Your Leo Factors July – September 2018

Do you have Leo factors in your personal birth chart in the Fifth House? The more you have (over three is unusual) the more your life will be complicated by the events of July-September 2018.

Do you have Leo factors in your personal birth chart in the Fifth House? The more you have (over three is unusual) the more your life will be complicated by the events of July-September 2018.

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20 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica I’m currently reading your 2020 Astrology book which is excellent I’m really enjoying it and getting lots from it, your style of writing is so easy to read not like the majority of astrology books which I find fairly intense to stay interested in to finish. I have a question I really can’t figure out the answer to, hope you can help. I have Taurus ruling my 2nd house like everyone else using the natural house system but I have no placements in there at all, what does this tell me about my financial life? I understand about transits and aspects but as a birth chart interpretation on its own I’m not sure how to interpret this.

    1. Thank you. I will pass that compliment onto Mark Elder, who designed it (he is currently painting landscapes in my studio in Tasmania while I am answering your question in London!) No placements in Taurus or the Second House means – you are not defined by money, possessions, your values. You have Neptune, Ceres and Cupido in Scorpio in the Eighth House. You most certainly are defined by sexual/financial relationships. Mortgage and marriage is typical. Scorpio is also family money or property. It says who you are, and how your life shapes up. It’s a significant difference. Taurus is about your own cash under your own steam. What you own, earn or owe by yourself and what you do with it. Truly, that’s not as important to your personality or life path as those two or three-way complicated financial bonds and attachments. You are actually seeing that now as you will end 2019 having ended 2018 with the possibility of saving or gaining – and hopefully by November, you will have done. This may be about a house, business, charity, flat, valuable item and so on.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for making astrologer interesting and intriguing.
    I have hygea in Leo at 17 degrees … I understand this will involve my children born either my daughter 5/10/95 and/or my son 7/10/97.
    I’m really hoping it’s goiod news for them?

    Love your work
    S xx

    1. Thank you S you are very kind. You have Uranus at 16 Leo and Hygiea at 17 Leo, and so they are conjunct. Almost exactly in the same place, in the Fifth House of your horoscope, which describes your daughter born in 1995 and your son born in 1997. This is the last year you will experience such intense karma about these two! The North Node will not be back to Leo and your Fifth House of parenthood for another 19 years. There will be some intense decision-making in July, August, September as the Leo weather rolls on. Typically it involves being honest about the repercussions of what you choose. This goes beyond 2018. It stretches into future karma too, as of course these children later on become adults. Take your time as you will go back and forth. A very simple example would be a choice about a child’s education. These things last forever. In general, Uranus conjunct Hygiea is a strange mixture of wanting to protect the future – all the time – and safeguard yourself as a mother – but also being periodically vulnerable to the most tremendous upsets, when you have either the children, or their father, or maybe their grandparents/teachers – upsetting the apple cart. There are periodic rebellions or revolutions. It takes great insight to see this, S, but every one of them has set you free. It has made you more independent. There is a little of this in the 2018 July-September period when you hark back to the past and what happened then. However from November the karmic circle has well and truly closed. A great deal of closure is possible.

  3. Hello Jessica
    In my birth chart Saturn is in Leo at 10 degree(r) in my fifth house… What will that mean? How should I interpret this placement for the coming years? My dob is 28-3-1977, 11:37pm, India. Thank u

    1. Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House is about fear (Saturn) which is usually justified by prior experience, particularly around age 28, 29 at the Saturn Return. This fear manifests in avoidance behaviour, denial or sometimes over-compensation. Saturn is the planet surrounded by rings.The rings represent the ‘fences’ and walls that we build to protect ourselves, rather as they used to build moats and high walls in 11th century England. You need to be aware that the fences or walls you build to keep yourself feeling psychologically safe and secure where parenthood, babies, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, step-parenting and children are concerned – actually don’t end up being a bigger problem for you, than that which you fear! You should really be reading your whole chart in complete perspective, though, and I don’t have that.

      1. Thanks a lot for ur reply.
        Yes, when I was 29 yrs old I lost my husband.. ..i have a child too…. Later in 2011 fell in love with someone( Mr Gemini) who was childless then and wanted to be father of my child but after promises of marriage he ditched us last minute for another with whom he has a child now…. Yes, I have built walls around me now psychologically as after being betrayed I fear that no man can ever be true to me n my child..yes I fear being betrayed n cheated again by my own destiny in the area of love so I have built those inner walls never to allow any man to cross that ever… I am trying to find peace in my own solitude n Have decided to never put my daughters life n emotions at risk due to my wrong choices ..for me her safety stands first at all times

        My birth chart details reveal
        Sun Aries 7 degree
        Moon cancer 17 degree
        Mercury Aries 20degree
        Venus Aries 21 degree (r)
        Mars Pisces 6 degree
        Jupiter Taurus 28 degree
        Saturn Leo 10 degree (r)
        Uranus scorpio11 degree (r)
        Neptune saggitarius 16 degree (r)
        Pluto Libra 12 degree (r)
        True node Libra 24 degree
        Chiron Aries 29degree
        Mc Virgo 22 degree

        Would really appreciate if u could shed some light more after seeing these dob is 28-3-1977, 11,37 pm, india.. Thank u n god bless u

        1. Yes, that sounds like Saturn in Leo in your Fifth House of lovers and pregnancy, square Uranus in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance and partners. The way through is to understand both planets and find a creative way to ‘square’ both of them with each other. Can you find a way to deal with your fears about babies, children, pregnancy, stepchildren, adoption, fostering – that also takes care of the guaranteed, lifelong changes, which will periodically hit your finances, house or apartment? I suspect that the old model of marriage is not for you. And if you were born in India and still live there, then you need to look at what your society says about marriage, motherhood and lifelong commitment and question that. Why? Saturn square Uranus requires a little bit of invention and creativity. Just trying to fit yourself into a cookie cutter model of marital happiness is not going to work.

          1. Once again thanks a lot for ur reply… Really grateful… I don’t know Jessica, Perhaps being a paediatric doctor and taking care of n treating others children is a way destiny makes me take care of others children and even earn financially due to that specific specialisation of mine, if that’s what u mean?? … I don’t know if that is how it has to be understood? And Yes, I still live in India and the model of marriage n societal norms are different here for sure…really unsure of how to include a bit of invention n creativity here in this sector…would love to know though how best to do that…. If u can suggest me more to understand it better or guide me what more I should read to understand things better and to know which way to go i would be highly grateful.. Immense gratitude to u.. God bless

          2. There you are. Taking care of other people’s children as a paediatric doctor is one way you are figuring out the square! You’ll find others. Keep researching those two planets and the signs they are in, and play with the possibilities.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    I have 7 factors in Leo and what is strange that this year when the North Node is in Leo and this should be the year when all these themes related to this house and you mentioned them above, this year is the calmiest of last five years. Last years we tried to have baby with my partner without any results. We tried ivf too more times. Surely this is Saturn in 0 deg in Leo and my partner has Saturn there too as his DÔB is 15/11/1975.
    I really wonder if something could yet happend in this area of our lifes. I dont even work in the area where younger generations is concerned.
    Jessica can you tell me if children will be in my life in any way as for my chart? Should I work more to create the situations to make it happen or it will just happen in some way?

    Thank you!

    1. The Node in Leo is not yet at 0 degrees, it will not arrive there for some months – thus you are yet to experience the final decision about pregnancy, adoption, fostering or taking on your godchild, niece or nephew in a deeper and more involved way. You experienced the Node in Leo last year too. Now it is finishing its cycle. It’s not over yet. One more crossroads choice. It’s karmic in nature.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    There’s so much happening in my intimacy, sex and friendship zones. I have become detached from all those emotional dramas with lovers. Ex lovers have popped up from nowhere. Anyway I’m cool and mainly concentrated on my career. The sudden change in my personality is making my friends and ex lovers and current partner confused – the deeply emotional me has turned into fun loving and daring person, which in fact is the actual me. I’m doing 2 tattoos by the way, which is strictly against the family rules.
    I hope not to burn any bridges though. What is it that I have to be careful on this mercury retrograde and eclipse time?


    1. You have Mars at 4 Aries in your First House, which rules your profile, face and image. Also your name and online identity. The eclipse falls at 4 Aquarius and 4 Leo. There is a cover-up taking place around you, probably on social media like Facebook, and you need to ‘wait and see’ rather than make big choices on Friday. I am seeing an awful lot of readers with placements around 4 Aries or Aquarius and this just has to be F-Book, given the huge loss it just suffered. Find out what is going on – if you can.

  6. Hi Jess,

    Have Leo factors in Panacea 13°  Leo & Fortuna 13°  Leo how does this effect my chart.


    1. 2018 is the last year you will ever have to complete such intense karma around the issue of pregnancies, lovers, children, godchildren and young people. This may affect you as a teacher (young people) as a parent (you don’t say if you have a son or daughter so this is hard for me to guess) or in terms of your past (you may have been through a termination or miscarriage, or seen a relationship or marriage break up on the issue of children). Look up the Fifth House on Search. That is where your karma is. It’s over by November. You’ll have closed a circle with someone.

  7. Hi Jessica, I have Chiron, Vesta, Apollo and Cupido in Leo. And an Aquarius partner (10/2/91 2am) with two ex-girlfriends trying to reconnect! We were old friends and reconnected again in June (after 11 years apart). We both have similar life paths and everything between us just ‘clicked’ and this relationship has been kind of effortless. But on your post you mention “You can lose people now – or they can lose you. What appears to be a done deal could be anything but (‘Oh look, there’s my ex!’).”. Since I have some factors in Leo, and there’s the exes trying to push it, I’m a little reticent. Could you tell me how my Leo factors will affect me? Thank you so very much!

    1. Your Leo factors are really about completing karma from around 20 years ago, and past lifetimes too. This was about the pregnancy that did, or did not go to term. Parenthood, or just being an aunt/uncle (or potential aunt/uncle) is Leo. So is the role of godparent. Terminations and miscarriages, step-parenting choices and adoption are also Leo. You can’t really figure out the sexual relationships in your life without going deeply into the choices you have made, to walk away from lovers because of the parenthood issue, or perhaps to go ahead and have children. You don’t say if you ever had a pregnancy in your life or became a parent at any point – yet in 2018, until November, that is the key to everything. That, and the past. Karma!

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the very informative articles. My Asc, Fortuna, and Uranus are in Leo. My children were born in 93,95 and 97. I have also been divorced for 14 years from their father after a 22 year marriage. I didn’t date very much while raising the kids as I felt they were my priority. I am ready now to relax a bit, travel and play. I feel like it’s my time!
    Any advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated. I have been dating a nice man for a year, just not sure if he’s the one though.
    Thank you

    1. You have intuitively felt the end of the North Node in Leo cycle, and also the end of the Leo eclipse chain, from January 2019. So you are quite right to feel like it’s your time. You have your lucky Jupiter Return in Sagittarius in the Ninth House in 2019 and as early as November 2018 will feel the mood change, as it will be possible for you to afford the time or money (or perhaps pay nothing at all) to get away to a very special place on the map which not only expands your mind, it also allows you to explore your beliefs. You will be in a wonderful position to learn from the experience, but also pass on your knowledge, and one door after another will open. TG it is hard to comment on your date without seeing his chart, but later this year we will be giving Premium Members the chance to order partner horoscopes so you can enjoy the intriguing experience of lining up both charts to see what you share.

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