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Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020

Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020 needs careful management. This planet is associated with holly. Why? It can hurt. You need to learn how to handle it. Astrology can help - here are some tips, tricks and strategies.

Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020

Saturn is the planet astrologers associate with pain. The Romans, who gave us the horoscope symbols we use today, associated Saturn with holly. During Saturnalia, the December festival celebrating the god, Romans would make garlands from holly. The Ashmolean Museum has an interesting post on this.

If you have anything at all in Capricorn in your personal birth chart, then you will already be experiencing the ouch factor (just like handling sharp, prickly holly) as you experience this cycle, which began on December 20th 2017 and then winds down on March 22nd 2020, returning for one last hit from July 1st to December 17th 2020.

Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020  and Your Career

Capricorn rules the Tenth House in the natural horoscope, and the Tenth House is about your career. Your part-time or full-time work. Your university degree. Your unpaid work. Your status. Your success.

What else is painful apart from the ‘holly effect’ of Saturn’s sharp lessons? It’s the pointy end of his famous scythe (below). He was a ruthless old god to the Romans, as you can see – his own children were rightly terrified of him.

Saturne Fils du Ciel et de Vesta Stefano della Bella 1610 to 1664  600x541 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020This is Saturne, Fils du Ciel et de Vesta by Stefano della Bella and dates from the 17th century. You still get some astrologers today who pull away when they think Saturn is about to trigger their chart! It’s a bit like pulling way from the sharp blade of a scythe, or the pricking sensation of holly. I was recently at the Astrological Association Conference in Britain and whenever the talk turned to Saturn at dinner, people pulled the ‘ouch’ face. Saturn rules sharp edges and sharp objects, prickly people and prickly plants. Spikes and spikiness. He is associated with not only holly, but also with the blade of a scythe. The Spanish painter Goya associated him with the knife in a cutlery drawer.

Saturn in Your Tenth House

Using the Natural House system, Saturn is in your Tenth House from now until 2020. If you look at your chart wheel (if you are a Premium Member it’s a click away) then you’ll see that the Tenth House is actually the top of the wheel. The highest point.

There is a reason for this. The Tenth House is ruled by Capricorn the mountain goat, who climbs to the top. Saturn in turn rules Capricorn, so it’s a triple whammy. Saturn is in Capricorn, the sign he rules, in the Tenth House, which is his rightful place.

Now, astrologers have not always associated the Tenth House (the midday and midnight position on the horoscope wheel) with Saturn. The old Roman astrologer Manilius thought the Fourth House belonged to this planet.

If you look at what has been happening to world governments since Saturn moved into Capricorn, though, back on December 20th 2017, I am sure you will see that Manilius was wrong.  Saturn has been hard at work on the people at the top – people in high places.

Look at the high number of resignations at the White House and the Mueller investigation into Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia, to begin with

There is a precedent for this. Later on in this story, I’ll look at the last time Saturn was in Capricorn and how it coincided with the death, failure, exile or resignation of everyone from The Dalai Lama to Emperor Hirohito. From Margaret Thatcher to Richard Nixon. Saturn can be very, very hard on the people at the top. Especially if they have Capricorn factors in their birth charts.

My friend Susan Miller, the world’s most popular astrologer, recently sent me an intriguing message on Twitter about the high Capricorn count in the Donald Trump White House administration.

Susan told me, “Jessica, the Trump WH is all Capricorn: Mike Flynn, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, Anthony Scaramucci, Betsy De Vos, Nicki Hailey, Kelly Anne Conway, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, the Secretary of the Treasury, and also Kim Jung Un.

Fate! This is a heavily Capricorn administration going through a very heavy cycle until 2020.

Even if you have nothing at all in Capricorn or the Tenth House of your chart – your job, unpaid work or university degree will still be affected by Saturn passing through. Think of it as heavy weather for people in high places. It trickles down to you!

Problems with or for your boss, lecturer, teacher, high-ranking client, C.E.O. or manager are typical of Saturn’s transit through Capricorn and the Tenth House of your chart.

British Museum 398x600 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020This illustration (from the British Museum) shows ‘the old man’ about to devour his own child. Thus, we associate Saturn with men at the top, usually approaching retirement – and sometimes working past it into their late sixties or seventies – who thwart the young. Who ‘devour’ their youthful replacements. Who want to hang on to the top, no matter what.

This is behind many of the issues that I know some of you are having, judging by the comments I’m seeing on this website. Also common now? Problems between father and son, or grandfather and grandson within the family pecking order.

Saturn, Status, Position, Mission and Ambition

Saturn in Capricorn in the Tenth House of your birth chart for 2 or 3 years, is really a triple whammy. This planet/symbol/god/archetype has long been associated with status. And now, here he is, in Capricorn, that socially ambitious sign, creating that sharp, prickling, ‘ouch’ holly sensation in your life, with bosses, staff, lecturers, classmates, colleagues, clients, competitors and maybe your entire profession. If you think people around you at work are more prickly than usual, it’s not your imagination. We’re in an ‘ow’ cycle.

During Saturnalia, the Roman festival celebrating Saturn, it was traditional for all men to wear a pointed felt hat (called a pileus).

This pileus was the hat that a male slave began to wear after he had been freed. By allowing his slave to wear the pileus, his master was giving him a short but ultimately disappointing promotion to temporary freedom. Interestingly, the high-ranking Roman master would also be wearing this strange felt hat, during the festival, thus lowering himself to the social rank of a newly freed slave.

All these ideas about Capricorn, Saturn and the Tenth House you read about today come partly from that hat. And if you have a hunch that Christmas owes something to the old Saturnalia, you’re right. Every time you pull a cracker and put on a paper hat you are having a flashback to the days of the pileus at the end of the year. The plastic holly wreath on the front door is about the same festival!

ym8hfg0rhpc e1533153467607 578x600 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020

Holly is toxic, incidentally. If you are poisoned by it, you will vomit. This idea about holly and vomit is very interesting as Saturn has long been associated with  regurgitation. He famously ate his own babies, in the old Roman myth, and then hurled them all back up again.

When you hear people saying they are ‘sick of Saturn’ or ‘this Saturn transit is making me sick’ they are talking about an archetype that is about 2000 years old. But what else is there to this transit, now that Saturn is stuck in Capricorn? And how can you work with the cycle?

Saturn and Burdens

The holly that the Romans linked to Saturnalia is still obviously a feature of December, and December is also the month that the Sun enters Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. These old connections go back a very long way indeed.

I’m sure you know that Saturn (apart from being a pain – and making us feel sick of particular people) is also about burdens.

Holly is sometimes called Christ’s thorn. As Christmas Day is Christ’s  birthday, and the Sun is also in Capricorn on that day, December 25th, there is another strong association between Saturn and ‘a cross to bear’ and in fact, that powerful carol, The Holly and the Ivy, is really about what it feels like to have a Saturn transit.

We talk about bearing a burden or carrying a load,  on a Saturn transit, especially if we have Capricorn chart factors and Saturn conjuncts, or lines up with them – at the same degree. If you were born about 29 years ago, then you will be experiencing your Saturn Return, which you can read about here.

The Holly and the Ivy references Saturn’s plant, but also refers to Saturn experiences and emotions.

The holly bears a prickle,
As sharp as any thorn
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
On Christmas Day in the morn.

The holly bears a bark,
As bitter as any gall,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
For to redeem us all.

Saturn and Symbolic Castration – Young Man Against Old Man

Saturn famously castrated his father Uranus. The whole story is told in the Theogony by Hesiod and retold by Robert Graves, among others. In astrology, Saturn represents the symbolic ‘castration’ or the ‘unmanning’ of father by son, or father figure by younger man. As a political event it can show the overthrow of the old leaders by the new leaders to come. While Saturn is going through Capricorn, the sign of big business, big government and ‘the man at the top’ – we are seeing the current American president Donald Trump being unmanned, almost on a daily basis, by younger Americans. It remains to be seen if his own sons will also do this, of course – or his younger son-in-law! The myth is currently being acted out by Michael Avenatti, playing Saturn to Trump’s Uranus.

Cronus and Uranus 1501 Wikimedia Commons 600x466 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020This rather gruesome part of the Saturn story is shown here. There was some confusion about who was castrating whom, in the Middle Ages, as the original Roman story (from the Greek) was distorted. Immediately below, it is Saturn himself (holding the scythe, eating his babies) who is being unmanned, probably by Jupiter. In fact, this never came to pass in Hesiod. It was simply what Saturn feared, as he had been cursed by the usual karma of the Ancient World, to suffer what he had visited upon his father. In the original myth, the blood and semen from the discarded penis and testicles, which were thrown into the sea, mingled with sea foam to produce Venus (seen in the background of the first image, with the hand-mirror that later provides her symbol/glyph for the horoscope – the circle with the stick).

Castration medieval miniature 600x506 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020

Saturn and His Famous Scythe

This idea about fathers being castrated by sons, and the family curse (those sons then go on to be castrated, also) is a very old one. It survives today when young men talk about ‘my old man’ when referring to their father – and not always affectionately. Men talk about other men ‘having the balls’ to do things, or more critically, ‘not having the balls.’ In England, punk rock was announced by the arrival of The Sex Pistols with an album called Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols. Testicles and bollocks are very Saturn.

From Plotinus (Enneads 3.5.2.) to the mid-seventeenth century we also find Saturn being castrated by his son Jupiter in some myths. It really depends which male writer you read, but I wonder how many of them came from severely patriarchal families where son emasculated father, and was then himself emasculated!

woman 1142095 1920 480x600 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020

The scythe is an enduring symbol. It became the face of an AIDS awareness campaign in Australia, created by Siimon Reynolds in the late 1980’s as the Grim Reaper played bowls with people in a famous commercial. Fulgentius wrote that Saturn carried the scythe “because every season turns back on itself like the curved blades of scythes.” There is certainly an idea of Time, personified by Saturn, gnawing away at everything. Saturn is unavoidable and inescapable, like old age.

Roman writer Cicero: “Men have believed it to be Saturn who rules the cyclic courses of the times and seasons. In Greek the nature of this god is expressed in his name. He is called Kronos, which is the same as Chronos, and means a lapse of time, just as our Roman name “Saturn” means ‘sated with the years.’

I’ll look at the root word ‘chron’ elsewhere in this feature about Saturn, but I am sure you can see how it informs the old woman of legend – the old crone – and also anything chronic. Chronic illness can hang around for years. When we suffer through an interminable Saturn transit we say ‘it’s chronic’ and we talk about ‘chronic failure.’

Retirement is associated with Saturn. As Saturn goes through Capricorn and your Tenth House until 2020, you are likely to be affected, directly or indirectly, by men at the top retiring – and sometimes women, though Saturn is a male archetype. This can affect a whole department, company or business heavily, as Saturn cycles do not just chime with a quiet departure and a gold watch from head office. The retirement can be momentous in its effects.

Saturn Devouring Children – Father and Son – Men in the Corporate and Political World

Saturn in Capricorn in 2018, 2019, 2020 will touch your life directly, if you have Capricorn factors in the Tenth House, which so often describes the corporate and political world. Along with the symbolic castration of old men by younger men, you are likely to see the other side of Saturn. This is the devouring of younger males by older males! When cursed to suffer the same, or a similar, fate at the hands of his own sons (after castrating his own father) Saturn swallowed his children whole, rather than risk being unmanned – or worse.

Saturn Devouring His Son is the name given to a painting by Francisco Goya showing a headless infant – more like a tiny man – being devoured by his father.

Goya painted it directly onto the wall of his house in 1819-1823 and today it is on canvas in the Museo del Prado in Madrid. Hilariously, ef840b5ee916733c19c42168df80674f 600x337 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020The Simpsons paid homage to it in an episode featuring Mr. Burns – himself a very good example of the Saturn type. You can see the younger man, eyeing the older man, with some trepidation here – despite the fact that he wants his job. The other image is by the Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens now in the Museo del Prado. The three stars at the top represent Saturn as described by Galileo a few years before. Rubens got it wrong (or at least, the telescopes of 1636 did). Saturn was not a central planet flanked by two stars. What was seen, was actually Saturn’s famous rings.

(All these images are captured on Pinterest, which is a very good source for Saturn and Uranus).

GOYA - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020 Rubens saturn 288x600 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020

The Rings of Saturn and the Capricorn Cycle of 2018, 2019, 2020

Saturn is encircled by rings which gives us some more symbolism for this planet in astrology. Saturn types tend to protect themselves by building protection around themselves, rather like walls. When I say ‘Saturn types’ I mean people who have Saturn in exact aspect to one or more other factors in their personal birth chart (Saturn is at the same number/degree as another planet like Jupiter, for example, or an asteroid like Hygiea). In addition the true Saturn type will also have a stellium or unusually high cluster (more than three) of factors in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.

Saturn 600x600 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020The rings of Saturn are the protective layers, the defences, the armour that go up, to stave off the worst. There is always a lot of fear with Saturn types and usually for a very good reason. Saturn types can feel cursed, or actually be cursed in some way, by an unkind fate. Often the father-son or grandfather-grandson issues loom large, or there is a classic career coup lurking.

You can see the rings everywhere in life. They are the ‘ring’ of CCTV cameras outside a corporate headquarters in New York. They are the high walls, covered in spikes, that protect Buckingham Palace (where many a son has replaced a father). Top-ranking politicians are encircled by security guards.

Even if you are not particularly Saturn or Capricorn influenced, the transit of Saturn through Capricorn and your Tenth House of professional or academic life – or unpaid work – may result in an instinctive need to build walls, symbolically speaking. Have you noticed people at work being more defensive, or guarded, or reserved? Maybe you have become like this too, since Saturn changed signs at the end of 2017.  Protection and self-protection are common responses to Saturn cycles. Lord of the Rings!

I mentioned the ‘ow’ factor with this planet – Saturn is associated with holly, that prickly plant – and also with the sharp edge of a scythe. Saturn is very much about the vasectomy or the circumcision process. Saturn was also associated by Goya with the knife and fork (and particularly the knife) . One way of protecting yourself if you are Saturnine, is to become spiky. Prickly. It keeps people away. Barbed wire is also Saturn – commonly seen anywhere that old farmers in particular want you to keep out. Saturn is effectively an old farmer. This is what he became, anyway, once Jupiter ushered him into a Golden Age. Here are the famous rings, in illustrative form, at Pinterest.

rings of saturn vector illustration e1533154648105 600x466 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020

What to Expect From the South Node in Capricorn in 2018, 2019

There are certainly some tried and tested ways to deal with a Saturn cycle. Here are five ways to work through it. What happens when the South Node (karma) also moves into Capricorn, though? The last time this happened was April 10th 2000 to October 12th 2001, so by all the laws of astrology, when the South Node goes back into Capricorn from Tuesday 6th November 2018, you are on course for a major flashback about work, unpaid work or academia.

If you do have anything in Capricorn in your Tenth House, in your personal birth chart, this new cycle, which is really about karmic debts and credits, will directly concern your career back in 2000, 2001 – or your university degree – or even your earliest schooldays, if you were just a child at the time. There may have been issues about your status or social position, from 2000-2001 which now return. An old project or the people who worked on it, may return to you. The South Node goes backwards through the signs, and thus astrologers (particularly in India) believe you are also taken back into the past.

This is going to be particularly heavy given that Saturn and Pluto are also in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career or status. Yet, the South Node is also a gift as you get to learn from the past, too. Knowing what is coming next is reassuring. The same theme songs you heard back in 2000, 2001 will be back as the soundtrack of your life and you’ll know how to play the song.

Malignant Saturn, Introspection and Melancholy

Astrology as we know it today, comes to us from the Romans, who swiped it from the Greeks, who exported it to Great Britain. Much of what we think we know about Saturn comes from this time, when life was impossibly hard and miserable old men really did rule with an iron fist. (They call it patriarchy).

Saturn’s reputation for being malignant, or a bringer of melancholy, owes a lot to the Arab astrologer Abu-Masar who thought Saturn ruled introspection, contemplation, magic and secrecy, as Jennifer Rea explains in her excellent book on Michelangelo’s Medici Chapel. I highly recommend it if you are interested about Saturn.

The epic Latin poem I studied for my arts degree at university, The Aeneid  makes a lot more sense to me since I became an astrologer. It was written between 29 and 19 BC – and our modern image of Saturn as a scythe-bearing, baby-eating, difficult old man comes partly from this work.

Yet, Saturn is also associated with a Golden Age, which began when his son Jupiter (who luckily escaped being eaten) sent his paranoid old man into exile, and then Saturn used his blood-stained scythe – with which he had castrated his father Uranus – to teach Italian farmers agriculture. Crops thrived. The harvest was abundant. Thus – eventually – Saturn’s Golden Age.

This is also partly where the modern idea about Saturn and maturity comes from. You learn the lessons and you progress in life. You get better as you get older. The further on you go into the Saturn cycle, the better it gets.

I mentioned your career, university degree or unpaid work. When Jupiter (Saturn’s generous son) moves into Capricorn too, in the year 2020, you will notice a huge change, by all the laws of astrology. Not only are you ending the cycle, so it becomes easier – Jupiter is associated with good fortune, positive solutions and breakthroughs – so 2020 may well be a Golden Age.

Entering Rome from around the 3rd century BC onwards, astrology grew to be the number one mode of divination by the early imperial period. From 44 BC to AD 16, Octavian/Augustus put astrology right at the heart of Roman life.  Saturn was part of it. The Romans gave us not only this idea of a miserable old man – but also – redemption, transformation and hope. If you have been through your Saturn Return (you are over the age of 29) then I am sure you’ll remember what it was like.

Any difficult Saturn cycle, particularly if it hit your planets, asteroids, points or angles – would have been just as memorable. I am sure you can recall how it started out badly, but eased up with time – and by the end – you were beginning to see the point of what you had been through! Saturn cycles literally take time.

Saturn as Father Time

Very commonly, you will read astrologers telling you that Saturn rules old age, and slow time. Astrologers tend to say that  Saturn transits become easier with time, and your natal (birth) position of Saturn also becomes more comfortable, the older you become.

Here you can see Mercury, below, trying to stop the course of time, represented by Saturn, in this artwork by Nicolas Flamel (1330-1418) from The Book of Abraham the Jew. It’s held in the National Library of France. Images of Saturn also turn up in the Tarot.

MERCURY 364x600 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020The famous egg-timer appears here, in this picture of Mercury and Saturn, along with the scythe (sickle) which is actually compressed into the planetary symbol you still see today in the horoscope.

The baby-eating is a constant theme with Saturn too. I am sure you know the myth. Saturn castrated his father Uranus, cutting off his penis and testicles with the scythe his mother gave him.

Saturn was cursed for it. Terrified that his own children would do the same thing to him (or worse) he ate every baby his wife Ops produced in a mad kind of preventative measure. This is where all those ideas about ‘malignant’ Saturn and ‘melancholic’ Saturn come from today. He became reduced to a mindless devourer of his own offspring. Then his wife Ops fooled him into swallowing a rock one day, and set Jupiter free – her youngest son. When he returned from exile, grown to manhood, he was merciful towards his father, and rather than castrating him or killing him, he allowed him to go free.

Tarot - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020

All images – Pinterest

Saturn and Saturday

I find Saturdays really interesting because they draw their name from Saturn. The ‘Sa’ root of the word appears in Saturnus, dies Saturni, dies Sabbati, the Sabbath, Samedi, Sabato – and all variations on that theme. The Oxford Dictionary website has quite a good blog on the astrological origins of the days of the week.

Saturday is really about time, and it usually begins with most people turning off the alarm clock. Do you do that?

The working week is over on Saturday. If you are sweating through a Saturday part-time job, though, you’ll also be clock-watching. There can be a delight in Saturday, and Saturday night, at the same time that there is a tick-tock anxiety about Monday coming round too soon.

When you wake up on Saturn’s day (Saturday) you have time off, and time out (if you work a five-day week) but strangely, the clock or calendar will never be far from your thoughts, because you only have 48 hours to put on your pileus, so to speak, and feel free.

The pileus, the hat of the Saturnalia, is everywhere on Saturdays. Have you ever noticed how the first thing people do on the weekends is either put on a baseball cap, a beanie or a fascinator to wear at the races/a wedding?

Perhaps the Roman astrologer Marcus Manilius, author of Astronomicon, would have made the hat connection with Saturday too. This Latin classic was the first book to outline the astrological house system, probably in the first century CE. The brilliant astrologer and author Deborah Houlding is a great go-to source if you are curious about Manilius.

The astrologer Ficino regarded Saturday as a day for intense contemplation. No football. No cocktails. No wild sex. This may also be where Saturn’s rather dour image comes from.

Cicero thought the Greek version of Saturn, Kronos (who lends his name to chronology and chronicles and chronological order) became known as Saturn because the god had been ‘saturated’ with the passing years, symbolised by his sons. Lomazzo in the 16th century agreed: “time devours temporal events as Saturn did his children,” he wrote.

Wherever you find Saturn in your chart making exact aspects (patterns) with other factors, you will find issues about time. It often seems to drag, or you have to wait for everything, or it takes years for things to resolve. If you have personal birth chart factors which fall at the same numbers (degrees) as your Saturn you will automatically have that planet in the picture. Whenever you ‘do’ one, you get the other. If you have Mercury at 1 Aries and Saturn at 1 Libra, then every time you sit down to write a letter, or speak up at a meeting (Mercury rules communication) you may find time drags, or it takes ages to get the right words, or it takes too long to get your message across.

There is no way around it. Saturn takes work. If you work Saturn, though, you have your own little Golden Age later on.

Managing Saturn – Maturity and Wisdom

In Essays on Roman Satire, William S. Anderson writes, “Roman astrologers considered Saturn essentially malignant, a baleful influence which could be counteracted by a happy conjunction of planets.”

This is the idea that if you have Saturn making exact patterns (aspects) in your chart, or hitting everything as he goes through on a cycle, you can counteract him with some nice Jupiter-Minerva conjunctions, or perhaps a good Diana-Mercury transit.

By the time we get to the 12th century, though, Christian writers like Alexander Neckam were conjecturing that the slow movement of Saturn around its orbit, was rather like the slow acquisition of wisdom that came with experience.

This idea about Saturn and maturity is examined in some depth by Edith Balas in her book Michelangelo’s Medici Chapel.

The scythe or sickle you see with Saturn is sometimes interpreted as a tool for a harvest. The idea being, you endure the sharp, prickling, holly-like ‘needling’ sensation of Saturn for 2-3 years and then reap the rewards of persisting.

The Library of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich has held a remarkable collection of books about astrology in its time. Abu Masar’s Great Introduction, printed in Latin in 1506, shows bearded old Saturn with his scythe, but also with his symbol, the miniature scythe on its side. This also brings to mind the old phrase ‘you reap what you sow’ which is very typical of Saturn.

Sunday January 12th 2020 – Saturn’s Harvest and Your Horoscope

I mentioned the South Node, also passing through Capricorn and your Tenth House, alongside Saturn. On Sunday January 12th 2020 we have an even more potent line-up. Mercury at 22 Capricorn, Saturn at 22 Capricorn, Pluto at 22 Capricorn. The Sun is very close at 21 Capricorn.

This is so massive in terms of world governments, not to mention the corporate sector (all ruled by Capricorn – the people at the top) that I wrote a prediction about it called The Capricorn Effect back on 20th December 2017 as Saturn was coming in.

You have never seen this in your life and you will never see it again.

There will be a change in the balance of power at the top of so many governments and big business organisations, thanks to the Pluto cycle, and a time of serious reckoning for people in high places. Some may pass away. Some may resign or lose elections.

Saturn in Capricorn e1533154821167 600x429 - Saturn in Capricorn 2018, 2019, 2020Think of Capricorn the mountain goat again. The mountain is the skyscraper or tower of big city life. The top of the mountain is the penthouse suite, or the corner office on the top floor.

The goat is he who climbs, and sometimes she who climbs. What will Mercury, Saturn and Pluto create for us? It will be the intense moment of truth in a cycle that began on December 20th 2017, and continues into 2018, 2019 until December 17th 2020, just before Christmas – the old Saturnalia. We may see it a day later or earlier, but around January 12th, 2020, we will see a moment of truth which helps us make sense of 2018, 2019 as well – where the world order is concerned.

Learning From 1989 and 1990 – Old Men Step Down or Fall Over

One of the reasons you may be having such a hard time with your career, or employment, or university life, or unpaid work – is the wobbling at the top that happens when Saturn goes through Capricorn.

When old senior goats are faced with bad weather, they hang on to the mountain for dear life. Saturn is very bad astrological weather. It is classically a time when old men step down and are replaced, just as Saturn himself was replaced by his son Jupiter. This affects the whole structure of the corporation, the company, the business, the government department and so on.

The last time we saw Saturn dominate our lives in Capricorn was 1989, 1990. The world saw an unprecedented, high number of deaths, resignations, takeovers, election landslides and illnesses affecting the men at the top. This is set to happen again. We’re all affected by this wobbling. It’s like storms hitting the mountain.

1989 and the Heavy Hand of Saturn in Capricorn – Last Time Round

What follows is a long list of 1989 Saturn in Capricorn casualties. At its very worst, Saturn in Capricorn can result in a death sentence.

Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu were trialled on Christmas Day 1989 by a drumhead court martial and the former Romanian president and his wife Elena were executed. The young replaced the old, quite brutally. In 1989 we also saw death from natural causes. Other leaders were deposed or otherwise decimated.

Hirohito died in Japan. The old emperor was no more – the end of an era.
Ronald Reagan stood down.
Andrew Peacock deposed John Howard as Federal Opposition Leader of Australia.

The Ayatollah Khomeini dies 

Andreas PapandreouPrime Minister of Greece resigned

1990 and the End of Margaret Thatcher – Saturn in Capricorn – One Last Time

Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after over 11 years. Born with Jupiter in Capricorn she experienced Saturn ‘on’ or conjunct her Jupiter at this time. The Saturn transit of her Tenth House was the end of an era.

President of Bulgaria Petar Mladenov resigned

Geoffrey Palmer resigned as Prime Minister of New Zealand

In Norway, the government headed by Prime Minister of Norway Jan P. Syse collapsed.

Indian Prime Minister Singh resigned

Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew resigned

Prime Minister of Bulgaria Andrey Lukanov and his government of former communists resigned

President Hussain Muhammad Ershad of Bangladesh was forced to resign.

Baroness Thatcher, Capricorn the Goat and People at the Top

Capra is a genus of mammals, the goats, and it’s the ancient root word at the heart of the zodiac sign, Capricorn.

Whenever you see a difficult planet like Saturn in this sign, not to mention the South Node and Pluto (with all his power struggles), people who are typically ambitious, respectful of the system, entrenched in the establishment, fond of social climbing (social mountaineering) – tend to suffer.

Even if they have made it to the top of the mountain, the people at the top have to find a way to hang on for dear life when Saturn goes through Capricorn. And if they’re not there yet, they may have to give up. At the very least, they’ll be tested.

If you are strongly Capricorn, with a stellium in that sign (more than three factors in modern astrology) this is a cycle that will challenge you over and over again. Why? You need to figure out if the mountain is still what you want. Is it a good mountain for you to climb or do you need to do something else about your ideas of success and status?

This video of Margaret Thatcher on her last day at 10 Downing Street gives you an idea of the sign. Remember, her Jupiter was in Capricorn. This is what it feels like to have Saturn going over your Jupiter in the Tenth House, once every 29 years.

Dealing With Changes at the Top Until 2020

There is no Saturn in Capricorn cycle that does not bring massive changes at the top of the world order. From January 5th 1959 to January 3rd 1962, Saturn was in the sign of the mountain goat. 1959 was the year that the Dalai Lama was forced out of Tibet by the Chinese. He escaped to India. He is still the Tibetan leader in exile today. In 1960, Sun Capricorn politician Republican Richard Nixon was forced to admit defeat in a close race with Democrat John F. Kennedy.

As I write this on Tuesday 31st July 2018, we haven’t even really started this cycle. By 2020, Saturn, together with the South Node and Pluto, will sweep right across the top of the world order and that is going to affect you and I both.

The United Nations, the White House, Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, The Lodge and other houses of power for ‘top people in high places’ will be most affected – and those mountains and high-climbing goats will be heavily challenged.

In your own personal birth chart and life, if you have Capricorn placements, always check the planetary positions on the front page to see where Saturn, Pluto (and soon the South Node) are travelling. Are they ‘on’ or conjunct your Capricorn factors? That’s a big career moment for you. These slow-moving outer planets take decades, even centuries, to cross Capricorn. What you experience when, say, the South Node at 29 Capricorn in November 2018, goes over your Sun at 29 Capricorn, will be memorable and important. Saturn himself moves at a different speed, but watch him too. And Pluto!

Capricorn the mountain goat climbs steadily and carefully to the very top of an impossibly high and challenging peak, and then he has to decide what to do next. What is your mountain and where is it? How much do you want that top position? How greatly do you need to hang on? Even one factor in Capricorn in your Tenth House is enough to make you question success. By 2020 at the end of this cycle you will have reshaped, or be reshaping, an important job, project, course or plan. Remember, you only get the sharp end of a Saturn in Capricorn cycle like this every three decades. Be careful with that scythe – and that holly!

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113 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,

    I have quit my job, we are moving to Perth before the end of the year and I am both terrified and excited.

    I will be leaving 30 years of my life behind in Sydney. You can imagine for a Cancer with an Aquarius ‘my friends are my family’ Moon, this is particularly daunting. Gulp- I don’t have any friends over there.

    Could you please look at my chart and tell me how this weather may impact me?

    Thank you so much.


    1. Perth is beautiful and I always stop in Cottesloe when I fly between Australia and London. Amazing sushi, stunning beaches, warm water – what’s not to love? You have Uranus at 0 Sagittarius. The planet of revolution, freedom and radical change in the sign of travel and ‘foreign’ people and places. I think Perth will offer you more than just Australian faces – it has a multicultural component to it and a rather cosmopolitan population, and that will probably play an important part in the excitement, as well as the proximity to countries like the United Arab Emirates. Jupiter (opportunity) crosses 0 Sagittarius in November so you will have the thrill of a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. A really good start MM. You would also be given a chance to study in Perth – seminars, workshops, evening classes and so on.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Feeling a bit uneasy about Saturn in Capricorn. When the south node was in Cap in 2000 I was a stay at home Mom having given birth 28 Dec 1999. In 1989 I was a pregnant stay at home Mom and gave birth 24 July 1989. I will have my saturn return in 2020 as I have Saturn @ 25 Capricorn. I also have my IC and Salacia @ 15 Capricorn, a conjunction. My youngest child is now 18 and leaves for college next month. I am self employed but wish I could retire. What does this go around of Saturn in Capricorn bring for me?
    Thank You Jessica!

    1. Deidre, this is really about the North Node in Cancer back in 2000 as Cancer rules your Fourth House of family. You are set for another Node cycle across Cancer (the opposite sign to Capricorn – the Nodes are always opposite each other) from November. Have a look at North Node and South Node on search as your teenager has past life connections with you and this goes back to the birth, but also other lifetimes. You are now preparing to ‘do’ some karma with this Millennial of yours and that is what your Saturn Return is also about. I suspect college for your child will be a big deal for you as well. Knowing about the Nodes can be useful.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you again for the very informative blog!
    I do have stellium in Cap. The main ones are Venus and South Node… Which I believe are conjunct. Please let me know what I would need to look out for… Professionally, I am just winding down bunch of stuff in the past few years and am focused on my wife’s professional activities.

    1. Venus is at 25 Capricorn and the Node is too wide (I only use 0-1 degree orbs). However, you are on course for major transits across Venus, which is your marriage – and the Nodal cycle is returning too. This is karmic. You have past life ties with your wife. You are on quite a long journey with her, here, which will take you until 2020 to complete. It really will feel like climbing Everest! You may want to hit Search and read more about the Nodes and also Venus herself.

  4. Hi Jessica, You are amazing! I am a Cap and I had a career close in December 2017 from a position that I held for 17 years. Even though I have retired, I would like to see how my career future is especially with the Cap at 29 degrees in the South Node. My career came to a sudden close even though the decision was mine and have a desire to get my career going – either full time or part time. I have many Cap factors – 7 degrees in Sun, 25 in Mercury, 22 in Fortuna, 11 in Minerva, 18 in Salacia, and 29 in South Node. I almost feel like I took a fall already and I am trying to climb up again. I would so appreciate you looking at my chart and see how my career life is especially with Saturn in Capricorn. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Right on cue for the arrival of Saturn in Capricorn in your Tenth House of work, you retired. Now you want to go back to ambitions again, which makes sense, given your huge Capricorn chart signature. When you say you took a fall and are trying to climb up again, you are right. What you actually need to look at is the whole structure of a particular company, business, government, industry or profession. How does it work? Capricorn rules the mountain, and there is a very small amount of room at the top (usually for one person, usually male) and then everyone is spread out below. Middle management is the middle of the mountain and the workers are the huge base or foundation. There is so much stress on the people at the top, and the ambitious people in the middle striving to get to the top, in 2018, 2019, 2020 that you should probably start your search by examining how firm or shaky these corporate structures are. You are likely to find quite a lot of anxiety there in these ‘pyramid’ structures like mountains and that affects happiness levels throughout. There is really no point in making it again (although you could, and probably will, in 2020) without feeling good about the place as a whole. You may not always read the facts as these people pay public relations firms a fortune to cover things up, but do read around the headlines and ask around too. Not every organisation will be right for you. Some may even be on the verge of imploding.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for this very thorough expose of Saturn in Capricorn. I have a stelium in Capricorn. As a more mature person, recently, I have been feeling anxious about a number of things, health, there have already been a couple of ‘ouch’ moments. Then, will I ever reach my goals of achieving any kind of success in my chosen field of artistic endeavour? It is all feeling very heavy and I am wondering if you have any moments of lighter thoughts for me. Again I really enjoy and appreciate your posts, you put a lot of effort into providing them and they are great to read.

    1. Thank you very much. You are strongly Capricorn and in fact someone in the family tree was like this too. Look at fathers and grandfathers, perhaps great-grandfathers for clues. This epic line-up of planets in Capricorn, involving Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and also the South Node, has never happened to you before. It will never happen again. If we take the start date as Christmas 2017 and the end date as Christmas 2020 (from holly wreath to holly wreath) we are really looking at a long period of tests and trials, with ultimate breakthroughs and solutions. Art can be hard work. We almost expect the art world to be hard work, as painters like Picasso and particularly Van Gogh had to suffer for it, or wait for success. It takes a long time to make it in the art world and sometimes it will not happen until after your death! These are some core ideas about artistic work, although you don’t say what you actually do. One way to contain Saturn would be to start, or go back to, an important piece that you know will take 2018, 2019 and most of 2020 to get right. That may help take some of the cycle for you.

  6. Between my monthly August horoscope, your Mercury Retrograde Shadow post and now this post where I have Saturn in Capricorn as well as Venus and Mars in Capricorn and this is my second Saturn return. Ironically since 2016 when my job ended I’ve felt stuck until this week. I feel lost and confused now. What should I do?

    1. Your Capricorn stellium in the Tenth House and Saturn Return are both about remodelling success and status – slowly. Saturn is time, as you know. The end of your job in 2016 was Pluto in Capricorn, but also aspects – patterns – affecting all that you have in Virgo, which rules your daily workload. So you have really been experiencing this on all fronts. Acceptance is important on a Saturn Return. You have to accept the things you cannot change, to quote Patric Walker. Avoidance or denial are classic responses to Saturn, but actually it is better to face facts and just get on with it. As the famous British advertisement from the Second World War proclaimed, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’ At some point in 2020, however, as Jupiter (expansion, opportunity, problem solving, growth) goes through Capricorn too – you may want to switch your ideas about position and ambition, status and so on. In fact you’ll probably long to do just that and the chance will arrive.

    1. You are heading towards your Jupiter and Saturn Returns, which are life-changing and game-changing, in terms of your ambition, position and mission. This total transformation of your goals will be accompanied by Pluto, also going through Capricorn. Salacia is really your title, projects and plans as a whole, not being particularly real-world. Jupiter is your natural protection and good fortune, yet Saturn is the curse! So, success is complicated for you and always has been. Now, success has to be redefined. It may not be what you once thought, or you may want to contract what other people say ‘successful’ actually is. By 2020 there really will be a thorough reshaping of your mountain, or you may choose a different one to climb.

  7. I have my IC at 8 degrees of Capricorn and Venus at 12. Work seems like a treadmill in that I am running as fast as I can – just to remain in one place. This resonates on the time theme as I constantly complain that time is the one resource I do not have enough of! There is also this feeling of the pleasures in life being ‘cut back”. My horse was diagnosed with osteoarthritis at a young age (Saturn) so cannot be ridden. Most of my social life revolved around doing things with horses but that is now ‘cut back’ as I am literally ‘un-horsed’ and not moving forward and all that implies symbolically. I’m having a Richard III transit ‘ A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse’!!

    1. The treadmill is a good way to describe Saturn. This also reminds me of the Pretenders’ song, Back on the Chain Gang. The other analogies you have here, about experiencing pleasures ‘cut back’ and the feeling of being ‘un-horsed’ is also incredibly helpful, though I don’t envy you going through all this. Richard III is certainly a Saturnine figure. The old man threatened by his young relatives. Your stellium in Sagittarius, the sign of the centaur, is a classic symbol of horsemanship. At least you have Jupiter going through Sagittarius in 2019 to help!

  8. Wow! What an amazing in-depth piece of writing!
    I guess I’m going to be hit by that January 12 line up – gulp!! (Salacia). And 2020 is going to be hard work on my Ascendant…
    In terms of my Sun sign, Saturn has delivered. It’s been a very hard slog. And I’ve not managed to gain any control (Pluto) over the financial arrangements with others.

    1. Salacia is just as important as your Ascendant (and it is amazing how often the Ascendant or Rising Sign degree is wrong, as mothers so often fudge their memory of birth time). Salacia is a symbol of escapism, holidays from reality and vacations from ‘ordinary and everyday’ in your chart. In Capricorn in the Tenth House, this is the kind of paid or unpaid work you have. There is something not quite realistic or regular about it. Saturn crossing Salacia will force you to get real. It is very likely to manifest as an older male, or a corporation or department dominated by old men. It doesn’t last, of course – and actually if you persist in your ambitions, perhaps reshaping them to suit changing times – you benefit when Jupiter (expansion, growth, opportunity) goes over Salacia in Capricorn in 2020.

  9. Hi Jessica
    Well as in the words of Sophia “wow”, what an incredibly detailed article.
    I am particularly interested in the change of ” people in power” so to speak. I would imagine you must get asked very often, as to when astrology may tell you the end of President Trump? For me my focus (phobia?) has always been Putin.
    From the moment he came out of no-where in 1999/2000 to become Russian President my trusted sixth sense kicked in to tell me he was trouble. Putin once said he was ‘”fated” to become Russian President early on in his “reign.” I believe this to be true, just as Trump was “fated” to become US President, & become the tool for change that will change the US political system forever come the mid 2020’s.
    However back to Putin. I have often read that there is no accurate birth time & date for Putin?……which of course would make a reading for him tricky. However I know you believe passionately that a countries horoscope works very well.
    Quite simply does Russia’s horoscope tell you when a change at a the top may happen? I pray that Saturn in Capricorn may finally bring that. If I am being honest, not just for the World, but for my own anxiety levels that have been steadily increasing over the last few years.
    As usual kind regards & thank you for your time in advance.

    1. Peter, you want to know if Putin will resign, or be forced to resign or even leave the planet altogether. I am sure Pussy Riot would agree with you! We don’t have an accurate chart for him. We do, for Russia. That nation will not survive the massive crackdown on money laundering and the rise of cryptocurrencies which cannot be pulled into the laundromat. It will be, purely, about the money. By Christmas 2020 there is a new world order. Capricorn weather passes and Aquarian weather takes over. I very much doubt Putin or Trump will last, because of that. Aquarius is about equality, diversity, the community, the group sharing power, and people unifying regardless of status, money, age, nationality or race. At no point does that sound like what we have seen from this pair. There will be a distinct crashing sound by 2020 as the dinosaurs go hurtling over the cliff.

  10. Argh is there no end in sight? As a Sag with a sag Stellium I’ve been Saturned enough and now my cap heavy chart seems to mean more…I’ve just finished a contract and there doesn’t seem to be another job on the near horizon. I feel like unless I find a job I really really love I’m going to be job hopping and contracting forever…I think it would be a terrible waste but I bore so easily and have no focus when I do. Considering meditation! Everything is (and has been for years) so very up in the air…must I wait for 2020 for this heaviness to pass?!

    Great read by the way – and things aren’t all bad, one of my problems is my blind optimism where I just know I’ll always be alright…I think it prevents drive! Xx

    1. You’re very lucky as Jupiter is entering Sagittarius in November and stays there for most of 2019. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius too. Hit Search to read more about this planet as you will be travelling ambitiously and very happily next year, or even moving altogether. Meditation would work well for you, and in fact could open doors to foreign people and places you had not even thought about before. Educate yourself next year. It will pay off for the rest of your life. Look right across the map, too. That’s where the luck will be!

  11. Hi Jessica! I have a stellium in Capricorn and am Sun Capricorn as well. Since December I’ve been feeling that the work I’m doing now is not satisfying to me. Where I once use to have great passion for it and enjoy it…I now feel weighed down by it. It feels heavier somehow to me. I’ve spent the last 8 years climbing this mountain and if I’m not doing this I have no idea what I’ll do. Feeling lost and confused. Any insight on what I can expect with these heavy hitters working me over in the next 3 years?

    1. You are experiencing the Capricorn cycle in a classic way, feeling weighed down by the work. The answer will come slowly but surely, yet in the meantime you may have to power on through. You may want to look at your mother’s life, by the way, and see what you can pick up from that. I think your actual chosen industry, field or profession will change so much (around you) that the decision will almost be made for you by 2020. So it’s not just you. The year 2020 (starting late 2019) sees Jupiter in Capricorn and that will fix just about every remaining question you have! There is also a personal element here. You are a born mentor, guide or teacher and need to connect with someone who appreciates that. I do wonder if this will end up being an unpaid role, or perhaps part of your future career – but it feels as if you need to be a wise old owl with a younger chick.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Can you please help me? I have Jupiter and my ascendant in Capricorn. I lost my job unexpectedly last year and took a huge fall. I’m trying to climb up this year by having launched my own business. I’m also struggling in my marriage right now, and wonder if I’m headed for a nasty divorce. I don’t believe I’m going through my Saturn return, but the last couple of years sure feels like it.
    Can you please help with what to expect on the business front, marriage and whether there is a move involved for me?

    Thank you so much, Jessica!

    1. Losing your job and taking a huge fall off the mountain can be an unfortunate outcome of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. You also have a bad marriage. There is a lot going on – you don’t say if you have children or not. That is the key to everything, actually. I’ll have to skip the marriage issue as I just don’t know if you became a parent or not. Your business launch this year happened as Saturn crossed your Jupiter, and that was a smart thing to do, as you are always protected in the work sphere, and at the very best, will score huge hits, win awards or land top positions – all your life. In fact, you will have your Jupiter return from the end of 2019 into 2020 and that is when you could reach for the biggest and the best. On a psychic level I am being told to pass on that you need to look at your advertising.

  13. Hi Jessica

    Please can you tell me how Saturn in Capricorn will affect me?

    Moon 13° Capricorn 04′ 18″
    Neptune 07° Capricorn 55′ 02″
    Ceres 01° Capricorn 34′ 23″
    DESC 26° Capricorn 00′ 11″
    Diana 09° Capricorn 50′ 00″

    Kindest regards


    1. Well, Saturn is already making an impact, having passed your Ceres and Neptune. He still has a way to go, but then so does Pluto, which must pass your Descendant at 26 Capricorn. R, you will put your career, unpaid work or university degree under the microscope for 2-3 years to see what you actually have to work with. It is rather like scrutinising things to see if they pass your tests – and also if you pass the tests of others. Saturn, Pluto, the South Node, Jupiter and Ceres will all move through Capricorn and as you have the Moon here, you need to look at the relationships you create with people who are in positions of power, socially high status or successful – and how that does (or does not) work for you. Most of all, you escape from the real world through career dreams with Neptune in Capricorn and now, more than ever, you need to get real.

  14. Hi Jessica

    I have Sun, Mercury, Ceres & Juno in Capricorn. I would so appreciate you looking at my chart and see what impact Saturn in Capricorn will have on my life. Thank you.

    1. You will have your Ceres Return in Capricorn in the Tenth House, alongside the transits of the South Node, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter by 2020. This is a sweeping transformation of your ambition, mission and position and you won’t look back. It will be challenging, demanding but ultimately you will leave your C.V. in a good place by the end of 2020 when this cycle fades out. Senior people, older and experienced authority figures and the like, will be hugely influential for better or worse and you will learn a lot. The learning curve is steep and sharp but by 2020 you will absolutely know what you want to do and where you belong.

  15. Thank you for this very informative, and somewhat scary, post!
    I have sun at 12 cap, moon at 10 cap, Jupiter at 16 taurus, Juno at 3 cap and salacia at 21 cap. I have a book launch coming up on my birthday in Jan. I’m a premium member so get your regular info about this Saturn cycle. I am going through major changes, for sure. I do want to shift mountains, do you have any input on that?

    1. Your timing with your new book is immaculate as Jupiter the planet of growth, expansion, lucky breaks, win-win outcomes, solutions and sweeping results will be in your Ninth House of publishing from November 2018. You have a huge Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House and will love what unfolds within 12 months. Foreign people and places will play their part.

  16. Hi Jessica, fascinating article! My midheaven is 25 Capricorn, and elsewhere you mention Taurus-Scorpio weather, with transit Uranus is about to directly oppose my natal placement. My career has been going well for several years, but it seems like this has only been the result of sheer effort and willpower. I have come close to several lucky breaks, but each time something changed and the opportunity disappeared. Expenses seem to be rising alarmingly. Even though outwardly things seem to be under control, I feel tired, trapped and fed up of people telling me what to do. Any insight or advice?

    1. Thank you! Saturn at 2 Leo and Uranus at 3 Scorpio in your chart form an almost exact square, and this is really about your personal life, relationships, family or children/pregnancy/step-parenting more than anything else, and the tension this creates with your money or home. It can be creative tension but it will always be an issue to solve. Uranus at 2, 3 Taurus comes and goes until 2019, so you are going through a cycle when you will be liberated from the past, and find the usual lightning bolts which shake things up and wake you up, too. Uranus will actually oppose natal Uranus and this is a clear choice about freedom, independence and being your own person, with your own value system intact, no matter what others might be talking about in terms of the money. Expenses would be rising on this cycle, as you say, partly to make you come up with a different life budget. In fact, your entire value system seems likely to alter by this time next year. The key is freedom. What price do you put on feeling free?

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much, that was fantastic!

    I have a stellium in Capri and also have my first Saturn return. So far so good, I am doing fine in my work – I work in the tech start up area and started a job very close to my Saturn return back in Jan 2018, hopefully nothing untoward is coming my way.

    What I am still not sure about is what mountain is it that I want to climb – yes, I want to be successful and happy but I think this phase will help me figure out my next steps post 2020. My british citizenship application is also coming up in April 2020 – do you envisage any issues with this at all? I will be sure NOT to make any applications during a mercury retrogade!

    Any advice would be great.

    1. Thank you. The North Node and South Node cycles in Cancer and Capricorn will both have an impact on you, and the cycle starts in November. This is karmic, actually, so you may have one or more past lives in Britain. You were born with fortunate Jupiter at 10 Cancer, in the Fourth House of home, roots, culture, property and home town – and homeland. When the North Node moves to 10 Cancer you will hear good news. The South Node will cross your Capricorn factors at the same time, so underneath all this, there are deeper questions about the family, and moving on up (I seem to be quoting Curtis Mayfield a lot on this thread) and leaving people behind. They also call it ‘moving on’ in England. This is a fact of life. However, your roots will also be pulling you in 2019. Have a look at the Fourth and Tenth House features on Search as you are heavily invested in both.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this informative article and blog.
    My DOB is Jan.10, 1986. I divorced last year and recently moved to CT, USA. I have been through a tough time so far. I still have difficulty finding a job. I am terrified as a single mom for my daughter’s and my wellbeing. My daughter was born on 08.20.13.
    Can you please tell me how this transition will affect me and what should I take into consideration…
    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Don’t be terrified, Larissa. You are being reshaped, along with your destiny, and the divorce and relocation is part of the transformation, which has only just begun. It will take two more years. Your daughter is a 20th August child, a Leo, who has actually gained so much from what you did. She is in a vastly improved family and home situation, so well done. In 2020 you will both ‘move on up’ to quote Curtis Mayfield and see huge lifestyle improvements. Until then, set fears to one side and begin to do your research. What pays and where will it pay? Think outside the box. Just because you always did Y and got paid X, does not mean that is the way it is going to be in 2019, 2020. Even right now, so much is changing out there, that you will benefit from thinking laterally, being flexible and being open to discovery. You will in fact find a lump sum this year, if you have not already done so.

  19. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks for this article. Although I have no planets in Capricorn I have enough in Libra and Aries to feel its impact. My question is that my natal Saturn is square my natal Uranus. How does this placement affect my Life?

    1. Aesculapia at 0 Virgo and Venus at 2 Virgo are also pulled into the pattern, which as you know is an exact square between Saturn at 1 Leo and Uranus at 1 Scorpio. Every time you have transits across 0, 1, 2 degrees you have dramas, because work is affected (Virgo) and sometimes your health is affected (Virgo) at the same time that you are dealing with the world of children, young people or lovers (Leo) and the intensely personal side of finance, property or business (Scorpio). This is a lifelong pattern about complicated relationships, a certain amount of fear and defensiveness and predictable upheavals involving the money, house or apartment. People with factors at 0, 1, 2 degrees might trigger it. You have Uranus crossing 0, 1, 2 Taurus for the first time in your life, now through 2019. You’ll be thrown a choice. Independence? Freedom? It’s your call but it means you will have to do things completely differently, not only in relationships with others, but also with money.

  20. Dear Jessica, I have many planets in Capricorn and most importantly, my Saturn return! I believe Saturn will be exact my natal degrees next year but I am feeling the full effect now. I am mostly concerned about work — have not had the luck Jupiter is well known for even though I have reached out quite a bit. Can you tell me if you foresee any luck in my near future?

    Thank you!

    1. You are Generation Capricorn, born with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the Tenth House of ambition, social climbing, professionalism, striving and success. 2018, 2019 and particularly 2020 will change your life. I am not sure where you are seeing Jupiter’s luck – he does not arrive in Capricorn for two more years. In fact, you are slogging your way through a Saturn and Pluto cycle which makes you accept reality. Unfortunately you are not immune to the facts of life – particularly work – and now you are slowly beginning to see that there is no more chance of avoiding the facts, or pretending that if you don’t look, the situation will disappear. You do need to make changes and it’s possible you’ve not done that so far. Not with total commitment, anyway. You will gather a second or even a third set of qualifications, training or skills in addition to that which you already know so well. It will take time and patience but you will get there. One man in particular will teach you about success and what it means. This is quite a deep issue for you. You will be made to look at what it takes to ‘make it’ in 2018, 2019, 2020 and what you are willing to do, to get there. You may decide that some mountains are not worth climbing and seek other ways to achieve. This man will show you all sides of the issue. I believe you will get letters after your name eventually as I can see that clairvoyantly. Keep going!

  21. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the very informative article!
    I started my career back in September 2000, what sort of a effect this weather will have on me. Currently I’m going through a period of uncertainty and unhappiness. Feels like a career change but not sure which path to take. Could you please shed some light into my current situation and towards 2020.
    I have MC 24° Capricorn 51′ 44″, NorthNode 22° Scorpio 12′ 35″ R, SouthNode 22° Taurus 12′ 35″ R, Sun 21° Libra 32′ 56″

    Many Thanks,

    1. Well, NP, you are having the classic Capricorn transit of your Tenth House and questioning the mountain you have chosen to climb. Maybe the issue is the price of hanging on to your old status or position – maybe you are beginning to wonder if this is still the right journey for you! Saturn at 2 Leo and Uranus at 2 Scorpio in your chart make an exact square and Uranus is hovering at 2 Taurus, so you have a T Square forming. This is very unusual and it’s about your values. The true price of your current salary. The cost of a particular wage bracket. Uranus will leave Taurus for a while but when he returns with a bang in early 2019 you will have to do some sums. Nothing to do with the actual money, everything to do with what or who you value most, and also what you refuse to sell out for. This is a momentous cycle and it will take time to figure out. Uranus is a symbol of freedom and independence and I think you will have to hang a price tag on that and rethink your life budget.

  22. Sun in Sagittarius 29º43’. House V
    Mercury in Capricorn 16º39’. House V
    Saturn in Scorpio 13º04’. House III
    Pluto in Scorpio 1º34’. House III
    Sun conjunction with Jupiter
    Sun Sextile Pluto
    Moon Square Pluto
    Mercury sextile Saturn
    Venus conjunction Saturn
    Fortune in Capricorn
    South node in Sagittarius
    No aspects in house X
    Sorry to introduce myself like this hahaha. I love the article and i understand most of what you are saying, most things clicked. What i would like to know is how it applies and combines with my Sagittarius and Jupiter side. I am a Sagicorn, but this is new to me, i had never heard about cusps before and recently discovered this. But now i am discovering a new side of me little by little.
    I always thought of myself as Sagittarius, but for example what you wrote about Saturn’s ring and protecting oneself, this totally shocked me since that’s exactly what i am trying to work on right now. Trying to eliminate the barriers i built around myself to welcome a man into my life and show myself to that person.

    1. Hmmm, well Saturn is not in your Third House in the system I use, he is in your Eighth House. Pluto is similarly in your Eighth House. Mercury is in your Tenth House, not your Fifth House. The Sun is in your Ninth House, not your Fifth House! It sounds as if you are using a website which might also allow for wide orbs (up to 9 degrees) so I won’t risk taking those aspects too seriously as the system I use for prediction only allows a one degree orb. Cusps are a load of rubbish, by the way – don’t use them. You are not a Sagicorn! Here is the most important thing I can tell you. In the second half of 2019 you will have the biggest and best chance in 12 years to travel, or travel in the mind. And you will find it irresistible.

  23. Hi Jessica, I have 5 planets in Capricorn and most of my immediate family are Capricorns, including my mother, 2 sisters, step dad and a niece. I feel like this is not a bad cycle for me as I feel more confident in my professional life (but that maybe because my Jupiter is in my 10th house now)?

    1. You have some placements quite late in Capricorn so it may take a while for you to fully experience the cycle, as Saturn is moving quite slowly across 1-29 degrees of Capricorn in your Tenth House of professional life. You are absolutely right about the mitigating effect of Jupiter in the Tenth House of your other chart – your public, Solar Sign Aquarius chart!

  24. What a stunning article Jessica!
    I have 3 factors in Capricorn: MC@23, Diana@7, Panacea@19. As another person described it, I am on a treadmill since 2003!! In 2001, I obtained a university degree and then immigrated the following year. In 2003, I started a Phd in Literature which I struggeled to complete because of different kind of barriers on my way such as familly obligations, etc. It is my dream project in life which nothing makes sense without. I finally gave up last month and quit the program. But I cannot give it up completely, not in my mind. I just felt that I needed a fresh start. So, I’m planning to apply for a degree in philosophy in these coming months. Any insight from you will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you! Yes, you have been on a treadmill too, as another reader mentioned. I am sorry you had to break off your PhD because of the family and other barriers. A degree in philosophy sounds fascinating – I majored in this subject too, with Professor Joske at the University of Tasmania, who was an unforgettable lecturer. How does it look for you? Fantastic, actually. You have a large stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of academia. Jupiter, the lucky planet, enters Sagittarius in November 2018 and remains there for most of 2019. You must return to education. You will love what unfolds and there may be travel to enjoy – certainly foreign faces and places will be part of the thrill. Longer-term, when the North Node goes into Gemini, which is also in your chart, and the South Node goes into Sagittarius, you could easily fulfil karma from two decades before and finish ‘unfinished business’ as a teacher or student.

  25. What a brilliant article. Well done. How talented, articulate and knowledgeable you are Jessica. I’m Capricorn.
    In January 2001 I decided to leave my destructive marriage. In July that year all the legal papers were finalised and settled. In September that same year I got promoted at work and in October that year started doctoral studies. In November of the same year I started therapy for a crucial issue and in that month my first book was published. Doctorate has been successfully completed. What a year it has been. 3 years after a new relationship started. I resonate with what you said. Thanks so much Jessica.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comments. Thank you also for the validation about your Saturn cycle. I never stop learning in astrology and this is a perfect example of what can happen. Aspects of the year 2000/2001 will return on this new cycle as you tie up any loose ends, karmically speaking. It is also possible that your former husband, or quite another person, needs to say something to you in return. The Nodes have a way of creating situations where closure is possible and really, all you have to do is follow the signs. This gives you completion.

  26. Hi Jessica. I have a few placements at 22 degrees. Would you be so kind as to have a look at my chart and let me know what I may expect, please?

    1. Pluto at 22 Virgo in your Sixth House is the really important one. Pluto is about power and control. In Virgo (work) in the Sixth House (duty and service) this is a statement about perfecting your trade, skills or professionalism to the point where you become indispensable to your boss, your clients, your colleagues or customers. What you are experiencing in 2018, 2019, 2020 is the slow but steady arrival of trines (flow patterns) in your horoscope as Saturn will move to 22 Capricorn and trine Pluto from your Tenth House, which rules your bigger ambitions and largest career achievements. Pluto will also ultimately move to 22 Capricorn and we also find the South Node, Jupiter and Ceres there eventually. What you are going to experiencing is massive and life-changing impact from people or organisations at the top. These would be the leading companies or corporations, perhaps the leading influencers, movers and shakers in your field. It is possible that you may switch industries, of course, in which this would be a different sphere – yet the top people and businesses would be the ones to reshape your destiny. It is very important to know what Pluto in Virgo means. Essentially you have to respect your body throughout and remember you do not exist from the neck up. Virgo also rules the machine, which is you, and the way that machinery does or does not work, is going to have a very important impact on what you can or cannot achieve. So, you are going to have to get real about this stuff. Spend time and money on your body, perhaps, that you never did before. Beyond this, the key to everything for you is serving others. Putting them first. Getting really, really good at the tiny details of what you do, so that you are absolutely indispensable to them. This will give you real clout and influence. By 2020 you could have pulled off something quite remarkable. It would not be fast or easy. It would not always be fun, necessarily, but it would be enduring and that is what matters.

  27. Hi Jessica..I have 4 planets in Capricorn.. Asc 12…Aesculapia 20…Nepturn 21….Uranus 23..Im not looking forward to Saturn..I love what I’m doing..2nd year apprentice electrician..hoping To go on and do electrical engineering and eventually have my own business..thats always being my goal in life..Will Saturn change everything for me.. Thanks Jessica

    1. Classic Capricorn signature in your chart – long-term ambition is ideal for what you want to do in life, as you are part of Generation Capricorn who make it slowly but steadily to the top. Uranus rules electricity as you probably know. I think 2020 will genuinely be electrifying (to quote John Travolta) in terms of the excitement which unfolds. Uranus was found in 1781 in the same year that Galvani, who lends his name to the word ‘galvanised’ accidentally discovered what he called animal electricity in the laboratory. Later on, Volta (who lends his name to the world ‘voltage’) would take this discovery and we would end up with the battery! Uranus was also the Roman god who was the father of sheet and forked lightning. So, you can see you are in the right profession here. I think you will be way more than the average sparky, though. Eventually you may add one or two other strings to your bow, or take your abilities into a more ambitious area. It’s going to be hard work and you will have to be patient in 2019 in particular, but you should be able to expand your career in 2020 just as you wish.

  28. You are incredible! The knowledge you transfer in these articles like this one and others is deep, and huge.
    You connect the dots with facts and history that is so reliable! I am your biggest fan Madame!
    I am a Cap stellium and all you mentioned is so true. Going through my book of history: in Aug-Sep 1989, I moved to new country and started climbing the ladder. Aug 1993, I moved again new country, and started climbing upward professionally and academically. Aug 1997, I moved again, new country, new journey. 1999-2000, status and salary increase 3 times (by that time), I had the biggest smile on my face. The cycle I am in now since 1996, I am due to reach not the top of the mountain but very close. I still have little work to do to get to the top. Meanwhile, I am waiting for a decision re. my work role. Will I hear good news!? Thanks

    1. Thank you. It’s nice to have a fan. (Actually I have two fans, and they are both on in this very hot London apartment!) Thank you for letting me know how the astrology panned out for you in 1989. Feedback is very useful for me, as I never stop learning about how astrology works in the real world. You want to know about your work role. I am not sure if it involves travel, foreign people and places or a great deal of time zone difference or language difference – but a project in this area, or a personal plan to shift yourself to another country for a while, will be open to you from November. This may be professional. I am not sure, because you don’t say what you do, but I can identify a fantastic opportunity in a different part of the world by this time next year and it may in fact be linked to work.

  29. Sun 22° Aries 37′ 17″
    Moon 01° Scorpio 46′ 58″
    Mercury 25° Pisces 30′ 13″
    Venus 03° Aries 49′ 05″
    Mars 07° Pisces 55′ 14″
    Jupiter 03° Capricorn 31′ 24″
    Saturn 18° Capricorn 14′ 37″
    Uranus 16° Leo 59′ 30″ R
    Neptune 08° Scorpio 11′ 29″ R
    Pluto 03° Virgo 50′ 35″ R
    Chiron 00° Pisces 55′ 06″
    Juno 27° Sagittarius 22′ 53″
    Vesta 11° Capricorn 53′ 56″
    Ceres 17° Aquarius 00′ 22″
    MC 02° Scorpio 42′ 27″
    IC 02° Taurus 42′ 27″
    ASC 13° Aquarius 24′ 36″
    DESC 13° Leo 24′ 36″
    Diana 26° Gemini 49′ 59″
    Fortuna 25° Taurus 48′ 21″
    Minerva 02° Gemini 24′ 33″
    Bacchus 23° Taurus 28′ 41″
    Apollo 28° Cancer 08′ 23″
    Aesculapia 18° Sagittarius 15′ 38″ R
    Hygeia 17° Leo 00′ 05″
    Panacea 10° Taurus 13′ 54″
    Ops 04° Cancer 35′ 56″
    Salacia 16° Capricorn 14′ 52″
    Proserpina 27° Gemini 22′ 29″
    Cupido 29° Aquarius 48′ 56″
    Vulcano 17° Sagittarius 14′ 47″
    Psyche 14° Aries 13′ 42″
    NorthNode 24° Virgo 29′ 13″ R
    SouthNode 24° Pisces 29′ 13″ R
    This is me above and you can probably see my Chart anyway as I am a premium member – thank you. A horrible year to put it bluntly! Any hope on the horizon? Read your Saturn article just now ( excellent article) and it sounded like what i am experiencing at present! I am being stalked and daily harassed by a (sociopathic) business competitor ( I work in an esoteric/ new age industry and I am successful at what I do) and their friends/associates/family members ( who have been enlisted by this person ) who may be trying to bring me down. Weird thing is i haven’t taken any notice of this person for years, so am at a loss to understand why the person is targeting me, maybe they think i am better than them in our field/industry? I don’t know…but its all very weird. Have been trying to figure out what to do about this person. I think this person got a friend of theirs to become a (fake) client of mine in order to entrap me in a bad situation which I very naively and innocently walked straight into back in May and then got that ‘client’ to demand a refund and do a bad review online of me and my business ( even though i graciously issued the ‘fake’ client with a refund on the same day, though i didnt have to as the service i did was quite ok ) plus various other yukky stuff going on from this business competitor. Its distracting me from my daily business in hand and my life in general, as everyday there is a fresh attack of some description from this person, like fake bookings that lead nowhere, anonymous phone calls throughout the day from different phone numbers, weird emails requesting my services – that i sense are designed to entrap me like the other fake client situation i described above. Have tried ignoring this business competitor but that hasn’t done anything except make it worse and it hasnt stopped this person at all – in fact ignoring it has made it worse. Being direct with this person may be like poking the tiger in its cage and I am not sure what to do at this stage but i feel its getting serious as its affecting my business income directly. This person is obviously unethical, unscrupulous and a troll and a sociopath, which doesnt help matters. Is there any insight in my Chart please to help me work out what and how to tackle this very serious issue – do i go to the police – have already got the phone provider working to identify all the nuisance calls etc and emails…thank you! 🙂 Namaste

    1. Pluto on your Saturn, I can see right away. You only have this once in your life and you are experiencing it now. (Transiting Pluto conjunct Saturn is the astrological term). I am sorry about the refund and bad online review situation. Pluto can manifest as a person who tries to take over, dominate or ‘own’ everything. Fake bookings, anonymous phone calls, weird emails do sound like entrapment by a competitor – unfortunately. It must be extremely stressful to go through. You refunded the person. You did the right thing. Will this ever stop? Yes. It will stop of its own accord and you may in fact find that this person gets quite a different organisation or person offside. That will probably end your problem. Please don’t be rattled by one bad review. We all get them. You should see my book reviews on Amazon. This person is ‘being’ Pluto. You don’t negotiate with Pluto. Do not let Pluto know you are feeling threatened or affected in any way. Keeping a record of the nuisance calls and e-mails is a smart thing to do. I can’t comment on the police situation as I don’t know the laws where you are and I have no idea of your location. Monitoring is good, though, because it puts you in control. This idea of being in control is very important. You need a strategy. A super plan. Winston Churchill had his War Cabinet and an underground network of offices with maps, telephones and secret tunnels around Whitehall. He also had Bletchley Park cracking the Enigma machine codes and all the people at Special Operations Executive coming up with cunning plans, to quote Baldrick. You are not at war. It’s really not that serious in terms of your career, although I appreciate it may feel like it at the time. Yet – you need a master strategy and it may help to write it down, or use a whiteboard. You had a negative comment online, so you need to get a positive one. Maybe two. How do you achieve that? You are having your time wasted by insincere people – how do you stop time-wasters no matter if they come from Pluto or not? Mate, you would have them anyway in our business! (In any business, from florist to plumber). You need to get yourself into a position where you are so proud of what you do, so convinced about what you do, that you have absolutely no concern whatsoever with any competitor because for you, it will make no difference. So focus on that.Focus on becoming an outstanding person in your field, to the point where you need a waiting list. Churchill oversaw the development of radar and also code-cracking which gave Britain superiority. You need to oversee the development of your own skills and abilities in your field so that you also have superiority. Eventually Pluto people and organisations are brought down of their own accord. I have seen it happen every single time. In the meantime, you develop yourself into someone (and something) very special. You’ll enjoy doing it. If you are still having issues one month from now I suggest you hire a Reiki master to work on your case as he/she has expertise in this area, which may involve psychic attack. I strongly recommend you do this. Word of mouth will bring the right person to you.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    I love your blog posts, they are extremely informative. I asked a question during my Saturn in Sagg almost 18 months ago and your response was spot on. You suggested that I may be packing my bags for a long holiday or move towards the end of 2018. You were right! We are packing for a total move! I can’t wait. But I wanted to ask you, after reading this post about Saturn, what does this transit have in store for me. I have Capricorn in Venus, Ceres and Juno, and in particular to job prospects/ career. Thanks for your help.

    1. Thank you. I am glad my prediction for you was spot on. And congratulations on the move. You actually just made your Saturn decision, for the most part, as you have committed to a different career phase. The rest of the cycle will take 1-2 years to deliver as you need to wait for the South Node to also slowly move across your Capricorn factors. What you will see by 2020 is the repeat of something from around 2000. It may have involved your education back then, or a part-time job – or more obviously your career projects. It will either be a literal repeat, in that the people come back, or the organisation does – or more likely a thematic repeat. You will be able to do things differently using your prior experience. This is karmic in nature so there is more to it than meets the eye. You are actually going to process ‘debts and credits’ of a spiritual nature from last time!

  31. Hi Jessica
    I have a big stellium in Capricorn with my Sun Saturn and Ceres all conjuct to each other, plus mercury in cap which as we speak has Saturn sitting on top of it .
    Any thoughts how this will affect me? Not really ambitious but am concerned with financial security and making sure my family are happy and safe.

    I agree with put walls around me , even if it’s done subconsciously. Then I wonder why nobody wants to play with me!



    1. Saturn 10 and Ceres 11 Capricorn in your Tenth House make a potent pair, Baroona. You’ll experience transiting Saturn going across that, at 10 degrees Capricorn, at Christmas 2018. In fact, very close to Boxing Day, you’ll have Saturn at 10 Capricorn and Jupiter at 10 Sagittarius, in what they call a semi-sextile. You mention the family – that is definitely part of the equation at Christmas. There is more than just the time of year to consider in this new, serious atmosphere. It’s not just the fact that relatives gather or get in touch more at Christmas – you also have the North Node slowly moving towards Cancer and your Fourth House of family, along with the South Node in Capricorn itself, moving slowly towards your Saturn and Ceres combined. In general, 2019 (starting with that Christmas 2018 period) is about the need for a master plan. That plan should be flexible enough so that you can keep adapting it as things develop. This is most definitely about your mission, position and ambition and no matter if you think of yourself as a full-time parent and partner, or in terms of work – or just in terms of social status and standing – you are absolutely going to have a 29-year challenge which you have to rise to meet. It is very likely to be about your ‘old man’ or ‘the old man’. Sometimes you just end up dealing with other people’s old men, or organisations which are stacked with them! Saturn is that part of you which builds walls to make yourself feel safe, or even practises avoidance or denial. Ceres is that part of you which is quite powerful, but periodically has to step down and reach a compromise with others, so control can be shared, or power can be redistributed among everybody. Again, this can be with a person or a whole organisation – sometimes a whole industry or profession. If you see your family as your job, then Ceres is very much about family politics, and in mythology she had to figure out a compromise with her daughter and son-in-law. Baroona, you will also find the Nodes across Cancer-Capricorn from November 2018, into 2019, bring back the past from around 19 years ago, and similar themes and symbolically, similar experiences will return. By Christmas 2020 the whole cycle will be drawing to a close but it will reshape how you see your ‘mountain’ and where you see yourself on it. We all have a mountain we’ve climbed, or feel we still have to climb, to reach the top of our particular situation.

  32. Reposting..

    Dear Jessica,

    I got a big promotion in May, when I was thinking to quit my job. The job is exciting yet challenging. I just do not feel at home with my new team and my boss, whom I was involved romantically before. My Descendant is in 15degrees and Minerva in 28degrees of Capricorn.
    Something inside of me is rebelling to break free as I’m unable to accept the fact that my cancer boss has changed the relationship dynamics with me without ny explanation due to the changes in his personal life. He has his Ceres in 15degrees and Ascendant in 24degrees of Capricorn.
    Will I have an opportunity for travel and job to another location or another company? 1999-2002 was my graduation years with lot of group dynamics and falling in love with the hero of that college, but to part ways afterwards where I moved to a different location and changed my life. Will it be a repeat?


    1. Neptune and Fortuna in Sagittarius in your Ninth House will help you with your need to travel, or perhaps move to a new location for work. Jupiter will move into Sagittarius from November, Fiery, and ultimately cross both those placements in your horoscope. The Great Escape may indeed be possible for you and it would feel like a holiday from the real world. This is all by the end of 2019 so you don’t have long to wait. If your boss has Ceres at 15 Capricorn then he is really suffering through politics with his own clients or employers, and perhaps some staff, and feeling steamrollered by power-trippers of one kind or another. So he is really going through it! Yet, if you wanted to study or retrain, with a view to travelling or moving, that would open up for you next year.

  33. Thanks Jessica for another brilliant article ! My Jupiter is at 01, Salacia at 15, Saturn and Vesta both at 17 Capricorn, I think all are also retrograde? I recently started a new career in voice over, although after the initial enthusiasm I seem to have stalled somewhat, both internally and out there in the world. The rest of my life has taken over and I feel like I’m waiting for the right time…I am a healer doing energy healing, massage, trauma busting so this seemed a total departure. I haven’t stopped my usual work and cant see myself ever really stopping somehow, but there was a strong pull to do the voice training and begin a new path to have alongside . I will be interested to see how this path plays out together with healing work as any new information or experiences seems to inform it in the end. Any advise you get for me from looking at my chart would be greatly appreciated

    1. Thank you very much. You started a voiceover career on Mercury Retrograde so stalling would not be unusual. It goes out of shadow from 3rd September (Mercury rules all communication including the voice and it has been messing with us since July). You are a healer too. The North Node at 21 Virgo suggests this is past life. You have done this many times over several lifetimes. You also have Pluto in Virgo so you have incarnated into a generation of people who only feel truly powerful and in control when they are also controlling their food, drink, fitness and wellbeing. This is in direct contrast to their grandparents and parents, who used to hand all power to the doctor. Tapping into your generation will help you a lot. Long-term we have the slow trines of the South Node, Saturn and Pluto across 21 Capricorn to your Node at 21 Virgo so it does feel as if healing is your future rather than voiceover. Look up the Sixth House on Search because that is where you will find most of your clues. Jupiter in Capricorn in 2020 will make a stunning trine to Pluto and your North Node and this cycle begins in late 2019 so you don’t have long to wait. He will also hit your Capricorn and Tenth House success placements along the way, so if you want to crystallise a goal and hold it dear think about making the end of 2019 into 2020 your deadline. You may also want to meditate and see what comes quite intuitively about healing as you’ve had so much past life experience doing it. You actually already know.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this very educating piece. Today, I am just appreciating learning and connecting dots.

    My country Namibia, was a colony of South Africa until 1990. In 1989, P W Botha resigned as president of South Africa, which started the process of attaining independence for Namibia. Namibia was declared independent on 21 March 1990. We have since enjoyed the liberties that come with an independent nation.

    With the entry of Saturn into Capricorn during 2017, I could not stop smiling when all of a sudden, things went haywire in Zimbabwe and the mighty Mr. Robert Mugabe resigned as president after having been in power for 37 years. That gave us all hope, that our fellow Zimbabweans are finally going to see some much needed change. As I write today, it is post elections in Zimbabwe where the ruling party won the elections by a majority count amidst allegations of rigged votes and lives were lost as a result. Is there hope for Zimbabwe? Zimbabweans do not trust the man that replaced Mugabe. In fact a young girl I once assisted to find a job here in Namibia contacted me via whatsapp asking if I can find something for her because she wants to flee Zimbabwe. Namibia is not doing well economically though, so prospects of me getting her a job here are slim.

    Is there hope for Zimbabwe?

    1. My taxi driver tonight in London was from Ghana so we did have quite a long discussion about Africa and now you are writing to me about Zimbabwe! I am sorry about this situation in your country. The election happened across Mercury Retrograde, and rigged votes is very common on that cycle, unfortunately. There is hope for Zimbabwe from Christmas 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius, and certainly from 2023 when Pluto also goes into Aquarius. That is going to change everything. There will be a new world order at that time with a complete restructure of NATO, the United Nations and other organisations and you will see women and girls coming into power properly for the first time. It won’t just be the odd face, you will see diversity and equality starting to take hold as the generation born around 2000 start to step up. This will alter Africa profoundly and Zimbabwe in particular. So you have every right to hope. But your country cannot change until the whole world changes and we have to wait for that.

  35. Hi jessica
    Please can you advise me on my Capricorn placements and what’s instore on the work front. Seems to have been an uphill climb since 2008/9

    1. Bacchus at 18 and Apollo at 20 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career are only just now being crossed (slowly) by Pluto which always brings a change in the balance of power, so as he hovers at 19 Capricorn it looks as though you’ll see promotions, demotions and departures affecting your professional life, or the people may remain the same, but the politics transforms so you feel as if you are being dominated, either by one person, or by the company culture itself! This is part of a reshape of your direction in life. In fact, Pluto moved into Capricorn and your Tenth House of career back in 2008 so that may explain why you feel it’s been such a climb. The arrival of first, the South Node, then Jupiter in this sign, will ensure that 2019, 2020 are the two years when you use the past to help you understand the future, and what was going down in your career or university life around the turn of last century (2000) will play its part. If you are looking for a new job, a new project, retraining, a promotion or some other solution, look at what comes your way in 2020 when the planet of opportunity, solutions, breakthroughs and good luck – Jupiter – starts to work in your astrological chart. But really, this is a reshape. Bacchus is your enjoyment of success. Apollo is your leadership. You are a born leader within a particular organisation and when Jupiter crosses Apollo in 2020 (they were father and son in Roman mythology) you may even find a father figure within your field helps you take on special new responsibilities.

  36. Hi Jess. I’m interested to hear what you think it means that my Saturn is in capricorn 12, and my Sun at 12 sagittarius. I have seven Capricorn placements, and I’ll be turning 29 this year. I recently made the decision to go to university for the first time and I’m thinking quite seriously about my career at the moment and whether I’m in the right workplace. How does all of this affect me??

    1. You are living out your Saturn Return, actually, and in many ways also living out your whole chart, quite intuitively. The Capricorn stellium is being crossed very slowly by this traffic-jam in the heavens and you have made the rather heavy decision to take on a mature student degree, at the same time that you are questioning your workplace. Needless to say you would not be happy with just any old job, and your ambitions are really about scaling quite high mountains to climb! It’s in your nature to do that. It won’t be fast or easy but then you would not be satisfied if it was. You are being helped by the fact that Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, will be transiting your Ninth House of academia from November 2018 and Bacchus, Panacea and Cupido too. You’ll love that first year. It’s giving you the best possible launch into everything and the social side of university will also be terrific. Jupiter then goes into Capricorn in 2020 so again, you are being helped – and that year will tick every box in terms of future aspirations, awards, new projects or roles. Hit Search to read more about Jupiter as he is very much with you in your Ninth House in 2018 and Tenth House in 2019. Look up those houses too.

  37. Hi Jessica
    How right you are.
    I have Saturn at 18 Capricorn .. also Mars, Jupiter,Vesta, & A few others? Creating a Stellum, I think.
    My work sector is going through massive changes which I’m hopeful long term will be an improvement.
    But the more serious side is the people politics with my very Leo Lady Boss and her band of followers of which I am not one.
    I’m in a difficult position atm as I am privy to some serious information and I’m conflicted …. I’m aware of what usually happens to the ‘whistle blow’er’ …. I have tried to get this addressed internaly but no one cares…Should I blow that whistle for fairness and bugger the consequences to myself?

    1. Whistle-blowing can work sometimes but you have Mars and Chiron in Pisces in your Twelfth House of secrets and so, it would be the kind of whistle which starts a war, with you. You don’t need that. I am sure you are privy to serious information and actually your attempt to get this addressed within may be behind the problems you are already having with your Leo Lady Boss and her court. I wouldn’t normally say that, but you are also having your Saturn Return and Pluto is also ‘on’ or conjunct your Saturn. There may be other ways for this issue to sort itself out which do not have to involve you, for the moment. If I had your chart and transits and this whistle-blowing open to me now, would I take it? No. I would wait. And I would see if there was someone else inside or outside the organisation who could take it on. I hope this helps. You only get this cycle once every 29 and 240+ years respectively and it’s happening now. But – it is your choice.

  38. Hi Jessica! Great (and terrifying article)
    I have my sun 22 in Capricorn as well as in vesta, Proserpina, ASC Diana and Virgo and my Saturn is at 14 Cancer
    Miraculously I managed to finish my PhD in July (well I handed it in but have not yet been examined) and placed my son into a secondary school after much travails. I’m even manage to weather my daughter’s teenage years with sufficient patience
    I always expect everything will be hard and take triple the work it takes others
    What can I expect by the end of this transit in 2020? Best wishes Eli

    1. Eli, thank you – you are actually talking about your Mars, Neptune, Bacchus and South Node in Sagittarius, here, all in the Ninth House of academia. It is the house of travel and also travel in the mind. You are anticipating the biggest and best cycle in many years, as from November, Jupiter goes into Sagittarius and slowly begins his voyage across those planets and asteroids and that Node in your chart. This is karmic in nature and will refer back to life as it was 19 years ago, by 2009. This may of course be the birth of your teenage daughter! Foreign people or places, or faces/spaces within your country which are foreign to you, will play a big part and you are very likely to travel or even relocate. This gives you the ideal launch for the more demanding, ambitious Capricorn cycle which takes until the end of 2020. It’s like having a fantastic push up a big mountain.

  39. Dear Jessica,
    Back in 2000 I got my first degree, a place to do a PhD and funding for it which I didn’t have to pay back. I have never in even in my wildest dreams thought that such success would ever come to me. I completed my PhD in 2004/2005. It was the hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I started working in pharmaceutical industry in 2005. Sadly, despite my best efforts (sometimes working until 2am to meet deadlines), such success has eluded me in my working career with 2014 being my annus horribilis. I haven’t been able to pick myself up since then. I even had one boss telling me that it’s my face. Employers are happy to take my ideas and develop them for their good but there’s no recognition for me in terms of a promotion. Not even a thank you.
    I was wondering if Saturn in Capricon would bring any advancement in my current job/my profession? I understand that Saturn can be difficult and welcome hard work but it’s hard to keep up the moral without an advancement.
    Thank you.

    1. I’m sorry you had your annus horribilis in 2014. As for your ghastly boss…words fail me. This sounds like quite a painful part of your life so it’s worth looking at the Capricorn side of your chart, as factors here fall in your Tenth House of success, professional life, study and achievement. You have the Moon at 3 Capricorn and Panacea at 5 Capricorn. They both describe your career. The Moon shows your need to be needed. Panacea, you may know, was the Roman goddess concerned with healing, rather like her sister Hygiea and their father Aesculapius. Perhaps you know they are cited in the Hippocratic Oath. Panacea in astrology is what it sounds like. There are moral and ethical issues about ‘panaceas’ either because they are sometimes the sugar pills used in the placebo effect, or because they are seen by some as illegal (medical marijuana). More seriously we get into issues like the Big Pharma industry and the rest. You are going through a massive professional reshape not seen in over 240 years, as not only Pluto, but also Saturn, Jupiter, the South Node and Ceres are all crossing (or have crossed) your Moon and Panacea. What is going on is really a challenge to look deeply at what success and status mean to you these days. Pluto entered Capricorn back in 2008 and he will be there until 2023. Saturn is now at 3 Capricorn so ‘on’ your Moon. The official terminology is – ‘transiting Saturn conjunct natal Moon.’ He will then move to conjunct your Panacea and that is when I think you will really look long and hard at medicine, healing, cures, remedies and the whole business. This goes beyond individual people (employers) and into the entire industry or profession. Give yourself a ton of time and space. You are slowly but surely working your way through to 2020 when Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, solutions, progress, good news and breakthroughs will also conjunct your Moon and Panacea. I would liken this to a mountain that you climb, successfully, to the top – or perhaps the act of bypassing one mountain, in favour of quite another, in the distance. You may want to find out more about Panacea online and look at the sculpture and art, as well as the Roman view of her, and her remarkable father and sister. You are ambitious and rightly so. You deserve to go further and higher, but the question for you will be, same mountain as pre 2014, or different rock face altogether? Panacea often turns up in cases of termination or euthanasia, which have moral and ethical components even though they are obviously solutions for many, and a relief as well as a release. The whole business of illegal and legal drugs is also Panacea’s territory. She is personalised in your chart because she is square Pluto at 5 Libra, but that’s another story. Get ready to question your ‘mountain’ and then figure out what you want to do. I don’t doubt that what you end up doing by 2019 will be long-term with a 2020 outcome, but that suits the transit. Final point – the South Node in Capricorn is going to bring you back to what was going on in 1981, 1982, 1983 and if you believe in past lives, 1962-1964. The former would be personal to you, in terms of your life at school, as a child learning to go higher, or perhaps in terms of the family’s social status around that time. The Sixties is more interesting but again, that’s another story!

  40. Thank you so much for this article, Jessica.

    My ascendant is Capricorn and I’ve always been hugely interested in Saturn (I think it is placed in my 8th house conjunct Jupiter).
    Not so much for being scared by it, but because I feel it has a big influence in me and how I go about in life and in my work. I always need to work very hard for things, but they are usually worth it. I tend to look at Saturn as an entity that is all about the solid things in life. Of course, sometimes I do get tired of hard climbing and wish it was a little bit easier, but… Saturn.

    I’m very interested in knowing how this transit would affect me, if you would help me see things more clearly.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Saturn in your chart is at 29 Virgo aspecting your angles, if you were born strictly at that minute! The Sun, Jupiter and Juno are also in Virgo, so your Sixth House is packed with a useful stellium. Saturn is very heavy going, as you know, with all work and health matters. However you have Jupiter there, which is tremendously fortunate, and also the Sun, which shines. Unusually, Juno (Jupiter’s wife) is also in Virgo in the Sixth House so you have a very special story going on there. Sometimes people with this pattern find that their own experiences with food, doctors, drink, drugs, fitness, healing or surgery motivate them to turn some aspect of the mind, body and spirit connection into a hobby, or even a career. Saturn will slowly trine your Virgo stellium (transiting Saturn trine natal Saturn and trine natal Jupiter is big) and despite the 1-2 years of very heavy weather in your chosen field, business, industry or profession – it will help you recommit yourself to the hard work you believe in. Your commitment to serving other people in immaculate detail, polishing and perfecting your skill-set, will serve you back, your entire life, and in fact when Jupiter moves to Virgo many years from now you will find you built yourself a platform to fly very high from. Very high indeed.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

        It makes a LOT of sense to me when you describe Saturn surrounded with positive entities!
        I’ve always felt that I had to work a lot to get what I want/need, but it’s very common for the hard work I put in to produce unexpected lucky gifts that solve problems. It’s like something positive is always there to counterbalance the difficult part.
        I see now that the lucky stellium may be the reason why I’m so resilient.

        The work I do requires me to think many years ahead and not be afraid to invest in slow and deep knowledge. I’m a researcher and educator.

        1. This is the ideal chart for a researcher and educator and you will always find a mountain to climb – in fact, ultimately your lifetime C.V. will be packed with one mountain after another – all solid achievements!

  41. Hi Jessica, I have a stelium in Capricorn and experience a Saturn return. I didn’t feel it much in the 4th house though. It is more 6th house related (e.g. body, workload and daily routine) – can be Neptune or my private chart instead of the public solar one. Pluto is finishing his journey with my last Capricorn planet at 21 degree in coming one or two years. What are your tips for my Capricorn story (10th 4th or 6th house) with Saturn and nodes? Thank you very much in advance.

    1. You have not experienced your Saturn Return yet. You were born with Saturn at 8 Capricorn and this planet is retrograding, or appearing to move backwards, so he will not cross 8 Capricorn again until the end of the year. I am talking about your private natal chart here – your birth chart. As you go towards Christmas you will take on board the career issues associated with this cycle. Your public chart, based on the fact that you are a Sun Libra person, does not involve a Saturn Return at all. That’s quite a different thing. Thank you.

  42. Wow! Very descriptive article. I’m very concerned about Saturn at the moment. It’s been going back and forth across my midheaven and also squaring my natal saturn. Times are very intense. I’m trying my best to not get too stressed but my work has almost came to a halt and the new biz is really very, very slow going. Is there any way for me to tell if I’m on the right path or if I should do something all together different? I don’t have much time to keep hoping for a sign as I’ve been trying to figure out what it’s trying to tell me for several months as I need finances to really improve. Not sure if pluto transiting my 10th is also affecting this as well. I would love to hear you opinion Jessica and appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Jupiter at 5 Virgo and Saturn at 5 Aries are exactly quincunx in your chart. You are naturally helped and protected (Jupiter) at work (Virgo) in your Sixth House, but despite the safety nets and occasionally terrific breaks you are always managing Saturn at the same time! Saturn (restriction, limitation) in Aries (self-promotion, branding, name, face) can feel very heavy and involve quite a lot of hard work. The reason you have been going through such a slow period with your career is transiting Saturn moving across 5 Capricorn, setting the whole pattern off. It does get better! He is going backwards (Saturn Retrograde) and just reached 3 Capricorn, so you have to wait for this cycle to go direct (move forward) and cross 5 one more time, which fortunately he does well before the end of this year. So this is temporary, but like all Saturn cycles it can make you fed up. You will need more sleep, more meditation, more music, more baths, more walks, more swimming. Find the time even if you have to move heaven and earth to get that extra hour a day, to balance the frustration of this cycle. You don’t say what you do for a living so it is impossible for me to tell you if it’s the right path for you or not. What I can tell you is that Jupiter (opportunity, growth, solutions, expansion) in Sagittarius in your Ninth House (travel, academia, education, emigration, foreigners, publishing, the worldwide web) is going across from November through 2019 in your total favour. So things are looking up. You will come into your own in 2019 and love the place you travel or move to, or have dealings with online. It’s your special place.

  43. Hi Jessica, I joined your site today after being lured in by your really informative articles. I have been searching for the last few months, trying to make sense of what is currently going on in my life and why the last 5 or 6 years have been so challenging. I have experienced so much loss and heartache. I am trying to get back on my feet but despite my best efforts, it seems like the Universe keeps slamming the door in my face. I don’t have an exact time of birth so feel feel quite rudderless in these choppy waters. With Saturn in Capricorn do I really have another 2 years of this?

    1. Thank you. Apollo at 24 Libra and your Descendant in Libra (likely around the later degrees of the sign as you don’t have an exact birth time) are in your Seventh House of love, sex, relationships, separations, marriage and divorce. You have been stuck with Uranus in the late degrees of Aries, right opposite, for rather a long time. The good news is, you do see the end of the cycle, for good, from the first quarter of 2019. In fact, you could easily find that a former lover is part of closure for you, at any point from November 2018, into 2019 or 2020, and this person would have been a major karmic connection for you going back into one or more past lives. You will be given a chance to sort out any unfinished business with this ex, once and for all. Looking further ahead, an utterly surprising new direction involving a godchild, niece or nephew, your own children (if you have them) or a new lover’s children from a previous marriage is on the way. This was never in your plans but you will be quite liberated by this electrifying and sudden new development, which will change your life, over the next few years. Saturn in Capricorn, by the way, has nothing to do with your love life!

  44. HI Jessica!
    I have accepted a promotion and relocation (to Brighton!) Yay! Part of me is super excited about this but part of me is terrified and nauseous about having to leave my home town & family (cancer stellium?) I’m worried about the move & job (can I handle it?) having read your article above I can see I have my Desc @ 23 Cap and Minerva @ 27 Cap. The date you list for Jan 2020 has so many planets around 22, 23! What does this mean? Will this be a choice between work and family?? I always seem to choose my career, this is what I default trust and rely on and it’s what I’m good at. Home life always leads to heart ache one way or the other.. I worry this move will cement me as a “career woman” (urrgh I hate that term – men don’t get called “career men” only “successful” ha!) but at the same time, the promotion excites me so much! (Maybe this is the effect of Leo merc rx? All these questions? I specialise in working with young children, but have none of my own), I still think and wonder and imagine having children of my own with the right person one day…
    Any insights greatly appreciated! Thank you for your work and words, I love reading them! X

    1. Thank you. Promotion and a move, both together, are classic Cancer-Capricorn indicators. You have both signs accented in your chart and as you can see, you will have a lot of traffic over the Capricorn factors, along with the arrival of the North Node in Cancer, at the other end. This is going to be a compromise and it may feel rather hard work until 2020, when the cycle ends, but it is also something you have done before, in other lifetimes. You have always been pulled between making it, and staying put, and here is a very familiar challenge again. With your North Node at 9 Leo in the Fifth House of young faces, you have also most certainly been a parent, teacher, nanny, children’s entertainer or similar (maybe all of them) many times around. One thing about Brighton will be the familiarity. You may actually have been there before. The year 2020 will take you higher in every way when you may find that you are promoted, take a prestigious new role or even change your social status by getting into a partnership, perhaps a marriage, which moves you on up. It really depends on what matters most to you by then, but the opportunities will be there. The biggest thing you will notice now through 2018 is the radical change in the financial/economic/business/property climate around you and this would be typical of moving to a new place with its own mini economy and possible expenses, gains, benefits, costs. In fact it will make it essential that you change a great deal of who you are, and what you know. It will feel like a revolution and it is. Try not to bring too many old ideas with you and be as adaptable and flexible as possible because you have Uranus going right over 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus where he will trigger your chart.

  45. Oh PS! I should probably add, the reason the promotion for me is so exciting is because I’ve worked so very hard and now this could be my opportunity to get away from my bullying tyrannical boss, who has made my life a misery since about 2011. I’d be the same level as her (in the hireacrchy) and over a 100 Miles away… This seems like a blessing. I know I could always meet someone just like her anywhere I go, but I’d manage it differently and hopefully, I’d be better able to protect myself, as I’m older and wiser now!

    1. Your boss is the living manifestation of Pluto transiting Capricorn and what tends to happen with Pluto people is that they are hoist by their own petard, as Shakespeare wrote. They ‘do it to themselves’ in other words, when they are demoted, moved sideways, leave owing to illness, resign, are sacked and the rest. Pluto types never last. Their purpose is to train you to become powerful by learning how to use your willpower.

  46. Hello Jessica
    your articles are such a useful guide!
    I am a female Capricorn with my natal sun in 18th degree and Venus in 15th degree. Pluto powerfully changed so much in me during the last years.I am waiting for Saturn now to complete the work! My moon is in 19th degree Sagitarius and is conjunct my natal Uranus in 19th degree sag and sextile natal Jupiter in 19th degree Aquarius. I am afraid that Jupiter in saggitarius this year and 2019 will intensify my feelings and emotions.I should mention that my natal mercury conjunct natal neptune in 3rd degree Capricorn and the trine between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn stimulates my mind lately (mostly when i sleep). I am having a solar eclipse on my natal Vevus on January 2019.I am not in a relationship for the last 3 years. I was too scared to interfere. Do you thinκ that Saturn on the solar eclipse will help me move forward with a new person or will i remain stuck in my (Pluto transit Venus) past?
    Many thanks

    1. So you have a Moon-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius, exact, at 19 degrees, in your Ninth House of foreign people and places, education and academia, publishing and the worldwide web. You are also lucky to have Jupiter at 19 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, communities and teams, networks and clubs. All you really need to know is that you were born with the need to be needed (the Moon) when it comes to travel, different cultures and nationalities, teaching and study – and books and websites. Yet, even though you play mother there, you are also prone to chopping and changing, as nothing and nobody ever settles for very long – that is Uranus next to the Moon. This lifelong pattern is related to your social life, social media and group involvements, which are divinely protected when things are hard, and very, very fortunate for you when things are good. What happens when transiting Jupiter moves to Sagittarius in November, and particularly in 2019, when he crosses 19 Sagittarius, will give you the most stunning opportunity in 12 years to travel, or travel in the mind. I don’t know why you are afraid of that. Just be aware of Uranus in Sagittarius in your chart. Look up Search to find out more about the Ninth House and Uranus.

      1. Thank you so much! How contradictive! My Capricorn Sun and Venus seek for solid ground while my moon always seek for escape doors.. Hopefully i will coordinate them. I will keep an eye!

  47. HI Jessica

    I have 3 in Capricorn but I’m the opposite and want to get out of my job, decision made and just looking to finish this year . Probably the Uranus in Taurus stellum I have .

    But the house sale to facilitate move to NZ is slow … mercury / mars retro not helping so I’m being patient .

    My instinct and from your arrivals I think things will move forward from Sept

    Am I correct ? , we want to be in NZ by end of 2018 is this likely as the window is again tight from Oct – Dev with more retrograde planets

    Any thoughts would be very helpful as I feel notted inside my stomach at the moment . The urge to get off this treadmill of work in UK and start new life with husband and family in NZ. Thank you

    1. This is actually about your husband. I assume he has been accepted for a job in New Zealand? If so, your luck is with him as you were born with Jupiter (good fortune, protection) in the Seventh House of marriage. In the end it may be his career situation, or the money he is taking with him to New Zealand, that swings the deal. There may be a surprise around this (to your benefit) as the planet of the unexpected, Uranus moves to 29 Aries and opposes your helpful Jupiter at 29 Libra and aspects Neptune at 29 Scorpio in your house of finance and property. This is around 8th November. Don’t feel knotted inside about this – it is in hand – but the way it all pans out may be a surprise. Transiting Jupiter is also at 29 Scorpio right on your Neptune in early November so it’s very fortunate indeed. Try to be open to what comes. And do you have a vision board? Try Pinterest and start pinning pictures of what you dream and yearn for. It will take your mind off the wait. But – this is about your partner.

  48. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the reply .

    Actually it’s not about his job, we will wait till we get there re jobs

    We have a house here to sell which has not yet sold which is causing the knots in tummy .

    He does have equity to come but not till next year end of 2019 so it’s our house sale that’s holding up the move . Sorry I just want to be specific

    Interesting that you say it’s about my husband that will help the move

    I am not clear what that could mean for us but to hear from you that it will happen for us is great news

    Can you see us selling the house too

    Sorry to ask for more clarification 🙂

    And thank you so much for taking the time to respond to us souls that are searching for answers in these uncertain times . You have those tiny wings that lift our souls and calm our hearts
    Thank you

    1. I expect your husband will find a career in New Zealand. Mind you, that is expecting the expected! It may be a more unusual situation than that. Houses are ruled by Cancer and Scorpio – if your husband owns all/half/some of the property. You’re in quite a lucky place and will find what you are looking for, but you will need to answer a ton of questions. Put out as much information as you can about what you are selling, hold nothing back and be prepared to negotiate. Again, though, I have to say – there is something of an unwrapped, surprise parcel with your husband, very late in the piece.

  49. Great article

    In terms of Mundane Astrology the triple conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in 2020 echoes a similar line up that took place at 4° Capricorn in January 1518 at the start of the Protestant Reformation. It overthrew the established religious order of the Catholic Church in western Europe that had lasted a 1000 years. The changes were so momentous that it took centuries for all the ramifications to work out. If this one follows a similar course we shall all be long dead before the results are all in. The other big Pluto Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn was in November 549 in the reign of the emperor Justinian who tried and ultimately failed to reunite the eastern and western Roman empire. Symbolically the last chariot race in the Circus Maximus in ancient Rome took place that year. Both the 549 and 1518 Saturn Pluto Conjunctions in Capricorn had major aspects with Uranus. That is not present in the 2020 chart though Uranus is in Taurus as it was in 1518 so I think some of those issues raised by the Reformation will be revisited.

    1. Thank you. Yes, this is very similar to the Reformation. I think we’ll see results pretty quickly, though, as Ceres is also moving swiftly through Capricorn just before we are all tipped into the mini Age of Aquarius from Christmas 2020. Uranus in Taurus at the same time suggests a revolution which has money laundering and legal tax avoidance in its sights and the former, especially, will pull in the Mueller enquiry. If Capricorn is ‘the system’ then perhaps these days it is not the Catholic church, but capitalism. Uranus in Taurus, again, suggests that!

      1. I dont doubt the effects will be immediate. Martin Luthers theses against the sale of indulgences were translated and printed in German for the first time in January 1518 exactly at the time of the Saturn Pluto Conjunction. Within two weeks they had been read across Germany and within two months the ideas were known all over Europe. Within two decades the Reformation had transformed western Christian belief for ever with the ripples spreading out over two centuries or more.

        It is worth noting that according to Astrodienst the progressed Saturn from the 1518 Saturn Pluto conjunction chart will be Retrograde at 21° 29′ Capricorn in 2020 within almost one degree of the new Saturn Pluto Conjunction so I think it is very likely that some of the factors played out in the Reformation will be revisited, particularly the challenge of the individual conscience against the perceived supreme authority of institutions.

  50. Hi Jessica,

    I am new to premium membership but I have gained a lot of insight already so thank you for that. I have Sun and Aesculapia at 2 and 3 degrees of Capricorn respectively. I also have North node at 5 Aquarius and it feels like I’ve had a karmic problem going on with my boss at work since I started a new job last November (2017). It’s come to a head now and I’m leaving that job because I can’t stand it anymore. They want me to go anyway. I also have Asc at 6 Scorpio and lots of planets at 2 degrees in various signs so I’m really feeling the current Uranus and Saturn placements right now. I so want freedom from a work day job/career because I don’t always get on with the boss or rules/requirements in these types of jobs. I recently invested (i.e. bought a sort of a stock) in a new gold backed digital currency (not released yet), and I’m keen to start making other investments to gain financial security and independence from 9-5 type employment. Could you take a look at my chart and advise whether I’m looking in the right direction here? Thanks so much. Sophie.

    1. I am so sorry about your boss, Sophie. Unfortunately we are stuck in this Pluto in Capricorn cycle when all the control freaks are coming out of the woodwork and you are not alone. People who take – and try to take over – are everywhere as Pluto sweeps through the sign of ambition, employers and people at the top. You could almost bet that you would have Capricorn placements in your chart being triggered in your Tenth House of career and your Sun-Aesculapia conjunction at 2 and 3 degrees has been hammered by Saturn at 2 and 3 degrees. This can only happen every 29 years but the worst is over. The best is yet to come as Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, rewards, solutions) reaches 2 and 3 Capricorn once he is out of Sagittarius at the end of 2019. This ushers in 2020 for you with a new year and new beginning. The strange thing is, it will involve a role, organisation or person you assumed was virtually over, as Aesculapia is about resurrection and rebirth. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction at that time will guarantee that you shine. So, despite the misery of that Saturn transit, you are now on your way to much better days ahead. The question is, what do you do in 2019 until Jupiter arrives? I am sure you know that Uranus is hovering around 2, 3 Taurus and so trine these placements in your chart. Thus, the revolution out there in banking and currency works very well with your Sun. Given that you have such a huge number of horoscope factors at 0, 1, 2, 3 degrees, the transit of Uranus back and forth through 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus (it restarts in early 2019) suggests you would not be happy with anything less than a revolution, with all its disruption, lack of guarantees and experimentation. My eyes are on your Jupiter Return at 20 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. I don’t know if you’ve thought about retraining or going back to college/university, but the Ninth House is about students and teachers and this is a gift of a transit. You could also easily move or travel (taking a sabbatical) next year. Have a look at both Jupiter and the Ninth House on Search because you’ll be living it and enjoying it next year, before it enters Capricorn.

  51. Jessica, thanks so much for your reply. It is spot on. I have already been considering my options about going back to a previous career so that certainly would be a resurrection. Your accuracy is amazing. Best regards, Sophie.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    This was amazing reading and spot on. I have a stellium in Capricorn and you told me earlier I have a cardinal grand cross in my natal chart. I do feel like I am reliving 2000-2001, but I also feel more confident that I will overcome and be in a better place. Any idea when I can expect to “settle”. I am a bit exhausted but won’t give up – just wasn’t prepared for what came at me. I am hoping the struggle won’t last through 2020…and that these next few years I will continue to take small steps forward each day-each month and cherish the small victories as I keep climbing. Much love and gratitude for all that you do.

    1. Thank you. I am glad the reading was spot on. A Grand Cross needs more people, essentially. You break up any hard-work pattern in the chart by adding different people to the mix. The Beatles had a Grand Cross (a cross to bear) and things were very, very tough for them until they began adding new faces like their girlfriends – Jane Asher, Linda Eastman, Yoko Ono – and new creative colleagues. It’s really interesting to see how just making new friends or joining new groups can break up a pattern. The chemistry alters. If you are a bit exhausted it’s because you are stuck with the same cross and have not added any new people to bring their own horoscopes into play, to recast the kaleidoscope. Try that. Just the littlest bit.

      1. Thank you for that insight. I will try – my tendency has been to insulate myself from new people – so this adds a lot of clarification. And it makes so much sense!! Again – this pushes me to keep growing as a person and stretch. Will keep you posted!

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