Eclipse! July 2018 Astrology

Eclipse! On July 27th and 28th, 2018 we have the longest lunar eclipse in a century. If you're in the right place, you will also see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with your naked eye - without a telescope. What does this mean for your horoscope? What's the astrology story for your sign?

Eclipse! July 2018 Astrology

You have probably heard about this dramatic eclipse across Friday 27th July and Saturday 28th July, 2018 (allowing for different time zones and countries). It is a Full Moon with the Sun at 4 Leo and Moon at 4 Aquarius. This total lunar eclipse also falls at a very unusual time, when you can look up and see the planets without a telescope.

This obviously depends on how clear your night sky and where you are. In Tasmania, Australia, where I spend half the year, it will be brilliantly clear. Try your Smartphone app if you’re in a big city with too much light pollution to see.

Even if you can’t see the show with your own eyes, though, you’ll feel the show. So what is going on, here?

Expect much more than just this eclipse. We also have Mercury in Leo, Venus in Virgo, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn. And they are as unusually visible, as the Moon will be invisible.

You’ll see what is going on. And you won’t see. Things will be unusually clear. And strangely unclear, to the point of invisibility. This is a weird time. And here’s the thing. You won’t know what was going down, until months later. Maybe not until 2019!

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You and the People You Know – How Your Horoscopes are Affected

Astrology can give us clues about the gender of the people at the centre of the story. The issues. And the full picture!

*Look to little boys, teenage boys and young men in your family circle and your network of friends and acquaintances. One is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. As covered-up as the Moon will be. He also has a blind spot. He can’t see (even) himself. You can’t and won’t be able to read this male at the heart of the story as July ends. He can’t even read himself. Don’t judge.

*Leo is royalty and aristocracy – privileged people at the top of the table. In your own life this is the VIP type. The heroic, fiery, impatient, energetic, impulsive ‘knight’ in shining armour on a crusade. Part of the court. Part of King Arthur’s Round Table. He’s a man on a mission, or even a boy on a mission, but the problem is Mercury’s retrograde motion. He’s stuck. Thwarted.

*Aquarius is the round table! This is the actual circle of people the King needs to be loyal to him and fight for his side. This is where the story becomes conflicted and complicated. In your own life it will be about a group of some kind. A ’round table.’ There are major conflicts here between doing what is right for the group, and for yourself (within a group) and the leader.

*Virgo is about duty and service. I mentioned knights who carry out a mission for their King. Well, with Venus in Virgo there are major issues here about ‘doing my duty’. Virgo and her ruler Mercury are about the worldwide web and multimedia. About press announcements and launches/new beginnings of all kinds. Important meetings. Yet, nothing will happen as it should!

*Jupiter in Scorpio is about buried treasure. Tremendous wealth, glittering prizes, priceless objects and solid gold. It’s about what’s tucked away in bank vaults, just as the Egyptians used to stow away the wealth of Pharaohs underneath the pyramids. Jupiter is visible at this eclipse so we can’t just pretend he’s not there. The background question is about – what’s down there?

*Finally, there is not only a financial slant at the end of July, there is also a big message about what it takes to get to the top. Saturn in Capricorn says – it’s heavy to be in the hierarchy. To be at the top of the pyramid. It’s also heavy to be down below! Like Saturn, Jupiter is firmly in the background. This boy or man has major questions to answer about top/middle/bottom.

You really have to zero in on the Leo weather as July ends, and the Leo weather is about the difference between being the messenger and the King. The journalist and the President. The young Prince giving a speech and the Queen’s wishes. Bringing it down to earth in your own life, so much depends on the message or the information for an important and established person in your world – a leader. Yet, with Mercury’s weird motion and that big eclipse blind spot, nothing moves or gets through. It will only be later that we realise what was actually going on. This pans out in your own life, but also politically on the world stage.

Should you trust the message and the messenger as July ends? Why would you trust any person or information that wasn’t moving normally. That wasn’t wide open for inspection. Why would you trust that ‘something not right’ feeling as July ends? Are you a Premium Member? Check your personal birth chart for factors that fall right on 4 degrees because you are likely to feel it most. Nobody would deny that the information is really important – the plan or idea has potential – but the timing?

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The Leo and Aquarius Weather – Friday 27th July, Saturday 28th July

Now – adjust for your time zone as I’m writing this in London. At 6.13am in London on Friday 27th July, the Sun in Leo stands right opposite Mars in Aquarius. That’s probably enough to start the tension between people in charge, and people in the group. The King and the court. The Queen and the people. In your own life you’ll see that happening for colleagues, family members, friends, partners. It may affect you too. There are major questions going down here about democracy, people power and fairness for the many – and the reality of the situation for people at the top. I’m betting you’ll see this in the news, too. It’s really about the White House and Buckingham Palace.

The younger boys and men in the Trump dynasty and the Windsor circle are the ‘people of interest’ here. Given that the elders are so very advanced in age, we’re talking about the following faces and their extended circle.

Prince Charles
Prince Harry
Prince William
Eric Trump
Donald Trump Junior
Jared Kushner

At 11.40am that day, eclipse day, the Moon enters Aquarius. Then at 12.21pm, Mercury at 23 Leo is conjunct Bacchus at 23 Leo. The actual Full Moon is perfect at 9.20pm on Friday night, which is no doubt when Londoners still start howling.

Do you have your personal birth chart? If you have anything at Leo 4 or Aquarius 4, this is really important for you and you may want to steer clear of major judgements or action plans around this time – adjust for your city. The Total Lunar Eclipse takes place at 9.21pm, also at 4 Aquarius. An eclipse is a blind spot. A cover-up. Things are blotted out. You can’t see what’s there.

The North Node stands still at 5 Leo, very close by, at 10.30pm so that is a really dramatic day of astrological weather. Look, the sky is not going to fall on your head. But – you don’t mess with eclipses, as the late, great astrologer Debbie Kempton-Smith used to say. Don’t assume. It may take months to realise what you were not seeing, or could not possibly know at the time!

This Aquarius theme is really big. Why? Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius at Christmas 2020 and Pluto follows into Aquarius from 2023. These are slow-moving planets with a long lead-time and a very long after life too. Aquarius is the friends within the circle (real friendship or Fakebook friendship, if you like) but also the very real power that comes from being part of a political party like the Democrats, Labour, the Conservatives, the Republicans and so on.

You are going to see some crucial issues at eclipse time, for yourself or the people you know, about the group they are a part of, and how that group deals with its own influence. Just remember – you can’t see. Or you’re not looking.  Neither is a key person.

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The Visible Planets in July 2018 and Your Horoscope

Astrology at its ancient heart is the sister of astronomy. Our ancestors used to see the brightest, twinkling diamonds in the sky (far brighter than mere stars) and see where they were, in relation to those stars. Perhaps it was a kind of memory-jogging device, to let them know that when Mars or Saturn, for example, were in a particular part of the sky – this kind of thing happened on planet earth and these kinds of people were born!

That long association of Mars with war comes from his red colour. The red planet. He twinkles a dark orange or red in the night sky and if you are very lucky you will see that in July 2018. We associate red with fire engines and alarm bells. Emergencies. You fight fires. Blood is red. Bloodshed can be red too. This is astrology! There is no scientific or rational explanation for this association. It just is.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be visible in July 2018. And they make strong patterns around eclipse time which we must pay attention to. The old astrologers would have done just that. On eclipse day, for example, the Sun is opposite Mars – as we’ve seen. Mars is in Aquarius, the sign of communities, trade unions, groups, teams, secret societies, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, people power movements of all kinds. Mars is red-hot. He’s clashing with the Sun. Right opposite. More heat. Just as the old rule ‘above and below’ applies to astrology, so it is with these obvious planets.

What’s obvious about the end of July? Soaring temperatures. That’s the heatwave across Japan, the United Kingdom and other places dragged into a red-hot summer with Mars the red planet dominating the skies. There’s a fire risk which I have written about elsewhere on this website. Wild fires. Deliberately lit fires which are the result of ‘new’ terrorism or old style arson.

What else is obvious? The dated nature of hiearchies – the old pyramid structures of the class system, aristocracy, royalty and Trump-style ‘dynasty as democracy’ presidency. That’s a really interesting thing about July. It feels as if it’s going, going, gone and that’s because our Capricorn weather is hitting slow crisis point, to be gone for good from Christmas 2020!

Capricorn rules the top of the mountain as this is where Capricorn the goat climbs to its peak. In modern life it is about skyscrapers and  the Trump towers (as I often mention) because you ‘make it to the top’ when you have a penthouse at the top. The message that stops – the press conference that isn’t – the information that doesn’t make it on that eclipse is in that story.

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New Predictions, True Predictions

I made a prediction over a year ago about a change in the balance of power at Buckingham Palace. A pregnant pause in the royal family and also for the Trump dynasty was showing up in the horoscopes. Have a look at that now. It’s time and date stamped. Some of it has come to pass. There were pregnancies in both the Trump and Windsor families. An old Prince stepped down from a lifetime of duty. But – there’s more. This whole story does not stop until 2019 and it involves a chain of cover-ups which began way back on The Great American Eclipse. Remember that? Donald and Melania were photographed looking at the sun. The fact is, eclipses are not ‘evil’ or even ‘lucky’ they are – just what you might think. Weird, rare events when you risk blindness if you look. That’s a metaphor for not seeing straight/not seeing clearly/not seeing at all. That’s why we say – don’t act or judge.

The Facts! Leo and Aquarius, Fifth House and Eleventh House

I’ve mentioned that this total lunar eclipse, or Blood Moon (it will look red-orange) is about the Moon in Aquarius as well as the Sun in Leo. If you do happen to have factors in Leo or Aquarius – maybe even both signs – this weather will sweep through your chart and trigger issues about the heirs to the throne in your life. Leo factors? This may be children or young people you are professionally involved with, as well as your son or daughter.  Aquarius factors? This is so clearly about the group. The friends. It’s the younger people – maybe teenage, maybe early twenties – who are part of the group – who are so fated now.

Watch it LIVE

Look up for Mars, too, at eclipse time.  Mars in Aquarius is very close to the eclipsed Moon on July 27/28 and is easy to see with naked eyes, especially if you are fortunate enough to be in Australia away from light pollution created by high-rise apartments. It’s the longest lunar eclipse in a century.

Mars is the closest it’s been to us since 2003. That is important. 

When the Moon passes into Earth’s shadow, creating a total eclipse, it’s a total blackout. It’s a total cover-up. In fact, it’s the longest total eclipse of the Moon for the next 105 years. When you can’t see where someone is going, and don’t know what they’re not showing, why go there?

And Venus Was Her Name

I mentioned Venus would also be visible along with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Now, this is really interesting because on Saturday 28th July, London time, we find her making her presence felt too. She is the planet of complicated relationships. In fact, all the naked-eye visible planets are making patterns that Saturday! Again if you are a Premium Member check your chart. This is not as big a deal as anything at 4 degrees, which the eclipse picks up, but there will be a story for you. The ‘what’ of that story can easily be found by looking up the meaning of the planets involved. Even if you’re not lucky enough to be in Tasmania, Australia as July ends – with its stunning night skies – at least hit the NASA website, or your phone, so you can see the show. As I said before, you’ll truly feel it!

2.25am Venus 19 Virgo trine Pluto 19 Capricorn
10.46am Mercury 23 Leo square Panacea 23 Taurus
2.28pm Venus 20 Virgo quincunx Diana 20 Aries
5.40pm Mars 3 Aquarius semi-sextile Saturn 3 Capricorn

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45 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, a truly excellent article once again. I’m a Piscean with stelliums in Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Leo. As you mention above factor in both Leo & Aquarius will sweep through my chart, so what can I expect from the eclipse and going forward? Children have been coming up a lot regularly however I haven’t seen or had contactwith my Son, age 24, & Daughter, age 21, in almost 14 years. Have I to be wary if they make contact because as you say eclipses hide things?

    Aquarius factors – 3 Diana, 4 Desc, 8 Saturn, 13 Hygeia, 17 South Node, 25 Ops & 27 Jupiter.

    Leo factors – 3 Moon, 4 Asc, 17 North Node, 18 Apollo, 27;Uranus.

    Kindest regards


    1. I am sorry you have not heard from your adult children in nearly 14 years. Did you know you were born with the Moon at 3 Leo opposite Diana at 3 Aquarius? The Moon is ‘the need to be needed’ and is a symbol of motherhood. In Leo, she is really about your life as Queen to your heirs to the throne. There is a clash inside you – an inner conflict – between that and the fierce independence of Diana, who asked her father to release her from the twin burdens of marriage and motherhood. Diana is in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. So there is a lifelong tug-of-war going on here, between motherhood (and your role as leader, guide and mentor to your children) and the space, freedom and loathing of ties, which comes as a result of friends and groups which affect your life, or perhaps within those circles. We are moving towards a massive shift in your horoscope, as the eclipse will cut right across your Diana-Moon opposition around Friday. Later on, the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius will move to 4 degrees so the circle of karma will complete. In general, avoid judging or acting regarding your children at this time – or in fact, any younger faces in general. You just don’t know and you can’t see – it’s that simple. Yet, later this year, as the Nodes approach Diana-Moon, you will be given a chance to pay off karma and receive karma too. I have to wonder if this is not about a pregnancy for either your son or daughter, actually, as grandchildren are ruled by Leo/Fifth House. So, not now – but certainly by November, when the Nodes leave Leo and Aquarius for another 19 years – you have a fated opportunity to close the circle with your son or daughter. To leave things in the best possible place. Good luck Nicola.

      1. Hi Jessica, thank you very much for your insight. Most of what you wrote was new to me however what you wrote re children/grandchildren is something that my intuition has been telling me. Any contact will be welcomed but with caution until I can work out the reasons why. It may be a genuine need, it could be a hidden agenda. Thanks for reminding me that eclipses hide things. All the end of the day i’ll trust my gut/intuition.

        Thank you

        Nicola x

  2. Hi Jessica, love your writing as usual and also love those Tassie skies !
    I have Ceres 19 Virgo and Salacia 19 Capricorn . I know that Ceres is about sharing and Salacia is ” all at sea ” and boundary issues from reading your work .Then thinking about the sixth house of daily work and the tenth house of career and climbing to the top. This has been an ongoing theme for over 25 years in my relationship. My husband has climbed to the top of his profession and shines up there because I have taken care of everything else behind the scenes ,and I mean everything ,( his children, our children, his family and all the day to day stuff ) which is
    where the daily duties of the sixth house are, right ? Trouble is, he looks great out there in the world and I don’t even look good on paper any more ! I also have South Node 20 Capricorn and I have been watching ( and feeling ! ) Pluto cross backwards and forwards. Thing is, I want to climb too !
    Would appreciate your insights very much. Many thanks.

    1. Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra women do very well at being mothers (Cancer) and wives (Libra) but there is a natural conflict between these signs (a square) and so it is common to feel that you cannot square the two roles. All this is coming to the surface now as we have a lot of traffic about to pass through Cancer and Capricorn, the opposite sign, from November this year. In fact, about 19 or 20 years ago, many of the things you will be grappling with in 2019, were also in your life. I see the huge Virgo stellium in your chart alongside Cancer and Libra, and again – this is the sign of duty, service and above all, striking items off the list so others can see the wheels go round! I wonder if you wouldn’t be happier finding a voluntary role, charity role or similar. Strongly Virgo people like you do ‘need to be needed’ but there are so many organisations which would love your assistance. You would then be able to climb – which is what you are feeling. There are also part-time positions in schools, for example, which could be a good way to use your caring Cancer sun. You are right to feel Pluto as this cycle can only happen once in your life, and it is happening now. Light a candle and ask your guides to find you the dream role for your talents, skills, abilities and good nature. Then follow the signs when they come. You might be stunned by what happens, this time next year.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I have Venus @ 4 Aries, Ops @ 4 Virgo, and Mercury @ 5 Aquarius. How do you see the eclipse affecting me?

    Thank you!

    1. Normally that makes the wheels go round at work, and with groups, in a striking way. Yet, the eclipse falls just one degree away from Mercury in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. That’s a blind spot. As the Sun is opposite in Leo, also at 4 Leo, there is a big pattern in your chart suggesting you are not seeing, what you need to see. You don’t know, about what you need to know! Mercury is essentially your online communication with friends – probably social media – or forums, perhaps. This does pull in work (Virgo) or study (also Virgo). It might also be about your body. Your health and medical situation, yet somehow involving a friend, as part of a wider group. The fact that Venus is in Aries (the way you look and appear, usually your online profile) suggests that this blind spot could have a far-reaching impact. So when in doubt, don’t.

  4. Dear Jessica, Because of a mix-up with my Premium membership, I got a bit behind on your blog entries and am trying to catch up. Maybe it’s the Mercury Rx – I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all of the oncoming configurations, aspects, etc. I have Neptune 4 degs Scorpio and feel that this is in line with what you’re saying above, as well as a couple other places, yet am at a loss to interpret it. I’d be grateful for any guidance you have to offer. I thank you for all of your insights.

    1. I’m sorry about the mix-up. The Neptune 4 Scorpio placement in your chart is important because the Moon at 4 Aquarius and Sun at 4 Leo will form a T-Square and we also have transiting Uranus approaching 4 Taurus, right opposite. That is what they call ‘a forming Grand Cross’ and it is also very important. Why? Because it’s unusual. This is about your money, house, apartment, charity, possessions and/or business. Just be aware, that you don’t know everything and you can’t see everything. Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House is often about loans, credit cards or mortgages. It can also be about tax. Sometimes it’s about a joint bank account, family inheritance, or your own inheritance, left to others. You would benefit from second, third and even fourth opinions from tried, tested and trusted people. Don’t get pulled up a blind alley, as they say! Astrology is about prevention. Prevent future issues right now, by knowing that you are possibly entirely blind to something that matters a great deal, financially. Sometimes it’s really basic. You organise a foreign currency transfer and even though you keep reading that the pound is likely to drop against the dollar, you do it anyway, as if you were hypnotised! Then you lose on the transfer. In your case, whatever is going down is likely to be significant, unusual and thus it requires absolute vigilance. You should also be sharply aware of any person or organisation turning up around now, with dollar, pound or euro signs attached.

      1. WOW! Thank you! Tremendous food for thought. Shall definitely share with husband. PHEW! I am grateful to you!

        1. Could what you’re saying above be related in any way to cryptocurrency investments? or not so likely…?

          1. The story is actually Facebook and its tentacles which spread throughout all investments. I’m sure you saw the 20% drop in share price. My friends Kate and Olga are really the experts on eclipses and the sharemarket, but I did file a feature a long time ago on the Mark Zuckerberg horoscope and the Facebook foundation horoscope. It does not look good. The real bump is actually October, November, though.

    1. You are blind to the impact you have on people online (Fortuna is blind to the impact, Gemini is the internet) and there is another blind spot to come, as the eclipse aspects Fortuna. You may want to be more sharply aware of that, Thursday-Saturday.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Love your article !, I’m a Capricorn and have IC at 26 Leo and Apollo at 4 cancer, psyche at 4 capricorn , cupido at 3 pisces and minerva at 3 Gemini, how is this eclipse going to affect me? thanks

        1. Thank you. The Apollo-Psyche opposition is something that nobody in mainstream astrology would ever use, but I count the asteroids as being just as important as Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. It is exact at 4 degrees in Cancer-Capricorn. There is a lifelong pattern of needing to leave home in order to be more successful, or perhaps the family decides to move in search of a better life and you have to go along. It also shows up when one leaves a small town for university or a larger career. It works the other way too. You can ditch ambition in favour of going back to the family, because you want to, or because you must. You can turn your back on success, as the family, home or home town calls you. This has been emphasised quite recently as Saturn has been crossing 4 Capricorn and triggering the whole story. Now, the Eclipse comes along to trigger it too. Just assume you cannot know and do not see. Not yet anyway. Other people’s lives will be subject to blind spots and cover-ups and that will affect yours, either in terms of the property, the family, your home town or homeland – perhaps with career, or unpaid work. Maybe study or a role which is high status, but is not actually a job. Allow a lot of time and space around that eclipse and assume nothing.

  5. Hej Jessica,
    Very interesting indeed. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    I can’t renew my membership till end of July and am praying this message reaches you as I have Sun 04°  Taurus , Bacchus 04°  Taurus and Diana 05°  Aries. What is there for me?
    Litte update since last comment..

    Since mid May literally 20 minutes before Uranus interred Taurus it has been very rejecting, shocking , absolutely upside down specially my business area to the point now everything is on hold. Thank you for preparing me! Becouse if I wasn’t aware it would have crushed me badly. It’s actually fun to expect the unexpected and of course I am dancing around with every sudden change comes my way and i hope when it all ends it is going to be shockingly awesome outcome.

    Stay blessed

    1. Thank you TG. I can’t see your birth chart at all, actually – but if you have the Sun conjunct Bacchus at 4 Taurus in your Second House of money, charity, business, property and possessions – you are well-known for delighting in (for example) collecting, doing deals, shopping – perhaps giving it away. It’s hard to say without seeing your whole chart. You are very much identified with all that you own, earn or owe. We find Communists and Socialists, Capitalists and Philanthropists with this combination. Yet, with Uranus going over it for the first time in your life, you are going to be taken into a storm and out the other side. What kind of storm? It will turn the banks upside down. I have said this before and I will say it again. Watch money laundering and the impact it will have on Wall Street and bankers worldwide. The UK Money Laundering Act of May 2018 will change the planet. Wait and watch. Eventually there will be alternatives to paper and iron (to quote XTC – ‘Working for paper and for iron, work for the right to keep my tie on.’) You will be across that, because you have to be.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Can you please elaborate on what this weather will mean for me? I have been in a fog ever since Mars went retrograde. Thank you.

    1. The Leo-Aquarius eclipse is a blind spot about Vesta at 4 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, the worldwide web, exploration, adventure and ‘Roam if you want to’ as the B-52’s once sang. The Leo Sun is at 4 and the Aquarius Moon is at 4. Please look twice, or three times, before you take off, no matter if it’s local travel or international travel. If this is about exporting, same advice. Look before you leap. Maybe don’t even leap. Please think about this!

  7. Dear Jessica,

    I have a lot of heavenly bodies in Leo (7). As for eclipse in July, I have Descendent in 3 deg Leo and ASC 3 deg Aquarius. And I have Salacia 4 deg Aquarius. How I am going feel this eclipse?
    As for Venus she is going to conjuct my Aesculapia in 23 deg Leo and I have South node in 23 deg Taurus. Another important story for me?

    Thank you very much !

    1. Don’t worry about Venus, that happens every year! Salacia at 4 Aquarius is the main story here. You escape from reality through your friends, and the groups you belong to. It’s how you find relief and release from what is the ordinary world. Look at the paintings of Salacia, the wife of Neptune (sometimes called Amphitrite by Greek writers) and you will see a woman draped in seaweed surrounded by sea creatures. You float, cruise and ‘bob along’ with friends and with the group. No boundaries! Normally this is fine but avoid Friday, please. You cannot see what is going on. You do not know what is going on. You will only find out later. If your birth time is strictly accurate this would also involve your former, current or potential partner. Maybe a rival, enemy or opponent. So … sidestep whatever is being suggested or offered. You do have karma with this group, involving a friend. The South Node is approaching 4 Aquarius so in 2018 you get the chance for closure. Do not complicate it.

  8. Hi Jessica – I’d like your thoughts on this eclipse for me: Salacia 4 Aquarius, Panacea 4 Aries, Uranus 4 Scorpio, Minerva 5 Scorpio, Cupido 3 Scorpio. On July 2nd Out of the blue the love of my life who also retains feelings for me & who I’ve been separated from for 18 years (both divorced our other partners 4 years ago) contacted me as he and his parents were coming to NY. I spent a surreal couple of days with them on 11th & 15th July. It was like coming home. He is a Sun Cancer at 13 degrees, an extremely dynamic person, family like royalty, extreme wealth, and lives on other side of the world (12 hour time difference). Everything links up with your recent predictions for Sag and Cancer. So I’m curious what the eclipse might suggest for me. Whatever it means I think I understand from you that it is Just a time to sit tight, do nothing, say nothing, see what happens, ‘que sera sera’ ?

    1. Bottom line – don’t judge or act on the eclipse – it runs across way too many important chart factors. No matter if this is a friend, a group, or a financial connection in your life, just avoid making up your mind or rushing into anything. Let’s look at this whole issue of your former partner. I think with the extreme wealth and the family situation we’re talking about your Uranus at 4 Scorpio here. You also have transiting Uranus coming to 4 Taurus opposite natal Uranus. What you have to figure out is, does the intensity and the closeness mean that you just use it to gain closure and wave goodbye and good luck one more time? Or do you get back together? It is hard to say without his chart. It is also hard to say without knowing if you ever had children, or if either of you have children from your respective marriages, second time round. In general, I would say you are being Neptuned. In other words, you have Neptune transiting your chart, but your natal or birth position Neptune is also being triggered. The eclipse aside, let’s look at that. Essentially you need to think about life as a beach. The ocean is there. It’s an ocean of feeling, emotion, escapism, relief, release, adventure and exploration. You are being given an invitation to go scuba diving and surfing. However…you do not plunge in, any more than you would plunge into the sea without an idea of the rules. It’s really not spoiling anything about your life over the next few months, to say you need to be sensible. You need capital B for Boundaries. What are the rules? What is crossing the line? You deserve and would gain from the utterly different kind of experience I am seeing – it’s life with technicolour, enhanced non-reality, a little bit of surrealism and some impressionism. It’s like a great film. I think you are clever enough to know how to play your part in the film. Keep it real and make sure that you and the other person involved in this, know what is going to work as a script for both of you. Again- Boundaries!

  9. Greetings Jessica,

    As usual, another well written and informative article! Thank you!

    I am not as well versed as many of your readers with the intricacies of astrology, but this coming eclipse has me worried. I have IC 4 Leo and MC 4 Aquarius; could you please tell me what this means for me?

    Thank you and best wishes.

    1. Please don’t worry. An eclipse is a blind spot, often because of a cover-up, or sometimes because you literally don’t see what is in front of your nose! It does not have to be negative. Sometimes I see readers who have surprise birthday parties coming up, or their friends are secretly nominating them for an award. It is what it is. This one does in fact fall across the Leo-Aquarius axis of your chart and as you give 2.21 as a birth time, that sounds specific. So we can assume this is right. Essentially this is about your godchild, child, niece, nephew or large-scale plans with children. It may be about a relationship that could end in adoption, pregnancy or step-parenting. There is a second story going on involving a group, with one or more friends in the circle. The most important issue here is actually about the group. This may be a professional organisation, a sports team, or Facebook, if you happen to be on there. As your MC or Midheaven is your life direction and true calling, it will always involve ‘feeding’ a group. Now, this eclipse falls right on that spot so you simply will not see or know, what you need to see or know. A classic example would be accepting an invitation to speak to a community group, without knowing the community group is about to shut down in a few months’ time! Thus, you waste your air fares. Charities are ruled by Aquarius. So are communities dedicated to making the world a better place, be they political or not. Skip Friday. You’ll find out why months or even years from now. The Leo part of your chart is also key, because we have the Node going right across there. You will be given a chance to settle the karma around a younger face, by November. You will get closure. Do not leave anything unattended to. Ask yourself what feels unfinished, incomplete or never resolved from years ago, and you’ll know exactly what needs to be made whole. However, don’t pursue it on Friday, please. You can’t see and don’t know!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I have 4 planets in 4 degrees
    Cupido – 04° Gemini 23′ 53″
    Ops 04° Scorpio 53
    Vesta 05° Aries 09′ 04″
    Chiron 04° Pisces 44′ 27″

    But I also have many placement at 03 degrees and not sure how important these are or maybe not at all. -(Panacea
    03° Cancer 17′ 00″ , Jupiter 03° Aquarius 20′ , Panacea 03° Cancer 17′ 00″) Do placements close to 4 degrees mater?

    I’m actually trying to sell m house but haven’t had any movement since it was listed almost 2 weeks ago. I’m hoping for some good news somewhere. But this talk of secrets and being blind is a bit disconcerting. Any insights?


    1. Dale, you are trying to sell your house on Mercury Retrograde and Mars Retrograde (they appear to be stuck or moving backwards) so you will likely see faster progress once Mercury is out of shadow from 3rd September. Panacea at 3 Cancer is about that, and yes, one degree’s difference does count with this eclipse. So, the jury is well and truly out on property, finance, business on this eclipse. It also falls right on your Jupiter, by just one degree, in the Eleventh House of friends. That’s a separate issue and I’ll get to that in a moment. In general, Panacea in Cancer is about doing what works – what fixes an issue – even though there are major questions about right and wrong! Often people with Panacea in Cancer will make choices about a family member, or a house or apartment, which work (so they must be good, right?) but there is a moral or ethical question mark. Only you can decide that. I do feel this is in the frame now. Ops is pretty close by at 4 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, so she’s in there too, and once again Ops is about solving problems. Throw in Cupido and you have the internet or the process of negotiation (Gemini rules sales talk and the web) and a picture emerges. I won’t worry so much about the other placements. Essentially you may want to assume you can’t see and don’t know on this eclipse. This is really other people having a blind spot that affects your own plans. So, for example, they may want to buy your house but they don’t know that they are about to be made redundant. It can be positive as well as negative. They want to knock you down on price, but they don’t know that they are about to inherit and they may be beaten to it by a rival! Eclipses are crazy times when we just don’t see or know. So give this one a wide berth. I actually think it’s much more obviously going to be about a friend in a group, probably on social media. Assume it’s an enigma. For now.

  11. Sorry I meant to ask, my chart is above, but not sure how the houses are arranged. Which is house 1?

  12. Dear Jessica, I have the moon at 10 degs Cap in the 12th, Cap 19 Deg. ascendant, and Im a libra 29 degrees in the 10th. I am so incredibly lonely at them moment and would dearly love to meet someone. Is all the pluto and saturn energy make me unattractive to men at the moment?

    1. Capricorn has nothing to do with love and sex. I am sorry you are lonely. Trust me, there is no ‘energy’ in astrology. That is a lot of rubbish. There are cycles of time, and none of them make you unattractive! You say you are a Sun Libra. It’s not in your Tenth House it’s in your Seventh House. That’s why you are so concerned with being single. Why are you alone? Because Uranus has been opposite your Sun at 29 Aries. Will it last forever? No, it ends in the first quarter of 2019. Will you be in a relationship? Yes. But remember that a Capricorn Moon is ‘the need to be needed by important and powerful people’. It commonly turns up when women only want to have sex with men who are successful, or well-known or at the top of the tree. Sometimes it appears when women sleep with the boss, or try to. Check your needs. Can you be needed by people who are unemployed? Or struggling artists or musicians who nobody has ever heard of? Can you be needed by people who are just regular, ordinary folk? That would be an interesting question for you to answer. Without the rest of your chart I can’t tell you more than that, but I hope that helps. You may be cutting yourself off from a passionate relationship because you only want the men at the very top, and there are very, very few of them.

  13. Hello Jessica,
    Could you tell me what is this influence for me ?
    Thanks a lot

    1. You have nothing at 4 degrees so it’s not particularly important. You have Mars, Minerva and the North Node in Aquarius in your Eleventh House so essentially a group which you are involved with (like a trade union, or a committee, or a professional organisation) is operating behind your back. There may also be changes ahead for this group which mean your current idea comes to nothing or has to be altered. It’s hard to say without knowing more about you. Are you in a band? Are you in an astrology group? Are you working on a charity project? Just assume that on Friday you don’t know much and can’t see much. You may prefer not to act or judge until much, much later.

  14. Dear Jessica,
    I’ve got Mars at 3 in Leo, Mercury at 3 in Capricorn, Juno at 5 in Capricorn, ASC-DESC at 5 in Sagittarius-Gemini, Bacchus at 3 in Pisces, and Proserpina at 4 in Virgo. What do you think I can expect? Thank you for your answer in advance.

    1. Mars at 3 Leo is the most important placement here because of the eclipse axis at 4 Leo-Aquarius. Later on this year you have the North Node going over your Mars, also at 3 Leo, so what unfolds is karmic. This probably involves your godchild. Your son or daughter. Nieces or nephews. A paid or unpaid role (important) involving young faces. Maybe, a sexual relationship leading to adoption, pregnancy or step-parenting. By ‘karmic’ I mean that you knew these faces in another life, possibly with quite different connections. What you do has heavy implications for the future so be aware of that. And don’t make up your mind or make big decisions about the next generation, or relationships which take you there, on Friday. You lack 100% vision.

  15. Hi, Jessica,

    Thanks for sharing the excellent article. I think I have a lot of factors being directly and indirectly touched by the lunar eclipse within 2 degree orb. To name a few, I have Sun at 05° Virgo 56′ 15”, Moon at 04° Taurus 49′ 37”. Mercury at 18° Leo 16′ 58”. (Mutual reception with Sun). Ops at 04° Aquarius 30′ 54″ R, Aesculapia at 02° Aquarius 45′ 43″ R, Bacchus at 03° Virgo 28′ 49”, Neptune at 02° Sagittarius 32′ 52”, Diana at 02° Cancer 42′ 04, Panacea at 05° Virgo 51′ 09”, Minerva at 06° Pisces 12′ 11″ R….

    Is this a common case or very unusual? What shall I expect with this eclipse?

    1. I don’t use a 2 degree orb so would not count anything except your Moon at 4 Taurus, really, in the Second House – as the main concern. Why that? Because Uranus is also in Taurus as you can see from the daily Planetary Positions guide and will be on 4 Taurus shortly too. Please be aware that other people and organisations will be going through ‘stuff’ which means they have a huge blind spot, denial or total lack of information going on. This affects your money, house, business, apartment, charity or possessions. I suspect friends or a community organisation, team or group would be involved (you have Ops at 4 Aquarius) and naturally it would affect your day-to-day workload, lifestyle and routine as we have those Virgo placements close by. But the real story is your money, or even just charity fundraising. Be aware that you don’t know the full story and can’t see the full picture, and later on it’s going to change radically anyway as Uranus goes across your Moon. So steer clear of judgement or decision now. Get the best advice you can afford for 2019. Thank you for the compliment too.

  16. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your so detailed article! I’m a Virgo with Saturn at 5 degrees in Aquarius, is it something important to pay attention to during the eclipse? Thank you.

    1. The Moon falls right on your Saturn in the Eleventh House of friends and groups with only one degree’s difference. Yes, this eclipse is important. It is a Full Moon. Normally that would mean D-Day about a friendship or some kind of group, society, team, club or other circle of people around you. It would be challenging anyway. What is different about this moment of truth, very close to the end of July, is that you are in the dark. So why choose anything or anybody? Why take a fork in the road when you cannot see the sign post anyway? Try to steer around this eclipse. There is karma at work here, and it may go back 19 years (I do not know your age). To fulfil the karma and gain closure with the friend, or the community of people (it may even be social media) try to decide another time. Yet, this year, you will have to decide. This is very important, by the way, as you will be having your Saturn Return in Aquarius after he changes signs at the end of 2020. Read more about the Saturn Return too. This eclipse is part of a longer and bigger story about what it means to be a friend, and what it means to give a group of people what it needs.

  17. Hello! I’m not sure if I’ve posted about this before, but i can’t seem to access my previous comments. 🙁 I have Ops at 4 Gemini, Jupiter(R) at 4 Leo, Moon at 4 Virgo and Ceres at 3 Scorpio. I’m having trouble understanding if the blind spot is about my optimism regarding the sharing of power between my friends and lovers, or have I totally missed the mark?
    Thank you, Jessica!

    1. The most important issue here is Jupiter at 4 Leo as the Sun is right there, and the Moon is right opposite, but in shadow. I am sure you know Leo is your Fifth House, so the son, godson, daughter, goddaughter, niece, nephew or major role involving children/teenagers. You are blessed here. You are always protected, and at best, very fortunate indeed. Yet, this eclipse is not useful. Judge or act later, regarding pregnancy, babies, children and young people. It’s the same for sexual relationships which may end in pregnancy. Decide or make a move, another time. This does pull in many other areas of your life at the same time – the internet, communication, your daily routine, your finances, and your body. It’s around late July, if not actually on Friday – now. Ceres is one degree out.

  18. Hi Jessica!

    I’m an Aries Sun with Taurus rising- I have my 4th and 5th houses in Leo. 4th H- 02:19 degrees , 5th H- 20:05 degrees and my 11th House in Aquarius at 20:05 degrees. What should I expect with this July 27th Eclipse and August 11th ??

    Thank you!

    1. Maria, your Fifth House is ruled by Leo in the Natural House System, just to clear that up. I’ll focus on the July 27th eclipse, now. You were born with the North Node at 4 Pisces and South Node at 4 Virgo. Thus, the Blood Moon (Full Moon) does exactly aspect that. It falls with the Sun at 4 Leo and Moon at 4 Aquarius. What is this about? The way you work, the way you conduct your lifestyle, the way you do housework and everyday chores. This is very much defined by your body shape, type, condition, fitness and general strength and vitality. They all work together! Normally you might be making decisions about your lifestyle, workload or body on a Full Moon like this. Instead, you may want to wait. Why? The transiting Moon is covered up, in shadow, dark to see – it’s blotted out. So there is a transient or temporary issue here on Friday that is not making it at all clear for you. It may take months or even years for you to realise how unclear things actually were. So you may prefer not to make choices now, or take action, about Virgo issues – look up The Sixth House on Search to see these in more detail.

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