Dating Aries in Astrology

If you only have five minutes to get to know somebody, their Sun Sign is an excellent guide. With just one piece of information – the date of someone’s birth (never mind the year or time) – an astrologer can draw up what’s known as a Solar Chart.

She carries a bee in her bonnet and an entire hive in her hairdo. Sometimes this works out well – her amazing enthusiasm and drive can create an incredible buzz.

The myth is that he’s a competitive, aggressive gorilla – like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, but with more testosterone. The reality is that he’s a born leader with a canny appreciation of group dynamics and big creative cravings.

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19 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Fantastic article. My other half is an Aries man. He has been an incredible partner for many years and has fought with me in the most troubling of situations. He has also pushed people away who i love the most. It can be his way or no way for most of the time and it has started to cause some arguments. We have a beautiful son and I would like to know what the future looks like for us, if you can?
    His DOB 17.04.72 @ 07.40 U.K.

    1. It becomes easier once Uranus is out of Aries, which takes place, once and for all, early in 2019. You have both been going through the same cycle at the same time, which isn’t easy. The constant challenges to the partnership will drift away from March. It is never going to be Love Story or Breakfast at Tiffany’s (or La La Land come to that) but you are virtually at the end of the toughest cycle in many decades and have learned a lot that will help you on the path. He is the Russell Crowe kind of Aries man. You may have known that when you got together!

  2. Oh gosh. Aries is my rising sign and I think it may dominate my relationships with Mother figures in some way. This past 7 years I’ve clashed spectacularly with my mum and mother-in-law. I haven’t started the problems (they both became incredibly difficult and passive-aggressive after my daughter was born) but by god I’ve stood up for myself and now I’m estranged from both of them. My career has also been full of fire fighting stressful situations – I just always seem to find myself in work places that are full of conflict – from long term theft by upper management to an expert refusing to train me because she wasn’t going to be paid extra for it. I’m 08/02/1980, 08:20 (ish), Lat 34.4092004 Long 19.2504436.

    1. Your Moon is at 23 Aries, your Ascendant or Rising Sign is 23 Leo and your Descendant is 23 Aquarius. That’s an exact line up with a very forthright, fiery Aries Moon. The Descendant can describe your opponent as well as your partner, so your fire-fighting side can sometimes bump up against people you feel are against you, like your mum and mother-in-law. Have a look at your chart now and you’ll see the Moon in the 9pm position. Awareness is everything with an Aries Moon tied into tight patterns like that. Whenever we find Aries in the chart we look for Mars, which rules that sign. You have Mars at 13 Libra in the Seventh House of … partners and enemies! Again, awareness is all. Just knowing you can flare up may be enough to stop it.

  3. Hi Jessica, i have Aries rising, i have found as a younger person I was so hot headed, I have calmed down so much over the years now in my mid 50’s Life is calmer, thanks for a great article. Sandi

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I had an affair with an Aires man.
    We studied in the same college, and after 15 years we’ve met again in another country.
    That was not an easy situation because he was always in doubt between me and someone else, so I gave up, and I even moved back to our home country. He traveled 6000 miles and came here for 3 days for something that seemed like an vengeance, because I left. I believe you know how an Aries can be explosive… He was. I cut off all contacts with him, and a few months ago he contacted me and said he was sorry he behaved like he did. What can you tell me about him? His birth date is 04/01/1974, born in OPorto and I know his ascendent is scorpio).
    Thanks and all the best,

    1. You don’t say if either of you has children, Mags, and that is actually the key issue with your Aries lover. He is dealing with karma concerning the babies he fathered, or the pregnancies he may have been involved with, which never came to term. Even if you have children, that is also karmic for him, as being with you means a possible stepfather role at some point in the future! You will be pleased to know that this cycle ends for him in November. He has to settle scores, balance the spiritual books and leave things in a good place with the world of children or young people, and if he did in fact have a son or daughter, or even go through miscarriage or termination with a former lover, that has to be levelled now. For more on this cycle hit Search to read about the North Node in Leo/Leo weather because this has been affecting him for 1-2 years now – yet it is almost over.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        I have 2 girls aged 9 and 11. He was no children. He said that we would like to have children, but his relationship isn’t stable. Lots of lows and mediums, but never with highs, to use his on words. So he never felt the confidace he needs to go any further and have children.
        They behave (said by those who are close) like a 70 y old couple. No love, no chemistry, like to old mates in permanent conflict.
        He just WhatsApp me this week btw.
        Cheers, Margs

        1. Margs, it is amazing how often people will get into marriages or partnerships which are like old people – because their parents or grandparents set the standard. No love, no chemistry and lots of fighting can feel very comforting, safe and familiar to these couples. I am sorry you have been drawn to this, and trusted him, and have girls who would benefit from a father or father figure – and have been put through this. Yet, it’s not about him. Or even him and his terrible relationship. It is about you, you, you. You could go to bed with any one of millions of men. True? Yep. Why did you fall in love with a man who has a bad relationship and cannot make a choice? Because it keeps you safe. Why? Because it will never be lifelong marriage. Or, it will be lifelong marriage, but you will have the background noise of his former partner, who will certainly not give up. Or him, in reference to his partner. I hope you can see what is going on here. You could become romantically and sexually drawn to so many, many, many men out there and you chose him because he gives you A, B, C and D lessons. What are the lessons? I much prefer your chances in 2019 with lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius in your zone of travel, foreign people and places, other cultures (your country, but foreign), emigration, holidays and trips. You will have a chance for a new relationship then and it will be like a world cruise. Keep it real though!

  5. HI Jessica, my ex is an Aries, and I feel he is stuck in delivering the “show” for almost two decades now. I left him due to his explosive temper and believed we would remain friends as we were together for many years and have two sons. However, it did not work out that way and he basically abandoned his kids and parental responsibilities. We’ve been on our own completely for 5 years now with no sight of him coming around. He basically believes that since I left he has no obligations at all but at the same time manages to deny that he is a bad father. Very difficult for his sons. I currently have no contact with him as it is also very difficult for me to accept that he behaved in such a way towards our kids. But I constantly feel like maybe I need to make more effort for the kids. He is Leo rising and very weakly aspected moon in Virgo. DOB 15th of April, 1981 in Jaroslavl, Russia.

    1. I am so terribly sorry about this man. I am sure you do your very best with his sons but this ‘bad Aries’ is really going to sew up his karma in about 19 years from now. This may be (depending on age) when one of your sons has a baby of his own, of course. The Node is in his Fifth House of children and this is going to rebound. The other very common outcome is that men get older, go through crisis, turn to their families – and not surprisingly, their families often put their own first. He literally has until November to fix this or he will have it rebounding 19 years from now.

  6. Im an Aries! So glad ihave my moon in Cancer as that kind if takes the edge of my sun sign …. hopefully!

    1. Aries Sun and Cancer Moon women fight for their homes, their families and their countries if they have to. Nobody is better in a domestic crisis or even war time, come to that. I bet your friends and relatives have you on speed dial!

  7. Hi Jessica, I too have been struggling this last year with my Aries partner (DOB 4.14.75 8:00am Birmingham England) he is in the UK, and at times is so toxic and hurtful. I spent almost all of fall 2016- fall 2017 in the UK to be with him but a year later he hasn’t made the effort to visit California. Is there a future in it for me with this man? He has a daughter so I never expected him to leave the UK but to visit to help us move forward. I’m a premium member so I believe you have my chart. I’m a cancer sun, sag moon and rising. I’m so lost and confused if I’m wasting my Time or if this is worth fighting through all the obstacles. Thank you so much for all your insight and help ✨

    1. You have a whopping pattern at the end degrees of the signs, so around 27, 28, 29 degrees and for you, it never rains but it pours. When it’s good, it’s very, very good – and when it’s not good – it can be such a struggle and you no doubt you are fighting very hard. It should make you feel better to know that you are going through a cycle that can only happen once in your lifetime. You were born with an exact opposition between Chiron and Uranus in Libra in your Seventh House of love, sex and partnership. That pattern describes an inner conflict you have about marriage. Often people will deal with it by falling in love with someone in another country so they get the passion but they don’t get the commitment. That opposition has been triggered by transiting Uranus right opposite in Aries, for the first and last time in your life. This is over by March 2019. One way or another you will figure out what to do. When Jupiter moves to the end degrees of Aquarius in 2020 he will make stunning patterns in your chart, and be perfectly sextile your Chiron in Aries in the First House of profile, title, image and appearance – and trine your Uranus in Libra. The road to that point is up to you, but it will help you a lot to look up Sacred Geometry on this website to see how to deal with an opposition. It will also help to know about Chiron, Aries, the First House, Uranus, Libra, the Seventh House. I strongly suspect that a conventional marriage with 2.5 children and a white picket fence is not for you, and in fact it never was. You are going to need to invent a new kind of way to date, mate and relate that allows a lot of space and room to move, both for yourself and the other person. There are also major issues here about how you appear to others – how you look on the internet – and what it means to you to be labelled single, married or dating. It’s a good time to go looking for answers. Not from him. From yourself. Yet, the general feeling of instability and uncertainty will go, when Uranus goes out of 29 Aries, and that’s not far away. Easter is a time for rebirth and you’ll hatch your own egg, with or without him. Have a look at all the placements in your chart, actually, in the end degrees of the signs – and particularly those about money – Taurus and Scorpio – and houses/apartments.

  8. hi there – amazing insights. any advice for general love and life born 25.3.1975 in London. Aries with Virgo Moon, rollercoaster past few years in life, family, work, everything – will it calm down soon? and what do I need to know about love?! x

    1. Love is really about the children, so it’s yours (you don’t say if you have them or would be happy to be a parent) – this is down to Leo weather and you have Minerva and Cupido there. A classic example would be how you feel about a relationship with a man who has children from his previous marriage, or your connection (or not) with someone who wants children and that’s the priority in seeking a woman. You’ll have your own story, but it is literally all about this until November. Then things change. That issue goes!

      1. Thank you! I have two children 10 and 12years, divorce finalised in April this year, separated in 2016, amicable, just grew apart, known each other since secondary school. Children live with me but see a lot of their dad. Def don’t want to have anymore of my own children. Happily have relationship with someone who has children. Feel ready to start dating now x

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