2018 Water Sign Horoscope Karma

Dear Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - Your horoscope karma is decided by the cycles of the North Node and South Node in astrology. Until November 2018 the North Node is in Leo and the South Node is in Aquarius. Expect familiar, repeated, events, themes, people and developments.

Dear Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – Your horoscope karma is decided by the cycles of the North Node and South Node in astrology. Until November 2018 the North Node is in Leo and the South Node is in Aquarius. Expect familiar, repeated, events, themes, people and developments. These will come back to you from this life, but also past lifetimes which is why things may feel so uncannily ‘known’ to you!

Your Sun Sign chart or Solar Sign chart based on your regular zodiac sign is a useful guide to what to expect. Because we have a lot of heavy Leo weather from July-September I am going to focus on the North Node in Leo as it passes through, in relation to your chart. What follows is an extract from my favourite Penguin astrology book, 2020 Vision.

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Karma will be played out with business, property, finance and possessions at this time. While the North Node is in your Second House, the South Node is in your Eighth House (which classically rules other people’s money, homes and assets.) Consequently, you get a double whammy. It can feel as if every past-life debt and credit that you ever chalked up, has come back to haunt you!

If your financial affairs, business interests, possessions or property interests are tied up with a Piscean, or a Virgo, then the evidence for a past life connection increases in 2018 as these signs have Uranus (the revolution) going back and forth in their money zones.

Whatever signs are involved, though, the North Node in the Second House is all about life experience. You will now meet situations which are both overly familiar, and also strangely familiar. Let me explain! In the first instance, you’ll keep seeing the same set-ups with money, shopping, buying, selling, investing and borrowing that have been following you around for years. That’s the ‘overly familiar’ part of this cycle.

The oddly familiar part is the strong sense of Deja vu that accompanies certain financial discussions. It is extremely likely that the man or woman who now has the biggest influence over how rich/poor you feel knows you from another incarnation. What was at stake then may have been a cow, or a chicken. Or, who knows? Maybe a vast Italian villa! In any case, you will be amazed at how philosophical you feel about what is unfolding – almost as if you have seen it all before. Well, according to astrology, you probably have.

The South Node in your Eighth House will probably make you feel quite trapped and frustrated where other people’s money, property and assets are concerned. For more on this, read the South Node section which follows.

The effect of the North Node is much more comfortable, though. Even though ‘their’ stuff is likely to feel like an enormous challenge at this time, the feeling you’ll have about your own affairs will be quite different. Instead of frustration, you’ll experience calm. Instead of feeling trapped in some cosmic pinball machine you cannot escape, you’ll merely feel blessed that you know so much, or have experienced so much, about your finances.

The line will be very clearly drawn. When it comes to your own affairs (that credit card bearing your name, your own chequebook, your own salary, possessions or property) you will have a lot of intuitive wisdom to draw on, along with a lot of life experience. It’s only when you need to face the involvement of a second or third party in your security, though, that you’ll have that typical South Node ‘stuckness.’

Use the detachment, calm, wisdom and philosophical outlook that comes with the North Node to help you manage the more frustrating issues of the South!

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If you have a part-time or full-time job, this cycle will help you manage your working life, by delivering the same people and situations in an endless loop. Of course, if it’s your job to feed the photocopier, you might complain that this is your entire existence anyway! The Sixth House cycle of the North Node applies to all kinds of careers, though. And the sense of familiarity and ‘been there, done that, written the screenplay’ you have about a job now, may well be down to past life experience.

The North Node delivers familiar scenarios to us in two different ways; firstly, it rewinds people and situations over a period of months, so that while it is passing through the Ninth House, you can steadily get to the point where you can be a detached observer about work. This magical point in the horoscope also brings us people, challenges and experiences from other lifetimes though. This is why people who begin a new job, and launch into a new career, can be so astonished to find themselves intuitively knowing what’s coming next – even if they are totally inexperienced.

People don’t stretch themselves enough in this cycle, because everything feels as it’s happened before. The names and faces may change, but the song remains the same. This is wasting a brilliant opportunity to go forward, though! Just because experience in this life, or another one, has made you a seasoned old-timer at the workplace situations you’re encountering, is no reason to give up on trying something new.

If you have full-time home duties, or are retired, or unemployed, then all of the above applies to your general lifestyle. The Sixth House is about your daily routine, and the rituals which you organise, to run your normal life. At this time, you can also expect a powerful sense of ‘been there, done that.’

Health and wellbeing are Sixth House matters too. It is easy to be complacent about doctors, diets, alternative health, dentists and so on, now. After all, you keep hitting the same situation on a regular basis! Alternatively, even if the people or situation is brand new, you may feel as if you’ve been there before, and seen it all – so there is no point in going any further.

Despite this overwhelming sense of familiarity about what is happening in terms of your mind, body and spirit, there is still plenty of space for you to extend yourself. Think creatively about what might be possible, if you were to use that amazing intuition and experience and go further. In many ways, the North Node in the Sixth House is a safe port for you. It will never give you anything, or anybody, you haven’t seen before (or learned about, in a prior incarnation.) Nevertheless, you don’t have to excuse yourself from life as a result. This is a useful cycle for exploring new medical or wellbeing options, as you are at a point in your life when you can afford to branch out more.

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Any changes which take place in your career now won’t seem like changes at all – the shape of the events unfolding will be familiar to you from the last few months or years – or you may have seen it all before in a past life.

Classically, you will now meet one major professional situation which is an uncanny repeat of something you went through a few years ago. Or…you’ll come across a new development in your workplace which is entirely new to you, but you nevertheless know exactly what to do. Hell, you may even feel as if you know what’s coming next.

If you don’t work full-time or part-time, this cycle tends to affect your other roles and goals. It may influence your life as a professional wife, for example, or your unemployment-benefit musical career, or your university degree.

You may feel as if there is no point in going any further with a career situation which you know backwards. However, the whole point of this cycle, is to encourage you to use your intuition, your experience and your knowledge, to help you move forward. You may well have something to show others who (unlike you) haven’t seen it all before.

While all this is taking place, of course, the South Node is in your Fourth House, so your home life will also produce a sensation of ‘been there, done that’, either because of the place, the set-up or the situation. So, in two key areas of your life (working and living) you’re going to feel as if you’re watching a video that’s stuck on permanent rewind. That can leave you feeling rather stuck, unless you actively pursue new angles.

If you take on a new job now, or chase a new career in a different field, it is extremely likely that you have encountered these employers, colleagues or clients in another lifetime – or you have worked in this area in another incarnation. It might explain why everything seems strangely familiar, and why you are so comfortable with what’s going on…the usual ‘new boy’ or ‘new girl’ feeling that you get with a different kind of job will be missing.

The overall atmosphere now is calm and relaxed. You’re dealing with people and situations which you’ve been exposed to dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of times – thanks to experiences in this life, or in others. This can make you rather lazy about your ambitions if you’re not careful! That’s why this cycle has a reputation for taking you backwards, professionally, rather than forwards. It can leave you marooned, stuck and complacent.

The North Node says, ‘I have taken you to this point, so that you can lean on your professional acumen and workplace wisdom to go further.’ This will require some effort on your part, but if you are prepared to push the boat out, you could navigate through fascinating new professional territory.

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18 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    What can a person expect with a north node return to their natal NN position? I have north node in Cancer which is in my tenth house as a Libra rising but is in my fourth house as per your system.
    Thanks for any consideration to my question.

    1. Yes, your North Node is in the Fourth House using the Natural House system Lisa. You’ll be taken back around 19 years when the pattern becomes exact and unresolved issues or unfinished business from that time will need closure. This may go back even further into past lives, so one of your parents, a sibling, or a more distant relative may have been involved with you in a prior incarnation, in any role at all. There would be debts and credits of a karmic nature to sort out, so this period in your life, starting slowly in November 2018, is really about what is so familiar to you – perhaps strangely familiar – but also there to be sorted out for another 19 years. You may want to hit Search to read about the North Node and South Node. Also crucial is your South Node in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, as you are having not only your South Node Return there, but you will also find Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres transiting the Tenth House in a traffic jam together, in slow stages until 2020.

  2. Hello Jessica!
    I love your pieces on karma by element..are some of the photographs posted in your articles your own, from your travels? Some of the shots are magnificent!
    Can you take a look at my chart and please tell me what you see ahead for me? Presently, I’m dealing with repeated & ‘been there, done that’ situations related to my work. Some of those outcomes weren’t successful, so I’m trying to try to change that. Yet, I have this feeling that I don’t know where I’m going & don’t know where I will end up, Jessica… it makes me a bit uneasy, actually.
    As always, many thanks and many blessings to you.

    1. Thank you. Jodi mostly looks after the design and handpicks many of the photographs, so I will pass this compliment onto her. Very close to Sunday 19th August Jupiter will trine Neptune, just one degree off your natal (or birth) Jupiter, so this is about your rare opportunity to expand financially, thanks to opportunities or solutions involving your money, house, possessions, business, apartment or charity which can only occur very unusually. The whole world will feel the Jupiter-Neptune trine, but for you personally, it is an open door that you must walk straight through. Watch for people, organisations or situations which are open-handed, generous, benevolent, ‘born lucky’ and thus able to give back and tap into that abundance, N.

  3. Hi jessica

    Scorpio: I have an interview for a position on the 10th . This position is very similar to a post i had several years ago , which i did not fully appreciate at the time…. this feels very familiaiar and like a second chance , which i would really love . It would give me the work life balance i so need at the moment. Any advice.

    1. You do have a stellium (unusually high cluster of factors) in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, so there is more to this interview than first appears. Even if this position is not for you, this time, it will be part of a fated chain of events now through 2020 which transforms what you do, why you do it – and where you do it. It’s hard to say without a chart for the company or knowing anything at all about the job – but in general, you are an ambitious person, going through a cycle (starts November with the Node in Capricorn) which is all about ‘back to the future’ and will take you right up until the end of 2020 to conclude. Call it unfinished business. It will be long, slow and challenging but you will also change your destiny.

  4. Hello Jessica! And very many thanks for these posts, you seem to work so hard! My question is really about reversed nodes. My daughter ( age 27, Aries 7 degrees sun in the sixth and Scorpio rising at 2 degrees) has had an interesting couple of years. Her marriage broke up at the January eclipse ( no surprise, MC atv13 Leo) and her new boyfriend she has just discovered is a sham. She tried for years to establish herself in a career she loved, gave up in may, got a steady job only to regret it now. The recent eclipses have destabilised her totally, and I am wondering if the next lot will help. Her NN is 24 degrees Capricorn and she is already talking of coming home from London next year. Defeat or a new start? 24 Capricorn looks pretty scary to me over the next two years. Thanks again, Catherine.

    1. Thank you. We use totally different kinds of astrology Catherine so I need to spin your daughter’s chart. Her Aries Sun is in her First House and her Scorpio Ascendant is in her Eighth House. I am sorry her marriage broke up and the new boyfriend was not a good person. She has her North Node in Capricorn in the Tenth House and South Node in Cancer in the Fourth House. What she is experiencing, most obviously, is the transit of Pluto, Saturn, and (from November 2018) the South Node in Capricorn in her Tenth House, which describes her social status, success, career and place in the world. She is in fact having a Nodal Return, as the transiting South Node in Capricorn will eventually cross her North Node, also in Capricorn. When we also realise that Jupiter and Ceres are headed for Capricorn, she is set for a complete reshaping of her destiny, aspirations in life, position in society, true calling and role. It will not be easy but it will be rewarding. She has had many lifetimes with this issue and she will go to a higher level with the challenges ahead, coming out successfully on the other side in 2020 to promotion, a covetable marriage, a desirable new job, prestigious award or acclaimed project. Her foot will be on the first ledge on the mountain in November.

      1. Thank you, Jessica! Ceres is a big player for her as it is on her ascendant. Hopefully she can pull things into shape over the next couple of years.

  5. Jessica,
    I am both sun and moon in Cancer, have Pisces rising, and to confuse matters a stellium of 6 in Leo! My chart generally is a fire/water combo… so its sometimes tricky inhabiting my own skin!
    Also, I now see the nodes – karma – are in my parents signs of Aries (mother) and Libra (father).
    Any advice on reconciling these qualities, karmic or otherwise?
    Thank you.

    1. The most important thing about your birth chart is your Leo stellium in the Fifth House. You were born with Mercury, Juno, Uranus and Ceres there – as well as Apollo and Cupido. I am sure you know the Fifth House describes pregnancy, young children and young people as a whole – and their needs. It also reveals sexual relationships where the choice to have children, or stepchildren, is the deciding factor. People manifest this in different ways. I always use the example of Beatrix Potter, a Leo, who had a substantial Fifth House pattern but never had children. She married late and her husband’s nieces and nephews became her children and she left her land to the nation – the Lake District is now enjoyed by generations of children thanks to her Peter Rabbit books. You are having slow karmic closure until November 2018 as the transiting or travelling North Node is in Leo. This is the last substantial transit of Leo for many years. We have also had a chain of eclipses there and have two more to come, up ahead. The time has come to wind back the past and examine what was going on about 19 years ago. You also need to look at the legacy you are leaving as a godmother, aunt, parent (especially that, if you are a parent – you don’t say) and any large-scale, paid or unpaid involvement with youth and the young. You’ve been kept in the dark a big over the last 1-2 years with what has actually been going on, and it may take a bit of time to find that out. It’s not necessarily negative – it’s just that the eclipses have obscured what would normally have been seen. Try to leave everything in the right place. You have August, September, October and the opening days of November to do this. Try to get closure. I had a reader with a Leo stellium recently who had been the father in an unplanned pregnancy. He and his lover decided to keep the child and lived together for a time, then separated. He has unfinished business there and is now sorting it out.

  6. Hello Jessica,
    The word complacent, one I have definitely used to describe my work energy, going on it’s 2nd year. Though it did allow me to mourn my parents and a brother sudden departure. I am now at peace and with a renewed sense of restlessness hungry for new endeavors, a bit cautious so to decide in haste. My North node is Leo and I imagined being redirected by now , but learning that the path is the journey and not a destination. Your last response was much food for ponder, wonder and intrigue. There is a pin prick of yearning starting to grow bigger and bigger. How can I contain this urge to run away? I am now questioning my sexuality……

    1. It’s really hard to comment without a chart – particularly if you are questioning your sexuality – but if you have the North Node in Leo, you are having your Nodal Return in the Fifth House of sexual relationships, babies, children and young people and it will not be complete until November when the Node changes signs. Going back about 19 years should give you some clues.

      1. Hello Jessica
        Your responses always on point, My chart is available since I am a member. I think where I trying to come to terms with, you delved deeper in a response you gave me earlier regarding Uranus in My Taurus moon 4* in 5th house. I am a late bloomer in that I am learning now in my fifties , how to better rest in reason and still move in Passion. Gratefully open to your wisdom .

        1. Thank you. The Moon at 4 Taurus and Mars at 4 Sagittarius are exactly quincunx, or connected. You need to be needed, when it comes to money, possessions, business, charity, economics, objects. It’s how you show you care. It’s how you protect others. This goes hand-in-hand with your need to move and shake your world as a traveller, or with foreign people and places, often bringing in all kinds of education or worldwide web experience. One goes with the other! Thus when Uranus goes to 4 Taurus in 2019 preceded by Jupiter at 4 Sagittarius as 2018 ends and 2019 begins, we would have to say this is unforgettable change, both in terms of your values and finances, but also in terms of how you see the world, and want to travel or travel in the mind. Your age is not an issue. A classic example would be the person who takes a pay cut in order to fund part-time study in a foreign language, or who takes on a second job to increase income, in order to fund an overseas workshop. There are many ways to play it.

  7. Dear Jessica, I’m a home-seeking Cancerian and would like some help navigating the present waters. I’m a Premium member and my husband has just joined too so you can see his data (Werner 21 Sep 65, 08.30 am, Schleiden, Germany – that is honestly the time registered at the civic office!)
    We live in southern Spain and need to move from temporary accommodation but it is extremely difficult at present to find the kind of house for rent which my soul needs (as simple cottage with a garden and well), or could there be some kind of miracle energy around to be able to buy? (a huge miracle as we are very broke!)
    How can we make the most of both having Jupiter on the 2nd/8th axis, or whatever else you see to help us rebuild our lives?
    I’ve been reading all I can on your website (soooo FANTASTIC!! Thank you tons!! xxx) and we are both working with your suggestions in the Pluto in Capricorn article and feeling very hopeful.

    1. Thank you so much, I hope your husband also enjoys using the information on this website, and The Astrology Oracle cards too. Okay, so you want to move to a house with a garden, preferably with a well, and you are on a tight budget. You will always be protected with your accommodation or property because you were born with Jupiter (help, natural luck, timing, guardians, assistance) in Cancer in the Fourth House. You can look up both Jupiter and the Fourth House on Search to find out more about this. The Sun, Mars, Panacea and Psyche are also in your Fourth House, so that is a stellium or unusually high count of planets and asteroids. There are no miracles here, but you will find good karma from about 19 years ago comes back to you, as the North Node moves into Cancer in November and slowly begins to approach your Jupiter, along with your other placements. Have you approached family members, even if they are distant leaves and branches on the family tree? They may be able to assist. It may be that you return to where you were about 19, 20 years ago or just consider going back to your home town or relatives, or homeland. Moving in general will be a lot easier once we are over these retrogrades, as we have Mars stuck, Mercury stuck and Uranus dithering too. You will see the wheels turn more easily from September 3rd. Light a candle and close your eyes, and think of the face and name of a family member in spirit you feel could help you. State in the broadest terms what you are seeking with a home and when you need it. Ask for guidance. It will arrive, so when it does, act on it. Guidance from the spirit world can be quite astonishing sometimes. I have literally seen keys placed in hands at the right moment. Make sure you tell spirit what you are prepared to offer/do/give as it may go beyond money. Perhaps someone is looking for a house-sitter or people to mind the garden too.

      1. Gosh, thank you so much Jessica. Your answer reached us across the ether like a light in the darkness! We are so grateful for your help as we’ve had it so tough for so long, it has become hard to “trust our luck”. My husband is very enthusiastically learning from you, thank you. I really resonate with calling upon a family member in spirit for help, that is a wonderful idea which I will do today. It would be nice if I had some living ones who would help, but none I know of. I sincerely hope we won’t have to physically move back to where we were living 19 years ago, or with living relatives, that would be extremely depressing. So trying to look what the themes were back then and sticking with “think pink!” We will let you know what transpires. Wishing you many blessings xx

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