met amazing people who keep me inspired) and I am a believer that the Universe has a plan… In fact I even feel better simply voicing this here because I’ve lost a lot of personal friends in this past few years and just feel stuck with no-one to talk to.

    Seriously tho, these transits especially Saturn on my asc and Pluto in there, have been hacking my energy again for far too long. My sis ais ok for me to move up there but I hate it…my heart sank last month when visiting GC and I felt happier here back in sydney which keeps me alive – walking around everywhere in nature keeping me buoyant.

    Am I going through another ‘free fall’ pulling back into this PR : philanthropy path?

    its also a powerful life change age for me…and still wanting my own family.

    Decided today to contact organisations that knocked me back over ten years ago (foundations re eating disorders / Cancer Council re counselling patients).. maybe part time so I can still see the few clients for energy healing…

    I have worked so incredibly hard and long… bordering on ‘why bother’ vs ‘keep trusting the unknown and …?’

    As you can also see my venus and Neptune in scorpio opp my Jupiter in taurus… I feel frozen in some kind of time warp. Literally.

    Any heads up on what this means for me in the next few years? Without financial freedom and having no partner / good income flow… I can’t even go off to do a yoga retreat or do more study. Am feeling quite confused and disillusioned with life right now which I’m sure also makes it hard to attract clients.

    Gosh that’s a lot of share isn’t it?
    This bubble I’m in needs to be poppped…and I’m struggling to do it from the inside here.

    Blessings and thanks as always

    1. I understand the frustration. You need to know what is going on and why it is happening. And how to deal with it! You are asking about the next few years, so let’s say July 2018 to July 2020. What’s the key thing there? I heard the word ‘Marion’ or ‘Marian’ clairaudiently so I will pop it in there. Okay, you are a born healer but you also need healing. It’s a two-way street. I urge you to stay on the path because I think once you have been healed yourself, you will develop an astonishing relationship with your spirit guide and together the two of you can change lives. You have Cupido at 26 Leo and are more of a lioness in this period than you realise. As you probably know we have had a ton of eclipses in Leo recently and the North Node has also gone through Leo too. All this has been taking place in your Fifth House, which is where you lead, guide, mentor and influence younger people. If you have children it is usually through parenthood. If you don’t it can be through teaching or volunteering with younger faces. I think you were born to express your Cupido in Leo in the Fifth House, which you would enjoy, but at the moment you are well and truly blocked. The reason is – you need to trust the process and allow your spirit guide to help you. That means feeling vulnerable, trusting and having faith. All the things you would expect from others once you set to work on them with your guide. Ask your guide for help when you have a quiet moment. Ask for a better relationship and clues/signs so you get on track. Together the two of you can develop your Cupido in Leo side!

  11. Gosh, so I am a Pisces, and have 5 Scorpio factors (inc Rising Sign) all between 20 and 27. It’s not my dominant house though, as I have 3 houses all with 5 factors – the other two are Capricorn and Aries. I am about to attempt to re-define my role at work, and looking for more responsibility, and money! I need to convince powers that be though – this will be in early August. How will this go, do you think?

    1. You would certainly feel at ease in a position of authority as you have the MC or Midheaven at 3 Leo and as this is about your life direction, and Leo is about being ‘Queen to a younger court’ you were made for a top job and a highly influential, special role. Do have that discussion. It is hard to say if these people specifically will say yes or no, as I don’t have the chart for them or the organisation – and it’s a lot of work to do that. Yet, for you alone, yes – there is a special role coming which will give you the kudos and respect you deserve and allow you to explore your Leo MC side. I am sure you know Leo rules the Fifth House of your chart and this is where we find you guiding, mentoring, leading and setting an example to younger people. This may actually be the job (you work in a school, perhaps) or it may be an offshoot of the career you have, which has nothing to do with children or young people, but you find yourself in a work environment with interns, perhaps, or just a junior generation to your own. There is this great Patrick White phrase, ‘A perfect woman, nobly planned, to calm, to comfort and command’ and you have this about you. So, your bosses would be crazy not to give you what you want, as you obviously have a highly promising project or plan in hand and you want that to grow. You also have another generation to ‘plant’ and that would benefit them too. Sometimes people are threatened by class acts. That is the only possible reason I can think of, for anyone to get in your way. Whatever the outcome, though, yes or no – you will find that destiny puts you on a path, with fortunate Jupiter coming up to trine your MC from November, where you do in fact end up as Queen!

  12. Hi Jessica!

    🙂 I only have Pluto in Scorpio at 20 degrees for that range. The Jupiter in Scorpio cycle has been so confusing because I’ve moved so many times, and I feel like I’ve only lost money and career opportunities. Do you think the rest of this cycle would be better?

    Cheers! 🙂

    1. Well, as I write this on 13th July, Jupiter has only managed to struggle forward to 13 degrees so nothing has happened, because you are calling it too early. With Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) in Scorpio (finance, property, charity business) in your Eighth House for the first time in 12 years, what changes is going to be big. That hasn’t occurred yet! One of your other issues is Ceres at 3 Scorpio. You have Uranus clashing with that, as he is hovering around 3 Taurus. Again this is quite rare. You also have Saturn at 2 Aquarius which is pretty close, so as Uranus the upsetter goes across 0, 1, 2, 3 of Taurus it is tougher for you than other people. Although – he is the planet of freedom and independence. So you have not lost anything. You have been liberated to do your own thing. Try to see it that way if you can. Late September is the time to watch for your Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. Pluto describes how you manage the balance of power with your bank, house, apartment, business and so on. Pluto challenges you to use your willpower to become empowered. Use self-control to take control. That is the reward he offers. Jupiter will emerge a person, situation or organisation which is here to fix issues for you or open a huge new door. The actual instability of that Uranus transit will fade as 2019 gets under way and he moves away from those early degrees.

  13. Hi Jessica, thanks for a great article.
    I have nothing in Scorpio. Does it mean none of it applies to me and I’m to remain in the same job with not much money?

    1. Thank you. Money in your chart is ruled by Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus and the Second House is about the income you make, spend, save or borrow yourself. It reflects your values and nobody else’s. Scorpio and the Eighth House is about ‘matters of a joint financial nature and shared resources’ as they say – it is usually bound up with marriage, a live-in partnership, the family or Russian spies who have sex as part of their employment! (Just thought I would throw that in, given today’s headlines in The New York Times). You were born with the asteroid Aesculapia at 2 Taurus. For the first time in your life, Uranus is crossing 2 Taurus. This happens now through 2019 and you will experience this cycle as follows: July 2018 through December 2019 you change your values. You realise that what is solid gold – precious, rare and ‘glittering’ in your life – is not money or salary, but people. I’m reading your whole chart here. It can be quite exhilarating and refreshing to go through this cycle. I have seen it turn up when people begin an emotionally rewarding, spiritually fulfilling new relationship that feels like chapter one, page one, in a new book of their lives. They have babies, or are made godmothers or aunts, for example – and realise that the Christening font is where the real treasure in life is – not the pay slip. You are strongly Aquarian and need the group. Like a Tibetan monk who needs the monastery or the nuns at Nonatus House in Call the Midwife needed each other. We are seeing a ton of transits in Aquarius which is about friendships which are beautiful on the surface but also have very, very deep roots. There seems to be a rather wonderful, even spectacular emotional and spiritual breakthrough coming by the end of 2019 which shows you exactly where the special people are, and that very special situation with the group where you all pool your resources and share the space.

  14. Hi Jessica, this is much needed good news! I am supporting a tech start up and was wandering how will my Uranus in Scorpio influence/ play role? Thank you so much!

    1. Supporting a tech start up is always an interesting adventure! I will look at your chart until December 31st 2018, as a whole, to see what the main story is for you. We have Mars (heat, speed, determination, forward thrust) retrograde for quite some time, so you will be dealing with a man who has tremendous energy and quite a promising concept or idea, but he needs to fix his strategy and approach. You don’t say if the other person involved with this particular start up is a man – but if so – this is most certainly him acting out the role of Mars in Capricorn – ambitious, fearless, tough – but somehow on permanent pause! Start ups in general across this weird period of retrogrades (Mercury is also Retrograde) will find that everything is held up for a bit. That delay is really useful. It means you can talk about approach, intention, wider plans, necessary research and the rest. It’s really not enough to go charging in with the plan. What works very nicely for you is the arrival of Jupiter (export, relocation, travel) in Sagittarius (the world and the worldwide web) from November. It is so important you find exactly the right location for this concept. I realise that time is of the essence but it should also be possible to figure out a way of moving or transporting this idea to the right place (where it can flourish) in the shortest space of time, just using highly strategic thinking.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    You felt the global despair and decided to balance the scale with a positive post, didn’t you? : ))

    I don’t remember ever been in so much panic and as I said in another unmoderated post, I would love to have your insight. I do have Juno 00, Fortuna 20 and Uranus 28 Scorpio and I am juggling a tremendously long professional/financial limbo. Even though my most significant uncertainty at the moment is my relationship with someone with the sun at 14 Scorpio with 15 Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Minerva all in a stellium in the 8th house.

    What can you say?

    Thank you!

    1. Feeling panic is not good. I am sure you know the body influences the mind, and the mind influences the body, in a kind of feedback loop. I can help you with some astrology facts about your situation until December 31st 2018, but you actually need to sort out your parasympathetic nervous system. That means a technique – experiment until you find one you like, that helps your nervous system get back to normal. I always recommend Dr. Claire Weeks to people who are suffering from panic or anxiety as she has such a great track record – look at the comments on YouTube or Amazon to see! Okay, so your chart reveals the most important thing until the end of 2018 for you is to take your project, plan or qualifications to another region or country. With Venus, Neptune and Minerva in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, you have a huge array of opportunities to make those ideas of yours thrive, but you will need to travel, move or export. This is far and away the most crucial fact about your chart. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, hope for the future, the big picture and the big, wide world – as well as the worldwide web. I don’t see any way you can make things work in your own city or country by the end of the year. Yet, Jupiter will land with a bump in your Ninth House (hit Search to read more about that) in November and that’s your cue. You can actually start networking and firming up friendships or professional relationships before then, just by using the faster-moving transits of Sagittarius, like the Moon (once a month). You will be amazed at how much better the whole picture looks once Jupiter changes signs. Absolutely no need for panic. I see the limbo. You need to get grounded, come back to earth, get into the firmest possible stance or position – then use that Sagittarius view (quite a global one) to help you take the concept or brainwave elsewhere. There may be more than one. Jupiter has a way of giving you ‘more, more, more’ so don’t forget everything at your fingertips. Look at what has worked for other people, why it has worked, and where it has worked. That might be the place you or your plan needs to be.

  16. Hi Jessica

    With my birth chart, how will this cycle effect me pls?

    Thank you xx

    1. Now through December 31st 2018 the most important thing I can tell you is about the group. We have Aquarius weather in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. Now, all of you together can turn things around and make it work. You share good, budding ideas with plenty of top potential. Together, if you joined forces, and had a sense of shared direction, you could find just the right place and space, to make it all work. To grow together. However, there is a risk of you all heading in the wrong direction, not uniting, not co-operating or collaborating – and nothing comes of it all. What a shame that would be. Try to take control of this before it’s too late. You have Jupiter (good fortune) in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. Hit both Jupiter on Search and the Eleventh House to see what this means and why I think it’s so important. This reminds me of The Beatles when their drummer Pete Best was out of the band. When their audition was turned down. They could either have kept going or broken up. They kept going!

  17. Jessica, thanks for this. Jupiter always lifts my spirits and delivers hope, and your breakdown always helps me see light in the future. I am confused on how to apply this personally though. Having Diana, Vesta, Uranus, and Psyche in Scorpio as a stellium in my chart makes me believe my gains are significantly increased in those areas. But this says Capricorn gains are in the 11th house and that speaks to friendship and Aquarius. My mind is boggled. Is this about friendship, money, female independence, radical change or have I just overthought this and mixed up the whole experience? I appreciate your positive post and clarity on August 19 as well.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. There are two stories. One is public – about your Sun Sign chart. You are a Sun Capricorn so you gain from making new friends who open up your world and also by involving yourself in team or group efforts. People power pays off. There is another story too. It is private. This is your private birth chart based on time, place and date of birth. This second story is about cash, homes, charity, business, possessions. It’s also great. If you have Scorpio factors 13 through 29 in your Eighth House of finance then on a personal level there is a pay-off, reward or saving of an unforgettable kind, by November. You have Uranus at 15 Scorpio. Lucky. When Jupiter moves to 15 Scorpio there will be an opportunity or solution not possible in 12 years which enables you to accept change, make change and realise that freedom is for everybody, including you.

  18. Hi Jessica
    I just loved this article as it gave me fresh hope for love in my life.
    But would that be Mr Virgo (24/9/63) whom I’ve loved for 5 yrs , despite his confusion… or Mr Cancer (5/7/59) who is new to my world. ?
    Thank you so so much Jessica for any guidance you’re able to offer.

    1. Love and sex until December 31st, S? I have to say, loving someone for five years without a result is very British! (No matter what nationality you are. Britain is the home of the secret and unfulfilled crush). The thing is, passionate people often get what they want. When you pour so much time and energy into wanting a man, you get a man. The key to your chart is actually the children. Yours or his – in either case. You don’t say if you have any but with all the Leo weather and Cancer weather not far behind, the answer to everything is those younger faces. This is about family not one-on-one. It’s hard to say any more because I don’t know which of you three (if any) have children, if you want them, and if you would be prepared to go into a sexual relationship with a completely different person who has children from a previous marriage or is open to adoption or pregnancy with you!

  19. Hi, Jessica, Thanks for sharing the article. I feel that my Jupiter cycle so far has been crucial to me, and I have Hygeia at 16° Scorpio 04′ 27”, what might it mean to me?

    1. Well, Hygiea was the Roman goddess of prevention. Her name is hidden in the world hygiene. She is about prevention being better than cure. So Hygiea rules the pre-emptive strike in the military. She is also associated with cholera and clean water. They found this powerful asteroid, who is in Jupiter’s family, in the same year that a major cholera outbreak occurred. The idea that ‘forewarned is forearmed’ is crucial to this asteroid. By herself she is not such a big deal, but when she is under transit from Jupiter, who as Apollo’s father and the grandfather of Aesculapius is her great-great grandfather – she matters. I am sure you know Scorpio is about your land, house, rental apartment, yacht, company, business projects, charity commitments, family money and so on. It can also be about partnership ‘deals’ between man and woman, either purely platonically or as a classic marriage-and-mortgage arrangement. When we have your great need to protect the future there, opened up by Jupiter, we have an opportunity which can only occur once every 12 years to shore things up for yourself. This goes way beyond some kind of insurance policy. This is an investment in tomorrow to keep yourself safe. To protect yourself. Very sensible.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I have my Descendent at 18 Scorpio, Neptune at 26 Scorpio and Mercury at 29 Scorpio. Do you place any significance on 29 (anaretic) degrees?


    1. I wouldn’t know an anaretic degree if I fell over one! Sorry, not a technique I use…you must know that Scorpio and the Eighth House are about saving or making money. Sometimes it’s a friend who lends you his beach house for the year. Neptune is the escape from reality – cheap or free credit. The easy, fast loan which is almost painless to pay back. Mercury is of course signing or accepting signatures. I’m sure you can see that the end of the year, when Jupiter goes across 26, 27, 28, 29 Scorpio will bring a real sense of relief and release (rather like getting into a spa – Neptune rules water). Nothing is real. This really isn’t your money, your house, your shopping or whatever. Yet, it’s what will get you out of a situation you don’t want in your life any more, or into a situation that’s really rather tempting. We often see this kind of pattern when grandparents throw money towards a grandchild, or there’s a really irresistible offer from a tenant. Very good time to say yes, in general.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    This is my second post in hope of receiving an answer.
    I loved your detailed article.
    I have Mars at 22 and Mercury at 27 Scorpio. I also have Uranus at 0 and my DS at 8 Scorpio.
    Any insight specially on education, academia, job would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    1. Sorry, this last few posts which Jodi has designed so beautifully have been very popular so the queue is rather long at the moment. I’m now at my desk on Friday morning and happy to take a look at your chart. Until 31st December 2018 the most important thing is really the group. You’re certainly going to have an opportunity to sign, or accept a signature, which would either save you money or make money. That will come later in the year when Jupiter conjuncts Mercury. Yet, my eyes are on the Eleventh House of your chart, ruled by Aquarius, as we have some crucial Aquarius weather thanks to the South Node in that sign initially, then ultimately Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (by 2023) all in this area of your horoscope where you commit to group projects, play your part within a team, club, society, community and so on. You have Fortuna, Salacia and Psyche here. If you all want to succeed and plant your individual plans, as well as help each other to support your mutual plans, then you are going to have to act quickly to avoid an outcome you do not want. Unite, focus, aim and have a strategy. Get your eyes on where you all need to be and go there. If you don’t do this then I’m afraid that the group and all its potential may go nowhere.

    1. Absolutely. If your birth time is strictly accurate, then the MC will be precisely right and for the days Jupiter is conjunct your MC in Scorpio your life direction in finance, charity, philanthropy, business, property or as a collector will expand to your total advantage.

  22. Hello Jessica, What a great article. I have Jupiter at 16 Scorpio. I think I am going to have some luck in some area of my life. Good news, indeed.

  23. Hi Jessica, I’m Sagittarius and have Neptune 29°Scorpio 30′ 31″.
    Although not an Aries, I was drawn to previous readers and your comments regarding “Love and Sex – passionate people often get what they want. When you pour so much time and energy into wanting a man, you get a man. The key is actually the children”. In my case it is my children to Pisces man 19.3.64. Though, the man I’m passionate about, wanting and loving for 6 years is Taurus 7.5.81. You also mentioned that Taurus make a breakthrough with a relationship/partner. I continue living in hope and greatly appreciate any advice, insight from you. Many thanks in advance.

    1. So the father of your child is a Pisces but you have spent six years desiring a Taurus. And you are hoping that the breakthrough for Taurus in love, will be with you. Let’s have a look at what is going on until the end of the year. There is a genuine offer of affection for you. I don’t know if this is your Taurus, your Pisces or another man as there are no birth times or places for either of those two! Yet, you will find someone who is travelling, or even moving, with bags packed is your answer. If we are talking about emotional fulfilment, sincerity, and solid gold people, this man is what I am seeing. You don’t say anything about your children, or if you have an adult son, but there is even a chance this could be him, if he is a university student coming home for the holidays, for example. Yet – you can’t knock precious and heartfelt feelings like this, no matter if they come from children or from suitors.

      1. I don’t’ have birth times, but Pisces born in Madeira and Taurus born in Brazil. Both my boys are 16 and 19 years old but they both live at home attending local school and Uni. I hope this helps and yes I hope that the breakthrough for Taurus in love is with me. My heart breaks and it brings me to tears when I read your reply, I feel as though I’m crazy to think let alone hope that about Taurus. Many thanks again for your time, Jessica.

        1. Taurus is absolutely in the zone for improvements, growth, expansion and problem-solving, either with a former partner, or a potential partner. I’m not sure why you are crazy to think you have a good future relationship ahead some day – there are 3.5 billion people out there who would qualify and as average life expectancy these days is 71 (at the very least) you have a long time and a lot of men out there. Even if Taurus is not your man, there are so very many more. I understand, though. You want this one. He’ll know what he’s doing, once and for all, by Christmas.

  24. Hi Jessica
    I have Neptune 9, IC 24, Diana 22, Hygeia 25 in Scorpio. My role at work is being redefined by others which is of great concern for me. How will this cycle impact my life?

    Thank you.

    1. I’m sorry you are having those concerns about the people at work. You are actually being ‘Neptuned’ or going through cycles of Neptune affecting your chart, but your own Neptune is also being triggered. This means imaginary worries and fears. So the answer is, try to see that you are projecting things onto people. You might see them as being a snake in the grass, or whatever, but actually many things are in your head, on this cycle. There can be illusions, some confusion about what people are actually intending (or like) – and more. There are also daydreams there about money and property. The nice thing about Neptune cycles is, you can make those dreams real. Banish anything which is a drain on your energy and instead actively reach for the money, precious possessions, assets that are out there for you – if you make it so.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Looking at my Scorpio patterns after an intense 2018 so far, hoping things will start easing up! Any advice on where to point my focus would be much appreciated!

    1. The most important thing about your chart until December 31st 2018 is a large sum of money, if you can believe in it, reach for it and make it real. Jupiter is abundance. Scorpio is cash. You will either make this, receive it or just save it. Jupiter passes Psyche at 20 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance as the year slowly draws to a close. Slowly draw money towards you in your mind. You will travel with it or make home improvements.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Would you be so kind to give an insight on what may come my way in the next months and where/when is it that i need to say yes to opportunities. I am wishing for a relationship and release of fears when it comes to romantic relating and i have met a guy i feel very connected to (a past life connection) but there is a triangle going on for both of us (another past life connection). I simply do not know what to pursue for the highest good of all included. And all feels so fated but i dont know if it is the good or bad kind… He is a Pisces btw who’s Sun is exactly squaring my vertex and his Venus/Jupiter conjunction at 29 Aries is conjunct my Sun at 0 Taurus just to name a few synastry aspects

    1. I am having a lot of readers this morning who are women who want to get married. You’re in love with a Pisces. I don’t use the vertex by the way, so I’ll move right past that and just read the whole chart. You may want to look at a long reply I just posted on why on a planet with 3.5 billion men, you have chosen this one to have a crush on. And of course if there is a triangle – he is with another woman, or you are with another man – then we also have to ask ‘Why someone else’s lover?’ Only you can answer those questions. You have Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House and so you are right when you say you have ‘fears’ when it comes to sex. The Eighth House is ruled by the Scorpion, and the promenade a deux of these creatures is their mating ritual. They can eat each other, or sting each other to death, when they have sex. The ancient astrologers had a sense of humour because they knew that marriage could be just as deadly. In fact, in the ancient world, wives and husbands could poison each other to get out of a bad marriage, or hire what was essentially a hitman! Today we are little further on, in terms of our evolution, but it is still true that marriage can also ‘kill’ people. It’s the same for common law marriage. Living together. If it ends it can destroy people emotionally but financially too. So I hope you are getting a feel for Saturn in Scorpio in your Eighth House. A very, very common outcome of Saturn (fear) in this area of the chart is to avoid ever having to risk the dreadful consequences of divorce, separation, the earlier death of a partner and the rest – by falling in love with people you don’t have a chance in hell of ever having sex with! (Or having a commitment with). It’s unconscious avoidance. So, for example, we have the classic case of the Irish barmaid who falls madly in love with the local Catholic priest, because she knows it will never happen. Thus, she manages to also avoid the potential risks of the promenade a deux! What I’d really like to talk to you about is a group situation in your life. This group is composed of people whose ideas and opinions are so much alike. Just like yours. So why is the group so difficult? Why is there so much high emotion? Exactly. Healing can begin, and people power can begin, when feelings are put aside and everybody takes a deep breath and tries to reconcile the past and realise that what they share could be big. Huge, actually. Together you can do more than you ever could alone. Try to regroup!

  27. I’m a Sag, and I don’t have much in Scorpio except Ops at 27 degrees, how will the Ops affect me? Thank you.

    1. Your whole personal birth chart until December 31st 2018 reveals a large lump sum of money – if you want to reach for it – and make it real. Ops is an asteroid representing hope, solutions and optimism in your horoscope. She was Jupiter’s mother, actually, and he is the biggest and the best. This may be a bonus, raise, investment return, profitable sale, family gift or similar. You can go travelling as a result, or fix up your property! Make it so.

  28. Hi Jessica! Thanks for such a wonderful article, as always. I’m a Sun in Scorpio with the following planets in Sag: Saturn, Uranus, Ascendant, Vulcano, Apollo and Bacchus. I definitely identify with my Sag side more than my Scorpio side. Throughout Saturn in Sag, I experienced lessons through my travels which were tough but also of a very valuable nature. I’m also hoping to meet my life-partner before Jupiter switches into Sag. The issue is that most men don’t want to be with a woman who travels so much – in the mind, through actual work trips or even for just learning and fun ( even though they may be like that themselves, which I find so unfair). I tried to reduce my travel days .. i met some prospects in my area but they did not match my expectation. Now I think the only way to meet someone is to positively endorse my sag side even more and create good value for people – this will possibly put me in a potential pool of partners – do you think this is possible. I also almost always have a unique karmic bond with all sags – but they don’t want to share their life with me. It’s quite a conundrum Sag is always on the go but doesn’t marry people like that. I appreciate all your advice as to how I can meet a partner – through work, trips etc love, respect and regards.

    1. Life partners are a funny thing, because not everybody gets them. My parents did, but – lifelong marriage is not for everybody as a lot of readers on this website will tell you. Let’s have a look at your chart. You have Fortuna and Bacchus in Libra in the Seventh House, and that’s basically it. Partnership, in the true sense of the word, does not define you. It is not central to your existence and it does not say who you are. So, I wonder why you feel such a strong urge to get married, when you travel all the time anyway. You were born in 1988 so perhaps you are just feeling what Prince Charles once did – the pressure to be wed by the age of thirty! You are actually a Sun Leo, not a Sun Scorpio. You will have your birthday soon, so that is another reason to feel pressure. You also need to know – it is all about one or more former lovers. That’s what 2018 is about for Leo people, but also for you personally, as you have a huge Leo chart signature. This may be one boyfriend in particular, or even two or three of them. The Node going through Leo at one end, and Aquarius at the other, is about harking back to life as it was around 19 years ago and remembering old lessons to apply now – also, perhaps, to hold out your hands for some karmic rewards. I don’t really think you can start talking about marriage, or even common law marriage, until you have ironed things out with your old boyfriend. This will happen to you – you won’t even necessarily pursue it. By November the karma is complete and then you can start thinking about the future. Again and again, I am being told, this is about children. Would you become a stepmother to another woman’s child? Would it be enough for you to have a godchild, or beloved niece/nephew, but simply live with a man, without children? Would you adopt? Do you want a late-life pregnancy or not? This is really where it all starts to matter. So, before you even get to the wedding question, you need to deal with the children question. In fact 2019 is all about that, but the signs are there now. Fate will play its part as there is a ‘pull’ with the Node cycle that means , as Patric Walker said, ‘Life is what happens to you when you make other plans.’ Read the Leo Weather feature I wrote as so much of this will apply to you by this time next year!

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Please can you tell me how i will be effected over the next few month.

    My sun sign is Aquarius.

    I have the following Scorpio aspects;

    Pluto 7 Scorpio
    MC 0 Scorpio
    Cupido 25 Scorpio
    South Node 2 Scorpio

    Thank You

    1. Cupido at 25 Scorpio is important because you can make people fall in love with the deals you strike over money, houses, possessions, charity, business or apartments. You also tend to fall in love with the deal, and the outcome. We find this a lot in people who work as accountants or in qntique retail. It is also common in the charts of women with rich lovers, or whose partners give them a home! When Jupiter (expansion, growth, solutions) moves to 25 Scorpio for the first time in 12 years, a substantial opportunity or answer will appear and that is set to happen in October, and there is rather a useful pattern very close to the 19th of that month.

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